May 2000

May 31, 2000

You're never alone with a Brain Slug! Andy McDermott from Planet Express Service Station and Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong created a great wallpaper of Leela with a Brain Slug. See it here. [Leandro]

New cocktail... Put Love's Labors Lost in Space upside-down, use a name from Space Pilot 3000 and add a little of A Bicyclops Built for Two, then shake it a lot; the result is the new Fan Fiction by A Zapp and Leela Romantic: Leela's True Home. Go drink it. [Leandro]

More art by Robert Hawks! Go check the new Fan Art that Robert Hawks from Futurama Fan Art submitted. There's one of her without the boots and other "driving" Bender. BTW, I had no idea that there was a song called "Oops, I did it again". Sorry Matthew, but while I've heard of Britney Spears, I never actually heard her . [Leandro]

The Trivia's on. I just changed the question at the Not Daily Trivia. As promised, it's hard. There will be a new question on June 3rd (unless no one answers, in which case I'll leave it one or two days more before declaring a no-win situation). Give it a try... [Leandro]

Hope this gets The Leela Zone more visitors... The Leela Zone joined The Futurama Exchange. For every time a button from another Futurama site that joined the Exchange is displayed on this site (the button is at the bottom of the areas, in the left column), the button of The Leela Zone will be displayed on any of the other sites that joined the Exchange. If the number of visitors from external sites increase, I'll leave the button there; else, it'll go bye-bye in a week. The button uses JavaScript, so if you've disabled it you won't see it. [Leandro]

Where in Legoland is Leandro? I'm right here, and I'm getting alone just fine thank you. I just had a problem while installing Corel Linux that left my Windows partition unbootable, but now I'm back after an emergency reinstall. Thank heavens I have friends that don't mind getting a call from me at midnight so I can go to their home to create a bootable floppy disk. [Leandro]

May 30, 2000

Britney Spears can bite my Leela loving ass! Well the title has nothing to do with my announcement, but I just don't like Britney as a singer, and Leandro, I saw the title of your post. I digress; lately, we have been getting a lot of recolored pics of Leela in from our man named Scott. I have been getting lots more, and so much more from other of the surfers, so come back soon to see them. Don't forget to rate the fan fics, become a writer, and see so much more over the summer. The Leela Zone will do everything in it's power of Leela to keep in entertained. [Matthew]

May 29, 2000

So, what's new? While there are no new content uploaded, there is a new feature at the end of this page: a search engine for the news items. I don't think it's that useful, but oh well. I wanted to set it up, and it doesn't hurt. Also, the Message Board has been quite active lately. [Leandro]

Oops, I did it again! Have I told you lately that I hate Unix file permissions? Well, I'll tell you again. I forgot to set them up when I uploaded the stories that were at the junkwasher. Now they work again. [Leandro]

What's with all the crap? I just finished cleaning the Interactive Stories. I would ask you to stop putting crap on them, but since it didn't work last time I don't see how it will help this time. By the way, there will be a new (and really hard) question at the Not Daily Trivia tomorrow; from now on, the trivia will change every three days, so there will be ten questions each month. And, go answer the Fan-o-Rama Leela Trivia! The page has been visited over a hundred times, but there were only five answers. Go and answer! [Leandro]

Sigh... Two days. Only two days. That's how much time did the "Nibbler is Sick" Interactive Story last before it got filled with junk. I'll take it offline for another cleaning, and upload it again. "The Pregnancy" got a lot of entries switching the father from Fry to Zapp and then saying that BOTH are the father, so I've also taken it offline to delete a load of entries and leave just the final one; let's hope that the writers will be more creative once those chapters are gone. I've not yet detected junk in "Who would have guessed?", fortunately. Both stories will be up again within one hour. [Leandro]

May 27, 2000

New fan art! Scott C submitted two "cleaned" framegrabs. Go check them out. By the way, go check Planet Express Employee Lounge. I strongly suggest that you register there; it's simply the best Futurama messageboard that will ever exist. [Leandro]

I hate Unix file permissions... Well, the problem with the Interactive Stories is fixed. I just needed to issue a CHMOD 777 to three directories and all started working fine. Go check them, and the "Nibbler is Sick" story is back up, with a lot of chapters deleted. [Leandro]

Another trivial update... The Not Daily Trivia has changed. This question is quite easy, so go and answer it. I will be very dissapointed if even one of you get it wrong... In other news, there seems to be a problem with the Interactive Stories' new script; I wonder what could be the problem, since it worked great in my computer. Oh well. [Leandro]

May 26, 2000

Voyager: Elite Farce! The Borg assimilate Fry! Why, for heaven's sake? That will surely put them far, far, far away from perfection. Can Leela and Seven of Nine save the Borg? Go find out! I understand that this image is not 100% Leela, not even 100% Futurama, but what the hell, I'm a trekker and I like it. [Leandro]

What do you think of the impulsive new me? Yes, in a wild impulse I got the Cool Edit Pro and I did all the Sound Clips that were requested for the 2ACV episodes! During the season break I'll download the 1ACV episodes (if I can find a place where they're at RealVideo 352x240 Stereo 220+ kbps) and the 1ACV requests will get here. If you want a sound from a 2ACV episode, go ahead and request it! Tomorrow I'll upload the Interactive Story, restored to PG and no-nonsense content; I wonder how much time will it last that way... [Leandro]

CGI Rewriting Madness continues! First the Message Board got new scripts, now it's the turn of the Interactive Stories. Yes, you got that right: "Stories". Now the same script can manage several stories! The first story ("Nibbler is sick") will be offline until tomorrow, because I need to delete a lot of junk (non-PG entries, entries that only had one option, entries that ignore everything previously posted, etc). But there are two new stories to take its place while it's at the junkwasher: "The Pregnancy", based on the Fan Fiction with the same name (but this time let's think she's really pregnant) and "Who would have guessed?", by Matthew. Go check them out! [Leandro]

Big fanart and wallpapers update! It you're looking for Leela images, you came to the right place: this update has two new Wallpapers by Robert Hawks and Marcelo Mottalli; and in the Fan Art section, there are three new images by Robert Hawks and one new painting by Dusty Petty.

Trivial update... The Futurama Fan-o-Rama Leela trivia will continue this week! So go and answer it! Is not that hard... and remember the Not Daily Trivia too! There will be a new question tomorrow, so hurry and answer it! [Leandro]

May 24, 2000

Good news, everyone! The Message Board is back online! Now the new threads are created by the server, no need to wait for me to put them up. I'll still moderate the threads, obviously (remember it's a Leela board; for general discussions go to CGEF's Message Board). If you posted something yesterday, make sure it's up; because I had to put a backup copy of the threads up. And if you post something today and it doesn't show up, email me (or send me a form message) telling me the name of the thread so I can fix it. Also, I finally got the Cool Edit Pro CD, so I'll start uploading the requested Sounds from the 2ACV episodes tomorrow. Oh, by the way: Futurama Fan Art is back with a new design, that it's a lot better than the previous one. Go check it out. [Leandro]

She can be impulsive, just give her time... The Framegrabs from Anthology of Interest I are up. Enjoy, since there will be no new Framegrabs in a looong time. I'm having problems with the new message board script, so it's still offline. [Leandro]

What's new in this site about the old, predictable, dull as dishwater Leela? I'm uploading now a new question into the Not Daily Trivia section. This question is also easy, but you need to watch the episode in order to get the answer; only Framegrabs aren't going to help you. Expect a new question in three days. There's also an update to the Leela's Lair. Warning: DON'T go to the Message Board. It's down for "maintenance" (translation: I need to change the entire script and move a lot of files around). [Leandro]

May 23, 2000

By the way... I already have a new question for the Not Daily Trivia, but since I only got four answers so far (one of them being Matthew) I'll leave the current question for another day or two. So go answer if you haven't already. [Leandro]

Poll results... Looks like I'll have to modify the script: 68% want several interactive stories running at the same time. Well, if you're a fanfic writer, submit your starts for interactive stories; I'll modify the script and upload the new version in a couple of days (the interactive story will be offline for a couple of hours while I upload the new version, be warned). In other local news, I'll download Anthology of Interest 1 now. I'll finally get to see the season finale. [Leandro]

May 22, 2000

Oopsie daisy... I just wanted you to know that I fixed the Message Board. The other day when I changed the script I forgot to set the proper file permissions (sorry, Unix stuff) but now they work perfectly again. There's also a new thread. [Leandro]

Another section opens... Now that the season is over, I'll start updating the sections that need it. And also creating some new content to keep the visitors busy while we wait for new episodes. Under the Interact you can now find the Not Daily Trivia! A question will be asked there (about Leela por supuesto) every other day, or every two days. That's why it's called the "Not Daily" trivia: I am sure that I won't be able to come up with a new question every day. The questions won't be too easy, but they won't be too hard neither; you can probably find the answers in this very same site, from a Framegrab, a Sound Clip, or just by reading the news items or the Info area carefully. Enjoy! [Leandro]

So is that what her hair looks like when it is not in a pony tail? Wow! What an episode! I just wanted to let you know, more is to come. Framegrabs. Even ones of her and thoes cute feet of hers, or with her hair down. Wallpapers, and so forth. Also, just because the season is over, does not mean we will stop with our updates, and new content. Never will we stop. We are unstoppible! [Matthew]

May 20, 2000

New content? What's that? There is only a new Fan Fiction online: Titanic 2. There are more changes to the site, but they're all internal; mostly to the Perl scripts (counter, message board and interactive story). There is also a new link in the left menu that only shows up if you use Internet Explorer: "Add to Favorites". Nothing more to report. [Leandro]

May 19, 2000

Leela Trivia!!! The Futurama Fan-o-Rama issue #34 has a quite hard Leela trivia. Only six questions, one of them easy and the rest only for nitpickers and detail-hunters. Do you qualify as a Leela know-it-all? Answer the trivia here! You'll want to check the Futurama Fan-o-Rama next week to see if you won (I'll post a news item as soon as it's up), or better yet, subscribe to the newsletter. Maybe I'll start a 'weekly trivia' section... hmmmm... [Leandro]

May 18, 2000

Good News / Bad News... The good news is, the Framegrabs for the latest episode Mother's Day are online. The bad news is, I was just reading the last issue of the Fan-o-rama and I found this: "The Futurama Outlet has changed the format of its Fanscripts section to allow people to vote on how good they are. (There is no further information in these parentheses.) The Leela Zone has done the same thing with it's Fan-Fiction section.". Well, then I think I should erase the comment two news items below. I had no idea that the Outlet had done that. [Leandro]

New Fan Art! Marissa submitted a little sketch of Leela. You can see it here. Also, the promised Fan Art from Javier Sánchez of The Futurama Point is online. Go see it. [Leandro]

People, we need ratings! I know that a lot of you visit the Fan Fiction section, but so far no fanfic has got the needed 10 submissions in order to post an average! (Well, unless you want me to include the ratings from the writers who rated themselves; they are very generous ). People, go and submit your vote... you don't want The Leela Zone's fanfic section to become the Outlet's fanfic section, with hundreds of fanfics but being unable to know which ones are good and which are awful, do you? [Leandro]

May 17, 2000

Leela's Lair. The old design is back online, with a little difference: there's a new section! Smiley has been working in the Leela's Lair, an unofficial rendering of the boudoir of any modern well-educated cyclops of tomorrow. There he speculates where and how does Leela live. The section will get updates as new info arrives, but for now you can see the basic floorplan. Obviously it's not official, and Fox will promptly throw everything out of the window ASAP... but it's all just for fun [Leandro]

Great is okay, but amazing would be great. Poll results: 89% of you (283 votes) want the purple design back. I guess 3D background and male-friendly graphics beat fast load and little graphics... I'll put the old design back up in a minute. [Leandro]

May 16, 2000

New layout... again! I'm sure you already noticed the change in the design. The reason behind the change is simple: the old layout was too slow; this one has very few graphics, so it loads very fast. It also adjusts its width to the browser's window, so it will look good at any screen resolution. Do you like it? I did a backup of the old design, so if I screwed up with this design, I can go back. Just answer the poll at the top of this page. I also recreated the first design of The Leela Zone, thanks to a cached copy I found at Google, so you can select any of the three layouts. [Leandro]

May 15, 2000

Uh, there's one left... There's a new Fan Art by Javier Sánchez from The Futurama Point. He told me he's working on another one, so stay tuned! By the way, Jennifer made a quite funny comment about the site's "male-friendly" layout at the Message Board. [Leandro]

Ohhhhh, look at that... I just noticed that The Leela Zone's counter is over 10 K hits! Wow... now that's great. An average of 230 hits each day since we reopened on April 1st. I'd like to thank to our top referers (the sites that get The Leela Zone more hits) here: Can't Get Enough Futurama, Planet Roadmap, The Futurama Web, The Futurama Point, Futurama Latinoamérica and Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong. Thanks for linking, people! [Leandro]

May 13, 2000

Fan Fiction & Message Board... I installed a little form at the end of each Fan Fiction so you can rate it. If you'd read them before, go to the page and rate them; else... why don't you read one to rate it? The average scores will be posted on the main Fan Fiction page, next to the synopsis. I uploaded a new one by A Zapp and Leela Romantic: Leela's Trial. [Leandro]

May 12, 2000

Webmaster Moron has a plan... Yes, yours truly was going to upload a new Perl script while half-sleep, and deleted the entire CGI-BIN directory instead. Oops. I uploaded everything again from the mirror in my harddisk, but since I updated it yesterday (and I play around a lot with the local copies of the files) everything under CGI-BIN (including the interactive story, counter and messageboard) may be missing content. [Leandro]

Would you like some human with your salt? Robert Hawks submitted several images for your enjoyment at the Fan Art section. Go get them! There is also a new Fan Fiction by A Zapp and Leela Romantic: The Pregnancy. [Leandro]

Eyesight is for chumps. Well, for chumps, and to see the Fan Art I just found in my harddisk, and that was supposed to be online a week ago. The images were made by Andie Similon, one of the webmasters of Can't Get Enough Futurama. As I always say... go feast your eyes! [Leandro]

May 11, 2000

New Screensaver! I just found out that someone called Graham 'Gonzo' Walters did a Leela screensaver using content from The Leela Zone without telling us a single word about it! You can imagine my surprise when I downloaded the file and it had "The Leela Zone" written all inside the screensaver's data file. You can now download it at the Screen Savers section; it features both standard grabs and Matthew Riley's high quality grabs. [Leandro]

Turn down the TV, Ndnd. When I reinstalled Windows a couple of days ago I lost the Cool Edit Pro (my sound editor), so there will be no new Sounds until next tuesday, when Gabriel (a friend of mine) gives me back the CD. But keep the requests coming in! As soon as I get the program back I'll put up a big sounds update. [Leandro]

That's her name, Jennifer. I was checking the submitted entries to the Opinions message board, and I found a message from Jennifer asking me to say the first name of Leela. Well Jen, she's called Toronga Leela. What an episode, by the way; I was hoping for Nixon to appear and blast the Hippie into oblivion. Poor Lrrr. [Leandro]

May 10, 2000

It's finger lickin' good. Hey folks the latest Framegrabs are up. Enjoy them, as I know they were so strongly requested. [Matthew]

May 9, 2000

Coming soon, and already here Well, the coming soon part is the Framegrabs from the latest episode, and the already here is something cool. If you missed it before, we here at The Leela Zone have our own insider at Futurama. He prefers to be called Kif. All you have to do is E-mail your Leela questions, and Futurama questions to me. When I have enough, I'll send them to him. He checks his E-mail every day, so we will have replys more often, and even a new section for your Q&A. [Matthew]

He's clean. Smells nice too. I reinstalled Windows today, and like the biggest jerk in the universe I forgot to backup my old desktop, so I lost quite a lot of data. Grmph. [Leandro]

May 8, 2000

After I slaved over a hot monkey's brain? I was sooo happy to hear of our new ranking. Excellent! Raises thumbs but I was unhappy to reailses that I didn't get an E-mail. People know who I am right? Don't you? Get's tears and a pouty lower lip Anyway, I wish to extend a personal thanks to Leandro, for all his hard work. Without him, this site would not be the Excellent site it is today. [Matthew]

We're having a fiesta... To celebrate our new rank at Planet Roadmap, I updated the About This Site page to include the ranks and a couple of screenshots. No cake for you, sorry. [Leandro]

Got a sound request? I just checked Planet Roadmap, and found that the only non-updated section listed there is Sounds. I absolutely agree that the section needs updating, so I'm asking you to request Leela sounds. Just go to the Sounds section and fill the request form, and I'll put it up ASAP. [Leandro]

Too much love will kill you... Thanks to everyone who sent me the ILOVEYOU worm. I've got enough copies of it like to fill a heart-shaped harddisk (if that's possible ). In other news, I fixed some broken links (oops), and added a Wallpaper. [Leandro]

WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Jason from Planet Roadmap just mailed me to say "Congratulations! You are now ranked as "Excellent" at Planet Roadmap!"... Man, I'm so happy I wish I could... nah, that's for Bender to say [Leandro]

Some sites got it, some sites don't Well good news everyone. The Leela Zone now has it's very own insider. That's right, an employee for Futurama has volutered to be our man for Q&A interviews. So, if you have any Leela questions, since this is a Leela site, or other questions about Futurama, send them to me. When I have enough questions, I will send out the first Q&A interview E-mail to him. He checks his E-mail everyday, so don't worry about long periods of not having any new Q&A interviews. And don't worry, this guy has proven himself to be true to his word. [Matthew]

May 7, 2000

I love you too Leandro, but my heart is for Leela. Ok, I know I'm getting anxious just waiting for the episode tonight. From what I have see, and the TV Guide article preview, Leela is going to have a key role in this. Oh-my-Leela, I can't wait! My beauty having yet again, a key role. Just root for your favorite cyclops, and come back here for the Framegrabs. Not only Framegrabs, but we have so much more coming. [Matthew]

ILOVEYOU... This is an off-topic, but I want to know if anyone out there that received the ILOVEYOU worm could send it to me. I collect viruses, trojans, worms, etc. and I haven't got that one. [Leandro]

New fan art! Javier Sánchez from The Futurama Point has submitted six cool Leela images. Go feast your eyes. The Opinions section (which, in case you haven't noticed, is a message board) got more topics and replies too. [Leandro]

May 6, 2000

A request. This is something that only others can help at. I have seen what other sites have recieved with "Inside" information. Now I feel it is our turn. If anyone has any inside information on Leela, or Leela's past and future, please E-mail me. Just click my name at the end of this message. Your information will be great appriciated, and if you wish, you will be kept anonomous. Just request it in the E-mail. [Matthew]

May 5, 2000

Fan Fiction & Interactive Story... A Zapp and Leela Romantic submitted a short Fan Fiction: The Wedding. Go check it out. Also, I had to remove a section of the Interactive Story after receiving several complaints against it: it was one that, ignoring everything previously posted, said: "Right then a time portal apperes sucking them forward in time to the year 3010 where they see themselves ten years older. In fact they see themselves going on a date! Shocked they colapse on the sidewalk. Then a spaceship apperes." (that's the exact thing he/she wrote.) The posting was anonymous, so I'll reply to him/her here: look, we sure want twists in the story, but that ain't the way to do it. Here's a new rule for posting, that I thought would be obvious: follow the storyline. If you want to add a twist, elaborate on how it happens. Don't just put the story upside-down with little or no reason. In two words: no nonsense. [Leandro]

May 4, 2000

Framegrabs! The Framegrabs from Bender Gets Made are online. Matthew selected 25 Leela grabs for your enjoyment. I have more content to upload, but I don't have time now; expect it tomorrow. [Leandro]

May 3, 2000

Whoa!!! There's a million aliens! Well, not actually, but there's 5100 visitors and that's just as good. Can you believe it? Over five thousand page views in a month! That's an average of 150+ visitors a day! And probably more, since the first 3000+ visitors were counted using TheCounter.com and it was not working well. Boy, am I grateful. Thanks, people! [Leandro]

More Dusty Petty's paintings... Go check her new work at the Fan Art section. There's also a little change in the site's appearance, and the Opinions section is starting to grow. Plus the Interactive Story got some new chapters. The short take: content updates may come slowly, but the site ain't getting stuck. [Leandro]

May 2, 2000

Finally, some new content! Matthew's Interactive Story is up and running! I just did the finishing touches to the CGI script and uploaded the first chapter. The rules are simple: write in third-person, keep the content PG-rated, and have fun! [Leandro]

What do we do? I don't know, if only we had a few minutes to figure a plan. I just wanted to let you all know that the Leela interactive story, will soon be up and running. Hope you like it, and please try and avoid Leela getting into sexual situations with other people. It just ain't right. [Matthew]

May 1, 2000

One month! Can you believe it? No new content today (for now, at least), but I wanted to remind you that The Leela Zone reopened exactly one month ago! Woah, can you believe it? One month, and they still didn't kick us out! I think that's a benefit of being hosted by Can't Get Enough Futurama, the best Futurama site on the entire World-Wide Web! (Hey, remember the Ferengi Rule of Adquisition 33: It never hurts to suck up to the boss! ) [Leandro]