April 2011
Look! Up in the sky ...
Posted on April 29, 2011 by Tim
It's a bird. It's a plane. I am so outta here. Oh, wait, it's Nerlinger Man. And this is a first for FM/TLZ - our first photo comic. It's called The Story of Nerdlinger Man, and it stars and is by Herr Sven. I wasn't sure whether to put it in the Fan Comics section or in Fans Photos, but finally settled on the later (it was easier ).

Herr Sven also let slip that he had done a “crappy sketch of Leela”. Fortunately, we all know that there is no such thing as a crappy sketch of Leela so we ... uh ... prevailed upon him to give us a peek and here it is.

And lastly tonight, someone's grumpiness pays off for us in a new Animated Gif. Longtime FM/TLZ contributor OutlawArt wrote “I was using this as an avatar for a while, but changed to Frankenstein which seemed more appropriate for my grumpy disposition lately.”.
Dangers in peace and volunteering
Posted on April 27, 2011 by Tim
No pictures today but I will have several in the next update. Instead, we have a couple of high brow intellectual type things, so pour a glass of serial port, cut some cheese, and settle back with your pipe and slippers. First up, a brand new Fan Fiction by a brand new FMMB member who goes by the name of H-15. This is part one of Danger in Peace in which, after a string of vicious pirate attacks, the PE crew are issued strange orders from the DOOP. But when these orders mean a new crew member is added, problems arise, not only from the enemy, but from each other.

Now here's a dusty corner of the Madhouse - Webmaster Interviews. It's been nearly three years since we last tread in this room. But recently some discussion got started on FMMB about these and MC, foolish mortal that he is, volunteered to do some. Tonight we proudly present the first of his efforts, an interview with noted fanfic author and sometimes other stuff around the madhouse, Red_Line. Watch for more interviews with authors and artists in the coming weeks and month, and if there's someone you'd like to see interviewed, drop us a note and we'll add them to the list of victims.
Sweet Zombie Jesus
Posted on April 24, 2011 by Tim
Jenny Ngo sends this new Fan Art and the message “Happy Easter from Planet Express”. I mean, it's not unusual for Fry to lay some eggs but at least this time Leela shouldn't have to rescue him.

Dinkdrinker has been a busy boy lately. First off, he's supplied us with our second Comic Transcript for issue number two ... But Deliver Us to Evil. And, since Rush is on vacation, he's also taken the opportunity to fill the void and flood my inbox with a bunch of Fan Fiction. Here are four new fics in a series of “what-if” scenarios he started a while back. The fics are The Mother of all Curses, Schlocktoberfest, Ain't Miss-bee-having, and A Bad Case of the Zapp. You can find the descriptions of them on his Author page.

Way, way back in August of 2008, we ran the Real World Futurama photo contest and we got a bunch of pics of things in the real world that were named after things in Futurama. And every once in a while, another one trickles in. Well, MC, who lives in Chicago, happened to spot this one the other day. It's the Futurama Beauty Academy. Now the astute will no doubt recall that we already have that one. Well, it appears they've moved to a new location so it counts as a fresh sighting. Huzzah.
Wrong Wongs?
Posted on April 22, 2011 by Tim
Ok, so we all know what happens when you take one senile, amoral old crackpot of a scientist and give him a few minutes alone with a clone-o-mat and a self-aware computer that makes assumptions, don't we? Yes, we all know that can't be good. Oh, and how right we are. It's all here in Gulliver63's new Fan Fiction, Amy Wrong. So you can pretty much guess what happens from the hints I've dropped above. What's worse is that it's bad enough that you would have a clone running around, but what do you do when that clone is a criminal mastermind? The pic here is Gulliver's cover art for the story.

But wait, there's more. Kaspired, who always seems to be drawing really cool pics based on the best fanfics drew this pic of Amy's clone, who goes by the name of Jaime Wong. Kaspired, I'm told, also gets the credit for creating her little devilish “hair horns”. They're so cute.

And lastly tonight a new addition to our ever growing Animated GIFs section with this work entitled Amy's Bikini. And given Fry's tie in BWABB, I've no doubt that future swimwear could really change color like that. Credit !iMmOrTaL! with the creation. And BTW, her hair is really black in the full size image, if it looks white here that's an artifact of resizing the GIF that I haven't figured out how to fix yet.
And now for something brand new!
Posted on April 18, 2011 by Tim
Look over there on your left. Up a little higher. See it? Right there under Episode Transcripts. Yep, your eyes do not deceive you, it's a new section! We are pleased to announce the very first entry in our new section, Comic Transcripts, in which you will (eventually, hopefully) find transcripts to all of the Futurama comics. To debut the section, we have the transcript of the very first Futurama comic, issue #1, Monkey See, Monkey Doom. Kudos goes to DinkDrinker for doing the grunt work of transcribing the transcript and to Rush for promoting the idea. If you want to read the gory detail of how it all came to pass, you can check out this thread on the Message Board. And if you're a member, you can tell us what you think of this crazy only available at FM/TLZ idea. And, for a limited time only, you can sign up to do a transcript and get fame, glory, and your name in lights.

And speaking of Rush, here's two more new Fan Fiction of his that he's flooded my mail box with lately (this guy must not sleep very much). The first one is called Remember Me Bender, and it's a sequal to his fic Unforgotten. Rush sez “The title doesn't really tell you anything it's just a reference to Bender's statue in A Pharaoh to Remember”. The other fic is The High South and is an alternate ending to The Deep South.
Only on the Internet ...
Posted on April 17, 2011 by Tim
Would you find such a cool place as FM/TLZ, brining you all of the latest cool stuff in the Futuramaverse. Two of which are the (de)motivational posters that two of our friends found in the their meandering about the interweb. Dingsda found this one, which is commentary on an remarkable internet phenomena; and MC found the other one (not pictured here) that might amuse you Jurassic Bark fans.

Now, imagine for a moment if you will Fry in a baby buggy, Leela and Amy throwing water balloons, Zapp Brannigan selling the PE crew into slavery, and sentient bugs in cowboy clothing! Yep, it's all there in Zoey Webber's new Fan Fiction. It's called Dragonstore Cowgirls and it tells the story of what happens when Fry, Bender, Leela, and Amy get sucked through a vortex and end up on a planet that's like the Old West and Ancient Rome. Fry and Bender get sold as slaves while Leela and Amy have to do a rodeo style gladiator battle with a dragon with help from Nibbler.
Tales of the unexpected
Posted on April 15, 2011 by Tim
Good news everybody! After many moons and hundreds of Kgs of free weights, Pieter Antonissen is back with more new pages to his comic The Boil Identity. That's right, the repetitive lifting of heavy objects for hours on end is apparently an important and integral part of the creative process. I'm sure glad I didn't know that, but that's not important right now. What is important is that we have ten new pages, starting on page 21. Expect a real seat of your pants cliffhanger.

And another one that's been a while in the making, but which doesn't seem to have involved a heavy lifting, is a new chapter in Frosty's Fan Fiction Second Chances. The story looks at what happens when Fry returns to New New York two years after leaving Leela and the two of them must ask: How do you tell if you should let go, or try again? This new chapter seems to answer that question. Or does it?
Fan art by Frosty
Futurama fans - they're hiding everywhere
Posted on April 13, 2011 by Tim
Yes, you never know where you're going to find a Futurama fan lurking. They're everywhere. Even now they are lurking in our playgrounds, our breezeways, perhaps even ... on your Principal's desk! Gulliver63 works at a midwestern US high school and spotted this book on the principal's desk. Get a load of the young asian student in the pink outfit...is this artist a Futurama fan?

And just 'cause he plugged up my inbox the other day, here's the next installment of some new Rush Fan Fictions. The first one is called Electricity and Magnetism wherein the PE crew gets a jolt as Bender shows everyone his new fembotfriend during a meeting at his workplace. The shorter fic is Flashy Appearance and stars Rush's trasdemarked Universe Jumping Bender popping back into ancient Egypt.
A tough act to follow
Posted on April 8, 2011 by Tim
It's always tough being the follow up act to really great news about our beloved show. But as they say in the theater, the show must go on, and so we've got a couple of things here today about which there isn't a lot to say. First up, a new Fan Art from Jenny Ngo, another of her trademark two headed Frys.

And two short, Rush-length Fan Fictions from Rush. The first on is called Blinding Flash of Light. It features Rush's trademark Universe-Jumping Bender who pops into a universe where everything is just a bit different. And then there's Disturbing Advertisement where in Fry, Leela, and Bender watch a slightly disturbing TV ad for Suicide Booths. Be forewarned, this one has some dark humor.
Good News North America (plus some stuff for the whole world)
Posted on April 6, 2011 by Tim
The ever sharp eyed Rush spotted this somewhere - it's an article that says that Futurama will be available to 90% of US households via broadcast television this summer. According to the article, several chains of broadcast stations will run them on the weekends. The article cites Futurama's recent renewal and it's 11 million and growing Facebook followers as the driving motivation, says that series is "on a hot streak". Can you say "we've achieved critical mass"?

That's wonderful news and all, but we still have the fan's business to attend to, so let jump into that with some great new Fan Fiction. Get ready for some drinking, shrinking, buffoonery, bureaucracy, and epic space space battles in the latest installment of MC's fic Amazing Grace part 2: But Now Am Found (are you starting to see a pattern emerging with those sub-titles? ). In this part it's eight months after the incident at Rori and Leela is still trying to adjust to life without Fry (that's the drinking part) and Hermes-ordered pshcyo-therapy (shrinking). But just as things start to regain a bit of normality, she runs into a curve in the form of a new therapist and an expedition back to Rori to find where the survivors are buried (all those other things).

Now, if you need to scare off some amorous Omicronians, or are just in the mood for a good headache, Rush has made a new video called Futurama Noisey and Short. It's just that, a collection of noises from the show.
Oh, look what I found behind the plasma fusion boiler
Posted on April 4, 2011 by Tim
OK, this is really embarrassing. I found not one, but two misplaced e-mails that dated back to last summer. Big fail on my part. But better late than never as they say, the first is this Animated Gif of Zoidberg's ink defense from Lethal Inspection. Thanks to Jeremy for sending that in.

We all know that Futurama drew a lot of inspiration, and more than a few jokes, from all corners of Science, Science Fiction, and pop culture and half the fun is figuring them out. Well, here's one, known to some people I'm sure. Mo wrote to say that “The Holophoner is actually directly based on a fictional invention of the sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov that features in his Foundation trilogy. It's called the "Visi-Sonor" in his books. So, while not uniquely a Futurama thing, they deserve some credit for using such an obscure reference that I suspect a lot of people would be unaware of.“. Heck, I'm a big fan of the Foundation trilogy and I missed that one, but then I can be pretty clueless like that sometimes. Mo goes on to say “I'm a keen reader of the site so keep it coming”. Not to worry Mo, we'll do our best. It just takes us a while sometimes.

And here's another two-headed Fry Fan Art from Jenny Ngo. She says that it's a picture of Fry during his fixation. I'm not entirely sure what that means, but you gotta admit, Jenny sure does draw crazy and cute Futurama fan-art.
The insomnia zone
Posted on April 2, 2011 by Tim
Some Fan Art by Go-a-Green-a! Yay! She sez “Took me from 3am to 5am to draw but now it is done! Anyway, this is based on Fry saying "I can hear all this great music in my head but my stupid hands can't keep up". So, obviously, I called this drawing Stupid Hands. Also, the music drawn in the background is part of the Futurama theme-song. ”. And I can tell you that this little thumbnail doesn't begin to the picture justice, so you gotta go see the big picture to get the big picture, if you know what I mean.

And we've got a new Fan Fiction here from Hailey Sands. It's called You Don't Mess With Bender. It seems that Fry has mysteriously disappeared thanks to a bunch of rowdy street kids, so Bender becomes a masked vigilante named Count Bendula and vows to stop all gangs. Meanwhile Leela and the others all search for Fry.
These are the best of times ...
Posted on April 1, 2011 by Tim
So yeah, at least three more years of Futurama, and that's no April Fools joke. Who would have thought? So to celebrate how about a spot of new Fan Art from Jenny Ngo. It's a nicely drawn pic of Fry being attacked by the flying pencil monster. Ha! April Fool, see, I couldn't resist sneaking one in. No, actually Jenny says “A picture of Fry before his fixation”.

Next up is some new Fan Fiction from MC. It's called Amazing Grace: What Once Was Lost. This is part 1 of a set of stories and it starts out with the PE crew being sent on a tax-deductible charity delivery. Their cargo consists, in part, of a woman who drives Fry and Leela apart. But after being arrested by the DOOP and an attack by pirates, Leela finally realizes just what he means to her. But it may be too late...