April 2010
Welcome to the worlds of tomorrow (and yesterday)
Posted on April 30, 2010 by Tim
Once again it is time to put aside the trite and trivial, put on your robe and slippers, pour a glass of your favorite serial Port, and partake of FM/TLZ's Kulture Korner. Today we have a brief lecture on the history on Kiphenaten from the noted expert on all things ancient, kaspired, who tells us “Kiphenaten (pictured) is best known for attempting to change the religion, eliminating the lesser Gods, and worshipping the Sun God. After his death traditional religion gradually returned. The following successors discredited him and he was all but lost in history. In modern times Kiphenaten has regained notoriety simply because he was married to Amifretete. Text from M.S. Xohen, Ph.D. circa 3050” Kaspired also sent another pic with a different historical perspective - it's the very first pastel drawing he ever drew of a Futurama character. You'll find both on his Fan Art page.

Ever wonder where the name Futurama and the world of tomorrow came from? Well on this date (ok, to be technically correct, yesterday, but it's still 'this date' where I am) in 1939 the (Old) New York World's Fair opened and General Motor's Futurama exhibit was a peek at what the brave new world of 1960 might look like. A film of the event is on YouTube so if you want to warm up the wayback machine, you can check out 1939's version of Futurama: part 1 and part 2. Thanks to Dom for the tip, and welcome to the world of ... tomorrow?