April 2008
A slow day at the office
Posted on April 28, 2008 by Tim
Ha! I wish. There's never a dull moment here in the boiler room of the Madhouse. No, that was meant for the PE crew, like Leela here who has taken a moment to look out the window and contemplate life, the universe, everything, and where her next paycheck is going to come from in this latest Fan Art from Sick Pickles.

Or maybe she's just contemplating things that happen on A Slow Day at the Office, which just happens to be the title of CosmicF's latest and greatest Fan Fiction (and also my latest and greatest ploy to avoid creative effort by using a fic title as the headline ). Anyway, as you might guess, it's a slow day at the office and Fry and Leela find themselves with nothing to do but sit in from of the TV and drink beer and ... well, go read it ... then you'll know why Leela is in such a contemplative mood.

Or maybe not because we also have Part 8 of La Belle Leela's fic Stranger In A Strange Land, which certainly gives Leela things to think about also.

And one important news item from the mailbox - a few days ago we reported, with due skepticism, that The Infosphere was reporting the European release dates for the rest of the Futurama movies. Svip, who is one of the Grand Poobahs over there, wrote to say that the image they posted came with the European release of Bender's Big Score. So Woooo Hooo! We know when the movies will be out! Must be that's what took them six months to release BBS in region 2.
Pics, Fics, and red inks
Posted on April 26, 2008 by Tim
This would have been a bigger update but my e-mail seems to have taken a tonight. It must be hosted somewhere east of here 'cause it's way too early on a Friday evening to be that plastered yet. Either that or it's a real lightweight. Anyway, before it wandered off to find a bush I did manage to extract a couple of tidbits from it. The first is this Fan Art sent in by the new and improved Ooy who also invites you to check out his comic (not Futurama) at gu.porplemontage.com.

Another refuge from my ailing e-mail is this Fan Fiction called Biogenesis. It's by Sine Wave and was an entry in the 2007 writing competition over at TSFFC. It involves all of your normal everyday standard Futurama things like a mysterious, virus like disease, a case of amnesia, a battle over a lava pit, and Zoidberg dieing (or not).

Ok, last thing - an item of business - This website has stayed alive for eight years with minimal, unobtrusive advertising thanks in part to your donations back in 2005. Those donations have paid for most of the hosting over the last three years. Unfortunately, that is running out and we're faced with either cramming advertising in your face or asking for your help again. And as we all loath and detest advertising we humbly call your attention to the Donate (Paypal) button that has mysteriously appeared up there. If you donate, not only will you be helping the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite get older, we'll also send you a pile of official Futurama Madhouse kudos AND we'll flog Leandro until he goes back to updating like he's supposed to.
Posted on April 23, 2008 by Tim
OK, I couldn't resist the 300 parody 'cause this new Fan Art from Ross reminded me of it for some reason. Maybe because he called it Fry, Spartan. Ross says it was based entirely off of the cover of a copy of Halo 3 that he saw on the web for the first time about five minutes before he decided to draw it, and for the fact that it turned out so well that it had his die-hard Halo-fanatic friends "freak out". I just hope they don't find out about this - that's all we need is a bunch of freaked out Halo fanatics shooting up the place and leaving body parts stuck to the chandeliers and stuff. So keep it quiet and check out his other three new ones as well.

And for a little clone bashing, Kyle Williams is back with a record breaking number of answers to more of Cubert's rants. And by record breaking number I mean one (1). And I actually got it put up the same week he sent it to me, which is another record. You can check it out in 2ACV09.
Dates and stuff
Posted on April 21, 2008 by Tim
Good News Everyone! Our Buddies over at The Infosphere are reporting European release dates for the three remaining Futurama movies - June 2008 for Beast With A Billion Backs, November 2008 for Bender's Game, and April 2009 for Into the Wild Green Yonder. While we don't know the source and authenticity of this info, we do know that the North American release date for BwaBB is June 24, 2008 which is consistent. The big questions now is will there be more?

Even more Good News Everyone! Toywiz.com shows the fourth set of Toynami Futurama action figures, Nudar and Fry as Captain Yesterday, available for preorder with shipping in May. Rumor also has it that Series 5 will be Calculon and Clobberella, Series 6 Lrrr and Superking, and the Build-A-Bot is Robot Santa. Nothing about it on the Toynami site yet, but they can be a little sluggish on updating - at least they have a Futurama link on the main page. Thanks to Whatever James for the tip on this one.

James also said "As always, thanks for the fantastic site!". I'll say you're welcome, but as Graham pointed out a few days ago, the thanks really goes out to everyone who has contributed their talent and creativity and time to make FM/TLZ such a great place. Thank you all!
Leela's heard someting
Posted on April 19, 2008 by Tim
What's that you say, it's Fan Art day at the Madhouse? Indeed it is, 'cause that's what next in line in the old mail box. So first up is Procyon with three new ones, now in color! Check out Amy on her party board, Fry and Leela dancing, and this, Leela in her classic opera pose.

And there's this one by Ross which is a little hard to see in the thumbnail so go look at the big version of it. Ross says "I did this recently while recovering from some minor surgery. I had gotten the "tears in rain" quote from Blade Runner stuck in my head and began absently doodling on a sheet of paper while watching the Futurama episode The Sting". I think the two thoughts mesh quite nicely.
Stargates? Family Guy? Origami? And who is David K. Murphy? I thought this was a Futurama site?
Posted on April 16, 2008 by Tim
All rightly then, we'll get to answering those perplexing questions in a just a moment, but first, see that bright red count down that just appeared up there yesterday? The one that says "Only ${some_number_of_days} until Beast With A Billion Backs comes out!"? And it's got the vaguely Amazon.com-like preorder button? Well that is a link where you can pre-order the movie, which I finally got Leandro to put up since he knows how to do javascript and launder money and important things like that, and by doing so you will be helping out the Madhouse because every time someone clicks that link we'll hear the clink of some coin in the till.

So imagine what would happen if Professor Farnsworth invented a Star Gate like portal and a couple of miscreants who should have adult supervision but didn't got to messing with it. You'd have a perfect plot for a Fan Fiction, and that's just what we've got. It's called Stranger In A Strange Land and it's by La Belle Leela and in it, some poor shmoe from the year 2008 drives into the vortex created by the malfunctioning portal and into the lives of the PE crew with consequences that are full of adventure, drama, comedy, and just plain weird stuff! This is the first seven chapters, with more to come.

"I do papercraft and I came across this little gem . . ." the e-mail from KillaBob said. That's all it said, other than the link, so naturally what could I do but go take a look. And there we find this cute little brain slug which when you look close is folded up out of paper and is really intricate. It's amazing the skills (and free time) some people have. The rest of us have to settle for being webmasters.

Ok, lastly, we get a little deviant (more so than usual, if that's possible) in that we deviate from things strictly Futurama to announce a new Buddy which for the uninitiated is what we call links in FM/TLZ speak. The site is Freakin Sweet News and bills itself "the home of obsessed Family Guy fans!".

Now playing in a questionable realm near you ...
Posted on April 13, 2008 by Tim
The stress of doing seven updates in seven days was so much I had to take a couple of days off and go do some mindless repetitive activities but now I'm all refreshed and ready to go back at it. And so when I saw the e-mail that said things like "man the shaving-cream guns!" and "makes me want grapefruit" I knew it could only come from the questionable realm of Sick Pickles. And this new bit of Fan Art that came with it doesn't seem to have anything to do with shaving cream or guns or grapefruit but then that's not unusual.

In the "let's try for a two-fer" department is CosmicF, first with this promo for his new Fan Fiction called Fry the Road Warrior Part 2: Beyond the Thunder Dome. The picture is on his Fan Art page and I expect the fic will show up here in due time. If you are the impatient type and don't want to wait for it, you can follow it as it develops here on the Message Board.

CosmicF also sent in this Wallpaper based on characters from his recent (illustrated) Fan Fiction Fry the Road Warrior. <-- shades on 'cause that sun is still bright.

"Amy Wong's a Slut"
Posted on April 11, 2008 by Tim
Some of these updates write themselves and when I saw this article that !iMmOrTaL! sent in I just knew right away what the headline had to be. This article is an interview with John DiMaggio, the voice of Bender, which allegedly appeared recently in the UK's Zoo Magazine (although I couldn't find it after several hours of searching ). You'll notice we didn't link to their website - there's a reason for that and the title of the article should be your first clue. You're on your own from here - don't say we didn't warn you. The full article is in our Miscellaneous Pictures section, way down at the bottom.
The official Futurama ain't the only thing that's back from the dead
Posted on April 10, 2008 by Tim
And no, this doesn't involve any zombies.
Feb 25, 2006 - Jamie T Bentley announces the Blade Bender project, a fan created short film. Content starved Futurama fans (remember, this was 2006) flood the Madhouse's phone line trying to get tickets.
Feb 15, 2007 - Jamie T Bentley announces that Blade Bender has been placed on "production hiatus" (Foxspeak for canceled). Content starved Futurama fans emit a collective sigh and go back to debating the rumored new episodes.
Feb 9, 2008 - Good News Everyone! Lee Stripp announces that he has taken over the old J.T. Bentley script. It's now called Slug Wars because it has undergone a rewrite, although a lot of the old script still remains. Lee goes on to say "J. T. Bentley is still involved as Art Director and co-writer. And the movie has become an open movie, which means all assets will be released for free under the guidelines of the license. I'm using Blender as my main software tool. I hope this may pique your interest and even get some of you involved.". So there it is - your chance to "star" in a Futurama influenced movie. So send Lee a note and volunteer to help, or send him some cash, or something before he gets some real work.

And now these words from Mr. Wizzard - Cubert fancies himself a genius, but I gotta wonder 'cause a genius should have been able to figure this one out. So it seems that El-Man was talking to his friend Mattblak (who happens to be very into spaceflight and such) about Cubert's Blast Off rant in 1ACV02. Mattblak must have sent El-Man his doctoral thesis on the Lunar Lander as an answer, which El-Man kindly pared down to something more manageable, which I had to edit even more (we do have a bandwidth limit on this site after all). So I now know more than I ever thought possible about the lunar lander, and you can too. Watch out though, it has words like "hypergolic" in it.

And don't forget - you can preorder Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs using this link and not only get yourself a copy of the movie when it comes out but the Madhouse will also get to suck up a few farthings in ad revenue that would otherwise go to waste. At some point, if a certain forgetful South American site owner who shall remain nameless ever gets 'round to it, we'll have a countdown to the release date and link right up there at the top of the page like we did with BBS.

Six updates in five days - woo hooo! We're rockin'!

Here it is, hot off the nebula!
Posted on April 9, 2008 by Tim
Gasp! Do my eyes deceive me! Graham promoting IE? Has he succumbed to the dark side? Or been assimilated into the collective? Is he under alien control? Has he installed Vista on his computer? It can't be so 'cause according to this gizmometer hell hasn't frozen over so it must be something else. Maybe just the heady rush of sudden activity. Anywho, I'll check and see if the Madhouse's insurance covers mental health treatments later, 'cause I've got more important stuff to do right now ...

So, meanwhile, back here in the real world, it's saludos desde México 'cause I got the rest of Yume93's Fan Art put up. She's working on a comic to be called Secrets and this pic here is her cover art for it. Hopefully we'll be seeing that in our Fan's comics section real soon now.
Meanwhile, Yume has eight more new pics up to check out like this one called "do you like mudkips?" and is because DeviantART's April fools prank was to replace everybody's avatars with mudkips.

Ok now, the hot off the nebula part is this new and improved Fan Fiction. It's by James Prospect and it's called Leela's Story. This is a story of Leela's childhood, explaining everything we've learned about her past and showing how she became the person she is in the series. Brush up on your Leela trivia, cuz there's a lot of info in there! It's a great story with a main OC who's name just screams über cool.
I now interrupt Tim to bring you some grave news!
Posted on April 8, 2008 by Graham
See, this is why Firefox sucks! Leandro spends some time writing an essay to put on the front page (apparently, its length would have caused the host server to melt, due to its size), and then Firefox decides to crap out on him, leaving him with no words at all. He should have used Internet Explorer to have done his work with, then at least when a blue screen appears, he'd not have been so shocked and would have gone back to the start and carried on with aplomb. Firefox means that if you get a crash, it shocks you into a coma, because it's something that's not expected, while if you use something like IE, then it's just something that happens... regularly. OK, that's just me doing a flamebait and spouting nonsense... or am I? Maybe he should have used Opera to do his work on, although he might end up blaming me for not alerting him of Opera bugs, and then I'd be in the sh...

Anyway, getting onto more productive things, I have a work for our Fan Art section, a work that comes from a new contributor, calling himself Phillfry. Let's see, where do I start with this picture? Ah, yeah, it seems that [Graham saves his words by highlighting them, just in case Opera goes kaput while he goes and searches for what this pic is about] the picture is based on a mystical computer game that's called Warhammer, with Fry, Leela and Bender acting out characters in the game. Well, at least that's what this non-gamer thinks is happening. Maybe it's Fry, Leela and Bender in some strange initiation ceremony. Maybe it's Bender acting as some registrar or clergyman and declaring Fry and Leela as man and wife. Yeah, I can imagine Bender saying, "You may now kill the bride!" Well, enjoy this work from Phillfry, who I hope sends in more stuff soon.

I'll now leave you all wondering what great, wise words Leandro had penned... and wondering if Leandro will now get wise and use the all great Internet Explorer, the browser with such low expectations, you won't feel the urge to kill yourself.

Oh, one last, last thing, many thanks to Tim for giving both Leandro and myself some praise for the site, but I have to also say that he himself deserves a lot of praise for keeping the site running with updates, despite the combined laziness of both Leandro and myself. In fact, let's do this properly: many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this site, because without you all, we'd be... the shortest living Futurama fan site on the Net. Cheers!
Tonight we're gonna update like it's 1999 ... again
Posted on April 8, 2008 by Tim
Woo Hoo! Check it out - 4 updates in 4 days! Not counting the countdown to the release of Bender's Big Score last November, this is the first time we've had that kind of steady pace as long as I've been around here, and that's been over two years. And there's lots more to come. What a great time to be a Futurama fan, eh? So a couple of days ago, Leandro forwarded me an e-mail from Yume93 containing 16 pieces of Fan Art. I only had time to put the first eight up tonight, otherwise I'd be looking a lot like Fry here tomorrow morning.

"I know I know, I said that it would be the last one but my computer hard drive has other ideas. Don't worry though, I think its got a nice little cliffhanger that the KroChron fans will love! Next one will be the last I promise." So said Daniel Leicester when he sent in Part 8 of his Fan Fiction The Kroker Chronicles. Some how I don't think it was your hard drive that had the ideas. Sometimes those pesky characters just won't quit when you want them to. So check out the latest and not the last update to this epic time hopping mind bending tale.

And you smell like one too!
Posted on April 7, 2008 by Tim
It's birthday time at the Madhouse and this year I only missed it by six days instead of the seven I did last year. So yes, April 1 was not only April Fools day but also the 8th anniversary of the rebirth of The Leela Zone as we were known back then (sordid details available in the About this site section). Leandro said he had composed a lengthy manifesto on the subject but before he could get it posted his browser developed a bad case of wandering bladder and so it's swimming with the mutants if you take my meaning. Anyway, although it's 6 days late, it's still a good time to say thanks to Leandro and Graham for all your efforts and for giving us "the best Futurama site on the planet".

And a big Futurama Madhouse happy birthday goes out to Nic who recently turned the big three zero, or 11110 as we'd say hereabouts. His spousal unit Mikal sent in this photo of his birthday present, which are a set of custom made Futurama drink coasters that were made by her friend Virginia who may or may not have spent lots of hours slacking off at work to make them. They are resin based with pictures lacquered over and felt on the bottom. They're slightly over sized so they're big enough enough for a mug of Lobräu beer.

This next item has nothing to do with Birthdays except that Danny McHugh might have had a couple since he sent me some answers to some of Cubert's Rants in episode 2ACV11. Somehow it seems I overlooked these when he sent them back in January and finally found them when I was dusting one of the darker corners of the Madhouse recently, so sorry about that Danny. And speaking of Cubert's Rants, Kyle Williams is back with some more answers of his own. Look for his latest in 1ACV01, 1ACV03, 1ACV06, 1ACV07, 1ACV08, 1ACV09, 2ACV05, 2ACV19, and 3ACV06.
Everytime I watch Futurama I want to build a Bender
Posted on April 6, 2008 by Tim
And not just any Bender, but a Bender that actually brews beer, just like in The Route of All Evil. Well, OK, maybe not exactly like that, but somewhere in New Zealand there's a Futurama fan named Simon Jansen who's drinking his very own home made Benderbrau made from this ingenious and very attractive and fully functional Bender beer brewer. And it even has a 6502 CPU! You can check out how he built it on his web page, as well as some of his other projects. Man, if I only had that and the Leela computer case I'd never come out of the basement (although given incredible surge in fan creativity lately I may not be able to anyway ). Thanks to KillaBob finding this gem.

Ok, we all know that the second movie Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs will be coming out in June and that if you preorder it using this link it'll benefit the Madhouse and that one of the goodies it will contain is a "Lost Futurama Adventure". Well it turns out that the "Lost Adventure" will probably be the cut scenes from the Futurama Video Game. The ever alert Whatever James found this article on Gaming Today that says so. These "cut scenes", extracted from the game and strung together form the so-called "lost episode" and it's definitely worth a watch.

As I said above, there's gobs of really cool stuff coming in so stay tuned to the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite.
All's fair in love and war
Posted on April 5, 2008 by Tim
and we've got both tonight. So first off is a bunch of new Fan Art from Ross, some of which is classic Futurama poses and some is military inspired and some is a bit of both. So like this one, Leela with a Kalishnikov - there's a serious combination of firepower - I picked so I could get to say Kalishnikov which is not only a kind of Russian gun but also a fun word to say. A couple of the pics deserve special mention - they're b&w so the thumbnails don't show up real well but this one is cover art for his recent Fan Fiction From Here To In Country and the one entitled WWII Futurama was inspired by Ramon_51's fan fic Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover.

Now this next one encompases both love and war, apparently, 'cause it's called Sex Is An Easy War and it's a new one from Marķa M Salazar. I'm not sure where the war part come in 'cause they don't seem to be doing any fighting but maybe that will all be explained in the comic she's working on of which this pic is a small sketch.

And if you happen to live in the US states of Massachusetts or New Hampshire, this might be your chance for your 15 minutes of fame - or at least to get your name in a newspaper - and promote your favorite show as well. Fellow Futurama fan Julius Toth writes that he was contacted by a reporter looking for some 'rama fans to interview, so if you live in the vicinity of Massachusetts or New Hampshire you might want to send a note to Rosemary Ford at The Eagle-Tribune in North Andover, MA. Her e-mail address is RFord (at) eagletribune (dot) com. Be sure to mention that you saw it on The Futurama Madhouse, the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite. Oh, and ask her to please let us know when they publish the article.
For Immediate Release
Posted on April 2, 2008 by Tim
The official press release for Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs is out!

Quoting the PR: "In their latest extraterrestrial exploits, Bender, Fry, Leela and crew encounter a repulsive, planet-sized creature with billions of probing tentacles...and soon find themselves involved in a disturbing - yet sensuous - interplanetary love story."

Extras include "an entire 30-minute "Lost" Futurama Adventure; "A Brief History of Deathball"; a sneak peek at the next Futurama epic, Bender's Game; storyboard animatic; deleted scenes; bloopers, and more".

Thanks and a steaming pile of Futurama Madhouse kudos to Whatever James for the tip.
And you thought gas prices were high
Posted on April 2, 2008 by Tim
"An illustrated fan fiction?" I said. "Sure, no problem." I said. "I've done 'em before" I said. "Just send it to me and magic happens." I said. You know how it is, you go a year or two between root canals or colonoscopies and so you forget. Maybe you've guessed that it's been a while since I've received an illustrated Fan Fiction. Well, you guessed right then. So here is Fry the Road Warrior by CosmicF complete with some new Fan Art illustrations. Essentially following the plot of the second Mad Max film, this fan fic is an action packed fantasy romp set out in the middle of nowhere played out by slightly grungier versions of the Futurama characters we all know and love. Cast into this strange new world the interactions and relationships between major and minor characters are completely different and so not so great if you like a lot of shippy stuff with the standard Futurama romances... or is it... Read it and find out. And after you've seen what Fry has to go through to get some fuel, those pump prices won't seem quite so bad.

Now about the magic I spoke of before, it's really magic when the Word to HTML translation process works right and everything comes out looking like it should. Well it seems that Mr. Magic was off chasing flooziebots or something 'cause from Chapters 5 through 10 the formatting of the text is a little messed up, so please bear with me for a couple of days - I will finish cleaning it up.