April 2007
If I had a drink for every piece of fan art that's come in this week ...
Posted on April 26, 2007 by Tim
... I'd be in way worse shape than Leela looks here. Yes, the Fan Art continues to roll in. First off, four new pics from Kaalira, like this one here where Leela is trying to drown something from her mind. Wonder if it's Zap, or Fry, or maybe it was just one of those days and she's trying to forget the whole PE operation? Fortunately, she's in a lot better mood in the other three pics.

From "the questionable realm of sick pickles" comes six more pics from Sick Pickles. One of the hard parts of this job is picking out which of an artist's submissions to highlight on the main page. Theoretically, you want something that best illustrates that particular artist's work. Either that or the one that inspires a witty comment. Since "the questionable realm of sick pickles" is rather diverse, I had to go with the latter, especially when I saw this picture with Bender as a lion tamer, Leela with swords, and Fry in a tie and carrying a magnifying glass.

Here's a new Fan Fiction - another one by Enhas, his third, called Love Into Death. It's a happy/sad little tale with a unique twist. In it, the professor has passed on and has left behind a shocking message for Fry and Leela, reminding us that maybe sometimes it's better to take secrets to the grave.

Bad News Everyone, that empties out the mail box. So now would be a real good time to send in all that stuff you've created but just haven't got around to sending yet.
The Dark and Dusty Corners of the Madhouse
Posted on April 24, 2007 by Tim
Being an overworked, underpaid webmaster grade 218 does have it's compensations - it's a lot like being a janitor in big building - you have this big ring of keys and you can wander around pretty much anywhere you want and see all the places the public rarely goes. And I'm here to tell you there's some unusual and interesting stuff squirreled away in the attics and cellars, so today's update takes us to some of the less traveled corners of the Madhouse.

First, a new fan video by Kaalira called Drive You Home. It's a video slide show of some of the moments between Fry and Leela over the course of the show and it's set to Drive You Home by Garbage.

Next, did you ever check out the section called Cubert's Rants in which the annoying little twerp complains about some of the alleged technical inconsistencies in Futurama? We've got a couple of new entries, one by Cash Kennedy in 1ACV02 and another by Red_Line in 3ACV02. Check 'em out and if you think you have some answers for Cubert, send 'em in, or try them out first in the forum.

Another musty corner is the Futurama cards section. Nothing really new there, except I discovered that the links for 2ACV13, 14, and 15 weren't right, so there was some old content there that wasn't accessible. Now it is.

And lastly, if you want to make your own Futurama episode or movie, how about a 3D Studio Max model of Bender, courtesy of Jaime T. Bently of Blade Bender fame. It's in the Miscellaneous Pictures section, which is where we put weird stuff that isn't quite weird enough to qualify for the Weird Stuff section.
It's Fryday Night!
Posted on April 21, 2007 by Tim
And to celebrate Fryday night, we have two new Fan Art artists. And two new artists in the same week is worthy of celebration. Of course, once the new epps come out, you won't be able to wave a finglonger around without hitting half a dozen of 'em, but for now that's pretty good.

So first up, three from Sick Pickles, one of which is pictured to my right (which is also hopefully your right). I'm curious why the author picked "Sick Pickles" as a name but I've learned not to ask things like that.

And there's six by Raido including one that would make a darn fine wallpaper if your tastes run to aliens pouring drinks. Which mine do, very much.

So SP and Raido and GreenDay (from last time), welcome to the Madhouse. We hope to see lots more work from you.

Next, what update would be complete without a spot of Fan Fiction? So just to make things complete, here's a shippy little fic by Purplefish called The Forgotten Diary. It's the day after the opera and Leela decides to make a recording in which she describes her reactions. But as she takes a look at her collection, she notices a recording she's never seen before. And apparently, according to its date, it was made during the timeskips which occurred in "Time Keeps on Slippin' "...

Ok, last little item of business before we adjourn, with all the recent talk about the site anniversaries and the recovery of the Layout Museum, we noticed that the info in the About This Site section was about four years out of date. So with a bunch of help from Graham and Leandro, we have a new, improved, and up-to-date About This Site section.
Hidden Treasure
Posted on April 15, 2007 by Tim
I found some hidden treasure! Last time I mentioned that the 8th anniversary of The Leela Zone would be in July. Ever wondered what TLZ looked like back when it first went live on 27 July 1999? Well now you can see, 'cause there used to be a section of this site called the Layout Museum which contains snaps of the site in its formative years. It turns out that the link went missing, but the content was still there. And the good news is the link is back. So check it out and see why drinking and web design don't mix.

So anyway, down to the regular business. Since I was off treasure hunting for a few days, lots of stuff has accumulated. First up, some Fan Art from a new contributor, GreenDay with her first pic called So Close.

And with another of his unique composite images, Jake VanDonge is back with this one of Benderstien ... I mean of Bender.

Now, something of interest to the artists out there - a fan art Contest. Graham Dawson, who runs Simpworks wrote to say that he's running a fan art contest with some pretty cool prizes. You can click here to read all about it. Writers, do not despair, he says in a couple of months he'll have a Fan Fiction contest. (Note that this is not the same Graham who turns up here once in a blue moon. Apparently Graham is a very common name in the U.K., which is a relief to know 'cause it's a kind of cracker over here )
Happy 7.0164th Birthday FM:TLZ
Posted on April 7, 2007 by Tim
I've really got to get around to reading the employee handbook one of these days 'cause the big news that I overlooked was that April 1 was the 7th anniversary of FM:TLZ. April 1, 2000 was when Leandro took over the site and started it on the road to what it is today - an April fool's joke that refuses to die - no, wait, that's not right - or is it? I'm wondering because the 8th anniversary is coming up on July 27. How can that be you wonder? Well, there has to be a reason they picked "Madhouse" for a name. All the gory details are available for your edification and amusement in the About this site" section.

So anyway, your Fan Art fix for today comes from Jake VanDonge. I'm not even going to speculate what's going on there 'cause last time I did that ... well, we're not even going to go there. We've got three new pics from Jake so check 'em out (and draw your own conclusions).

Then there's a couple of Fan Fiction updates this time. In fact, two part twos: First is the final part of A-typical Delivery by JBERGES. As he announced back when he sent in part 1, this is his final contribution to Futurama fandom. And representing the up and coming generation of Futurama fans, it's B.E.N.D.E.R with part II of Forbidden Journey - the Quest Begins.

Oh, and Leandro and Graham, thanks. And congratulations on 7.0164 great years.
That's 'Skusting
Posted on April 2, 2007 by Tim
Cap'n Skusting to be exact, another old timer (in other words from before I came here) who's come back from a long voyage of plunder with a bunch of new Fan Art. Three of 'em are his traditional pirate theme (and with a cabin mate like that a long voyage wouldn't be nearly so arduous ) and the rest explore different territory.

And we have this new bit of Fan Fiction from Red_Line that washed up on shore recently. It's called The Evening and it's his take on what might have gone on the evening before Coldangel_1's The Morning.