April 2005
Leela - in all different flavours...
Posted on April 30, 2005 by Graham
Yes, back again. I'm meant to be slipping into the background, but it seems that I'm even failing in doing that. Still, it at least gives me an opportunity to write some nonsense and present some work from our valued contributors. Well, today I have an artist who's created his first work for our Fan Art section, and who goes under the name of Afterglowdragon. The two pictures that he's created are pencil sketches that show the many situations that Leela can find herself in. We have a blind Leela, a lonely Leela, and a few others to savour. Which Leela is right for you is up to you, because you'll have plenty of choices. May I suggest the mint and chocolate flavour, although some enjoy the strawberry and lime. Lime? Lime! Don't mention that lime tank top in My Three Suns. There, you've got your nonsense. Happy now?
Buddy buddy...
Posted on April 28, 2005 by Graham
Seems that Metal Lord's threat to destroy the Earth if I didn't go and pull Elvis out from the Asda food aisles for a human sacrifice or if contributions for this site didn't appear soon has been averted... at least for the meantime. For, today, I have stuff to present. No, not Elvis' bloody, slain carcass. That's for the weekend. No, the saviour of this site has produced the picture you can see to your right, which goes to our Fan Art section. This hero of ours goes under the name of Dogdoo8, who has produced one of his neat works in his individual style. The picture shows Fry and Bender feeling glad to be buddies, with Fry giving the thumbs-up. I see a road trip movie coming. Well, who knows what will happen in the next few days. Either the Metal Lord will wreak vengence on this pitiful Earth or we'll have to muster up some work to show off. If that fails, I'm off to find Elvis at the local Asda store, roll him out of the store (making sure he doesn't get lodged at the checkout, and sacrifice him to the Lord. Hmmm... I wonder if I could sell tickets for this dastardly event? Graham has left the building...
Oh no, what have we done! We've let Scott back in! We'll be ruined! *sob*
Posted on April 27, 2005 by Graham
For some strange reason, we have Scott back again. This is his third or fourth stint on Futurama Madhouse, although he's now come back with a Y missing. Why? I don't know, but he seems to want his Y to go missing. Anyway, it's good to see him back. For those who don't know, Scott joined this site on the same day as myself, and he also owned the former Zoidberg site Say Argh!, which myself and Kenneth also belonged to. Before that, he was on that Nothing But Nibbler site, but it's best if we forget about that three-eyed rat. *shakes fist at Scott* Anyway, at this moment of time, we're having a sweep stake on how long Scott will last on this site before he gets bored and does something else. We have four weeks at 3/1; six weeks at 2/1; eight weeks at evens; one week at 10/1; one year at 20/1; to take over the site and run it himself in the year 2020, the odds of that are 1,000,000/1 plus a currant bun. Stay tuned for Scott Watch, our daily programme talking about the comings and goings of our revolving door webmaster.

Ah, I have some real content to show off, so stick around. I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Alexander A Andreev. The picture features two strong women, according to Alexander. We have Turanga Leela and Zetta Sifer. Don't ask, I don't know. Anyway, the picture is done in pencil and looks tough.

Lastly, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new writer called Curt Evers. The fiction is called The Dimension, and looking at the content of the fiction, you'd be worried for the sanity and safety of the crew. Actually, what happens is that Fry has gone missing after going insane and doing some terrible things. Leela frets about him, but frets even more about the horrible dreams she's having about him. Dark fiction, it has to be said. But, some like dark, so there you go. Anyway, enjoy the prologue and first part of this fiction by new boy, Curt Evers.

BTW, I got an email today from the Metal Lord, who will rain death and destruction upon the Earth if content is not forthcoming. I'm trying to reason with him, but it's very hard. I even offered him the sacrifice of Scott, but he seemed to want Elvis instead. I told him that Elvis was dead and rotten, but Metal Lord insisted that Elvis was alive at a local Asda and that I had to go and fetch him for a human sacrifice. He did say, though, that he would reconsider if stuff came in, but I think that's demanding a lot. Help us... I don't want to have to suffer another song by Elvis. Arggghhhh!
So it has come to this...
Posted on April 26, 2005 by Teral
The day we thought would never come, has finally arrived. John intended to write about this dark era in his Book of Revelation but then opted for the more gentle story about the Apocalypse in the final version. Nostradamus predicted it. Eric von Dänicken wrote about it in his books. Yes, we can't hide it any more... the webmasters of Futurama Madhouse:The Leela Zone are making their own content!! Run for the hills, fasten all seat belts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the 3-ring circus, secure all animals in the zoo....

You left us no choice, now suffer the consequences.

For my part I expanded the bios of both Amy and Hermes. If I find the time, Leela will be the next victim project.

Oh, and I received an email. It said Billy West will be signing autographs at Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, CA on Saturday, May 7 from 1-3 pm. If you're in the neighbourhood, don't miss this chance. It's free. The adress is:

Metro Entertainment
6 W. Anapamu St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

More information at their website.

Now I'll try to figure out why all my spam- and virus-mails are written with cyrillic, so you're on your own. Until next time...
Two news posts from the same lazy guy?
Posted on April 25, 2005 by Scott
Yup, it is true.. I can scarcely believe it myself! but oh well here I am to update the Claw Plaque section, this fight is Fry vs. Fry, how can Fry fight himself? read and find out... you lazy bum!

eBuyer... eBuyer... A company that is about as useless as a Chocolate Fire, First off I buy a Pentium 4 and a motherboard off them... it didn't work... sure its not their fault but it gets better! I send the parts back to see if I can get a replacement, it takes them 2 weeks to do this... I'm already pissed beyond compare.

Think it stops there? no! one of the items was out of stock, I try and contact them a week ago to get it changed and I still haven't received a reply... so no, they've swallowed up £200 of my money and I am yet to receive anything off them, How annoying.

BTW, Graham has asked me to plead for you to send stuff to the webmasters of this site. Well, here I am pleading. There, I've pled. You're still here?

Once again, I... am a permanent, lazy webmaster of Futurama Madhouse!
Who the bloody hell are you?
Posted on April 21, 2005 by Scott
Hey, its me again... Scott (AKA Scotty) of the late Zoidberg website Say Argh! but that didn't stop me... oh no... I had to conquer this website and I didn't care how long it took.

[For those of you who don't remember Say Argh! it was once the biggest Zoidberg fan site, it was like the The Leela Zone of Zoidberg]

If you still don't know who I am, I'm the guy who wrote most of the Claw Plaques that are still on this website.

So from now on, Futurama Madhouse is now my property and hence forth will be turned into a Simpsons fan website! Actually, Just kidding.

I'm here to post a little video clip I made from The Simpsons: Season 16 Episode 15 Entitled Future-Drama which is obviously a take on Futurama, which features John DiMaggio reprising his role as Bender; its not a long video clip but it shows Futurama is still alive in some form! no matter how small.

If you want to see it, Click Here... Here... Here... Here... OR Here

It's down the page a bit.

You know, I do miss posting news on websites... the thrill.. the excitement... the Horror dare I say. I'm more the kind of person who likes to view websites these days than actually maintain them, Thank god for people like Graham here and the rest of the Futurama-Madhouse gang. I envy you guys... really.

I think I speak for all of the fans of this website that you guys keep up the good work! You guys really make me look lazy!

I may write a new Claw Plaque soon so stay tuned for me... but don't get your hopes up! I tend to bugger off after a while... *I think they're onto me... oh no... arrrghhh!*
If the site didn't get Slashdotted, then we'd get to see something...
Posted on April 19, 2005 by Graham
Oh well, I was going for my daily read of Slashdot, a site for nerds and whatnot, and came across an article about building your own Bender-styled PC case (if you want, you can go directly to the site that Slashdot links to here). The main problem here is that the site is in Norwegian, so lacking any Norwegian language service packs, I can't really go into too much detail, but the pictures look damn good. Anyway, if you go to the site, you'll get a good idea what's going on. Don't worry about the site being slow to load up, because that's due to the interest of the Slashdot crowd. BTW, make sure to click the link near the bottom of the page, because the pictures of making a Bender PC case and the mysterious Norwegian words continue.

Update: An English language site has also been created, which is called Bender Casemod. Enjoy!

BTW, in other news, we're still accepting fan stuff, if you have any to dish out. Feed us! Feed us! FEED US!
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA....
Posted on April 15, 2005 by Teral
After spending the better part of a decade on the Internet, I have finally found 3 bullet-proof ways of making entire messageboards hate you: 1) Say how great a president George Bush is, 2) say you're French (just kidding, love you guys, especially your baguettes ) and 3) say you like "Friends". For some reason, don't ask me what reason but I'm sure it's a lame one, people seem to really hate that show. So please keep an open mind when you see the latest Fan Art from Spacedal11. The thumbnail show Leela as Rachel (personally I think she's more of a Monica), and in her gallery there's a full-size version, along with two other pictures. Enjoy.
"Warning: this update's an alpha. If your web browser burns in flames, file a bug report"
Posted on April 13, 2005 by Sebastian
Yup, just like it says, this is probably the most unstable bit of news since Microsoft announced Win95. Ah, these were the glorious days, the days when people that probably never should use computers started using them... Heh, if you work in tech-support, then you know what I mean. General news protection fault, error at #ff45a3. Oh great, there it goes again. Some coder should take a look at it right away (Ekhem, yeah Leo, we're talking about you. ;P ). ...time passes... Right, now that we've entered the beta stage, let's get to the point. Say hello to Angel Ranger, a new artist on our site. Angel has come up with a pencil picture of Leela, standing in her jacket, giving us "the Mona Lise" type of smile. Hmm... Anyway, the picture is very good, so keep 'em coming, Angel!

Brandi came up with a new picture of Fry, The Emperor of Trisol. You surely remember his "help, there's a giant smile stuck on my face" portrait, that was hung on one of the corridors of the palace. Now you can print this nice picture, hang it on your very own wall and bow to His Majesty Fry, Lord of Drinking The Wrong Fluids in The Wrong Places. Even if you don't want to do that (whyyyy?), then at least take a look at the pic, it's worth it.

There are also new pictures drawn by Dogdoo8, very interesting ones in fact. These new pics are made with an intriguing style, it's them vectors, I tells ya. Let's make a quick run through them: there's Fry taking Nibbler for a walk (hmm, Fry's got a new haircut?), Leela with a broom (that's impulsive!), Leela striving to get something (the broom?), and a zombie Zoidberg (just a zombie Zoidberg, no idiotic comment this time). The pictures are well made, so I won't be stoping you in watching them.

On second thought, I'll stop you for one last moment. Genocidal Smasher is the creator of the last pic featured in this parody of an update, brought to you by my own self. The picture shows Fry dressed up as Ron Stoppable, from the show "Kim Possible". Now I should make some witty jokes about the eventual connotations of it and Futurama, but I haven't got any idea what is the show about. That makes me uninfluenced in any way, being that I must say that the pic looks just cool: Fry in a black shirt and cargo trousers (they're called that way?), standing like he's going to say something like "What's up? You like the way I look?". And while you watch the way he looks I'll go find out what's "Kim Possible".

Sending processes the term signal......
Sending processes the kill signal......
Shutting down post......
There's something different about you, Leela. Did you get a new haircut?
Posted on April 13, 2005 by Teral
No? I know, you got a new tanktop then? No? Then it must be the anime-style in which you're drawn. Yeah, not my favorite style either, but come on it's you, you're from Futurama. We love that around this website. Stay, see the sights, spend some money ... please don't leave.

(Mental note: get an appointment with a psychiatrist, speaking with Fan Art of animated characters is definetely not a good sign)

My mental problems aside, (and believe me they're not easily brushed aside more like bulldozed aside ) this picture come from Leelaholic. I'm not a big fan of anime (note, it's an opinion, no need to flood my inbox with emails to convince me otherwise ), but this is pretty neat and interesting to see something other than the usual Groening-style. Enjoy.

That damn monkey again. Now we come to something as unusual as a Fan Fiction centered around Guenther (you remember Fry's roommate from Mars U, right?). The story is titled Guenther: A Question of Intellect and come from a new author named Brain Gremlin. The description in his own words: "This story is about Guenther the monkey from the episode ‘Mars University’ thought’s during Fry’s funeral in the episode ‘The Sting’. In this story it wasn’t all Leela’s dream." Not much I can add to that, so go here to read it.
The confessions of a hack.
Posted on April 10, 2005 by Teral
After my last update, I received a couple of emails telling me I had already used the exact same headline before. Well, I guess I can't hide it anymore and have to come clean: I'm a hack. I don't have an original artistic bone in my entire metaphorical body. I have a small list of possible headlines, and every time I do an update I just randomly pick one. On the plus side I have something in common with Ron Hugart. ... Don't hit me, Ron! Hit David, he's the one who started it.

On the other hand I'm happy to present to you someone who's oozing originality and artistic talent, Fanartist extraordinaire: Otis P Jivefunk. He's back with a new picture showing Nibler enjoying some of the perks coming with his job. I guess there's something good to say about being an adorable little rodent women find irresistable, while secretely being sentient. I case you can't tell the picture show a semi-naked Leela (tastefully done, so don't get all excited ), mirror in the eyeball of Nibler.

You watched it! You can't unwatch it! Thanks, Maurice. Always a pleasure to work with you. And now a little bit of Fan Fiction, this time coming from the great JBERGES. Another very talented guy, with original ideas. The story is named Antholgy Of Interest 2.71828. As JBERGES himself note in the email these type of stories are wvery popular among fanfic writers, so I take you're all familiar with the concept of an AOI? This time the three What-if's... are: an Amy/Kif engagement, New Years Eve 2999 if our three crew members had never met, and Bender finds himself Hitchhiking without a Guide. Trust me when I say you'll all enjoy it. I said doooo it! And do it here. Until next time...
Stop slobbering over the monitor, you'll ruin a work of art...
Posted on April 9, 2005 by Graham
Ah, the joys of being a webmaster at Futurama Madhouse, for I get sent, quite often, some good artwork. OK, not all of it is good, because some of it gets thrown into the Crap Art section, but I'm just digressing. What you really want to know is who did the picture you can see to your right. Well, it's a wallpaper that's been done by El-Man. See, El-Man seems to have a talent of doing neat pictures, although these said pictures seem to be done when either Leela or, in this case, Amy are skarkers. OK, it's tastefully done, but that doesn't hide how El-Man gets his inspiration. Anyway, whatever the inspiration, this wallpaper looks damn neat. Oh, El-Man wants to add a few words to explain something, which are written below.

"Something you may wish to inform the readers of - the text in the wallpaper is meant to be from Amy's sorority, Kappa Kappa Wong. And that Chinese character after the two K's - DOES read 'Wong'.

"I'm only assuming it's the right character, as I doubt even Matt Groening picked one out. It's literal translation is 'king', 'ruler', or 'royal'. There is another Chinese character pronounced Wong which used as a surname, but it's translation is 'yellow', or 'sulphur'. I think what I picked is the best choice. "

Also, El-Man has done a work for our Fan Art section that features the picture mentioned above, except it also has a shadow of Amy in the background. Well, enjoy this revealing work from El-Man.

So, you were thinking there'd be another subject heading for this next work, but you're wrong. Take that, suckers! OK, I could make it look like a new subject heading, but I'm just tooooooo lazy to do so, and it'd look out of place. Anyway, this work you can see to your left comes from Pawell and goes to our Fan Art section. It features Leela in the act of stripping. It seems that today is the day when people send me stuff involving the female members of the Planet Express crew getting naked. Mind you, I can't complain, because the last thing I'd want to see is the male characters stripping off, particularly Zapp Brannigan or Sal. Don't send me any stuff like that, you hear.
Pacman, pizza, Coke, comics and a NES... what more do you need?
Posted on April 9, 2005 by Kenneth
I dunno, but going back to the late 80's is a common theme in the new pieces of Fan Art from one of our new artists today: Azurill. Along with this picture of a young Fry's room from before his cryogenic suspension containing all these neat things, there's also one of a young Fry from the same time, along with a third picture of Fry from his older years... though whether he's in the future or not at this point is unclear. Anyway, check out these new pics.

There's also more piccies, two to be exact, from the artist currently known as Venus. Those of you who are at PEEL or our own message board may recognise that name, but she's new to the art scene... at least here she is anyway. In either case, she's got two new pics. There's this one here that has Leela losing a leg to a shark at sea it seems. Maybe she's trying to co-ordinate the rest of herself in accordance with her eye? Dunno, but her second pic is a shippy one, and that will appease all Shippers who otherwise wouldn't have got any shippy content from this update. Not that we would care if they were angry... we're apathetic to all our visitors. If you're pissed off with us for any reason, any reason at all... meh...

Oh, and finally, I've got a brand, spanking new Comic Review too, this time for Futurama Comics #13. Since I haven't posted the cover here as a thumbnail like I do most of the time, it's the one with a giant Bender cooking Fry and Leela on it, and the story is about him taking over Beelzebot's duties as the Robot Devil. To find out my thoughts, just take a look here, and if you disagree... meh.
She's here to kick ass and give out free Diet Slurm .. and she's just out of Diet Slurm!
Posted on April 6, 2005 by Teral
We all know Leela is a take charge personality, and she's doesn't mind using brute. physical force when the situation warrants it .. or high school classmates make fun of her. Sometimes that come in real handy, mostly when saving Fry and Bender from their own stupidity. In part 4 of Mitch's Fan Fiction (rhetorical pause to seperate hyperlinks ) Future Foursome Leela have finally realised where she belongs, and she emerges from the sewers just in time to partake in the final showdown between the Future Foursome and Dr. Mom. No more Miss Nice-Mutant, it's time to suit up and start taking numbers. Will it be enough to defeat Mom's army of robots? Will the Future Foursome return to their original self? Find out by clicking here.

Oh, and Mitch tell me that we might see another fic from him soon (like over the summer, perhaps ) if certain things fall into place. So keep your fingers crossed they will.
Asa's back... back again. Asa's back. Tell a friend.
Posted on April 5, 2005 by Kenneth
And by Asa I of course mean Asa B, who is back with another five brilliant pieces of Fan Art for you all. And once again they're in different styles for some variety. There's a sketch of Amy with long legs, one of Leela's head with her fair down and wavy, two of Leela and Amy at the beach (one coloured, one not) with a beach ball, and last, but definitely not least, chibi versions of Leela and Fry together. And for those of you unaware of what 'chibi' pictures are, they're basically small, childlike versions of characters. It's a Japanese thing mostly assosciated with Anime/Manga cartoons. Anyway... check 'em out, they're fan-tastic!

Following that, Zmithy also has some new piccies himself. Aside from the one pictured here based on Parasites Lost, there are black n' white pictures of Leela and Fry in a Cyberpunk style. They certainly look like they're ready to leap into a virtual online game based on Blade Runner or Mad Max or something, that's for sure. Because in Cyberpunk, you must be surly, violent and have sharp objects and/or leather on your clothes. It's just the way things are. Anyway... check 'em out too, 'cause they're also fan-tastic.
Leandro's like trying to catch a London red bus: you wait for an update for aeons, then three turn up at once...
Posted on April 4, 2005 by Graham
It's also aeons since I last updated. Am I enjoying my lazy spell? Of course I am! It's fun here just twiddling my thumbs and watching others do the work I used to do. Even Leandro, as you have seen, has chipped in to slave away at this site. Am I regretting this? No, certainly not! It's about time I was lazy. Heck, if I could get away with it, I'd be on a life support machine to take away the effort in breathing. Anyway, someone who isn't lazy as hell is Pawell, who has come up with another one of his sexy Leela pictures for our Fan Art section. As you've guessed, the picture features Leela, but this time it's Leela in some revealing underwear. Obviously, Pawell has a vivid imagination, which is probably due to the long, cold, snowy nights in Russia. I mean, one must do something with one's hands to keep them warm. Anyway, if you're hands are cold, then maybe you can warm them up by going and viewing Pawell's latest work. Ummm... enjoy!
What? Three updates from me in a row? What is this, five years ago?
Posted on April 3, 2005 by Leandro
Sure feels like it's back to April 2000 and I'm the only one doing stuff around here! Where are the rest of you guys? Uh? Sure, keep on enjoying your caviar and orion slave girls, will you... Meanwhile I'll keep on slaving for the site! Uh, bad words to use after a reference to orion slave girls... not that kind of slave, I'm not open for requests! Anyway, I took the 'new' layout out because, basically, it sucked. It served it's traditional anniversarial purpose, right? Me taking it off wasn't the result of any assasination threat whatsoever! So now if Major Kusanagi would kindly lower that plasma gun, I can post my update. Today I bring you two new images by Israel Solero, the first one feauturing Leela, Amy and Nibbler as they join Major Kusanagi and the stubby legged Basset hound as agents of Section 9 against the forces of evil. Evil which has nothing to do with layouts and taking them off, obviously! The other pic is a coloured version of an earlier sketch where the crew get stranded on a prehistoric planet after another delivery has gone astray. Hope you like them!
I'm sorry! Lo siento mucho! Gomen! Please don't kill me!
Posted on April 1, 2005 by Leandro
Oh man, what a mess I've made of the site... again. But you know the rules: thou shalt change layouts every Reopening Anniversary, darn thou! And so I have, to celebrate The Fifth Reopening Anniversary! That's right, five years ago this site opened under my, er, "care"... and the web has never recovered its earlier amounts of sanity!

This layout isn't entirely my fault, though. All those doodles for the headers were made by a well-known and extremely insane person called Kristen Peck, so if you want to see those scribbles in their original resolution, you can find them in the Fan Art gallery. Fan Art gallery that has grown from 15 pictures in April of 2000, to over four thousand today! That is, by far, the section that experiences the most extreme growth year by year, but by no means the only one that eats more and more disk space and bandwidth every week. For example, today I'm also uploading a new piece of Fan Fiction titled Risking it all, about Fry and Leela and mushy stuff. The Fan Fiction section has over three hundred files in it now, and it's not showing any signs of stopping either.

Greetz & Respect! goes to Graham, who once again did most of the things for the site the whole year. And thanks to Teral, Kenneth, Sebastian, and newcomer Allen for putting their energy on keeping the oldest living Futurama Fansite alive and kicking. You guys rule, and the Zone wouldn't be the same if, instead of you, there were some sane people doing the updates instead. So here's a toast to insanity... the driving force behind Futurama Madhouse, and the one that'll keep it running for another five years!