April 2004

April 29, 2004

You're drunk. Oh, yeah? Says who? Says me! You? Yeah! Really? Yeah! Oh, lord! He's stuck in a loop and he's a moron. well, that's drunk talk for you. And let's face it, if there's two people who can pull of a longwinded, pointless, drunk arguement it's Bender and Homer. Maybe that's why they got on so well in the crossover comic? I mean after the initial debacle about Homer's bar stool. Leelaholic is the master behind this piece of Fan Art. Who'll win if they really got into a fight is anyones guess. Homer has that big skull of his that would allow him to take inhuman amounts of punishment, wearing his opponent down. On the other hand Bender is a robot, he don't get tired. Looks like this would be another case of the irresistable force meeting the unmoveable object. Still my money is on Bender.

She's hit, Capten. I canna 'old 'er much longer! And the transporters don't come before Tuesday. Enough Star Trek, here's some Futurama Fan Fiction for ya'. This is Chapter 8 of Dave Vincent's excellent story Background Noise. The last chapter ended on a cliffhanger. Fry was on a troop transport bound for Da Nang 4. While the soldiers were preparing to disembark the transport took a direct hit, and started breaking up. This is the continuation (d'uh! ), and beside finding out if Fry make it out alive, we also get some background information about Mom. Zoidberg pops up too, recovering his sanity, or as much sanity you can have when your name is Zoidberg. Intrigued? Then go here to start reading.

Bender becomes a Leela Lover! Ummm... OK, I know some of you will be offended by this picture by Tokash for our Fan Art section , although I know that a few of you will also laugh at this picture instead, so be prepared. I'm not going into detail about what you'll find, but let's say that Tokash has created an animated GIF file of the moment where Bender discovers where his antenna now is, while he's in front of Leela, in the episode "Anthology of Interest II" to hilarious effect. No, there's no nudity as such, just the impression that he's up to something a bit risque. I think my title for this update will give it away. Anyway, it's a funny picture, so if you want to complain, then do so humorously.

The smut goes on and on at The Leela Zone! Yes, this Thursday we've gone smut mad for once. Gone are the days when self-appointed censor Mary Whitehouse would sit behind the webmasters' chairs tutting away while they updated the site, although that's not just because she's now dead (stop cheering over there ). No, we now show you pictures such as the one in the previous update and now one that's from a new contributor to this site, Ben Jasmer, who has sent to our Fan Art section the picture you can see as a thumbnail to your left. The picture concerned is a parody of Playgirl of the Year, but is instead titled Playmutant of the Year. It seems that Leela has won the year 3000 contest and is striking a winning pose... or something. Mind you, considering the other mutants who live down the sewers of New New York, it's not too surprising that she won. Anyway, enjoy these two updates, but as usual, be restrained in your appreciation.

April 28, 2004

Aw, they're so cute ... They're like if Greenpeace and the National Riffle Association could have babies. Cute and deadly, all rolled into one. This new piece of Fan Art come from Alenacat and is inspired by a recent newsstory, about Canada's latest seal cull. This year the seal quota is the highest it's been for the last 25 years, however in a bid to make the killing more humane all seals have to be shot, not clubbed to death. Looks like Alenacat felt the odds should be evened a bit, so she quickly made this picture based on a scene from "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz". Hwo'll win? The hunters or the seals? taking all bets! Whether you agree with the seal hunt or not, you gotta admit this is a damn cute picture, much better than those creepy, artic birds in the episode. And that's not all! I had to crop the thumbnail a bit to make it fit, in the actual picture there's another seal holding a hunting riffle! How about that, double the cuteness, double the awww-factor.

Touched? Moved? Repulsed? Drunk? Something entirely different? The expression on Leela's face could be any of the above mentioned (of course if you know what episode it's from it's easy, but let's say we don't ), all depending on the eye of the beholder. This and three other pieces of Fan Art come from the drawing board (well, more like the computer ) of Young And Angry. A nice little moment when Leela warm up to Fry a bit, unfortuntely for the shippers it was in a friendship kind of way. The first of the remianing three pictures show another Fry/Leela moment when Leela is moved to tears by one of Fry's holophoner concerts. The other two show someone (I assumed it's Young And Angry herself) watching a couple of scenes from "Godfellas" (Fry talking to the Fortune Teller and Matt Groening's comment why the death of the Shrimpkins was funny and not tragic). Don't worry it won't be so confusing once you see the pictures.

Beer today, gone tomorrow! Here's a wallpaper for all you beer fetishists... I mean alcoholics... I mean piss artists... I mean beer drinkers. Now you can sit in front of your computer and get drunk, while staring at a wallpaper on your desktop with Leela teasing you into partaking further with this interesting/silly/sad/great activity. Blame Pawell, of the website Something About Leela, for encouraging you to drink to excess, expand your waistline, feel invincible, feel that you are the most attractive person in the world, feel that a total stranger is your best friend, throw up on your aunt's colourful settee, dance around like a gorilla at the local nightclub, think you're a better driver, believe that you're the next best thing in singing and have to prove it at 2am in a residential street, as well as doing other things that are equally enjoyable/embarrassing/rude/sickening/hilarious/sad. However, don't blame Leela for tempting you to drink Löbrau beer, especially since it would probably take tens of them to even get you drunk, considering the tendency of US beer to be fairly weak. I mean, look at Budweiser, who made that piss and called it alcoholic? I mean... this beer I'm currently drinking is an ale, and is 8% proof. You don't see me complaining about everything and everybody. Who are you looking it? Why, I'll show you who's boss! Hang on, I know this tune... time for me to dance about. What do you mean I can't sing like Tom Jones? Ah, the Birdy Song, time to dance again! Wait, you're my bestest, bestest friend. Burp! Eurgh... I see diced carrots. I didn't eat carrots today!

Now THIS will keep you occupied, and rightly so! You know, I can't really think of much to say about this update, because there's so much in it and it's so good that I'm stuck for words. Yeah, I know some of you would like that to be permanent. Anyway, welcome the last part of Kenneth White's mammoth work for our Fan Fiction section that goes under the name Futurama: Universe of Malice. Yes, that's right, the last part. Yes, I'm being serious. Anyway, this part is very long. I mean, this is the longest part of any fic that we have, and it measures in at a whopping 270KB! However, don't worry, because this part keeps you glued and is well worth reading, despite its size. So, go and get a few beers, sit yourself in front of your computer monitor, and take a ride with Fry, Leela, Bender, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Cubert, Hermes, Amy, Kif, Zapp, a bunch of pirates, a group of DOOP military officers, Baldur, Elod, the Chaos Renegades, Nibbler and some Nibblonians, a cat queen (you'll find out), and a big ball of destruction that's the planet-eater. Yeah, that's it, that's all I can say about this momentous event. Kudos goes to Kenneth. Enjoy!

April 27, 2004

Remember me? Hi guys, haven't seen you for a long time. "Why is it so, Sebastian?", you may ask. Maybe because: a) nobody sends me stuff to update b) in 2 weeks time I'll be having some important exams, so I don't have time for anything c) what? d) all of the above e) none of the above. You can win an exclusive, never seen before, handmade... (drum roll) nothing!
Enough of that, now for something completly different! One Hit Wonder, a new submitter to TLZ, sent a CrapArt! pic of Leela. But let the pic speak for itself, so go and see it!
By the way, if you don't want any more ramblings by me, send me your pictures. Any pictures. Well, not "any", they just have to be Futurama related, that's all. Do it now, or I'll make another quiz. What is the cap.... [Sebastian]

Try not to die laughing! Here we are on a Tuesday with some more work for The Leela Zone to show off. Today is also the day when Coilette's new scanner can show off its labours. Anyway, she's sent in two new pictures for our Fan Art section, as well as a resubmission of a previous work of hers that was originally photographed with a digital camera when her scanner was broken. The resubmission is that of Fry rescuing Bender, Amy and Kif from a fire, while he was overdosed on caffeine. The picture that you can see in the thumbnail comes from the episode "Amazon Women in the Mood", and shows Zapp, Bender and Fry enjoying themselves in the knowledge that they're about to be "snu-snued" to death, with Kif not looking too pleased with the situation or the humour. Her other picture has Morbo inspecting what food Elzar has cooked up for the chef contest in the episode "30% Iron Chef". Well, enjoy these new pictures and the resubmission from Coilette.

Total disaster, super funny, happy, happy, fun time! Yet more stuff for you today. This stuff goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Soulkid2000. Yes, it's part seven of his serial fiction work, Spaceship. In this part, Leela has difficulties with the auto-pilot; there's a search for someone who can fly the plane but hasn't had the poisoned fish for dinner; and Dr Nick tries to fend off a name change. OK, that description isn't all that helpful, so I suppose you better give Soulkid2000's fiction a read or two.

Finally, Allen5573 has been kind enough to send these interesting words from the Futurama section of TV Tome:

"Let The Rumor Mill Begin

"While the crew at The Simpsons try to figure out what they're going to do about season #16 (If you didn't know, the cast is on strike), it appears that the crew of Futurama have been getting phone calls lately from Executive Producer David Cohen. Now while obviously it's hasn't been confirmed or denied that Groening and Fox are in talks with Turner over the show, it apperas that many of the crew have been getting messages that hint toward returning to work. Apparently the revival of Family Guy, which currently has 5 scripts for Season 4 finished and being produced, has sparked interest in the revival of other shows on Fox that 'died before their time.' Word is even out that WB may be trying to revive The PJs.

"If we ever get official word on Futurama, we'll post it as soon as we get it."

Well, I suppose we should keep our eyes peeled just in case the impossible happens. Anyway, bye for now.

April 26, 2004

A short interruption in life! Well, I still haven't got any fan art work for today, although that will change tomorrow, but I have got some artwork anyway. No, it's not a wallpaper, although we'll be having some of that shortly, as well. No, I have a work for our Fans' Comics section that comes from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, who goes under the title Chudney. This comic is only one page long, so it's complete. Even if it's short, it's still quite funny and well drawn. The story starts with Fry interrupting Leela at work to see if she can guess something different about him. Naturally, she's quite busy, so she's not in the mood for silly games. Wondering what's different about Fry? Then give this comic a good read.

Nuclear disarmament? Not for some time! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Desmond. He's come up with part five of his work that's titled When Futurama Meets Starcraft. In this part, Fry and Leela go along on a mission that involves a nuclear explosion. Why it involves a nuclear explosion will be found out if you read it. What, you expect me to type out the whole story for you? Why you little... OK, I won't go nuclear on you. Yeah, I know, stupid pun. Anyway, enjoy this part of Desmond's fic.

April 25, 2004

OUCH! Leela kicks where it hurts! Today I have something a bit different from fan art and fan fiction, not that there is anything wrong with such work. No, I have something for our Video Clips section that comes from Pawell, who is the webmaster of the Russian Leela site Something About Leela. The video clip features Leela's impulsive moments, where she loses her head and does something out-of-character. Such things can be to kick the hell out of people, sleep with Fry, wear hippy clothing and drive a Volkswagon camper van, help Bender give birth to beer, as well as a few other things that you'll see when you watch this clip. The background music is The Offspring's "Kids Aren't All Right", which fits with the video moments. The clip is in RM format, which should be OK for you lot who, unfortunately, have RealPlayer installed, or for Linux users who have Mplayer installed with the Real codecs (go to PLF if you happen to use Mandrake Linux). If you're a Windows user and dislike Real, then you can install Real Alternative (just google for it). Anyway, the clip is well worth your while... even if you do dislike Real.

It's here, it's late, but it's great! Yes, for those who have been waiting for the next piece of Christina Nordlander's fantastic story saga Son of the Ashes, here is the latest part for you all. This is Chapter 5 and it now sits happily in the Fan Fiction section with the other four. I hope you can all remember what happened last time, as Fry got a surprise in the form of the identity of Lord Cyan. Now see how, and his friends, cope living with that suprise. Yes, do so. Click on the link I've provided and read away at the fanfiction that uses the most HTML special characters I've come across so far, with all the Greek letters and such. It was worth the effort, and on another note, keep an eye out for the finale of a certain story of mine coming just around the corner. Later

April 24, 2004

The Planet Express team takes the field, and the crowd goes wild! It feels like there's been a sharp rise in the amount of Fan Art these past few days, which is a great thing. Good to see the show is still alive and well in the hearts of it's fans. But enough corny sentiments, there is Fan Art to be admired. Leelaholic have come up with two new pictures. The one in the thumbnail show Leela in a new outfit. If you ask me it looks like a football jersey (hence the headline ), maybe she's thinking about starting a professional career. Before you mail in to tell me about the missing body-armour and shoulderpads keep in mind I'm talking about real football, not the American variant you predominantly use your hands to play. I don't know about any team that play in orange/bleu, but it actually looks kinda cute, I wouldn't mind playing on her team. The secnd picture show a very angry looking Fry with a hellish background.

Leelaholic also sent in his first contribution to the Crap Art section. Fry and Bender show their appreciation of president Bush, or as they call him The L33T President. Enjoy.

Friends United! Well, this is what happens when you have friends: they can't help but make a scene with you when in front of a camera. Look at Bender and Leela putting their arms around Fry in this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama Freak. Now, I'm sure that most of the time those hands wouldn't be around Fry's shoulders, they'd be around his neck. I can only imagine that the crew are on drugs, and therefore distracted from the last calamity that Fry imposed upon them; they've found out that Fry has another twentieth century bank account; they're putting "kick me" signs behind his back without his knowledge (or even with it, which wouldn't be too surprising); the camera operator has paid them thousands of dollars to do this; or, finally, this is the last time that they'll see Fry, since he's volunteered to clean up Nibbler's litter tray after the said animal has eaten a pod of rotten whales washed up on the oiled beaches of Alaska. That last one makes me want to... Ummm... enjoy this picture while the smiles last.

April 22, 2004

Tonights double-whammy update... come from Smiley and include stuff for both the Fan Art section as well as Uses For A Hacker. Last things first; there are 6 new Uses For A Hacker ready to be admired. Smiley once more does the impossible and this time the useful thing a hacker can be used for include "splattermovie victim" (starring a certain delivery boy), squeeze toy for GIR, arch nemesis for Robot Jones and keeping Saddam (or Martha Stewart) company.

But wait there's more and all for the low low price of zero dollar. Smiley also send us a sheet from his sketchbook showing some "rough drafts" of the last batch of Uses For A Hacker, all handdrawn with color instructions. A damn good drawing if you ask me. This shouldn't come as a surprise, but this picture can be seen in the Fan Art area.

Bender's on fire, folks! It seems that Coilette's scanner is still suffering from breakage, which is quite sad. However, what you can do with a scanner can sort of be done with a digital camera, even if the quality suffers somewhat. Anyway, she's sent us three pictures for our Fan Art section that she's hand-drawn but had to photograph with a digital camera. Maybe when the scanner is fixed, she'll scan them and resubmit them, if we're lucky. However, whatever happens, it doesn't take away that these are nice pictures well worth publishing, no matter what. The thumbnail shows her picture of a scene in the episode "300 Big Boys", where Fry, overdosed on caffeine, goes around saving guests and crew members from being roasted alive in a fire. The other two pictures show: Fry being intimidated by Roberto the insane robot; Fry as Captain Yesterday. There, hope you enjoy these. Let's hope the scanner gets fixed soon.

Airsick! Well, it had to happen, it just had to come. Yes, welcome part six of Soulkid2000's current work for our Fan Fiction section, that goes under the title Spaceship. In this part of his parody of the film "Airplane", the stewards discover that the passengers are beginning to feel sick... and it's not airsickness, despite what my title for this update says. Well, enjoy this part of Soulkid2000's fiction, but beware of the fish. Yes, the fish, be wary of it.

April 21, 2004

Universe of Malice Finale is... just around the corner. Yes, for all those waiting for the finale installment, I have a piece of Fan Art that I drew myself for you all. It's a promo picture for the 25th and final chapter of Universe of Malice, which has taken two years to write. I'm lucky to have actually completed it. Anyway, I hope you like it when it's released, and hope you like this image too. The image is slightly larger than the thumnail shows, but you'll just have to click on it to see yourself. Not much more to say really... though I'd like to thank everybody that helped me with the story over the last couple of years. You'll find out who those people are specifically at the disclaimer at the end. Later

Pull yourself together rman! Oh, it's fun to pun someone when he's down, and Bret Blob sure fits that description perfecly, in fact you could say he's down and out (of his clothes that is). But it does make me wonder, can a blob eat potato chips? Or french fries? Or enjoy a day at the beach? And if the answer is "no", am I babbling or just losing it? So many questions, so little time. Anyway, this neat little Fan Art come from the hands of Lee Roberts, one of the most productive submitters The Leela Zone have ever seen. These 4 new Fan Arts bring his total to a whooping 166 pictures! Besides the one you see in the thumbnail of Bret Blob, there's one of Mom complaining about her freaking back, an operasinger in a very crappy Leela-costume and Millhouse. Millhouse!!? Yep, that's right, Millhouse, and no TLZ isn't turning into a Simpsons fansite (for one I think that would result in a 3 page rant from Leandro, after he recovers from his stroke ), allow me to explain. In the latest Simpsons episode Matt Groening (you all remember him, right?) made a cameo as himself. He appeared at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con as the inventor of Futurama (or as one of the characters pronounced it Futurayma), giving autographs, art samples, locks of his hair, etc. The picture from Lee show Millhouse with his Bender doll waiting in line to get Matt to sign it. Ofcourse if you didn't know that I just spoiled the scene for you. Anyway, enjoy Lee's pictures.

She's on a roll, there's no way stopping her! Young And Angry is back with 2 new pictures for the Fan Art section, only days after her last submission. She sure know how to keep the production going. These new pictures are kept in er own unique style which is actually rather cute if you ask me. The thumbnail show the scene from "Leela's Homeworld" where Leela prepares to fire the raygun at her parents, and on maximum setting. Luckily Fry managed to stop her just in the nick of time (oops, more spoiling there). The second one is a scene from "Absolutely Fabulous". A scene I can't pinpoint with certainty, although I'm fairly sure it's where the crew find out that Bender is jaloux of robot 1X. Okay, gotta go, enjoy the pictures.

Evil starts here! Today it seems to be Robot Heaven, for I have a few Bender/robot inspired works for us today from two contributors, one of them a new guy. I'll start with the Fan Art section and two works from Silvertide that go there. These two pictures from Silvertide are from the SpyOrama series that features Futurama characters parodying James Bond characters. As before, Silvertide drew the images while Fryfan coloured them in. Anyway, as you can see in the thumbnail, we have Bender starring as the baddie "Ironfinger", who has the neat catch phrase "Evil starts here", which was Silvertide's idea and parodies "The buck stops here". It's not all robots today, because the second picture shows Fry and Leela as 014 and 1BDI, respectively. Certainly these works are nicely creative. Kudos!

Now it's Flexo's turn! The next submission goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from new guy Tom123. The work in question is titled Mayor Flexo. Now, I wonder what that could be about? Anyway, I better introduce the story to you. The mayor of New New York decides to hold a contest for one of the robots of the city to become Mayor of New New York for a week. Naturally, Bender is quite happy to have this power bestowed upon himself, the only problem is that Flexo also has interests in this department. Well, that's enough of an introduction to encourage you to read on further.

Finally, yesterday I published some nice artwork that Rich Nichols had sent to us. However, after bribing me with kind words after I updated his work yesterday (well, no actual bribe took place, but the kind words were enough to convince me that the following was a thanks of sorts), I thought it would be a good idea to mention the site of his that he spoke about in the email he sent me. So, if you want to see some nice and varied artwork, then go to Stone Turtle Illustration and take a look. Apparently, the site will soon be revised, so return later on and see how it progresses.

April 20, 2004

Now let's enjoy some art, you philistines! OK, I'm joking, come back! Well, not joking about the art, but that other thing. Still, it got your attentions, so it did its job. Anyway, I have some good work from a new contributor to The Leela Zone who comes under the name Rich Nichols and whose creations you'll find in our Fan Art section. He's sent in three pictures for us to peruse. The one you can see in the thumbnail is done in an Art Nouveau style, parodying the work of Alphonse Mucha (at least that's what I think, seeing that Rich Nichols hasn't confirmed that... but I think you'll see the similarity if you do a Google on that name). The other two show Leela in Art Deco style (classy, too), and one of Leela after she's not been properly tipped for a delivery. That last one should make you think about tipping. Mind you, all this tipping stuff makes you think about whether Mr Pink, from the film Reservoir Dogs, was right that it should be up to the employers to pay their employees the right amount of money in the first place, not for customers to tip them. Maybe that was Mr Pink that Leela was shooting at. Poor Steve Buscemi.

April 19, 2004

Cover your eyes and cover your ears, because Mother's Day is about to happen... again! Ah, yeah, distant memories of the first showing of Futurama episodes. Yeah, I remember when "Mother's Day" first came out and caused a stir amongst the Futurama online community back in May 2000. Why did it do that? Well, apparently, some people didn't appreciate Mom and Professor Farnsworth doing the pelvic peaknuckle, nor the fact that they stripped and showed some wrinkly flesh. I suppose you can't blame them for that turn-off. Still, despite that, I found the episode quite amusing... although the wrinkly skin wasn't one of those amusing situations. Anyway, the reason why I'm rabbiting on about this is because I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Coilette, in which it features a scene from that episode. Yes, welcome a hand-drawn picture of the moment where Professor Farnsworth decides to "cop a feel" Mom for the sake of humanity. He had the whole of humanity in his hands... literally, too. OK, enough of that, I can see you all puking over your keyboards, so I'll cease. However, before you turn off you computers to clean your keyboards, just take a look at Coilette's work. Oh, BTW, the image quality isn't too good due to the fact that Coilette's scanner is on the blink, so you'll have to make do with a picture which I think came from a digital camera. Anyway, the picture's still there, and still looks neat.

April 18, 2004

Angry? Who can be angry on such a beautiful day? Well, not so much the day today, since the weather have been partly overcast, but the last week or so have brought some remarkable good weather. Sunshine at day and frost at night. Anyway, that's not the subject of this update, Fan Art is. As luck would have it I have 4 pictures from a new artist at The Leela Zone that go under the name Young And Angry. The one you see in the thumbnail is a young Leela from the episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurddles". She is young, but she doesn't seem angry, so that's not where the inspiration to the artist name came from. The other 3 pictures show Leela annoyed with Bender and Fry (maybe that's hwere the angry part came from), Leela in her green dress from the Titanic voyage and finally Leela on a starlit background.

By the way, do you see the counter in the lower left corner? That's right, we're now only 25000 hits away from our 1000000th visitor, and as always mentioned several times we encourage all our fanartists to help us celebrate this momentous occasion. There's now less than two weeks to the big party. We've allready received the first pictures, but the more the merrier.

Here's some crappy 733t 5p3@k! Have I got some crap for you today. Yeah, this time The Leela Zone presents some absolute rubbish that comes from Leela's Twin, which has to suffer being in our Crap Art section, alongside other crap works that are unmentionable. This picture not only is crap, it also features so-called 733t 5p3@k, where everyone can think they're some member of an elite because they can write words with numbers and other characters. Quite befitting that this is destined to sit in our Crap Art section then. Anyway, from what I can tell, this picture features the crew all trying to impress us with their names being written in 733t. Oh, Leela's Twin wants to assure us that she's "not dead". This begs the question: can dead artists send pictures to The Leela Zone? Zombie art!

The lunacy flies like a bird! Next up, we have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Soulkid2000. Yes, this is part five of his serial fic called Spaceship. In this part, the ship has taken off and is flying along quite nicely. Now, this would normally be boring, but the fact that the crew and passengers are nuts puts that to rest. Oh, look out for my favourite side-character: Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate.

April 17, 2004

Booster shot or death sentence? Let Dr Zoidberg and Lady Luck decide! Oh, I feel sorry for Spitz. The poor thing has to face an injection by Dr Zoidberg. All this you can see in a picture by Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. Well, as mentioned, the picture features Spitz, a yellow cat from Wario Ware, Dr Zoidberg with a menacing syringe full of "medicine", and Leela looking on, putting on a brave smile for Spitz. I wonder if Andrea has some job in the medical profession or is training to do so? I wonder, considering all the medical related pictures she sends. Maybe Dr Zoidberg should get worried that his job is on the line.

A tragic loss! The next contribution goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Nasteve. He's back after a long-time-no-see with a new short story called Leela's Bracelet. The story of this one is that Leela returns from a difficult delivery to find that her cherished bracelet that her parents gave her just before leaving her for adoption at the Orphanarium has gone missing. She's soon frantic about its whereabouts, searching high and low for it. Considering its emotional relevance, it's not surprising that she's desperate for its return. Will she find it? Well, the answer is in the story, so start there. BTW, Nasteve says he'll be finishing his unfinished works sooner or later, which is worth a wait.

April 15, 2004

The Call of Zoidycthulhu! Ah, at last, a non-Leela picture to front the update with. Not only that, a damn interesting and scary looking one, too. Welcome four pictures from Alenacat for our Fan Art section, all hand-drawn. The thumbnail you can see shows a cross between Dr Zoidberg and Cthulhu, which looks damn good. What's Cthulhu, I hear some say? Well, it's a creation by H P Lovecraft, who was a writer of "weird" fiction in the early part of the last century. Cthulhu lies at the bottom of the ocean, dead but dreaming, and when the stars align in a certain way, will awaken and sweep humanity aside. As you can see, it's certainly optimistic stuff. The three other pictures show: Leela as an Amazonian binding Fry's wrists... or untying them; a blue Amy (no, she's still alive); and lots of Leela and Fry sea otters. Well, a good mix there. Enjoy before Cthulhu awakens.

April 14, 2004

We meet again, Mr Fry! Leela certainly does a mean batting. Looking at poor Fry in this picture by ExTwist, which is for our Fan Art section, it looks like he's really crapping himself for what's about to happen to him at the hands of Leela. See, she's carrying a large blernsball bat and is looking quite menacingly at Fry, who is certainly looking like he's worried about her intentions (understatement alert!). It all seems to be a case of revenge. I wonder what for, though? Well, whatever Fry has done to deserve this, the picture still looks good. Just hope for our sakes that ExTwist doesn't do a picture of the results of this beating.

April 13, 2004

Clobbering art from a pipe... ouch! Yeah, welcome some hard-punching art from The Drainpipe for our Fan Art section. This work features Leela as Clobberella, which was the superhero character she became in the episode "Less Than Hero". According to The Drainpipe, he originally considered the episode "way too silly", but after repeated viewings and listening to the New Justice Team theme tune, the episode grew on him. So, it seems that if you don't succeed, then wash, rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat... until it's alright. Anyway, enjoy the strange clobber on the clobberer called Clobberella.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive! Next up for today, we have some work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Soulkid2000. This is part four of his current work that's titled Spaceship. In this part, Fry starts whingeing to some poor old lady about his past with Leela, where we're brought back to the dire days of disco music. Don't worry, it's funnier than I seem to suggest, unless you're that poor old lady sitting next to Fry.

April 12, 2004

An ending? Oh well, I didn't get strung up by the Kansas Anti-Darwin/Communist/Terrorist Bomb Abortion Clinics Rent-a-Mob, so you have to still suffer me. Anyway, today I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from good ol' Rye Guy. Today, he sent us two pictures. One shows what Rye Guy would want to be the ending of the show, where Fry and Leela kiss. His second picture shows Leela holding a picture of Fry. There, two love-themed pictures full of Shippy goodness. Oh, Rye Guy wants me to tell you about something that happened to him recently that's sort of Futurama related. He chipped a tooth while playing hockey (I imagine the iced variety), and had to have a crown put on one of his teeth. Well, the dentist that he saw was a certain Dr Bender. Hmmm... mind you, I think that Rye Guy should check that he has his wallet and all his teeth, because it's possible that something might have gone amiss with a dentist sporting that kind of name.

April 11, 2004

Happy Easter, everyone! Yeah, today it's been over two thousand years since some guy got killed in the bloodiest way possible, and because of that we had to suffer such a terrible movie like The Passion of the Christ, which I had the misfortune of watching -- I seriously need to stop letting my dates pick the darn movies! If you are being forced to watch that monumental waste of film today, we're selling a product that'll get you through the two hours of savage beating and flogging in a very pleasant way: the magical let's pretend that guy is somebody else glasses! Simply put those on while watching the movie, and BAM! Christ gets replaced with anyone you hate! With enough photographs, you can put any annoying neighbor of yours, but if you're short of time, you can enjoy our presets: The Passion of Bill Gates, which comes with a free copy of Mandrake Linux, The Passion of George Bush, with a free (working!) miniature nuke set to hit the White House, The Passion of Rupert Murdoch, with a free action figure of Leela Axing Murdoch, The Passion of Wesley Crusher, which includes a version of Star Trek: Nemesis where he also dies, and, of course, let's not forget The Passion of Jar Jar Binks, which alone has managed to put the movie in the first place of the box office this week! Even if LucasArts didn't get the hint from Mel Gibson, you can now watch Jar Jar getting beaten, tortured, flogged, and, finally, raising cheers from every Star Wars fan in the universe, killed in the goriest way imaginable! Call now, they're going fast! Oh, and by the way, this update is supposed to present the new eCards and Puzzles I uploaded today. Just in case anyone cares [Leandro]

Battle ready Fry! Another day, another update. Well, it's apparently Easter today, but since I'm a raving Atheist, it doesn't really concern me that this day is to celebrate the rebirth of Zombie Jesus. Oh wait, that's a Futurama thingy... oops. Now I expect to be lynched by some Evangelical Christian fanatics from Kansas for blasphemy and thinking commie, terrorist, freedom-hating Evolutionary thoughts. Anyway, before that happens and I don't meet my maker, I suppose I better get this update finished. Welcome a new picture from Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger for our Fan Art section. This picture is one of Fry - quiet, Leela! - and shows him seemingly ready for battle. He has a sword and lots of painful looking spikes strategically placed around parts of his body, ready to snare someone. Looking at the angry face he has, maybe he's had a knock on the door by Jehovah Witnesses who refuse to shut the bloody hell up. Oh well, you can't blame him.

Bender gets an upgrade Well, the title says it all for the next contribution. This one goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Desmond. Welcome part four of his When Futurama Meets Starcraft, which deals, among other things, with Bender getting an upgrade, and Fry and Leela getting acquainted with a ship which spells suicide. Ummm... well, I better not go on and spoil more, otherwise Desmond will set that mean-looking Fry that Alexei created on me.

April 10, 2004

A battle to the death, over Easter Eggs?! Well... probably not. Though this new piece of Fan Art that artist Skajme has recently drawn, which shows Leela and Fry battling each other with laser guns. For what reasons, I don't know? Maybe over Easter Eggs, since it is Easter Sunday now... well, at least it is here in New Zealand. Perhaps Fry just can't take her rejecting him any more and has chosen the "If I can't have her, nobody can!!" stance. Or perhaps it's just a fun sport in the 31st Century? I dunno... all this speculation is just here so I can rant away and fill in this update space as much as possible. Oh well, I've had my marshmallow and caramel eggs breakfast, now for my beer and chocolate bunny brunch. Later!

OK, blackmail works! Yes, The Leela Zone is on the recruitment drive to get some more non-Leela stuff. See, we've long since been a character site, because for some years we've been accepting non-Leela stuff as well as Leela stuff, so much so that we're really a general site that has a large amount of Leela content. So, like Leo has said below, send us anything that's Futurama related, Leela or non-Leela related. Mind you, I will have to buck the recent trend of avoiding Leela and show you something that has got Leela in it that Tokash sent me. See, I'm sure that Leela is saying in this animated GIF for our Fan Art section, "Put me back on The Leela Zone or Fry will get slapped to death!" Decisions, decisions. Well, she drives a hard bargain, that Leela. I suppose I better put this up, otherwise Fry's face will fall off... and we wouldn't want Fry to look like something from "Night of the Dead". Oh well, who'd want the life of a lost delivery boy with a skin problem.

It's pitch-black outside, windy and raining. Perfect conditions for a good vampire-story. Well, it's not like vampire-stories are my preferred reading-topic, but when you help run a Futurama website you get the chance to braoden your horizon once in a while. What I'm talking about is part 3 of Zomono's Fan Fiction story Fry-T Night. Fry is continuing the proces of turning into a vampire, particular his thirst for fresh blood is increasing. When Planet Express get a new task, picking up some deliveries from Kif to Amy, Fry get a chance to finally give Zapp a piece of his mind. Well, that's pretty much it, click here to start reading.

April 9, 2004

And now, some pics of Amy Babette Wong! Leela's off dying her hair today, so I may as well post some pics of the other girl in the show! Y'see, I'm trying to complete our Fan Artist's collections by uploading all their non-Leela pics too, so if you have a gallery in the site and you didn't send some of your pics because you thought we wouldn't take them if Leela wasn't in there, then good news! Start sending those pics so we can put 'em up! And while you're at it, remember we're taking submissions for the MILLIONTH visitor pic! Only 40K visitors to go, so hurry up, Fan Artists, and send a picture featuring the number 1.000.000, Leela, and a HUGE party with blackjack and hookers! Or whatever else you feel like drawing, anyway. But before I get any more sidetracked, I must mention that all those Amy pics are courtesy of Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong, a site that sadly stopped updating long ago, helmed by the Dark Master Andy McDermott. Enjoy the Fan Art and the Wallpapers!

Got Penguinated Oil? Second part of today's update is Amy-free, and really new! Two scan arts by Lee Roberts, one from the episode where Leela turns into a tree-hugger after Bender decides that oiled penguins are tasty, and another one from some flashback or another of Leela's sad life in the orphanarium. Yeah, this update actually has some Leela content! That should keep you Leela fans busy while we plan the next update, featuring Zapp Brannigan Most Primal Desires... [Leandro]

April 8, 2004

Abracadabra and all that mystical stuff! Today, I have some more pictures that come from Tarantula and which go to our Fan Art section (as they naturally would). Anyway, the picture you can see as the thumbnail is a parody of the Harry Potter films. It features a younger Farnsworth as Harry Potter and younger versions of Fry and Leela as his sidekicks (got no idea what they're called, because I'm no fan of the Harry Potter series myself). Tarantula has also come up with three other pictures: Leela leaning against a chair; what appears to be a disco Leela; and a picture of Fry surrounded by Leela and Amy, as well as some other girls, in what seems to be, after some searching on Google, a parody of a poster of a George Michael song called "Freeek!". Well, that's enough description, enjoy the pics.

The grand opening! Next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Soulkid2000. Yes, it's part three of his fiction that's titled Spaceship. In this part, it's now two weeks later, and we have the grand opening of the new passenger service that Planet Express has become. Did I say this is a parody of the film Airplane? Now you know.

April 7, 2004

Wow! Check out that view... through the window... Because it sure is an impressive looking spacey effect there, in this piece of Fan Art from Trevor Piscek, one of two pieces he has submitted here at TLZ. Beautiful isn't it? Sure looks impressive, and it's apparently an effect not actually computer generated. Nope, that's acrylic paint on wax paper according to Trevor, who says that he used the wax paper to mix up paint on, so there's less to clean up afterwards, but apparently what ended up on there looked way cooler than what he'd actually painted, so he scanned it and used it as the spacey background. Neat, huh? Oh, and there's also Leela posing provocatively in front of it taking her tank top off, ala Kylie Minogue from one of her album covers... but I'm sure you'd all rather look at the groovy view out the window, right? Eh... right? Well... maybe not. In either case, Trevor's other picture is of a more realistically dawn Leela he, and I quote, "mainly did just to have something to prove that I am capable of drawing her fully clothed." Nice work, Trevor. See you all next update

No Leela? No Problem! Today's update for The More Than Leela Zone is a bunch of pics from great Fan Artist Jennifer Morton, featuring Fry and Bender with some characters of her own (for those Leelanatics who think no update should be Leelaless, she appears in one sketch, too, so shut yer mouth ).

Ummm, I should be writing something else here but I'm sleepy. Maybe I'll edit this thing when I wake up [Leandro]

John Zoidberg stars as Oddjob! Who's Oddjob, I hear? Well, he was the main henchman of Mr Goldfinger, who was the main villain in the James Bond film Goldfinger (well, duh!). Anyway, why this is a concern for us right now is because I have another picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Silvertide. Silvertide has drawn another picture for the SpyOrama series, along with the colouring skills of Fryfan, that shows Dr Zoidberg playing the role of Oddjob. Nibbler was also included in the picture, and seems to be quite happy to chase Oddjob's hat. Anyway, expect more SpyOrama work from Silvertide and Fryfan in the near future.

April 6, 2004

The mission to ridicule those who deserve it is a never-ending battle. Because there seem to be an endless stream of hackers, script-kiddies, scammers, virus-programmers and other Internet-lowlifes pouring into this virtual world of ours. A quick example; it's been weeks since the last major wave of computer-virus' hit the Internet, and yet my inbox here at TLZ still receive 30-40 virus' of various origin each day. Once a new wave is over us it easily jumps to 100/day. And that's just virus', lord know how much crap the Internet is brudened with thanks to these people. On the positive side it does give Smiley and endless line of targets for his Uses For A Hacker, and now Uses #560-567 is ready to "take it to the cyberscum of the World Wide Web". Among the guest stars this time is Wernstrom havng another argument with Farnsworth over the proper use of certain inventions, Kif whose hacker-midwife heads for an interesting fate and Amy's as until now unknown little brother Watts Wong. Well, you all know this will be fun on the bun, in the good ol' Smiley style, so why don't go straight to the Uses For A Hacker section?

On a personal note, Brøndby won their match 3-0 this weekend, so I'm happy. Other things to be happy about is the fact that Easter is only a few days away. 5 day weekend anyone? Anyway, enjoy Smiley's Uses.

When Nostradamus Meets Starcraft! Another day another work comes the way of The Leela Zone. This time the work comes from the soothsayer himself, Nostradamus, and goes into our Fan Art section. This picture, however, is based on another work from our Fan Fiction section that is Desmond's When Futurama Meets Starcraft. What you see is a picture of a Starcraft game with Leela pleading for help. Yeah, the thumbnail just shows Leela's head, but there's more to the picture than that. If I shrunk the whole picture to thumbnail size, then you'd just see a concentrated mess, so it's better this way. According to Nostradamus, no Zergs were hurt or killed during the making of the picture. Well, at least Greenpeace will be happy about that.

April 5, 2004

How not to get a tattoo 4 real! Well, after yesterday's tattoo art for our Fan Art section, I have a work that sort of relates to it in an indirect sort of way. Welcome a new picture from The Drainpipe for our Fan Art section. This picture has a reference to the band The Manic Street Preachers that I'll let The Drainpipe himself explain: "It's a not-very-subtle reference to the Manic Street Preachers (and more specifically, to their 1992 album Generation Terrorists and to Richey Edwards's infamous carving of 4 REAL into his forearm in 1991). Yeah, another example of me combining Futurama and my musical tastes in a rather cumbersome manner, but hey, it makes a change from Bowie and The Velvets, right? Anyway, that's Leela and Fry aping the look of the glamour twins, Nicky Wire and Richey Edwards respectively, when they were in their full-on glam-trash-punk period." See, that cuts out a lot of my own explaining and gets to the point far quicker. Well, enjoy the picture and careful with that knife and ink.

April 4, 2004

Tattoo work is fan art? So, what do I do with these works? Where do I put them? I've received some pictures from Dane and Dan that feature tattoos of Futurama characters on their arms. Dane has got Bender, while Dan has got one of Nibbler (poor thing having to have Nibbler upon his arm... laser surgery can do miracles, I've heard ). Anyway, I was thinking of putting them in our Miscellaneous Pictures section, but felt that that was really for publications, etc. Anyway, rightly or wrongly, I decided to put them in our Fan Art section, considering they're fans and they have submitted Futurama art that's adorned upon them. Hmmm... this story is getting boring and straying from the point. Time for you to forget me and go and take a look at some blood, sweat and tears art.

April 3, 2004

Possible Good News Everyone!!! Yes, I have some very positive news for Futurama fans. Well... possibly positive. Certainly moreso than negative. But first, I have some new Fan Art for you all, this time from Nostradamus. He has four new pictures for you all, apparently the poor guy suffered a recent power surge that fried his PC. But thankfully it's been repaired, which is why he can bring you these pictures. Apart from this one shown, which looks like Leela on a rather unusual version of Weathertop from Lord of the Rings in trouble by some threatening Nazgul-like beings... including an odd version of the Witch-King himself. Anyhoo... apart from that, there's also a Cyborg Leela, Leela in a simple pose lying down, and one with Leela stabbing a the nasty character of Crane with sword, from Nostradamus' own Fan Fiction called Time and Punishment. Nice pics all around.

Now... onto that good news. Well, I know all Futurama fans want their beloved show back after Fox stupidly cancelled it. Well, here's one of the best pieces of positive news about a comeback I've come across yet. The website for the magazine Wired has this link right here about Cartoon Network's recent success. And in the middle of it, it has this piece right here, which I will quote in bold: Last year, Futurama and Family Guy reruns did so well that it's likely both shows (which Fox killed in prime time) will produce new episodes.. Not much else to say other than "WOOO!" or something to that effect. Let's hope that Futurama can come back after all. And that's all from me for this weekend. Later

Destruction Derby! Oh well, I suppose defeat has to happen one day, and today it did in the semi-final of the FA Cup. Arsenal losing to Manchester United 1-0 wasn't a good start of the day for me, and I have to admit that Man Utd did deserve the win. Oh well, another time. Anyway, what's more of an immediate issue at The Leela Zone is that we have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. It seems that this picture is showing Falco Lombardi committing some vandalism to a car while Leela looks on. Maybe he's like me: a bit pissed off due to Arsenal losing, so has to smash something. Come on, Leela, think of the car owner having to come back to a wreck! Oh well, maybe the car belongs to Zapp Brannigan or something.

And don't call me Shirley! Shirley not! Shirley there's a mistake! Shirley there's a point to this. Yes, there is a point, because I have part two of Soulkid2000's work for our Fan Fiction section that goes under the title Spaceship. In this part, the crew get their blessings from Earth President Nixon's Head. Expect a 20% cut to go into Nixon's coffers. Oh, and Soulkid2000 has another trick, a contribution to our Poems & Song Parodies section. This time it's a song that's titled The New Way of Life, that deals with Fry and Bender's close friendship. There, so there's two things from Soulkid2000 to enjoy.

Oh well, now off to whinge about bad refereeing like a good sport would.

April 1, 2004

It's either an April Fool's joke or a once-in-a-lifetime event! It's both! I mean, er, well, it must be, because I actually found a real gem in the middle of my virus-laden mail! It's a great piece of fanart that seems to have the purpose of inspiring budding new fan-artists, because it's a great diagram of how to draw Fry. Oh, did I mention it's from a new fan-artist as well? Let's all welcome Mihail Birykov to the ranks and thank him for his fine work! And for sending it to slackery ol' me!

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I've got a flight to catch. I'm off to New Mexico, to join the ranks of explorers who plan on inhabiting D'ni, despite the negative reception we've had from various bureaucratic groups... although first, I have to fly way down south to kidnap a certain someone. Er, oh yes, almost forgot to mention: someone had better make some new layouts, because the star layouter won't be well disposed to, once I fix that 'heek table and find us a place to stay in Bevin... [Kristen]

4 years of The Leela Zone, 4 updates, coincidence? I think so.... Woah, widescreen TLZ! Cool layout, though Graham has a point, this will mean a lot more ramblings on our part, but that's good because that's why you people come here, right? Right? .... Hmmm, we need a tumbleweed smilie for situations like this, or a cool cricket sound. Anyway, prepare for amusing stories about the Danish weather, detailed reports from the matches played by the best football club in Europe (no Graham, I'm not talking about Arsenal, I'm talking about Brøndby IF, the 2004 Danish Champions (you read it here first) ), heck I might even start to talk about Star Trek, another passion of mine. It'll be totally random, each update more surprisng than the next.

But not today, today I'm here to talk about Kryten's Fan Fiction story Catastrophe. An amusing story about a certain Planet Express intern, that finds herself victim of yet another of Farnsworth's inventions going horribly wrong. In the previous chapters Fry struck a deal with Morgan Proctor; she would help Amy's application for recognition as a sentient species along in the bureaucratic system, in exchange for some "services" from Fry. Now here in part 4 Fry wakes up the next morning, with moral hangovers, but at least he helped Amy ... or did he? Meanwhile Leela plan something for Amy as well. The story is kept in the wfamous Kryten-humor, and is well worth your time, so go here to start reading.

Here's to you TLZ and your 4th anniversary, may you have many to come.

Wow... four years full of madness and Scotty! So, it seems that we've got a change of design. Nice work, Leo. Mind you, seeing this one has a wider content text space, it means that we'll have to rabbit on and on more in order to nicely fit the text to go past the thumbnail, so as to keep it looking nice and tidy. I mean, we don't want too much white space between updates, do we? No, that wouldn't do. So, I'll just add some more useless words in order to make sure that doesn't happen. There, I think there's enough of that. However, what I should also mention in this paragraph is that we have a new contributor for our Fan Art section who comes under the name Kittiegurl. She's been kind enough to send this site a picture of Leela thinking the obvious about Fry. Kittiegurl says this is her first attempt at this kind of thing, so maybe she will grace this site with her second and onwards.

So, Agent Smith was sitting in the local McDonald's having a bite to eat, when he spotted that he had no ketchup in his burger. Boy, did he wreck the joint! Well, I have another contribution, but this one goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Max Bellamy. Good ol' Max has come up with the final part of his Matrix parody fic titled The Frytrix: Rebooted. In this part, Fry and Agent Smith do their final battle. Who will win? You don't know? Well, give it a good, long read. Maybe that will save the next McDonald's that disappoints Agent Smith... unless Neo becomes an employee of that food empire. Hmmm... The McTrix. OK, that's enough nonsense for now...

Oy! what am I doing here? Decided I’d make a "special" appearance, since it is The Leela Zone's 3rd... err… 4th anniversary! Enjoy the Claw Plaque I wrote a little while ago, its called "Emperor Vs Fry", in which I make a special appearance .

Who am I you ask? I’m Scotty, the loveable rascal who never seems to annoy Leandro with his constant leavings of The Leela Zone , I'm not actually back as a webmaster however, If I’ve ever got content to post, I shall post it me-self I will, now run in terror as I start babbling on about the old times ...

It all started way back in 1924...

It's a special day! Well, it took long enough, but finally, the fourth reopening anniversary of TLZ is here! And, as tradition demands, you've got to suffer a horrible new layout! Wooo! Well, hopefully somebody will come to the rescue and give us something to replace this with, right? Anyway, today's four years since TLZ reopened, having earned one insane webmaster with a thing for changing layouts! Four whole YEARS! It took bloody AGES to get to this date! And now I have to think of something to post here, dig though the news archive to post the statistics on how much the site grew, and then do it all over again next year. Bah, screw it! It's time to P.A.R.T.Y! And to name the Webmaster of the Year, who, once again, is none other than Graham! Seriously, submitters, give the guy a rest and send some stuff our way, too! We poor slackers need to have something to forget to put online!

Like, for example, this pic from s-k-returns that I'd forgotten all about in my inbox! It's now for everybody to see in the Fan Art section... and speaking of Fan Art: PEOPLE, THE 1,000,000 VISITOR IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! I'm calling every regular Fan Artist of TLZ to come up with a great pic to celebrate the fact: any style you want, go nuts! :drool: Just put the number 1,000,000 in the pic and make any reference you want in any mood you want; it's all up to you! Come on, you don't want to suffer one of my pics again, do you? This layout should be enough proof that I wasn't built to do graphics!

Now, let's all raise our glasses and drink our favorite beverages... a toast to The Leela Zone! The oldest living Futurama fansite, that just keeps on getting older and older. Here's to this year being even better! [Leandro]