April 2003

April 30, 2003

A Streetcar Named Desire! Stella! Stella! Stella! Stella! OK, I could go on and on, but I'll stop that now (I was actually tempted to do that for the whole update, but felt I'd probably get chased by an angry FemJesse and TLZ visitors with pitchforks and flaming torches). So, what am I here for? Ah, yeah, to introduce three pictures by FemJesse, which are for our Fan Art section. The one you can see shows Leela giving Fry a big smoochie; there's also a pencil sketch version of that, too. Her other picture is an ode to Toshihiro Ono, who, after looking his name up on Google, is an artist involved in Anime. Nice cute pictures deserve nice cute viewing. Enjoy!

Run Bender Run! Here's a pencil sketch by Leela's Twin, which is for our Fan Art section. I'll let her describe the picture in her own words: "It's called 'Chasing Bender...' it features me, well, chasing Bender, and Leela looking on and trying to stifle her giggles. It's pretty cute, if you ask me... I seem to be having a good time, that's for sure. " Yeah, sure looks like fun is being had. Run faster, Bender! [Graham]

It's that time again! Well, after a couple of weeks when I was terribly busy but managed to do some background updating (those CGI scripts don't write themselves, you know), I'm back to post something in the main page! There are three new Episode Transcripts in the section, for the episodes Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch, Less Than Hero and The Why of Fry. And there's a new pic by REV132FF that he says is the "promo pic for DooMaramA project", whatever that is. Yeah, I've been disconnected a lot this week, with elections and work and exams and stuff. Anyone wants to make a good new layout for the site? This one's been up for, what, over a month already? Way too long, people. Let's see who can make the Kickass Layout #34! Mail me if you're interested. Come on people, The Layouts Zone can't stay static this long! If nobody sends nothing, I'm gonna just grab Microsoft Frontpage and cook a baaaad layout myself. If you don't get to work after that threat, either you work for Microsoft, or you're the King Slacker in person. The Queen Slacker throne is already taken by Kristen, so you can only get the Princess Slacker label if you're female. Anyway, I forgot what I was talking about. Oh, anyone else read that news story about the guys who transfered information at 310 times the speed of the light in an experiment using cesium or something? Or did I dream that up? I ask 'cos I remember reading it very vividly, but it's not showing up in Google News, so maybe a dreamt if. If I did, what a shame, that was some cool news! [Leandro]

April 29, 2003

Oi, you! Yes, you! No, not you! You! Two new pictures have arrived from Lee Roberts for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see to your right shows Leela in her Clobberella uniform when she was in the episode "Less Than Hero". His other picture shows Leela putting her head against Fry's shoulder, which happened in the episode "The Why of Fry". So, there you go, two new pictures from prolific Lee.

Leela BC! I also have a new fan fiction from Mattybwoy. The Ice Cold Building is a fic that deals with Leela's life before she met Fry, which is actually an interesting idea in itself. In parts, this fic is a little risque, although it's funny, too. To go to the first part of this fic, you can click here. Enjoy!

April 28, 2003

The epic story continues. Smiley has sent us a large batch, 11 to be exact, of his great Uses for a Hacker. Going at this speed the 500th use isn't far away. Impressive considering most people would be hard pressed to even name one good use for a hacker.

This time guest stars include major fanart contributor Fem Jesse and a wellknown former Middle-East dictator.

Have a few extra hackers around and don't know what to use them for? Get inspired by the new Uses for a Hacker. [Teral]

Bend it like Bender! Hmmm... there's a film parody to do: "Bend it Like Bender", which would be based on "Bend it Like Beckham". Who's Beckham? Who cares! However, rather that dwell on boring Manchester United players, let's dwell on interesting artwork from BumbleBeeTheta. She's come up with a picture for our Fan Art section, which is a parody of the film "AI". I'll let her explain in her own words: "...this is a 'poster' for the third part of my What If series and it's a parody of 'Artificial Intelligence.' While the installment isn't exactly Leela-themed, the first and second parts focus on her. To the right at the top is a character I created called Gwen-bot 4000, Bender's love interest who has a thing for humans (She'd be voiced by Ashley Scott of Gigolo Jane fame if this was an actual episode.). Just thought I'd pass this on to you. Oh, and expect the first chapter of 'Wouldn't It Be Nice If...' soon. "

So, there you have it, expect some more stuff from BumbleBeeTheta in the near future.

Kingsmen for a queen! Second contribution for today comes from Smitty, who has a song parody for The Leela Zone. Titled Leela Leela, it's based on the Kingsmen's "Louis, Louis", and is very infectious. "Louis, Louis" is one of those songs that won't leave your head... even after hitting it with a mallet several times.

Lastly, at our message board, some poor Mac user was saying he couldn't view Kenneth's Fry to be Stupid video clip, because he didn't have the DivX codec for the Mac. So, I did a little searching, and found the DivX codec for the Mac as well as a codec I already had for Linux, which should mean that even those using Mac or a Linux box will not be left out.

April 27, 2003

Crap is my middle name! A new Crap Art! from Hkon Teigen Lund today, I'm the king of boring news posts, so lets spice this up with Mini-Claw Plaque.

This time, Lrrr vs A Fox Executive: Lrrr picks up a hammer, shoves it down the Executives throat, then Lrrr swallows the executive whole, Lrrr spits out the hammer, Tada! Lrrr Bows. That's all, folks!

The Young Ones! The Drainpipe is back with another picture for our Fan Art section. This one is yet another great offering from him, and it parodies a show that I really loved: The Young Ones. Let's see, we have Leela as the self-righteous Rick (hmmm... The Self-righteous Rick Zone could have worked ), Fry as the punk Vivian, Bender as the self-satisfied Mike, and Zoidberg as the pathetic hippie Neil. I suppose many viewing this site won't remember The Young Ones or won't have seen it, but that's your loss and... ummm... someone's gain somewhere.

Pregnant pause! Here's another picture from the industrious Andrea Huckstep, which is for our Fan Art section. It features Leela looking on with Invader Zim at Lita, his girlfriend, reviewing a pregnancy test. Wonder if she's going to be mothering Invader Zim's kids? Then again, I wonder where Zapp is? Then again, Fry did it with a radiator before. Ummm... OK, I'll stop there. It's Invader Zim's, OK.

Chaos reigns! I've got the sixth part of GHT's fan fiction up at The Leela Zone, which is titled Going Insane 6 - Children of the Gods. This part seems to involve the crew watching Stargate and then all hell breaks loose. So, if you want to go on a rollercoaster of a ride, then click here. Enjoy!

Lastly, here's some wise words from Dave E about the "The Why of Fry" and "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" problem: "Here's something I read at another site devoted to Futurama: what if the production order of 'Where No Fan Has Gone Before' and 'The Why Of Fry' was dictated by the availability of the Star Trek cast, and not by their itended air date? Was production shuffled to accommodate Shatner, Nimoy, and the others' personal schedules, with the episodes intended to air in an order that would maintain the continuity of Fry and Leela's deepening relationship? It seems that there's plenty of evidence in 'The Why...' that Fry is about to make a breakthrough with Leela; and to see Fry standing idly by while Leela makes out with Shatner in the next episode doesn't make sense. Besides, Fry's last line to Leela was too perfect... and Leela's reaction was too affectionate to be just another 'gosh, Fry, you are a true friend' throw away moment."

He makes some good points there. I'm still, though, of the opinion that that moment in "The Why of Fry" was only a step up a long ladder, and that the writers are probably teasing some viewers of the show to get them rabbiting about it... ummm, just like now. Still, Dave's points have some validity that are worth considering.

April 26, 2003

The Odd Couple! On this gloomy Saturday (well for me it is, seeing my team, Arsenal, dropped two points in their 2-2 draw against Bolton Wanderers), welcome two pictures that come from Juliet Adeoye for our Fan Art section. The one you can see shows the heads of both Leela and Fry, while the other shows Juliet and Bender... and a heart. Awww! Both pictures are done in Juliet's unique style, so that's good. At least it's cheered me up a bit.

The Big Zapper Strikes Back! Well, Kenneth has been kind enough to send me his eighth part of Futurama: Universe of Malice, which is his mammoth fanfic that's, at least in my opinion, a great piece of work. Anyway, in this part, Zapp Brannigan's return causes poor Baldur a headache (not someone to try to piss off), Fry has some weird nightmare while on his travels with Alesia, and Professor Farnsworth has a job for Hermes. Smaller part than the others, but still packs a punch. You can go directly to it by clicking here Enjoy!

The endgame! Still in the Fan Fiction section for the next contribution. I have the last part of The Fu-trix for you all, which is Mattybwoy's serial fic that's about Leela being trapped in a video game, with Fry and Bender trying to save her. You can go directly to the fic by clicking here. Game over, man! Game over!

April 25, 2003

Fry = Stupid Hi Everybody!

Got something special for you that I whipped up a day or two ago. It's a tribute to Fry I like to call "Fry 2B Stupid" in music video form. It's basically a bunch of clips from Futurama showing Fry in some of his...... less intelligent moments, to the music of 'Weird Al' Yankovic's "Dare to Be Stupid" song. Just click on the picture or this link to go to the right section, then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and, there it is.

Hope you enjoy it, but IMPORTANT NOTE, it contains scenes from most episodes, all the way up to the most recent ones (including "The Why of Fry"), so if you don't want SPOILERS for episodes you haven't seen, then perhaps it's best you don't see it just yet. You have been warned, so if you go and look at it anyway, and get annoyed, you CAN'T blame me!

It was a hard day's night! Making all those cards! Ohohoh! Yes people, a whole bunch of new cards, this time from 2acv12 The Deep South. A great episode in my opinion, featuring some top quotes, like "Leela: I'm afraid you're both out of your league, boys, 'cause you're looking at a woman who owns her own harpoon. Bender: Harpoon my ass! Leela: OK." Guess what she did... [Sebastian]

April 24, 2003

Differing reactions the morning after the night before! Today I've got five new pictures from the wonderful FemJesse, which sit snugly in our Fan Art section (I used the word "snugly"... I'm scared! ). Anyway, as you can see, the first picture features Leela and Fry the morning after the night before, both with differing reactions to what happpened - Leela's blushing, so something happened. ; a picture that combines Fry and Leela with FemJesse's favourite painting, Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" (doing a search on Google for this work brought me to thie romance page that features the picture; click here to see the original by Klimt); colour and monochrome sketches of a "realistic" Leela; and a "realistic" picture of Fry. All these pictures are lovely, so enjoy them.

Mulder and Scully are back! Two pictures come from Aeryn, which sit in our Fan Art section... and just as snugly as the pics from FemJesse. We have, as the thumbnail shows, a colour sketch of Fry and Leela parodying Mulder and Scully of The X-files. Not only that, but Aeryn's come up with the same picture, but combined with a neat background to enhance it. Well, hope these pictures meet with your approval.

Just like to thank Matt Mikell for his email giving his explanation on how Fry wasn't hurt by Leela and Shatner's romp during "Where No Fan Has Gone Before", especially since Leela gave Fry a kiss in "The Why of Fry" (the episode before in the production order). I said that even if the kiss may not have meant too much for Leela (in the sense of a committed relationship), it may well have meant a lot for Fry; considering his reaction after the kiss with Leela, it would suggest so. Anyway, Matt came up with these points:

1 - Fry knows "Star Trek"; he understands Kirk always gets the babes - it can't be helped.

2 - Fry, um, "likes to watch".

Well, I have to admit to thinking about the first one, but the second one I didn't think about... but it does seem possible. Well, thanks goes to Matt for those answers.

April 23, 2003

It's splattering time! Yay! Welcome back to The Leela Zone the great OutlawArt, who has come up with six new goodies to add to our Fan Art section. If you don't know, OutlawArt tends to do risque pictures featuring Leela, but they tend to be humorous and parody films or film genres. Let's see, we have a parody of the Marx brothers; an animated GIF of Leela, Amy and Judy Jetson of The Jetsons (well, duh! ) parodying Charlie's Angels; a risque picture of Leela parodying the film "Attack of the 50ft Woman", a fifties sci-fi film; and a few more pictures to feast your eyes on. So, go and enjoy OutlawArt's work... and bring some popcorn!

Caught after the act! Here we have a picture from Leila, which is for our Fan Art section. It features the moment when Leela rolls down her tank top after being caught making out with William Shatner by Fry, Bender and the other Star Trek actors, which happened in the great episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before". I still wonder, after "The Why of Fry" (production number - 4acv10), which was the episode produced before "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" (4acv11), why Fry didn't feel hurt by that romp after seemingly getting nearer to Leela when she kissed him. Then again, that kiss wouldn't, by itself, mean they're steady in Leela's eye, but I tend to think that Fry would see more out of that kiss than Leela would, seeing he bugs her constantly about his "love" for her. Oh well, not that I care too much about that sort of thing seeing I'm not really a Shipper, but it's puzzling, nonetheless. Later, all.

April 22, 2003

It's a nice day for a white wedding! Welcome today another picture for our Fan Art section from Andrea Huckstep. She's come up with a picture featuring Leela, Fry, Amy and Mimsie the MTM cat watching a wedding between Invader Zim and Lita, the ceremony is being conducted by Lionel Preacherbot. Holy Babbage! I can see that Fry is pointing to the happy couple while looking at Leela... I wonder what that signifies? Enjoy the pic.

Game, set and match! Second contribution for today comes from Mattybwoy, who was kind enough to show me up yesterday when I couldn't remember a simple scene from "I, Roommate". Anyway, good ol' Mattybwoy has come up with two more parts of his fan fiction, which is titled The Fu-trix. Parts three and four continue the crew's saga in trying to save Leela from being a sprite in a computer game, but there are further complications. Enjoy these additional parts from Mattybwoy.

Guides, Comics and some Crap.................. Art! That's right, a massive THREE things from me this time. First of all, the Graphic Guide for the brilliant award winning episode Godfellas is now up. This one is one of my favourites, and one of those episodes that really makes you think. So if you want to relive this excellent episode, you can, in guide form. Just click the pic

Secondly, I just reviewed Futurama Comics #5, which can be seen in the Comic Reviews section. To see what I thought about this issue, just click on the link.

Finally, a new piece of Crap Art! from Leela's Twin. This is a picture of Leela she put together in paint in only a few seconds. Crap stuff!

Well, that's all from me for now. Keep an eye out for the "Future Stock" guide page, and apparently the Futurama/Simpsons Crossover Comic will be here very soon, so I should also have a review for that. Later B)

April 21, 2003

Who's the new guy? Well, my name is Michael, I hail from Denmark (that tiny dot of land north of Germany) and I'm in my late 20's. Some might know me as Teral on PEEL.

As mentioned by Leandro, I'll mainly update The Links Zone, and add more sites to the already impressive collection there. Of course should any of our submitters have a burning desire to have their art uploaded by me, I can do that too.

And to make this entry somewhat interesting, I've added one of my own scans, from "Crimes of the Hot" to my site. Enjoy. [Teral]

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Here are some more sketched pictures from Roberto Lopez, which are for our Fan Art section. He's created three of them for us, featuring Leela, Fry and Amy. We have Leela just after she's killed Bender in Anthology of Interest I; Leela winking back to Mom's boys in the episode where she gets two eyes, The Cyber House Rules; and, finally, a picture of Amy falling to the ground holding a phone, while Fry seems, at the moment, unconcerned. For the love of me, I can't think what episode that picture comes from. I must be going senile! Where's my staring window gone?

Update: "That picture Robeto Lopez sent in is from 'I, Roommate' I think. Fry's just thrown awy the tomato skin and Amy's slipped over it ... and isn't that a cake she's holding?" Those words come from Mattybwoy, who's shown me up for what I am: a senile fool. Of course that's not a phone, it's a damn cake of some sort! What show am I meant to be watching? Anyway, many thanks goes to Mattybwoy for setting me straight.

BTW, some Mattybwoy stuff will be coming this way shorty.

Note: the YCbCr 4x4 2x2 2x2 Chroma Subsampling isn't supported by most software, all web browsers included. After that not quite newbie friendly comment, that forced me to re-save and re-upload a bunch of files, I can present you with two great Wallpapers by Pawell Galuzin from Something About Leela. The two are great, though very 'shippy. You not a 'shipper? Then don't worry, there's also a couple of new pics in the Fan Art section: one by REV132FF that shows a very pissed off Leela just having fired a gun at a Fox executive, and one by Jens Eer where Leela also has a gun, but, er, I doubt you'll be looking at it. Oh, wait, Graham had already uploaded it and I added it once again. Oh well... go look at it while I fix the section . I also finished writing a CGI script for The Links Zone! So expect lots of updates there soon. Teral's updates, that is . Read you later, people! [Leandro]

April 20, 2003

She sure knows how to dress! Hey everybody, Lee Roberts has made some new pictures for the fashion zone. There's Leela in robes, from A Pharaoh To Remember, Leela in her superhero clothes from Less Than Hero and Leela wearing a towel from The Why Of Fry. So go and look at those pictures right now (I recommend the towel picture ).

As for me, there are new cards, from A Clone Of My Own and How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back. "Cold... Warmer... Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!" Have fun with those.

And have a happy Easter! [Sebastian]

Can you say Claw Plaque? Where have I been young man you ask? I have no idea... maybe on some far away planet , Anyway, Heres a new Claw Plaque written by me, some ideas from Leo and Graham too though . Get reading H.G Blob Vs Miss Universe, Just click Here or Here or Here.

Happy Easter, hope you all got lots of Easter Eggs and junk.

I am Evil Leela! I am Evil Leela! I am Evil Leela! Welcome a new artist today for our Fan Art section. The new contributor to this section comes under the moniker Mattybwoy, who has previously contributed work to our Fan Fiction section. He's come up with two pictures for us: one featuring Leela looking angry, while the other shows Leela looking demonic, because she's the Devil. Must be that time of the month then. Sorry for that worn out cliche.

April 19, 2003

Farnsworth's new barber seemed quite a strange fellow! Today I have seven new pictures from Roberto Lopez to show you, which are for our Fan Art section. Roberto's pictures are pencil sketches, mostly taken from moments in the show, some contain Leela and some don't, like the thumbnail to your right. There's a sketch that's taken from The Voices' art, too - with his permission, mind you. Some nice work with the pencil there from Roberto. Hope more comes this way.

All the fun at the fair... but no tokens brings no more joy! Here's another picture from Andrea Huckstep, which sits in our Fan Art section. This picture shows an amusement park in the background, while Leela is looking after Sonic the Hedgehog, and his siblings, Sonia (to Leela's left) and Manic (to Leela's right). Andrea informs me that the two latter characters were from a cartoon show called Sonic Underground. So, seems like a good day out was had by all.

Deja Vu Just like my last update, I've got two things this weekend. Firstly, the new Graphic Guide is available for viewing, this one being for A Pharaoh to Remember when Bender discovers a way that he can be remembered forever, but as usual, annoys a lot of people in the process. Hope you enjoy it.

Secondly, like last update also, a new piece of Fan Art from Leela's Twin. This one pictures her and Leela swapping clothes, so just click on her name to go an see the picture. That's all from me this time, but keep an eye out for the guide page for the brilliant episode "Godfellas" comingvery soon. Until then

April 18, 2003

How to catch a date - part one! Here's a humorous picture from FemJesse for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. It shows what really was going on in that scene where Fry was trying to grab, with his teeth, a pineapple held on a string, in the episode The Why of Fry. Lo and behold, it was Leela behind this humiliating act upon poor Fry. I suppose that's one way for you women out there to catch a man.

First I'll snare you with my canny ways, then I'll put you out of your misery! Welcome back Jens Eer to our Fan Art section, after a long-time-no-see period. Anyway, he's come up with this picture of Leela, gun in hand, dressed seductively and seemingly beckoning the viewer. I think it's a ruse to lure you into a false sense of security, so that she can shoot you. I think someone's been tampering with the What If machine. Impulsive Leela isn't too good for your health!

Digital Leela 3000! Final contribution for today goes to our Fan Fiction section, and comes from a new contributor called Mattybwoy. He's come up with a fiction titled "The Fu-trix", which involves Leela geting sucked into a 128 bit video game. This is horrific for her, as she's used to 4096000 bit video games. Only Fry, who was in the 128 bit era, can save her from this torment. Well, hopefully the first two parts of this new fic will keep you occupied till the next update. Enjoy!

April 16, 2003

A guiding hand goes far! Today I have another hand-created picture from Alexander A Andreev, which now sits in our Fan Art section. This picture, according to Alexander, has been done using paint, and it does come out as more striking. It shows Leela in combat fatigues helping a wounded child. I suppose this picture is related to the recent events in Iraq, where many civilians suffered under the "shock and awe" that was imposed on them from without. Well, if that's the case, then this picture does have some impact.

Swimsuit issue! Also for today, we have two pictures from Daniel Brand, which also reside in our Fan Art section. He's created this picture of Leela in a swimsuit for us, which also advertises his site, Bender-1729, so maybe after you've had a gander of his picture, you can head over to there and take a look. However, he's also created another picture that's hand-drawn, which, according to him, was his entry for the Futuramasutra Fanart Contest - round 7. That picture shows the crew walking across a pedestrian crossing... although Fry won't be walking soon after this scene. Anyway, enjoy these pictures.

April 15, 2003

Help! That mad webmaster is back! Yeah, after yesterday's rant, and subsequent therapy, I've been allowed out to add some more of my words to this site. No, don't run off, I have something interesting to say! There's no Nibbler in today's updates. No, that disgusting rat won't be mentioned. He won't be allowed to... Let go of me! I don't want to go back to the white room! Arrggghhhhh! [some hours later] Sorry about that, I don't know what came over me. Anyway, Lee Roberts has seven new pictures for our Fan Art section. We have Leela as a teenager; Leela in her "The Why of Fry" dress; Leela as Lara Croft; and some other pictures of his. So, go there and enjoy!

Off with the spoils of war! Here's a picture from a new artist for our Fan Art section. Welcome Roberto Lopez, who's from Ecuador, to The Leela Zone, who's come up with this hand-drawn picture of Zapp Brannigan carrying off poor Leela. Hopefully Leela will escape Zapp's terrible grasp. Surely she won't let a fate worse than death happen... again! Anyway, enjoy Roberto's picture, and hopefully there'll be some more winging their way here shortly.

April 14, 2003

Woo, the colours are around me! Uhh, nothing like a whole night without sleep, just sitting in front of a book... No, what am I saying, it was a textbook. A whole night of learning really can be exhausting, especially for the mind. You can see the result of this here. Yup, Sebastian did something besides cards- a new wallpaper. It includes Leela with some surreal colours, very bright and, hmm, unusual.

But wait, there are also new cards in this update. I've finished doing cards for 2acv07: Put Your Head On My Shoulder and did a whole bunch of new cards, 28, for 2acv09: A Bicyclops Built For Two. There won't be any cards for 2acv08 for now, because of "objective technical difficulties". [Sebastian]

Now look at what those rats have done! Before I start, let me put on my ranting spectacles, gloves and funny clown nose. FemJess is back with four more pictures for our Fan Art section. FemJesse wrote to me saying that she used to be a Nibbler-hater, like all sane people should be, but has now betrayed the glorious, freedom-loving movement by going to the dark side. Still, don't fret, every cloud has a silver lining, because even if she's now a victim of the Nibblonian brainwashing, she's still creating some great works. One of the great-looking pictures she's created contains several of these disgusting creatures enticing Leela and Fry to wed. OK, I'm in Victor Meldrew mode right now; if you're from the US, then imagine I'm Bill Crosby in that awful show of his that showed him as a grumpy old man, except think of him about 1,000 times grumpier, and, while we're at it, about 100 times grumpier than Ted Danson's Becker. Talk about disgusting, her second picture contains Nibbler, too! Is there no evil that that creature does? Hold on, let me release some steam. Now, after that expresso burst, I'll explain why her next picture, even if done so well, is disgusting. It shows Leela making morning coffee, but, and this is the sick part (sick bags to the ready), she brews a really dark coffee from the best that Kenco can offer: Nibbler's dark matter! Come now, do you really think this creature is cute, especially if you're sipping your coffee while reading this? Careful with that monitor and keyboard with the coffee you spit out! Thanks to FemJesse, she's exposoed exactly our point. You think I'm mad, wait till Kenneth sees this! He's bound to get so mad that he'll rugby-tackle Jonah Lomu in a shopping mall in New Zealand, then call him a pansy! Now, let's get onto the other pictures that FemJesse has made, other pictures that aren't as disgusting as the two previous ones... even if of great quality. She's created a picture of Fry looking at his loved one after a night of passion. Leela looks fairly content in her sleep, too. And, the final picture, which is really great in its detail, shows Leela at the helm of the ship in deep thought about the problems in life. So, there you go, four great pictures from FemJesse, even if two of them are disgusting works of Nibblonian propaganda. Grrrr! ROAR! Where's my valium?

After the storm comes shock! After my ranting and raving, I've got another contributor's work for our Fan Art section to show off. I won't be ranting about this, because it seems that Emma's picture of Leela seems too shocked about something. I must really calm down! Let's try to smile. Ahhh... soothing, soothing, action, action! Actually, I think Emma's picture's calmer now. Who wants some cake? Mmmm... cake! [Graham]

April 13, 2003

No sleep for the wicked! Welcome a couple of contributions for The Leela Zone from GHT. Firstly, let's mention his debut work for our Fan Art section. He's come up with this image of Leela sleeping on her bed, with a book covering her face, waiting for Fry to return back to her to complete business, which you'll find happened in the episode "Parasites Lost". Well, let's hope for some more artwork from him. Now, he's not finished there, as he's got something for our Fan Fiction section. He's completed the next part of his "Going Insane" series, "Going Insane: Lost Lovers in Space". In this part, our loving couple are lost in space, further testing their love. If you want to go directly to it, click here.

On bended knee! Here's another picture for our Fan Art section coming from the industrious Andrea Huckstep. This picture features Leela and Sonic the Hedgehog looking on while Invader Zim proposes to his girlfriend, Lita. Hmmm... let's hope that Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't propose to Leela after witnessing all this. OK, no, I don't want to see Shipper pics between the two! [Graham]

April 12, 2003

You give me too little credit Hey all. Two things from me for this weekend. Firstly, the latest Graphic Guide page for you to read over. This one is for the episode Where the Buggalo Roam where Kif tries to prove himself to Amy's parents by getting back their stolen buggalo herd. This episode probably won't have been seen by many other Kiwis because TV2, the channel that broadcasts Futurama, have only shown up to "Leela's Homeworld" so far. Hopefully they'll begin screening again soon. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the page

Secondly, there's a new piece of Fan Art from recent TLZ art contributor, Leela's Twin, so head over to her section by clicking on her name to go see it. This image features Leela, Amy and, strangely enough, Nibbler in the style of Powerpuff Girls. An interesting concept, I must say. I always thought that Nibbler was a little strange, and his wearing a dress only adds to my suspicions. Oh well, keep an eye out for the guide page for "A Pharoah to Remember" that'll be arriving soon. Later

April 11, 2003

Some serious eyeballing! Let's see what I have today. Ah, two contributions for our Fan Art section. First up is Sofie Fenwick with a hand-drawn picture of the moment when Leela, as Clobberella, pulls Fry, as Captain Yesterday, towards her to remonstrate about Fry's compromising his real identity to an interested female who comes on to him. I think that Leela was really jealous of the situation, but what do I know, I don't write for the show. Well, Sofie will have another work coming up soon, so keep your eyes, or eye, peeled.

1,000,000 years BC! The second contribution for today comes from good ol' Lee Roberts, and is, as I said above, for our Fan Art section. You may find this picture in the Leela Fashion Zone, where Lee is contributing to some of the artwork there, for which we thank him. So, why keep it there when it'll do well as some fan artwork? Anyway, enjoy his work! [Graham]

April 10, 2003

sleepy... oh so sleeeepy... zzzzzzz ...muh, wha? An update? Oh yeah... Some of you may have already seen this stuff, since I uploaded it a few days ago. Um. Alright, yesterday! But I was much too tired to update, and Gort here didn't want to save me from such perilous duties, so I get to update now.

First, there's four new fanart pieces from DeadAngel, including this lovely number you see here of Leela in much the same mood as I can be in when fully awakened against my will. Go enjoy!

Now I'm headed to one of my favorite pastimes again; sleep. Sweet sleep! Yes, this is the kind of rant you get from Kristen when she has to make her updates at 6:30 in the morning from the school computer... [Kristen]

A room with a view! Welcome a heap of artwork from the great fan artist FemJesse. Yeah, OK, I'm sounding obsequious, etc, but I do love the style of her artwork. OK, enough of the fawning, I better get onto describing what's on show at The Leela Zone today. Let's start with the picture to the right, which you'll find in both our Wallpaper and Fan Art sections. It features Leela actually seeing the message created with stars that Fry produced in the episode Time Keeps on Slipping. This will certainly be a hit with many of you Shippers out there. Not only has she created this wallpaper, she's created some other great fan art. The four other works are: Fry being clutched by Leela; Fry, FemJesse and Leela's heads in jars, with FemJesse being the centre of a seething jealousy; Fry with Kojiro of Pokemon; and, finally, Leela with Musa, who's also from Pokemon. Both the last two combine Shipping from Futurama and Pokemon... quite novel. As I said above, all are nice works. Lastly, FemJesse mentioned to me that a lot of her recent work has been inspired by The Voices' artwork - his work certainly would inspire - but it has to be said that her own work should inspire on its own merit, too. Hmmm... now to await that big, fat cheque in the post. Kidding!

Picture perfect! Well, here's another thing that should keep many Shippers happy: a video clip of the last moment in the episode The Why of Fry. In this moment, Leela's holding up a picture with the face of her last failed love attempt burnt out, and Fry walks in the door filling the gaping hole. Cute moment, I have to say. So, anyway, maybe this clip will find its use for many of you Shippers out there who want to relive that moment again and again. Enjoy!

April 9, 2003

OK, guys, stop hiding my clothes! Here are five new pictures coming from Lee Roberts, which are for our Fan Art section. Lee has come come up with a picture from the latest episode, The Why of Fry, which shows Leela dressed in a towel just after showering after a hard day's work. He's also come up with four other pictures of Leela with different expressions and poses. So, have fun viewing these works.

Cry just a little! Well, it's not over from the Robert's family, as Lee's sister, Emma, has gotten into the act and come up with two new pictures of her own for our Fan Art section. The picture you see shows Leela in a fit of crying, which is quite sad to see. Her other picture shows Leela, and is done with some weird effects, which makes it different. Oh, and Leela's happy in the second picture, so that balances things out, I suppose.

April 8, 2003

Pull the &$@ing lever! Here's a picture by The Voices for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Yet another stunning hand-drawn picture comes from him, this one features Leela, in an emergency of sorts, having rush to pull a lever. It certainly looks dramatic, and the consequences of not pulling the lever seems dire. So, Leela, pull that damn lever quick before Hell freezes over!

It started with a kiss! Well, here are the first fan art pictures that are based on the last episode aired, The Why of Fry. The fan artist who made these images is Juliet Adeoye, who's been, recently, making images shortly after the episode airs. Both pictures are of the same moment, when Leela kisses Fry at the end of the episode, but are done in different styles.

Just one thing about that end scene, Shippers shouldn't get too overjoyed, because this episode was 4acv10, and the next in production order (the order in which the writers intended the order to be, not the order that Fox imposes on the show) is Where No Fan Has Gone Before (4acv11), where Leela was seen passionately making out with Shatner. Now, I know that Kirk always gets his girl, and that the likely intention of the show's writers is that in the end of show's run Leela and Fry are to get together, but I'm just saying that this isn't exactly the moment, just a step in the right direction. Then again, I'm no Shipper, just a horrible spoil-sport.

Break it up, you two! The third contribution for today comes from Andrea Huckstep, and goes into our Fan Art section. This one features Leela trying to break up a fight between Escargoon, from the Kirby show, and Invader Zim, from his own show. So, we have a battle of the shows... who will win? Probably nobody if Leela breaks it up too soon. So, if you enjoy these shows, and even if you don't, then head off to Andrea's pages on our site... I said pages, in that she's now started her second page.

And finally, but not least, some brutal Uses! As an afters, let me serve you some Uses for a Hacker, fresh from the creative hands of Smiley. Mmmm... delicious! What has he served up? Well, let's see: "Johnny Bravo's Blind Date"; "Comic Book Guy's Bride"; "Planet Express Janitor"; and a few more are on the plate ready for the maple syrup. Hmmm... we've gotten up to 410 Uses now, that's only 90 more till 500! Wonder if that hacker is getting a bit fed up now being used in so many different ways?

April 7, 2003

Deadly reflection! If you're eagle-eyed, you'll see that there's a reflection on Fry's sunglasses, and if you're interested in what that reflection is, then you'll want to go to our Fan Art section, and then go to FemJesse's page there and look at it more closely. Femjesse has created six other pictures, all of wonderful quality. Let's see, we have Leela pointing her gun towards you; Fry in Paris being all French, and maybe you'll need to look closely to notice the point being made by FemJesse; a picture of the crew; FemJesse doing what Juliet Adeoye would want to do to Bender (Catfight! Catfight! Catfight! ); the aftermath of a sexist joke; and finally, Fry and Leela messing about. So, there's a lot of pictures for everyone's tastes. As I said, nice quality pictures are being displayed here, whatever tastes they serve.

Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree! Yuk, just reminded myself of a horrible seventies song! Hold on while I explode. There, that Brotherhood of Man song is now gone. Anyway, welcome to the Fan Fiction section the fourth part of GHT's "Going Insane" series, which is titled Going Insane: Tying Up Loose Ends. Well, in this section, the couple are preparing for marriage, but it seems that events have different plans in store for our two heroes. To go directly to this part, click here.

April 6, 2003

[SPOILER] Urgh! Ewww! Damn Nibblonians are here! Yuk! Here's a picture of one of the most evil inventions of Futurama: a Nibblonian. There are at least two webmasters here who have a pathological hatred to their "cuteness", even as much as requiring regular visits by doctors to inject some sedatives in us to keep quiet and friendly. However, today the doctors were successfully kept from my door using hot Irn Bru and jellied eels, so now I can rant and rave about this abomination to the Futurama universe. Before I explode in a torrent of abuse and fury to make Ian Paisley sound rational, I'll inform you that I've completed the framegrabs for tonight's episode, The Why of Fry. Now, if anyone doesn't want to be spoilt about the coming episode, don't go and look, but if you don't mind or actively want to be spoilt, then go and take a look. I've made both Leela and non-Leela grabs, so there's something for all (I've said that before... I must be a parrot). Now, the episode wasn't as funny as the last, but it wasn't too bad in that department, either. There are some scientific absurdities about the nature of time travel and matter (hard to say now without ruining a good joke), which all could be good to add to Cubert's Rants. The ending will make many people very happy, but I'm not going to say more on that... the grabs will show you, anyway. Well, now onto my rant about Nibblonians... [time's up - please insert 20p]

And if you're taking your girlfriend out tonight... Wait, and if the girl doesn't want to go out? Like Leela in 2acv07: Put Your Head On My Shoulder, when Fry asked her to be his Valentine's date? Well, that's an essential technical matter. But Fry finally got what he wanted... Just look here. It's only 11 cards for now, I'll make some more later.

On to other stuff: Lee Roberts has came up with some nice pictures for the fashion zone. You've got one of them in the link (hey, where's everybody gone? ). That one features naked Leela, covered with a blanket. But it only turns the imagination on...
Be sure to check the rest of the pictures. Bye for now. [Sebastian]

Waiting for the brains... While I'm waiting for The Why of Fry and my nephews enjoy themselves by destroying everything they can get their hands on (darn weekends), I post a gigantic update featuring a new pic by Otis P Jivefunk, with Leela ready to kick some @$$ down the sewers. Tonight's episode deals with time-travel, so I'm wondering, why not combine the two elements and have Leela and Fry timetravelling to the present and kick Fox @$$ for having pre-empted Futurama next week and the next one too and for all of May too, leaving us with a season of eight episodes. You got that right, this "season" made of leftovers from the last season was even shorter than the first season, and it's ended, leaving us with eight episodes still in the can. Either Fox is going to use 'em to make yet another "season" next year, or they'll show them during the summer, or they won't show 'em at all and let Cartoon Network have some 'unseen' Futurama episodes (that one I doubt). I'm hoping for scenario two, which means Fox will probably go for the first one, and make a sixth season with only eight episodes... darnit. That said, The Why of Fry is going to be a great way to end the "season". But it would've been great if it didn't have to end... [Leandro]

April 5, 2003

Here's the REAL one Yes, if you look now, the REAL Graphic Guide for the episode Leela's Homeworld is up for viewing, so you no longer need to just have that April Fools one. I hope you all enjoyed it, and hopefully it will stop people asking about that song for a while

Well, that's all from me for this weekend. Keep an eye out for "Where the Buggalo Roam" next weekend, and don't forget to tune in for the brand new Futurama episode this Sunday, The Why of Fry.

So my faithful fiend... More Fan Art from spb_petr coming your way today, he certainly likes his Leela... (Hmm isn't that what TLZ is about? Who's Leela anyway...) go look at the new stash!

And it doesn't end there, heres a new Fan Art Artist named Hkon Teigen Lund, with 2 new pictures for you to dig your teeth into! welcome aboard capt'

Rant time, Iraqis using cars to try and stop american tanks? what are they thinking, a tank is a heavily armored and powerful vehical, the tank is able to blow it up at a distance before the car even gets close to it, thats just pathetic... I've also got to hand it to those Iraqis, they sure know how to lie on TV! , end rant!

Come on, Graham, think of something interesting to say. Bah! I should be able to say something interesting when someone sends me some interesting stuff. Maybe if I just whinge about not being able to say something interesting, I'll be able to fill this update. Yeah, let's do that. However, in the meantime, let's welcome to our Fan Art section a picture by Leila. She's come up with this scan of Leela looking pissed off about something (Leela does look great when pissed off). She's probably pissed at me not being able to say something interesting after receiving some nice artwork. Nice work, Leila!

When you die after webmastering TLZ, you'll meet the Devil in Leela's hell! Here's a picture by Alexander A Andreev for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. It's a hand-drawn picture of Leela as some demon in what must be Hell. Not that I believe in Hell or, for that matter, Heaven, seeing I'm an atheist, but this picture does spook you when you look at it. Maybe I'm wrong, and waiting for Leandro, Kenneth, Scotty, Sebastian and Kristen is some Life in Hell for our sins.

Futurama: The Game GameCube Europe has got a preview movie with the Futurama Game in action, that you can download and watch over and over again until your eyeballs explode or the game is out, whatever comes first. You can see it here. One interesting thing that was said about the game in this interview: "there's a lot of original FMV sequences that drive the game narrative, offering a 'new' episode for Futurama fans"; however, the preview movie shows only 3D "cutscenes" and gameplay, so I wonder what the quality of those FMV sequences will be. I don't have a PS2, NGC nor XBox and I'm not gonna buy one neither, so I'll just have to wait for your reviews to appear... Anyway, the game's still not out, so you can go check the new sites at The Links Zone while you wait for another of the webmasters here to post an update with some actual content. [Leandro]

April 4, 2003

Argh, how could I? What, you may ask? You REALLY want to know? OK,here it goes: how could I write 2acv07 (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) instead of 2acv06 (Lesser Of Two Evils)? Before I confuse you more (I can almost hear you saying: "What the hell that guy's talking about?") I'll simply explain that I've updated the alien section and, while I was doing that I noticed this shamefull mistake. I only hope that no one gets mad (Leandro, put away that hammer; Graham, don't point that chainsaw at me; Kristen, I'm not a good target for knife throwing practise; Kenneth, I hope that's a water pistol; Scotty, that bow's a toy, right?) . So I'd like to thank Vicente, from Bender Bending Rodriguez's Page, who really helped me a lot with doing this update.
OK, I've got to end this babbling, everybody's pointing some sort of weapon at me, so I'll just "retreat to starategical positions" (saying it literally, I'll run like hell ). [Sebastian]

War Pigs! Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death's construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds...
Oh lord, yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Here are some of the lyrics to "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath. I'm not really a fan of them or the arch-self-publicist Ozzy Osbourne (and his loathsome, spoilt family), but on this song I'm one. Why the song? Well, The Drainpipe has created two great, moving pictures of what I can only say is the aftermath of a bloody carnage caused by war, which is for our Fan Art section. It features the results of a direct hit on the Planet Express building, and it makes a sour point about the stupidities of today's situation. Actually, both pictures are the same, but one is coloured in... which makes a bigger impact, IMO, because blood is red.

Milking it! Well, on a completely different and lighter subject, here's a picture from Andrea Huckstep, which is for our Fan Art section. Andrea's picture features Leela offering Sonic the Hedgehog some milk, while Tails is busily scoffing away at an ice cream. Seems that in Andrea's mind, Leela's trapped in Nintendo and Sega world. Poor thing! [Graham]

April 3, 2003

An updatey time indeed! Whee! Today we've got some rather spiffy new fanart from a new contributor, Dead Angel! Sure, it's not a 100% Leela update, but these are very good pics, so I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

I need some more rant inspiration! Or maybe it's just too early in the morning for this kind of thing. Time for a bagel and some nice fresh vending-machine . Hey, at least I can't be accused of slacking off on my webmistressly duties... this time. [Kristen]

Teenage Riot! As I said yesterday, I had some more work for our Fan Art section dealing with Leela as a teenager, and so I'll update today with them. The first contribution comes from the prolific Lee Roberts, who has come up with two images of Leela. First one, as I indicated, is of Leela as a teenager, as depicted in the episode Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles. His second picture shows Leela in her swimsuit, with a gun at the ready. BTW, if you don't know, Lee has his own site, LFP (not sure what its full title is, but it's probably Lee's Futurama Page... but don't quote me), which you might want to visit.

Then he kissed me! Oh well, couldn't think of a good heading title, so came up with this song title of a single by the early '60s group The Crystals. Not really a good musical period, IMO, but I suppose it depends on tastes. Anyway, onto the real subject at hand. I have three new pictures coming from FemJesse for our Fan Art section. The one you can see shows a teenage Leela and Fry making their first moves. Awwww! Have to say this picture is really cute. Her other pictures are two wonderful sketches showing both Fry and Leela: one shows Leela and Fry tired, but in each others' arms; the other shows Fry tickling Leela during some horseplay. As I said above, some lovely work here, well worth looking at and savouring. Enjoy!

Going Insane: Webmastering TLZ! Now somebody should write a Fan Fiction called that. It would certainly show the world a level of crazyness that has never been experienced by more than a dozen mortals. Not to mention random rants and rambling that have nothing to do with the update itself, like this one. Anyway, were was I? Oh yeah, there are four new pics by Michael "Teral" Nissen, our Official Site Hunter, who's also found a bunch of new sites for The Links Zone, but I'm lazy and didn't post them today. Soon, people, soon! You already have those new pics to delight your eyes with. Man, Zoidberg's larval stages sure cracked me up. Go Zoidy Go! What does that have to do with the rest of the update, you say? Hmmm... beats me.

Blasted redirectors and servers with long URLs... In news that belong to The Links Zone but I feel like posting here too, Something About Leela has had to change its URL to a longer, weirder one because da.ru, who offered "subdomain redirectors for a lifetime!" decided that its lifetime had expired. So, if you're a regular visitor of the other big Leela site (I'm not; can't read Russian) remember to update your bookmarks. And while you're surfing around, you may want to check this page at Synthesis.net. Why, you ask? Well, look at the links to the left... the one that says Win the Futurama Season One DVD Box Set. There, got your attention? I guess you're all heading there now, so I'm leaving you to your browsing. [Leandro]

April 2, 2003

Leela up close! Here's a contribution from The Voices, who after a long time out of action in the Wallpapers section, has come up with this great close-up of Leela for The Leela Zone. Yesterday, we had Lee Roberts with his close-up of Leela's eye, now we have The Voices' close-up of Leela's face... and tomorrow we'll have a close-up of Leela's dental work. Nah, kidding. Seriously, I was joking! I don't care if you're a dentist! Yet again, The Voices has done a great job with the shading, and conveying is own style of artwork. Leela looks very surprised about something, but that's probably because she's worried about the dentist. Why am I rabbiting about dentists? Because my mouth is numb after visiting one.

Get teenage kicks right through the night! Let me welcome back Impossible to our Fan Art section. She's come up with two pictures for her pages on this site. The first one is a scan of Leela as a teenager in the episode Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles. I did mention to someone that someone else (who I'm keeping secret for now) was actually the first artist to come up with a scan of this episode, but I was wrong. I had accidentally misplaced Impossible's email, making it appear as read, so I overlooked it. However, I found it again, and so it's now up on the site for all to see. I have some other works from this episode from other artists, but I'll put them up tomorrow when I have some more time on my hands. Impossible's other work shows Leela with a colourful party hat. Leela was probably celebrating our third anniversary yesterday or something. You know that with Leela it's party, party, party all day long. Enjoy Impossible's pictures.

April 1, 2003

w00t! Time to p4r7y! Yes, Leo, the l33t is just here to make you raise an annoyed eyebrow at me. But hey, if it's a special day, it needs a special start! (Which is why I'm stumbling to school in high heels and a dress... wait, no, that's something entirely different; performance time in choir. Ugh.) Er... anyway, on to the update!

The Voices has finally taken over your screen! Mwahahahaha! And they'd take over more, too, if it wasn't for those pesky powers-that-be getting in the way, I'm sure. Just like I'd update more often if people would send me some content! Content worth babbling on about! I mean, come on, everyone else gets tons of pics to update every day and I only have this one little (though excellent) work to update... SEND ME SOME CONTENT, PLEASE! I can't slack if there's no work to avoid doing! But as for Procrastinator Extraordinare, I won't deny that I've been known for that... now, to head on down to the Chaos Lounge with a very large ... after all, before I was TLZ's webmistress, I was also a long-time frequenter of this site of ill repute...

Happy 3rd Anniversary, everybody! And thanks for all the hard work! [Kristen]

Increasing stats! Hi everyone, here's my 7th update. Hear that, Leo, update the statistics! I really have to congratulate the whole TLZ staff. Hey, big party at my place, free alcohol for everyone! (That should attract everybody. )

Now to the usual stuff, the update. So here you have cards from 2acv05, better known as "Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love". "Fry: You mean you have to choose between a life without sex and a gruesome death? Zoidberg: Yes. Fry: Tough call."
There are also cards for 2acv06, "Lesser Of Two Evils". 32 cards for that episode, to be exact (making progress, I've started with 16 cards for 1acv01).

To other news, I've just downloaded PSP 8.0 beta. If you still havent got it, then here's the link to the download page for the program.

OK, I can see that someone's coming, so I'll just open up a bottle of champagne. Let's celebrate, people, and hope for a bright future for TLZ and Futurama. [Sebastian]

Why are we going 35 miles an hour? I see its April Fools day, Someones bound to be planning to do a prank on me, I'm keeping my out on you! Anyway, here we have 7 new pictures from Douglas 'Zed 85' Hilliard, that brings it up to 125 pictures! Check them out...
Rant time! I hate recieving viruses in my email... I'm not stupid you know, I know what emails hold viruses, you can send them all you want, I have an Antivirus.. grr.. Growl.. etc! , that doesn't mean you shouldn't send me emails, though! I still enjoy recieving Fan Art and Crap Art! and any other content . Ah, now for some news on Futurama... In The Why of Fry, Leela marries Bender after Fry bets Bender that he can't woo a human. This causes Fry to get jealous, so he marries Flexo.


Eye spy, with my big eye, something beginning with T! Wow! Yeah, the day has arrived, the third anniversary of The Leela Zone is now upon us! My, Leandro has managed to blow those pictures up some size. Not only that, our counter showed up the 500,000th visitor yesterday; although that number is disputed, as it could well be much higher than that, according to the data we're receiving from Netstat! Still, whatever the real number is, we're mighty proud around here. Many thanks to all the webmasters that have frequented The Leela Zone and helped out, all those who've contributed some work towards our site, we're indebted towards you for making this site what it is, and, not forgetting, all you visitors for putting up with our rantings and ravings... don't rest, there'll be more of that to wind you up. So, let's roll on the next anniversary, and with that, hopefully, the 1,000,000th visitor!

The picture above-right is actually a wallpaper that's come from Lee Roberts. It features a close-up of Leela's big, round eye. So, if you want the feeling that you're being watched by Big Sister, then why not get this wallpaper by Lee. He's not finished there, he's also created two pieces of work for our Fan Art section, as well. One of them is actually the same as his wallpaper, but the other shows Leela in an excited mood... probably because it's this site's third anniversary.

And now it's sibling rivalry! Well, after Lee Roberts sent his good stuff, his sister, Emma, also sent her good stuff, too. She's created another picture for our Fan Art section, which features Leela seemingly very happy because it's The Leela Zone's third anniversary... or something like that. Well, if you had a site about you and it was its third anniversary, wouldn't you be chuffed? Nice work, Emma!

Leela strips to the bare essentials! Still here with some more stuff to show off to you. This time, it comes from my partner, Sofie Fenwick, who's come up with this hand-drawn picture of Leela ripping off her clothing to reveal her Clobberella gear, for our Fan Art section. How Leela hid her superhero gear under her tanktop is anyone's guess. Maybe it was magic or something. Anyway, whatever the science behind that, Sofie's picture still rocks.

I got an email from Vanessa Sodd, who explains some observations about the episode Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles. I'll quote from her email:

"As a biology major, I have some theories about the 'science' in tonight's episode of Futurama:

"1. Chromatons--I have a feeling that these little subatomic buggers cause an organism affected by them to revert to a form it took on at a previous point in time, regardless of the DNA patterns affecting its growth. This would explain Fry's mullet, Farnsworth's heinous mustache and 'Fro, the beanie on Bender's head, etc. It might also explain the change in clothing too, but I'm not too sure about that.

"2. Zoidy's larval stages--The tar must have seriously screwed up his DNA. At first, I thought that he was just devolving down the evolutionary scale, but his larval stages are all over the animal kingdom--squid, trilobite, lamphrey, sea urchin, octopus, sponge, starfish. The only way that could explain this would be sudden and massive mutation, plus some sort of affect on its neurons, since it's been proven in cell cultures that an organism can change its physical form if developing neurons are stimulated in a certain way."

So, there you go, an explanation about the changes that took place for the characters in that episode. If anyone wants to add to this, or even dispute it, then send your emails this way.

Finally, according to the Belgian TV and film guide Lal Firoop (translates as "Film Lover"), our crew will be starring in an episode of The Smurfs! Apparently, The Smurfs is still being made for the mainland European audience - weird, I thought it stopped ages ago! - and their maker, Hanna-Barbera, has signed a deal with Fox to allow them to air our favourite characters in one of their shows. The Smurfs episode will be titled "Smurf Pilot 3000", and will involve the Smurf clan finding a time machine and arriving in New New York in the year 3000. Their reason for going to the future is to recruit some willing people with advanced technology to come back to their land and defeat the evil Gargamel. Our favourite crew agree to this deed, and that's where the fun begins. To read this article, which is also translated into English, you can click here. Enjoy!

IOU: Layout Changes, One. Yes, I owe you a layout change, because it's been three years since we reopened, and I have no new layout ready! Shame on me! I tried, really, but then my dear nephews came home and my layouting inspiration was totally crushed. Still, let's celebrate anyway! It's been three years, for NewsPro's sakes! Over half a million visitors have been here and suffered our insanity already! And mostly they've suffered Graham's insanity, since over half the News Items, exactly 750 of the 1489 that have appeared on this page since The Reopening, are his. A little behind, there's me with 515 news updates, and then, uh, waaay behind, there's Dave with 77! But Dave left the site ages ago so I guess he doesn't really count. Then, Kenneth updated 40 times, Scotty posted 12 news items, then there comes Procrastinator Extraordinarie Kristen with 9 updates (the last of one was in February, and she said "I swear I'll never slack this much again"...) and finally there's Sebastian with 6 (but Sebastian's been on board only a month, so I'm betting he'll leave Kristen eating dust in no time).

More useless stats: in the last anniversary, the counter read 234K visitors, so we've had 267K visitors this year, an average of 731/day (though currently is over 1200/day according to my counter, or 3000+/day according to the NetStat counter, I still don't know which one to believe) and since last year the average was 413/day, that's a 77% increase! At this rate, next year we'll be close to the million visitors (for continuity's sake, I'll stick to my counter for now). This day last year, we had 1226 pics in the Fan Art gallery, now we have 1716 (1.3 new pics per day!); and we had 120 Wallpapers, now we have 183 (one new Wallpaper every 5.8 days). Whoa, those sections did grow, didn't they? Plus, this year we relaunched the Fan Fiction section using my scripts, and currently there's 80 stories there. It was a very, wery good year. What will be of TLZ next year, now that the hopes for new Futurama episodes have been crushed to tiny pieces? Only time will tell. But hey, we've been here for three years. Let's get drunk already! [Leandro]

Hooray! Hi Everybody!

I hope you all enjoyed the new episode that just aired, and here's hoping that Fox show the next two that have been scheduled for the next two weeks. Fingers crossed.

Well, the latest Graphic Guide is up and ready to be viewed. This is a very special guide for the very special episode Leela's Homeworld, in which Leela finds out about her origin and why she was abandoned at the Orphanarium. Just click the pic to go there, and just so you all know, the song at the end of this episode is "Baby Love Child" by Pizzicato Five