April 2002

April 30, 2002

Party tricks! Daniela Schad is back and rocking! Three hand-drawn and original new pictures from her for our Fan Art section. The first one is based on the film Schindler's List, showing that Daniela's range is more than just "happy" pictures. The second picture, and the one that's the link image, is the crew, Daniela and her partner, Melanie, having a party and enjoying themselves. Finally, the third picture is of Leela, Amy and Fry on a Martian buggalo ranch in country-styled clothing. Well, there's a lot there to look at!

A Tale of Two Shows Here we have the second part of Charles Delnegro's The Bendenator, which you'll find in our Fans' Comic section. In this part, Professor Frink meets Leela, in order to complete the transaction. I won't spoil further, you can do that yourself by going and reading it.

April 29, 2002

Leela of the rising Sun. Well, I'm as pleased as Punch. Arsenal, the football (proper football that's played with the feet) team I support, has just made another step towards the English league championship, by beating Bolton Wanderers 2-0 at their ground. What has this got to do with The Leela Zone, I hear you ask? Well, nothing att all, I'm just padding this update with information that I find interesting.

Alright, I'll behave and mention what I should be mentioning here. Daniel Brand has come up with this hand-drawn work for our Fan Art section. It features Leela in a kimono... and is very good indeed. So, why not be like Daniel and enter your own Leela-based artwork here. Come on... what are you waiting for, Xmas?

April 28, 2002

Angel Delight! Two updates for today. The first is from someone who hasn't graced our Fan Art section for a while, and was sorely missed by myself, as he made some really nice and original work. So, welcome back DB, who has come up with two new images; the link image being angelic!

The REAL Shippers! Here's Juliet's new fan art, which shows William Shatner and Turanga Leela getting it on! Forget the Fry and Leela romances, the will she won't she hit it off with the orange hair ball stuff and all, and welcome in the real love match: Futurama and Star Trek! I still love this episode... the show at its best!

April 27, 2002

Agent Provocateur! Two updates for today. First is from Sofie, who presents her sixty-fourth picture for our Fan Art section. This one comes from the episode A Leela of Her Own and is the moment when Bender presents himself as her agent for her blernsball pitching career. Hmmm... Bender looks quite cool in that suit.

The next update is from someone who hasn't graced his work on The Leela Zone, but better late than never! Kenneth White has come up with the first part of a fan fiction, which is titled Futurama - Universe of Malice. The story starts with the discovery of a mysterious substance that gives great energy, which DOOP is keen to exploit. However, disaster strikes the planet that it's discovered on, which brings in our heroes. To go directly to the fic, click here.

April 26, 2002

Artist at work! I have four brand spanking new pictures for our Fan Art section, all coming from the one who calls himself OutlawArt. Well, it's hard to start to describe these gems... but they're likely to make a lot our male audience a little... excited! Now, hold your horses or whatever... let me describe these images first, then rush to satisfy your lust... I mean curiousity! The first shows Leela as some teen singer... kind of like Britney Speares, but a bit less "innocent" [hold on]; the second is Fry and Leela enjoying themselves in some unusual activity [hold on... ouch!]; third is what you can see in the link image, which is apparently OutlawArt himself drawing Leela... funny [keep calm... you can hold it!]; and the final one is Leela in Apeworld [that's it, go and enjoy!]. If any of you are still here... why?

April 25, 2002

Sunny Delight! Back again! Erdrik has come up with another fan fiction, and one that's bound to keep the Shippers interested. This is the first part of a fic called The Juicy Details, which begins with Leela spilling the beans to Amy about her relationship with Fry. There, caught your interest! To go directly to the fic, click here.

More hair... more hair! Wahhhh! Juliet's got a new picture for our Fan Art section... and it looks very good! This image features Leela at the moment of discovering that a "shrine" of her existed in the mutant underground, in that much referenced episode, Leela's Homeworld. Hmmm... or she's found The Leela Zone. Scary!

Tally-ho! Let's hunt foxes! Alright, that wasn't really a call to hunt the animal called the fox, but instead it's the call that would make Russell Dickson and many a Futurama fan happy if it applied to the media company! Well, instead of hunting, Russell's latest fan art pic asks that people don't forget to carry on the battle against Fox by writing in protesting at their decision to halt production of the show. So, do as he says: keep writing!

April 23, 2002

Bite my shiny metal ass... n'glaven! Here's something unique, the beginning of a new comic strip called The Bendenator from Charles Delnegro, which you'll find in our Fans' Comic section. Well, why is it unique? Simple: Charles uses figurines from The Simpsons and Futurama for his character representations... is that unique or is that unique! You'll find some more of his work, relating to The Simpsons, at The Simpsons Action Figure Information Station, under the title Sunday Funnies. Enjoy!

I didn't mention my next item yesterday, due to wanting Leandro to do the honours, as he had a brand spanking new layout especially for that day. Unfortunately, we had some server problems, so a new layout for the 1,000th day that The Leela Zone has been up was unfortunately postponed! Talk about a damn coincidence! Anyway, hopefully Leo will be able to put that layout to some use, although a celebration for the 1,001st day online doesn't have the same ring to it. Anyway, here's hoping.

[UPDATE: Apparently, unknown to this webmaster, who was busily sleeping at the time, there was a new layout for a whole 17 minutes! That must be the record for the shortest layout ever! ]

Lastly, birthday greetings to Scott Cochrane, a previous webmaster at TLZ, and currently a webmaster at Say Argh!, who today is 18-years-old. So, now he can vote for some lunatic party and drink alcohol in public (without a meal - in the UK, you can drink alcohol in a public house when you're 14-years-old, but you have to be accompanied by an adult and have it with a meal).

April 22, 2002

No image... brings back too many bad memories! Just a quick update for those who want to see the credits at the end of Where No Fan Has Gone Before. Yesterday, Brad Rousse told me of the grave injustice that befell US Futurama fans: Fox had ripped to pieces the end credits! Now, these credits were parodying the original Star Trek, so Fox ruined an important part of the show for pure idiocy's sake! Anyway, to cut this short, I give to you what I gave to him, the credits from this episode in DivX form. You can find them in the Video Clips section, under the Miscellaneous Clips page. So, if you want the video and sound from the ep's credits, you know where to find them.

Hmmm... that was quick!

Citizen Leela! Here's a picture from Shadowstar for our Fan Art section. It features Leela running for mayor, with Fry and Bender lending support. Actually, the picture isn't just an ordinary picture (not saying that any picture by Shadowstar is ordinary, far from it!), it's a promo pic for his coming fic, Mayor
Me a Little
, which is apparently about Leela running for Mayor in New New York. So, there's something to look forward to!

Not finished yet! You can't get rid of me so soon! I have some new clips for our Sound Clips section, featuring the episode A Leela of Her Own. Yes, twenty-four clips of Leela becoming a blernsball player! BLERRRRNNNNNNNNN!!!!

April 21, 2002

AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Help, it's the boogie man! This image of Kif as that horrible guy at the end of the credits of the original Star Trek (sorry, I'm not to Leandro's standard of Star Trek fanaticism, in that I can't remember what that being was called) always scared me when he turned up in the credits. As a child, I'd wait in compelling fear for his mug to show up, and there he was... ARRRGGGHHHH! Thankfully, I'm cured of that now, but I just had to put it as the link image for the new grabs at the Framegrabs section. ARRRGGGHHHHH! Anyway, as you've guessed, these grabs are from the new episode (yet to be shown for two hours), Where No Fan Has Gone Before. So, enjoy these grabs before I freak out and remove them... ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

"Another classic science fiction show canceled before its time..." Well, that's the season, folks: no new episodes until December, most likely. If you already saw it, head to the Episode Guide and rank this episode; I personally give it a "Very Very Very Good"... not "Excellent", because after Zapp boards the Planet Express ship, the Nimbus dissapears for the rest of the episode! Where did it go? As you can see, my nitpicking reflex is really strong... And, by the way... why only six movies? some of the original cast was in the seventh! And what about TNG's great episode "Relics"? And DS9's very good "Trials And Tribble-ations"? And that episode with Sulu of that fourth series that no one ever watched or cared about?

And now for your daily dose of technobabble! I've transferred binary data into the server's primary storage system, and you can now access it by pointing your information retrieval program to the section of this site that stores 1277 two-dimensional bitmap files... also known as the Fan Art section! There is one new pic by Kevin Mac, three new pics by Douglas Hilliard, and two new pics by Alexandra. Enjoy while I get some of my not-yet-forbidden Star Trek tapes on the VCR! [Leandro]

Bean Bandit! I promise, no Fish Heads song today. Instead, I bring you Monster Mash... kidding! Actually, instead of all that crap, I bring you another picture from Sofie, that's for our Fan Art section. This features Leela advertising Bean Bay Beans, giving a similar performance to that of her pitching: awful!

Just watched the latest episode, and have to say that it doesn't disappoint! This episode will especially entertain those who are Star Trek and other sci-fi show fans... ie nerds! Well, even nerds have a sense of humour! There's a great scene that's bound to upset the Shippers out there, but is all good fun, nonetheless! I won't spoil further, but I liked this ep a lot, even if it did contain celebrities [I'm slipping, but all I can say is that it did seem appropriate for the show]. So, this ep gets an A from me... yeah an A, not an A-! Tomorrow, or earlier, you'll see some grabs from this episode.

April 20, 2002

Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads, Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum! Must be the Friday night, Saturday morning thing, as I have this damn tune stuck in my head! In the morning, laughing happy fish heads, In the evening, floating in the soup. See, that's what I'm talking about... it won't leave me alone! Ask a fish head anything you want to, They won't answer, they can't talk. Anyway, the update today is for our Fish Heads section... I mean Framegrabs section, where I present quality, non-Leela grabs from the episode Space Pilot 3000. I took a fish head out to see a movie, Didn't have to pay to get it in. Damn this song... go away! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these grabs, more than I'm enjoying this song! They can't play baseball, they don't wear sweaters, They're not good dancers, they don't play drums.

BTW, a big "hi" to Brad Rousse (remember him? Come on, read some of his fics in the Fan Fiction section), who's celebrating his seventeenth birthday today. Roly-poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino In Italian restaurants with Oriental women, yeah. Well, all I can say is happy birthday and... Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads, Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum, yeah.

Will the insanity end!

April 18, 2002

We demand 5ACV episodes, or the head gets it! Andy McDermott from Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong has just sent us this great Wallpaper, featuring Futurama's babes getting ready to shoot Rupert Murdoch unless Futurama comes out of hiatus ASAP. Viva La Resistance! There's also one new pic in the Fan Art section, coming from Captain Leela. That is pretty much it for this update, as I'm falling asleep over the keyboarrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzz... [Leandro]

Fry pays the $50 subscription to the beach bully dating agency! Two updates for today. First one is this trio of romantic Shipper-styled pictures from Erdrik, which will sit ever so nicely in our Fan Art section. These are really quite nicely done, as well as being cute, and are all hand-crafted with pencil as the artistic instrument. Excellent work!

The second update is for our Sound Clips section, in which I have three clips from the episode 30% Iron Chef. Yeah, only three this time, considering that Leela hardly spoke in this episode. Well, fortunately, the episode wasn't really a bad one, so no real complaints from this updater.

April 17, 2002

Under the Earthlight, they stared into each other's eyes.... We interrupt this broadcast with Bender's timely arrival! As I said yesterday, I'd have some quality framegrabs on offer, but what I failed to mention is that they'd be from The Series Has Landed. Also, I mentioned that there'd be some non-Leela grabs on show, too, and I didn't disappoint there, either. So, enjoy nearly one-hundred grabs. More will follow!

Groening speaks! That's right, apparently he does! I have four more clips from the Futurama DVD to show you, involving Matt Groening speaking about the show's characters and heads-in-jars; these you'll find in our Video Clips section. Again, I must stress that these downloads are only here to encourage you to buy the actual DVD. Anyway, the quality of the clips on the DVD far outshine those of these clips. Still, at least this should encourage you to buy the damn thing!

Yes, I do like baseball to some extent, but nothing compared to my like of football - no, not that cissy, faux-rugby that the US folk play (helmets and body armour... pfft!), the proper football played with the feet. However, jazzing up baseball with giant spiders and motorcycles does have its charm... I think I'll write to MLB and encourage that practice. BLEEERRRRRRNNNNN!

April 16, 2002

Face it Gort, baseball is boring! That's why they jazzed it up! Well, you think you know someone, and then he reveals to the world that he likes Baseball. Sheesh. I should've looked more at his Curriculum Vitae before getting him here... then gotten him here anyway . Moving on, thanks to Javier Lopez from La Peor Página de Futurama, there are three new promos in the Miscellaneous Pictures area. If you can find more for other episodes, please, send! Both Javier and I want 'em. There is also a new pic in the Fan Art section, this time coming from Lorenz Kraenzlin. [Leandro]

A whole new ball game. Today's update for our Fan Art section comes from Juliet Adeoye, and it's a cutey! This computer scan shows Leela in her baseball gear, which you saw in the recent episode, A Leela of Her Own. Considering the New York Yankees' three-to-one series defeat against the Boston Red Sox, I think that Leela better switch from the Mets and join New York's American League side! Yay to the Red Sox! There, you now know my colours!

Well, that's all for today, but tomorrow brings some really nice quality framegrabs, with a few non-Leela grabs added, too.

April 15, 2002

The Bubblegum Tate Zone! After some discussion with Leandro, we've decided to rename The Leela Zone to The Bubblegum Tate Zone, in order to become more "funky". Changes will happen over a period of time, which will be finalised when Leandro introduces his next layout change. Hopefully, by now you'd have realised that I've been speaking the usual crap, and that this was just a wind-up... yes MTVCDM, it's not going to happen! However, I'll say this: Bubblegum Tate is my favourite non-regular character, so maybe I wouldn't protest much if this ever did happen.

Now, to the update proper. The reason that Bubblegum Tate's mug is on the link image instead of Leela's is because it's been decided that we'll start adding general non-Leela grabs to the Framegrabs section. So, starting with 30% Iron Chef, I have added quite a few non-Leela grabs, which you'll find just below the Leela grabs. Over a period of time, both Leandro and myself will be adding non-Leela grabs to this section, as well as replacing the poor-quality grabs with those of better quality. If I hear one person complain why non-Leela grabs are on a character site (I can think of one or two whingers who would), then I'll point to Leandro and say it was his idea... then run off really fast!

Scotty! We need warp speed within the next ten minutes or we're all dead! Finally got to see The 30% Iron Chef (in a 12MB RealVideo thanks to good ol' Rubén), and I was surprised that I actually did like it quite a bit; I was expecting a real stinker like other Bender episodes (Bendin' in the Wind sets the perfect stinker example). Overall, I'd give it a B- (my rankings have more "contrast" than Gort's... no "average" crap). Anyway, next week is apparently the season finale (arghhhh, I hate you, Fox!) with the episode Where No Fan Has Gone Before, featuring a lot of guest voices from the original Star Trek series... Woo-hoo! I've uploaded the promo pic for this episode to the Miscellaneous Pics section. Enjoy! [Leandro]

There's more than meets the eye! Today, I present to you the sixty-second picture from Sofie for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. This picture shows the scene in the episode Love's Labours Lost in Space where Leela confronts Zapp Brannigan just after she's realised that she made a "sexy" mistake. Considering the amount of cream pies that Zapp seems to have eaten throughout his life, I'm surprised that she's still alive after all that. I better stop there... you could be eating!

April 14, 2002

Beats fast food! *SPOILER ALERT!* Two updates on the same day from me, lucky you... not! Actually, you are lucky, because I have the framegrabs from the new episode that's meant to be out later today: 30% Iron Chef. Yep, that's right, a full 12 hours and 45 minutes before it gets shown, you can see the Leela related grabs here!

My opinion about the episode is that it had its good moments and its not-so-good ones, but in general, I thought this episode was OK. I can't say too much more, in case I spoil it (not that the grabs haven't already contributed, but you don't have to go and see them if you don't want to). So, after all that, it gets a C from me.

OK, enough of this, you can fall out now!

General Leela's Last Stand... or two! Here's two montage pictures from Russell Dickson, which sit nicely in our Fan Art section. Both pictures have a war theme to them. The link image, though, is more apt: Leela's leading some Civil War troops against the evil that's Fox! The other image shows Leela and the crew fighting in World War One. Whether they're fighting Fox again is up to your imagination; let it be so!

April 13, 2002

It's bound to have happened! It seems that Leela requires some hero to rescue her from some diabolic foe who has imprisoned her and roughed her up. Any offers will be highly welcomed. Offers for help can be sent to The Voices, who was the one who actually drew this imaginative picture, for our Fan Art section, of Leela in her hour of need. Well, one thing can be said is that this is yet another quality picture from the industrious The Voices.

Hmmm... the Episode List currently shows my favourite episode, Parasites Lost, as the number one choice. However, why isn't Bendin' in the Wind at the bottom? Life's not fair! Please correct this by voting... pretty please!

April 12, 2002

Hmmmm.... ten days to go! While I prepare for the next layout change after getting some not-very-encouraging messages regarding the current one, there is a new pic from Blurgk Yaark, a new artist in our Fan Art gallery. There is also another pic by Anton Nelson, and another one from Captain Leela. The section now has 1260 pics! And by the way, the Episode List is showing some surprising ratings... the current Top Five is: 1. "Love and Rocket"; 2. "Parisites Lost"; 3. "Anthology of Interest II"; 4. "Love's Labours Lost in Space" and 5. "When Aliens Attack". Don't agree with those? Then head to the Episode Guide and go vote for your fave episodes! [Leandro]

April 11, 2002

Hands up... tentacles too! OutlawArt is back with yet another of his stunning pictures for our Fan Art section. Here we have Leela saving Amy from a giant octopus, in this continuation of OutlawArt's Bride of Lagoona series. I can see many of those self-titled "Amyholics" going crazy over this picture. Well, if it keeps them inside, glued to their computer screens, it's doing a fine job for humanity.

April 10, 2002

You must remember this: a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.... Hmmm... I was tempted to continue that subject heading till it got to the last word of that song, but I'll save you from that. As if you didn't know, as it's spelt out by Sofie's latest pic for our Fan Art section, that came from the 1940s film noir, Casablanca; a favourite in this household. In Sofie's picture, Leela plays Ilsa Laszlo (in the film, played by Ingrid Bergman), while Fry is playing nightclub owner, Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart). This is based on a movie poster for the film, where there's a lot of orange used... must be the Moroccan sand. Anyway, I love this film. The ending isn't one of your usual Hollywood happy-ever-after endings; it's a charm to watch, throughout. Alright, it's an old film, but I think it survives the test of time well enough. Enjoy the pic!

The second update is for our Sound Clips section, where I present the clips from the episode Future Stock. Well, even if I didn't care too much for the episode, at least it continues to fill our multimedia sections with Leela related material.

I must congratulate Leandro with that great Episode Guide section, as it's certainly taking off to be a monster, monster (Eric Hall can sue me for all I care!) section of this site. I can't understand why we didn't have this thing before now! Well, it's here... so please use it and vote!

April 9, 2002

One vote can make a difference! Right? Hee-Haw! I've spent the last five hours messing around with my scripts, and I've added a buncha stuff to the Episode Guide! For starters, I made some links to the Character Posession statistics from What Else? Futurama, so now you can see how long each character stayed on screen for the episodes that have this link. And, the big news... now you can rate the episodes you love, hate or tolerate with the EpisodeRank thingies, just like you can rate fan artists using the ArtistRank thingies! (I have really creative ideas for names, don't you agree?) The votes update themselves every ten minutes, so go and vote! And vote for other episode! And for other! And that other, too! You're done voting? Then head to the new Episode List, were you'll see all the episodes together in a single list! You can sort it by production code, airing date, alphabetically by title, or by the brand-new, patent-pending EpisodeRank thingies! Come on, go push your favorite episodes to the top with an "awesome" rating and bury your most-hated episodes with a "stinker" rating, now! I heard somebody gave a "very good" rating to that episode... you know, the one you hate the most? Yeah, that one... it appears it's getting to the top of the list! You're gonna let that happen? No, of course not! Go vote! That's a good boy! Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time for my daily dose of tranquilizers... be back later! And vote vote vote vote vote!!! Yipeee! [Leandro]

Attention 'shippers, say "Woo-Hoo!" now... There's a big load of Fan Art coming from Erdrik... fifteen new pics! The interesting bit is that the last ten pics, when viewed in order, kind of tell a story for you 'shippers (especially when viewed in the thumbnailed gallery). So go and enjoy this sort of comic! (If you're a F/A, L/B, or even L/A or F/B 'shipper, you better skip this update... this is a L/F exclusive! )

Big piles of male hormones, say "Woo-Hoo!" now... The Fan Art madness continues, this time with new pics by Zed 85; his 30th drawing of Leela pays tribute to the XXX roman numerals (his pics at TLZ got the numbers really mixed up, though). There is also two new pics by Anton Nelson, one of 'em being testosterone-friendly too. Enjoy! [Leandro]

Planet Hollywood Expresso.... Some days ago (quite a few, actually) Jens Eßer sent me the cover and the first page of a comic that he created, titled Delivery to Planet Hollywood. Unfortunately, due to the recent trouble with TLZ, it was put on the backburner, so to speak. Anyway, yesterday, the second page turned up, reminding me that I had to quickly put this comic up in the Fans' Comics section for all to see. Anyway, to stop rambling on and on, here it is, with page two, in all its glory. Basically, the story's about a delivery to Planet Hollywood... as if I really had to say that!

Hmmm... not only did Jens's comic get delayed, but so did another update for our Fan Fiction section. Anyway, I managed to encode this and get it onto the site before the author finished writing the sequel to War and Peace. So, welcome Erdrik's first fanfic for The Leela Zone (I think I'm right in saying that this is Erdrik's first fanfic ever), which is titled Secrets Revealed. The story starts with Fry and Leela having to share a secret that can't be shared with the world: they're in love. Actually, it would be right to say that Fry wants to shout about his relationship with her to the world, but is being held back by Leela's wishes. So, how long can Fry keep a secret? Well, find out by clicking here. Quite a nice start on the fanfic front for Erdrik.

April 8, 2002

Yipee! The pretty numbers are back! Well, with some creative scripting, I managed to get the counter back without the graphics module! It'll only show the number if you have an IFRAMEs-capable browser; if you don't, it'll just show a pretty button for TLZ with no number (but will still count you). It even looks prettier than before! To celebrate the ocassion, I uploaded four new pics by Douglas Hilliard to our Fan Art section, after battling with the script for half an hour since it didn't work... just to discover that it was because I uploaded it in binary and not ASCII ... still making newbie mistakes after two years! [Leandro]

Adventures in /usr/bin/perl's backyard! After deleting and rewriting half the code of my Wallpapers script, it's working again! So there is a couple of new Wallpapers up, one by The Voices that was up before this mess, and one by Weissbrot that I just uploaded. Time to change that background again, people! The counter's still out for lunch, but it's happily writing it's daily logs. I also modified the script that generates the Episode Guide (yeah, it's script-generated... what did you expect?) and now it has links to each episode's media stuff in other parts of the site.

Meanwhile, in Hackertown... A huge batch of Uses for a Hacker is here, featuring guest stars such as Tweety, Turanga Munda, Daffy Duck, and Leandro! Hmmm, wait... better don't click that last one [Leandro]

April 7, 2002

The Unnatural.... Looks like things are picking up since our extended downtime. Leandro is fixing his beloved CGI scripts, while I'm lazing about doing sod all! Nah, I think I'm doing something, and it's called updating the Framegrabs section with the latest episode. So, welcome the grabs from A Leela of Her Own, which have been taken from an MPEG, resulting in better quality and larger grabs.

Originally when I heard about this episode, I have to admit that I thought it wouldn't cut the mustard, however it seems that my worries were wrong. There were some good comedic moments, as well as some touching scenes. Seeing some more of the confusing blernsball was a treat; Leela "beaning" players was a hoot (that depth perception sure hurts); Leela realising she was being used as a novelty was quite sad. Anyway, I won't call it a great episode, but it was certainly good enough to keep me entertained. I give this episode a B-. Enjoy the grabs!

Phew... let's not do that again. Okay! After hours of corageous battle, I've managed to get the Fan Art uploader working again, as well as the eCards section, and the Puzzles section (which was a MAJOR headache). Pretty much everything that could get screwed got screwed in this move, so I still need to fix other scripts, like the the Counter: it is logging you, but we're missing the graphics module, so it won't show the number until it's installed. Also, the Wallpapers uploader is going to be a bit harder to fix than the Fan Art one... so go send an eCard while I fix it [Leandro]

April 6, 2002

Oh, no!!! My beautiful scripts!!! Well, hello there! We've been moved from our old server to a new one, and that's why you got all those weird errors in the past days. The content is all here, nothing was lost... and there is even a new section! Say hi to our new Episode Guide! This section is... erm... well, a guide to the episodes! Enjoy, while I try to fix my beloved CGI scripts that got completely screwed in the move! No eCards, no Puzzles no Counter (well, not visible, anyway), no uploaders for Wallpapers nor Fan Art... they're totally screwed! I'm going to fix them as soon as possible. Meanwhile, enjoy the non-CGI stuff in here... which is a lot, too! [Leandro]

April 4, 2002

Just in case you didn't see this the first time.... I have three new pictures for our Fan Art section from The Voices. Two of the pictures haven't been seen on this site, but one, the one featured as a link image, has been. Well, why am I showing this again, you may ask? With which I'll answer: it's great, that's why! I'll leave you to enjoy The Voices work in peace, while I go and see if I can download episodes of The Critic in the DivX format, as my source seems to have disappeared.

April 3, 2002

Hearts murmur! Firstly, I've got some emails asking if Leandro has really left The Leela Zone to join Leela Lover.com. Now come on people, when was that update done? Yes, it was April Fools day! So, hopefully that's solved that mystery. Actually, he's really off to join CGEF... alright, I'm really, really dead meat now! Yes, MTVCDM, that wasn't seriously meant, either!

Now to the real news. Captain Leela has come up with another sketch for our Fan Art section. It features Leela and Fry suffering the consequences of Bender "manhandling" the PE ship in the episode Love and Rocket.

Good afternoon, sir. Well, here we have a new fan artist called Kennedy, who's come up with this "scan art" of Leela in the episode Space Pilot 3000, where she meets Fry for the first time. Kennedy wanted to make sure that I credited him for this work. Well, to make absolutely sure, I'll just say that this work was done by Kennedy. [Graham]

April 2, 2002

Hmmm... Risque! New design's up, as if you hadn't noticed or read Leandro's updates! As to Leandro's excuse about being drunk, well there is a tendency to admit a lot of stuff when under the spell of alcohol. But yeah, maybe Leela Lover.com can pack the champagne away for next year, as we've still got Leandro. I think he had a session with the Robot Preacher from the episode Hell is Other Robots (and a few other eps), and is now buying lunch for everybody and quoting The Corrs' lyrics. Still, he's back! I mean, what would this site be without him? Let's not think about it!

Why am I talking nonsense, when I can introduce another hand-drawn picture from Sofie, which sits nicely in our Fan Art section. It's an original picture that's taken from a poster advertising the film Cabaret. This film starred Liza Minnelli and dealt with the period when the Nazi's were taking power in 1930s Germany. It's quite an interesting film, as it contrasts the surreal world inside the cabaret club with the brutality that was unfolding outside its doors. Expect to see another film related image of Leela soon.

Crap. See what happens when I celebrate? Yesterday, April 1st, was the Second Reopening Anniversary of The Leela Zone! That's right, two years and one day ago the site was getting its last update by Mark LeWald... and six days after that, there was the first layout change... Leandro Madness had began! Anyway, yesterday I was very happy with the reopening anniversary and so I had a... little... bit... more than I could handle... of alcohol. It appears that I was babbling nonsense the whole day, and some of that grew into rumors that Gossip Graham promptly placed here. I was so drunk that I didn't even change the layout for the day! Oh well. After locking Graham out of the FTP, forcing him from now on to suffer my CGI uploading scripts ONLY, all is back to normal here. There's even a crappy new layout!

I will now read the mandatory speech... Or maybe not. Just give you a few stats: since the anniversary update last year, the counter has logged 150643 more unique visitors... it read 83398 one year ago, and it currently reads 234041. That makes an average of 413 visitors/day, while the first year it was 228 visitors/day... an 80% increase! Last anniversary, the Fan Art section has 404 pics... now it has 1226. And is now a CGI-updatable section, together with the Wallpapers section (currently with 120 wallpapers), which allowed for some little toys like the ArtistRank thingies. And, after all the sites that closed last year, we're now the oldest living Futurama fansite... and the most-relayouted site of the web, too. Well, you still reading? Sheesh, you're a sucker for punishment, aren't you? Well, I just finished downloading the 10MB realvideo version of Future Stock (leave the MPEGs for ADSL guys like Graham), so I'm off to watch it. And, one last thing: The Corrs rules! [Leandro]

April 1, 2002

Hankering for a spankering! On this day, I bring you the framegrabs from the new episode, Future Stock. I wasn't too keen with this episode, feeling that the subject matter could have been put to better use. For some reason, this episode seemed to drag along, which isn't a good thing when you want to be entertained. So, for the Graham-o-meter (yeah, lame!), I give this a D+ (my expectations for a Futurama episode merit a C).

Onto the Leandro front, which many of you probably don't believe, but it's true, nonetheless! Apparently, this isn't the whole story, as it seems that Leandro has now decided that combining his musical love, The Corrs (yeah, don't all retch at once!), with his favourite sci-fi animated show, Futurama (well, duh!), into a single site is what's needed.

This is what he communicated to me about an hour ago: "I think it's time for a cross-over site, where we can have the best of Leela combined with the magnificient violin talents of Sharon Corr [Sharon! Essex girl or what! ]. I think the Futurama community would benefit from this kind of stuff. Anyway, it beats Nirvana, System of a Down and N'Sync, or whatever your kind listen to." With that, he signed off. Alright, I have to admit that I did provoke him by laughing about Sharon Corr playing the violin like Leela plays a golden fiddle, which was probably not a good move on my behalf.

So, it looks like I'll have to plead a bit more for him to stay, as well as not to inflict his musical tastes upon you lot.

Damn Leela Lovers! Hands off! Well, I don't know what to say, I'm speechless! I have some unfortunate news to bring you on this site's second anniversary of its re-opening. Leandro, who has been with the site since it re-opened two years ago, has decided to quit in two weeks and join forces with Matthew Lenahan in running and redesigning Leela Lover.com, in order to create "a new Leela site that would be ten times the site that TLZ is". I just couldn't believe it, I thought he was joking and taking the piss, but apparently he likes a good "challenge", saying that being a "top Futurama site had lost its initial interest", and that it was about time he started at the very bottom and worked his way back up again. Anyway, he also said that he felt a bit sad about LeelaLoverMatt's departure and wanted to help him with running his site. I know that he'll be angry about my spilling the beans on this matter, but I just had to part this drastic news to you; it's only right.

However, maybe all is not lost: if people ask him nicely, he might reconsider. So, please, help change his mind and save this site from lame Graham inspired designs (a fate worse than death). Convince him that a move to Leela Lover.com would be a wasted journey, and that he should continue with The Leela Zone. Whatever happens, I wish Leandro the very best, as he's been a great servant to this site; just look at all his layouts, for one!

Don't worry, I'll soldier on by myself, especially when I can bring you updates like what I have for you. The Voices has come up trumps again with two wallpapers. The link image shows Leela starkers in bed, where something or other has occurred (I wonder what it was?). While his other is a work that shows his recent fan art work, where Leela is holding Nibbler. Both are excellent! Worthy of being shown on this site's second anniversary!

Well, I'll end again by asking you to beg Leandro to reconsider his proposed joining with Matthew Lenahan, and to stay with this site. Come on Leandro, The Leela Zone needs you!