April 2001

April 30, 2001

Marilyn Monroe's 7 Year Itch pose! WELL since we're doing celebrity poses, and since I'm old enough to actually have Marilyn Monroe as my first heartthrob, I've done a couple of Leela Monroes for the ladies of the zone. So heres a couple of our one-eyed wonder woman's poses from another great Monroe hit for the Zonettes out there. [Smiley]

Black holes: the universe's mysterious mood killer. Got some lovely additions to the Sound Clips section, from the episode A Flight to Remember. This is up there as one of my favourites, and I can imagine that many Shippers will rate this episode highly, too... for obvious reasons! Awww... green doesn't fit her envious face! [Graham]

Ups... my mistake, sorry. The First part of "Lookin' For Snu-Snu in all the Wrong Places" by Kryten in the Fan Fiction section was incomplete, i made a mistake when copying the story from word to html. It's completed now, sorry everyone. [Dave]

April 29, 2001

Taking a cruise in the fluffy blue boat... ... this heading had no relevance what so ever, but at least I didn't use it before . We have three new pieces of Fan Fiction, parts 14 and 15 of "Someone has made him the fool" by Zapp's Woman and the first part of "Lookin' for Sno-Sno in all the Wrong Places" by Kryten, definitely worth a read! Hmm... Dude, is it just me or is the Futurama Fan Fiction Scene booming with life lately? Must be my positive influence . j/k [Dave]

My mailbox went Nuclear!!! .. with all the Fan Fiction I received. Sorry it took me so long to get it uploaded, as you know I've been away and really busy (it's the whole real-life-thing again, you know... ) but now it's finally here. The next 8 Parts to the "Someone has Made him the Fool" Series by Zapp's Woman, which should keep you busy for a while, and by a newcomer to the scene, Slick, the first three parts to the new series "Fry's Departure". Personally I LOVE that one, I strongly suggest you go read it right now. Now! About my site Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace which is still down - The new server is on-line but we didn't get the Domain Name working just yet, so be patient - i'm really sorry but we'll get the thing working ASAP. [Dave]

April 28, 2001

Why is it that they seem to always come in threes? Now, here's a section of The Leela Zone that hasn't been updated for some time, the High-Quality Grabs section. So, I decided to make some additional ones from the MPEGs that I've been downloading, and the quality is very good - I hope they are in your eyes, otherwise I need to start wearing glasses whilst doing computer work!

The episodes that I've acquired them from are: Amazon Women in the Mood; Parasites Lost; The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz; The Day the Earth Stood Stupid; and That's Lobstertainment. I'll do some additional ones, from some other MPEGs that I have, some time in the future; hopefully not as long as you've had to wait since this section was last updated. [Graham]

Purple Haze. Another four hand produced pictures have been made by Zapp's Woman for our Fan Art section. The titles of these helpings are: Sgt. Pepper; America's Favorites--Leela and Country Music; Land O' Leela; We Feel Free (the link image).

As has been said before, if you have any Leela fan art, then send it here to either Paul or myself and one of us will put it up for you. Enjoy the pictures! [Graham]

New Artist / Old Artist I got e-mailed 2 pictures by Alexander Gustafsson, they are interesting pictures to say the least, one features Leela and Kudos (Simpsons Alien) and what I can only describe as a Leela Nightmare.

There is also 1 new picture from me called "The Wink" and it comes from "Cyber House Rules". I'm going to be taking a break from Leela scan-art for a while, as Futurama Scan Art Central is beginning to become Leela Zone 2.

However is Leela fan-artists want to e-mail me with your art, I'll gladly post them here.

April 27, 2001

Getting away with murder. Our Paul A Metcalfe has come up with another wallpaper for The Leela Zone. This one is taken from the episode Anthology of Interest I, featuring how Leela stops Fry from squealing about her killing of the Planet Express crew. Seems that both sides were quite happy with this arrangement! [Graham]

Jealousy - the eye says it all! Now, here's an episode written by Eric Horsted (writer of the worst ep, in my opinion, Bendin' in the Wind) that I truly feel is a great: A Flight to Remember. Alright, the Bender segment wasn't fantastic, although it wasn't bad, either, but the other parts were really up there in quality, especially those involving the character that this site is devoted to - yeah, I hear the groans that you'd expect this coming from me. Anyway, I have Framegrabs from this episode; click on the image to view them.

I have put up two additional sizes (1280X960 and 1280X1024) of Paul's latest wallpaper, so now those of you who use these resolutions can now have some wallpapers from our little abode of Leela goodness... or whatever! [Graham]

Phuu... just came back from a 3-day holiday and find my mailbox full of precious updates :). About half a dozen Fan Fics are waiting to be uploaded, but I probably won't get that done until tomorrow or sunday. I'm really busy with all kindsa things at the moment, and Sunday will probably be when I'll update the Fan Fiction section. Sorry guys, but i've really got lotsa stuff to do. Just a preview - we got the next 6 (!!! that's right - up to part 11) parts of Zapp's Woman's "Someone has made him the fool" series and a new series "Fry Departs", the first three parts of that to come on sunday. Until then - ta ta [Dave]

April 26, 2001

Ohhh... the colours! Here is another addition to The Leela Zone's large amount of wallpapers devoted to Our Favourite Cyclops. This one is from our very own Paul A Metcalfe and features the laundramat scene in the latest episode, Bendin' in the Wind. The colours... the colours... they're so beautiful, man! [Graham]

Monkeying about! New Sound Clips are up for the episode Mars University. Could anyone answer this: what is it with Groening and monkies? [Graham]

First Impressions Last. Back again, not bad 2 updates from me in the same day, and this time I'm updating my art.

2 new ones today - "By The End Of Tonight, One Of Us Will Have One Eye" from "Cyber House Rules", it should have been on here 3 days ago, but I forget to upload it.

The other is named after the title, and is a scan of Fry and Leela's first meeting, way back in "Space Pilot 3000".


Zapp's Woman Strikes Again. This makes a change for me, updating someone else's Fan Art section. 4 new pictures have arrived and they're called :- "Leela Lipinski", "Leela Monroe", "Swiss Miss" and "California Dreamin'".

Needless to say normal service will be resumed in my next update with some new scan-arts and at some stage another new wallpaper for the site.

April 25, 2001

Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Two more pictures for the Fan Art section by Sofie. The link image is from Anthology of Interest I, where Bender tries to extort money from Leela, after she has killed Hermes. The other picture is from the start of The Deep South, where Leela is defleaing Nibbler. Go on, give these pictures a view - *PING*... dinner's ready! [Graham]

April 24, 2001

Bummer! I've added to the Sound Clips section clips from the new episode Bendin' in the Wind.

Still feeling that this episode, even after two additional viewings, wasn't really up to much... was it really Futurama? Here's hoping for a return to the right track, even if it's in a Volkswagon camper van. Groovy man... far out! [Graham]

Is this a dream, or a nightmare? The Leela Zone has four new pictures from Zapp's Woman for its Fan Art section. The link image, What Women Want, is bound to make some Leela fans' hearts jump out of their mouth in horror... but, sometimes the best artwork is that which shocks. The other three are titled: Fire From the Engine, Lots of Smoke; Toronga T-Bird; and Leela Angelicus. Hope you enjoy them! [Graham]

This might qualify as an 'oops' OK. I screwed up this time. I managed to trash the FTP with the episodes so badly, it wouldn't even boot into safe mode without a kernel panic. So, after scrambling to find a Windows 2000 Pro CD, and a little bit of trickery, I at least restored the server. I still have not restored the applications, thus, the FTP server is down. If you still want the RealVideo episodes, I can be found on IRC on DalNet under ShakenNot_Stirred, in #macintosh. If you like, I can dcc a few people them. I hope to have the server restored in a day or so, I'm too tired to do this tonight.

Also, for some reason, I bought a Voodoo3 3500 TV today to replace my TNT2. The graphics performance seems identical, and more importantly, it has a hardware MPEG-2 compressor. Hopefully, as long as I remember to tape them, I can get VERY high quality captures of episodes made, without those annoying frame drops and audio pops that the TNT2 tended to put in. [Shaken, Not Stirred]

April 23, 2001

The Sporty Scanner Returns Well, I'm back after a brief interlude while my site Futurama Scan Art Central got a well deserved new look.

Tonight I've included 3 new scans and 1 re-vamped one (no. 63 called "mmmm", you'll see why when you look).

No. 103 is called I'll Just Get The Lights from Anthology Of Interest I.
No. 104 is from a request by the head-honcho Leandro, and its from Luck Of The Fryrish.
No. 105 is called "Sporty Gocart Leela, So Hip And Sexy Not Like You At All" also from Anthology Of Interest I.

I've also seen "Bendin' In The Wind", and although it didn't feature too much of Leela, I still thought it was a good episode.

The new washing powder with the reddy-whiteness! Warning... Graham rants below!

Well, I have to say that Bendin' in the Wind was an utter disappointment for me. OK, the guest star wasn't bad, Beck is quite a good musician, but when an episode of a show becomes celebrity led, it tends to grate me. I just hope that future celebrities in Futurama don't end up dominating the episode and turning this great show into what has become of The Simpsons - a celebrity back-slapping festival! The episode had little humour and nothing else to compensate for that, either... now, that's the end of my rant!

However... to the stuff you want to read about. I have the Framegrabs for this episode; click on the image to view. I hope you can enjoy the grabs more than I enjoyed this episode. Here's for the next episode, Time Keeps on Slippin', which I'm looking forward to. [Graham]

April 22, 2001

On your marks.... Get set.... Wait for it! Here's an episode that seems to divide fans - Mars University. Quite a few people seem to either like it or loathe it; however, saying all that, I find it a reasonable middling episode, with some good moments. Still, it's all a matter of opinion, in the end of the day. So, saying all this, I have Framegrabs from this episode; click the image to view. Time for some monkey business... as they say: monkey see, monkey do! [Graham]

April 20, 2001

"Thanks, but I'm not technically human." - Don't you start! The Leela Zone now has sounds from the popular episode When Aliens Attack; you can find them and other clips, from other episodes, at the Sound Clips section. Now to go and search for the wisdom that TV brings... actually, forget it, I'll stick with the net and search there... actually forget it, I'll read a book... actually, I'll stop all this and finish this update! [Graham]

Cool as Ray Charles! Here I present two more pictures for the Fan Art section by Sofie. Both are based on the fanfic Fry's Return by Silverwolf, which was requested by our very own Paul.

Also, talking about fanfics, may both Sofie and myself wish Brad Rousse a very happy birthday... go there, Brad! [Graham]

Ouch II. Hackers beware once again... Smiley's got four new Uses for a Hacker ready. There's also two new pictures in the Fan Art section parodying Aeon Flux and Lara Croft. Go check that out. [Leandro]

What if Planet Roadmap closed... Well, first we'd all kick Jason's behind until he got back to work ... but if that does not work, try TV Seek. This is a search engine and directory listing of sites on Futurama, Simpsons, and other series. There's 148 sites listed now in there (against an overwhelming 320 of Planet Roadmap), but they're trying to grow so give 'em a hand. [Leandro]

Ouch. I forgot to post a news item on this pic like a week ago. New art by The Force (a poweful ally it is), on Fry's delusions of being a robot. Nice pic, altough the colors are a bit too bright. Check it out. [Leandro]

Happy Birthday Brad! One of the best Fan Fiction Writers in e-town is celebrating his birthday. All the best Brad! [Dave]

"Horray, I'm being useful!" The Interactive Stories are gaining a bit of life, and the content's overall good qualtity, so check it out. We have 4 new pieces of Fan Fiction - the next two parts of Zapp's Woman's "Someone has Made him The Fool" Series, and two fics by Max from Say Argh. This guy has a great sense of humor and his material reads like an episode script, great stuff, i'm sure you'll agree. [Dave]

April 19, 2001

Same Pic, Different Artist This is a total fluke (believe me), the day that Graham posts Juliet's version of "Restoring Fry's Humanity", I present my scan-arted version.

I like the new The Leela Zone look with cute in-joke below the ad bar.

I hope "Bendin' In The Wind" is one of the better Bender story lines from this season, personally I think we've had too many Bender ralted stories and not enough of the rest the crew in comparison.

It's close to midnight here in good ole England, so I'm signing off now.

Yes, this is The Leela Zone! When Aliens Attack is one of those episodes that finds itself at the top end of the list, in many fans' eyes. And, there is no exception here, either. I find this episode hilarious; the Omicronians are such a great laugh. So, I have pleasure in having the Framegrabs from this episode for you to view; click on the image to view. Leela playing a bimbo lawyer... LOL! [Graham]

One eye good, two eyes better? Ooohhhh! Lovely new layout... nice one Leandro!

Here is more work from Juliet for the Fan Art section at The Leela Zone. The link image (appropriate for our new layout) is from the episode The Cyber House Rules, the other one she presents is that kiss scene - Leela trying to restore Fry's humanity - from Insane in the Mainframe. Take a gander. [Graham]

April 18, 2001

Awww... just short of the 90,000 mark! Yeah, looks like the next update will fall after the 90,000th visitor at The Leela Zone. However, enough of this self-indulgence, now to more important business....

Brad Rousse has been quite busy recently, as he's produced three fanfics in as many days for us. His latest offering, Out of Time, is the fanfic he wrote for Sofie, as a thank you gesture for the picture he requested of Fry and Leela on a liferaft, watching the Titanic go to its ocean grave. Please give this a read, it's lovely and moving! [Graham]

There's Something in The Air.... .. and it's Fan Fiction ! Zapp's Woman submitted the third part to her "Someone Has Made Him The Fool" Series, and Brad wrote a very moving story called "A Splendid And Wonderous Thing". It's powerful and gives the Leela/Fry relationship an interesting twist. Read it now if you know what's good for you [Dave]

April 17, 2001

Page 3, Your Time Has Finally Arrived One week on and it's time for Scan 101 (Hee Hee I'm A Poet And I Didn't Know It).

One of my most over-riding memories from " Insane In The Mainframe" was this scene, where an (alleged) robot Fry get his and most Male Leela Fan's greatest wish. I say alleged because no robot I can think of would have speeded up the Beeps in such a fashion.

I've got some more Leela scans from "Cyber-House Rules" and "Insane In The Mainframe" in the next couple of days.

Now I'll get back to listening to the excellent "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of War Of The Worlds". [Paul]

Zapp's Woman's Easter tidings. Here's another picture for the Fan Art section from Zapp's Woman. This one is titled Easter Sunday, depicting Zapp's Woman's interpretation of what spiritual beliefs Leela might have during the Easter period. [Graham]

Monday Monkey lived for yesterday! The Sound Clips section has been updated with additions from the episode The Cryonic Woman. Now... where's my pizza! [Graham]

It's good to be home! Well, between the downtimes and The Hip Joint, I didn't show my face here for nearly a week. But I'm alive, altough I won't be updating 'til the weekend again. Onto the update: there are four new pics by ]DarkDemon[ in the Fan Art section. Nice quality, huge resolution. Check 'em out. [Leandro]

Rejection is a painful business. I've just put up, in the Fan Fiction section, Brad Rousse's latest work, Simplified. It's a moving story about Fry entering depression after that fateful night when he was chucked out of Leela's bedroom in the episode Parasites Lost. Leela goes around to sort things out and tell him, frankly, what she feels about him... but, what does she find and how will she react? You'll only know if you read it. [Graham]

April 16, 2001

Their pride and joy! Two more lovely pictures for the Fan Art section have been made by Zapp's Woman. The one that's the link image is titled Tell Me On a Sunday and the other one is In May. These are lovely images, please take a look and enjoy them. [Graham]

There's no pizzazz in pizzas! Woo hoo! I can do an update... the world can now suffer! I've added to the selection of Framegrabs from the episode The Cryonic Woman; click on the image, as usual, to view.

I know that Paul seems to hate this episode, and even though I don't think it's a good one, I still think that it has its moments. It started well, but, in my opinion, the end portion did let it down. However, forget me... enjoy the grabs! [Graham]

April 15, 2001

Zapp's Woman strikes again... (gee, i haven't used that heading before... ) She submitted another Fan Fiction, go check it out. LiC is still down.... Nova and me have a MASSIVE update for it prepared, as soon as this whole mess is sorted out we've got a treat for you. [Dave]

April 14, 2001

Woo! Episodes! Yeah! Right? After a long, long two weeks, I finally have my internet connection back. Some evil squirrels and a bulldozer decided to play havok on my cable/satellite lines, so I've been without any kind of internet connection to the server, thus, the Episode Download links have been useless. It has been repaired, and hopefully, will stay that way. I have updated it with the two latest episodes, "The Cyber House Rules", and "Insane In The Mainframe" in both RealVideo and MPEG formats. Enjoy.

If anyone is interested in me starting to encode these episodes in DivX as well, I'd certainly be willing to, just send me the word. [Shaken, Not Stirred]

We're not mopey... you shut up! Yes... let's all shut up. Actually, let's not... because I have some stuff for the Sound Clips section, coming from the episode I Second That Emotion. Just think, Nibbler loves to eat puppies... poor Andrex dog! [Graham]

April 13, 2001

Zapp's Woman enters new ground... Zapp's Woman submitted a piece of Fan Fiction, go there and have a read. New votes are also up, and the Interactive Stories are finally showing some signs of life . Just a note: Love's Labors Lost in Cyeberspace is currently off-line due to server move/troubles and DNS troubles. As soon as we get on-line again I've got a massive juicy update prepared, so look forward to that. [Dave]

Errr... and now for something completely different! I've created two new wallpapers from two of Sofie's pictures. The one you can see is of Leela, all ready to receive Fry, in the episode... yeah, I know... Parasites Lost, the other one is from The Cyber House Rules featuring the wink she gave to Mom's three sons. Both these look great on the screen... try them out. [Graham]

Mrs Queequeg to be! Good to be back after Smoovenet's server change... although I'm still waiting for the FTP server to be functional, as I have a videoclip to put up... maybe that's for another day.

However, I have two new pics for the Fan Art section from Sofie, the one on the right is from the episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid, where Leela seems occupied with Queequeg of Moby Dick fame, the other is from the episode... guess... Parasites Lost... you didn't need to, did you... where Leela hands back Fry's holophonor, after his foolish, as well as insensitive, remark about Amy and backrubs, etc. Hope you like them! [Graham]

New stuff... Four new pics by Robert Hawks from Futurama Fan Art found their way to his Fan Art page; his total is now 70 pics. He also made a Screensaver with pics by him, but our FTP is not yet functional, so it will have to wait a little before it gets posted here. Stay tuned. [Leandro]

We're alive! In case you attempted to come here earlier and saw a nice page about this site being empty, that's because SmooveNet changed servers. The downtime was of only a couple of hours, tough, thanks to Rubén Gutiérrez from Futurama en Español (and owner of this domain) who redirected the DNSs as soon as we got notice of the change. Updates will come later... but we're back now! [Leandro]

April 12, 2001

All hells break loose! While the Futurama community seems to be in the middle of a civil war due to the loss of their capital, the Futurama Artists Community grows. A caravan of three new pics by Tobias has just arrived to The Leela Zone, making our trade route stronger. In other news, The Hip Joint, a Futurama message board not hosted at any site and whose characters' forum will replace our current Message Board very soon, has just opened. It uses UBB, so if you used to visit the Planet Express Employee Lounge, you'll find the interface is nearly identical. It was not going to open until its domain was ready, but the current URL was posted at another site, so go and enjoy it anyway. Contact the admins if you find a problem with it. [Leandro]

April 10, 2001

Oh, the humanity! I've just completed the Sound Clips from the latest episode, Insane in the Mainframe. Hope they meet your satisfaction.

As said before by Paul, I don't know what the heck Sky One (the UK channel that broadcasts Futurama) are doing. Rather than show the episodes The Cyber House Rules (it was meant to be shown last weekend) and Insane in the Mainframe (which was meant to be shown this weekend), they want to show some daft compilation programmes about the latter decades of the last century! Why can't we have a programme about the first decade of the 31st? [Graham]

Into The Next Century, Well Gang, I've finally made it to 100.

This scan was intended to be here on April 1st, when The Leela Zone hosted it's re-site 1 year anniversary, but due to my PC problems it's been delayed by 10 days.

This picture hold special memories for me, as it was my first and only attempt at drawing Leela freehand using Paint Shop Pro. I sent it with pride to Leandro last October, only to be proverbially shot down in flames, when Leandro complained it was too pixelated to be seen here. Unfortuanately due to a Hard Drive crash, I lost it, so I can't even post it to show the difference.

Well, Leandro, how do you like the new improved version of my first and only non-scan art? I always planned to do this one for Number 100 out of badness.


Beep... beep... beep... beep! Well, Insane in the Mainframe was quite a good episode, even if Leela wasn't that much in it, her contribution was great! It's always nice to see some bonding still continuing between Fry and herself.

Well, to work... I've done the Framegrabs for this episode and if you click on the image you can be taken directly to their page. Hope you find them interesting... you better!

Oh, yeah, as if you didn't know... Can't Get Enough Futurama has bitten the bullet. In many ways this is quite sad, it did play a major role in helping make the Futurama website world flourish, in the past; but, it could also be said that this might sprout a new beginning for the Futurama website world, one that may lead to better things... let's hope it does.

Oh, welcome aboard Planet Roadmap, may your stay with us be a good one. [Graham]

Blinking is fun... Our new artist The Force has sent his first scan. It's nice to watch his three pictures at the Fan Art section and see how quickly his ability developed. The first image is pixelated; the second is aliased but not-there-yet, the third one looks great. Way to go! I guess that's what happens when the Force is strong with an artist... [Leandro]

CGEF has died... long live TLZ © Graham It had to happen eventually, and it did. Can't Get Enough Futurama, a site that hosted The Leela Zone for a long time but was lately being barely ever updated, has finally closed. Jason Peavey gave the matter much tought and he finally decided to close it. Josh Wheatley supported this, as did other people. You might be wondering what will happen to Planet Roadmap, as it was hosted there... well, Planet Roadmap is now sharing a folder here at The Leela Zone, for a while anyway, until their new domain is up and running. So, if you're webmaster of a Futurama site, make sure to update your links; the Roadmap to the Futurama (and Planet Futurama) await your visits. [Leandro]

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King The The Leela Zone 99th Metcalfe Scan-art is now at the site ("I Did It, I Blunk").

I personally will miss the Planet Express Employee Lounge messageboard at the now defunct Can't Get Enough Futurama, because if it wasn't for the Fan Art section of the messageboard, The Leela Zone would be lacking 99 scan arts, LiC 30+ scan arts and my own site Futurama Scan Art Central would not exist.

Saw "Insane In The Mainframe" brilliant episode. [Paul]

April 9, 2001

Oh... my... Those Rancors were very tough... it took half my rail charges to get rid of one of them, and thank god there was some health packs in the pit. In any case, there's a new fan artist here, with 13 pics: Tobias from the Futurama Artists Community. That is a really nice Fan Art page that needs to grow, so check it out, and send pics there. [Leandro]

Use the force, Luke! Welp, there's seven new pics in the Fan Art section. One by Andrashar, three by ]DarkDemon[, one by known podracer Robert Hawks, and two by [play "Training Jedi", John] The Force. Why, I feel the need to blast some Rancors now. Be right back... [Leandro]

April 8, 2001

Horray for Planet Roadmap! Sweet sweet weekend. I slept for twenty hours yesterday for the first time in a month. I downloaded the counter stats thingie and well, looks like the server logs are mistaken, or there are a lot of other sites linking to stuff directly and not to the pages themselves. Oh well, I don't mind a little leeching. In any case, the counter logs say 3198 visitors in a week, a daily average of 456 visitors, and Planet Roadmap being the main referer with 16% of the visitors coming from there. Usually Google-a Seerch is the main referer, but this time, Planet Roadmap was two hits ahead [Leandro]

At last... I can wink! Here are two more pictures by Sofie at The Leela Zone. The one that's the link picture is from The Cyber House Rules, where Leela winks back at Mom's three sons. The other one is from Parasites Lost (yes... more from that episode... both of us here must be obsessed with that one!) featuring that kiss scene. Enjoy the latest installments. [Graham]

Creeping Ever Closer - 2 To Go. OK, folks as the title gives away scan-arts numbers 97 ("Under The Mistletoe") and 98 ("Leela Bring Fire") are now available for you perusal.

Under The Mistletoe is also available as an exclusive wallpaper at Love's Labors Lost In Cyberspace.

I've just realised that I'm going to hit 100 scans here at approximately the same time as hitting 200 scans over at Futurama Scan Art Central, that doesn't include the 40+ wallpapers I've done, and I've even got seperate scan-arts planned for each site, so Scan 100 here at The Leela Zone will be Scan 199 at FSAC.

I hope tonights episode "Insane The Mainframe" is good, it shows so promise by the hints given out by FOX, but sadly there is no new episode planned for Easter Sunday.

I've no idea when SKY over here in England intend to show "Cyber-House Rules" as mysteriously it's not on tonight.

Ah well, I've typed and scanned enough for today, keep eyes peeled for Nos. 99 and 100 within the next week.


April 7, 2001

Flushing in New New York.... A big hi to all you Leela/Futurama fans, and also to those of you who are accidental visitors here; either, wanting an Indian actress or the sidekick for Tom Baker's Dr Who. I've just created a large selection of Framegrabs from the episode I Second That Emotion; click on the image to view them all.

Nice episode, felt that the interplay between Leela and Bender, after he had the empathy chip implanted, was great. Also, this episode raises some questions about Leela's species... where two human mutants, both cyclops, at least one of them having purple hair (the female mutant), appear in the background. However, better not keep pointing that out... I sound like a broken record! [Graham]

4 To Go Until The Magic 100. Yep, that's right folks my 96th Scan-Art ("True Friends") has made it's appearance here at The Leela Zone. It was inspired by a thumbnail for an episode clip at Love's Labors Lost In Cyberspace. It is also a wallpaper on my site Futurama Scan Art Central.

Having finally watched "Cyber House Rules" I was a little disappointed with the Leela/Adlai storyline, although the end sequence in the jail cells and at the orphanarium with Fry more than made up for it. Bender storyline was excellent (for once).

I already know what The Leela Zone Scan 100 is going to be, and when Leandro see's it he'll understand it's significance (I hope). [Paul]

April 6, 2001

The illusion is complete! Got two more inclusions for the Video Clips section: the first is from the episode The Series Has Landed, where Leela is first designated captain of the PE ship; the second is from War is the H Word, in which you see Leela, with added hair, beating the crap out of the "Big Z"... about time! [Graham]

As Promised. Back with a vengence, I'm happy to present The Leela Zone with my lastest 3 Scan-Arts, all done on a lap-top using a finger-pad thingy and not a mouse.

Scan 93 - Egg-Speriment From "A Fishfull Of Dollars"

Scan 94 - From "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" - also a wallpaper on my site Futurama Scan Art Central

Scan 95 - After The Operation From "Cyber-House Rules" (Haven't Seen It Yet, But SKY BOX OFFICE here in England has CIDER HOUSE RULES currently showing - similar plot-line I believe, Doctor falls for his patient). [Paul]

WOOOO! I've just completed, for the Sound Clips section, sound files from the episode Brannigan, Begin Again.

Also, for this section, I've created parallel pages with links that point to our public FTP site, in addition to the normal HTTP links. This is just in case our regular links are ever down, so that you can still go and get the sounds that you want. [Graham]

April 5, 2001

He's Back. After 20 days without my own PC, the Star Scanner is back. I've got some new content to upload, but that'll be 'morrow as I still excited about having my own PC back.

One in a million... Reed from the now-gone Big Book of Futurama (sniff... I miss that site) has scanned two Leela pics from The Cyberhouse Rules, episode I half-loved, half-hated. That guy Adlei was totally a bad match for Leela; I don't think she would stay for long with someone so, erm, "unable to express emotions". When he gave her that little, "kiss" for lack of a better word, I was expecting Leela to grab him, smash him against the tree, and show him what a REAL kiss is. Plus the Leela plot was too predictable. But the Bender plot was so brilliant... if I ever get a DivX version of this episode, I'll make myself a "viewer's cut" with only Bender's plot. [Leandro]

Enough of your mindless chitchat, let's get going! I uploaded one new pic to my section; thanks to Sofie for her advice on drawing hands... I believe I got this one quite nicely, altough now the legs are the problem. Oh well, one step at a time. I also found three of my four "lost pics" at the Futurama Outlet (longest lasting Futurama site on the web) and so I added them to my page, even while they look very awful. Now if I could just find the one I'm missing... [Leandro]

Back in time... Hi people! It's been a little while, uh? I've been quite busy turning time into money and money into things, then using those things to spend my time. I actually got to wake up in four hours, but oh well... I miss the web, a lot. Anyway, you may or may not notice that the counter is gone from the left navigation bar; that's because it appears most of you won't let the page load completely and so the counter does not count you. I hid it at the top of the page, where the browser should load it first. I expect the visitor count to increase a lot while it's there; the server logs show like 900 computers requesting content, but the counter only shows 300 or so; on April 2nd the visitors count was very high for the counter (648 visitors) but still, according to the server logs it should be a lot higher. We'll see. [Leandro]

April 4, 2001

Carnival time! Here's another lovely work for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section from Zapp's Woman. The artwork, titled Manteca, or Brazilian Leela, depicts Leela in what appears to be Brazilian carnival dress. Keep up the good work, Zapp's Woman.

We've had some good new entries for Leela fanart, recently, and we'd love this to continue. If you have any Leela related artwork to show off to the world, don't hesitate to send it to us. [Graham]

It's good to have the old, weird looking, Leela back.... If you go to the Sound Clips section you'll find the latest installment from the most recent episode, The Cyber House Rules. The more I watch this episode the more I enjoy it... but, that could just well be my own bad taste. [Graham]

Couch potatoes. I've just made up two wallpapers from Sofie's fanart work. The one in the link picture is from the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two, in the scene where Leela transforms herself into a Peggy Bundy clone. The other is for you Shippers out there, it's the one where both Leela and Fry are staring into each other's eyes (presently I'm using this as my current wallpaper). Have fun! [Graham]

That's what it's like to be the man behind the scenes ... yea yea, so my "updates" look incredebly boring in comparison to the others , but what can ya do. I updated the votes for the Fan Fiction section, not supposed to be a big deal but quite a few changes have occured. Just for the interested. The Interactive Stories are going slow but with good quality content, so go there and write away . We are still looking for story starters, so if you wanna contribute send me an email. [Dave]

Double take! Here's a sweet image, at the Fan Art section, from a new fan artist, Edeltraut, of what she felt that Leela was going to look like in the episode The Cyber House Rules. She did this before the episode aired, and whether it's an accurate depiction or not, it deserves to be exhibited, as it's just so pleasing to the eye. [Graham]

April 3, 2001

I blunk! Go to the Video Clips section, where I've put up three clips from the latest episode, The Cyber House Rules; you can click on the image to get there.

The first is a clip of her when an orphan child at the Orphanarium, being picked on; the second is when she sees herself with two eyes; and the third is when she realises the mistake she's made, discovering the merits of being different. [Graham]

Still more hackers to use! For our anniversary, The Leela Zone's good friend Smiley has come up trumps again, with four more installments of Still More Uses For a Hacker (Numbers 111 - 114); great laugh!

Also, he's done two more comical artworks for us. The first involves comparing The Simpsons' alien duo, Kang and Kodos, with two Futurama characters; this can be viewed by clicking here. The second involves Nibbler finding something that The Simpsons' Bart has lost; this one can be viewed by clicking here. Have a laugh! [Graham]

April 2, 2001

Looking good! Got the DivX for the new episode, The Cyber House Rules, eventually... thanks Marc! So, the Framegrabs of the episode in question are now up; click on the image to view them.

Loved the episode, very good storyline and some moments where you understood the feelings that Leela would be having... and feeling for her in the inevitable end. Good ol' Fry, it has to be said... wisdom comes from strange places! [Graham]

You shall go to the ball. Two lovely pictures by a new fan artist, Zapp's Woman, are up at The Leela Zone. Both are depictions of Leela in fancy attire. The link picture is titled Toronga's Song of India and her other one is called Leela Southern Belle. Enjoy these lovely pics! [Graham]

Taking out the trash. Take a look at a second picture by Juliet. This one is from the episode A Big Piece of Garbage, and shows the crew off to deal with a large asteroid of New York rubbish that is hurtling towards Earth, threatening destruction in its wake. [Graham]

Double vision! Just a quick update. Downloaded the RM version of the episode The Cyber House Rules and watched it; very good, conveying several emotions as well as some good laughs, too. I'll wait for the DivX version of the ep to come out before producing framegrabs and sound clips. In the meantime, here's a picture of Leela with two eyes. Click on the image to get a larger view of the framegrab that was made. [Graham]

April 1, 2001

Making eye contact. My second update on our site's anniversary brings you two more pictures from Sofie. Both pictures are taken from that magnificent episode Parasites Lost (her favourite episode, as well as mine). The link picture is when Fry turns and looks into Leela's eye, while the other one is Leela sitting on the bed, after Fry walks back in. Enjoy both pics!

However, while you do that... it's still birthday time at The Leela Zone, so go and have some more cake. Mmmm... cake! [Graham]

You'd rather look at the new design than care about me! Well... congratulations to The Leela Zone for its year anniversary since re-opening.... What day is today, It's our website's birthday, What a day for a birthday, Let's all have some cake.

So, for my first update today (I have a treat coming in my next update), I present to you the Framegrabs for the episode Brannigan, Begin Again; click on the image to view.

BTW... it's great to see the interactive stories are up and running again... may they attain their former glory. [Graham]

And the first story is in... Just a reminder (in case you haven't noticed already) we have the first of hopefully a few Interactive Stories up and running, so pay a visit. [Dave]

Whoo Hoo - I've Made It At Last Happy 1st Re-Opening Anniversary The Leela Zone.

I'm still not back on my own PC, but as this is a special occasion I've begged (literally) to let my friend use his PC to update this page.

I've also provided my 92nd Scan ("Sniff Sniff") and a new Wallpaper called "Mother Of All Backrubs", which Leandro requested.

My PC should be back up and rocking, this week (I hope), over 2 weeks without my own PC is pushing it a little on the "Star Scanner"'s sanity level. [Paul]

EeEeEeEe.... CRASH ... I'm Back!! Hi everybody! I'm finally back in businiess for The Leela Zone! It's been a while, with the work on my other Futurama Site, Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace, the closure of the Interactive Stories here and a busy "real" life , but now for the first anniversary i'm glad to do something again. I'm in charge of the Interactive Stories, like in the good ol' days, and will from now on manage the Fan Fiction Section. I'll collect and analyse the votes, and if you want a Fan Fiction posted you can send it to me (don't have to tho ). [Dave]

Happy Anniversary, Leela Zone! A year ago, The Leela Zone reopened. I'd like to show you what has happened since then.

At the moment of closing, The Leela Zone had almost exactly 10 MB of content. Currently, it's hard to say since there's content in HTTP and in FTP, but we have over 150 MB for sure. The Fan Art section is the one that has experienced the most extreme growth: it had 15 images at the moment of closing and it has 404 now. The counter has seen nearly 500 unique visitors in a single day several times, and it currently reads 83398 visitors. We've had 15 layouts or "skins", including this one, that was uploaded today.

A month after reopening, Planet Roadmap rated the site Excellent, and we've stayed with that rank since then. We also received a "Site of the Week" and two "Site of the Month" awards, to call 'em something, and we're generally received as a quite nice site.

A lot of people... and I mean, a lot... helped to keep the site alive and grow through this year. If I start listing I'll miss someone, and I'll make this update even bigger than it's actually... To all who helped: you know who you are, and how thankful I am.

To quote ol' Frank: It was a very good year. Here's to this year being even better. [Leandro]

Maximum Warp, Engage! Robert Hawks manages to get propulsion online by rerouting power from life support to the plasma induction coils, and he reaches the finish line a millisecond before Elzar! Robert Hawks wins the two-months Fan Art race, with 65 pictures! Congratulations Robert! [Leandro]

Finish line right ahead! Germán "Elzar" Minces keeps going easily at full impulse towards the finish line... Robert Hawks still being unable to make his engines work... Four new pics are here, with a total of 64 pics. It seems like Elzar's the clear winn... SWOOOSHHHHHH!!! What was that?! [Leandro]