April 2000

April 30, 2000

Yes! The system works! I just noticed that The Leela Zone is ranked 9 at both The Futurama Elite and The Futurama Oscars. Thanks, people! We sure as hell appreciate it. [Leandro]

The auxiliary power's out and they spilled my cocktail! Well, not really, but if you visited The Leela Zone in the last five minutes you probably noticed something crazy going around here. Happens that I just did several internal changes to the site (all to the CGI scripts) and well, that required a little change to the main HTML files. The only change that you will notice is that the Opinions section now posts the data right after you enter it (but I'll still view every message via email to moderate the "board"); all the other changes are internal an have little effect in the site's appearance or content. My flu is worse, thank you. But nothing will make me stay away from the comp'... not even a 39°C fever with a horrible headache and constant sneezes. [Leandro]

April 28, 2000

In lighter news... Well, lighter for you: I'm sick. Nothing serious, just a damn flu, but since I keep staying up at 4 am in the computer, it gets worse and worse. I probably will be offline for a while. [Leandro]

CGEF? Meaning, of course, Can't Get Enough Framegrabs? Matthew has selected framegrabs from all the episodes we didn't yet have: 172 new framegrabs. So go check the Standard Framegrabs section. Of course, we really really thank Can't Get Enough Futurama for letting us use them. [Leandro]

Her destiny lies in your hands, so don't screw it up!!! Hey, just to make things even more interactive here at The Leela Zone, I am going to write the first chapter for a Leela interactive story. And people, please leave out any situations of sex involving Leela. That first chapter will be up within the week. [Matthew]

Coming soon to The Leela Zone, near you... Finally after many hours, every frame grab is recorded, and soon to be up. You may thank me by building a statue of Leela and I holding hands on my front lawn. Ok, I'll give the grabs to you first, then you give me the statue after. Okay? [Matthew]

April 26, 2000

I'm alive, yes. Okay, there's a nice update today. First, we've got a new Fan Art by Marcelo Mottalli. Second, we've got a new section: Screensavers, thanks to Robert Hawks. Third, the Links page has been updated. And fourth, if you have Quake 3 go check this Leela model at PlanetQuake. [Leandro]

April 25, 2000

Cough, then fall over dead. No wait, I'm alive. More or less. I just got back from a visit to some relatives that live 1,135 kilometers away and well... I'm thinking in calling the Sunset Squad before going there again. Geez, what a week. I'll be tweaking the site this week, without adding too much content. One of the improvements I had almost ready last week is now online: our own visitors counter, that I wrote in Perl to replace TheCounter.com's one, which wasn't working properly. My inbox is FULL with form submissions that were submitted LOADS of times, no doubt waiting for a confirmation page, so I'll add a page that just says "your message has been sent" or something. I'll post one or two Opinions now. Hmmm... I think that's all. Read you all once I get some sleep and unpack. [Leandro]

April 18, 2000

So long, people! Okay, tomorrow I'll be a couple thousand kilometers away, and without a computer, so see you all next tuesday! I uploaded a new Fan Art and added a Contact Form. Plus the Opinions section now has forms too. [Leandro]

April 16, 2000

Finally online! The Wallpaper I promised is now online (I'm not at home, so it uploaded at a nice speed). My ISP still doesn't work, however, so I won't update too much. Plus my morale got lower than a limbo stick at carnival time after reading the news of Jason's departure from CGEF. And Wednesday is only three days away! Ugh. This ain't a good week. Maybe when I come back from the Chaco next week everything will go better... [Leandro]

April 15, 2000

Marcelo's back! Yes, Marcelo Mottalli from Futurama Latinoamérica created another great scan of Leela! Go see it! He also did a Wallpaper with this image, and it's now uploading. Assuming my connection keeps working for another forty minutes, it'll be up soon: it's uploading at 0.14 kbps (ewww!!!) [Leandro]

For all you requesters... If you're one of those who requested the framegrab of Leela and Amy in the steamroom, start partying: I managed to upload it (at 0.38 kbps! I hate my ISP) and it's now at the High-Quality Framegrabs section. There's also a couple of new Opinions up. By the way, Andie from Can't Get Enough Futurama did framegrabs for all the episodes, so the Leela framegrabs will be here as soon as Matthew has time to select them. [Leandro]

Several years ago I tried to log onto Ciudad Internet, and it just went through! Well people -- my ISP is working LIKE HELL lately. It doesn't connect, and when it does it works at 14.4 kbps and after five minutes I get disconnected. That's why yesterday I deleted the poll but didn't post the results: the connection broke while I was writing. If you'd send an email and didn't receive a reply, don't send it again: the email is there, I just can't download it. Anyway: 54% of you like the new design more than the old one, 27% like'em both the same, and 19% like the old one more. So, the new design is staying -- but it will change a little when my ISP starts working again. Send ideas my way. I will attempt to upload a little stuff now. By the way, I'm going on vacation next Wednesday, and I won't be back until Monday or Tuesday. [Leandro]

April 12, 2000

Answer the poll! I put a poll about the site's design: do you like it more, less or the same than the old one? Please answer, it only takes three clicks! If you want to suggest a change for the site's appearance, just enter it in the comments field of the poll. [Leandro]

The 40s Femme Fatale! "She walks into a grundgy gumshoe's life, she gives him the worst alibi, the sappiest sob story, no leads, she's probably guilty as sin, poorer than dirt, but he'll risk a bad rep and slammer time just for a taste of those lips." Check out the new Fan Art by Smiley. [Leandro]

April 11, 2000

Nothing new... Well people -- the next couple of days I'll be focusing on learning to update Futurama Latinoamérica (whose HTML code wasn't done by me so I need to understand it before meddling with it) to start uploading some stuff there; and creating the much-promised Zoidberg and Nibbler avatars for Can't Get Enough Futurama, as well as the skins for How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back that are a week late now. I'll still update The Leela Zone when I get content (I already have a great Fan Art to post as soon as I can), but I won't be creating content myself (like sounds, skins, stamps, etc.) for a while. Don't fret anyway: The Leela Zone won't be going into hibernation anytime soon . [Leandro]

April 10, 2000

Framegrabs! The Framegrabs from A Bicyclops Built for Two and How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back are online. Matthew selected 54 grabs from 2ACV09 and 11 from 2ACV11, so go get 'em. [Leandro]

Oh, my god! I may have found my wife! That's what Matthew said when he saw the new Fan Art we've got online: it's an absolutely awesome image of Leela made by Dusty Petty for the site Futurama Fan Art. The image is very high quality (764x1053 pixels) so go get it! [Leandro]

From the creator of The Leela Zone... While I was browsing the deep jungles of My Harddisk trying to put some order (and finally giving up), I found four Leela images made by Mark LeWald, the man who created this site. They are really nice, so go see them! [Leandro]

Third time's the charm... Okay, I had not really given up: once again I changed the HTML code of the site and now Netscape Navigator shows it perfectly! YES! The Leela Zone is now compatible with the three major browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Opera. That's right, Opera is a major browser, face it Rubén! [Leandro]

Browser compatibility... I changed a lot of HTML code so the page will look great in both Internet Explorer and Opera (even while Rubén from Futurama en Español says I'm the only one in the entire world that uses Opera), but I've given up on trying to make Netscape Navigator understand that "cellspacing=0" means that I don't want space between cells in the pages, and that a cell without content must show anyway. [Leandro]

April 8, 2000

New grabs and new design! What an update! Once again Matthew Riley from The Futurama Archive gave us All-Leela High-Quality Framegrabs! Go see them, you won't be disappointed. Plus, and you surely noticed this by now, The Leela Zone has a new design! Please give some feedback about it, everyone I've asked so far thought it was "Fantastic", "Good" or "Awesome"; but I want to hear YOUR opinion! [Leandro]

April 7, 2000

New Fan Art... Marcelo Mottalli from Futurama Latinoamérica created this image of Leela as Miss Universe right at the same time I was doing my version. I personally think Marcelo's version is better than mine (those gradients look cool), so go get it at the Fan Art section. [Leandro]

New section today... Yes, we have a Stamps section! Now you can add a Leela touch to your email messages, or print'em. There's also a new message in the Is she an alien or a mutant? thread. Last but not least, the Futurama Fan-o-Rama #28 has a Leela tribute. [Leandro]

April 6, 2000

CGEF is back! Yes! I just logged in and got a pleasant surprise: the best Futurama site on the entire World-Wide Web is back online! Go there! Also, there's a new Fan Art by myself. This one didn't take four hours to create like the Miss Universe one, fortunately. [Leandro]

As long as it's less than five... Has Leela got the perfect boyfriend? Find out at the new Fan Fiction by Marissa from the Futurama Fan-o-Rama: Sex, Lies and Aliens! Also, there's a new Fan Art by Marcelo Mottalli from Futurama Latinoamérica. Thanks M&M! (No pun intended ) [Leandro]

April 4, 2000

Geez, what a night! I just finished a Wallpaper and Fan Art that was requested three days ago by someone called JT Weasel. I spent four hours on it, but I like the result. Also, the Plot Treatment (Fan Fiction) by Matthew is online: Reducing Reproduction. [Leandro]

You're in the women's steamroom... Thanks to Marcelo Mottalli from Futurama Latinoamérica we have a new Wallpaper of Leela from Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? Thanks Marcelo! [Leandro]

Feast your eyes on this! Matthew Riley from The Futurama Archive gave us four new High-Quality Grabs, from A Bicyclops Built for Two. Thanks Matthew! Also, the Links page got a new site, and now includes each site's button. Also, there's a new message in the Is she an alien or a mutant? thread. [Leandro]

April 3, 2000

Oops... The thumbnails for the 2ACV03-2ACV04 framegrabs will work now, I confused the extension. Also, I'd set up the News Archive page, so if you want to see what have we done since the reopening, go there. [Leandro]

Words are worth a thousand pictures. I just read that new fan story submitted, and boy is it dramatic. As I read, I saw the title Science-Fiction-Drama written all over it. If you like intense stories, with indepth character analysis in them, then waste no time, go read it! Also, I just wanted to announce that I will be submitting my 1,000 dollar plot treatment anytime now. What is a plot treatment you ask? It's what a script sometimes looks like, before it's in script form. I wrote it for a contest on SPRAWL. What is SPRAWL you ask? Looks around for who keeps asking these questions. Well, for example: How traffic has gotten so bad cause of world population. I hope you'll like it when you read it. Oh, and why is it my 1,000 dollar plot treatment, cause it may win me 1,000 dollars in a contest. YAHOOOO! [Matthew]

High-Quality Framegrabs! More and more stuff today! Thanks to Matthew Douglas Riley from The Futurama Archive, The Leela Zone now has High-Quality Framegrabs for your viewing pleasure! All these grabs are 640x480, and even while each one is quite big (around 70 KB), I'll be damned if they aren't worth the download. Thanks Matthew!

The framegrabs are back! Matthew spent several hours selecting 273 Leela framegrabs from Can't Get Enough Futurama, so we now have the Framegrabs section back! Thanks to Andie from CGEF for letting us use their framegrabs.

Little improvements... I did several minor changes for this update: the Sounds section now has a page for each episode instead of mixing them all together in a big page, the Links page got three new sites, and Rubén from Futurama en Español gave us the link button we lost in the move from Onlytoons, so it's now in the links page. [Leandro]

Lots of new stuff today! We have online a new Fan Art and two new Wallpapers by me (one of them with a image by Grosse). There's a new thread in the Opinions section: Is she an alien or a mutant?. Now each thread includes a little framegrab, by the way. [Leandro]

What Leela requests, Leela gets... We have have online a big Fan Fiction by Steven Monroe! Go read it. It's the first part of a galactic trilogy: Paxlon. [Leandro]

April 2, 2000

Yet another Sunday dawns upon us Well it's Sunday again Futurama fans. I don't know about you all, but my stomach is in knots. Todays episode also looks like another great one. I can't wait. I just hope my VCR does not break on me. And as always, I hope Leela has a large part in the episode. [Matthew]

What you see, is only going to get bigger and better Ain't this site cool? I just wanted to let you all know that I am getting cracking on some new writting, to grace this page with. Also, other talents from the net. Who knows, maybe one of the submitters, might just work for the Futurama team some day? Don't you want to be there and say, I read their early work? Of course you do. Don't forget, thanks Leandro, you can hear Leela say something cute, or see if you and her match. If it's Leela, The Leela Zone will have it! [Matthew]

She says she "loves every living creature", but what about Zapp and Fnog and... Oh, you're here. Sorry, I got carried away after reading the update to the Howcumzit?! section that mtvcdm sent us. Thanks Aaron! Also, there's a new opinion about the Potential Leela/Fry romance. [Leandro]

So what's new? Some of that content that "I had no time to get up" yesterday is now here: the Sounds from I Second That Emotion and a way cool Fan Art from Marcelo Motalli (webmaster of Futurama Latinoamérica). There's more stuff coming up tonight, so come back later... [Leandro]

This is officer 1BDI, requesting Fan Fiction... Have you read a good Leela story? Please send it. I know The Futurama Outlet has over a hundred fanscripts, but we need someone to read them and submit the good and Leela-related ones. If the story's at the web, just send the URL. [Leandro]

April 1, 2000

Welcome to The New Leela Zone! Hi there! The Leela Zone is now open for all Leela lovers everywhere! The site has got plenty of new content during the move, like the Sounds section. We also lost some content -- like the Articles pages, but after all, this is a Leela site. Head for the Futurama Chronicles to get articles. Everything is working great, I just uploaded some last-minute stuff.

There is some content that I just had no time to get up. Expect lots of updates in the coming days. Wanna know what will be here soon? I ain't telling ya . Sorry, just stay tuned! [Leandro]

Welcome Futurama web page surfers. A long time ago, there was a young, new site called The Leela Zone. It needed lots of attention to keep up however, it was unable to recieve that as it's web master had school to keep up with. Although the webmaster wanted to give, he could not. So he passed on the site to two great men. One who had the knowlage, and know how to help The Leela Zone evolve into a newer and better form. The other man, one who loves that purple haired, cyclops with all his heart, and would dedicate his life to her, and the many ways she appears. Together, they form The Leela Zone, and I hope you, the web surfers enjoy your stay; and come back soon, cause I guaruntee that you will see at least an update every other day. [Matthew]

Fellow Futurama fans... As of now, I leave The Leela Zone in complete control of Matthew Lenahan and Leandro. I would just like to thank all of those who have contributed so much to the site since its humble beginnings. Even though the site is, as of now, mildly successful, it is a lot farther than I ever thought it would be.

These days, I've been very busy preparing for college (less than 1 1/2 years left of High School), getting a portfolio together, and dedicating a lot of time to my artistic endeavors. Between all of that, very little time is available for even an iota of work at The Leela Zone.

I've enjoyed dabbling in the Futurama web community, and give thanks to all of those who have helped me and who have taught me so much about website design. Thanks "Grosse," whoever you are. You really helped me get started! Thanks also to Matthew Riley, Matthew Lenahan, Jason Peavey, Leandro, and all the rest. I had fun, fellas!

Yours ever, [Mark]