March 2013
Wow, two updates in the same week! It's just like old times
Posted on March 29, 2013 by Tim
Ok, well, it's one day past March 28 and still no news about renewal or otherwise. The waiting game continues. Personally, if there is going to be a renewal announcement, I'm guessing (and I have no inside information about this) that they'll wait 'till Comic Con to say anything.

Meanwhile it's business as usual here at the Madhouse, so before I grab the mop and the tranquilizer gun and head over to FMMB to ... uh ... change a lightbulb, here's a couple of things. First is a Fan Art by Awalex. He says that it's a parody of the game “Portal”. The Planet Express team are having fun with a new invention of the Professor's while Bender tries to seduce turret and “borrow” Fry’s wallet.

And if we were to have a contest where you had to take a scene from Canon, change one line, and call it a Fan Fiction, this guy would win tentacle down. I speak, of course, of Rush and this can only mean one thing - a new rushfic called Kill Bots. It's set during Love's Labors Lost in Space and, before Leela has bigger (or possibly smaller ) things to be angered by, she warms up by getting angry at Zapp's tactics on defeating Kill Bots.
Crush ... Kill ... Destroy!
Posted on March 27, 2013 by Tim
So which do you think was the better seller - Talking Bureaucrat Betty or Tickle Me Bender? Man, I tell ya, being a kid in the 'ramaverse would sure be different, wouldn't it? So what the heck am I talking about I bet you are wondering? Yeeah baby, I still got it. Well, it's like this - Talking Bureaucrat Betty is just one of the interesting 31st century toys that appear in the latest two page installment of Gulliver63's Fan Comic The Incredible Shrinking Bureaucrat. The new stuff starts on page 7.

And while we're on the subject, Gulliver63 also sent this Fan Art of a Bondian Fry. It was inspired by this thread on FMMB which asked the musical question what would a Bond themed Futurama episode be like and who would play what?

And one more spot of Fan Art, this one from LadyBender of Fry and Leela as elephant seals, based on the episode Naturama.
Hanging in there
Posted on March 22, 2013 by Tim
Things remain pretty quiet here in the boiler room of the Madhouse. The only thing to trickle in lately is this Fan Art from LaurenSmiles. It's Fry trying to escape from in side your screen. Lauren kind of hints that she may or may not be working on a Fan Fiction related to this.

Speaking of hints, Futurama fans continue to wait for definitive news on renewal or cancellation. Speculation is now centering on March 28, which is just about a week hence. As the date that Space Pilot 3000 originally aired, and the date on which Season 7 was announced, and now that the Mayan (and Martian) calendars have pooped out, Fans have pegged that as the next magic date. In related news, JavieR (head honcho over at TFP) asked Lauren Tom (voice of Amy) “The Question” via Twitter and her reply was “Don't know yet! Hope so!”. So everyone cross your various appendages, throw some salt on a horseshoe, and whatever other superstitious mumbo jumo might bring good luck - we need it.
The Future might be questionable, but the past is even more questionable
Posted on March 17, 2013 by Tim
And nothing is more questionable than a Fan Comic that explores the past of a race in Futurama, which is exactly what Inquisitor Hein's 30 does - it looks at where the Amazonians came from and spoofs the movie 300 in the process. And now there's six, count 'em, 6 yummy new pages to continue the tale, the new stuff starts on page 17.

So last time it was my unhappy duty to report that a confidential source inside Rough Draft Studios (RDS) says that the series has not been renewed as yet. The language used seems to be pretty definite that it won't be, and later this photo came through, purporting to be the official RDS "good bye" photo (notice DXC and MG second row center). This photo has been linked on a couple of the forums for a day or so now and speculation is running rampant - is it really the end, or do they do this at the end of every season? Only those on the inside know for sure, and only time will tell the rest of us. On a happier note, my source also says “Let it be said, because I've seen them, if this is the end, these last 13 episodes are some of the best we have ever produced. At least in our opinion. Try as we do, you can never predict what the fans will like. But we are all very proud of these last 13. Thank you for loving the show.” Note the ray of hope, _IF_ this is the end.

In closing tonight, I'd just like to say, and I think I speak for all Futurama fans everywhere, regardless of this is truly the end or not, a huge thank you to everyone involved in bringing Futurama into the world and making it the greatest show ever to grace the small screen. We fans don't always like every episode, and different people will love or hate different ones for different reasons. But in many ways this show has touched our lives and made our worlds a better, happier place. *does the hand thing*
News Everybody?
Posted on March 15, 2013 by Tim
When I started here at the Madhouse, Futurama was on “hiatus”, that twilight limbo that lies somewhere between canceled and not canceled. And what joy it was when the undead arose - to present the news of movies and of new episodes. So now we sit, awaiting the uncertainty of renewal as the last season, so far as we know, prepares to unveil it's secrets in a few short months. But today, an e-mail purporting to be from a highly placed source who ought to know (and whose name you would certainly recognize) arrived here at the Madhouse boiler room and it says “... the last 13 episodes coming in the summer are truly the last episodes. Same old story from season 4........ Not canceled but not ordering another season, right now.”. So that's not good news. That's not good news at all. But we Futurama fans are a hardy breed. We don't loose faith easily. Those last two words give us hope, and if hope was slim in 2003 well, it's not as slim now as it was then. Rumor has it there will be a Futurama panel at this summer's ComicCon, so fingers crossed.
Be it ever so Neutral
Posted on March 12, 2013 by Tim
Huzzah! An update, finally! Yes, things are still a little slow. I blame the weather. But there are a few things in the old queue today, so let's get crackin'. I think, of all the races in Futurama, the ones probably least represented in Fan Fiction are the Neutrals. In fact, if I've ever seen a fic that featured the Neutrals as main characters it left so little impression on me as to have no memory of it one way or another. Or maybe my brain is just leaky, but that's another story. So anyway, Gulliver63 decided that the Neutrals needed some face time, so here's a story of what happens when a certain delivery boy brings a little color into their otherwise gray and bland world. It's called Be It Ever So Neutral. Gulliver also did the cool cover art you see here.

More fan fic - Trenton Sands has fungineered a tale he calls Prison Of Doomed Souls in which Fry, Leela, and Bender are sent on a delivery to a planet called Turkianna which turns out to me just like a Turkish Prison. The prisoners there have to follow the orders of a mysterious voice, with terrible things happening such as being marked for execution and later on, a football game! Special Guest Appearances by Stan Smith, Roger the Alien, and Klaus from American Dad who come to our heroes aid.

And one last short story - a Rushfic called Bender Wants Cake. Bet you can't guess this one.
Of Leela, tentacles, babies, and time spheres
Posted on March 2, 2013 by Tim
Well, it's pretty much old news by now, but for the sake of anyone who's been under a rock or on Omicron Percei 8 for the last week, there's a sneek peek trailer (also available on YouTube) for the new season out and it's loaded with some pretty tantalizing things, one of which is Leela as some kind of tentacle monster. Never one pass up a challenge, kaspired whipped up this nifty Fan Art based on the three second glimpse in that trailer. My first reaction was the same as Fry - "AAAArughHH!". K sez “the clip showed just a random mountain of tentacles. I wanted to sow some organized chaos and more depth to the pile.&rdquo. So that begs the question, what is this episode about? Will it be a some kind of shock value schlock episode along the lines of "In-a-gad-da-leela" or something clever and funny? Time will tell.

Fan Comic
or Fan Art or both? It's only one page, but it is a four panel comic so I chose to put it in with the comics. It's from LadyBender and it shows Audrey, the daughter of Fry and Leela, who has quickly taken the place of Yancy as the PE's baby and it looks like Yancy is really bothered by this.

And in this Fan Art, Awalex considers the following: Futurama has time travel via time spheres, so there is a small but non-zero possibility that one might appear in my room and Leela pop out of it. What would I do? Dropping my coffee is one definite possibility. And, depending on what I was looking at one my computer, she might or might not be any too happy about it. What happens next? It's anybodies guess.