March 2009
What? No laser cannons?
Posted on March 31, 2009 by Tim
Got some really cool stuff tonight, and this time is isn't free beer. But that's Ok, 'cause it's even better. First off, here's a new Fan Comic. It's a whopping one (1) whole page, but it packs a lot of story into that one (1) whole page. It's by PrettyP and it's called Always On My Mind. What's it about you wonder? Well wonder no more, 'cause here's the deal: Leela mistakes perseverance for ignorance. She doesn't realize it, but Fry is always listening. PrettyP goes on to say “I've been watching Futurama for years but just recently decided to see what might be on the Internet about it. I adore this site! It's just chock full of goodies and info! This is a little something to contribute and to thank you guys for keeping up the site!” You're welcome.

Remember a couple of days ago when I said I didn't want to OD on Wow? Well, I know this is risky, running it so soon (and with that comic up above) but you gotta do what you gotta do. It's a new Fan Fiction by Razer Cannon, which rhymes with Laser Cannon. The story is called The Ghost of Shipping Future. In a plot highly reminiscent of Dickens' A Christmas Carol (except without laser cannons), Leela, still grieving over the death of Lars two weeks before, is visited by a “ghost” who shows her glimpses of her future. This fic spans all four movies and will make a whole lot more sense if you've seen 'em all. And if you haven't, it's full of spoilers (but no laser cannons). Either way, it does reconcile the irreconcilable character reactions from from BBS and BwaBB.
Heads in jars and Tims in bars
Posted on March 30, 2009 by Tim
Yes, I had a tough decision to make tonight, update Madhouse or free beer. Hmmm, let me think about this one for just a sec... As it turns out, free beer beats four aces in my rule book, so the beer won out.  But I still have just enough time to wedge in a quick update, so a real quickie it'll be. Let's welcome back Karl Palmer and his latest Fan Art. It's a pic of Stephen “Black Hole” Hawking from The Beast With A Billion backs and it's called “I didn't know I could do that”. I wish I could do that. It would make work ever so much more fun tomorrow.
More "Wows" than you can shake Bender's left arm at
Posted on March 29, 2009 by Tim
Let's start off year 11 FE (Futurama Era) by welcoming back another "old timer" (which if you recall is what I call anyone who last contributed before I came here ), Philbot. He sends a couple of 3D pics he did, one is a redo of a hand drawn pic he submitted before, and there this one, a new take the classic Futurama pose. Both were done using Lightwave 3D with some post work in Photoshop.

Every once in a great while, you get a Fan Fiction that makes you go "Wow", or, if you're a fan fic author, "I wish I could write like that". Now, in an amazing coincidence, I've received two of them. Here's one (the other we'll save for another day - don't want to OD on the "wow" ); it's by Corvus and it's called Tranquility Lost. It's a nice, quiet, tranquil day at PE, and Leela has a chance to relax with a cup of coffee and a magazine. That is, until Fry and Bender and some explosive duct tape show up.

Ok, last thing on todays 12/4 point agenda, just about a month ago, several denizens of FMMB got together in Washington D.C. at the Second Annual FMMB Fan Fiction Writers Symposium - there are pictures in Fan Photos / Gatherings. Anyway, a subset of that group (along with a honorary but not physically present member) organized the Futurama Fungineers and published a Manifesto. They are also rumored to be working on another project as soon as one the more time constrained (some would say lazy) members gets his act together and finishes his portion of the project.
Happy Birthday Futurama - 10 years and still going strong!
Posted on March 28, 2009 by Tim
That's right! 10 years ago today, March 28, 1999 the first ever episode of Futurama hit the airwaves and the world was never the same again. And to celebrate, we have this Happy Birthday Futurama Fan Art created specially for the occasion by Fry+Leela4eva.

Several people wrote to make sure I knew today was the big day. Thanks all for that, and special thanks to El-Man who was the first, about three weeks ago, and to our own code wizard Leandro, about four hours ago.

So Happy Birthday Futurama - we wish you many more!
Finding creative uses for Framgrabs since 3006 (or thereabouts)
Posted on March 26, 2009 by Tim
OK, I got a two-fer tonight. DSS has been busy again and has written both a song parody AND a poem. Now I've lost count of how many pieces of Fan Art and Fan Fiction I've put up, but I can tell you this - this is only my second poem. So it's called Leela In My Dreams.

DSS' song parody is a tribute to the end of Into The Wild Green Yonder called Wormhole. It's set to the tune Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. If you're not familiar with the tune, there's a really cool fan vid in our Video clips section that uses it too. Unfortunately, and this is my own personal bias, my favorite line of the song "You never know what you can do until you get it on the red line overload" didn't make it into DSS' parody. Oh well, you'll find both of DSS' latest in the Poetry and Song Parodies section.

In the “You can solve all of your problems by freezing them” department, I think I just figured it out - this is gotta be Izziee's mom.  Izziee as you might recall, is the main character in FrysBabyGirl's new Fan Fiction called (bet you can't guess) Izziee. Annnnnd here's Part 2.
I wish I was getting paid by the hour.
Posted on March 25, 2009 by Tim
Wait a sec! I wish I was getting paid at all 'cause on a duration vs effort basis this Fan Video could finance an extended vacation with maybe enough left over for a can of Slurm. You see, it's only about 8 seconds long and MissusPatches sent it to me something like two months ago. Video can be a real pain in the shiny metal sometimes and it took me a while, along with a lot of help from Leandro, to beat it into submission. But we finally got it and here it is. It's called Fry vs. the Robot Devil and it's a “short sketchy animation” of BeelzeBot and Fry and some fiddeling. Oh, and Bender and his two buddies, Grabby and Squeezy also put in an appearance.

Another big winner on the size vs I-wish-I-was-paid-by-the-hour graph is this Fan Fiction. It's part 2 of Cat1-Leela fan's debut work The Day Love Stole Leela. It's a short continuation of her after the wormhole fic.
What's that smell? Cheese? A rotten Easter egg? Something burning? Or maybe it's all three!
Posted on March 24, 2009 by Tim
This is one of those time when it's just better (and easier, did I mention easier?) to let the contributor tell it: “Hey, my nom de plume's SmokyGouda, I'd like to submit some Fan Art for the fans! This site is amazing, and I've been frequenting it since, like, a really, REALLY long time ago. Since I love other Futurama nerdlingers who support it as much as I do, I want to give something to them, like a drawing. And, coincidentally, I have one--a little Freela inspired by every shippy moment since Space Pilot 3000. Thank you, and goodnight!”. So there you go, everybody who's been submitting stuff since a really, REALLY long time ago, take a bow.

Don't look! Ooops, too late. You've seen it, you can't unsee it. Rush found this easter egg on Disk 3 of the Season 1 DVD. In the chapter selection for A Flight To Remember, look out for a round red button marked “Do Not Push!” (and I guess they really mean it). I made a new Easter Eggs page in the Miscellaneous section of the Framegrabs page for it, just in case anyone finds any more.

And a couple of other interesting finds that Hammer87 turned me on to. The first is this Futurama time line. It's one of the most complete time lines I've ever seen, including some stuff I'm gonna have to back and look for. Anyway, it ought to be real handy for the Fan Fiction authors.   The other thing he spotted is an interview with David X. Cohen. Despite the article's less than optimistic title, DXC makes a lot of positive sounding comments about the possibility of a return, and he closes with “there's a lot of reason for optimism.”. One other comment he made was this: “The response to the DVDs has been really strong, It's a surprise because obviously we'd been off the air for years. We wondered how deeply the fans cared about the show.”. We cared, David. We cared a lot. We carried the torch through the dark times, and we'll continue to carry it on from here.    Futurama Forever!
Some more of those Futurama Fan Thingies
Posted on March 23, 2009 by Tim
Some of you may remember those cheezy motivational posters that were popular a few years ago. Perhaps there's still a few left around your school or place of employment, left there by some clueless bureaucrat who is still stuck in the 2990s. They're pretty much spoof fodder nowadays, and of course they're all the more fun with a Futurama subject, like this one from Futurama_Freak1. Those that have seen Wild Green Yonder know how well that worked out.

And we've got another Song Parody. This one's called The Zapper's Message To The Neutrals. It's by Rush and it's set to the Team America theme song, and yes, for those that are familiar with that, it did require a little rewording.

Ok, are there any Dr. Zoidberg fans in the house? Well you're in luck, 'cause over in Fan Fiction land there's a brand new one from Trenton Sands called Its Not Easy Being Zoidy. The reason it's not easy is that Zoidberg is poor. So one day he gets fed up with it, gets himself a mask, and takes up bank robbing. Of course the good doctor has as much luck with that as he does with most things and it isn't long before he's caught and sent to prison. The PE Crew realizes they're better off without him until Fry grows gravely ill and only Zoidberg knows how to cure him.

Kif! Get over here, you've got to try this. It's more Framegrabs from The Beast With A Billion Backs, courtesy of me. It's Part 2, also known as 5ACV06 this time.
Today this side of the universe, tomorrow the rest of it
Posted on March 22, 2009 by Tim
Holy Cow! Two of the other webmasters put in appearances! That doesn't happen very often. Thanks guys. I took a look at that yesterday and said "Woo Hoo! I get a night off." But all that means is that the contributions have piled up deeper, so it's back to work. Being a nerdlinger in good standing, the time was well spent - I made Framegrabs for the first part of The Beast With A Billion Backs.

The message from FrysBabyGirl started out by saying “Hey! I'm a massive Futurama nerd and I'm good at writing so I thought I would take a whack at writing a Futurama Fan Fiction!!” and she went on to say “Futurama Madhouse is my favourite Futurama site”. What an amazing coincidence, FM/TLZ is my favorite 'rama site too, so with all that going for her, here's the fic - it's called Izziee and it's about a girl who lives in the stupid ages (eg about now) and is frozen and sent to the future exactly like Fry. It turns out in the future there are some twists and she gets to meet some very special and well known people - The Futurama Crew! And letís just say that she has a crush on one of them. I'm thinking it's either Scruffy or Hermes, but you'll have to read this fan fic to find out!

One of the many great joys of being a webmaster of a site like this is the opportunity it presents to make a complete Fry out of yourself in front of the entire world on a daily basis. Like the other day (March 19) when I featured BackToTheFuturama's Fan vid Do You Like Coffee? and I couldn't figure out how he made the leap of logic from Death Clock to Dethklok. Doh! Anyway, the upside is that I received a note from Slumdog who writes “I have drunk 100 cups of coffee...I kid you not! I loved that episode and decided to test Fry's theory that coffee doesn't keep you up. Thinking about coffee keeps you up (I think that was in there XD, but its true). Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I am known for doing crazy things (eg. running through the slums in South Africa. Lol) So I vowed to drink them and I achieved that goal on 23 September 2008. It took only 4 days. I'll look for pictures if I have any... And I didn't end up in a hospital but I'll tell you that I shook like a jack hammer. Why yes, I am crazy, but that's why I watch Futurama! =)”. And you know what? I know that Slumdog is right, 'cause just thinking about shlim drinking a hundred cups of coffee is going to keep me awake. Oh, and shlee went on to say that FM/TLZ “is the badassit futurama website on this side of the universe!!!”.
Hooray! I'm sharing art with friends!
Posted on March 20, 2009 by Kenneth
Yes, I've actually got some Fan Art. Some Fan Art I feel should have been on the site long ago in fact.

You see, I was talking with a good chat buddy in the chatroom for the The Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks Central (formerly The Groening Fanworks Central (formerly The Simpsons Fanworks Central)) and while looking at some of her impressive artworks it suddenly dawned on me: She didn't have any of this up at FM:TLZ! So here I have been chatting with this fantastic artist for God knows how many years now, and I only just clicked now that I hadn't offered her the opportunity to display it here.

So, I present to you now, the fantastic work of Assistant Crone. Along with this fantastic Zoidberg picture thumbnailed here, she has even more highly detailed and brillant pieces of work. She has a penchant for sea creatures (such as Zoidberg), but also has coloured works based on that of The Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks Central webmaster, fellow Futurama artist and writer of the popular Parallel Lives series Graham Dawson in there. When you check out here gallery, make sure to hover the mouse over each image to get descriptions and quotes from her regarding the images. That might help clarify some things, according to her.

Anyhoo, that's all for now. I'll leave you all to stare at the wonderful art. Later
Someone's moody, and it's not me...
Posted on March 20, 2009 by Graham
When we write on this website, we do so with joy in our hearts and goodwill in our minds. We're so happy when doing this, that we just ignore all the spam we get in our email accounts due to pure bliss. Really, we consider running this site such an honour, that we'll ignore all the Fox cease and desists we received in the past. We're just soooo happy doing this and having the opportunity to express our thoughts to you all. Yes, even you, Cubert. I know we might come off as a bunch of ranting nutcases, but we're just high with pure Futurama joy. You might think this is a sugar overload, but we love sugar here. However, there is someone who doesn't care too much for sugar, being high with joy, bliss and the like. There is one who has darkness in her heart. There is one who probably would write tonnes of whingey stuff about not being appreciated. Yes, there is one who'd go on a rampage if she got just a little bit of spam in her email account. That person is *dun, dun, duh music* Leela. Yes, Leela can be a bit mopey and self-absorbed, but at least someone thinks about her. I mean, she's not been the same since this website decided to not concentrate on her and become a general Futurama website (despite the fact that many still see us as The Leela Zone). Oh, jealousy.

Anyway, someone still appreciates her enough to create a picture of her. Welcome this work from Leila, which goes in our bulging Fan Art section. Leila seemed to go AWOL for a while, but she's back with this moody picture of Leela. Maybe Leela is a bit peed off that Leila hasn't created a picture of her lately, so is a bit sulky. Don't worry, though, because it might lift over time. Like a thousand years or so. Anyway, nice to see Leila is back and still contributing. Let's hope for some more. Now let's continue with the bliss. Ahhhh...
I'll take that short, sweet, shippy, and black please.
Posted on March 19, 2009 by Tim
Having run out of caption screens to make wallpapers out of, at least until somebody decides to make more Futurama, BackToTheFuturama has gone back to his old standby, the Fan Video. Seems he was watching A Big Piece of Garbage where the Professor presented his Death Clock invention and he got this great idea to do a vid of Fry drinking a hundred cups of coffee in 300 Big Boys. What the Death Clock and ABPOG has to to with 300BB and coffee he didn't say, although I'm guessing that if someone actually tried to drink a hundred cups of coffee, there'd be a death clock kind of thing going on. But anyway, he did a vid that he calls Do You Like Coffee? and it's set to the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle by Dethklok. Make mine a Mocha Latte please.

Ok, I get to trot out my handy all purpose WGY framgrab one more time 'cause we've got another after the wormhole Fan Fiction. It's by Tornadoboy and it's called The Darkest One. With a little “encouragement” from me (think Bender and Zoidberg at the pet show in The Day the Earth Stood Stupid ), he cranked most of it out in about an hour last Saturday night. It's set moments after the PE ship exits the worm hole at the end of WGY, as Fry takes just a moment to ruminate on winning Leela's heart. One reviewer called it S3 = (short) x (sweet) x ('shippy).
So what's with the obnoxious, shrieking voices? Are my fillings picking up The View?
Posted on March 17, 2009 by Kenneth
Just a quick update to inform you that I've updated the Voices on Futurama list to include the work the various voice actors did in Into the Wild Green Yonder, thus listing all of Futurama as we know it. So look for new and attitional entries under Billy West, John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, Lauren Tom, Tress MacNeille, Dave Herman, Maurice LaMarche, Dawnn Lewis and Phil Hendrie, as well as the additions of Seth MacFarlane, Penn Jillette and Snoop Dogg.

That pretty much covers it. Until next time.
Speaking of Souls, Crabs, and Worms ...
Posted on March 17, 2009 by Tim
Earlier this evening I was getting grumped at about my propensity for counting things and my correspondent was questioning whether I had a soul or not. I said sure I did and that I kept in a box under my desk. What precipitated this little exchange was that I had merely observed that in my 932 days as webmaster here, I'd had five song parodies sent in, and three of them were within the last month or two and that four of them were by DSS. So anyway, DSS' latest is a parody of Rick Springfield's Jesse's Girl; it's called Fry's Girl, and, speaking as a post-adolescent male of some years experience, I think it speaks to all males who are between the ages of puberty and dead.

Now class, today's subject will be Decapodian games, and I don't mean Claw-Plaque. No, Rush whipped up this amusing short educational Fan Fiction about Decapodians. It's called Good Ole Rock-Paper-Scissors. You'd think Zoidberg would be good at a game involving scissors, but there's just one problem ...

Answering the call of “Where's a nerd when you need one” from a couple of days ago, The 'Dink-Drinker' (Yes, that what he calls himself - I'm not making this up. I'm told it's a German beer so don't be getting any funny ideas now!) writes “I did a bit of snooping online (and asking my Auntie who is a college professor what the hell it meant). I had found out the star in question is found within the Cetus constellation (in Greek mythology- the sea serpent)- today, known as The Whale ... Leela and the Feministas 'saving the whales'? How 'ecology minded'! Sweet! Also- Mark 9:48 can be a reference to the Bible's New Testament- Mark chapter 9, verse 48- "Where THEIR WORM DIETH NOT, AND THE FIRE IS NOT QUENCHED"e;- possibly playing on the muck leech, and the slow death of Mira A.”. DXC did say that the Mark 9:48 bit was a reference to something unrelated, so there you go. Oh, and TDD did go on to also say “THANKS AGAIN FOR THE GREATEST FUTURAMA SITE ON THE INTERNET!”
See, this is how it starts. First with the jokes, then comes the heavy stuff.
Posted on March 16, 2009 by Tim
When DSS sent in his latest Fan Fiction, he told me it was based on a joke he'd heard. Here's the joke: “If you were a woman who got the wrong lipstick and kissed a man, what would happen to him? One very shy guy!” Get it? Well, don't feel bad, 'cause I don't either. Maybe that's the joke. Fortunately, the fic makes a lot more sense than the joke does. It's called A Shy Fry, and what it's about, if you couldn't guess from the title, is that Fry suddenly turns very shy and Leela can't figure out why.

Good news everyone! We now have a complete set of Framegrabs for Bender's Big Score! And I get to bow and take credit for them 'cause I did them this afternoon. Huzzahs for me.

And lastly, I received one of those great e-mails that comes in from time to time: Mossy writes “I have been a fanatical Futurama fan for ages now and I somehow only just stumbled upon FM/TLZ. The site kicks ass and I think without the fan support like it, Futurama wouldn't have returned. Big thumbs up, keep up the good work.” Thanks Big M - you just have to look down the main page, or at any of the pages in the News Archive, and see the list of names and the uninterrupted flow of kick ass stuff they've contributed to see why.
Where's a nerd when you really need one?
Posted on March 15, 2009 by Tim
Oh man I am so disappointed. For those with memories shorter than mine (aka dead people), a few days ago we reported that SoylentOrange had written thusly: “In Into the Wild Green Yonder Leela says something along the lines of "We will not let you destroy the violet dwarf star at galactic coordinates -58.03, 167.84, mark nine-something-something". In the commentary, David X. Cohen calls on "all of the astrophysics grad students" (of which I am one) to figure out what is at that location. (The mark nine-something-something is a reference to something unrelated, according to Cohen) So, being me, I spent the rest of the evening figuring it out.” I asked if anyone else had figured it out. Not one single response. So here is SoylentOrange's solution to it: “The object at galactic latitude -58.03, longitude 167.84 (RA = 02 19 20.8; Dec = -02 58 39.5 for anyone who knows what that means) is the Mira binary star system. The Mira system consists of a red giant star (Mira A) which is losing its mass to space as it slowly dies, and a smaller sunlike star (Mira B) that is collecting some of the material that its companion is shedding into a disc that might form planets one day. Here's a wiki article on it. I just thought I'd share that with the rest of the fans. It seemed pretty cool to me.” It does to me too, and I'm not even on of those astro-whatchacallits.

Here's a new Fan Fiction by a new fan and authoress who goes by the nom-de-plum Cat1-Leela fan. It's called The Day Love Stole Leela and it's part of the new wave of “after the wormhole” fics (which doesn't sound quite as catchy as “after the Opera” does it?) that start to explore what happens after WGY. This is only part one, so hopefully there'll be lots more soon.

Seems like part of the buzz surrounding the release of WGY is that the creators and cast of Futurama have been doing nothing but giving interviews since the first of the year. Tornadoboy found this one on Movieweb which includes short chats with Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and most of the cast. When asked about more Futurama, DXC says “I have, in my mind, what will happen next, if we're back. We're ready. This question, I'm sure, is on all the fan's minds, if this is the last one or not, but, the good news is, we have not gotten a “no” yet. ... I just tell people 50-50, but by no means is it a done deal that this is the last one. We do need them to buy this DVD. I am sure they are keeping a careful eye on these numbers, so we do have to hock these DVD's and get the fans out there. They're looking at those numbers, and they've been doing great so far...”.. And MG says ”We're talking with Fox about doing more episodes and I hope we can. Just looking at the numbers, it seems to make sense. They're making money.” And that's just more good news, so go buy those DVDs.
There are days ...
Posted on March 12, 2009 by Tim
... when it just don't pay to get out of bed. And then there's Fan Fiction - some days, I've bragged, I can go from e-mail to posted in under 5 minutes. Today was not one of those days however - a 12 part fic, and it's taken a little over two hours. That's only about 10 minutes per chapter; really it should have been a lot less, they're cheaper by the dozen I've heard. But sometimes weird stuff happens, and leave it to Rush to throw me a couple of challenges. Anyway, here it is, his latest fic, Unbound From The Future. It's a look at some extraordinary happenings about the time of Fry's opera - saying any more might give it away. I can say that you can expect some of the usual Rush touches, like characters popping in and out of other universes and new twists on old scenes and the like.
!iMmOrTaL! words from on high
Posted on March 11, 2009 by Tim
Good News Everyone! !iMmOrTaL! found this interview with the big man himself, Matt Groening, in Zoo magazine and it practically says Futurama is coming back. It's hyperbole of the first order and I can't say as I'm really excited to see it described as "The Simpsons In Space", but in the article, Matt says "We still have lots of stories to tell ... We're talking to 20th Century Fox and we really hope it happens". And he goes on to talk about the possibility of a full blown movie. So now we have confirmation from two sources - Billy West and MG - that at least talks are underway. Woo hoo! Futurama Forever!

!iMmOrTaL! also sent some Fan Art and I just had to feature this one - the epic scene from Wild Green Yonder (danger - spoiler - don't look if you haven't seen the movie yet). Of the others, one is similar to the Fry and Amy “caught” pic he did recently, one has the crew celebrating Nude Day - he figured that since they like to be nude so much it should be a holiday, and the last is a 'tweak' of a pic from Futurama Comic #41.

Speaking of Billy West, he's getting around a lot lately. Matt over at cosmicbooknews.com let us know that they caught up with him recently and wanted to share the interview they did. Billy talks about his past, working on Futurama, and what he's been doing since.
Into all kinds of wild yonders
Posted on March 10, 2009 by Tim
I'm not going to tell you how Hammer87 hit upon the title for his latest Fan Fiction because we have this rule about self-incrimination in this country. Anyway, the story is part 1 of a follow on to Hammer's Honeymoon Interrupted and it's called Into The Wild Black Yonder; it tells the tale of Mr. and Mrs. Fry and four year old Leia as they settle into family life. Except that the Professor decides to test some experimental nanobots on Fry, and then war breaks out and Fry gets drafted. It's all in a days work at Planet Express. It's also all in a days work at Honest CosmicF's Promo Pics, which is where the neat artwork came from.

Now then, every once in a while, we got a work of Fan Art that ... um, how shall I put this delicately? ... pushes the envelop I guess is a good way to say it. A couple of them I've had to say we can't use. And sometimes you get one that walks the fine line and I have to wake up the big bosses and get their OK. This is one of them, so if you are one of those people who are disturbed by disturbing things, I'd advise you to go away now. See, I'm breaking with tradition and the FM/TLZ Webmaster Guide Book and NOT showing a thumbnail of this pic. These two pics I am showing - they're frame grabs from ITWGY and so you take the two, and combine them together, and run away screaming. Futurama-Freak1 is the guilty party here, and here's a link to exhibit A. Don't say I didn't warn you. Also, if your eye balls are still working and you root around on his Fan Art page, there is a pencil drawing of the same pic.
It's about time
Posted on March 9, 2009 by Tim
Yeah, only a year and a half late, but finally we're getting around to Framgrabs from the movies. It's a great excuse (like I really need one) to watch the movies again. So here are a whole bunch of yummy grabs covering the first half of Bender's Big Score. More will follow real soon now.

And speaking of about time, it's about time I got around to posting Part 3 of Frosty's Fan Fiction Time of You Life. If you recall the previous parts, Fry and Leela are rekindling their relationship and several years apart. And there's still a few bumps in the road for them, especially when Fry becomes a bump in the road for a speeding truck. Promo pic by CosmicF.

Fire up the TV and tune in Dick Clark's head on Earthican Bandstand 'cause today we're doing the Rocket Ship Motion. It's a song parody by DSS and it's done to the tune of The Locomotion by Kylie Minogue.
That was then and this is too
Posted on March 8, 2009 by Tim
Ok, I'm kind of brain dead tonight (I know, someone (several someones probably) are going “And this is different from other times how?” and I'm all like "HA HA" ) so I'm gonna keep it short and simple. Soylent Orange has been busy cropping some of the music out of the show. He's sent me quite a pile that's gonna take me a while to work my way though, but I've got one done so far and here it is. It's the theme from Into The Wild Green Yonder and it's in the newly created Music section of the Sound Clips Page. Now I'm gonna go grab an Olde Fotran and veg out in front of some 'rama.
More! More! More! More!
Posted on March 7, 2009 by Tim
Just like Zoidberg and anchovies, we want more Futurama, right? Right. !iMmOrTaL! does too, and he wrote to say “I figured that Futurama needs as much help as possible to get a 6th season, so here's a link that I think everyone on the Madhouse should see:” It's a petition to bring back Futurama, and what the heck, it can't hurt, right?

Until then, we'll just keep making our own. In this case, Fan Fiction. Specifically, the last part of Come from the Future by xkathyx07x in which we finally find out who has been looking for Leela, and the crew have to figure out what he wants. Here's a teaser taken straight out of WGY - Fry dies.
Watch this, um I mean these
Posted on March 5, 2009 by Tim
“I drew this during a marathon session of watching Futurama DVDs. Man I love this Show.” Well, then you've come to the right place, 'cause that's why we're here. Johnson drew this Fan Art on a Nintendo DS with a neat little program called Colors! And one of the coolest features is that you can replay the drawing process in the Colors! Gallery (Click the Playback Button at the bottom of the page).

Last week, two days after WGY came out, I mentioned that I had the first post-WGY Fan Fiction from Singer1108 and that she said I couldn't put it up until I'd seen the movie. So now that I have - here it is - it's titled Confession and it's a closer look (or as close as you can get in 334 words ) at Into The Wild Green Yonder. And if you haven't seen it yet, beware - here be spoilers.

And speaking of WGY, SoylentOrange writes “In Into the Wild Green Yonder Leela says something along the lines of 'We will not let you destroy the violet dwarf star at galactic coordinates -58.03, 167.84, mark nine-something-something'. In the commentary, David X. Cohen calls on 'all of the astrophysics grad students' (of which I am one) to figure out what is at that location. (The mark nine-something-something is a reference to something unrelated, according to Cohen) So, being me, I spent the rest of the evening figuring it out.” Here be über-nerds. SO has the answer, which I'm gonna hang on to for a bit. Has anyone else figured it out? If you have, send it to me and if you get the right answer, you'll win a steaming pile of official Futurama Madhouse kudos.
A Job Well Done
Posted on March 4, 2009 by Tim
I don't often use this space to pontificate, but tonight I'm gonna make an exception. I just want to give a tip of the foil hat to Messrs. Groening and Cohen and all of the writers, actors, and everyone else involved in the production of Futurama and congratulate them on a job well done. Into The Wild Green Yonder is a great movie and it delivers more laughs per gallon of whale oil than any other single Futurama episode or movie and as a devoted shipper, if it ended here, I'd be happy. But I really, really, really hope it doesn't.

Our friends over at HippoJuice.com, the guys that did the Billy West interview at the Supercon, have a new Futurama video. It is a remix trailer of Futurama and Watchmen. Check it out, it's Da Boom!

BackToTheFuturama saw the piece a few days ago about voting for Bender in the Robot Hall of Fame and whipped up this handy little Fan Art. Since mentioning it a couple of times, Bender has moved up from 8% to 10% in the vote, and by doing so has shaved a few points off the front runners. So if you haven't already voted, please go do so and help the cause.

Rush says “Watch out Thomas The Track Engine Fans because there's a new track engine on the tracks who's loud, obnoxious, dishonest, sleazy, sneaky, selfish, suicidal, and alcoholic. And it goes by the name of "Bender Bending Rodriguez The Tank Engine.". Hey, a guy's gotta earn a living between gigs.
I love Symposia 2
Posted on March 2, 2009 by Tim
Greetings from Chicago, where yours truly is between trains on his way home from the 2nd annual FMMB Fan Fic Writers Symposium, so I guess the proper Futurama inspired phrase should be “I'm almost back, baby!”. We had six people this year - pictured here are the crew: (standing, left to right) Ford Mustang, Flounder, James Prospect, (seated, left to right) Kriebs, Ramon_51, and moi. There's a couple of more pics, plus the one from last year, that I've stashed in Fan Photos. I decided to create a new section called Gatherings for such things. So any time Futurama fans gather, send us pictures.

We watched Into The Wild Green Yonder, winged Futurama quotes at each other, and got some sneak previews of some of the stuff the attendees are working on. Plus you find out things like who can bake a killer Icelandic spice bread and who can do really good voice impressions - there's a treat you don't get very often - hearing an author reading their fan fic and doing the voices. And you can concoct other spur of the moment group projects to be named later.