March 2008
Coming soon to the Oldest Living Futurama Fansite nearest you
Posted on March 30, 2008 by Tim
It's Fry the Road Warrior, a new Fan Fiction by CosmicF of epic proportions set in a "crummy world of plot holes an spelling errors" and "essentially following the plot of the second Mad Max film, this fan fic is an action packed fantasy romp set out in the middle of nowhere played out by slightly grungier versions of the Futurama characters we all know and love". But before I give too much more away, I'll save it for the unveiling of the actual fic which will hopefully be in just a couple of days. Meanwhile, to whet our appetites CosmicF has provided six teaser pics.

I can't wait until the tattoos on Amy's butt hear about this!

So while we're waiting for that, remember Amy's talking tattoos in 300 Big Boys? Ever wonder what they were? Well wonder no more, 'cause Pieter Antonissen has got it all figured out as he shows us in this new Fan Art. Ha! And I'll bet you thought there was a horse down there.
I've been as dumb as Fry
Posted on March 29, 2008 by Tim
A long time ago (December 4, 2007 to be exact) in a reality far, far away, you might recall that we featured a news item about a band called Atomic Raygun Attack that had done an album called The Sting based of course on the Futurama episode by the same name. I wrote the band and asked some questions about how they came to do Futurama inspired music and received a very nice reply from Eric. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, Bender's Big Score had just come out and bazillions of newly inspired fans have kept us really busy with loads of fiction, art, comics, fifth movie hoaxes, and a multitude of other stuff for the last four months. So it was only tonight when, faced with the daunting task of putting up an illustrated Fan Fiction, I decided to take the easy way out and finally run the interview, and I noticed that they'd included a Fan Video as well. Someone, apparently by the name of SimpleNick, made this video set to ARA's song Deadly Deadly Bees and posted it on a certain unnamed video site where it accumulated over 120,000 views before a certain unnamed media company ordered it yanked. Fortunately Eric had the presence of mind to grab a copy and here it is.

And now, the interview with Atomic Raygun Attack (pretend I'm using an Australian accent when I'm asking my questions ):

Tim: Are all three of you Futurama fans, or just one or what?

Eric: All three of us are huge Futurama fans. We all have all the episodes at home and have watched them WAAAY too much, to the point of Futurama quotes working their way into our common daily speech. Plus Andy, the drummer can do a *killer* Zoidberg impression.

Tim: How did you decide to do a collection of songs based on Futurama?

Eric: Clint and I have wanted to do a "concept album" for a while now. After working on a new yet-to-be-recorded album we wrote some music that was more "progressive" than our normal pop-punk music and decided it would be a good chance to do make the concept album with those songs. But then we realized we didn't really have any ideas for the actual concept, so we decided to find a good story someone else had already written and just base the CD off that. As we are Futurama nuts it was pretty easy to decide to just use one of their episodes.

Tim: Why did you choose "The Sting"?

Eric: We tend to like the heartfelt episodes of Futurama the best. All of the episodes about Fry dealing with the future and his admiration of Leela actually have some poetic girth behind them, so we decided an episode based on one of these topics would be the best. We ended up breaking it down to either "Jurassic Bark" or "The Sting". In the end "The Sting" had more imagery that could be portrayed in lyric form, so it won. Even though Jurassic Bark is a better episode, if you ask me. Haha.

Tim: Any other pearls of wisdom pertinent to Futurama that would make good copy?

Eric: Cheese it!
OK, this time I am not making this up!
Posted on March 27, 2008 by Tim
Nor is anyone else so far as I can tell. According to www.futurama-area.de, this is the cover art for Futurama: Beast With A Billion Backs. Still no art on amazon and nothing at all about the movie on Foxstore.

All you need to add is a halo above her head
Posted on March 26, 2008 by Tim
is what Tornadoboy said about his debut Fan Art right here. He also said "Leela was just kinda my driving force behind my first batch of drawings. A muse, even. A motive. She may or may not exactly be 'pure', and therein lies the expression on her face. Kind of an ironic statement.". Allrighty then, that's why I'm the webmaster and he's the artist. Anyway, he's got three more to go with this, one of which has already caused a most amusing misunderstanding on the Message Board, which I understand has inspired more art.

We haven't had any Fan Fiction in a while so it's refreshing to finally get one, especially this story. It's by a first time author who goes by Ross and the story is called From Here To In Country, which is a play on From Here To Eternity except that it's set in a different war. The Professor invents a time portal, which just happens to look like an ordinary door, and I bet you can't guess what happens to a couple of our favorite characters. Yup, you got it, it's locked so they go home. No, not really, F&L fall through and end up in the wrong place (Vietnam during the war) at the wrong time (right before the Tet Offensive) and bad stuff happens (you'll have to read it and find out). Watch out - it's a bit gory and violent in places - it is a war story after all. On the up side, Fry gets to play with a really cool "toy" and maybe there's a little bit of shippy in it too.

And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for (even though you probably didn't realize it), Kyle Williams is back to tweak the nose of a certain annoying clone AND reeducating a certain webmaster whom shall remain nameless what hasn't seen A Bicyclops Built For Two lately. Yup, you got it, some more possible answers to Cubert's Rants in 2ACV09.
Bender's Broadcasting Corporation!
Posted on March 25, 2008 by Graham
Just got this email in my inbox about a few minutes ago from the BBC. Apparently, John Dimaggio (Bender's alter ego for all you non-fans out there ) will be interviewed on Nemone's show on BBC 6 Music today, sometime between 1 and 4pm (GMT). OK, as I write this, it's eleven minutes past one, so hopefully all is not lost... but you better be quick. Anyway, if you do miss it, you can always listen to it online, via the page I've linked to (it'll be up for seven days). Many thanks to Jax Coombes of the BBC for alerting us. Enjoy!

Edit - John Dimaggio's interview starts a couple of minutes past the two hour mark on the stream.

Edit 2 - For those not in the UK who want to hear the John Dimaggio interview, you can download it here. While doing that, feel free to look in our Sound Clips section for other audio clips.
History in the making
Posted on March 24, 2008 by Tim
As I type this, Bender's Big Score is airing on Comedy Central - the first new Futurama episode to be broadcast in almost 5 years. It's only the second time in television history that a show has risen zombie-like from from the dead to begin life anew and we the fans made it happen. We bought the DVDs and the merchandise, and we introduced new fans who then bought more DVDs and more merchandise - we voted with our cash and we voted with our e-mails and we voted with our fan sites and Futurama is back. All glory to you, the fans of Futurama.

So let's celebrate with some Fan Art. This one comes from new contributor Marķa M Salazar, who writes "I“m Spanish. I don“t understand everything, but I understand much. YOUR WEBSITE IS THE BEST!". Obviously she understands very well. Marķa says she's working on a comic so hopefully we'll see that sometime soon.

And doing a twofer this time is !iMmOrTaL!, first with this new Fan Art called Seduction, and it looks like maybe, just maybe, Fry won't get his lights punched out this time. The rest of the story is he (!iMmOrTaL!, not Fry) has also completed ten more pages to his comic The Wong Side of the Law. Woo Hoo! Check it out.

Good News Everyone! The missing fan video Futuromatic has been located. A big thank you and official Futurama Madhouse kudos to Whatever James for the find. You can watch the video here, and if you sign up for the site, you can download the AVI so you can have your very own personal copy of it. It's about 40 meg and files of that size make the bureaucrats who pay for our bandwidth have flareups of wandering bladder so I doubt we'll put it back up on the Madhouse as long as it's available elsewhere. Special thanks also to Michael Barron who wrote to say he had it.

And even more Good News Everyone! Alert reader Jayden Spencer writes "On February 25, 2008, Twentieth Century Fox, producer and distributor of the TV show Futurama, has filed to protect the trademark Slurm in relation to carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks; fruit drinks; fruit juices; ... {whole long list of other stuff deleted}". At this point we aren't sure what Slurm will be other than some kind of liquid in a bottle or even if and when it will be. For the bureaucrats out there, here's a link to the pertinent documents on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website. Me, I'm gonna put on my white T-shirt and red jacket and head down to the 711 and get in line to buy some if and when it comes out.
A thousand years from now they still can't control the weather ...
Posted on March 22, 2008 by Tim
Which occurred to me because today was the first full day of spring for those of us north of the equator and so naturally in my part of the world it's snowing like mad outside so there's no better place to be than right here where the warm, balmy breezes from my CPU fans can waft gently through my hair. And so with my pal Fry here we've found a comfy spot and a can of our favorite cold beverage and are taking it easy. Or rather Fry is, I'm working as you can plainly see, or at least will soon as I hit the Submit button. This is one of three new bits of Fan Art from Procyon who discovered Futurama just a few months ago, and thereby discovered the enjoyment of drawing Fan Art. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

A wise man once said "In the battle of the sexes, innovation is victory, power is control, and mercenaries are for hire". That wise man was Marcus Abroad and he was talking about his new comic called A Sexy War. It's pretty funny and has a surprise but familiar twist at the end. He created this strip when applying to Bongo Publications for a line artist job. He didn't get the job, but he says he had a lot of fun making the comic.

Pruettcc wrote to tell me that I screwed up. Now I'm sure that news is as big a surprise to you as it was to me and what's even more surprising is that there's a grain of truth to it. You see, back on March 1 I said that Comedy Central would be airing the first episode of Bender's Big Score on Sunday, March 23 (which by the way is tomorrow or the day after tomorrow depending on what time zone you're in). Well, it turns out that they're really going to show all four episodes, or in other words, the whole movie. So I was technically correct (which is the best kind of correct) in that they will be showing the first episode, and then the second, and then the third ... you get the idea; plus two other episodes as well, so those of you that are within reach of CC's signals, plan on a three hour Futurama marathon on Sunday evening.

And just a couple of reminders, in case you forgot: you can preorder Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs from Amazon.com and if you use the above link, you'll be helping out the Madhouse and maybe I won't have to go rummage through dumpsters for returnable soft drink cans for a while (there was more to this webmaster gig than I bargained for ).

Also we're still looking for a copy of Akira's 2004 fan video entitled Futuromatic. I've heard from one person who says they have it but it hasn't shown up in my inbox yet either. The first person who gets me a copy of it will see their name in big bold hypertext font right here on the Madhouse.
Hola! me gustaria colaborar con fanart
Posted on March 17, 2008 by Tim
Say what? When I received a message with that subject line I figured it had something to do with Fan Art (and the eleven attached pictures were a good indication also) but since my Spanish is rustier than my car I had to get Leandro to translate for me. So here's another eleven pics from Yume93 who just made her FM/TLZ debut last month. Some of 'em are shippy and some are not shippy and some aren't either, so check 'em out.

So one of the fun aspects of Futurama is flying through space blasting at aliens with laser guns, which come to think of it pretty much describes all science fiction and arcade games. And speaking of arcade games, SoylentOrange has been working on an arcade style Futurama game for a couple of years now. It's not quite done - the campaign hasn't materialized yet - but there's a skirmish mode that's entertaining enough that he decided to share it with the community. It should provide a few minutes of easy procrastination - so far all I've managed to do is get sucked into the black hole and die (which is amusing in it's own right). It's in the Game Addons area, even though it isn't an addon to anything.

And in the "I have HTML code burned into the back of my eye balls" department, Kyle Williams returns, not once, not twice, but several times with some more answers to Cubert's Rants. This time he's hit 1ACV02, 1ACV03, 1ACV04, 1ACV05, 1ACV07, 2ACV03, 2ACV11, 3ACV09, and 4ACV11.
A Tale of Two Fan Fics (and a lost Fan Video)
Posted on March 15, 2008 by Tim
Ok, this one is confusing 'cause it involves a volitile combination of Fan Art and Fan Fiction, so pay attention. So what happened is that Graham Dawson wrote a fan fic called A Different View where Fry gets transformed into a woman and Graham (Dawson, not ours) got flamed into next week. Being intrigued with the Philippa character and not wanting to miss out on the fun of getting flamed into next week, Ramon decided to write a fan fic based on that called Prairie Rose, which is now playing on our Message Board. So being as it's cold and damp where Graham (both of them) lives, Graham (Dawson, not ours) didn't want to miss out on some free heat so he drew this bit of Fan Art based on Ramon's fic. Did all that make any sense?

Now in the lost and found department, back in 2004, Akira sent in a fan video entitled Futuromatic which featured, as Graham (ours, not Dawson) so eloquently put it then "a compilation of emotional and stirring moments from Futurama, with Iris from The Goo Goo Dolls as background music". Well somehow this gem seems to have gone missing and as is wont to happen when things go missing, someone came looking for it. That someone is Phil (no realtion to Fry) who writes this video really means a lot to a friend and me. We both love Futurama and when she mailed me the Video, Iris somehow became "or song". We don't get to see each other very often, but now everytime we hear the song, we think of each other. It's a bad feeling somehow to think that the video that reminds me of a good friend will be lost forever. I hope you can help me track this little gem down!. So Akira, if you're out there, or if there's someone who still has a copy of this vid, please contact me.
Crank Dat Futurama
Posted on March 10, 2008 by Tim
Yo yo Check it out. We've got a new Fan Video. It's from Kenisha Lewis and its called Futurama Soulja Boy because it's Futurama, clips of SP3000 to be exact, set to the music of Soulja Boy. For the terminally lazy (like me), you can also watch it on youtube.

Astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington once said that "not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it's stranger than we can imagine". As proof of that, here's a newspaper clipping that !iMmOrTaL! sent us showing Australian singer and actress Natalia Imbruglia (say that 10 times quickly ) as a dead ringer for Leela. !iMmOrTaL! comments "I guess it's not impossible for a real person to look like Leela. With or without makeup!". Hey, I know, maybe we could get her cast as Leela in a non-animated Futurama movie.
It's a little more official - Beast With A Billion Backs - June 24, 2008
Posted on March 8, 2008 by Tim
Great News Everyone - The second Futurama movie, Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs is available for pre-order on Amazon.com and they're giving a release date of June 24, 2008. Wooo! Hooo! And, as a special extra added bonus, if you order through the link above, you'll be helping to support FM/TLZ 'cause a few space doubloons will trickle into the coffers.

They're not showing any cover art yet so I got Leandro out of bed to make us one that will do 'till the real stuff comes out. Leandro, who is a little short on sleep, wanted me to be sure to mention that he says "this picture is dedicated to Ami Whitt who is a hardcore Philanga Freela fan, a term that gives me a headache and puts into question the sanity of all shippers." Well, come on, if we were sane, would we be hanging out at a place called the Madhouse?

Anywho, more news as we get it. Thanks and a pile of official FM/TLZ kudos to Nick M (whose last name rhymes with Rupert) for the tip.
"No doubt about it, you have the best Futurama site on the planet!"
Posted on March 4, 2008 by Tim
says Darin, and you know it's true because he's a whale biologist. No kidding, he really is a whale biologist. I know this 'cause I have high friends in low places, or was that low friends in high places? Either way, he was looking for some clips of the whale biologist lines from 300 Big Boys so I directed him to our Sound Clips section and there they were. While I was rooting around in that area, I also discovered some clips from Where No Fan Has Gone Before that weren't linked into the index, so I fixed that while I was there.

So if we're going to keep up a reputation like "best Futurama site on the planet" (note that we only claim oldest living ) we gotta have Fan Art that doesn't suck, and so we have here a couple of new ones from Sick Pickles that, in her own words, don't suck. And since that's Leela holding a gun, I'm not about to say otherwise.

Calling all creative types - sharpen your pens and wax your paintbrushes, 'cause Gurman over at FFF has announced that they're having a contest with prizes and stuff. They're taking art, fictions, t-shirt designs, and trivia. You can check out the details here.
The First New Episode of Futurama on TV in 5 years
Posted on March 1, 2008 by Tim
According to our buddy Svip over at The Infosphere, Comedy Central will air the first new Futurama episode to be broadcast in almost 5 years when the first segment of Bender's Big Score airs on Sunday, March 23. Related to this, you might remember that last month we reported that IMDB was reporting a March 18 launch date for the next Futurama movie, The Beast With A Billion Backs. They are still saying that, but SoylentOrange wrote and said "I was procrast- uh, I mean, taking a much deserved break from studying when I came across this article on TVShowsOnDVD.com. It looks like the movie will be out June 24th.". So it's possible that IMDB has the movie launch date confused with the Comedy Central premier of BBS part 1.

OK, for our readers in the UK, here is a once in a lifetime chance: As part of a campaign for Fox to celebrate the UK release of Bender's Big Score, Greenroom Digital is looking for someone who would be willing to have a Futurama tattoo. The lucky person would be part of the publicity for the release and would appear on the Futurama website, and might get to have lunch with John DiMaggio, the voice of Bender (that's still being negotiated so no promises). So if you'd like Bender tattooed on your right cheek a la BBS and would like the opportunity to moon the entire UK at someone else's expense, get in touch with Emma Bennett at Greenroom Digital by emailing emma (at) greenroom-digital (dot) com

And lastly I've been doing a little housekeeping. A few of the links in our Buddies section (down there at the very bottom of the page) were dead, so I tossed those into the virtual body bag. And we've added a new site - Futuramics - a site dedicated to the Futurama comics published by Bongo.