March 2007
Bender no function beer well without.
Posted on March 29, 2007 by Tim
Wow, three updates by three different web masters in the same week. The Madhouse rocks, I'm tellin' you.

So, down to business. My man Jake VanDonge kicked through with some Fan Art, a couple of which, like this one of Homer ... Bender ... umm whatever, brings a whole new meaning to the word "crossover", or maybe "cross dresser". Or maybe there was just a wardrobe screw up at Fox.

And to celebrate youngest artist week here at the Madhouse, here's the first part of a Fan Fiction by B.E.N.D.E.R., who didn't say what the acronym was supposed to stand for, but at age 10 is certainly in the running for youngest author. It's called Forbidden Journey in which our favorite space ship crew are about to discover that only they can stop an incredible evil. Sounds like they're in for some more unpaid overtime.

We're also celebrating hard to type names this week too, 'cause Gwynhwyfar (who tells me that it's pronounced like "Guinevere") shipped us another picture of our favorite cyclops. Thanks Gwen.

Ok, that's enough for one night. I've got a big pile of fan art from another old-timer who has resurfaced to grace with some more of his
works to get put up. Watch for that and more coming soon to the oldest living Futurama fansite nearest you.
What does Lunar emperors dream of?
Posted on March 25, 2007 by Teral
Thanks to Reba 1X, a new submitter to our Fan Art section, we can now get a glimpse into the dreams of famous head-in-a-jar Al Gore. It turns out that unlike androids he doesn't dream of electric sheep.

Reba 1X also sent us a new wallpaper showing Bender after he crashed his new ride. Poor guy, he doesn't look too happy about the situation. Enjoy.
I better put this up before Dylan's eighth birthday, otherwise Bender will burp fire on me...
Posted on March 21, 2007 by Graham
OK, a big sorry goes to Dylan Hurst for not putting up his pictures on our Fan Art section, which should have been done six weeks ago. Dylan is seven-years-old, but considering the time that I've taken in putting them up, he might well be eight. Anyway, as the lazy say, better late than never. Dylan Hurst's pictures are hand drawn, with one showing Bender burping fire, while the other shows Fry in shorts. Then again, maybe those are Fry's trousers after Bender burped on them. Let's hope for some more pictures from Dylan, who must be one of our youngest artists.

To your left you can see a picture of Leela, which was done by Leila for our Fan Art section. She seems to be weighing out options. Maybe she's wondering why she's stuck in such a dead-end job and debating whether to stay or go. I mean, she has friends (well, a robot who'd steal her liver if given the chance, a delivery boy with a lust problem, a vain woman, and a crazed professor, to mention a few), but then again, she's paid a pittance by the company she works for, money handed out by another "friend" of hers, Hermes. I suggest she goes out on strike, mounts the barricades and starts a revolution to overthrow the corrupt rulers of the land. However, I can imagine that, for some odd reason, Bender will take control of the revolution and corrupt it with fancy cigars, booty (the money kind) and human livers. Best hide the icepicks. Hmm... this reminds me of the Futurama Communist Front name change we did some years ago. Oh no, Zombie McCarthy is on the loose!
What the heck is a "gwynhwyfar"?
Posted on March 19, 2007 by Tim
Maybe it's what you get when the cat walks across your keyboard, or maybe it's the name of our latest Fan Art contributor, or maybe it's the name of a character in some obscure novel. Maybe it's more than one. In any case, gwynhwyfar is the name the author of this bit of art goes by. Looks like it was a bit windy when Leela posed for that pic.

On the Fan Fiction front, we've got another installment from the much more pronounceable ELF, which is part 4 of her Back to the Futurama, which (in case you missed it) is a parody of the Back to the Future movies.

And another slice of Fan Art comes from another new contributor by the much more conventional name of Jake VanDonge. He calls the picture "The real Fry Hole".

That's all for now. 'till next time, send more stuff.
Today's news is brought to you by Idiots in a Jar
Posted on March 15, 2007 by Tim
featuring our favorite interstellar delivery boy, Phillip J Fry, who seems to be a bit perplexed in his new role. Or maybe it's 'cause his hair is sticking out. Whatever the reason, it's a new piece of Fan Art by midget blues, which is a perplexing name in it's own right. I guess if you gotta have blues, it's good that they're little ones.

We'll also include absolutely free at no extra charge this lovely piece of Fan Fiction, which is part 4 of Daniel Leicester's Kroker Chronicles. Dantheman wants you to know that this story revolves around Amy Kroker, a megalomaniacal interstellar warlord, and the mysterious prophecy that lead to Fry being frozen. With all that great stuff in it you know it's gonna be good.
One Hundred Big Boys!
Posted on March 11, 2007 by Tim
Wooo Hooo!!! I've been doing this webmaster shtick for 203 days now and am pleased to present herewith the one hundredth fan submission I've put up on the site. It's a spot of Fan Art by none other than coldangel_1 who, at the suggestion of some random person, came up with this rendition of a scene from The Cyber House Rules. I had to blink a couple of times to get my head around it.

Coming in at no 99 is Will with three pieces of Crap Art. Also take a peek in Will's Fan Art page 'cause he's got one there too - a Zoidberg car (although it's nothing like what Dr Z drove in Crustacean in Love).

And number 98 on the top 100 is a new Slurm splat logo Wallpaper courtesy of our buddy JC Rogers over at The Infosphere (that's the Wiki button in the Buddies list at the bottom of the page).

Whew! 100 submissions in 200 days. That's pretty damn good. And since a lot of those contained multiple items, it's way more than 100 individual pieces of fan creativity. So I raise a glass of my favorite beverage in toast to all of those die hard Futurama fans who keep the vision alive through their creativity, and by submitting it, keep the Madhouse The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite.

What are you lookin' at, meatbag?
Posted on March 7, 2007 by Tim
That seems to be what Bender is saying in this spot of new Fan Art sent in by a new contributor. This is from Kaalira and there 6 new pics for your viewing enjoyment.

And Enhas sent in another Fan Fiction, his second, which is a shorty called About Time. It's a glimpse into the future lives of Fry and Leela some time after the Opera. And maybe before the Opera. Like a long time before. Like ... well, you read it and see.
A place beyond space and outside of time
Posted on March 3, 2007 by Tim
Yup, that's the Madhouse all right. But it's also a line from a long running epic Fan Fiction called The Other. Rye Guy has at long last sent us the latest installment, the long and long awaited chapter 22

It's been a long time getting here, but it's been worth the wait. The twists and turns and gyrations the plot takes in the final paragraphs will make your head spin (or maybe I just drank too much Slurm).
Something Old, Something New, but no pictures 'cause no one sent us any of those ...
Posted on March 1, 2007 by Tim
so grab your reading glasses and settle in for some Fan Fiction, 'cause that's what this one's all about.

First up, something old - well, probably not old like I am, but old as in another long lost contributor resurfacing with some new material. Which in this case is JBERGES, who has what he says is his final fan fiction. It's called A-typical Delivery. This is part 1 of 2. What's it about, you wonder? Well let me tell you, or rather I'll just cut and paste JB's own words since I'm lazy: "Any time the Planet Express Ship departs for a delivery, there is an abnormally large chance that the seemingly simple task will devolve into a sprawling misadventure. This is just one such time."

And in the something new department, we have new author Enhas who was bored late the other night and whipped up this little gem called The Way It Ends. It's ten years after Fry first arrived in the future, much has changed, including himself. The way it ends is not always what you expected it to be, and Fry and Leela experience this first hand. This is his first fan fiction and it's a pretty good start.

Ok, so that's it. The mail box is empty again. I know Graham has one big honkin' piece of Fan Fiction to put up (unless he comes down with another bout of the lazies and dumps it on me) and I'm wresslin' with a fan video that's so big that if I were to post it the first few downloads would eat up our bandwidth allotment for the month; so I gotta find a way to compress it and end up with a playable video afterwards (so far, those two goals seem mutually exclusive) So anyway, send us more of your Futurama creations.