March 2005
The quick brown CSS jumped over the lazy HTML. And then Leandro threw his computer out of the window.
Posted on March 31, 2005 by Leandro
Here I'm trying to come up with a new design for TLZ, and consistently deleting everything I make . Guess I'll take a break before my head explodes and spills my layouting ideas all around! That'd make a really weird mess, a layout made out of bits and pieces of discarded layouts from the back of my mind splattered all over the page. If you've ever visited the Layout Museum, you know that's not a pretty sight, oh no. Here's the latest nine pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, that I thought were posted earlier, but I was terribly wrong. Some really great pictures in there, as we're used to from our Communist Masters . Hopefully we'll see more stuff from him soon! But the good pictures don't stop here, we've also got two new pics by Angel de Muerte, one a pencil sketch of Leela looking all bussiness-like, and then a pic of Leela and Amy doing... stuff. Well, just looking at those pictures is distraction enough I guess... now back to layouting! And if I ever find the people responsible of the implementation of CSS in Internet Exploder... you better point me to a good hideout.
There comes a time in every man's life...
Posted on March 30, 2005 by Allen
...where he has to say "How the hell do you pronounce this?" That's what you'll be saying when you read newcomer DarkMadrigal's fanfic Futurehmeh In his own words: "The regular hi-jinks of the Planet Express crew: Fry being mistreated at work, Bender becomes lonely, Zoidberg playing doctor plus a blinking hockey stick are about to come face to face with another quirky group as they deliver a powerful package – in a box – to a floating metropolis on a small, distant and cold planetoid at the end of our solar system." Minus the joke that I couldn't reword to make more sense. The title should become obvious when reading the fic, but it will help if you remember the little quirks Canadians are famous for. Know what I mean, eh?

Well enjoy the story and I'll see you guys soon.
Like in the old days.
Posted on March 29, 2005 by Sebastian
Psychologist say that our memory has a certain attribute: we tend to forget bad things that happened to us, so that the past seems better than the present. Sometimes we just want to re-live some of the things that happened to us. That's when we call our old friends, take out an old jacket we haven't worn in ages... and we go partying, like it's 2999! Just like on this new picture, submitted by Austin. So put your {soft)drinks in the fridge, put on some good music and have a shiny metal good time!
Three days to go!
Posted on March 29, 2005 by Leandro
Yeppers, in just three days it's our Fifth Reopening Anniversary! Who would've thought this site would last five years with me lurking in the background ready to blow everything up, um? And also, the Nedstat counter logged the 2,000,000th page view since March of 2003 a couple of days ago (number that doesn't agree with the counter in this page because we count single IPs... and lately lots of ISPs are putting a truckload of machines behind the same IP). I guess this special occasion deserves a layout change, we haven't had one of those since the death threats. I'll see what I can come up, hopefully with the minimum amount of suckage... but I promise nothing! Bwahaha!

Anyway, Ooy has sent us a pic for the Fan Art section, and I didn't know his nickname was Ooy so at first I posted it under his real name as a new submitter . But oh well, screwsups are fine and good, like mixing nitro and glycerin. Or mixing me and Paint Shop Pro and asking for a layout to come out, which would have the same basic results. Anybody requiring help to gouge their eyes our are warned to send an email before the new layout goes up!
And then there were three...
Posted on March 28, 2005 by Graham
Hmmm... three updates for today, and all three being ones who have lately not posted much. OK, I include myself in that, because, as you all would know if you were busy reading Ken's interview of me, that I want to take a backseat, so to speak. BTW, even though we have recruited Allen, we might well have a space for another webmaster to join our Dark Force. So, if you're interested in becoming one of the Madhouse team, send in an email detailing any experience you have to either Leandro, Kenneth or myself. We expect you to have some HTML experience, but you don't have to be a Web guru or anything; just some reasonable HTML knowhow and a loose wire in the head will do. Who knows, maybe you'll be the next nutcase to rant to the world. Anyway, before the flood come in (who am I kidding!), here's a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Kriebs. The picture is a black-and-white version of a previous picture of his, which features Leela and Fry in a picture that promos Krieb's fan fiction work, The Best of Times and Worst of Times. So, look at the picture, read the story, and eat the pie.

BTW, I notice that Leandro has added on the Contact Us part of the page that he wants stuff. Why not be generous this Spring, and send your donations Leandro's way. You know that a webmaster's not just for Christmas. Oh, and please, don't forget Sebastian. Nobody is to forget Sebastian. Nobody!
Holy crud! Futurama Oekakis!
Posted on March 28, 2005 by Leandro
Well, it was about time somebody (ahem) got to cleaning the Oekaki Board, which was full of anything but Futurama Oekakis. I salvaged 12 Oekakis from the board, and instead of spreading them around the Fan Art and Crap Art sections, I decided that it was better to just stick them all in a new section, Oekaki Archive. Reason is, even really good Oekaki images really can't compete against some of the stuff created with high-end graphics program that's part of the Fan Art section, so it was unfair sticking both of them in the same section. They were created with different media, and really don't belong in the same section. I started the section with the Oekakis that were in the board today, since I don't feel like digging through the Fan Art gallery trying to find the older ones. The script that manages the Oekaki Archive section is currently just a very bare-bones BuildOekaki function, but don't worry, I'll be improving the section very, very soon; please stand the terrible page just for a little while
I have seen the painting on the wall...
Posted on March 28, 2005 by Sebastian
...don't think I need anything else at all... Hi there, hope you'll excuse me for doing a paraphrase of one great song, but the new picture I've just uploaded really deserves it. Oh, but where are my good manners (someone's shout: "Probably in another room!"), first let me introduce Austin, a new Fanartist on our site. His first picture here shows Leela and Fry standing in the Planet Express hangar... and what a picture it is! Enjoy the drawing, enjoy the second day of Easter, and if you're from Poland, enjoy your Wet Monday.
Beware the wrath of a Grammar Nazi
Posted on March 27, 2005 by Allen
Hey folks! I'm back with some fresh new updates. They both come from the same updater. Let's give a big hand to Kriebs as he contributes to both of our Fan Art and Fan Fiction sections. You can see a boy and his dog resting in the thumbnail here. Check it out here. It just happens to be a scene from his ongoing fic The Best of Times and Worst of Times. You can read part 3 here.

It's my nature to correct errors as I see them. I don't always catch them all and I try to ignore errors I feel might change the author's intended meaning if I correct it, but it's not easy. Spelling and grammar errors just nag at me. Sorry, I've not been updating a whole lot. I'm not playing favorites or anything, just busy with college. If you send me something, it WILL get put up, just might take a bit, especially fics as I love to read them and can't help correcting various errors.

See you all later and have a happy Easter.
I spy with my big, freaking eye...
Posted on March 27, 2005 by Teral
...new pictures for the Fan Art section. These come from Kayla, and there are two of them. The one you see in the thumbnail, which is a close up of Leela's facial features, and one of Leela in a spacesuit standing on the moon I believe.

Short update, I know, but afterall it's Easter Sunday and I promised myself I would be lazy all day. :p
Oh yeah!? Well take this and this! And you can have one of these for free!
Posted on March 24, 2005 by Teral
Looks like Bender and Fry have gotten into some sort of dispute, and Fry has the upper hand. No wonder with that buffed physique. Either he's doped up on steroids or he has been eating truck stop sandwiches again. Well, who can blame him? Quadrupled intelligence, a body that would make Hercules red hot with jealousy and the girl of his dreams swooning at his feet. Too bad the girl is some kind of space octopus in the Fan Art of Zymogen Ultra.porn Postpathalogic. Well, you win some and you loose some, can't have it all, opposition and suffering builds character, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and all that. There's more wird and original stuff in Zymogen's gallery, squids, giraffes and Bender and Flexo having a fight over a L-shaped iron. This is the last batch of pictures from Zymogen this time around, bringing his total to 65 and the Fan Art section to a whooping 4022 pictures.

And the music was soothing, and they all started grooving! Something we haven't had in a while: a new Fan Video. This one comes from Pivich and show a collection of romantic moments between Leela and Fry. Right from the pilot episode, over their fake relationship aboard the Titantic and the trials of "The Sting" right down to the opera of the final episode. If you're any kind of shipper worthy of that title, this clip is for you. The backing music is Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" (if you've seen "Wayne's World" you'll recognise it as the song Tia Carera sings at the end). The video is 3.58 minutes long, and is in the DivX format. Enjoy.

Come! Your destiny awaits! Mitch sent us part 3 of his Fan Fiction. As you know the story is titled Future Foursome and is a What-if story, centered around the PE crew getting superpowers through an accident involving cosmic radiation. In this new chapter Leela finds out where she truely belongs and another PE crewmember finds out that some things is just part of your destiny and can’t avoided. Fate can sometimes be a cruel mistress, but not this time. Enjoy it all here.
More sexy, more red, more realistic...
Posted on March 23, 2005 by Leandro
Well, my brain is completely fried at the moment, but I've got a picture here and I'm going to update even if it takes away the little shreds of sanity I have left! This picture was drawn by Pawell Galuzin while thinking about the summer, the sunshine, the hot sand and the wet "worm" sea... which is better than thinking about a dry "snake" sea, I think. The subject line was also thought by Pawell, at 0% brain capacity according to himself. My own brain capacity is somewhere below zero, so I'll recommend that you visit Something About Leela while at it. I think I can actually understand all that Russian right now. As much as I can understand any other language at the moment, anyway. Las rosas son rojas, las violetas azules. (Pokes his brain with a stick.) Braaaains... I need braaaaains!!! There, update up. Downdate down. Date 2005-05-23. Up and down, bouncing off the ceiling...
20000 Leagues Above The Sea
Posted on March 22, 2005 by Teral
If you travel 20000 leagues under the sea, you run into giant squids devouring men alive, at least according to the movie version of Jules Verne's classic story. If you travel 20000 leagues above the sea you run into strange, cycloptic space octopi, at least in the world of Zymogen Ultra.porn Postpathalogic. This is just one of 14 new Fan Arts in his gallery. Lots of other weird shit going on in them: Leela as a stunt double for Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger (I think ), a scene from "The Sting", what looks like Fry and Leela as penguins and on skates and some pictures I can't even begin to describe. Check them out, it's great stuff!

Btw, 20000 leagues ia roughly 111000 km, just FYI.

And as if that isn't enough Zymogen Ultra.porn Postpathalogic have sent us a Fan Fiction. This one is called Chinasaur meets, not Bambi, but Fry or SuperFry!, and is about a Chinasaur attacking Planet Express employees. What a Chinasaur is, and how you defeat it, you can find out by clicking here.
Moon goddess

Posted on March 21, 2005 by Graham
Mama never loved her much
And, Daddy never keeps in touch
That's why she shies away from
Human affection
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space
And now she's waiting for the
Right kind of pilot to come
And she'll say to him...

"To the Moon and Back" by Savage Garden

Well, that was the lyrics that Alexander A Andreev sent along with this picture for our Fan Art section, so I might as well use them. Anyway, as you can see, the picture features Leela doing a sexy pose on the Moon, with the Earth in the background. Why she's not wearing a space suit and asphyxiating is another story, because I can't see that she's in a moonbase of any kind. Maybe someone added an atmosphere to the Moon and increased its gravity by eight-fold or something. Anyway, enough of the wonderings, go and enjoy Alexander's latest picture.
Up there, in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ... something different.
Posted on March 18, 2005 by Teral
And that's the best description I can give you in this new Fan Art from Zymogen Ultra.porn Postpathalogic. I've just uploaded another 18 pictures for your viewing pleasure. Lots of weirdness afloat, the head of Nimoy seems to have a spitting contest with another head, a Fry-bot, the robot devil and an opera actor joining forces (I think) and much, much more. Enjoy. Or enjoy. It's all up to you!
You're entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location.
Posted on March 16, 2005 by Teral
The kind of place where there might be a monster or some kind of crazy, rambling webmaster. These are just examples. It could also be something much better. Prepare to enter the Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone Fan Art Section!

And responsible for the latest addition to the madness is Zymogen Ultra.porn Postpathalogic. Contrary to his handle there is very little porn in his pictures, in fact there are none, but there is a lot of innovative, weird and above all unique pictures to be admired. Beside the Leela octopus, we have Amy as a giraffe, a Farnsworth ... ehh ... something, thinking about a grilled chicken, Bender riding a hippopotamus in a sickingly cute style, a Zoidberg android and much, much more. As I said all very original and unique ideas, and if you like them well stay tuned the next couple of days.

The more things change the more they stay the same. Ofcourse, no update without a new Fan Fiction, this time it's part 2 of Mitch's story Future Foursome. In this chapter Leela learns of her origin and Fry run into another wellknown character, proving once again that somethings can't be avoided. Enjoy, and you can do that here.

Hey, an update with no smilies! How did that happen? Don't worry, we'll appoint a committee to investigate this, and make sure it'll never happen again. For the sake of the nation ... and the children. Please, wont somebody think of the children! A report will be due in 10-16 months.
Graham, if you don't stop talking and talking, I'll fill you with lead!
Posted on March 15, 2005 by Graham
What interview are Kenneth and Allen talking about? I don't remember doing an interview. Maybe it was on that day when I had a few too many beers or something. Maybe it was another me. Maybe there's some lost twin of myself somewhere. God forbid that's the case. Anyway, the fetching picture to your right comes from Dogdoo8, and goes to our Fan Art section. The picture that he's created for today shows Leela ready to blast a foe with her trusty gun. The picture has quite a good style to it, although that ponytail is a bit long and makes it look as if Leela has a tail; although maybe that's the intention. Still, tail or not, this picture will make your day, punk.

The Day the Earth Stood Sonic... Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind... The Hedgehog that Fell to Earth... Someone stop me quick! Bah, terrible subject heading choice there... must do better. Anyway, the reason for that subject heading is due to the introduction of Sonic the Hedgehog to our Fan Art section, which can only mean that the picture has come from Andrea Huckstep. The picture features Sonic the Hedgehog coming out of a spaceship, while the concerned Leela, Bender, Mike (that robot thing next to Leela) and Dr Drakken look on. Maybe they're worried that Sega has taken over the world and that we are, as if like in The Matrix, just players in some big console game. Let's just hope they don't change the cartridge/disc, and that we end up in the world of Pong. That'd be mighty boring. *Blip! Blip! Blip! Beep!*
What do I look like? An updater?
Posted on March 15, 2005 by Allen
I am? Oh crap! Quick, what's that?! What do you mean nothing's there? Oh look, a fresh new update. How'd that get there? Anyway, take a look at some art by The Futurama Wiz. Why just take a look at the incredible likeness of a lazy guy. See, he's lazy, not me.

Heh, the way Graham talks about me in that interview of his, you'd think I was taking over and not just helping out. Hey Graham, if I'm taking over, I want a raise!
I can't think of a decent subject, so I'll get straight to the point...
Posted on March 14, 2005 by Kenneth
I've got two brand new Futurama Interviews for you all. Yes, that's right, to follow up with Teral's brilliant grilling of Zed earlier this month, there's now another two I performed over the last week, which means that after a couple of months of being devoid of any interviews we're back to a solid three overall this month. Anyway, those that were nicely grilled like a fine cheese sandwich were none other than our very own webmaster Graham, and following him the brilliant fanartist known as Asa B. So if you want to see what these two crazy Futurama fans had to say, just click on the appropriate names (or on the thumbnail if you want to see Asa's one) and enjoy.
After lingering so long in the background, let's bring back the noise, let's bring back the funk!
Posted on March 12, 2005 by Teral
I love webmastering! How else am I supposed to get all those cheesy puns and horribly jokes out of my system? I mean, if I did it face to face with some of my friends, they'll probably punch me in the face ... in fact I'm sure they would punch me. But now I have you, our trusty visitors, to torture. I love you guys, you've allowed me to keep my mental stability for the past 2-3 years. Group hug!! But I guess I should say something about what this update is really all about, so no more dabbling. Please welcome back Dave Vincent, with his latest addition to the Fan Fiction section, namely part 10 of his highly popular story Background Noise. This chapter takes place alongside the events depicted in part 9 but focus more on action taking place on Earth, as well as a few heretofore unseen locations. As always click here to go straight to the new part.

Look at! It's giant Nibbler. This hideous monster will devour us all! Knowing the raptous appetite of the Nibblonians, I think Nibbler might actually be able to eat our entrepid crew, if he was starved enough. This advertisement for a Nibbler wind-up toy come from Chet Miller, the newest submitter to our Fan Art section. There's also a black&white version of the picture available. Enjoy, but don't tread to close at feeding times.
Earth. What a planet. On Earth, you enjoy eating a tasty clam. On my planet, clams enjoy eating a tasty you.
Posted on March 10, 2005 by Teral
I guess Fry should've paid more attention to Zoidberg's comedy routine before going for a swim on Decapod X, eh? Many comedians base their jokes on everyday experiences and comment on the absurdity of the thing, so it should come as no surprise Zoidberg know everything about man-eating clams. Good thing Leela is there to help him get free, because Bender is of no help at all ... as usual. Some kind of spongy fellow with square pants in the picture too, maybe some of you have seen him before. He's no help either, btw. Some of you probably recognised the style already, but this latest adition for the Fan Art section comes from Leelaholic, who tells me this picture takes place below water, so I guess that means Spongebob Squarepants really doesn't absorb water as good as a regular sponge. A clearcut case of false advertisement if you ask me ... which I notice you aren't .... very few people do ... maybe it's my breath ... or you all just hate me. Either way, I'll go drink a beer.

Fantastic Four ... back to the future! But not before I present a new story in the Fan Fiction ection. This one come from Mitch and is titled Future Foursome. The plot is as follows: On a night when Leela's parents are visiting Planet Express, Fry asks the What-If machine what would happen if some of the crew gained Superhuman powers on their first mission. To start this story head over to part 1, by clicking here.
Philosophers scratch their chins; Fry scratches his cheek...
Posted on March 10, 2005 by Graham
Certainly not a good sight to see. Don't stare at that too image for too long, otherwise you'll end up gouging out your eyes. Obviously, if you're a Fry lover, and there are a few out there, then I suppose we've given you heaven. Anyway, this and eight other pictures have been sent in by Mike Wilkins for our Fan Art section. As you can see, the picture features Fry scratching his arse. Thankfully, he's still wearing his underpants, otherwise we'd all be in trouble. Other pictures of note are: Bender wearing clogs; Bender as a film projector; Fry as a baby; a picture of Yancy; and a few more. Now, I'll leave you to gouging out your eyes to remove the mental image that lies before you. Cheeky, eh?
Dragons and cyclops' and walks in the moonlight. Hookerbots, dancing, Greek girls in a sword fight. Hungry stoned lobsters and human-based drinks. These are a few of my favourite things.
Posted on March 9, 2005 by Kenneth
And none of that would likely make sense out of the context of this update, which happens to have all of these things in it. Starting off with the fantastic stylings of Asa B, who brings us four new pieces of Fan Art for you all. There's pencilled sketches of Leela twirling, as well as another with Leela in her Roman-Greco style, this time not looking quite as mellow as she holds a sword. Perhaps Fry misunderstood the context of him giving her services from the last drawing and she's after his blood? Or perhaps she heard news of Egotist Maximus (aka Zapp Brannigan) on his way to see her. Moving on... her last two pics feature 90% more shippy than the rest, and depict Leela and Fry taking a walk at night together. One is a sketch, while the other (as pictured here) is in beautiful full colour. Nicely done.

Next we have some more pieces from Zmithy, who brings us five new pictures of his. These feature Leela drinking Soylent Cocoa (now with 20% more human horn), a rather angry Leela with no clothes (settle down, it's tasteful) and scruffy hair, Zoidberg looking for a replacement to his pills after being doped up in Bender Gets Made, and Bender pondering what to do with his $300 and whether he should go for 300 one dollar hookerbots or one $300 hookerbot from 300 Big Boys. The final pic features Leela with a dragon on the edge of a cliff, with a beautiful sunset (or perhaps sunrise?) in the distance, but as a bonus not only comes to you as a normal picture but also as a Wallpaper as well, so have a look in that section as well.

And that's all for now, though keep an eye out for two new interviews coming from me soon for March. Until then.
The grass will be greener next week... and it won't be due to the beer induced vomit!
Posted on March 8, 2005 by Graham
Well, it is nearly a week to go before green guinness is drunk and then liberally plastered onto the floors of many a bar. Why's that? Well, it'll be St Patrick's Day, a day to celebrate the Irish. It's not as if many of the Irish will need a day to celebrate, because every weekend would suffice for some, but a day they have. Anyway, to your right is the thumbnail of a wallpaper that's been sent in by Genocidal Smasher to celebrate this coming day. It features Fry dressed up in a green celebratory suit, with a shamrock to make the point that Fry is dressing up as something Irish, not that his dress sense, if he had any, has gone to pot. Then again, I haven't ever seen that kind of suit worn by an Irishman, but seeing that I'm only half-Irish, what would I know. OK, OK, it's meant to be for fun... I get it. Also, Genocidal Smasher has come up with some work for our Fan Art section. It features Leela, Fry and Bender sitting on the couch doing the things they like to do. We have Bender enjoying some robot porn recipes, Fry playing about with his games system, and Leela relaxing on the couch looking quite dreamy. Wake up, girl! Well, enjoy these latest pieces of work from Genocidal Smasher, and be careful of the green beer.
It's official, the staff of TLZ has lost their minds. . .
Posted on March 7, 2005 by Allen
and hired me on as an updater! Well, I suppose hired is the wrong word as this isn't a paying gig. How about coercion? Nah, they don't have me chained to the desk. . .yet. In any case, I was contacted in the hopes that I would join this crazy crew. Opinions of this site may vary, but you just can't pass up a chance to help the oldest futurama site. It's just not done. So here I am and I come bearing updates for our Fan Art section. I have 10 new pics from a new artist called Kayla. So go on and take a look at the fresh new art.

Anyone familiar with my work as both a fanfic writer and site updater will know that I've stuck with fanfiction. So this is a change of pace updating other things besides fanfics. All I ask is a little patience while I get myself settled in. Meanwhile, hey you guys have another updater to send stuff to. Alas, poor overworked Graham will get most of the e-mail despite this. So cut a guy a break, spread the work around and give the rest of us something to do besides sit on our lazy asses.

A new era has begun at FM: TLZ. Let the creulty. . . er I mean fun begin!
Luke, I am your father's brother's son's sister's niece's nephew's dog's vet's uncle's butler's best friend's wife's bank manager's son's teacher's apple's owner's uncle's father...
Posted on March 6, 2005 by Graham
Actually, it was really the line, "No, I am your father", that was uttered by James Earl Jones. Why Luke gets so pissed by that fact is beyond me. I mean, being son of the most tyrannical being in the universe is something to be proud of, right? Oh, wait, that's meant to be wrong. My bad. It gets confusing what dictator we're meant to be supporting today. Makes you wonder what happens to those who bullied future dictators at school. I mean, imagine what happened to anyone who bullied Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or Pinochet at school. Big, fatal mistake. Anyway, onto more productive and less gruesome business. I have two works for our Fan Art section that comes from Angel de Muerte. The picture you can see to your right shows Bender as Darth Vader, uttering those memorable lines (well, other than the Luke part at the front). Bender looks damn menacing in his new Darth Bender look. Angel de Muerte's second picture has Fry as Fry the Crow (Phil Draven), which looks neat, too. Well, enjoy these latest two pictures. BTW, for Heaven's sake, don't bully people at school, otherwise you could risk pissing off some future dictator.

A cure for a legless hangover... Well, next up, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Rye Guy. This is part eighteen of his serial fiction The Other. I'll let Rye Guy fill in what happens in this latest chapter. "In this latest chapter... It has been two days since Skyler, Amy, and Bender stopped Leela from having an abortion courtesy of the Robot Devil himself. The Professor is eager to test his new energy sensors with Skyler to put his theories to the test. Lucky for him, Skyler needs his help with some repairs. Meanwhile, Leela has isolated herself from everyone and is in a deep state of depression and is now fearing losing her sanity after hearing and seeing things related to Fry. All the while, Skyler's birthday is approaching. Can Farnsworth find a connection between Skyler and the strange energy surges? Will Leela ever regain her faith? Will Fry keep his word and come back? Read and find out..." Did he say that there is a lot going on? Seems like it to me. Well, I know that a lot of you have been waiting for the next part of The Other, so I won't keep babbling. Enjoy!
Let's get dangerous!
Posted on March 5, 2005 by Teral
He is the terror who flaps in the night! He is the screeching fingernail on the chalkboard of justice! He is Darkwing Duck! And now he even come in Futurama Fan Art courtesy of Jennifer MacDonald. I take it you all know who Darkwing is, but I'm going to tell you anyway. He is St. Canard's resident crimefighter. With his sidekick Launchpad, his daughter Gosalyn, and his super-sized ego he foil every evil plan Negaduck, Bushroot, Quackerjack, Megavolt and Liquidator conscieve. What's most surprising is the series was produced by Disney. I mean, a hero with character flaws the size of Rhode Island, how did this concept ever get pass the PC watchdogs at Disney? Not that I mind, Darkwing Duck is a great show. If you get it in syndication where you live, do yourself a favor and give the show a chance, it's the last of the good Disney productions. Everything else since then have been mediocre at best (Note: persoanl opinion, not a scientific truth ). So in conclusion, go see the picture.

Warning: not for dibetics! I mean, look at the thumbnail! It's sweet, it's sugary, it's sacharine, it's pure, 100% shippery. Ofcourse for those who enjoy these things, it just doesn't get any better than this. This new Fan Art comes from Leela's Twin. And it got company, an additional 4 pictures. Leela under a full moon (no not as a werwolf, but looking quite templative), Leela in a black jacket, Fry grieving for Leela )or something, if you are to believe the words "She's Gone" next to him) and finally Leela as some kind of angelic figure, probably a daydream of Fry's.

More innocent victims get their quotes taken out of context for your pleasure: Interviews is back. Yep, we have a new Futurama Interview ready. As you know we grab a hold of wellknown people (artists, writers, webmasters, etc) in the online community and force them to answer our questions. This time we focus our attention on prolific and wellknown fanartist Douglas "Zed85" Hilliard. Enjoy!
It's not St Patrick's Day yet, Fry!
Posted on March 2, 2005 by Graham
Ah well, maybe Fry is just trying on his St Patrick's Day suit on to make sure it fits before the big day that Irishmen around the world celebrate; although quite a few of those celebrating are only Irish due to their great-grandfather having drunk a half of Guinness in a Boston bar. Anyway, back to the picture that's for our Fan Art section. Welcome a picture of Fry in his St Patrick's Day celebratory dress, a picture which was crafted by Genocidal Smasher. Give a Guinness to that smashing lad! Well, it might well be claimed that Fry has Irish ancestory, but maybe that's only because one of his distant relatives saw what might have been an Irishman outside an "Irish" bar somewhere in the US. Oh well, at least my mother will be celebrating this day, seeing she's a born and bred Irishwoman. Now cue the diddly diddly music. Oh, stop it. How stereotypical...