March 2004

March 31, 2004

Happy April Fool's Day!!! (or not if a trick caused you bodily harm...) Let's face it... some tricks can hurt. Although the one in this piece of new Fan Art from artist Extwist shows a much more classic style of April Fools joke that Bender and Fry have pulled on Leela and Amy. Nice work there, and sorry that it's a bit late for those you you in New Zealand, Korea, Japan and some parts of Australia... I was lucky to get it up this soon thanks to classes today. Still... it's in time for most of the world to enjoy. Later

Wanna see something weird? Perhaps even a little freaky? I think the latest Fan Art submssion from Bob Newhart might just qualify. It shows Zoidberg, Fry and Leela in a semi-anime style, with a dash of personal touch from Bob. Well, that's not so freaky (although I find the big eyes in anime kinda disturbing. ), but the laser-beams coming out of Zoidberg's eyes, Fry's elastic neck and the arching electricity between Leela's hands certainly is. Add to that the evil smile and twsited gimmer in their eyes/eye, and yes it is freaky. Not to mention really good, so check it out.

Sonnet For A Cyclops. Well, that's almost the name for Fry's holophoner sonata in "Parasites Lost", but it's would also be a neat name for a new entry in the Poetry and Song Parodies part of The Leela Zone. I said would, because the real title is Unhealthy Sonnet I For Turanga Leela and is written by Joseph "Jon" Lanthier in the form of a conversatin between himself and Matt Groening.

You can't give up hope just because it's hopeless, you gotta hope even more and cover your ears and go blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah..... ..... Oh, you're still here? Well good actually. I've been made aware of a newly started petition for bringing Futurama back, started by some members of the PEEL messageboard. So take 10 seconds of your time, help Futurama and sign the petition. If it works, great you've helped bring the show back, if it doesn't well what've you lost? Nothing. Well 10 seconds, but that's practically nothing, unless you're competing in the 100m dash at the Olympics, then you just lost the gold medail, and... Well, I'm babling so time to wrap it up, the petition can be found here.

Shut the hell up! Actually, that's to Bender, not yourselves. See, one of Coilette's latest works for our Fan Art section has Bender being muted via a remote control. Boy, wouldn't that be fun to have a remote control that can silence loud and obnoxious people. I think it should be called the Hawking Silencer, because, let's face it, Steven Hawking will just claim it as his idea, so I might as well give up now. Anyway, Coilette has produced two more pictures: one shows Leela kissing Fry, when the delivery boy was acting like a robot; the other shows Bender after one of his trademark burps. Hmmm... maybe that should be called a Hawking Burp. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Top secret... do not read... go past Go and collect £200! Well, I can't say much, because I've been asked to not give too much of the game away about this contribution from Desmond. See, it's full of secret stuff that if read by the wrong kind of person, could end up destroying the world. Yeah, you heard right, destroy Manchester. Actually, that could be a good thing in my books, but I suppose I better keep to the script. Anyway, Desmond has come up with part three of his current fan fiction that's titled - I wonder if I'd be giving away too much if I mentioned the title? - When Futurama Meets Starcraft. Want to know what goes on in this part? Well, tough luck! Go and read it to find out. Remember, I'm only following orders.

Oh, if that's not enough, Desmond has been kind enough to send us some news about Futurama. No, it's not top secret, so Manchester and the world can sigh in relief. Teletoon, the Canadian broadcaster of animation shows (from what I've read in Google), is to show Futurama every night at 10:30pm and 12:30am from 5th April. So, lucky Canadians will be able to get daily doses of the show. Cool on you. Thanks goes to Desmond for informing me about this. See, he even shares information.

March 30, 2004

SpyOrama? What's that? Must be one of those newfangled thingies from Outer Hebrides! Yeah, I'm sort of confused about this, so maybe someone like Fryfan will help me out. Well, the reason I ask Fryfan is because he sent me a picture for our Fan Art section that's been drawn by his friend and new artist for this site, Silvertide, as well as being coloured in by himself, so take it as a sort of joint-effort. Anyway, it apparently has something to do with SpyOrama and features Amy in a jumpsuit pointing guns in a quite menacing manner. I suppose SpyOrama is kind of a dangerous thing to be in, considering that Amy needs to be armed and dangerous. Anyway, apparently there's more SpyOrama coming along with other characters. However, in the meantime play I-spy or something. Better still, go look at Silvertide's picture.

This must be someone's fantasy! Well, the next contribution to our Fan Art section comes from another new face at The Leela Zone, Tarantula. He's come up with two pictures for us. The one you can see shows Leela in some strange garb that I can only think a street hooker would wear... but maybe I'm wrong and will be shortly receiving an email from an offended Tarantula telling me it's something completely different. Well, we'll soon find out. His second picture shows Fry as a prehistoric man. Watch out for the tiger behind you, Fry! Considering his facial expression, he's either spotted the tiger or has noticed Tarantula's picture of Leela. Oh well, I've caused enough mischief, so go and enjoy the pics.

March 29, 2004

Now this is the car that should have been in Vanishing Point! Today, I've got another hand-drawn work for our Fan Art section that comes from ExTwist. This time he's got Fry and Leela in a damn fast hovercar. No, this isn't your ordinary hovercar that you'd expect, if you were to take Futurama literally, in the year 3000, this one is based on the Mercedes F400, which looks quite classy. I wonder where Fry got the dosh to get that kind of mechanical beast? Hmmm... maybe he found another bank account that he used to deposit a few cents in for a rainy day. Then again, maybe ear wax became a rarity and he had an abundant supply, which he seems to have if you take the episode "Parasites Lost" at face value.

BTW, it was good to see that someone on The Leela Zone was on the ball yesterday. Thanks goes to Teral for updating about Futurama's fifth anniversary on this site when the rest of us, particularly me, had overlooked it. Don't know whether to be happy or sad about the anniversary, though, considering the treatment the show suffered in Fox's hands. Still, at least the show still goes on in the minds of its fans.

March 28, 2004

Dear *Tvshow*. Has it really been 5/10/20 years? If not disregard and resume production ! *Distribute token of appreciation and applaud* I have no Fan Art or Fan Fiction for you today, but I have a cause for celebration; today our beloved show celebrates it's 5 year anniversary! That's right, on Sunday March 28th back in the year 1999, 19.04 million Americans sat down to watch the first broadcast of the pilot episode of Futurama, "Space Pilot 3000", making it one of the highest rated debuts on FOX. Futurama continued to show strong ratings throughout it's first season, a hit was in the making. We all know the sad story that followed, but let's forget that for today, this is a day for celebration. So break out those Papst Blue Robot's, Ole Fortran Malts, Löbraus or Botweisers (not to be confused with a beer-flavoured softdrink from present day America ) and join me in this toast for Futurama. May it have many more anniversaries in the years to come.

Leela battles the Cheesy Blob! Let's start today off with a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Coilette. She's come up again with three hand-drawn pictures, each crafted from scenes from the show. Let's see, we have a picture of Leela fighting Zapp Brannigan... I mean William Shatner (any similarity is purely coincidental ); Leela in her last episode opera dress; and Leela discussing something of merit with Fry and Bender. Last time I said that I hoped for some more work from Coilette, and she came up with the goods. Let's hope that she can fulfill our greed and contribute more.

Planet Express goes TWA? The next contribution goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, Soulkid2000. He's been quite eager to see his work go up on The Leela Zone, so I had to eventually oblige him and put up his first work. It's called Spaceship, and is apparently a parody of the great film Airplane. Planet Express is in financial crisis, but Fry has an idea to save them from bankruptcy: turn the company into a passenger airline ferrying people to their destinations. Think it's just a stupid Fry idea? Think that Planet Express will go under? Think that Planet Express can't be any worse than Virgin Airways? Well, why not enjoy this fic from Soulkid2000 to satisfy your curiosity.

March 27, 2004

Hooray! New Fan Fiction it is! Yes, I've finally got something to update with. This is actually a piece of Fan Fiction by author Christina Nordlander, and is actually one of her first Futurama stories that she wrote and has permitted me to put up here. It happens to be titled The Age of Capricorn, and involves Fry getting into trouble after finding an old 20th Century car and committing a crime against AI. A good read from Christina, and for those eagerly awaiting the next parts of her Son of the Ashes saga, she is hoping to have the next part ready soon. Well, that's all from me for this week. Later

Group photo! Who's missing? Answers on a postcard! Today, I have a few contributions from two new people for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Actually, one of them has produced a work for our Crap Art section, but let's not quibble. Anyway, first up is Jojotheduck, who has been kind enough to send us this picture of various characters of Futurama posing for a picture. Jojotheduck also asks for anyone to write to him to suggest important characters that he's missed out in his picture. I suppose I could add that he's missed out Sal the laziest worker of them all who has "the moves", but I think I'll let the rest of you email Jojo other suggestions. Still, it's a nice work which must have took some effort to produce. So, all hail Jojo.

Dressed for the occasion! As I mentioned above, there's another new contributor for our Fan Art and Crap Art sections. So, let's welcome Esparanaza to The Leela Zone with the two pictures she's sent to us. The one you can see goes to our Fan Art section and features Leela in a long dark-blue dress, ready, I suppose, to go out to some special do. Esparanza has also sent a picture for our Crap Art section that shows a really crappy-looking Fry. That's utter crap and some other expletives. Let's hope for some more rubbish like this. Oh, let's also hope for more good stuff, too.

It's not scratch-and-sniff, but I'll buy it. One art please! Yeah, it's time for another round of Fan Art, today we have 4 new pictures coming from 2 artists. The first two is made by Alenacat and show her usual high quality. The one shown to the left have Leela wearing an old-style dress, almost like in one of those real paintings you seen in museums, in a modern-day street, maybe she's heading for a costume party. The other show Fry and Leela enjoying a game of pool in their spare time. Now, some people might be able to find some kind of dirty inuendo in this picture. Don't listen to them, they're clearly nuts. Still, be warned, you might be one of those people.

Someone got a sweet tooth... And it's Leela, but we all knew that. Second pair of new Fan Art come from Mercpato, and show scenes from "The Sting" and "Insane In The Mainframe". I really shouldn't do this, considering Esbjerg (the football team Mercapto apparently backs) beat Brøndby (my club) 6-1 the other day, but that's just the kind of guy I am. Anyway, the thumbnail show one of the cut scenes from "The Sting" (all you region 1 dwellers, here's ahcance for a sneak peak at the season 4 DVD ). Leela is so happy Fry is back, she lands him a spontaneous kiss on the cheek. I have a feeling the shippers will enjoy this scene. In the second picture we see Fry as a drunk little insane angel, witht he rest of the crew looking down on him. Some great shadings in these two as well.

March 26, 2004

Hey! Baldur's back! Yes, you've guessed! part twenty-four of Kenneth White's Futurama: Universe of Malice is now out in our Fan Fiction section. Right now, I'm wondering what to say to introduce this fic, but can't think of anything to be worthy of such a great story. I suppose I could go on about the weather, but that's what I tend to do when I can't think of much to say. Maybe a few words about my favourite football team, Arsenal, are worth spouting from my mouth... fingers. However, even that would just bore you solid rather than get you hyped-up for a great rollercoaster of a story. So, instead, I'll just say that Baldur's back again! Oh, also Elod raises some suspicions from Leela about his real motives. Her suspicions are so much that she's willing to enter into an alliance with Cubert! Hmmm... Leela being suspicious seems to be a common theme recently. Zapp is still getting slapped about by a female he can't handle... maybe that's his plan. Fry is still mad at Leela, and soon will have something to get mad at again once he finds out that Leela has a rendezvous with a certain human male who I won't mention. Ah, lastly, the planet-eater is still on course to devour the Universe. Yummy! So, bon appetite in reading Ken's latest part (apparently the penultimate part).

March 25, 2004

The gang's all here! On this Thursday, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, who goes under the name Coilette, which is the name she calls herself on the PEEL message board. The three pictures she's sent are hand-drawn, and look quite nice, too. We have the gang posing; Leela, Fry and a "pregnant" Bender sitting on the couch; and we have Dorothy Leela meeting the good witch Amy, which happened in the parody of the "Wizard of Oz" segment of "Anthology of Interest II". Well, all nice pictures, let's hope for some more.

Losing trust, losing touch! The second contribution to The Leela Zone is for our Fan Fiction section and comes from Rye Guy. This is part fourteen of his current story, The Other. This part has a lot going on, so that should keep you occupied. One thing that does happen is that Leela starts to raise suspicions about Skyler's motives, despite his apparent good intentions. Want to know more, then read Rye Guy's latest part.

March 24, 2004

The Eclectic Dialectic Electric Scalextric... it's a Drainpipe thang! Have I got an eclectic mix for you today. I have three pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from The Drainpipe, all of which are a contrast from each other. Well, I'll start with the happy-dippy one... actually, two. Both show Leela and Fry having a great and happy time together, but both are created using different styles. Look at how happy they are. Savour the moment. You'll have to savour it, because The Drainpipe's next picture is the complete opposite. It shows Leela caring for a slain Nibbler (hmmm... is that such a terrible thing? ), while behind her lurks Fry, now a flesh-eating zombie. I love the dark and eerie effect of this picture, and Fry certainly does look menacing. The picture is based on a film called "28 Days Later", that I've yet to see. The Internet Movie Database seems to suggest it's a good film, so I'll probably look out for it. Anyway, enjoy the difference.

Awww... a whole lotta loving is on its way to a lucky fella! Well, after that bloodfest, we swing the other way again. Who says we're not eclectic here. I have three pictures from a new artist for our Fan Art section who calls herself Futurama Freak. The pictures sort of tell a story. It starts with Fry asking Leela to go out with him, while offering flowers and chocolates for the occasion. She rejects his offer for the umpteenth time, but after Fry starts crying, Leela has second thoughts and accepts. Oh well, seems that Leela is a sucker for tears. Anyway, enjoy Futurama Freak's work here, and let's hope there's more.

March 23, 2004

Lost in the void, what fevered dreams may come? Today's quick and painless update come from Bob Newhart and goes straight into the Fan Art section. There's an interesting story to this picture. Fry is sick (note the pale skin color, and I'm not talking about the one that come from too much web surfing ) and in his fevered state he drift into a nameless void. Just when he's about to give up a vision come to rescue him, a vision in the form of Leela. ..... If you believe that story, I have one word for you: gotcha! I have no idea what the story behind this picture is, but you gotta admit it was an interesting theory, right? What do you mean "no"? Anyway that's what I have for today. I told you it would be quick and painless.

March 22, 2004

The Kiss of Death! Fry and Leela are in danger! Help! Won't somebody please think of the delivery! Who will save them from this evil deed committed by Tokash? What has he done? I tell you what he's done: he's trapped both Fry and Leela kissing in two animated GIF files that he's sent to our Fan Art section. Yes, now they have to spend an eternity kissing so that Shippers can gawp at them forever. The danger is that they won't be able to breathe, so maybe after a hundred kisses they'll be dead. I hope you're all happy now! OK, I suppose they'll both die happy, but nobody thinks of the poor delivery. No, nobody thinks of poor Uncle Tommy waiting for his boxes of soothing haemorrhoid cream.

BOOM! BANG! CRASH! OUCH! OK, enough about haemorrhoids... not exactly a good subject to have while I'm eating some strawberry Mullerice. Well, the second contribution goes to our Fan Fiction section and comes from Desmond. This is part two of his work that's titled When Futurama Meets Starcraft. In this part, before going into battle against the Zerg, the crew get used to their new Starcraft surroundings. Well, enjoy the battle. Now that I've forgotten about haemorrhoids, I think I'll finish my strawberry Mullerice.

March 21, 2004

Twisted feelings to the X! I got a nice email from ExTwist, who was kind enough to send us some work for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Haven't heard of ExTwist? Well, that's because he's a new contributor to this site. Anyway, his first picture for us is one for you Shippers out there. It shows Fry giving a loving stare towards Leela, while she stares back at him knowingly. This picture really looks nice and oozes loving emotion. Well, that's enough sugary words of encouragement, go and give ExTwist's picture a view.

March 20, 2004

Let's dance - The Drainpipe is back in town! Well, after a long time not submitting his great work to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section, good ol' The Drainpipe is back with some more work. Don't let the file name for the image make you think it's another one of his David Bowie inspired works, because, apparently, it's not (not sure if I believe him, though ). No, it seems that's a coincidence... even though he went to see David Bowie recently in concert. Maybe David Bowie is implanting subliminal messages in his fans' brains. Maybe David Bowie wants to rule the world and is plotting our eventual doom. Maybe he's in league with the spiders from Mars. Hmmm... maybe I need to listen to some of his stuff and join the winning side. Anyway, before I submit myself to his songs, many of which are great, I better explain more about The Drainpipe's work. He's created two pictures which show Leela in a mood to dance. Both pictures are the same, but in different styles. In the pictures, it seems that she's in the process of removing her scrunchie from her hair just before shaking her head to a music beat. Wild hair day.

March 18, 2004

Till the fat lady sings? She's been on a diet! Anything better than listening to some Mogwai, which I'm currently listening to? Well, one thing that might compete is a great picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Nostradamus. This one is based on the Phantom of the Opera, showing Leela as an opera singer while Fry plays on the piano. However, that's not all of the story, because if that were the case, then I'd be short-changing you. So, in order for you to get your full money's worth, I'll let Nostradamus explain this picture: "Sing, my angel of music! Sing for me! After getting horribly mutilated in a starship crash, Fry suddenly turns to classical music, and becomes the Phantom of the Opera. He kidnaps Leela to sing for him and ease his loneliness, and she finaly falls in love with him...(sigh)... How could Fry kidnap Leela, you ask? For my part, bigger question is how the hell can he play the piano." Maybe it's one of those self-acting pianos that you see a lot in films that deal with the Victorian era.

That's Yojinbo, Kagemusha and now the Seven Samurai out of the way! The next work I have for you goes again to our Fan Art section, and this time comes from Alexander A Andreev. He's produced a hand-drawn picture of Leela as a samurai warrior who has slain an enemy with her trusty samurai sword. One thing I do enjoy watching is a film by Akira Kurosawa, who has produced numerous great Japanese films, one being Seven Samurai, which is one of my all-time favourite films. Oh well, I suppose Hollywood just had to remake it as a cowboy film called the Magnificent Seven. What's wrong watching a film about another culture and reading a few subtitles. Anyway, I'm straying from the plot... do enjoy Alexander's latest picture.

And the fight goes on! Lastly for today, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Max Bellamy. This is the fifth part of his latest serial fiction work, The Fry-trix: Rebooted. In this part, Fry and Leela join forces with Zapp Brannigan and his men to battle the Sentinels. Yes, they actually join forces. Yeah, Zapp does try to take advantage of the situation... but that's best read by you. Anyway, enjoy this part of Max's Matrix parody.

March 17, 2004

A small update for a long song... Yeah. That and because nobody sends me anything except viruses! Okay, I'll settle down... because a new song parody has been added to our Poetry and Song Parody section from fryfan. This is a take-off of the classic Don McLean song "American Fry" aptly named American Fry instead. So check that out, and that's all I have to say really. Later

A greeting for all our Irish visitors: Happy St. Patrick's Day, lassies and laddies! Ofcourse that also applies for those with Irish ancestry. The rest of you probably already guessed it, but for no particular reason I'll explain anyway. Today is St. Patrick's Day, the Irish national day, a day with parades, socialising and lots of beer. Green, being the traditional color of Ireland, is seen everyhwere. Why do I give you this lesson in weird European national days? Well, it gives me a great excuse to introduce a new piece of Fan Art from Mitch. The picture show Fry and Leela ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (Leela even dug out her lime-green tanktop ), and now they're wondering what Amy and Kif will be wearing. Enjoy the picture, and the beer if you're Irish.

March 16, 2004

Only 876 years to go! As if the second coming of Jesus in 2443 will not do enough harm to our videotapes, it appears there's a 1:300 chance of some asteroid called 1950DA hitting Earth the 16th of March of 2880, exactly 876 years from today. Such an event would of course leave this planet as lifeless as Fox's schedule now that Futurama's gone, all signs of intelligent life gone as if we had all turned into politicians. And I had planned a nice vacation for that year, too! I guess I'll just have to buy that house in Mars, even if the little green men say real state prices are too high. Not to mention a 25% sales tax! Oh well, while I take a look at the paper and see if I can find a place away from the dust storms, you go and take a look at the new pieces of Fan Art that have landed in my doorstep: four character sketches by a new artist who goes by the nick s-k-returns (or so I think, the landing damaged the contact details). Once you've looked at those nice pictures, balance your eyes by looking at some really Crap Art by Zoop, featuring some stick figures that look like Santa Claus and Albert Einstein. Or maybe it's Bob and George? Ozy and Millie? Sam and Fuzzy? Who knows, who cares, just take a look while I call this guy... it appears I may just get a nice house right next to the big stone ass of Mars! [Leandro]

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder! I've got some new work for our Fan Art section that comes from Fry's Chick 3000. She's created three works for that section, each dealing with - I wonder if you can guess who - her favourite delivery boy. Well, we have a picture of a sad Fry being reflected off the pupil of Leela's eye; Fry commenting that Leela looks hot; and lastly, there's a purple silhouette of Fry. So, there you go, three colourful pictures all dealing with Futurama's one and only delivery boy.

Don't you just hate it when your video game is actual history! Next, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, Desmond. He's come up with a new story that's titled When Futurama Meets Starcraft, which deals with the crew delivering a package to a far-off and dangerous place. However, Fry discovers that this delivery is to Starcraft, a video game that he used to play in the 20th century. Well, cue fun and danger. To go directly to part one, click here.

March 15, 2004

Other things that can happen to you after a few drinks.... Well, after yesterday's fan fiction work from Rye Guy called An Even Longer Day, which dealt with the day after Leela got damn drunk, it's funny to present this picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Nostradamus. This picture of his features Leela waking up after a big drinking session the night before to find that she's in a strange motel, and in bed with Fry... and Amy. Thankfully, we're spared the details of what went on that night (some are likely to be disappointed with that, but you lot can use your imaginations, which you undoubtedly do ), but you're not spared from the horror on Leela's face after realising her slip towards a complicated and delicate morning after. Well, enjoy... not too much, mind you.

March 14, 2004

May I offer you my hand! It's wet, windy and miserable in southern England at the moment... so no change there. What else is new? Ah, yeah, at The Leela Zone, we have another picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Leila. This picture features Leela holding her upper-arm and extending her arm. Bah, I must be hopeless, because I can't think which episode that picture was taken from. I bet someone will be kind enough to inform ignorant me where it originates from. All answers on a postcard.

The day after the night before! Next up is a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Rye Guy. No, it's not a continuation of The Other, that should be coming soon. It's actually the sequel of his other fan fic work A Long Night, which is called An Even Longer Day. This deals with Leela awakening and realising she's naked, has a pounding headache, has Fry's jacket, and can't remember a thing that happened the night before. So, in order to find out what's what, she has to speak to Fry, who has a lot of explaining to do. Well, I'll shut up now and let you read this sequel in peace. Enjoy.

March 13, 2004

Longing for a loving! Today I have some new work for our Fan Art section that's from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, who calls herself Fry's Chick 3000. She's come up with three pictures of what I think would be her favourite character on the show: Fry. The one you can see shows Fry feeling hurt due to Leela spurning his love. The other two show Fry being "bad", and Fry pointing at something and encouraging you to look at it (I'm not sure if that's meant ot be Leela's ponytail or a cloud... you decide ). Well, let's hope these three pictures satisfies your appetite.

March 11, 2004

If you like bad taste, then look no further! All in good humour, mind you. I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from a new contributor to The Leela Zone, whose name is Andrew Merzlyakov. He's actually come up with a funny sort of picture that's titled Futurage. Although some might find it a bit too racy and offensive, it sure is meant to be seen as humorous work. We have Fry as a pyromaniac, Leela as an assassin, Amy as a blood thirsty, drug addicted, ex-hooker, and Bender as a suicide bomber. OK, that last one does go close to the mark, considering current affairs, but who says that humour can't be dark and disturbing. Well, that's enough warning for anyone who is sensitive, the rest of you can enjoy it while it's hot.

March 10, 2004

Cue Leela! Cue Fry! Cue Moon! Cue love! Today I have quite a bit of work from Nostradamus for both our Fan Art and our Fan Fiction sections. Starting with the artwork, you can see that he's produced a Shipper-type picture of Fry and Leela appreciating each other under the gaze of the full moon. The other picture that he's created seems to be Leela as Legolas Greenleaf, a major character in Lord of the Rings. Nostradamus wants to stress that he's not a Legolas fan, so don't confuse him with being one, otherwise he'll wreak vengence and destruction upon you with his mighty "bwahahahaha". Next up, and this time it's written work, is the second part of his Time and Punishment fan fiction. In this part, while captured and on her way to be delivered to Professor Crane, along with the rest of the Planet Express crew, Leela gets to spend some time with their captor, Number One, finding that under that hard exterior lies a seemingly confused cyborg. However, she also finds out why she has been chosen by Professor Crane, too. Best if you read the story than rely on my description, though. See, you can't cheat by just reading up on my pathetic short intro, you have to read the fic in full... or face some "bwahahahaha" punishment from Nostradamus.

March 9, 2004

The Y2K bug is back? Trying to lure us out of our houses, where we'll be attacked by exploding rivers and Kremlin Joe? Could this be the end of the computer age ... again? Before you all start running for the hills, the answer is no. Though looking at the title of the latest submission to the Fan Fiction section, one could easily get that impression. The name of the story is Error From The Year 2000, and come from Mysteryman. The center of attention in this story is Fry. Waking up in a familiar room he finds himself surrounded by his family, who tell him he's only been frozen for a month. Remembering everything from his "life" in the future Fry is uncertain what to believe. Was it all really just a dream? Want to find out? Then click here to start reading.

The Leela Zone present scientific evidence. Thanks to Smiley we can now show you the first concrete evidence that humans can in fact de-evolve. Sure Darwin might have been there first with his theory of evolution, but you heard about de-evolution here. This is ofcourse presented in the form of an amusing Uses For A Hacker. Among this batch of 6 new uses, we also find K.I.T.T.'s (the car from "Night Rider" for you young'uns) other evil twin, Kif working out some of his frustrations from being Zapp's XO and Leela with a personal message. Enjoy 'em, I know I did.

March 8, 2004

Coffee break too far! Yes, we do have some artwork for our Fan Art section. After a break of a few days of picture work being shown on The Leela Zone, we're proud to present some artwork from Juliet Adeoye, who seems to have been busy in creating two further works for her page here. The picture you see shows Fry during his coffee addiciton, which happened in the episode "300 Big Boys". The other picture of hers shows Amy and Kif kissing, which I think happened in the same episode as the other picture. Well, enjoy these pictures from Juliet. Now, off to make some coffee.

March 7, 2004

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it! Today I have another work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. His latest written work is titled Passport to Peril, and deals with what happens when Fry wins ten-thousand dollars and decides to spend this money on treating the Planet Express crew to a luxury cruise. However, good intentions aren't enough, as things soon deviate from Fry and the crew's high expectations. Yes, even Zoidberg is invited.

March 6, 2004

Imagine Agent Smith as Hugo Weaving's character in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert... Scary Spice! Yeah, there's a thought. What would The Matrix be like if Agent Smith were actually dressed as a drag queen rather than some sort of clean-cut agent type? Hugo Weaving starred as one of the drag queens in a film called The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, which in itself was a good and funny film. Still, imagining hundreds of cross-dressing Agent Smiths fighting Keanu Reeves' Neo makes one wonder if Neo would just turn and flee in horror. Anyway, the reason why I'm rabbiting about past characters that Hugo Weaving has played is because Max Bellamy has come up with a new part of The Fry-trix: Rebooted, and I have to introduce it someway. In this part of his latest fan fiction work, Fry visits the good ol' Oracle, who will try to explain, in her own way, what's happening to the confused delivery boy. Don't worry, Agent Smith doesn't come into this story wearing make-up, a tutu and a fan.

March 5, 2004

What did you say about my nose!!? The latest addition to the Fan Art section come from Bob Newhart, a new submitter to The Leela Zone, and show Leela about to karate-chop some poor schmoe for saying the wrong thing. The nose-thing is just one of the possible explanations, but she looks pretty pissed (and I'm not talking about the British meaning of the word ), maybe Zapp is involved somehow. Either way, this is a great picture, so enjoy it.

1: leave your girlfriend, Buffy Summers 2: Throw out the garlic bread you just bought Headline taken from the "list of things to do if you're bit by a wampire". And that's exactly what have happened to Fry in the story Fry-T Night by Zomono. In part 2 Fry start to see the first effects of this unfortunate event, at first they don't seem that bad. But when he hear the life-story of his assailiant, things take a turn for the worse. As always you can find this story in the Fan Fiction section, or you can click here to be taken straight to the new chapter.

Better late than never! Yay! The Leela Zone's visitor counter hit the 900K mark two days ago! Gort noticed, but since usually I'm the one nagging everybody to send some pic, we were picless! But fear now, that is the case no more! After a small delay caused by Earth shattering stuff that nobody cares about because Earth didn't actually shatter, the 900K pic is here! This time I brought one great artist out of retirement, someone awesome, charming, handsome, and modest to boot: ME! That's right, the 900K pic that you can see in this update was brought to you by the one and only Leandro, and it shall forever remain in my gallery page, for public horror and shame of the site. You can prevent my horrible stuff from ever reaching this website again simply by sending one pic for the ONE MILLION mark already! The rules are simple: something with Leela, something with the number 1000000, and with a real P-A-R-T-Y mood! All our inboxes await your pictures, so start sendin'! [Leandro]

March 4, 2004

Thank you, come again! What do you get if you cross Apu Nahasapeemapetilon of The Simpsons fame with our very own Fry? No, you don't get the laziest storekeeper - that goes to Homer Simpson when he became Apu's assistant No, you don't get the freezers all occupied with human icicles. Instead, you get a picture of Fry and Apu done by Skajme for our Fan Art section. As I said, this picture features Apu behind the counter talking to Fry, while the delivery boy sucks on a super squishy that he purchased from the convenience store. Oh well, it's amazing what you can do with time travel and some imagination.

And talking about time travel! Yeah, and speaking of the subject, I have a new work for our Fan Fiction section that deals precisely with that theme. Welcome a new fic by Nostradamus that's titled Time and Punishment, which deals with the trouble that time travel could bring to the unwary. The story starts off with the crew finding that they've somehow gotten themselves under the control of a brutal, efficient dictatorship, and soon become aware that this was the result of Professor Farnsworth's latest invention: a TV remote control that can change time. (There I was thinking that someone had left the lights on at the Republican Convention or something. ) So, Leela is sent back to repair the damage and gets into some scrapes along the way. Well, to go directly to the first part, click here.

Smallest Update Ever! Yeah, I haven't got much to contribute or say really. I picked up the Season 4 DVD this week though, and quickly got through all the commentaries, allowing me to update and edit the Voices on Futurama list we have here at TLZ for you all. All errors are fixed, and new voices have been added. That's all really. Later

March 3, 2004

How to make Leela art in four stages! OK, you want to know how to draw Leela but were too afraid to ask. So, you sit there and wonder where to start. Then you just give up and decide to draw the sun with a smiley face on it, submit it to The Leela Zone, and just hope that the webmasters there are too drunk to notice the difference between Leela and a child's drawing of the sun. Well, you're in luck now, because FFP's latest picture for our Fan Art section shows how to draw Leela in different stages... or at least give you an idea how. The picture has Leela with her gun, but in stages of crude sketch work to the finished deal. Looks damn great, actually. Enjoy!

Hmmm... I only just noticed that we've got to 900,000 visitors. Usually we have some picture to commemorate this. Oh well, 900,000 isn't as sexy as 1,000,000. If anyone's interested in submitting work to celebrate our 1,000,000th visitor, which should happen within a month or two, feel free to draw away. No pictures of the sun with a smiley face, though.

March 2, 2004

It doesn't get more crap than this! It sure doesn't get anymore crap than this work for our Crap Art section. We have a new contributor for this section who comes under the moniker XxsPunKyX. This brave soul has laid bare their artistic talents to produce this stinking pile of utter crap. I can't express how much crap it is without going into extreme profanities, so I'll just say it's total elephant dung. Anyway, it apparently features Bender, but it could eaily be that camp robot in Star Wars called CP3O. Oh, wait, that's an insult too far. Sorry. Well, do enjoy your laughing at this terrible, crap effort.

March 1, 2004

It's getting dark in here! I have a dark submission for our Fan Art section from a new contributor to The Leela Zone. The new guy goes under the name Nostradamus, which sounds ominous. Anyway, true to form, he's come up with this dark image that shows Leela crying over a mortally injured Fry, who has just been put to the sword by the evil Professor Maximilian Crane. Who's he? He seems to be a character in a comic that Nostradamus was busy working on, before some younger sibling decided to hide it from the world for space-saving reasons. Bad luck there. Anyway, I'll let Nostradamus explain the plot of his picture himself: "Here we see Leela weeping for Fry, who was slain by the evil Tyrant of Ares IV Prof. Maximilian Crane, ex-New Soviet Union Science Secreatry/owner of MTEC corporation/Fry's biology teacher (time anomalies, anyone?), who kidnapped her for revenge for breaking his neck back in 2037 and making his body paralised, which she did in a desperate attempt to annulate temporal anomalies caused by Prof. Farnsworth, who placed a bet with Prof. Wornstrom that he will tape a XXI century's show called 'Futurama' in XXX century ('Screw history! If they can spy on us then I can spy on them!'). Original plot, no? Not to appear cruel, Fry gets 'repaired' by Crane's renegade commander, his clone/cyborg named Number One." Wow, one long sentence in there. Anyway, I hope that explains what's happening in that picture.

Filling up a hacking hole! Yesterday, Teral put up some Uses For a Hacker that came from our good friend Smiley. However, there was a big hole created, because some Uses that were sent in the past weren't put up. Anyway, I've fixed that and put up the missing Uses. So, now you can also enjoy Speed Racer Crash Victim; The Brady's Other Annoying Cousin; Troy McClure's Understudy; and four others. So, there's plenty to enjoy.