March 2003

March 31, 2003

Let's get drunk! Just one day before our Third Reopening Anniversary, our internal counter has hit half a million unique visitors! The lucky 500K visitor came from the domain bluebird.ibm.com (so unless you work at IBM, it can't be you ) at 09:26:39 GMT-3 (I was sleeping like a log at that time). Congratulations, IBM guy! Or gal. Either way, let's the celebration pics rain! First off, REV132FF sent the worm pic you see to your right just one hour before the visitor arrived (talk about a last-minute submission! ), and also a pic of Leela in the jungle passing by a 500K sign (see that in his art page, too many pics in this update already! )

C'mere you cute IBM thing you... Legendary fan artist Jennifer Morton had this pic ready for a while already (unlike the worms last-minute status, though I love the worms! ) of Leela as an angel blowing a kiss to the lucky half-million visitor. Thanks, Jenn! There was supposed to be a layout change today, but I was distracted by a new toy and kinda sorta forgot all about it... it's not every week you get PAINT SHOP PRO 8, people, and if you know me, you know how obsessed can I get over this program's newest, greatest version! Even though it's the Public Beta 5, it already makes my blood boil and feel the energy of a thousand thunderbolts flowing through my nervous system, making me POWERFUL! Anyway, after that display of obsessive insanity over a piece of software, I'll just have to get my lazy behindus to work and make a layout for tomorrow's Third Reopening Anniversary. Maybe I'll make a layout with Worm Leela! I wuv Worm Leela! Man, I'm in a great mood today. Gotta remember not to check the news until I finish the layout! [Leandro]

Attention! Attention! Lot of stuff coming up! Boy, haven't I got a lot for today to show you! Let's start with the first contribution. FemJesse has come up with five new, wonderful pictures for our Fan Art section. Let's see, we have a cartoon that features Leela, Fry and the heads in a jar of FemJesse and Scott; two pictures based on BumbleBeeTheta's fan fiction "A Helping Hand"; and two "realistic" sketches of Leela, one is in colour and the other is in monochrome. All of these pictures are just wonderful.

Cherry Lips Well, the second contribution comes from a new fan artist for us, who comes under the well-known moniker of BumbleBeeTheta, and who was, funnily enough, mentioned above. I'll let her describe her picture to you in her own words: "...this is a fan art submission of a 'teaser' for my upcoming What If fic ... The picture is an imitation of Julienne Moore in the film 'Far From Heaven' and features Leela wearing a mint green 50's 'wife' dress." So, there you have it, an upcoming fic from BumbleBeeTheta is in the making. Can't wait. But, in the meantime, while you wait, enjoy her debut picture.

The bare-faced cheek of it! Here's a picture of Leela in the nude by Juliet Adeoye, which is for our Fan Art section. Don't worry, this picture is tasteful, in that it's not graphic (shows the back of her, which has been on Futurama itself), so there's no need for complaints or accusations of hypocrisy on my part, and is actually, in my view, quite funny. Juliet's not stopped there, she's created another picture of Leela in her workout clothes, which appeared in the episode "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?". Also, Juliet's now into her second page at The Leela Zone, so congratulations on that.

And finally, some of this! Well, the last contribution is for our Fan Fiction section, and comes from GHT. This is "part three" of his Going Insane fiction collection, and is titled "Going Insane: All is Fair in Love and Leela". In this part, the dynamic duo have to deal with the Joker... no, wrong characters! Sorry, in this part, our duo get something better than worms to enhance themselves, but are soon called up for DOOP war duty. Will they fare well and come back alive? To directly go to this fiction, click here. Enjoy!

Better just mention for those of you who didn't notice yesterday, we have the framegrabs for the latest episode, Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles, up on this site. They're not just Leela ones, as I've made grabs that cover all of the characters and situations. So, want to see an image from yesterday's episode again? Then head off to that section.

Lastly, I have to say I really cracked up when I saw that Leela-worm giving the finger to Bush. Loved the game Worms myself, I've got version 2, but love that picture even more (yes, I can see an irony there ). Sure would make a good T-shirt design.

Print your T-Shirts NOW! The newest, greatest pic by REV132FF is here now! Ain't it cute how worm Leela lets Mr. Bush know what she thinks of his "Iraq Will Be Free (Never Mind How Many Iraquies Will Still Be Alive By The Time This War Ends)" speech? I gotta admit, her reaction was a lot more pasive than mine... I threw something at the TV and nearly broke the tube. So, get that transfer paper ready and print your Official Leela Anti-War, Anti-Bush T-Shirt! [Leandro]

March 30, 2003

[SPOILER] Feel the fuzz! LOL! I just had to put that picture up! I know it's not of Leela, but that pic of Farnsworth just cracks me up rotten! What is it? Why, it's from something I've cooked up today for our Framegrabs section. Yes, I've been busy making the grabs from tonight's episode, Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles, an episode that shows the crew getting younger. Now, if you don't want the episode spoilt, then don't venture into this section before the episode airs, but if you don't mind, then do. I've created both Leela and non-Leela-related grabs, so there's something for every kind of Futurama fan. I just have to say that this is my favourite episode of the season. It's really funny seeing the crew get younger and act like children, but it's even funnier to see Farnsworth (my favourite character for a while now, due to his consistency in the show), getting angrier and going through many stages of the aging process, but in reverse. Look out for Zoidberg and Amy's changes, quite funny indeed. So, this episode gets a good A from me.

And now for something completely different! Just had to add this to today's update, as it's been waiting for a few days in my inbox. Welcome another picture from our 100th artist, Michael Jobe, who's created this hand-drawn work for our Fan Art section. It features Leela holding her gun and looking towards the viewer in her moody self. Better be careful, she's armed and dangerous!

Well, in this time of stupid leaders, idiotic wars, economic greed, and unnecessary strife, I hope that things go well for you all. Peace!

March 29, 2003

Awww... aren't they cute? The newest piece of Fan Art by REV132FF features li'l worms Leela and Fry in a display of very basic love ... So cute I want to hug somebody! Hey, come back! Don't go running like that! Oh well. The pic's got great resolution, so it could be used as a Wallpaper if you want to be overloaded with cuteness every time you look at your desktop. [Leandro]

It's utter bollocks! Soon, I will conquer the world... but first I need to do a news update, here's 2 brand new Crap Art! Artist's drawings for you all to laugh at! The first one is from Ruben, he's probably the evilest Futurama fan of them all... Second is from FemJesse, welcome to Crap Art!

And now for my rant! The war with Iraq is still going on? I never thought it would last a day never mind this long, that saddam sure knows how to dig caves thats for sure! Protests are still going on, Probably won't help but carry on people, make your voice heard or something.. what? speak up sonny! On top of that the leaders of certain countrys continue to make asses of themselves on public TV, its all crazy I tells ya! [Scotty]

Leela and her gun! Seems that Leela and gun pics are all the rage today. Must be something freudian or something. Still, whatever it is, Alexander A Andreev has come up with another nice hand-drawn work of Leela with a gun for our Fan Art section. Not sure what the uniform exactly is (seems to be the KGB ), but it's of a Russian flavour. Hope you find it gripping.

Bring me the head of Turanga Leela! The second update I bring today is for our Fan Art section and comes from Andrea Huckstep. It's another of her Kirby pictures, but features King Dedede and Hazel, his girlfriend, who she hasn't featured for a while. Well, it does seem that King Dedede and Hazel are plotting against Leela, who seems uneasy about it.

Hacking Hell! So, Smiley emails me with nine new Uses for a Hacker. This is very good and enjoyable. I then put them up on The Leela Zone, and update this fact to you, our visitors. However, realising that this update is a bit short in description, I have to add some further words. So, I decide to say what a few of the Uses are: "New Boots for Leela"; "George Dubya's Bitch" (I wonder if that's going to cause another anti-TLZ stir at alt.tv.futurama, etc); "Spike Mulligan's Frankenstein Monster"; "Barb Streisand's Ego Caretaker"; and some others, too. There, that's added a few more words to this update. However, I then realise that there's no soul in this update, it lacks personality. Oh hack!

Well, hopefully tomorrow Fox will stick to its word - which it's broken a few times already - and air "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles". That's something to look forward to.

Two new pics by REV132FF. No words from me this time. "Almost 60 civilians were killed and dozens injured in an air strike on a Baghdad market in the largest loss of life during the allied military campaign so far, Iraqi authorities reported last night. The bombing, which was said to have claimed many young victims, came just two days after 14 civilians died when another shopping area in Baghdad was hit." [Leandro]

March 28, 2003

You talking to me? You talking to me? You talking to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to? You talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here! Ah, some famous quote from the excellent film Taxi Driver, coming from the scene where Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is looking in the mirror looking at himself drawing his gun. Well, for our Fan Art section, our leader (wonder if he's getting sick of being called "our leader"?), The Voices, has drawn three brilliant images, two of which show Leela drawing her guns. The third image is of Professor Farnsworth... who's seemingly mad in a thunderous way! Well, yet again, The Voices has excelled himself. Enjoy!

FemJesse ties up the loose ends! Well, not only does FemJesse make great pictures and song parodies, she makes good fan fictions as well. She's debuted in this section with a fic called "Against All Odds", which starts with Fry, Leela, Amy and Kif on a night out in a restaurant, and ends up tying some loose ends up. Certainly a Shipper fiction, not that anyone who's not a Shipper should avoid it, though. So, if you want to know what they had for their meal, then go here and find out.


No Futurama through May?! FOOOXXXX!!!!

Yes, it's true. Fox claims that there will be NO new Futurama episodes through the May sweeps period, and they will instead show reruns of The Simpsons and King of the Hill in it's slot. However, they CLAIM (I repeat, CLAIM) that they'll show them through the summer from June with no preemptions to finish the series. Well, let's just hope they don't change the schedule this week for Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles for a third time, and that they'll stick to their April 6th claim of airing The Why of Fry too. I wouldn't get my hopes up though.

On a much friendlier note, I have a piece of Fan Art from Leela's Twin for you all. Hope you can at least enjoy that. Keep an eye out for the Leela's Homeworld guide, coming to a TLZ near you very soon. Later!

March 27, 2003

ARRRGHH!!! I'm in a really lousy mood right now, after a trip to Google News, and I assume you can guess why . But, onto the update: there's a new pic by REV132FF, citing "Damage Inc." by Metallica. And Ami reminded me that the Region 1 Futurama DVD has been out for two days already, and we forgot to announce it. So, go enjoy the pic, and then get your Futurama DVD if you still haven't. [Leandro]

March 26, 2003

Big numbers day. Over 4 MB, 102 files. Yes, new cards are here, 102 cards to be exact. They're from 2acv01, 2acv02, 2acv03 and 2acv04. Those episodes include really good quotes, like "There's no such thing as mutants. That's a ridiculous urban myth." said by... Leela. If she only knew... [Sebastian]

Our 100th fan artist is here, yet Leela can't even make herself presentable! Yay! At last! The Leela Zone suffers, I mean welcomes, its 100th contributor to our Fan Art section. It's great to see that this section has grown throughout the years, and now is in three figures worth of artists. Who's the 100th person? Why, it's Michael Jobe, who has come up with four hand-drawn pictures featuring Leela and other characters. We have the ape dressed up as Leela, Zapp carrying Leela off, The beach scene in When Aliens Attack, and a scene from I Dated a Robot. Well, it's a great day for us, but it's also a great day for Michael. Get the drinks in!

Let's not burn Sergeant Howie, let's have fried lobster instead! Another great event for The Leela Zone, The Drainpipe is back with another great film parody for our Fan Art section! This time, he's parodied the early seventies film "The Wicker Man", which starred Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland. I really like this film a lot, the ending is great; certainly not an ending that today's Hollywood would approve of. Well, his picture shows Fry as Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee), Leela as Willow (Britt Ekland), and Dr Zoidberg seems to be starring as Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward), but could just have found himself being duped in there, knowing him. BTW, have a look at the wicker man in The Drainpipe's picture, and guess who that's based on. Another great picture from him, I must add. Enjoy!

March 25, 2003

Sister Act! Whee! Three contributions for today, but let's start with a new contributor for our Fan Art section. Meet Emma, who's the 99th contributor to this section (yeah, I do know who's number 100, but I'll keep quiet about it for now). She's actually the sister of Lee Roberts, a prolific contributor himself, and is promising some more work. It must be really busy in her household, sort of like a fan art factory. Anyway, her first picture is of Leela looking back over her shoulder. A nice start indeed.

Tally-ho! Horses for courses! Today's second contribution comes from Russell Dickson, and is also for our Fan Art section. Here he has come up with three pictures, two of which involve horse riding (fox hunting... maybe even Fox hunting), and another that's a sort of humorous take on himself, albeit a bit risque. The last picture could be seen as a bit iffy, but I suppose it depends on how you take it. The other two, dealing with fox hunting, are a hand-drawn picture and a montage. So, enjoy those as well.

The malice continues unabated! The final contribution isn't for the Fan Art section, but for our Fan Fiction section. The person concerned is our very own Kenneth White, and the fic is his mammoth Futurama: Universe of Malice serial. Yet again, Ken's come up trumps with his story, continuing with interesting plot twists and characterisation with a seventh part. If you haven't read this fan fiction yet, I suggest you do so. Anyway, a few new characters are introduced... one being a certain Don Pardini. I wonder who he's based on? Anyway, to enjoy this part of his fic, click here. Have fun.

March 24, 2003

The return of Crap Art! What's Crap Art! you say? This was one of my former website Say Argh!'s sections, the idea behind it is that its the opposite of Fan Art... You can put little to no effort into it and send it, it doesn't matter which character you draw either, you can draw any of the futurama characters.

Just make it bad? really really bad... thats Crap Art! Deliberately rubbish art.

It has the same ranking system as the Fan Art section but the difference is the higher the rank the worse the picture, let the judging begin!

You can send your Crap Art!'s to any webmaster here including me, so get sending, its all for fun, its always a good laugh. Check it out.

Marcus causes a stir, a slap and a laugh! Welcome a new Fan Artist who comes under the name Marcus Abroad. Before I get to describe his pictures, I'll just mention that he's the 98th artist we've got at The Leela Zone. So, if you want to be the 100th artist, then maybe you should send in your stuff quick. Now, back to Marcus' picture. What you'll see is five pictures, but to fully appreciate them, you have to look at them in order, as they're a sort of comic strip. Basically, it's a hilarious view of Marcus and his view of himself making art of Leela. There's some nudity in the images, but before accusing me of hypocrisy, considering recent events at The Zone, I'll just say that it's a funny picture and not done purely for the sake of nudity. I think you're all mature-minded enough to understand the difference... unlike some. Anyway, enjoy Marcus' work... and have a good laugh.

Such a perfect day! Well, this is the 50th piece of fan art done by long-time submitter Juliet Adeoye. Juliet says that this picture is a take on the anime film "Perfect Blue", which she enjoyed so much that she had to turn it into a Futurama-related artwork. I've seen this film myself, and even though I'm not really a great fan of anime, I did like this film, especially since it was probably so unlike anime. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy Juliet's latest work, and while you're at it, go and take a look at the anime film that her work parodies.

March 23, 2003

The Internet is sometimes more trouble that it's worth! In these troubled times of death and war, the Internet seems to be a place of... well death and war! But, that's a topic for another time and day... or maybe not. In the meantime, FemJesse has come up with three new pictures for our Fan Art section. The thumbnail shows Leela and Fry discussing the merits of the Internet, while the other two show Leela and Fry dressed up, and Leela enjoying the thrills of hacking. That last one is quite ironic in many ways. Yet again, FemJesse has created some original and good work. Long may she reign over us!

Help me! I'm not meant to be here! Welcome Bender to The Leela Zone. What's he doing here? Well, Lee Roberts decided to invite him and his friends along to The Zone, in order to keep Leela company. He wondered if we'd accept some non-Leela-related pics for our Fan Art section, and I replied that as long as he's done some Leela-related pics for us, then he can. Anyway, it seems that he went mad and gave us 11 of them! Good thing, too. So, enjoy some of Lee's non-Leela work at The Leela Zone... where dreams come true.

Great Scott! Scotty has rejoined TLZ, an event that shall be regretted, erm, I mean remembered forever hence! As everyone who have visited the Layout Museum should know, Scotty joined the site the same day Graham did, and was a webmaster of TLZ between January and April of 2001. Now he's back to flood us with Crap Art, Claw Plaques and Other Random JunkTM! Welcome back, Scotty. Now, onto updatin': Dave from The Neutral Planet has sent his latest Futurama Transcript, this time for the episode Put Your Head on my Shoulders. So if you missed the episode, need quotes of it, or something, go read the Transcript!

Bombs are flying, people are dying... children are crying, politicians are lying too... At The Futurama Point, Javier presented this Wallpaper saying "Fry is very sad; maybe he knows about the war on Iraq". So, when Paul sent me this Wallpaper to put up, I immediately remembered that. Just like Graham, I'm completely against this one-sided stubborn decision by Bush & Co, that has already killed a lot of people (to hell with 'Iraqui Soldiers'; they're people in their homeland, and there are plenty of civilian dead and wounded, too ). Not to mention the few bombs that landed on Iran and injured civilians from that country. The UN inspectors are pissed that they efforts were cut short, as they were getting results, while the US Troops have yet to find any evidence of biological or chemical weapons, after spilling a lot of blood. There was absolutely no need for this attack, that doesn't even have UN backing (and that doesn't mean the "UN has failed" as somebody says; it means more that somebody is not respecting the UN resolutions). I agree with Putin; the US is replacing international law by "the law of the fist" whereby the strong is always right and has the right to do anything and is not constrained by anything in choosing methods to achieve his goals. I wanted to update on this before. This attack is not right. This shouldn't have happened, and now, no matter how fast it ends, it won't be possible to bring all those people back, when all this blood spilling could have been avoided by giving more time to the UN inspectors... by giving peace a chance. [Leandro]

March 22, 2003

What? He's back.. You better run! Hey people, I'm back again, Some of you may know I used to be webmaster here a long time ago, well it was a pretty short time that I was.. anyway no sense digging up the past is there!

My first update is an update to Claw Plaque, written by me and with some of my friend Graham's help, i'm sure you know who he is.. if you don't you must've been hiding under a rock!

Anyway its to finish off an old Claw Plaque, Graham Vs Scotty: Match 18, it hasn't been continued till now!

Read on, It's a fight to the death between Me and Graham, Hilarity ensues!

If anyone has any ideas for Future Claw Plaque ideas or have some other content don't hesitate to contact yours truly or any other member of this fine website!

Dancing with the Prom Queen! I have three contributions today for The Leela Zone. The first one comes from David Johnson, and is for our Fan Art section. Hmmm... Manchester United have just scored... damn! Oh, wait, I better not distract myself with football, otherwise I'll have David and, even, Leandro after me. Well, David has come up with a picture featuring Fry and Leela dancing away all suited up as if they were in a prom or something. Certainly a soothing picture for you Shippers out there.

Cry along with Gir! Our second contribution comes from Andrea Huckstep, and this too is for our Fan Art section. Now, let's see who we have here. We have Gir, from the show Invader Zim, who's crying his eyes out for some reason, while Leela looks on in concern. In the background, we see the MTM (Mary Tyler Moore production company) logo, which has Mimsie the cat upon it. Wonder why Gir is crying? Well, Leela will tell all.

Fry does the Monster Mash! The third contribution comes from GHT, but this time it's for our Fan Fiction section. This is, kind of, part two of his first fic, "Personality Blend". In fact, he asked me to rename the first part so that it would now be known as "Going Insane: Personality Blend", and future parts will be known as "Going Insane: [insert title here]". So, saying that, his next part is titled "Going Insane: No More Sandwiches". This features the day after the night before, where Leela and Fry are still coming to terms with their budding relationship. However, something monstrous happens... and that's where I'll end by saying go and read it here.

Love and Rocket? Bush and Rockets is more like it! Hey all. The latest Futurama Graphic Guide is now up for your viewing pleasure. This one is for the first episode shown from the 4th Season of production, Love and Rocket. Hopefully it'll take your mind off that warmongering Bush and the skirmish between him and Saddam Hussein. Let me say that I agree 100% with Graham's recent comment on the war.

Speaking of wars, I found this article here that features Matt Groening almost at war with Fox. Here are some quotes regarding Futurama, that aren't too far off what most fans are saying:

"The people at Fox didn't ever support the show and it wasn't to their taste and, in my opinion, they're out of their minds."

"The fans loved (Futurama), but they couldn't find it. It never got promoted. The fans delivered a petition with 130,000 signatures and there was no reaction from Fox."

"We won the Emmy for best animated show a few months ago and I didn't even get a begrudging phone call from anyone at Fox. That's a dark company that they can't even make a fake phone call."

Looks like Groening is just as annoyed as we are. Well, until next time [Kenneth]

March 20, 2003

Do electric sheep dream of a digital Leela? Today's update is from LittleMiss, and sits in our Fan Art section. She's come up with two new pictures, both of which are of exceptional quality. She's produced a picture of Leela being "digitised", where it seems that she's being created right in front of your eyes, and also she's come up with a picture of Amy, which looks really cool, too. More good work from LittleMiss.

I know that a few visiting here will either not care or be hostile to my coming opinion, but I want to say it, nonetheless. You have your views and opinions, but I have mine. It's a sad day today when the US and my country, the UK, can declare war on another sovereign nation without the backing of the UN or any legitimacy whatsoever, then claim that they're fighting for justice and freedom! Sorry, but the US and UK lost any right to speak of justice and freedom when they aided this dictator in the first place, when he was our "friend" taking on the "evil" Iranians, as well as a host of others. Sure, Parliament in the UK voted in favour of war, but the MPs' freedom to vote was done with a figurative gun to their back. Fortunately, there are a few MPs who don't just think of their future salaries and lust for power being threatened... but then again, they're not the ones who usually get into power. So, to sum up, today is a black day for the world.

Finally, for those of you who haven't turned off in disgust or boredom, I'd like to explain something that might disgust further. I don't appreciate being sent pornographic pictures of Leela, it's not something I care for, nor is it something I want to see on this site (I'm sure the other webmasters agree with this too). A certain George Pate decided it would be funny to send me a pornographic picture of Leela to pass onto another person (as if I'm a porn middleman!), then got upset when I told him some truths about such crap and the sad nature of it. Sure, The Leela Zone has no problem with some titilation or sexuality, it's on the site for all to see, but we do have a line where it becomes unacceptable. Parody and humour can be expressed fine with some nudity (look at OutlawArt's work, etc), but porn for the sake of it isn't something that this site really wants or needs. If you want to see Futurama porn on the Net, there are a few sites that'll be happy to display it, and a few webmasters on those sites who would be happy to enjoy it, too.

There, end rant!

Once upon a time... There was a nomad. One day he traveled to a distant country, far above the clouds. The inhabitant, of this strange land, were very friendly. Only one thing bothered the nomad: he couldn't communicate with his new friends. "How I wish I could know what they are saying." he screamed in a moment of desperation. A voice from above answered him: "Go to a nearby lake. Look into the water..." So the nomad did. What he saw?
TLZ's new section, Alien Signs! Yes, a new child of TLZ is born, a child that will show you translations of all alien signs, that have appeared in Futurama. So start reading, and have fun. [Sebastian]

March 19, 2003

Lord of the Rings - Fear to commit! Today, I have five lovely pictures from FemJesse for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Hmmm... these are really funny and are such great art, too. Let's see, we have Fry screaming because his finger is trapped by a ring (Leela seems happy, though); Fry and Leela doing the dirty... but it's so, so good; Leela wearing fox fur (hold back with the red paint); Leela lying on the floor in a world of her own; Fry getting pounced on by a mystery female, which Leela looks on (is it FemJesse?). Well, seems that Wednesday will be a good day for our visitors. Keep 'em coming, FemJesse.

March 18, 2003

Sit tight and belt up! For this sunny Tuesday (at least in the UK it is a sunny March day), I have another picture from Andrea Huckstep for our ever-expanding Fan Art section. Now, I'll get this one right this time... or attempt to. Andrea's picture shows Leela and Fry both belted in their seat, while Gir, a character from Invader Zim, is out of its seat and floating around the ship. At least this time, in an Andrea-related update, I don't have to say the word "Kirby". Ooops, just did!

Who'd win: Evil Smurf or Skeletor? Yeah, that's a good question, but I'd side with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe's Skeletor on that one. What the hell am I talking about? Well, Smiley's come up with seven new Uses for a Hacker, and Evil Smurf and Skeletor get mentioned in their own Uses. Not only that, we get to see a hacker used as Maggie Simpson's pacifier, another hacker being used as Q's latest invention, and a few others Uses as well. So, sit back and enjoy the carnage.

March 17, 2003

Do you get the strange feeling that we're being spied upon? New contributor for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section for today, and that new submitter is called LittleMiss. She's also called Missy in other circles in the Futurama community, too. Anyway, we have five new pictures from her, and they're of very good quality, well worthy of being on this site. We have Leela and Amy wrestling in the episode Jurassic Bark; Leela and Fry after their fall in the episode Fear of a Bot Planet; Fry's first view of Leela's face in Space Pilot 3000; Amy and Kif under the starlight in the episode Where the Buggalo Roam; and finally, Bender and Angleine in Bendless Love. Nice work from LittleMiss.

When yes means no, and will means won't! In today's times where leaders of some nations want to drag us all into a war by using double-speak and spin to get their way, it reminds you of George Orwell's book "1984", where the authoritarian government used words and the media as a weapon to confuse the issue and drum up support for their unjust actions. This Blair government here is extremely fond of spinning the truth to mean anything they want, and this current march to war is no exception to this. Anyway, why am I speaking politics when I should be introducing our next submitter for our Fan Art section? Because Alexander A Andreev has come up with a picture of Leela being suffocated by the overwhelming double-speak in some 1984-type world. As you can see, the picture is based on Orwell's "1984", which is a book I'd recommend to anyone. It doesn't tell it exactly how it is, but it's still illuminating, nonetheless. Nice hand-drawn work from Alexander, with a lot of meaning behind it... gets my vote.

March 16, 2003

Here's to a quick un-breaking! This layout change was one of the latest creations by The Voices, right before he fell from his bike and broke his hand. OUCH! If you were wondering why Our Leader wasn't updating, that's why. This layout's been ready for over a month now, but because of my computer switching, only now I managed to get the thing online. All hail The Voices, and let's hope for his hand's quick recovery so we can keep on enjoying his great Wallpapers and pics! Meanwhile, you can enjoy this new Wallpaper by Javier from the other Futurama site that has survived for over three years, The Futurama Point, featuring Leela sleeping from Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch, January's Futurama episode. In February there were no eps, and this month we got one so far, and just promises of a second. Argh. There are only ten episodes left, and Fox can't even get around to air them...

Oh well, topic change! Before I depress myself, I'll continue with the update! There are three new pics by a new submitter, REV132FF, whose nick is the second weirdest in our Fan Art section. There's one scan and two very nice original pics, that shall remain in our Fan Art gallery until the End of Time, or until a creature from another planet crashes on Earth and terraforms the planet to fit its needs, thus wiping the human race out of this planet. Come to think of it, maybe some of the creature's evil spawns would want to become webmasters at this site, so it wouldn't necessarily be the end... I mean, we've got a female webmaster here, after all... surely we can accomodate an evil alien in exchange for our lives. And world domination. I better start practising my lines... (ahem) Resistance is futile! [Leandro]

Just one thing before I clobber you! It's Sunday, it's 11am, it's Clobbering Time! Nah, that subject heading's lame, so I apologise for that crap! However, I have some good stuff to show you instead, coming from Lee Roberts. Industrious Lee has made two new pictures for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. The first one shows Leela in her Clobberella gear, seemingly making a point, while the other shows Leela ready to deliver a ball in blernsball, which comes from the episode A Leela of Her Own. So, there you go, feast your eyes on these!

March 15, 2003

She'll kick your frosty, well-toned ass! That's right, some new pictures for you all from Traxada550 in the Fan Art section. Three to be precise: one of Bender, one of Leela and one of Zoidberg. So head over there and look at the pictures, or Leela will kick your asses.

I wrote a letter to Fox the other day after hearing about the "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" pre-emption, but no reply from them yet. Maybe I wasn't harsh enough? Well, the problem is because of this latest pre-emption, Fox are out of time slots to finish off all the episodes by May. That means that they are either not going to show all of the remaining episodes, or there is going to be a Sixth season. Rather the latter than the former, so it wouldn't surprise me if Fox decided to finish this season with "The Why of Fry" and then air the rest next season.

That's it from me. No guide page this week, but look out for "Love and Rocket" next weekend. Later


I just got another piece of Fan Art from a young newcomer artist, Leela's Twin. Her picture is of Nibbler and Leela, so just click on her name to have a look at it.

Another way to get Futurama on the TV: bash the damn thing! Well, that would more likely bring "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" onto the TV screen than via the Fox route. Why's that? Fox, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to air a Simpsons episode where Marge gets large tits, instead of showing a new Futurama episode that's already been pre-empted by that crummy channel. Apparently, Fox will be airing it on the 30th of this month, but I wouldn't be surprised if they pre-empt that with 30 minutes of adverts or something. Anyway, that answers David Johnson's question to me when he sent The Leela Zone a picture for its Fan Art section. His picture shows a hand bashing the top of the TV to stop the picture from rolling, while it airs Futurama's "A Fishful of Dollars" in black and white. Well, enjoy the picture from David, and after you do that, curse Fox a few times.

March 13, 2003

Getting more comfortable! For today, we have a new picture for our Fan Art section from Leila. She's created another scan of Leela, which shows the moment when the Planet Express captain first revealed her white tanktop just before going off on her maiden voyage at the ship's helm in the episode Space Pilot 3000. So, sit back and enjoy Leila's latest artwork for The Leela Zone.

Yesterday, I said that a new character in Andrea Huckstep's latest picture was called Zim, but in fact that was a mistake on my behalf. The character is called Invader Zim, which Andrea had already told me was his name... but silly Graham rushed ahead and misnamed him anyway. However, BumbleBeeTheta has now contacted me to say that I've made a second mistake by saying that Invader Zim is in the Kirby show: he's not, he's in his own show which is titled after his own name. Oh well, that's what happens when you miss out on TV shows. That's my excuse and I'll be sticking with it.

March 12, 2003

Don't you forget about me! On this Wednesday morning, I have another picture for our Fan Art section from the prolific Andrea Huckstep. She's created yet another Kirby-related picture that features Escargoon, a snail from that show, with Leela comforting him that he's not been forgotten - which, according to Andrea, happened to the snail in a Kirby episode called "Escar-gone". Also in the picture are Morris, Mimsie and a character from the Kirby show called Zim (who reminds me of Kif, for some strange reason unknown to me). Well, enjoy today's latest offering from Andrea.

March 11, 2003

Eyeing up trouble! Two contributions for today at The Leela Zone. The first comes from Lee Roberts (yes, the contributor who I keep on having to go back to restore his name back as Lee, rather than my instinctual use of Leela), which are three pictures for our Fan Art section. Two of the pictures are based on the latest episode, Less Than Hero, showing Leela in her Clobberella costume, while the other picture shows Leela in a bad mood (not sure which ep that's from). Nice pics. Also, Lee is keeping his fingers crossed that a new episode will air next Sunday... something which I think all of us will be doing with him.

Mind altering substances! The second contribution for today comes from a new contributor for our site, GHT. What has GHT done? Well, let's say that GHT has come up with a new fan fiction for lucky us. "Personality Blend" is a story about a new invention of the professor's, and the misuse of it by two characters who are trying to find love. Guess which two? You can go directly to this fic by clicking here.

March 10, 2003

"Something's rotten on the planet Wormulon." A quote from a tragedy, which was written in 1601, used in a cartoon from 1999? This could only happen in Futurama, so here I give you cards from 1acv13, better known as "Fry And The Slurm Factory". I think that Shakespeare is proud, somewhere out there, knowing that people still read his works. You haven't read any works of Shakespeare, you say?! Then quickly go to the nearest library and borrow some of his plays. You'll find in them romance, passion, tragedy... all the things we love Futurama for! [Sebastian]

War.... urgh! What is it good for? Here's another combat picture for our Fan Art section, this coming from Alexander A Andreev. As you can see, Leela is shown dressed up in combat garb, ready for some action to take place. You can certainly see the menace in her eye - posing for now, but ready to take it to the enemy. Which enemy? Well, that's up to you, I suppose, it's your decision in what you see in it. Still, it's another good picture from Alexander, well drawn, too.

March 9, 2003

The many talents of FemJesse! Is there anything she can't do? FemJesse has created a few things for The Leela Zone, and all related to each other, too. I could start with the thumbnail, but I'll start, instead, with the Poetry & Song Parodies section. See, she's written a song for that section, "Stupid Fry", which is based on Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies". It's a cute song about Leela's thoughts for Fry. Not only that, but FemJesse has also created an MP3 of her singing this song, with backing music. Now, as if that weren't enough, she also created a nice Fan Art of Leela singing this very song. So, download the music, read the lyrics and look at the picture at the same time.

Now, just to make sure I didn't mislead anyone, a few days ago I said that Fox was going to show "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" later today, but this doesn't appear to be the case. It seems that there is confusion between Fox.com's schedule page and TV Guide. Well, there is now confusion between the schedule section of Fox.com and Fox.com's front page, which shows that tonight, at 7pm, a Simpsons repeat will air. So, it looks like it's not going to happen tonight, which is what was said earlier in the week. Damn Fox and their stupidity!

Yeah, let me agree totally with Leo's point about the chimp at the White House's stubborn refusal to listen to the rest of the world. Sad thing is, we in Britain have a poodle as our leader, who's quite happy to sit on that chimp's lap to get attention. Sickening, really. Maybe this coming war will have some justified casualties: Bush and Blair's dethroning!

Now, that's more like it. So, according to some guys, the universe won't end in a boring forever-expansion until all matter dissolves into nothingness; instead, they think the phantom-energy (sorta like antigravity) will cause the universe to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate, in the end it being so powerful that it'll rip matter apart, until not even atomic nuclei could stay in one piece. Neat. Not as good as the Big Crunch, but still, not as boring as the alternative. Anyone got a time machine so we can fast-forward a couple thousand million years and see who's right? No? Oh well. I guess I'll just update the site then. There are good news and bad news concerning the Futurama web; head for The Links Zone if you want details. Or you can stay right here and look at some new pieces of art, coming from loyal contributors Michael "Teral" Nissen and Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard (I wonder if I'm the only one left without a nickname; we've got Gort, Terror K, Corrupt and S-Chan, and then there's... Leandro. Oh well). The link image shows Leela as a Trill from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (not The Next Generation, those Trills looked different, and to my knowledge Voyager never had a Trill on board). Cute, what else can I say... too bad she's just a lousy commander (three pips!); I would've stayed as captain of the Planet Express ship instead of commander of... anything else. The Planet Express ship is a lot more faster than any of the Star Trek (four spin-offs included) ships!

Anyway... were was I? Oh yeah, pics. Well, there are another two pics besides that Trilling one: Leela as a soldier (by Zed 85) and the whole New Justice Team (by Teral). Nice pics, though lately seeing a soldier in any form (be it in one of Zed's great pics as an Imperial Officer or in a 16x48 game sprite chasing Princess Nadia through the Guardia forest) reminds me always on how the only president with an IQ lower than a Fox executive is planning to go on a war in, uh, nine days. Boy, and I thought Argentina's politicians were all crapheaded morons. And they are, but this "decision" (read: stubborn obsession) of starting a war just 'cuz he feels like the king of the universe overflows my craphead-o-meter. "Democracy" means "Government of the People", and the people all around the world expressed very clearly two weeks ago that we don't want a war. But oh well... since when do politicians care about what "democracy" means? [Leandro]

March 7, 2003

Just like stale marshmallows Hi all. As you may have guessed, it's another Graphic Guide related update from me. This time I have the second Anthology of Interest episode, titled funnily enough as Anthology of Interest II. Just click on the thumbnail to go to it.

Well, i certainly hope Fox keep to their schedule of airing another new episode this Monday. Here's hoping that they can at least show ALL the remaining episodes, even if they don't make new ones.

Oh well, until next time

Holding on for dear life! It's Friday, it's the weekend, and I've got another picture for our Fan Art section. This picture comes from Sofie Fenwick, and is a hand-drawn picture that is taken from the moment when Leela had to carry the pregnant Kif through his planet's jungle, which happened in the episode Kif Gets Knocked Up a Knotch (4acv01). Well, I hope you enjoy her picture and also the coming weekend. Bye for now.

One thing that I ought to say is that Fox.com's Schedule shows that the next new Futurama episode, Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles, will be airing on Sunday 9th March. Earlier in the week, I said that Fox had pre-empted it, but it appears, if you believe Fox.com themselves, that the info I gave was wrong (maybe they just changed it back or something... gets me off the hook). So, hopefully, those schedules tell the truth and the episode will air. Thanks to Kenneth for pointing this out to me.

UPDATE: Actually, it seems that there is confusion here. Fox.com may say that the new episode is on on Sunday, but it seems that TVGuide.com says different: a Simpsons repeat is to be aired. So, maybe the news I gave earlier in the week could well be right after all. Damn Fox! My advice: throw your TV away!

Never learn Japanese from me! Oops, looks like I've made a mistake yesterday. If you want to thank someone in Japanese you have to say "Domo arigato *name of the person*-san.".

For the less important news: 23 new cards from "When Aliens Attack". It's not a Leela oriented episode, but it has some brilliant Zapp quotes ("The alien mothership is in orbit here. If we can hit that bulls eye the rest of the dominos will fall like a house of cards- checkmate."). [Sebastian]

March 6, 2003

Futurama goes to Japan! Hi all, ever wondered how Futurama would look like if it was made in Japan? If Leela's eye was BIG? Here you have the answer, thanks to Atariboy, a new Fanart contributor. Leela, Amy, Fry, even Nibbler. Origatome (that's the sound Japan people say, when they mean thanks ) Atariboy! [Sebastian]

March 5, 2003

Whatever will be, will be! Awww, this cute picture is one of four new ones sent by FemJesse for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. The one you can see, shows Leela and Fry with a baby of theirs, Nova, who's featured in BumbleBeeTheta's fan fiction, A Helping Hand. There are three other pictures, too, to look at; all nice pieces of work. So, go give them a look and let's look forward to some more from FemJesse.

March 4, 2003

First Clobber! Two works for the Fan Art section from two contributors are on today's menu at The Leela Zone. First up is Juliet Adeoye, who has created this scan of Leela as Clobberella, which was the persona that she took on in the latest episode Less Than Hero. This is a nice scan and is also the first, to my knowledge, for this episode. Let's see some more work for this episode from some others, too... it's full of artistic opportunities.

In with the new The second work for our Fan Art section comes from Andrea Huckstep. This one features some new characters with Leela. I'll let Andrea tell you about them in her own words: "Meta Knight is the guy in front of Leela, Morris (the 9 lives cat) is on the right of Meta Knight." So, there you go, now you too can know what characters she's using for her artwork. [Graham]

March 3, 2003

And now for someone completely different. Hi everybody! Here's my first post at TLZ, and for a good start you have 29 cards from "Mars University". Hope you like it! [Sebastian]

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep... or this? Hats off for Brian Earl Brown for sending The Leela Zone this advert that was in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, which you can see in our Miscellaneous Pictures section. The advert shows Bender in a bikini; a sight that'll scare everyone, except maybe a few people out there (you know who you are!). It's actually an advert promoting Futurama on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim... something that Fox might consider next time when it produces a show.

Uses for a Hacker... and Smiley's take on the world situation! Well, Smiley's sent us five new Uses for a Hacker. One of the Uses, number 387, is an attack on the current warmongering that's going on in the world. There's an explanation by Smiley himself, so you can understand what's going on in that particular Use... so give that a read, too. Some of the other Uses are: "Boot Black with Juliet A", "Kif's Replacements", as well as a couple of others to enjoy.

March 2, 2003

[SPOILER] The New Justice Team to the rescue! Pity they can't rescue us from Fox! Guess what I have. Yeah, the framegrabs from the episode that'll air tonight, Less Than Hero. Now, before I continue, those who don't want to be spoilt about what this episode contains can go elsewhere... or at least go elsewhere on this site. So, no complaints about The Leela Zone spoiling it for you. Anyway, I have both Leela-related and non-Leela-related grabs up, so there's something for everyone; we're not just a Leela site, we do cover more than just her on the show! I really liked this episode, it's fast-paced and full of laughs. Love the character based on The Hooded Claw from The Perils of Penelope Pitstop (or at least I think it's based on him, seeing he had a similar voice... then again, The Hair Bear Bunch had a character in the show with the same voice: Mr Beasly). A gripe of mine is that the episode lacks a second plot. But, saying that, the plot makes up for that somewhat. Well, I'll leave you to enjoy the grabs.

Oh no I won't! Let me tell you that Don Del Grande has mentioned on alt.tv.futurama that Fox will be pre-empting next week's episode, which was to be "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles", for a Simpons repeat! However, they may show it the week afterwards, on 16th March. See, when you think it's getting better, it craps on you from high.

March 1, 2003

The International Alliance of Leela Zoners grows stronger! Yes, people! In addition to Argentina, England, New Zealand and the USA, the Alliance now has another member: say hi to Commander Sebastian Szostek, also known as S-Chan by his pals, who's been ascending in the ranks for months, and finally has made it to the top, representing Poland in the International Alliance of Leela Zoners. To celebrate this day, a layout that Sebastian made weeks ago and I was too busy to put up is here. As you know, changing a layout whenever something important happens is a tradition here in the Zone! It is a recent tradition, only three years old, but it's a tradition nonetheless! Another tradition is to change layouts whenever the hell I feel like, but that tradition dies and is revived, uh, whenever the hell I feel like. Anyway, I have to make a public protest: HOW DARE YOU, UNIVERSE?! I am MAD at the Universe for DARING to be open and ever-expanding! Why, who authorized you?!?! I did NOT! I really liked the Big Crunch theory, but noooo... it had to end with a boring emptyness instead of a huge compression where supposedly time was flowing backwards and in the end it would compress enough, bounce, and explode again. Sigh. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to live with it. But hey, those eons and eons of expanding emptyness have got to be boring...

Goodbye PlanetExpress.dk, thou shalt be missed... Bloody Fox jackasses. I know, belated anger, but anger anyway. Yet another site goes down thanks to Fox's blasted C&D letters. Why they still attack fansites when they've already killed the show's production is beyond me. Oh well... we'll always have fan stuff. Like in today's update! Douglas Hilliard is back with six new pics, after deciding to ditch school for some months. Great decision, sez I! I ditched school for six years, and I still think it was the greatest thing I did in my life. Ah, the joys of doing absolutely nothing productive with your life for months and months and months... Is there a Temple of Laziness in the world? There should be one. But, people who think of those things are too lazy to build temples, so I guess not. Anyway, I seriously sidetracked here, but that's good and fine. Wouldn't be me otherwise, now would I? By the way, Kenneth wants me to tell you that he's corrected the song lyrics for the Neptunian's song in the 3ACV03 guide, so go check that out. And there are a couple of new sites in The Links Zone, including one in Finnish (whose only word I more-or-less know is "vergele", and I'm not even sure about the spelling). Crazy languages. I need to build an universal translator. With blackjack. And hookers. In fact, forget the universal translator and the blackjack! [Leandro]

In need of some anger management! Today, I have a new picture for our Fan Art section, this one coming from Leila. It seems that Leila likes to make angry Leela pictures... which is fine by me, as it's part of her character. I mean, we can't always have happiness around; it would soon get sickening. However, Leila has promised to make a lighter, friendlier Leela the next time, so look forward to that. Anyway, as I said, this picture shows Leela in a bad mood, with arms crossed. Scary!

Heart of Glass... being a teenager in the seventies! Here's a contribution to our Poetry & Song Parodies section, coming from new guy DJ Myford. The song is based on Blondie's "Maria", and is called My Leela. DJ Myford explains some more about this Blondie track: "Just for info, the original 'Maria' is track 3 on the 1999 Blondie album 'No Exit'. It was either this track or 'Nothing is Real But the Girl' that hit No. 1 as their comeback single: could have been both." Anyway, the song certainly portrays DJ Myford's appreciation of Leela. Give it a read while listening to this track, if you can find it.

And finally... I'd like to welcome aboard Sebastian to the The Leela Zone team. Sebastian, who you may know by the nick S-Chan, has done a lot towards this site, so it was appropriate that he should come aboard and add his talents on a permanent basis. So, give him a good welcome.

Oh, one other thing that I should mention. There'll be a new episode of Futurama tomorrow, Less Than Hero (4acv04). You can go to our Episode Guide to find out more about this episode and the others that are coming up. Oh, and I suppose it would be a big mistake for me to forget that the UK gets to see the first episode of season five tomorrow, too. Crimes of the Hot will air at 7pm on Sky One.

There, over and out.