March 2002

March 31, 2002

Oh yeah, you GotADSL? Well, I GotCorrs! If you think I'll go saying "Daaamnnn youuu, ooold maaan!!!" since Graham's got ADSL? Hell no! First: I'm too happy for having got the latest CD of The Corrs, Live in Dublin, that won't be distributed here in a looong time (woohoo for Web auction sites!); and second, Graham with ADSL = another person I can leech stuff from... very slowly. Sure, Nirvana and System of a Down doesn't go with my tastes, but I have to restock with Futurama episodes once I get my harddisk back. Anyway, there is a new pic by known X-Wing Pilot and Fox Hater Javier Lopez, from La Peor Página de Futurama, and the 99th pic from veteran Robert Hawks... his 100th pic will be here after the Reopening Anniversary, it seems! [Leandro]

Cute ain't enough... it's too cute! Here's a really, really, really, really (alright, I'll stop here, as you get the point) cute picture of Leela and her rat... I mean pet, Nibbler. So, who's to blame for this great piece of fan art? Why, it's The Voices, who normally does Leela kick-ass, sexy, or Shipper styled pictures. Anyway, this is a winner... and yeah, in The Voices' own words, it's too cute!

And now for some more "too cute"! Not only does The Voices do "too cute" images, Captain Leela can too. Here he's done a pencil sketch of the moment in Leela's Homeworld where Leela finds her parents and gives them a hug. Awww! So, that's two cute images for our Fan Art section for today... careful now, otherwise you'll all turn into Care Bears!

BTW, come back here tomorrow, as something weird is going to happen. Sorry, I can't say what it is - although some of you will guess correctly - so just come along.

That's enough of me... I'm going to get a coffee.

March 30, 2002

GotADSL... but, more importantly, here's Wu Konguk's work instead! Well, it arrived, and even though I had some problems with a machine's motherboard being somewhat incompatible with the ADSL modem I got, I managed to get it working with the other machine. So, until I figure a way around the problems that machine has, I'll use this one. Yep, this IS bloody fast!

OK, enough of my worthless gloating, otherwise Leandro will launch several missiles in my direction, so it's back to the real news and update. Wu Konguk has come up with this stunning 3D image of Leela for our Fan Art section. I really like his 3D takes of Leela, which are always an interesting way of presenting a subject. Keep up the good work!

March 28, 2002

The waiting goes on... in the meantime, Leela finds hugs and Futurama finds 28th March for the third time. Important news first: happy third anniversary to Futurama. Last century, on March 28th 1999, Space Pilot 3000 came onto the North American screens, to show a bleak distant future, a lost delivery boy, a one-eyed mutant who thought she was an alien, and a thieving, jack-the-lad robot to a hungry audience. Some expected to see The Simpsons in space and felt cheated, but the rest of us didn't care for that, and were probably relieved to see some originality, which it certainly showed. So, The Leela Zone salutes all the producers, writers, animators, actors and anyone else connected with the show... long may Futurama continue. For Fox, this is all I need to say: Long live Futurama! (Beats swearing my head off.)

Hmmm, talking about swearing my head off, let's proceed with the next business. Despite my ADSL service being activated, I'm still waiting for the modem to turn up, in order to take advantage of the damn thing! This doesn't bode too well for the future of my service. Well, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, rather than lament about that, let me introduce Sofie's next hand-drawn picture for our Fan Art section. This comes from - guess what... go on, guess - the episode Leela's Homeworld, where Leela has discovered her parents, with Fry's help, and is joined with them in a big comfort hug. Fry looking on also adds to the picture. Anyway, it's all very nice to see Leela being comforted, but where's my damn modem!

Long live Futurama!

Happy Birthday, Futurama! Three years ago, on March 28th 1999, the first episode of Futurama was airing: Space Pilot 3000. And in this very special day, The Leela Zone doesn't even have a new layout to celebrate... darn this Compaq! However, there are several new pics by Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard and two by Javier Sánchez, so enjoy that... the section now has 1221 pics! All of them uploaded using standard modems, but it looks like that's gonna change soon, as Graham Boy is getting ADSL, while I'm stuck here with the Krappiest Kompaq Konnection Konceivable (las siglas son KK-KK. Sorry non-spanish guys! ) [Leandro]

March 27, 2002

Juliet and Zapp's Woman return! We welcome back Juliet with this picture of Leela as a baby in the episode Leela's Homeworld, for our Fan Art section. It seems to me that this episode, more than any other, has gotten our visitors to their easels (computer or otherwise) to submit their artwork; long may that continue. Anyway, enjoy this cute art of baby Leela!

The second work in this update comes from Zapp's Woman, which you'll find is for our Fan Fiction section. This is the second part of Warship's Red Glare, where Zapp is still being cared for by Fry and Leela, as he's holding their child-to-be. If you're confused as to why this is, then you'll have to read the fic from the start. If you aren't confused, then you can go to this part by clicking here.

March 26, 2002

You're bleedin' late! Just thought, for the subject heading, I'd give Leela a London accent for added surreality. Don't blame me, I was bored! However, that's nothing as surreal as Shadowstar's work, where I present three of his latest for our Fan Art section. One features Leela presenting her paradox to the Robot Santa in A Tale of Two Santas; another features Leela with two eyes, winking back, which is from The Cyber House Rules; while the last has Leela as a child looking glum, also from The Cyber House Rules. All three are great! Keep it up, Shadowstar!

I have another contribution to add in this update, and it's for our Fan Fiction section. BumbleBeeTheta has come up with part two of her serial fic, I Dream of Leela, in which Fry visits Leela to express his wants and desires, only to find that Leela's own wants and desires need to be satisfied in a more subtle manner. Has Fry got the patience? Well, to go and find out, try clicking here.

March 25, 2002

Look who's talking IV: Wrath of the Harddisk! Well, I can't believe it! After three days, I actually managed to guess my own NewsPro password, that I had forgotten! I still haven't installed a new FTP client, but thanks to the CGI script madness I catched last month, I can upload some stuff without even logging to the FTP. And some stuff to upload I have! There are two new pics by Sophie Mateju, who's changed her usual style to do a parody of the famous "Birth of Venus" painting, and a parody of Pose #1 from the famous Red Velvet session with Marilyn Monroe. Then there's a new pic by Zed 85, reflecting some jokes about Russians and Vodka (Russian visitors: howzabout counterattacking with some jokes about Yankees and TV+Beer?)

I've been Compaqed! For those of you who want to know, the reason for my lack of updating here is that my 40GB Quantum Fireball harddisk... died. As easy as that. After getting some bad sectors, S.M.A.R.T. started giving alerts, and one day... BAM! Computer won't boot. So I started looking for some old harddisk in the Computer Graveyard (located in the second floor of my home), and there I found a 450MHz Compaq Presario... which was even working! So now I'm on a (ergh) Compaq. How low can I fall! However, since now the dollar is 400% of its value in December (I'm the argentinian guy, remember?), I probably will be stuck with this thing for a while. I better install Paint Shop Pro in this thing and start the Second Reopening Anniversary Layout! [Leandro]

That GREAT heavenly dance.... The Voices has come up with yet another great contribution of his for our Wallpapers section. This great work features that great dance scene in that great episode, Parasites Lost. Yes, still my favourite all-time great episode, and this great moment also ranks as a personal great, too. Hmmm... I really like this great wallpaper, so much so that I'm going to use it myself. Great! So, bye to this Simpsons one that I currently have, and hello to this great, heavenly waltz! Ain't everything just great!

March 24, 2002

There's one born every day! Cute update for today! A new contributor to this site, Inoshishi, has come up with this wallpaper of Leela when she was first discovered by Warden Vogel, which was highlighted in the much referenced episode, Leela's Homeworld. Inoshishi also has his own French-language Futurama site, Futurama Planet. So, after taking a gander at his wallpaper, why not pay his site a visit too, especially if you happen to speak French.

BTW, Roswell That Ends Well is to be aired on the UK's Sky One, later today at 7pm. So, go and get a drink of whatever you like, take some popcorn, dim the lights, and sit back and watch the first season four episode to be aired on UK TV.

March 23, 2002

I'm not supposed to tell you, but Leo's using a *o*p** at present. Before giving you the update proper, I have to inform you that Leo has managed, somehow, to blow up his hard drive without using dynamite. Now, don't all cheer, because he'll soon be back to terrorise you all... and may be more madder than ever when he returns. Also, all guesses for what Leandro is using can be sent to myself, and the winner will get a mention on the site - yeah, we give out really cool and expensive prizes on this site!

Now, to the update proper. I have eventually gotten around to making the sound clips for the episode Godfellas, sorry for the delay. I still haven't gotten around to making the sounds from the episode A Pharaoh to Remember, this is due to sound problems on the video file and my attempt to find better, but maybe I'll give in and just do them. Something's better than nothing!

Finally, Erdrik has kindly sent me this link to some online comic called Dork Tower, which he wants to share with all of you. It references Futurama, so all the better!

March 21, 2002

Crap! I've just been Yahooed! Why that subject heading, you may ask? Well, it's because Yahoo! have decided to start charging for their POP3 and SMTP access to their email service, something that was previously free. So, thanks to Yahoo! shafting their customers, this subject heading is quite apt. (If anybody has problems with the word "shafting", don't have, because it's not really a profanity in the UK, where I unfortunately come from. Also, even if it is, I couldn't give a monkey's! )

Well, that's that, but what's the update? I've upgraded the framegrabs of the episode Love's Labours Lost in Space - such a great episode, IMO - with some higher-quality ones.

One other thing. Anybody who's sent stuff to me over the last few days, please send again, because there's a possibility I didn't receive whatever was sent, due to server problems. Over and out!

March 20, 2002

3:39am and all is well! Yep, it's 3:39am here, and that's the subject heading you'll be getting from me on this update, because I lack the talent to think of anything better. Today's update features a sketch for our Fan Art section by Captain Leela. I wasn't sure where this pic came from, but I knew it came from some episode. So after some thought, and some beers, I came to the conclusion that it's from Bendless Love. Well, after that mystery has been sorted out, it's about time that I shut up and let your day pass in peace.

March 19, 2002

Stand and deliver! Hmmm... seems that our site has been down for some time, which also seems to have affected the whole of Smoovenet, our great hosts. Oh well, we're back now! I bring you a hand-drawn picture by Sofie, which sits neatly in our Fan Art section. It comes from that much referred episode, Leela's Homeworld, where Leela is about to kill her parents, without realising who they are. Well, it got sorted out right in the end, I suppose. Oh, and if you don't know and feel like asking either Leandro or myself, the end song in this episode is called Baby Love Child, which was done by Pizzicato Five. There!

March 18, 2002

Getting ready to whoop the ass... I mean explain some problems to a few subplot writers! Then, I'm off to beat the hell out of Graham to shut him up! Just finished watching the new episode, Godfellas, and decided that due to there not being too much Leela in it, I'll do the framegrabs now. So, for all of you who are interested - why wouldn't you be? - here they are in all their glory. Many thanks to Ruben for encoding and passing this episode to me (if it weren't for Ruben, the wheel would have come out squarish, the washing machine would become the new computer, and water would have become wine... wait, that last one isn't necessarily a bad thing!).

Well, rather than ramble on, something I do too often... I'm sorry, it's just that my fingers need the exercise and to be occupied, my brain needs something to do, and I need someone (you poor suckers!) to read my inane ramblings... ooops, I'm not sticking to the topic! Anyway, what did I think of this episode (as if you're remotely interested)? I felt the Bender parts where he acts like a god to some "society" he managed to discover on his body to be quite funny. However, saying that, the subplot was meh! In some parts, the episode seemed to drag, there were some strange plot holes (why didn't they just fly to the Himalayas, etc?), but despite that, there were moments that held it up. So, all-in-all, I give it a C-; just below what I'd expect, but not by much. Oh, Sofie gives the episode a D-, saying that it just didn't make her laugh! Oh well, I'm in the doghouse again! There, you can now get on to things more productive than read my crap!

March 17, 2002

Forget St. Patrick's day, guys... The Voices has done another neat Wallpaper, featuring Leela in the shower (Wait! Finish reading this news update, THEN go there!), not knowing that Bender's placed a cam in the bathroom (no, I'm not finished. Get back here!). Also, there is a new wallpaper by Daniel Brand, featuring Leela covered only by a towel (WAIT, I SAID! Finish the news update first! Sheesh!), as featured in a pic that got uploaded a couple of days ago.

Happy Male Hormones day to everyone! Moving on, there are two new pics by Douglas Hilliard, one featuring Leela running with only an army jacket on (WAIT A SECOND, GUYS! News update's not over yet!) and one by Erdrik featuring Leela as a barbarian, with a really really big... sword. Yeah, you can go now (if you can decide which link to click first). For the ladies who're still reading this, I've got some bad news: there will be no new Futurama episodes until March 31 (when they'll show "Future Stock"). Guess this season will end up having 14 episodes, and there won't be a 5ACV block for next season, no matter what... [Leandro]

Happy St Patrick's Day! Just when I finish an update, something else turns up! No matter, because it's an update that's fitting for today, seeing it's St Patrick's Day. Well, let's thank David Johnson for this relevant picture for our Fan Art section, which features Leela and Fry kissing, while under a banner celebrating this very special day for those who are Irish or have close ties. As you can see, despite that he's kissing Leela, Fry is still thinking about his seven-leaf clover... poor guy!

Sweet Dreams.... Two updates for today. The first one is for our Fan Fiction section, and comes from BumbleBeeTheta. The fic in question, I Dream of Leela, is the first part of a serial. However, this story is a continuation of BumbleBeeTheta's previous fan fiction, My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding. So, rather than explain what this story is about, probably spoiling My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding in the process, I'd suggest, if you haven't read it already, to go and read it first, then come to this story. To go directly to the fic, click here. You won't be disappointed!

The second update comes from the Futurama DVD, which is the sound commentaries that are found on the disc; you'll find these in our Sound Clips section. The episodes in question are: My Three Suns; A Big Piece of Garbage; and Hell is Other Robots. The clips are of listenable quality, but obviously they aren't to the quality you'd expect on the DVD. Hopefully, listening to these clips will encourage any of you who haven't already bought the DVD to go out and buy it, where you'll have the benefit not only of having better quality audio, but the video to go with it.

March 16, 2002

Our leader now saves your screen! Not only does The Voices do kick-ass pictures, he now saves your screen from damage. How, you may ask? Well, Robert Hawks, another great contributor to this site and others, has created two screensavers that feature our leader's work. There are two flavours to these 'savers: the first has numerous pictures done by The Voices; the second has that and the Futurama theme tune, plus a different ending.

Anything else to add? Nah, I think that's all for today. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you all: the world is about to end. Please crouch under a table and kiss your butt goodbye! Oh wait, is that The Voices screensaver I see? We're saved!

March 15, 2002

I'm only human... born to make mistakes... Last time I updated, I said that there were no Star Wars references in the new pics from Douglas Hilliard... and at the right of the news update, I put a pic of Leela holding a E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle! I should've recognized that, after using it all those times in the Dark Forces trilogy... I'm gonna go watch the classic movies six times in a row now to compensate... I'll be back in two days! While I get back, enjoy this new pic by Douglas, which I don't dare say if it has any reference to anything.

Baby Love Child by Pizzicato Five, okay? Just a quickie reminder for those who keep asking what's the name of the song played at the end of Leela's Homeworld. Goes pretty well with this picture of baby Leela crawling, made by Robert Hawks, who's only two pics away from his third page! (Hey, Robert: you definitely left Elzar behind, after all )

And even more pics! There is one new pic by Sophie Mateju, one new pic by known 'shipper Erdrik ("I see this pic as Fry's next Holophonor score", he says) and one new pic by Daniel Brand (which will get a Wallpaper version very soon). Strangely enough, I've done two updates in a row... I wonder where has Graham gone. I hope he's not sleeping in the doghouse again... [Leandro]

March 14, 2002

Lots of new pics! There are eight new pics by Douglas Hilliard in the Fan Art section! No Star Wars references this time, but a lot of Formula One pics. There's also a new pic by Lorenz Kraenzlin, that shows Leela in some big trouble... although in the next two scenes she probably would be out of it after kickin' some butt. Especially if it's Season One Leela

Our Leader Is Back There is a new pic by The Voices! This one's titled "Fry's Dream" and it's available in two flavors, the original pencil sketch and also the computer-traced version. This pic is also available as an eCard for you to send, under the category Sexy Leela. Which reminds me, this week I haven't nagged you nearly enough to send an eCard. Come on, go send an eCard! Surely today's your uncle's sister's nephew's girlfriend's grandma's neighboor's birthday, or something!

More 3D Pics, too! Wu Konguk catched my little hint in the last news update, and he's submitted another neat 3D pic of Leela! This time relaxing at the beach. Now that's some candy for my CGI-Lovin' eyes (this time I'm talking about the Computer Generated Images - not the Common Gateway Interface scripts I did for the Fan Art and Wallpaper sections, and that soon will rule over the Fan Fiction section too. Same acronym, both things that I really like )

TLZ's peaceful dealings with Fox... I end this update with a pic that's been floating around for a while now, but was still to be posted here. I did it after getting the news that the series wasn't renewed for a fifth production block, and shaded and bettered it after the site got the C&D. I'm going to use it in the next layout, but it may still be a couple of weeks away so I'll just post it here now. [Leandro]

Mmm... purple! Today is Shadowstar's Art Day! On this day, we celebrate the cute-styled artwork of this fellow. Go on, admit you love his work! I sure do! Anyway, here's more of his stuff for our Fan Art section, and features Leela about to be eaten by Lrrr of Omicron Persei 8, as in the episode The Problem With Popplers.

Oh, apparently, The Voices (our leader) is complaining about my listening to System of a Down, saying that I should be listening to Nirvana instead. Well, right at this moment, I'm listening to Heart-Shaped Box, by Nirvana... a band I just love. So, despite not sharing one band in common, I can share another with him. There, peace is restored!

March 13, 2002

Teenage kicks! Another update, another day. I have the 57th picture for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section from Sofie. This is another hand-drawn picture (as if you hadn't guessed! ), which comes from the recent episode, Leela's Homeworld. This features Leela as a teenager, who has found a birthday present addressed to her on the pavement (sidewalk, for those from the US). Obviously, she doesn't know who's sent it, but that's for later; much later. Enjoy the pic!

Oh, for those who don't know the details about the final song from that episode: it's called Baby Love Child, by some band called Pizzicato Five. Why do I mention this? Well I keep getting emails asking this very question. So hopefully, this will make those who've yet to know happy.

March 12, 2002

Smoking! Well, I did say that I'd start to convert the Framegrabs section to include grabs that were of higher quality, as a consequence for giving up on the old High-Quality Grabs section. So, welcome the grabs from the episode Anthology of Interest II, witch should grab your fancy. (For all wannabe Edeltrauts: I deliberately spelt "which" wrong to make a lame "joke"... wish I hadn't now!)

"Don't you ever get stuck in the sky" - Peep-Hole - System of a Down. This sure rocks! Sorry for the heading, but that's what I'm listening to on the stereo, and I just couldn't think of any relevant subject heading to put up... so suffer my musical tastes! (You think Leo has caused you agony, wait till you hear my own tastes!) Anyway, enough of referencing myself, let's go onto the next update. Captain Leela has come up with five new pics for our Fan Art section. These are pencil sketches of Leela in the show, and they are quite nice too! Well, back to listening to more of my great (or crap) kind of music!

Growl... where's this "hell" place again? If Beelzebot's ocupation of The Leela Zone back in our 666th day since the reopening would have featured images like this, we may have thought twice before fighting him off the site . This Wallpaper comes from yours truly; I took a pic from DB and colored, shaded, and backgrounded it. First time I've tried to add those shades to a pic, too; it wasn't hard at all... should've started a lot sooner!

Fight! Fight! Fight! After a hectic battle of wits with his computer, Robert Hawks finally got it to quit being a piece of crap long enough to draw a couple of pics. So, there are two new pics from him in the Fan Art gallery! Also, there is one new pic by Wu Konguk, and this time it's not computer-generated (I really like his first pic and hope he comes up with more 3D renders).

'Shippers Rejoice! There are five new pics from Erdrik in the Fan Art section, too; and those are sure to please every LeelaFry 'shipper out there. In this batch he's including some coloured pics, too; for in love and life, not everything's black and white... hmmm... poetic news updates? I think I better quit drinking while there's some sanity left in me . [Leandro]

March 11, 2002

An annoying robot to remember... Today's episode A Pharaoh to Remember felt a bit strange to me, mainly because it had no subplot and it was all about Bender getting a big need of people to recognize and remember him. Got quite annoying, and in the end it wasn't anything special. I'd give this one two stars; it wasn't a stinker, but wasn't wonderful neither. (Okay, so I disagree with Graham in this one. That's fine; I liked Where The Buggalo Roam more, too, and gave that one three stars). Leela's clothing in this episode is sure to get the Fan Art section a lot of new entries soon ...

My CGI uploader is very very happy! The Fan Art section has got a lot of new pics! For starters, there are fourteen (yup, fourteen) new pics from Douglas Hilliard (aka. Zed 85); some great Star Wars references in there, as well as other neat pics. Next, we have four new pics from Kevin Mac, webmaster of Aliens Unlimited; he's the first person I'm aware of that has traced the pic of Leela hugging her parents. Finally, there are two new pics from Paul Metcalfe, including the cover of the Season 1 DVD. Sixteen new pics; our Fan Art gallery now has 1167 pics (wow!), from 62 different artists. Go see our huge gallery, and remember to cast your votes on the ArtistRank thingies!

Champagne Supernova in the Wallpapers section! Our Leader The Voices has produced a new Wallpaper which now awaits for your downloads! This one features the lyrics of Oasis' "Champagne Supernova" for no particular reason. I think I'll put the lyrics of some of my favorite songs in my upcoming wallpapers, too... unless Gort's too quick and kicks me out of the site before I have a chance to do it . The Wallpapers section now has 113 wallpapers... wow. I didn't realize The Leela Zone was so big! [Leandro]

Mr What's-His-Name? Hmmm... these framegrabs would have been up much earlier, but life decided to walk in the way; so, unfortunately, you had to wait until now. Apologies for that. Well, here they are, the grabs from A Pharaoh to Remember, an episode that I quite liked, despite the comments by some who had watched it (Jon, this is the last time I take a review from you! ). Sure, it was, in some ways, similar to Fear of a Bot Planet, but not enough to spoil my enjoyment of it, and it was better than last week's episode. So, all-in-all, I give this episode a B. Now, enough of my rabbiting, it's time to quit this joint and head off to make some coffee!

March 10, 2002

Little Ol' Fussbudget! Oh, this is a good update, with two good things to show you all. First thing is a picture from David Johnson for our Fan Art section, which parodies the great Peanuts comic strip, which was done by the late Charles "Sparky" Schulz. This picture, in particular, parodies the usual moment when Charlie Brown, played by Fry in David's picture, tries to kick the ball, only for mean Lucy, played here by Leela, to remove it just before Charlie gets a chance to kick the damn thing. This act was first introduced into Peanuts in 1952, if I'm not mistaken, and became a long running joke. Nibbler is acting as Charlie's dog, Snoopy, BTW. Yeah, I'm a fan of Peanuts, hope you are, too... which would make the enjoyment of this pic much more meaningful.

The second thing to inform you about is that BumbleBeeTheta's fourth and final part of her serial fic, My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding, is now up at our Fan Fiction section. Well, it's certainly an emotional read, for all you Shippers out there, and a good one too. Fry is still bent on marrying Lizzie, while Leela can't make up her mind what to do to make her true feelings to Fry known. So, to know how it finishes, read it by clicking here.

Finally, obviously my memory has already gone and maybe I should go off to the old people's home, because it looks like I've become senile. Russell Dickson's call to write to Entertainment Tonight and Inside Hollywood was originally quoted by Leandro himself a few days earlier... which shows how good my memory is! Now I'm off to book my place at the "staring window". Who am I?

March 9, 2002

Taking Hollywood... and beyond! Hmmm... I'm up late, but not only that, I've had a few beers, so I might as well update, too. Hic! Actually, I'm fine... hic! Nothing's wrong with me... hic! Damn hiccups! Hic! No, seriously, I have an update to do, so I'll do it! Hic! Russell Dickson has come up with a fan art that has some fighting spirit... and why not! Let's quote from his email to me (saves me writing a full update... hic!): "I call this one 'Taking Hollywood'. Leela and Fry get some help from MTV's The Maxx and Dark Horse comic's Ghost, fighting Fox." You heard the guy, it's time to keep on fighting Fux... I mean Fox... same difference!

Russell continues with a good idea (albeit one that I think was mentioned before, but still it's worth repeating, nevertheless): "Also I think it would help if we wrote to Enterainment Tonight, Inside Hollywood, and shows like that, asking them to run stories about Fox taking Futurama off the air?" Well, that's an idea that's worth running with... so let's do that too!

Now, it's time to have some coffee! Hic!

March 8, 2002

Yet more baby pictures.... Today's contribution to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section comes from Sofie. This hand-drawn picture is taken from the episode Leela's Homeworld, where Leela's mother, Turanga Munda, is holding the baby Leela with her husband, Turanga Morris, just before making the decision to send her to a "better" place.

The second update for today is for the Fan Fiction section. The last part of Krazy Kora's serial fic, King of the World, is now up. Leela and Bender have landed in the parallel Earth, to find that Fry is now its king... but there's still a battle to be fought. To read the fic, you can click here.

March 7, 2002

Looks like someone else is after Leela's neck.... I've got an early update for today, one which involves the threat that I promised I'd carry out on the Framegrabs section (now renamed to that, from the previous Standard Framegrabs section). Well, the reason is because I've combined most of the old High-Quality Grabs section into this section, so that there is now just one section devoted to all grabs. So, say bye to the High-Quality Grabs section, which has served us so well in the past. I'll be updating the smaller standard grabs with other "quality" grabs, over a period of time. So, keep watching this section for changes. One change I've already made is the substitution of the standard grabs from the episode I, Roommate, with some high-quality ones. So, go and enjoy the improved grabs from this episode and prepare for some more in due time.

March 6, 2002

Not only does he do pictures... he now does fics, too! May I introduce a new fan fiction writer, who you may know as someone who's contributed well to our Fan Art section: Shadowstar! Yeah, he's not just doing cute pictures, he's become a scribe! His first fic is titled 4ACV19: School of Hard Bolts, and involves the crew delivering a package to The Galaxy of Terror, only for Bender to get involved in some trouble, resulting in his dismissal. So, what's Bender to do? Well, maybe you can find out by going to the story by clicking here. BTW, this story does have some Leela in it.

My second update is for our Sound Clips section, where I bring you the clips from the latest episode, Where the Buggalo Roam. There are ten clips in all, well worth listening to... unless you have better things to do, like sending Fox some letters and emails, complaining about the shoddy treatment of the show, etc. Actually, why not do both.

March 5, 2002

"Dear Leandro, I'm writing to you to complain about the off-topic content that's going on TLZ..." *muffled screaming and a shot* I was merrily doing my daily wasting my life on the net kind of thing, when Leandro sent an email, asking if it was fine to put up his off-topic content up in the Wallpapers section. I had a view of this image and thought it was good, that it was worthy of its place here. However, some weeks earlier, The Voices had sent me a wallpaper of the Planet Express ship, with the Earth in the background, with his added effects. I really liked his wallpaper, but because it didn't have any Leela in it, and considering that this section has always been Leela orientated, I had to refuse, albeit regretfully. So, I made a deal with Leo, if he wants his off-topic wallpaper up, then the one The Voices sent has to go up too. Done and sorted! Here it is... enjoy!

Let's celebrate we're back with some off-topic content! Sorry, señorita Leela, but this update belongs to Fry! I really liked this parody of Pearl Harbor's poster (movie which I saw just a couple of weeks ago), so I needed to post it here. There is also another wallpaper, very on topic, from Our Leader, The Voices: it's called Airbrush Abuse and features his Sex on Legs pic. Leela's Biography has been updated, too, writen by The Corrupt One: Miss Kristen! Now let's see what Mr. Gort thinks of this off-topic update... [Leandro]

Woo hoo! We're back! (And I'm being repetitive!) They thought they had us, but we showed them! Well, thanks to Ruben we did. Anyway, it's good to be back to bring you some more Futurama and Leela goodness. Hopefully, we'll be staying up for a lot longer without bother; Leandro and myself are determined to keep this site up and running.

Now to today's updates. If it weren't for being down during the weekend, The Leela Zone would have had framegrabs before Where the Buggalo Roam was aired; that honour had to go to Say Argh!, another site I'm involved in. Still, I have the grabs for this episode up now, so you'll be able to see Leela's contribution to this episode. Some time during the week, I'll be rearranging this section by combining it with the High-Quality Grabs section.

I thought the episode was OK, but nothing special. It had its good moments, but I did find it lacking in some departments... Zapp wasn't particularly funny, the Kif and Amy thing, although not done too badly, isn't something that I care for (I still think that they hollowed out these characters by pairing them up). Still, despite these gripes, it had some funny moments, even involving the Kif/Amy thing. So, to end this, I give the episode a C+; C is what I'd expect from an episode, so it was slightly above that expectation.

What else do I have? Ah, yeah... a fan fiction. BumbleBeeTheta has the third offering of her serial fic, My So-Called Best Friend's Wedding. Leela, after some advice from her mother, is now determined to win Fry back... but yet another obstacle comes in her way! To read this fic, click here.

Finally, if anyone has sent me any stuff over the last few days, please send it again, because it's likely that it got lost in the mess Fox created. Well, over and out.

We're back! At 0500 server time, exactly three days after MyDomain decided that FOX's C&D was reason enough to remove our domain from their servers, The Leela Zone is Back To The Web! ("Due to the following email and our terms of service, MyDomain name has removed the servers from leela.com.ar. We regret any inconvenience"... nah, three days down an inconvenience? Ya think?)

While we were down, Futurama's 50th episode aired: Where The Buggalo Roam. I thought it was a quite good episode; the first Kif-centric episode of the whole series, and we get to know a lot of stuff about Kif. Content updates will get here later today; for now, I'm just glad we're back. [Leandro]

March 4, 2002

You can thank Fox for the downtime... Last saturday (the 700th day since reopening, by the way), our DNS manager decided that Fox's C&D was reason enough to blacklist our domain. Fortunately Rubén was already expecting that, so he had already looked for another DNS manager... but it takes a while for the DNS to get changed, and for the changes to propagate through the web. At the time of writing this news update, we're still off the web, but I'll be damned if being domainless is going to stop me from updating! The FTP is still working and stuff can be uploaded, so here I am. We're gonna stay alive and kickin'!

Uses for Fox's Lawyers? There are some new Uses for a Hacker in the section, but you can use your imagination and turn 'em into some uses for Fox's Lawyers. Bureaucracy Line Guard has a lot of guest stars, all present to watch the dear president of Fox looking even worse than usual. Enjoy it while we're still up! [Leandro]

March 2, 2002

Coffee... required... to function... It's 3AM, so don't ask me to write the Best News Item Ever tonight (not that any of my news items have EVER been good )... The pic to your right comes from Sophie, a new artist, the 60th in our Fan Art section! I really like this pic... it's just sooo cute! Heading in other direction, we're back to news on the hiatus. Russell wrote us a mail with this idea: "I was thinking. Should we, as fans of Futurama, also be writting Entertainment Tonight, Inside Hollywood, and Extra, asking them to do stories about Fox taking Futurama off the air?" That certainly couldn't hurt, another pressure point for FOX... he's found Entertainment Tonight's email, so you can write 'em already. We can later find other magazines and bombard them with mails... if it doesn't help avoid the cancellation, at the very least it would provide us with some nice Futurama covers to collect ! [Leandro]

Our leader returns with His new offering... sex on legs! Yet another great work from our leader, The Voices (I wonder if he's getting a bit fed up with that title?), adorns our Fan Art section. This work is done in his usual style of adding images within "effects" backgrounds, creating something quite unique and great. It features Leela posing in what can only be said in a sexy fashion, hence his title of Sex on Legs that he gave this image. Sure is great!

Krazy Kora's second instalment of King of the World is now up at our Fan Fiction secton. Leela is determined to locate and rescue Fry from the Menstrata black hole, so she drags Bender and Professor Farnsworth along in her quest. To go directly to this fic, click here.

Over and out!

March 1, 2002

A fresh beginning in the new world.... Hooray! I've used Leandro's Fan Art section's uploading script for the second time, he's sure going to feel special! Actually, if it weren't for Leandro's tweaks to The Leela Zone, this site would be a pile of steaming horse manure... with quite a bit of content, though.

Anyway, the fan art I uploaded was from Sofie, where she's produced this hand-drawn picture of Leela, as a baby, being held by her parents. This comes from Leela's Homeworld (well, duh!), where both parents are wondering what to do with the baby Leela, deciding to give her a life that they couldn't offer her, away from the sewers and into New New York proper. She hopes you enjoy this... and she thanks any of you that voted for her in Leo's all new voting system.

The Voices is our Leader! There are two new Wallpapers in the section with that name, one of them coming from Our Leader, The Voices! Another great montage from him, and he actually uploaded it himself using my beloved script! All glory to The hypnoVoices! The other wallpaper comes from Michael Herzog and features Leela as a Xenosaga character sketch. Enjoy the Wallpapers! I also added another pic from Jennifer Morton to her page in the Fan Art section. [Leandro]

To hell with Fox! No one will prevent me from using my new script! We've got a treat for 'shippers today... Erdrik (first Fan Art submitter to have his directory created by my script!) has sent us a lot of hand-drawn pictures of great quality, including several "LeelaFry" ones... my personal favorite being this one (I love it! ). There are also four very old pics (but new to us) in Jennifer Morton's page. The ArtistRank thingy seems to be quite popular, so keep on voting! This concludes this update's use of unauthorized derivative works of the Futurama copyrights and trademarks! [Leandro]