March 2001

March 30, 2001

Oh, Crud! I knew there was something I meant to do today. Oh, crud... I was meant to do this... and I've done it! The installment of Sound Clips for the episode A Head in the Polls have been put up for all you Leela fans, and others, to listen to.... We interrupt this update with an election special... ZZZZZ! [Graham]

March 29, 2001

You can't go wrong with flowers... oops! Two more pictures from my partner, Sofie, are up at The Leela Zone, so go and give them a view, otherwise I'll get it! One thing that I must tell you, if it interests you, is that the pictures are made using artist quality pencils.

The link pic is the dinner scene, from the episode Amazon Women in the Mood. The other picture to view is based on Brad Rousse's story Snapshots, which is an excellent read. Why not, if you haven't already, read his fanfic, here at The Leela Zone, and then view the picture to fully appreciate it. [Graham]

A quick race update... Currently I'm living a race in my life, and I'm having very, very, very little time to spend online. The weekend can't come too soon. But this race update needs to be noted... as German Minces has just sent three more pics, and now he's a nose ahead of Robert Hawks. [Leandro]

March 28, 2001

No, we don't want to hear about his "ding-dong", thank God! Rather than talk about ding-dongs, England's victory over Albania (yawn!), the weather... or the order of the episodes being shown on Sky One (I'm sure that Put Your Head on my Shoulders was meant to be shown today), I'll inform you instead that I have put up the Framegrabs for the episode A Head in the Polls; click on the image to view.

Not a bad episode, some good satire and stuff, just loved the cynicism against the political system where the major candidates all seem to spout the same crap; semantics instead of substance.... Whoa, getting political, better stop! Enjoy the grabs! [Graham]

New artists are fine... but don't forget good ol' Leandro! There are two new pics by me in my page at the Fan Art section... one is an original, one is from the Futurama Comic #2 that I got today thanks to Germán Minces (aka Elzar) who managed to get me a copy, as my local comic shop completely forgot about it. Muchísimas gracias Germán! [Leandro]

March 27, 2001

Yet another new fanartist puts in an appearance. It seems we've had quite a bit of interest from new fanartists recently, and today's no exception. Click on the image to view Juliet's first Leela pic, from the Queequeg scene in the episode The Day the Earth Stood Stupid. If any of you out there have any Leela related art that you want to submit, don't hesitate to do so. [Graham]

March 26, 2001

Two more pictures by the new guy... I just got two new pics by ]DarkDemon[ for his Fan Art page. They're quite good, take a look. Unrelated to this, did you notice how each year less new episodes make it to the air? I don't mean seasons, I mean years. There were 17 new episodes in 1999, 15 new episodes in 2000, and it looks like 2001 will have only 12 or 13 new episodes. [Leandro]

Getting closer... and closer... Germán Minces sent me two more pics, and now he's only two pics behind Robert Hawks, who's still battling to get navigation online. The finish line is very close, and Robert's ship moves only thanks to the inertia... [Leandro]

Blech! I've just added a wider selection of clips to the Sound Clips section, from the episode Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? By the way, in this episode, does anyone know who's Sean? [Graham]

Another new fanartist... Three new pics make their way to the Fan Art section, in the new page by ]DarkDemon[. The section already has 382 images; quite big, huh. A quarter of the section belongs to the one and only Star Scanner, who's just about to enter his third page... and I'm going into boringland again. I'll shut up now. [Leandro]

Auxiliary thrusters online... With only four days left of racing (all good things must come to an end... and the bad ones too, fortunately), Elzar keeps getting close to Robert Hawks' damaged ship, now putting a distance of only four pictures! Robert Hawks' ship has weapons and shields offline due to the collision, so if Elzar wants to win, this is his last chance. [Leandro]

Rainy days and sundays always get me down... Well, another rainy sunday is gone (at least here, it's been raining nonstop for five days already) and no new episode of Futurama. Next sunday is April 1st, the first anniversary of The Leela Zone's reopening, and it looks like there will be a new episode, very on-topic: The Cyber House Rules, where the cyclops that gives the Zone its name will stop being a cyclops for a while. Let's hope it's a great episode, unlike the last "Leela-centric" episode The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz which was not as good as I'd hoped. Anyway, what's the purpose of this news item, you say? Nothing, really. I was bored. [Leandro]

March 25, 2001

Awww... the last dance. Two more sketches, by Sofie, are up at The Leela Zone. The one in the link image is from my favourite scene in Futurama, the holophonor dance scene... it looks lovely, and I'm not just saying that because she's here while I type this! The other one is taken from the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two, showing the Al and Leela scene, on the couch, a la Married... With Children. Personally, I find this image hilarious and surreal. Enjoy the pics! [Graham]

March 24, 2001

5 New uses for a hacker! Thats right! 5 brand spanking new hacker uses under Still more! I must say they are very funny, check them out here! or you can click on uses for a hacker on the navigation bar on the left

Good news, everyone... we're not in the twentieth century! Yes, good news indeed... all the males reading this can sigh quite happily in the knowledge that things were much smaller last century... bragging will now be a thing of the past! However, I bring you the Framegrabs from the episode Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?; click on the steamy image to view. Enjoy the grabs!

Oh, one other thing, watch out later today, or tomorrow, for more pictures from my partner, Sofie. You have been warned! [Graham]

March 22, 2001

That's gotta clamp... Elzar watches, unable to do anything, as Robert, who's eleven pictures ahead of him, crashes against the Mir... and he has a single idea on his mind: Floor it. Pedal to the metal. Kick it into overdrive. Pull out all the stops. He submits four new pictures and starts his page 2, getting into a seven pictures range of Robert... with only a week of racing left... [Leandro]

The Voyage Home! As we near the end of the race, the competitors came back to our planet to play the last part of the race in Earth's atmosphere, in a very dangerous flight around the world... here comes Robert Hawks with a new picture! He's still gaining ground from his nemesis, now with... CRASH... hmmm... ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Robert has crashed his ship against the falling space station Mir. [Leandro]

Listen out for those maracas, they're evil. Just completed a wider selection of sound clips from the episode Lesser of Two Evils. Not a great episode, IMO, but the ending was cute... for a moment. Enjoy the sounds! [Graham]

March 21, 2001

New fanartist... my other half! So, the story is this - I eventually get a scanner, after all this time, and am now able to show you two sketches that my partner, Sofie, has done (there are more pictures waiting to be put up and some more are being planned).

The link picture is of Leela and Fry fleeing the Titanic, during its sinking. The sketch was requested by Brad Rousse, a big Titanic buff; as a gesture, he's agreed to write a fanfic based on the actual picture, so stay tuned for additions to the fanfic section, in the near future.

The other picture is a semi-realistic interpretation of Leela. In this sketch she's received some bad news... quite a sad picture, actually. Enjoy the art! [Graham]

How about a game? Right heres what I shall do for The Leela Zone.. I'll make another game for you lot! I post this here because, I want suggestions.. what do you want to see in this next game? what type of game, platform.. shoot em up.. etc.. what difficult and what not, really.. Just post your ideas here. because you don't want me to make up the game as I go along do you

Accept no imitations! Right after I post a pic I scanned in Paul style, Paul manages to email me a picture of the original Leela and the Mimic from Love's Labors Lost in Space. Coincidence? I think not! Subtle way of sayin', "I'm the one and only Paul Star Scanner, go back to your little white background thingies"? Probably [Leandro]

March 20, 2001

Awwwwww! Up on The Leela Zone, today, are the Framegrabs for the episode Lesser of Two Evils; click on the image to view. Talking about the link image, ain't it sweet... makes you wanna... *sniff*! [Graham]

March 18, 2001

Leaving the scene of the crime. I've made two more additions for the Video Clips section; one is from the episode Love's Labors Lost in Space and the other is from Put Your Head on my Shoulders.

The former episode mentioned is one of my favourites, and the scene that I've chosen is one of the more memorable ones from it... even if a certain cyclops would wish it was forgotten. Someone should have paid me that money I demanded! [Graham]

Thundercougarfalconbird. [Don't ask, just keep saying it again and again!] I've just extended the choice of sound clips for the episode Put Your Head on my Shoulder. So, head over there and hear about future banking's five different regulatory tradions; six if you want to get technical. No, you don't and nor do I. [Graham]

Another one hits the section... Mark LeWald drew it, Robert Hawks coloured it, and Leandro Pardini... hmmm... uhhh... gradientglowed it. Geez, this language needs some new verbs. Whatever you wanna call the action of adding gradient glows, grab the new Wallpaper. [Leandro]

Where's the star scanner? Paul's computer is toast, so don't expect to see him in here nor in the Scan Art Central anytime soon. In unrelated news, I scanned this picture from the comic #2, tracing the entire scene like Paul does... and, after spending some hours doing it, I'm positive I'll never do that again... I wonder how does Paul still survive after hundreds of pics. [Leandro]

March 17, 2001

Two heads good... but, one head better! Good evening peeps. I have created and put up the Framegrabs for the episode Put Your Head on my Shoulders; click on the image to view.

I haven't seen this episode in a while, but found it a very good watch. That smile near the end (yes, the one in the image), when Fry thanks Leela for saving him from a sticky situation, is so cute... awww! Well, hope you appreciate the grabs. [Graham]

Coasting on reserves... With only one fifth of the circuit remaining until the race ends, it looks like a hopeless situation for Elzar, who's on fuel reserves after the Moebius inversion. Every time he manages to gain some ground, Robert Hawks leaves him eating dust. Still, he's sent another two pictures and now he's again at a ten-pictures range... [Leandro]

Who needs fuel! Robert Hawks's ship just used the gravity of a gas giant to boost his speed! With a minimal use of fuel, four new pictures make their way to his pages. All four pictures come from the Futurama Comic #2; first ones I've seen coming from that comic if you don't count my Nibbler scan... [Leandro]

March 16, 2001

Don't You (Forget About Me) While the Elzar and Robert Hawks race proceeds merrily along, I've added 2 more scans "I Am Bender .. Please Insert Girder" and "I'll Have The Cholesterol Free Omelette".

I've also updated my 84th Scan "Sad Leela" to include a natty blue background, I got bored of the white one.

I've also posted a new Wallpaper entitled "Aww, That's Cute!".

As you can see from the title I'm also still in "Fryrish" mode as well as Graham, just can't compliment that episode enough.

Well, if we get bored looking for the clover, I got puzzles on this thing... You know, I can't get out of my head the idea that Leela having Tetris on her wrist thingy was a reference to Can't Get Enough Futurama's Tetrinet... weird! In any case, I created three new Puzzles using three pictures by Paul; I wonder if somebody EVER plays them... hmmm... [Leandro]

Fuel supply low... Elzar's afterburners finished their burn, and now his fuel supply has gone down a lot (that's the downside of the afterburners...); plus that Moebius inversion really hit his ship without mercy. Still, he managed to steer clear of the inversion and even send two new pics! He's only eight pictures below Robert Hawks now... [Leandro]

March 15, 2001

Survivor, Pat Bennatar, The Scorpions... the list can stop right there! Awww... still loving the latest episode, Luck of the Fryish, and what a lovely episode that was, and still will be when I rewatch it, yet again. Anyway, I've made the Leela sound clips for this episode, which you can directly go to by clicking here. Hope you like them. [Graham]

Happy birthday to... hmmm... whoever has a birthday today. I had nothing to do, so I traced this picture from Jennifer I found in my harddisk, and so it's now here. Well, it's got to be somebody's birthday today, so it's only off-topic for 99.72% of the planet. [Leandro]

March 14, 2001

Bye bye Futurama Archive... Thanks to Chris for emailing me about the original artists of the Futurama Archive's Fan Art page! I've split the page in two sections, one with his pictures and one of John's, so it's goodbye to the Archive. Chris also sent a new pic, already up at his page. [Leandro]

March 13, 2001

One for the road. Before going to the important stuff for this update, I have to say that the latest episode, Luck of the Fryish, was a beauty to watch. That ending was so sweet and warm... but, I won't spoil further for those who haven't watched it yet. There wasn't any great Leela moments, other than what is indicated in the link picture, but it was a fantastic episode, nevertheless.

Anyway, to business. I have put up the Framegrabs for this episode here, at The Leela Zone, for your pleasure; click on the image to view. Enjoy, as usual. [Graham]

Attention all hands, get ready for another race update... After seeing Robert Hawks' ship activate his afterburners, Elzar realized that his modified Rapier ship also has them! He's activated them and now he's back at a ten-pictures range of Robert Hawks' ship, after staying stationary in the service track to study the ship's databases about culture in Futurama... [Leandro]

Get ready for ludicrous speed! Dear llamas of the bahamas! Robert Hawks floors his ship's engine with dark matter and puts a distance of 14 pictures between himself and Elzar! He's also managed to avoid de Moebius Inversion in the race's track, and he's almost finishing the circuit! Only a couple billion laps to go... [Leandro]

March 12, 2001

Amazing! I did it right! Wow. I didn't break the Episode's page. And, I updated it with the two latest episodes, the latest, "The Luck Of The Fryrish" encoded by myself. So try it out, see if it kills you. If it does, I'm sorry. Otherwise, enjoy. [Shaken, Not Stirred]

Help! I need somebody! Does anybody out there know of any online store where I can find the 2001 Futurama Calendar? It's out of stock everywhere I looked, and I absolutely definitely want that thing. [Leandro]

Good news everyone! Leela's found some old disks and space in her wristcom and located Still More Uses For a Hacker. Your ideas and jabs at celebrities didn't go to waste. Enjoy. [Smiley]

March 11, 2001

AHEAD OF THE GAME! - Part 2 It's "Luck Of The Fryrish" night and I've already got a scan (88) done from this ep. I hope this is a funny episode, it'll make a
nice change to get back-to-back comical episodes.

The 87th scan comes from "Anthology Of Interest I" - Leela's What If section and is called "Make Your Mind Up Woman", all will be revealed when you look at it.

I HATE FOX. No new episodes for at least 2 weeks, next week is a repeat of "The Honking" and the week after FOX are showing the movie "TRUE LIES" for some pointless and bewildering reason beyond mine and every Futurama fan's comprehension. There that's my mini-rant out of the way.

C-ya's next time.


The afterburners work just fine! Robert Hawks just sent five new pics, leaving Elzar eating dust! Only one more picture and Robert will have his own Page 2 in the Fan Art gallery. Elzar's been busy getting ready a new site that will open very soon, that's why he's lagging behind in the race; I'll keep you informed when his site opens... [Leandro]

March 10, 2001

Prancing out, menacingly. A greater selection of Sound Clips are up, at The Leela Zone, for the episode Raging Bender. What are you waiting for, haven't you got the will of the warrior? [Graham]

March 9, 2001

Birdbot Scans - At Last. My lastest two offerings come from "Birdbot Of Ice-catraz", having only got my hands on some framegrabs yesterday.

The 85th is titled "It's My Jacket" and the 86th "Aww, That's Cute", both were done with Illustrator, again. I seemed to have got addicted to that package.

I really enjoyed the episode, with some interesting pointers for the future added in, like Bender recognising Leela as Human and Fry being taught by Leela how to pilot the ship.

Hope "Luck Of The Fry(r)ish" is as good, it'll make a nice change to get two good episodes back-to-back.

March 8, 2001

Who's next? At last, I'm back here from a nasty traffic jam on the M23 (don't bother if you don't know what, or where, that is... it's very uninteresting and you'll only anger up the blood if I had to explain ) to bring you the Framegrabs for the episode Raging Bender; click on the image to view.

This wasn't, in my opinion, a good episode, as such, but it did have some good Leela moments. However, do enjoy the grabs! [Graham]

March 7, 2001

Hit the afterburners! Robert Hawks is not lying still while his nemesis overshoots him; and even if that happens, he's got his forward laser cannon armed and ready to open up on Elzar the instant he appears in his cone of fire... he's sent another picture, and now he's four ahead of Elzar... fortunately, porcupine mines aren't allowed in this race, or he'd already dropped one in Elzar's path... [Leandro]

Back to the track! I was completely out of the race for a week or so (my ISP and I have different ideas about what's the "right" price for a web connection), but I'm back! And what a race we have... Elzar is only three pictures behind Robert Hawks, having just submitted his 40th scan! Congratulations Elzar, keep on movin'... [Leandro]

Elsewhere on the Web... Ever wondered how would the daughter of Amy and Zoiberg look? What about the son of Leela and Wolverine? Or perhaps Leela and Superman? Sounds weird, huh. Go take a look at the new What If They Mated? section of Futurama Fan Art; Robert Hawks borrowed the idea from Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace, but he's not limiting himself to Futurama characters... [Leandro]

March 6, 2001

Rebel Yell! Just put up the Sound Clips for the latest episode, The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz. Hope you enjoy them.

One thing I noticed, in that episode, was that when Bender was rebooting, he identified Leela as a human, not a humanoid - interesting! [Graham]

Illustrate This! I've loaned a new Scan Package called Adobe Illustrator 9, my 83rd and 84th Scan are done with this package. Not in my usual style, but hey these are my 1st and 2nd attempts with it.

Having watched "Birdbot Of Ice-catraz" it was a funny episode, some nice Leela moments, and proof that the Parasites that infested Fry are having some effect on him, he's learnt to pilot the ship (Including a lesson sitting Leela's Lap oo-err).

My review of this episode will appear in this weeks edition of Futurama Fan-O-Rama(FFOR).

See ya's in the near/far future.

Stop crashing you little $%*(# OK. Thats it. No more Mr. Nice guy. After 700 trillion crashes per day on the FTP server, I've become very unimpressed with Windows 98's serving abilities. Due to some requests and some threats of death, I went ahead and installed Windows 2000 onto the server machine, along with some new web serving software. Lets hope that clears up the problems. Also, while it's not up yet, and I'm still waiting on the MPEG, I should soon have the RealVideo of "The Birdbot Of Ice-Catraz" up sometime within the next hour or two. [Shaken, Not Stirred]

March 5, 2001

Oh... so NRA doesn't stand for Nature Reserve Association! Earlier today I finished watching the latest offering, The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz, and have just created the Framegrabs from that episode, which are now up at The Leela Zone; click on the image to view.

The episode was, in my opinion, quite a reasonable episode, with some nice moments, as well as some funny ones. Leela had a good amount in it, not like last week, and was used reasonably well. Not one of the greats, but a worthwhile episode, nevertheless. Enjoy the grabs! [Graham]

March 4, 2001

Hmmm... mouthwash, back wax and stainproof underwear. Now, where's the baked beans? Just to let you know that the Sound Clips for the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two are up at The Leela Zone. I can't stay long as I've got some more shopping to do! [Graham]

March 3, 2001

Come to the shooting gallery! Another new Fan Artist makes their debut on The Leela Zone, he's called Janx (Don't ask me why, I don't know either), anyway he's freehand drawn this stunning Leela picture (the thumbnail doesn't do it justice).

On the Fan Art front, Leandro will be away for a while, due to internet connection problems, so e-mail any Fan Arts/Fan Fiction etc to Graham, Paul, Scotty and Dave. This for the foresee-able future. Thank you in advance.

March 2, 2001

Could be worse: I could be in Futuramachat! Sorry, couldn't resist that remark... I wonder if I'll be able to show my face in there again. Now, to business: Framegrabs are up for the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two; click on the image to view.

This is such a great episode, in my opinion, as well as being extremely sad, too. Poor Leela, willing to sacrifice her dignity for an apparent "duty", and then finding out that the guy she was marrying was a complete fraud, to rub it in. Well, that's yet another example of the story of her character's life, full of dashed hopes. Awww... now I think I'll go and depress Futuramachat with my presence. [Graham]

March 1, 2001

AHEAD OF THE GAME! I'm proud to present my 81st and 82nd Scan-art to The Leela Zone.

The 81st is a scan from the upcoming episode "Birdbot Of Ice-Catraz", the original small framegrab is available to view at The Futurama Outlet .

The 82nd is from the Tar Pit Scene in "That's Lobstertainment" which I don't like as an episode, too crummy. The third season is the yo-yo seasion at the moment, Good ep, Bad ep, well for the last 4 at any rate. Based on that theory this Sunday's episode should be good.