December 2013
Xmas comes a little late this year
Posted on December 30, 2013 by Tim
Huzzah! The power is back on and it's time for some leftover Xmas cheer! First off is a new Fan Fiction from Gulliver63 called Zapp Brannigan: Home for the Holidays. It takes a peek inside the secretive Brannigan Compound and joins Zapp's family for some holiday cheer. Will Zapp's friends make a gentleman out of him by X-mas? All will be revealed, and it's rated “B” for a bit of bawdy humor - how could you make a Zapp story without it? Also, it's illustrated!

Xmas fic number two is called Foolish Weihnachten and it's about the PE crew making delivery to make in Germany at Xmas time, and of course, nothing goes according to plan... Drunkenness, violence, and gratuitous nudity season the story of the 'real meaning of Xmas'... Beware Bender! Oh, and it's by dinkdrinker who earned his nick name in Germany so when it comes to drunkenness, violence, and gratuitous nudity season, he knows what he's talking about.

and for a bit of Xmas Fan Art, this little number is by Kaspired. He sez “Danged X-mas frenzy, y'know I was busy hunting for, and then cutting down that perfect palm tree. But at least the X-mas armor plating won't be needed. Leela discovered that 'Yule Time Specifications' were no match for a dime store hatchet.”.

Ok, this last one isn't exactly Xmas themed, but it's a great piepe of artworks and it's been in the queue a while. It's by Awalex and it shows how Zapp and Bender take advantage of the situation in When Aliens Attack.
Xmas off the grid
Posted on December 25, 2013 by Tim
Happy Xmas everyone! I had a bunch of xmasy related good stuff to share today, but, as has happened before, random chance did not operate in my favor. You see, Old Man Winter decided to blow in to these parts a little early this year. It came in the form of an ice storm last weekend and power has been out since last Sunday. Mom's Friendly Utility Co says it'll probably be a few more days before the juice is back on so I've been doing a lot of reading lately and, with limited generator power, I've turned the heat off long enough to post this message. Hopefully I'll be able to get said xmas stuff put up by New Years.
Express Planète - Notre équipe sont dispensable; votre paquet n'est pas
Posted on December 20, 2013 by Tim
Cubert and Dwight get accepted to a prestigious boarding school in Paris?! But when when they're kidnapped by aliens who want to brainwash them into soldiers Bender uses his “particular set of skills” to track them down and Hermes joins him on the mission. It's based on the movie Taken and it's all there in a new Fan Fiction from Trenton Sands called Tango In Paris.

And the cool pic of Hermes and Bender hightailing it away from that iconic tower was whipped up especially for this fic by Gulliver63. And in a completely unrelated matter which I am nevertheless compelled to mention, just 'cause it's cool and I can also pad my word count, Gulliver's pic is contribution number 2345 on my list of stuff I've put up here. 2345 - cool huh?
Meanwhile, back on the island ...
Posted on December 8, 2013 by Tim
Let's see what's new in Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better or For Worse, 'cause he just shipped in ten new pages. Check out Fry's new rug, Zapp Brannigan's interrogation technique, Zoidberg's new impersonation act, and lots more! The new stuff starts somewhere around page 150.

Meanwhile, over in the Anniverse, which is where Fry finds himself in part 4 of Space Ace Doofus, a Fan Fiction by Dwayne Anderson. It seems that Fry has some explaining to do; only problem is, his brain isn't really wired for understanding rapid fire questions and coherent answers. What's a Fry to do?
Groening's angels (not)
Posted on December 3, 2013 by Tim
Return with us now to those thrilling days of Season six where we were still rejoicing that Futurama had been renewed for another season, or something like that. One of the best episodes of that era was Overclockwise which, when written, was intended as the series finale since, when written, the show had not yet been picked up for another season. Yes, it's all very confusing. Much less confusing, but perhaps somewhat disturbing, is this new Fan Art from Todor which is the poster of Mom that was hanging on the wall of her son's room.

And while researching for this (and by "researching" I mean trying to remember the name of the episode that scene was from and how to spell Matt's last name) I ran across this little tidbit over on The Infosphere that ought to be of interest to all: Simpsorama is an upcoming episode of The Simpsons which features the characters of Futurama. It was announced on 20 July 2013, at Comic-Con, by Simpsons executive producer Al Jean. The episode was written by Futurama and Simpsons writer J. Stewart Burns. It will air on Fox, as the season-25 finale, in May 2014. The episode's plot seems to be based on that of the Star Trek episode The City on the Edge of Forever and has Bart Simpson doing something that affects the future in a really bad way, so Bender travels back in time to kill him. You can get all of the details here.