December 2012
This is, perhaps, not the brightest idea ...
Posted on December 29, 2012 by Tim
And by “this” I mean many things, not the least of which are this website, but that has been commented on before and by those greater than me, so what do I know? That last bit is another question that has many answers, and one of them is that today's headline is from a new Fan Fiction; not directly from it, you understand, but from the author's description of it. So the fic is by Missy and it's called FutureKid. It's the story of Fry and Leela, who get Bender to watch their two children while they get away for a well deserved evening out. This is, perhaps, not the brightest idea Fry and Leela have ever had...

It's beginning to look like just having offspring in the first place might not be the brightest idea that Fry and Leela ever had, because here's another story that deals with it. It's by LaurenSmiles and it's called Ben's Diary - Ben being the son of the aforementioned couple. The story is excerpts of Ben's diary (hence the title), and anything else I said would be a spoiler. There's also a Fan Art that goes with this fic, but it also would be a spoiler. It appears at the end of the story though, so it'll be easy to find.

And lastly, a Fan Art that has nothing to do with Fry and Leela reproducing. No, this pic from Rush asks the philosophical question “what can your crap do?”, which ultimately seems appropriate for Bender.
Stuffed stockings
Posted on December 24, 2012 by Tim
Merry Xmas everyone! So as I write this, Xmas is slowly creeping it's way westward. From the International date line across Asia and Europe, it's already here; it's straight up midnight in the UK, and in a few short hours it'll be here. And so, in the spirit of Xmas, both the Futurama and Presentrama versions, here's a few goodies to spice up your holiday. First up is some new Fan Art from Gulliver63, it's a Xmas goody for everyone out there who's enjoyed the Gulliver Madness over the last year...

And another from Awalex, which looks like the PE crew aren't too worries about Santa's visit this year, although Leela's wristamjiggy shows they've got a half an hour before they need to lock and load.

And finally, a Xmas Fan Fiction. This is a slightly more traditional Futurama rendition of Xmas, in that it's a new chapter in Dwayne Anderson's ongoing story Matters of Life and Death. This new part, the 20th, is called Slay-Bells Ringing in which Santa shows no mercy on the whole PE crew, and then some. This series carries a warning - gruesome death awaits us all! So you probably don't want to read it to anyone for a bed time story.

There's more, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Meanwhile, on behalf of all of us here at The Futurama Madhouse, I'd like to wish everyone, regardless of whether you're human, alien, robot, or mutant, and regardless of your belief system, a safe, happy, prosperous, and joyous new year.
Bricks and Apocalypse
Posted on December 22, 2012 by Tim
Every once in a while there comes a Fan Fiction that introduces a whole new concept into the fandom, and every other author is slapping their forehead going “Why didn't I think of that?”. This new fic by Rush is one of those. It's called Heavy Ship and it examines the consequences of Bender coming down with a case of brickiarrhea while in space. (hint: one of which is bad for Fry's bones).

And then there's that word Apocalypse again (which as you may recall gives me a case of brickiarrhea trying to spell it). This incantation of it is a new chapter of Lauren Smiles' fanfic Future Apocalypse.

And last but not least, Xmas is only a couple of days away now, and the very best Xmas gift, I think most of us would agree, would be the announcement that Futurama had been picked up for another season. Alas, we have no news of that. So the next best thing would be some Xmas themed fan creations. I've got one so far, but more shiny fun things to upload on Xmas morning would be great! So if you've got something Xmasy (or not), please to send it along.
Fan art by Erdrik
Do you believe in Beer?
Posted on December 18, 2012 by Tim
If you do, grab a few cans 'cause you're going to need them. If you don't, well, whatever your favorite beverage, grab some of that, lest you be thirsty if Amazonians or Vikings come smashing down your door. On that note, let's start with Amazonians - in the form of five new Fan Comic pages to Inquisitor Hein's 30, which those of you with more clues than your local webmaster (which is not a difficult thing to be) know is a spoof of the movie 300 and explores the origins of the Amazonians. The new stuff starts on page 12.

If you're out of beer, I recommend you switch to hard liquor - or pure alcohol if you have it - 'cause we have a new Rushfic. And in pure Rush fashion it'll take more words to tell about it that the story itself has; it's called Do you believe in Beer? and the gist of it is that Bender goes to a bar to have a drink, weird stuff happen, Vikings (and possibly Amazonians) are involved, some stuff gets broken, and other generally pointless and entertaining things.
Various forms of the Apocalypse
Posted on December 17, 2012 by Tim
First, some news, that hopefully is the anti-apocalypse (did ya ever notice that some words are really hard to type, like apocalypse?), kaspired writes “I happen to have a copy of the season 7 DVD. While I was listening to the producers comments, they mentioned season 8. Now I don't know if this was wishful thinking on their part or if it's a hint that they will be back. But it's encouraging...”. What do you think? You can speculate on FMMB in the Is Season 8 Going To Happen? thread.

Ok, now down to the real Apocalypsi. First is a new Fan Fiction from Gulliver63 called Apocalypse Futurama which he describes as “a shameless parody” and as {sarcasm} we've never had one of those before{/sarcasm} it should be an entertaining read.

Next Fan Fiction up deals with the Apocalypse on a more personal level, 'cause is the next chapter in Dwayne Anderson's series of gruesome and gory ways to die Futurama style Matters of Life and Death. The new part is #19 Abracadaver and illustrates why it's sometimes not smart to be a heckler. As usual with this series - watch out, it gets a little graphic - but this one does end in one of the funniest puns I've read in a fan fic in a long time.
Now that's a 'Dicken's' Of A Story
Posted on December 16, 2012 by Tim
Ho! Ho! Ho! Xmas is but barely a week away, so bolt the shutters and barricade the doors, 'cause it's time for some Xmas presents. Rather than bombs and guns, we have the next best thing - Fan Fiction. dinkdrinker has been tossing back a few Xmas ales and has belted out a couple of Xmas themed fics. The first is Nibbler's 'Dicken's' Of A Story in which Nibbler decides to read the works of the English literary master to the Planet Express crew, but the story chosen is far from what they were expecting. And the, a few brews later, came Oh, Xmas Tree where Fry decides to take friends and loved ones out to cut down a real, honest to goodness stupid ages Xmas tree ... what could POSSIBLY go wrong? And, I have it on good authority, it's based on a true story.

And as if there wasn't enough damage done, dinkdrinker also found time to kick out the latest Comic Transcript. This one is #64 Secret Santa. According to Bongo comics, Professor Farnsworth sends the Planet Express crew to Neptune to shut down Robot Santa’s naughty-or-nice tracking system, which is spreading embarrassing personal information about everyone across the Internet. However, an overload of so much secret information may very well destroy Earth unless Robot Santa can bring a little peace on Earth and goodwill to all men.

And speaking of Xmas, the Season 7 DVD is out! And since there has been no word (that I know of) on the renewal of the series, and since the renewal is based on them making brickloads of money off of it, it is incumbent on each and every one of us to go buy as many DVDs as we can afford (those of you in the US of A - as much as your credit card limits will allow ). They make great gifts, stocking suffers, door stops, and wobbly table shims for family, friends, cow-orkers, enemies, and random strangers. So go buy a bunch today! *insert mental image of “Professor Farnsworth wants you” poster here*
Love and Bending
Posted on December 9, 2012 by Tim
Let's start with the bending first, shall we? So it's been a long, long, long time - just over a month in fact, since we've had a Rushfic, which, on average, is an enormously long time. The new fic in question is called The Bending Tide which is set during Bender's Big Score and shows what might have happened has Bender's anti-virus software kicked in, and in Rushfic style, this has nightmarish consequences that no one could have predicted.

And for the Love portion of today's update here's two more Fan Fictions from Lauren Smiles. They are Love's Complicated and The Ellen Show. And they are related; in the first one, the crew is trapped in the PE building during a flood and Fry gets a chance to play the hero a couple of times, which has some unexpected side benefits. In the second fic, word of Fry's heroism lands himself and Leela an invite to appear on the Ellen show, which also has some unexpected side benefits.
Xmas is fastly approaching ...
Posted on December 5, 2012 by Tim
In fact, there's only slightly over 18 shopping days left. And it is !iMmOrTaL! who brings that to our attention when he writes “Well Xmas is fastly approaching and I'm sure we're all gonna be rather busy for the next month so I figured I'd give everyone a mini update to Welcome to the World of Sorrow. While nothing much has been revealed in these pages, hopefully this Cliffhanger will keep fans guessing until after Xmas! Happy Holidays!”. The new stuff starts on page 18. Also, everyone make a note on your 2013 Futurama calendar - January 2 - we're all meeting outside !iMmOrTaL!'s to demand more. Bring your 99 cent nightsticks.

And a couple of more Fan Fictions - these from Lauren Smiles. The first one is entitled Random and the title really says it all. Lauren says she had a moment of boredom and relieved iy by writing this little fourth wall denter. A little more ambitious undertaking is Fry's Story, which is a diary-like look at how, for a brief moment, he got turned into a real life superman.
Back in the game
Posted on December 3, 2012 by Tim
And of course I'm talking about Leela. Who else would I be talking about? Ok, maybe Awalex, whose Fan Art this is. He figured that since Leela washed out as a pitcher, maybe she'd do better as a batter. Me thinks he's still got some figuring to do.

And on the other side of the coin, as in the “you're out of the game” side, we've got a new Fan Fiction, or rather a chapter in a running series. It's part 18 of Dwayne Anderson's Matters of Life and Death. So far, he's been killing off cast members one by one in gruesome and amusing ways, but in this one, titled The Last Supper, he shows us just what a Robot with a frying pan can do.