December 2011
Apparently it's Xmas ...
Posted on December 24, 2011 by Tim
Greetings, felicitations, and happy Xmas everyone. First off, some words from co-owner of this site, Graham, who writes “Apparently it's Xmas, a time when everyone joins together to think of the most important things in life: how many presents one has received and whether Tiny Tim will enjoy his single, holed pink sock with the Powerpuff Girls motif. Now as an old man who has witnessed many Xmas holidays go past, I can safely say that Tiny Tim will resent my present and get his revenge by sending me another piece of that incomplete jigsaw he's been sending me over the years... probably a piece that's not part of the actual jigsaw. I curse you, Tiny Tim, and hope that your other leg falls off! Maybe then you'd appreciate my single sock present that bit more...
Actually, this is meant to be a holiday where we all celebrate, hug each other, and give good cheer to all men, women and its. OK, the hugging can be a bit creepy, so that's optional (some people are still waiting for their annual supply of soap, that comes, conveniently, on Xmas via their parents or concerned citizens), but the good spirit, and I don't just mean the whiskey, is mandatory and can't be avoided.
So, to all you out there, all of you who had to put up with my updates
on The Leela Zone and Futurama Madhouse (and Say Argh!), and all those
who were fortunate enough not to have suffered such an indignity, I wish you all - yes, even you, Tiny Tim - a merry Xmas and a happy new year (unless 2012 is the final year as predicted by some nuts, in which case it probably wouldn't be a full year, so in that case, happy new year minus X days)!
By the way, Tiny Tim is in no way related to Tim, our industrious webmaster. Sure, they share the same name, but seeing that I don't know whether Tim is tiny or not (I haven't had the pleasure or displeasure of standing next to him to find out), it can in no way be inferred that both characters are the same. In fact, let it be known that if Tiny Tim was the industrious webmaster of this site, then you'd all be enjoying tales of Powerpuff Girls socks and other assorted garments, rather than the goings on of the Futurama crew. So, let it be understood, Tiny Tim isn't Tim... well, he is Tim, but he's tiny and has one sock. There, I hope that's cleared things up.
So, Tim, is that enough words of Xmas cheer for the bleeders or should
I pad it even more with rubbish? Tim, I hope you're not going to publish this last paragraph! Why, you little...”

So there you have it, through the magic of cut and paste, stirring words of holiday cheer from our fearless leader. And now, to hand out the Xmas presents, we have three Xmas related Fan Fics. The first is from dinkdrinker. It's called The Twelve Days of Xmas, and in it the PE crew is out on Xmas eve doing some last minute shopping when Fry convinces them to sing some “traditional” (eg stupid ages) Xmas carols. Still, they manage to put their own unique twists and wedgies on a timeless classic. The next one, also by dinkdrinker is A Kiss Under the Mistletoe, best described by it's subtitle “or How to piss off almost every Futurama Nerdlinger during the Holiday season”. And lastly but not least leastly, from Armoured Fortress For Xmas, showing how Planet Express is more than ready to hold off against Robot Santa.

One final thought as I sit here and contemplate my holey pink Powerpuff Girls sock hanging on the mantel, I wish a very happy holiday to every one.

Oh, there's the fan art!
Posted on December 23, 2011 by Tim
So last time I mentioned that I'd received this e-mail that said "Where's the Fan Art"?. That e-mail was from Sofía; she says that life an school have been keeping her busy but that she's still drawing futurama stuff and to prove it, she sent along twelve. From here on, I'll just let her tell it: “I LOVED the new season...sooo almost all the images are related to that,especially to neutopia (is actually my favorite episode!),also re-done old pictures and I drew some parodies.
The first and second pictures: weeeell...just some practice with my new tablet and playing with the colors.
3rd,4th,5th and 6th picture:...did I mention I loved Neutopia? xD yeah I like the gender-bender/Rule 63 also I loved how looks fry as girl (she is very pretty,isn't? c: )...and how can you notice,yep I liked the Zapp/Fem!Fry thing in that episode...even if were just some seconds,that made me a happy fangirl -giggles-. and...the 6th picture yeah another way to see Fry/Leela xD...Leela is also a very manly guy xD
7th and 8th picture:...yeah some Fry/Leela drawings,they aren't my fav pairing (I prefer them as friends) but these drawings were requests...and I like see happy people, soo here you have! c:...the 8th picture is my favorite xD
9th and 10th picture: I drew again some old images,just for fun! (yeah the old pictures are in the site,I think)...I hope what somebody can notice any change xD. The old pictures are from the 2008...wow long time xD.
11th and 12th picture:...ok some Zapp/Fry love, I know that not everyone like them as pairing,but they are my fav pairing even if sounds scary .-. , anyways if anyone in this world likes them...well here some stuff ^^. And ah yes! the last picture is a parody from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt ...yeah an anime with that name exists o_o, but is a pretty funny series if you ask me xD.”

And now, it another case of unusual parings, we have a Fan Fiction from Onuki which is called Sailing A-Weight II* in which a prediction that Bender gave to Fry and Leela in Overclockwise about their future, an opportunity for the Planet Express crew to appear on a game show, participate in a treasure hunt, and win prizes lead to unusual goings on.
* based on the fan fiction Sailing A-Weight by Trenton Sands, used with permission.

Where's the fanart?
Posted on December 20, 2011 by Tim
I received this e-mail today that says in part “I visit the website sometimes, and the other day I thought 'where's the fanart?'”. She's right too, 'cause things have been a little sketchy on the Fan Art front lately. She also sent in something like 12 pictures, but we'll get to those in a day or two. Right now though, we do have some Fan Art! The first one is this pic from Frosty, about which she says “here's a picture of Fry I incorporated with my Psychology notes during lecture. ”. I guess that was one exciting class.

And for you Amy fans, here's five featuring your favorite Martian from !iMmOrTaL!. I'll just let him tell it: “It's been a while, hasn't it? Guess time flies during Xmas shopping hours and when you're working on your 3rd Futurama Fan Comic. I will say that I won't be revealing any information..... yet. Though I will say it will be just as spectacular as it's predecessor. And as for my Q&A Commentary, unfortunately it will have to be a basic Audio Commentary due to lack of questions I have received. For the time being though, here are some more Fan Arts: Two which are both based on Bender's Big Score and Attack of the 50ft Amy (don't you just wish that were an episode?), this one is for fans of the Bender/Amy romance (I'm rather surprised there are a lot more fans of this particular relationship) and the last two and for fans of Fry/Amy romance.”.
There'll be a hot time on the old island tonight
Posted on December 18, 2011 by Tim
Take Fry, Leela, Kif, and Amy, stick them on a deserted tropical island with only a couple of spa towels for clothing, and see what happens. Things are likely to get a little hot. So what's this all about you wonder? Well, Good News Everyone, 'cause we've got five new pages to Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better or For Worse. The new stuff starts on page 28.

It's an extremely long, extremely boring trip for the PE crew, and Leela just might have to open an industrial size can of whoop-ass on Fry and Bender to keep them in line. Like to see that? Wouldn't we all. Find out what happens in Dinkdrinker's newest Fan Fiction entitled (and stop me if you've heard this one before) Are We There Yet?.
Fan art by Paul A Metcalfe

I don't mean to blow my own whistle ...
Posted on December 16, 2011 by Tim
Wow, another four days snuck by and no updates on the Madhouse. Terrible situation. It's not for want of submissions; they have been a little slow lately but not that slow. No, it's this time of year. Seems like it's a party every night. <-- I think that's the first time I've ever used that smiley. Anyway, I have a few minutes so I'll start out by tooting my own whistle. Now, I actually do that literally from time to time, which is why I jumped on this opportunity. Recently, comic #57 came out. It's title is Steampunk'd and it's plot is that instead of Fry getting frozen and going forward a thousand years he goes back a hundred, to the year 1899 and finds himself in a Steampunk retro-future. Well, that was a natural for me so what we have here is the transcript of it, so while I shovel a little more coal into the firebox you can pop over to the Comic Transcript page and check it out.

Now then, we also have two Fan Fictions. The first is from Rush. It's called The Katz's Fear which is kind of an alternate universe truncation of That Darn Katz.

And for you likers of kinda sorta slash fic, here is Onuki's latest What can I do? For you. It's a continuation of his previous story, Desire that asks the (non)musical question is there a wedding bell in Fry's future, and speaking of bells, what is that ding-dong Zapp Brannigan up to?
Suddenly a Rush rang out
Posted on December 12, 2011 by Tim
Has it really been five days since I last updated? Wow, time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? But now it's time to get the nose back to the grindstone and what all. So by now you're probably wondering if it's cliche night here at the Madhouse, and to that I say "Sure, why not?". Ok, with that out of the way, here's a Fan Fiction from Rush. It's called Angry Omicronians and,no, it's not a new game you play on your smart 'phone, it's a fic about another Omicronian invasion of Earth. And this time, I'm fairly certain that Justin Bieber's head is not involved.

And also we have a new Comic Transcript. This one is issue #32 entitled Dr. What?. Check it out as the PE crew flits from one dimension to another in a high-tech porta potty.
As the wormholes turn
Posted on December 7, 2011 by Tim
So what do you suppose would happen if the Futurama characters were to join up with the Venture Brothers? Chaos...that's what. Will the Henchmen be able to return home? Will Nibbler get his ham hock? Will Monarch and Dr. G finally get a romantic evening undisturbed? To find out you'll have to read Gulliver63's latest mixed up mashed up Fan Fiction called Venturama.

Ohh, and look at this, it's another Comic Transcript! Dinkdrinker banged out number 31 which has the Soap Opera like title of As The Wormhole Turns.
The law of gravity isn't the only thing that's getting violated here
Posted on December 5, 2011 by Tim
Woo Hoo. It's Monday. Big whoop. What IS a big whoop however, is the two new Fan Arts that kaspired sent in, about which he sez: “Idle Hands (pictured) is one of the first Leela drawings I ever did. I didn't even know there was a "correct" way to draw her. Her body is based on a regular human proportions, not the cartoon proportions. Count the number of fingers, and if you look closely at the antennas they aren't inside her ears, they're above her ears. Shows what I knew. Way Downtown Baby is the latest version. From the episode The Mutants are Revolting when she gets dropped back into the sewers (although it looks like she's being arrested for breaking the law of gravity). What ties these two drawings together is that she's wearing both of my favorite dresses. Oooo...”

Next up is some Fan Fiction. Onuki wrote this one which is called Desire. He describes is as “A wonderful slash fiction story of swimming love featuring Fry and the author of this story, Shunsuke, who've been dating for 3 days. Follow these lovers, that shall remain together forever, on their magical journey as they soar through the sky and spend a week together at a million dollar estate”. Now even though he describes it as slash, a vigorous wedgie is about as explicit as it gets, so no worries there.

And lastly, Rush found this video on YouTube called Hypnodog vs Hypnotoad ( The Cupcake Fight Of The Millennium ). Rush says “I think it's one the funniest things I've ever seen”. I wouldn't quite go that far, but it is kind of amusing, and the dog definitely has the hypno thing down.
Shiny Metal Fun
Posted on December 3, 2011 by Tim
Ok, so this one is more of the genre “Pasty Fleshy Fun”, but who's gonna notice. This Fan Art by Onuki features Fry, Bender, and Leela as characters from the video game Double Dragon. Bender is Billy, Leela is Jimmy, and Fry is Marian (a little gender confusion going on there perhaps?).

Alanquest is back with another Fan Art in the black light poster style...this time it's with Leela.

Ok, now we get to the Shiny Metal Fun part. Turns out, in my infinite laziness, that is the title of Rush's latest Fan Fiction in which Fry watches TV while waiting for Bender to come home. What's Bender been up to you might wonder? Well, if I were a betting man, I'd wager that it's probably definitely some kind of no good that Fry will soon regret.
Here's a picture of Rush wearing a Viking helmet
Posted on December 2, 2011 by Tim
He's got the most Fan Art on this site. He's got the most Fan Fiction on this site. And now, coming at a nice even number 1,900 on my list of fan submissions, here's Rush, wearing a Viking Helmet. I really don't know what else to say, other than to point out the obvious that it's in the Fan's Photos section.