December 2010
On the road again ...
Posted on December 29, 2010 by Tim
Greetings from the land the Internet forgot, although it's memory is getting better 'cause I'm getting a halfway decent connection tonight. So to keep it simple we've got some Fan Fiction.

First up, is part 5 of Ubmreon's Treat Me Like You Did. This is a fic that's set a few days after the opera and deals with broken experiments, missing delivery boys, and new pets (Oh my!) in which Fry disappears and Leela ends up taking in a cat that seems to have taken his place. And in this latest part, Fry is back, but ...

And there's two from Rush. One is The Lost Adventures of U-J-Bender. U-J-Bender is of course a Rush creation called Universe Jumping Bender and the title is pretty self-explanatory. Rush also invites you to add to this fic, and you can read up on that in this thread on our Message Board.

Rush's other fic is called Dogs For Rama. It's a sequel to Jurassic Bark and also a complete rewrite of the series.
Twas the day after Xmas and all through the Madhouse ...
Posted on December 26, 2010 by Tim
... we're trying to eradicate all of the Mistletoe that seemed like such a good idea when we had all of the bottles of Xmas cheer popped open the other night. Because you see Gulliver63 stopped by with the rest (?) of the Advent calendar Fan Art and when we got to the 21st we kind of lost our appetite for chocolate AND mistletoe.

And while he was here, the big G also dropped off the second installment of his Last Turanga trilogy. It's called Going Native. The original is a Leela backstory where she actually does find her cyclops planet, and this one continues the saga as her daughter struggles with her mother's new culture and society while Leela tries to develop discipline with her fighting skills. Oh, and did I mention that there are evil Bureaucrats up to no good? Oh yeah.
Ho Ho Ho, you've all been very naughty this year
Posted on December 24, 2010 by Tim
Fortunately for us Robot Santa is still a some nine hundred years in the Future, so at least we don't have that to worry about. And, with the magic day(s) of the Xmas season upon us let's pop open the little December 25th door on our Futurama Advent calendar and see what we get - ohh, it's Zoidberg reprising his role as our friend Jesus. We've got 4 images from said calendar that come from Kaspired. Rumor has it that there will be some more from other artist(s) one of these days. Hopefully they weren't gunned down by Robot Santa and will be here in time for Saint Urho's day.

And since it's the big day in the Xmas world, let's open this shiny big package and see what we have. Ohh! Just want I wanted, seven new pages to Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic When Disastrions Strike Back, in which Leela is back to her old self, but that doesn't mean the action is over. Not by a long shot. So prepare for a wild ride on a hover snail as the new stuff starts on page 54.

Speaking of Robot Santa, what do you suppose he does the other 364ish days of the year when he's not out doing the murderous rampage thing? Odd are, he keeps busy making up his naughty list. And that's exactly what Rush's latest Fan Fiction is about. It's called The Robot In Red and it's a glimpse into a few moments of R. Santa's life in his Neptune death fortress.

And so, from all of us here at The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite to all of our friends, fans, and etc throughout the known universe and beyond, our best wishes for a joyous holiday season, a happy new year, peace and long life.
You want any Frys with that?
Posted on December 21, 2010 by Tim
So what's up with all of the Fry's running around anyway? Alternate universe parabox? Time travel paradox? Teleporter malfunction? Slash? All of the above? Decide for yourself as you check out these four new Fan Arts from Jenny Ngo which feature a grand total of eight and a half Frys. What's she have to say about it you ask? “Meow&rdqou;.
We're on a roll ...
Posted on December 19, 2010 by Tim
Or, in this particular case, off of a roll. Because this new Fan Art from Rush is called Bender on a piece of tissue paper because that's just exactly what it is. What kind of “tissue” paper it is he doesn't say.

Ok, now let's take the whole Futurama thing and stand it on it's head - What if, instead of Fry going to the year 3000, Leela were to come back to the Year 2000? Well, for one thing, she'd be in for a bit of culture shock when routine things like shopping carts don't hover or follow you around the store of their own accord and such like. Well, it's all there in Corvus' Fan Fiction The First Day and at long last he's released the latest installment, part five; wherein Leela learns that there are Zapp Brannigan types every century.

And some random winns, brought to our attention by Rush. Futurama wins best animation in TV.com's Best of 2010 voting. On the same site, Katey Sagal also took Best Serious Actress. And lastly, IGN.com is calling Futurama the Best Animated Series of 2010 and citing a Guiness (the World Record people, not the brewers) award for Current Most Critically-Acclaimed Animated Series. Yeah, baby, we're the best.

And speaking of “we're the best”, one last thing that I totally forgot to mention the other day. Pablo Fernandez, who did a cool video that we featured in the last update also wrote “Thanks for making such a cool fan website. Itīs the best Iīve seen online.”. Leandro and Graham, are you listening? Take a bow. And, like I told Pablo, the real heroes that make this such a great place are all the names you've seen listed here over the years, people who've created and contributed. Huzzahs and Kudos to everyone.
Two Frys plus Three Leelas equals ...
Posted on December 17, 2010 by Tim
Around here it could mean any number of things but on this particular day (well, actually it's night here) it means that Robodrug is on the loose again and has cranked out some more Fan Art.

So let's revisit those exciting days of yore when the 'rama movies were just coming out and we were left scratching our heads in wonderment over The Beast With A Billion Backs because here's a Fan Fiction that asks the musical question “What if Earth made a better stand against Yivo?”. And here to provide one possible answer to that question is Rush with his latest fic Pink Love. And no, it's not really a musical.

Recognize this clip? Can anyone tell me what episode it came from? Not sure? Well then check out this new fanvid that, in the words of it's creator Pablo Fernandez, “Iīve done a teaser for a movie based on Futurama that combines The Simpsons and Evil Dead. I have taken clips from all the seasons from Futurama and combined them with episodes from the Simpsons as well as I created some characters and I recorded some voices. The teaser is called Evil Past, a parody of Evil Dead trilogy. I am not an animator, but an editor, so I did my best to animate the characters so it looks as good as possible. I started this project because I love Futurama. Itīs my favorite TV show and I have noticed it doesnīt have any Halloween special like with The Simpsons so thatīs why I decided to make one.”. Check it out - some of those scenes will have you scratching your head for a bit. Pablo also has a related making of video for your edification and amusement.
Better watch it Fry
Posted on December 13, 2010 by Tim
'Cause Leela doesn't seem to like the idea of you cozying up to Robodrug like that. You better be careful that she doesn't go all Tomb Raider on you. And yes, I'm alluding to two of the new Fan Arts that the aforementioned Robodrug has sent in. That's her and her step-sister in this one, and the Tomb Raider one is 'cause she likes TR and 'cause Leela and Laura Croft are a lot alike. There's also one of Amy and one of Bender.

And lately we've seen a few pics of two headed Frys, so Gulliver63 sent in this little gem, a one panel comic actually, saying “I noticed you profiling some great sketchwork with a two-headed Fry last week I did a little cartoon of my own with Amy's head attached to Leela's body.”. No back story on how that happened, but me thinks he's got Leela and Amy nailed.
Freako's world tour
Posted on December 12, 2010 by Tim
Today we've got two sets of Fan Art with a lot of distance between them. Yesterday, I received a Xmas card from Futurama_Freak1 via snail-mail which traveled just about half way around the world to get here. I figure roughly 15,900 km (or 9880 miles) as the PE ship flies, probably more like 25,000 km (15,500 mi) in actual route miles using today's primitive technology. Anyway, the front of said Xmas card, reproduced here, is one of his fan arts on a very nice glossy regulation Xmas card (which didn't scan all that well), and we also have the festive holiday message inside. I think this is also a first; the vast majority of fan submissions come via e-mail. I get a few through IM, and a couple of times I've had them handed to me, and one via telephone, but this is the first one that I recall that came in the old-fashioned mail. Let's see, that would seem to leave carrier pigeon and teleporter. Anyone?

And where the distances were significantly less and a two hour train ride would suffice, Jenny Ngo and Freako got together and spent “four hours drawing as many Frys as we could”. And a couple of Leelas and Benders for good measure too.
That's the old Razzle-Dazzle!
Posted on December 10, 2010 by Tim
Ok, it's crash and burn time - here's the final colorized version of that Fan Art that kaspired started the other day. He calls it “Stranded”. I explained part of the backstory a few days ago, but 'cause I get paid by the word I'll just recap: It seem the Professor has this brilliant idea of delivery beyond the space port, and, unfortunately, since Fry has driving experience (see The Lesser of Two Evils) he's the official truck driver and Leela is his spotter. But Fry being Fry, well, he doesn't listen very well, so they're waiting for help. Well, K says this about it: “... let me share a bit of the thought process about the color... Curious about the insane color scheme of the truck? The red and yellow paint job is based on the "Razzle-Dazzle" coloring from WWI. Really! Google it (I saved you the trouble - T). It's a favorite color scheme of mine. Wonderful stuff. The idea was developed by the British navy to confuse/blind the submarine captains so they couldn't aim the torpedoes correctly. It worked! Well, at least until sonar. That Admirals hated their ships painted pink and yellow...”.  I'll bet they did.  Kaspired goes on to say other things too, but he told me I couldn't print those.

And now, a nerdlinger Xmas. Yep, we've finally scraped the remains of the Halloween pumpkin off the front porch, finished eating the candy, and ground the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey into homemade "kibbles and snouts" so now we can start untangling the xmas lights. And of course what better way to start off the Xmas season then with a nice traditional Xmas tale as told by Nibbler. And so, let's all break out the Thesaurus (which is not some kind of dinosaur, although it sounds like it should be) and check out this new Fan Fiction from Dinkdrinker. It's called Nibbler's Xmas Bedtime Story in which Fry and Leela fill in for a vacationing Mr. Vogel at the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium. Leela is having trouble getting the kids, especially one big kid, to settle down and go to sleep, so Nibbler steps in with a bed time story.
Fan art by Javier Sánchez/The Futurama Point
What's your Rush?
Posted on December 8, 2010 by Tim
Have I used that one before? I can't remember, and I haven't updated my used headlines file lately so if that's a re-run, oh well. TV does it, so I can too. So anyway, as you might guess from the subject, tonight is Rush night at the Madhouse 'cause he has been backing the hoverdump truck in here repeatedly so I don't get busy I'm gonna be buried under a steaming pile of Rush. For starters there's two Fan Arts of Bender, and two new short little Fan Fictions. One is called Baconated Grapefruit and it starts out with the PE crew watching the news, and then things get weird. And I mean really weird, including a ceremonial Rush trademark pointless Universe Jumping Bender cameo. The other is entitled Bent Down in which Bender makes a late night back alley deal that really gets the sparks flying for him, but kind of gets in the way of sparks flying for Fry and Leela.

Vote Bender!. A few nights ago we pointed to a link where you could vote for best Animated series, and Futurama is kicking butt. Well, Rush noticed that those same folks at tv.com have another vote going for favorite Animated character. Bender is kicking shiny metal, so let's all go vote and keep it that way. But wait, there's more! You (yes, you!) can also vote for Katey Sagal as "Best Serious Actress" here too (she's also leader of the pack, so the old Futurama magic is working).

Rush would also like to call our attention so a couple of miscellaneous things he found laying around on the web. First is this page on funnystuff.com called Futurama Good, Neutral, and Evil. And no, it doesn't answer the age old question “What makes a man go neutral?”.

And lastly, if you'd like to look through all two hundred and seventy bits of Fan Art that Rush has here on FM/TLZ but are too moved to wade through six pages the arkive, then here's just what you need: Grab a glass of your favorite Serial Port, plop down is your favorite easy chair by the fire, and watch this 13 minute your tube slide show of all Rush's fan art.
Holy cripes, more new guide pages?
Posted on December 6, 2010 by Tim
Yes indeedee. Three more to be exact, and an astonishing tale of incredibleness to go with it. So the new Graphic Guides are for 6ACV02, 6ACV03, and 6ACV04 and they're by Shadowstar who is in college taking a course on hypermedia (aka Internet art) and by happenstance he started to tell his instructor his story of how he made the other new guide page and his history of them. It seems that his instructor was fascinated by this ritualistic thing from Shadowstar's middle school days and how adeptly he was able to pick it back up. It seems that back then he (Shadowstar, not his instructor) ran a web site called The Empty Zoid of Space and in one of those geeky miracles that would sound right at home in a fan fiction, his instructor assigned him a final project of resurrecting the web site! And, while it lasts, you can check it out here.

Now I've got one of those twofers that we seem to get every now and again. Fortunate is the Fan Fiction writer who can do their own illustrations and promo pics which is just what we've got here. Jenny Ngo sends several more pics of a two headed Fry and a fic to go with them, or maybe the pics go with the fic. Either way, it's all good. The fic is called Tori's Birth and it explains how Fry ends up with a second head (guess who Tori is ). Things get a little complicated when Tori, who is a clone of Fry, thinks he's a girl.
Providing weak excuses since 1999
Posted on December 4, 2010 by Tim
And proving that we're still good at it, the e-mail from solentOrange said “Since your last update said that you're out of fan stuff to post at the moment, and I desperately need something to use as a weak excuse to not be working on my term paper, I thought I'd send over a few renderings of some Futurama-related things that I've done.” There, see. Works every time. Anyway, check out these cool 3D renderings that SO did. One of them is a promo pic for his Fan Fiction The Leelazarus Effect. Soylent used Autodesk Maya 2010 to create these pics, about which he says “I'm pretty sure it's the same software that Rough Draft uses to create 3D models for the show.”

This sketch by kaspired he describes as “Futurama meets Ice Road Truckers.”. K explains it thusly: “ It's something the Professor dreamed up, being able to deliver outside the spaceport. Unfortunately since Fry has "experience" driving (remember the episode where they first met Flexo?) he's the official truck driver. Leela is his spotter, and Bender sits in the back checking on the cargo. But Fry bing Fry, well, he doesn't listen very well. So they're waiting for help, maybe Amy will fly by in the PE ship and use the magnetic grapple to save them. Oh yeah, that means Bender will start to sing folk songs! Oh yeah! Oh, this is getting better by the minute. I better stop.“ Sounds like an outline for an excellent fan fic. Hopefully we'll have the finished picture in a few days.

And lastly I just have to mention this: I received an e-mail about the picture of Futurama_Freak1's liver that I ran last update which said in part “I don't know about Freakos' liver. I looked at the ultra-sound but that made no sense to me. But wasn't there that one spot that looked like Leela...?”. And since we all know that I would never run something that didn't have some connection, however tenuous, with Futurama, I just have to say "Sure. That's it. You spotted it. Kudos."
Where is everybody?
Posted on December 1, 2010 by Tim
Yes, I'm still here, but where is everyone else? If you're from my part of the world, you're probably settling in to hibernate for the winter, and if you're south of the equator you're probably heading for the beach. Whatever your doing, it isn't producing any cool new Futurama fan creations. The old in-box has been pretty much empty for days now. Fry and Leela are not amused.

So the only thing to come in lately is this one little Fan Fiction from that old reliable cranker outer of fan fictions, Rush. It's a short little ditty called Xmas in the Futurama. It's set at PE on Xmas eve, the armored shutters are up and the Diamondillium fireplace cover has been rolled into place as the crew settles in to wait for Robot Santa. To pass the time, they sit down to watch “crappy and cheesy” Christmas movies from Fry's time and things develop from there. And it may or may not be set in an alternate universe. It's just so hard to tell nowadays.

And that's all folks. Other than this picture of Futurama_Freak1's liver, that's it. And don't even think about asking why I have a picture of Futurama_Freak1's liver - not only is this webmaster gig weirder than you imagine, it's weirder than you can imagine. That's why I love it.