December 2007
Feast your eyes on this!
Posted on December 29, 2007 by MoltenSlowa
Adult Swim/Late night Cartoon Network is running a Futurama marathon. The marathon lasts from now, which is near the middle of the marathon, untill New Years Eve. The times that Adult Swim is showing the marathon is 10:30ish PM EST to 5:00ish AM EST. Check your local listings or Adult Swim's Futurama Schedule for more info.

This marathon is showing EVERY futurama episode. That's right, all 72!

Note: This doesn't include the Bender's Big Score "episodes".

One last thing to note is that this will be the last time you will see Futurama on Adult Swim for a very very long time. Also known as: forever. Please look at this forum post for the Adult Swim discussion.
A Zombie, the Robot Devil, and a Guinea Pig were out fishing one day ...
Posted on December 28, 2007 by Tim
Good News Everyone! In the last three months our Fan Photos section has grown by leaps and bounds, and leading the way is Douglas Atkins with a bunch of new pictures of his ceramic Bender and Farnsworth heads. Looking at these I can't help but think how much better they'd look gracing the entrances to some of the more stately civic buildings around the world, rather than those busts of stuffy old writers, politicians, and generals they always seem to have. And for you fans of zombie like things (as I recall, zombies never figured prominently into Futurama canon, but they do seem to pop up occasionally in Fan Fiction and Fan Art ) he's also included, at no extra charge, an "easter egg".

And speaking of Fan Fiction, we've got two new ones. These were both entries in the writing contest that recently concluded over at GFC.

First is Missy's entry called All Full Of Stars in which Leela must make a deal with the devil to save the day when the Professor’s lack of foresight and Fry’s lack of guile threaten to destroy the moon (and thus the planet Earth).

And second is Red_Line's In A Pig's Fry in which one of the Professor's expirements goes horribly wrong (or horribly right depending on your point of view) and Fry literally gets turned into a guinea pig, and guess who gets to take care of him?

And what's really funny that though these are radically different fics, they both end on the same theme - Leela is left holding the baby.

Lastly, if my math skills are up to snuff, Leandro was counting bits yesterday and tells that this is the 2,805th news update in the history of FM/TLZ. And as we all know, in binary that's 101011110101, and that's a lot of random nonsense. Happy New Year everyone!
I know we've got just the picture I need buried in the archive somewhere ...
Posted on December 27, 2007 by Tim
One of the dustier corners of the Madhouse is Cubert's Rants in which the annoying little clone rants on various issues and lack of scientific "correctness" in Futurama. I mean it's not like science might change in a thousand years or something. GUH! Anyway, the little runt needs putting in his place every now and again and it's up to us to do that so Kyle Williams stepped up to take a crack at one of Cubert's issues with Where No Fan Has Gone Before.

While the spawn of one of Farnsworth's shapelier growths lives that down, let's talk about Fan Fiction. First up is Sedna's very first Futurama fan fic called Cornered. It isn't real smart (or healthy) to surprise Leela or back her into a corner, and in this fic we find out why. And when she gets cornered by an old nemesis from the orphanarium, Fry pulls another one of his shield Leela moves with drastic consequences for both of them. This is definitely a "must read" fic.

And since we haven't had any Bender's Big Score spoilers in at least a week, I'd say it's about time for another. So if you read either of Enhas' two recent Fan Fictions, Paradox Lost or No Second Chances, you'll want to go reread them again 'cause they've both been updated. Of course, if you haven't read them yet, Morbo demands you do so immediately!

As you might have noticed, from time to time I dig back in the Fan Art archives to find pics to illustrate the unillustratable. Trouble is, the Madhouse has at present 4,934 pics by 293 artists just in the Fan Art section alone. So while I can remember seeing just the exact perfect picture once upon a time, finding it again is often the challenge. But hey, it's worth it. Plus it gives me an excuse to dust off some of the older fan art and trot it out again. So the Cubert and Leela pics I used tonight are courtesy of The Futurama Point and the group pic, plus the Box Network pic from the last update, are from an as yet hidden BBS framegrabs section that a certain webmaster who shall remain nameless (his initials are Leandro) hasn't finished yet.
Merry Xmas!
Posted on December 25, 2007 by Tim
From all of us here at Futurama Madhouse, where ever we may be, to all of you out there, where ever you may be, we wish you a happy and joyous holiday season. And if you happen to be from the 2/3rds of the world that doesn't do the Xmas thing, happy whatever it is you're celebrating, and if you don't happen to be celebrating anything right now, Happy Tuesday.

But regardless of your belief system, you're here because you're either a huge Futurama fan or as the result of a Google search gone horribly wrong. Assuming it's the former - Good News Everyone! We have learned that Comedy Central will be showing Futurama's 72 episodes beginning on Wednesday, January 2, 2008. Two Back-To-Back episodes will air from Wednesday through Friday from 8:00 pm (2000) to 9:00 pm (2100). After the "Premiere Week", episodes of Futurama will air from Monday to Thursday, and also Fridays at 9:00 pm. Also, four new episodes (from Bender's Big Score) will air in the First Quarter of 2008, and another 12 from the next three movies. Check out Comedy Central's 2008 Futurama schedule.

In my part of the world Xmas happens to coincide with lots of cold and snow and ice. The upside of that is it keeps the creepy crawlies from getting too big and there are some incredibly clear night skies if you like to look at stars while freezing your shiny metal off, which kind of leads into this pic by Officer IBDI. It was inspired by both the song 30th Century Man from Bender's Big Score and a recent astronomical event and is available as both Fan Art and Wallpaper.

And if that isn't enough, hows about a bunch more Fan Art from Kaalira. She caught Bender doing some moonlighting by posing for some mp3 player ads - must be they're targeting the Robo-American market this Xmas. Also she's got a couple of freehand drawings and scanarts so check 'em out.

The All External Websites update - so if they don't work it ain't our fault
Posted on December 22, 2007 by Tim
So if you're a Futurama fan and your hobby is computer case modding, the big question is how to combine your interests. Why not build a life size Leela and embed your computer in her back? You could put your web cam in her eye, microphones in her ears, a little LCD screen in her wristamajigy, and even a thumb drive in her thumb ... you get the idea. And that's exactly what Jan Erik Vangen, who lives in Norway, has done. He's also built a Bender case, along with a couple of non-Futurama ones, which he exhibits at a huge annual computer party called The Gathering where he's won prizes for his case modding work. Check it out on his web site.

Now since Xmas is coming up in a few days this next segment I cleverly call "Santa's Mail Bag" because it's an excuse to clean out a bunch of miscellaneous things that have accumulated in my in-box that don't really fit into any of the usual pigeon holes.

First, want to know when Futurama is going to be on? Thumbing through TV Guide is so old school. This is the information age so we ought to be able to click on something, right? Right. So if you live within TV range of the United States, UK, Ireland, or Canada, check out Locate TV which allegedly will tell you where and when you favorite TV shows will be on. They also have a little widget you can embed in a web site.

Next, Badbird, the guy who made the Robot Devil Halloween costume recently featured on these pages, sends a link to a web site called How It Should Have Ended where he found a review of Bender's Big Score. Ok, so reviews of BBS aren't exactly rare these days, so what makes this one special? Absolutely nothing. Actually the writer does give it a and he picks out things he likes that I haven't seen mentioned too much in the various discussions. He doesn't say anything about how it should have ended but that territory belongs to the Fan Fiction writers, not the reviewers.

And lastly but not leastly, Courtney M. from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA writes "I think I should mention how amazing Futurama-Madhouse is. I check the website numerous times a week for updates and awesome fan fics". Hey, that's what we like to hear and we do have a couple of most awesome fan fics in the queue so stay tuned. But anyway, Courtney saw the piece from a couple of weeks ago about the band Atomic Raygun Attack and their Futurama inspired music, and she says it inspired her to take her guitar and computer's music mixer in hand and do some of her own, which she hopes to have on line shortly for us to enjoy. While we're waiting for that, one of the very cool things I have lined up is an interview with Eric of Atomic Raygun Attack, coming soon to The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite nearest you.
Uh-oh, is this going to be another crazy experiment that crosses a line man was not meant to cross?
Posted on December 20, 2007 by Tim
Yep, that's tonights theme, so you are advised to leave now while you still can. Still with me? Ok, it's your choice meatbag. So in what is either the result of a seriously flawed experiment or a seriously bored artist (or maybe both) we hereby present the Leela vonFry bot by Killabob. I don't think I'd want to run into that in a dark alley, or at a fan convention. He's also got some more mainstream Fan Art too - two new pics of Amy that came in literally minutes after I did that Amy update the other night and a couple from Bender's Big Score.

Guess what I'm about to update about!
Posted on December 18, 2007 by Leandro
What? Tim already spilled the beans yesterday? Cheater! I guess it's no surprise to anyone, then, that I just uploaded a few images from Bender's Big Score to our eCards section, perfect for sending some holiday greetings to friends and enemies alike. There will be more images added to this section soon, now that I somewhat fixed the script that manages the section.

And since the eCards section shares its image pool with the Puzzles section, because they're such good friends and all, you now have a few new images to break apart in 64 pieces and then try to reconstruct the original images. Perfect for boring meetings at work! Just remember to turn down your speakers' volume, because the applet plays a little fanfare when you manage to complete the image. Not that I know anyone who was at an important meeting and had this fanfare play, no sir!
So she's got a little ink. Big whoop.
Posted on December 17, 2007 by Tim
Those of you that have seen Bender's Big Score will recognize that (slightly modified) line and know that I am not dissing H.G. Heather who is new to our Message Board and new to our Fan Photos section as well. Seems she found a tattoo parlor in her home town where the artist is a huge Futurama fan. He's got Futurama paraphernalia displayed in his shop and was real excited to do HGH's new ink job. You can read more about it and discuss it on our Forum.

And yet another Bender's Big Score spoiler is Enhas' new Fan Fiction which is very cleverly called Paradox Lost. It's an alternate ending to BBS so if you haven't seen it then be warned that all of the usual spoiler warnings apply. If you have seen BBS, then you know that Fry's old saying "Time makes fools of us all" is very much at the core of the plot, but, especially in this fic, things are often not what they seem...

It's a holiday season of some sort or another in many parts of the world and now would be a great time to check out our E-cards - with just a few clicks you can send your friends and relatives a really cool Futurama greeting card complete with your favorite Futurama fan art and music, and it won't cost you any postage. And rumor has it that Leandro, one of our long lost site owners, has been spotted lately lurking in the E-cards section and that he might be in the process of adding some new card art, although it's not up yet as of this writing.
Teasers and Spoilers
Posted on December 15, 2007 by Tim
Coming soon to The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite nearest you - it's stupendous, it's colossal, and it's big even. Three whole months in the making, it's Erik Heltner's latest effort, a Futurama Graphic Novel. He says it's 55 pages long and has 316 panels and should be out by the "end of the year", and boy do I sure hope he means 2007. No hints yet as to what the story is about, so for now all we get is this teaser.

And here with some new Fan Art featuring another Bender's Big Score spoiler (but a mild one) is Killabob with this pic of Zylex, the newest addition to the already vast cast of Futurama. And since Zylex is a such a cute, cuddly looking little creature, I'm sure we can expect Leela to *spoiler* and *spoiler* in the next movie, assuming she isn't too *spoiler* by *spoiler* (no, I haven't heard anything, honest).
There ain't no such thing as too much Amy Wong
Posted on December 13, 2007 by Tim
Wouldn't that make a great name for a web site? Bender, Fry, and Leela get the most attention but Amy has her fans too, and one of them is Killabob who did this Fan Art picture. He says "I LOVE Amy with long hair. But I also like her with short, I guess I just LOVE Amy.". And what's not to love about her - she's rich, fun to be around, and not evil.

And over in the Questionable Realm, Sick Pickles has done up some sketches and portraits of our favorite intern as well. She's also got a couple of others too; one is Leela yelling at Bender - she's probably upset 'cuase Amy's getting all the attention. You'd think she'd be used to it by now.

And yes, I know that there actually is a web site called Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong.
Another Futurama Madhouse First - the first BBS fan video!
Posted on December 12, 2007 by Tim
It was only a matter of time and here it is - the first Fan Video compiled from Bender's Big Score. It's by Kaalira and it's called Everything You Want, which also happens to be the name of the song it's set to. Spoiler Warning - this is composed mostly of clips from Bender's Big Score so if you haven't seen BBS yet, watching this vid by the light of a full moon on days ending in Y may curdle your cat, tarnish your teeth, and cause wandering bladder and the management of the Madhouse takes no responsibility for spoiled Xmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or Robomadan gifts.

Who wouldn't love a chance to hang out with the Planet Express crew and follow them on ridiculously dangerous and often pointless missions, or sit through one of Hermes' really interesting staff meetings, or just loaf on the couch watching All My Circuits. It's easy, just paint yourself into into the picture, like Joey did in her latest Fan Art.
Hold it right there meatbag
Posted on December 11, 2007 by Tim
More new and different - which is some Fan Art from new contributor Killabob and the different part is that besides this pic of Bender playing with guns, there's a couple of Scooty Puffs and the robot mayor from Chapek 9.

What do you s'pose Leela would do if she found out that Fry secretly had a wife and kids, all while he was still trying to get her to go out with him? I'm kind of guessing she'd rearrange his face just for starters. But things are not always what they appear on the surface so check out Enhas' newest Fan Fiction called The Real Fry.
"I'm a nerdlinger too"
Posted on December 8, 2007 by Tim
You don't get to be The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite by resting on your laurels. No sireee, you've got to go out and dig up things that are new and different. And besides, a laurel is a kind of small pine tree and would be mighty uncomfortable to rest on. So since I can't find a good place to take a quick snooze, I'd better make with the new and different. So here we have a picture of Rachel McKee's left arm. Now you are probably wondering Has Tim finally cracked up? Is he so desperate for material that he's taken to posting pictures of body parts? Not to worry, that hasn't happened and won't until at least next week. No, it you look closely (or if you have better eyes that I do), you'll see a bit of Alien 1 tattooed on that arm. Rachel says "I just got this done in October and I figure what's the point of having it if other Futurama maniacs can't appreciate it!". I couldn't agree more. I'm going to assume that all true Futurama maniacs can read Alien 1 so I don't have to translate it for you.

One of the things any Futurama fan worthy of the name knows is never make bets with Bender. He always has a trick up his sleeve (which is pretty good since he doesn't have sleeves most of the time) and pretty much values humans slightly less than empty beer bottles, as Leela and Amy appear to be finding out. So Graham Dawson, who created this bit of Fan Art, didn't say what the bet was about, but I'm guessing it had to do with the return of Futurama since the photo shoot seems to be a promo for the new movie. Kinda. Sorta.
Youse gots how manys?
Posted on December 6, 2007 by Tim
We had a couple of rooms here in the Madhouse that were looking a little shabby so we decided to spruce things up a bit with some new Wallpaper - Fourteen of them to be exact, all from the opening sequence of Bender's Big Score. There's two of each of the seven major characters - one in color and the other a silhouette. And, extra added bonus, they're in wide screen format. Thanks to Tom Hancocks for making those and sending them in.

Now, ya wanna know what David X Cohen and Billy West think about the return of Futurama? Well now you can - frosty at collider.com sent me a link to an article that contains a couple of Video Interviews. Oddly enough, Billy claims there's only three movies, when everything else we've heard and read says four. Maybe that fourth movie isn't in the can yet. Maybe they're waiting to see if someone picks up the tab for more before they finalize that last script. Maybe I wonder why? Tell us what you think on our forum.
Bite my shiny ceramic ass
Posted on December 4, 2007 by Tim
Oh the problems we webmasters have. There's been times over the last year where I've sat here wondering where my next fix contribution was going to come from. Not now. Wow - people are pumped by the movie and I've never had such a wild assortment of stuff. It's all so neat that I want to put it all up at once, but then we'd have a news update that was even longer than one of Graham's. So I'll try and dole them out more or less in chronological order and give everyone their 15 minutes of fame.

So to start with, when I first stumbled upon the Madhouse just about two years ago, there were exactly two pictures from one contributor in our Fan Photos section. When I became a web master some 15 months ago, those numbers stood at 3 and 2. In the last couple of weeks the section has more than doubled with 4 new pics by 3 new persons, and here is one of the two latest. Douglas Atkins is a studio art major and did this life size Bender head. And Good News Everyone! he's working on another one, I'll let you guess who.

And what would an update be without some Fan Fiction? So here's part 3 of Michael-John Derges fic Green Fry, and this part's giving me flash backs to Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles, and I'm not the only one.

And now for something completely different - how about some Futurama inspired music? Like an album (do they still call them that?) called The Sting with cut titles like Deadly, Deadly Bees, Kill All Humans, and Goodbye Waking World? It's by a band from Fredericksburg, VA. USA called Atomic Raygun Attack. Now if that isn't a very Futurama sounding name for a band I don't what is. Anyway, you can listen to their music and download the MP3s (and yes, it's legal 'cause they say so). Thanks and a steaming heap of Futurama Madhouse kudos go out to Rebecca for sending this in.
Captain November 30th rises again...
Posted on December 1, 2007 by Graham
Welcome to the world of tomorrow, yesterday, today... whenever! Yes, it's me, the quiet webmaster who comes back to annoy you just when you thought he was dead. *checks self to make sure he's not dead* No, still here. Stop booing at the back! Well, as you're aware, especially if you're the observant type, there must be an update of stuff other than annoying ramblings by me. Yes, I have two sets of work to show you all, but before I say who they're from and what they are, you have to put up with these words. Stop it with the chants of, "We want Tim!", because he's busy making snowmen and getting telephone wires fixed. Maybe I got that wrong and he's getting snowmen to fix his telephone wire, but I'm not sure if that sounds right. Well, getting onto the update, I have some fan art to show off that comes from SonicPanther. Yes, it's a picture of good ol' Captain Yesterday of The New Justice Team, who is really Bruce Wayne... I mean Adam West... I really mean Fry. Actually, it really looks like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever on Sunday morning, with the hangover and hair that's not yet combed... and last night's burger's tomato sauce smeared on said uncombed hair. Boy, that must have been a party to remember. Anyway, enjoy SonicPanther's picture, because this might well be the last one she sends to the Madhouse, considering my update that rambles about random subjects and doesn't get to the ruddy point. Please don't ignore us, SonicPanther... I'll be good in future. Really... I will.

Oh, yeah, I'm not finished here. You won't get rid of me before I grind this site into dust. No siree! I have a fan fiction for you to read. See, there is something worth reading here! Yes, good ol' Enhas has been unlucky in that I'm the one updating about his new written work. Poor ol' Enhas. I really feel for him. Actually, blame Tim and his snowmen for that. Well, the work is called No Second Chances, and the blurb that summerises it is: "Post-Bender's Big Score. There are no second chances or do-overs when you really need it, as Fry discovers." Why can't I say anything original about it, because I'd be straying into spoilers territory. Yes, be warned, the fic is a big, fat spoiler for those who haven't yet seen Bender's Big Score. If you haven't watched Bender's Big Score and don't want it ruined, then please be warned that this fic contains a story that'll blow open the plot of the film! I hope the bold warning is enough for those who don't want Bender's Big Score to be spoiled. If you do want it spoiled or have already watched Bender's Big Score, then the fiction is well worth a read. Sort of Shippy, but a bit different. There, that's enough of a review without spoiling.

Well, I'm out of here for a bit. Enjoy the silence.
Blast Off! (better late than never)
Posted on December 1, 2007 by Tim
The best laid plans of mice and webmasters: so it was Zero hour - 0001 GMT on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - the date that Futurama returned; a date that will hopefully be a religious holiday in future years (what should we call it, Robanukah, Robomadom, or Robonza?). So I sit down at my nerd-o-matic stack-o-computers to compost the big zero day news update and .... no internet connection. A little investigation revealed the mortal remains of my telephone line laying shredded in the street. It only took Mom's Friendly Septic Tank Service and Telephone Company two days to get out here and hook it back up, and then one more to get it connected to the correct number.

So I'm finally back on line and there are 75 78 82 e-mail messages in my inbox, and a bunch of them contain fan contributions of one kind or another. We've got a bunch of BBS wallpapers, Halloween costumes, sculptures, fan fics, and a couple of things we don't have categories for (yet). Truly, these are the best of times. But we might need to get the Professor to wire Hermes' head into the Madhouse to help sort it all out, so stay tuned.

To get things started, our Fan Photos section grows once again with a pic of one of the Halloween costumes I mentioned - a really sweet Zoiberg outfit by WhiteCrow Stormbringer. He didn't say how many people knew who he was supposed to be but hopefully it was more than the one that the previous person reported. He also said the Madhouse was an awesome site! Thanks dude, that's what we like to hear.

Leela seems to be keeping a wary eye on that Zoidberg apparition on the other side of the screen. Must be she's worried that his costume is better than her's, or else that he'll hit her up for some food. In either case he'd be best advised to keep his distance as she's in a very leela-style matador-ish butt kicking get up. This one's from the questionable realm of Sick Pickles and lives on her Fan Art page.