December 2006
Where did I put the pliers?
Posted on December 27, 2006 by Tim
Now here's a surprise - coldangel_1, whom we haven't heard from since, oh, yesterday has another piece of Fan Art. Looks like some things never change - A thousand years from now repairing things will still be hot, sweaty, and dirty work. And remembering where you left that tool will still be a problem.

Some more Fan Fiction just materialized in my in-box - Part 3 of Daniel Leicester's The Kroker Chronicles, an adventure through space and time with Kif Kroker at the center of the action.

And I just stumbled on this the other day, which usually means the rest of the universe already knows about it, but just in case someone doesn't (and because I can ) I'll mention it anyway (did I mention I'm paid by the word?). Anyway, if you're running Firefox as your web browser or Thunderbird as your e-mail client, there are Futurama Themes available on the Mozilla web site. Click here for the Firefox addon, and here for the Thunderbird one. Be sure to read the fine print about what versions work with what.

Ok, one last rant and then I'll shut up. If you can tear yourself away from all those great gifts you may have received yesterday for a few minutes, send in some more fan stuff. Fiction, art, crappy art, photos, poetry, song parodies, green pictures of dead presidents, you name it, we've got a place to put it (and if we don't we'll make one). And besides, I'm off to the land that the Internet forgot in a couple of days and I'd hate to miss the fun and excitement of pushing an update over a 20k dial up connection.
Xmas Story
Posted on December 24, 2006 by Tim
As I type this, it's already Xmas eve in some places and will soon be in others, so in keeping with the Xmas theme of this update, we herewith present a new piece of Fan Art by (who else) coldangel_1 which is both Xmasy and shippy - what more could a die hard Futurama fan ask this time of year? Ok, maybe a set of season 5 DVDs, but that ain't real likely, is it? coldangel also has a couple of other new pics which aren't seasonal (unless you live in Tokyo) so take a look at those while you're at it.

And what says Xmas more than Zoidberg in a Santa Hat? I can't think of anything. Thanks to Will for this addition to the Crap Art section.

Futurama themed movie poster parodies seem to be all the rage these days. Here is Will's entry into the fray. He's also got a couple of other contributions (his last for 2006 he says) on his Fan Art page, one's a psychedelic preview of his next project, FutureScope.

That's all of the presents we had to wrap. On behalf of all of us here at The Futurama Madhouse, I'd like to wish everyone, regardless of whether you're human, alien, robot, or mutant, and regardless of your belief system, a safe, happy, and prosperous new year.
We can only hope ...
Posted on December 21, 2006 by Tim
... that soon we'll be sitting in the Imax watching the previews of coming attractions. The screen goes dark with just a shimmering star field. The opening strains of music rise from the silence, a thousand watts of subwoofed bass rumble beneath us. A commanding voice narrates: "A delivery boy from the past; A mutant girl from the future; together, they hold the key to the destiny of the entire universe." A familiar green space ship flashes across the screen and our senses wince as the music thunders to crescendo and the darkened theater is suddenly awash in light as the words flash on the screen in huge letters: "Futurama, The Movie. Coming soon." Ah, yes, we can only hope it will come to pass. And here's what coldangel_1 thinks the promo poster that will be on display in the lobby will look like.

There's hardly a day that goes by that I don't find a new piece of Fan Art from coldangel_1 in my mail box. It's gotten to be such a regular thing that on those rare days when there isn't one I send myself e-mail just to make sure it's working. Check out his other recent submissions - there's several of them: F&L in a goth wedding, one from Space Pilot 3000, and a couple of others as well.

And in this corner of the ring, JT Smythe is back with two more pictures of Leela. This one where she's showing off her new gloves (among other things ) and another one where she's back to wrestling again.

Only 4 more submission days until Xmas. The Futurama Madhouse submission department is open 24 hours a day for your shopping convenience.
Now there's something you don't see every day
Posted on December 16, 2006 by Tim
Ok, you've got the colored pencils all sharpened and a nice clean sheet of paper just begging to be filled with some Futurama Fan Art. So what to do? You rack your brain for something new, something different, something that hasn't been done a hundred times already. Apparently new contributor Namiko had that sudden flash of inspiration and out comes - Fry as a cheerleader? Yes, it's new - it's fresh - it's ... ummm ... weird. Although he doesn't look too bad. Namiko has also done a few pics depicting the Universe 1 Fry and Leela. Click and take a look if you dare.

If that's not enough for you, grab your flashlights and duck under the covers for some more Fan Fiction.

Chug A Bug sends his Boned to The Future in which Fry's life is devastated when the love of his life is taken from him. To what ends will he go to get bring her back and is he prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? Read on and find out. Oh, and watch for a very funny take on what Zapp Brannagan does when his dinner guest doesn't show up.

Next, we have another illustrated fic by coldangel_1 called A River With Currents. He describes it thus: When a horrific tragedy strikes the crew of Planet Express, Fry is forced to undertake a desperate gambit that flings him through the furthest reaches of history in a fight against time itself to save the woman he loves. But to prevent history repeating itself, he must first surmount impossible odds as he comes face to face with his own fate. Be prepared for surprises and high adventure, not to mention a few familiar faces.

Over on his Fan Art page, coldangel also has two new pics buried in amongst all the illustrations to his fics. One is this. He had some clever witticism to describe it, but unfortunately it escapes me at the moment (which is probably a good thing). There's also one of the New Justice Team hidden in there too.

A lastly, check out Will's Crap Art page for his newest crap picture of Zoidberg.

Another successful mailbox purge. The world is safe for another day. I've got one more item I'm saving for Xmas, but feel free to wrap up some more contributions in pretty bows and ribbons and send them in - 'tis the season you know.
News! We got news!
Posted on December 12, 2006 by Tim
Boy do we got news. Justin from Wizard Entertainment writes:

"Hey, Tim. Love the site. I'm an editor for ToyFare magazine and in our new issue we have the very first interview with David X. Cohen about the new episodes. We just put the story up on the website, so feel free to check it out. It's not a lot, but it's the very first official word about the new season, and it provides some tantalizing hints for hardcore Futurama geeks like myself."

Thanks Justin. All the hardcore Futurama geeks here appreciate the tip.

So why are you still staring at this? Go read the interview. While you're there, check out the Futurama toys too.
This job is enough to drive you to drink
Posted on December 11, 2006 by Tim
Yes, it looks like it's been a rough day for the PE crew, what with outrunning explosions, fighting off vicious space bees, and other miscellany. It's pretty much just another day at Planet Express, but even still, a quick stop for a couple of cold ones always hits the spot. The ever prolific coldangel_1 sends us 5 more pics for his Fan Art page, which is expanding almost as fast as the human Bender did in AOI2.

Maybe a little light reading is more your speed. In that case, check out the Fan Fiction section for Dwayne Anderson's latest - the long awaited part 8 to his Quest for Deliverance.

And for those that frequent the Futurama Madhouse Message Board, we'd like to say congratulations to Officer 1BDI and Kriebs for their promotion to moderators. I don't know what Graham demanded of them - last time it was a first born, a pound of flesh, and four ripe pears.

So anyway, our mailboxes are getting lonely. Send us more stuff.
The hunt for Futurama relevancy in this thumbnail...
Posted on December 9, 2006 by Graham
Can you see what it is yet? Yes, a phrase that's likely to be met with silence by many of our North American visitors, but us Brits, and, probably, Aussies will know who said such a thing. Yep, good ol' Rolf Harris. Some find him wonderful, while others find him irritating, but I find him... err... let's say I'm not bothered either way. Anyway, what can you see? A submarine, lots of red, some black, some words to the right. Anything else? Can't you make it out? OK, maybe if you click it, you'll find out exactly what it is. I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but I'll tell you that Big Red has come up with a fan art that's a parody of a movie poster of an underwater nature (no, not Das Boot... which isn't about an angler finding some old boots in a canal). Bask in its red glory!
FMMB upgraded, much hilarity ensues
Posted on December 4, 2006 by Tim
The Futurama Madhouse Message Board has been upgraded (from version 1.0.9 to 1.1 for those that care about computer geeky things like that). After a bit of a rough go, the board is now fully functional and everything is there except for Private Messages (PMs) which seem to have been lost.
It came from the Year 3000
Posted on December 3, 2006 by Tim
Ok, I admit it, I'm a fan of cheezy 1950's "science fiction" movies. I like Flying Saucers that are pie plates on a string, robots that are guys in cardboard boxes covered with tin foil, space ship controls that look like they're out of the local power plant, and omniscient computers that knock like American automobile engines right after the warranty expires and then spit out punch cards off which the hero can read an entire dossier. So when coldangel_1 sent in some Fan Art and one was a parody of the promo poster for the 1956 classic Forbidden Planet, I just had to use it. I can just imagine what the reaction in 1956 to coldangel_1's version would have been - One eyed, purple haired aliens and misanthropic booze guzzling, cigar smoking robots would have really set the 1950's ethos on it's ear. Of course Leela as the damsel in distress kind of turns mine on it's side, but hey, the Futurama universe is nothing if not flexible.

coldangel_1 has also done a scene each from The Why of Fry and Hell Is Other Robots, and one that Fry and Leela shippers might hope to see in the new episodes. Or maybe not.

On the Fan Fiction front we's gots a little missive from Red_Line called Das Schiff in which Hermes wants to send Fry on an inconsequential courier run to a backwater world, but Leela gets wind of it and won't let Fry go alone. After she "convinces" Hermes to let her go along, a seemingly simple job quickly gets a whole lot more complicated than anyone bargained for.

But wait, there's more: JT Smythe takes a break from wrasslin' pictures to do three takes on Leela; one just plain Leela in his unique style, one of Leela as a blond, and this one - the Leela I would NOT want to meet in a dark alley.

That empties the old mailbox again. I should be able to make it to tomorrow morning before the contribution withdrawal sets in again. *twitch* *twitch*