December 2005
Ah, 2005. Another pointless year where I accomplished nothing.
Posted on December 31, 2005 by Leandro
From here at TLZ we wish all our visitors a great 2006! Hopefully you'll be too drunk to notice the lack of updates recently around here. And if you're not drunk, what are you waiting for to begin?

I just updated the Episode Transcripts section, now including transcripts for each one of the series' 72 episodes. A big thanks goes to The Neutral Planet for letting us put those fine transcripts up in our site. Give them a visit, they got a nice Xmas layout, unlike some site full of lazy webmasters I know.
Good news, everyone! You'll all be making a trip into the deep, forbidden depths of our Game Add-Ons and Song Parodies section, where you'll discover some exciting new content. Oh, yesss...
Posted on December 19, 2005 by Kenneth
And that content is as follows: First of all, in our Game Add-Ons section, we once again solely support those with PC games and raise a middle finger to you silly console owners out there, who can only ever get games as-is and can't mod and add stuff to them like PC gamers can. This time the site is finally providing downloads for one of the most customisable and modable games out there: The Sims 2. Here you'll find Neema Wae has provided a new Fry model, along with a Futurama Bed and Futurama Build-Mode Pack. And she's not the only one getting in on the Futurama/Sims 2 crazy, as Officer 1BDI has provided a download of Leela's famous opera dress (as pictured above) to download as well. So if you own the game, and want to Futurama-ise is some, check thse files out.

Following on from there, Cerulean Shadow has given us two new Song Parodies as well. One is called Confessions of a Broken Heart and is based on the song of the same name by Lindsey Lohan. Hopefully that won't get either her or us sued though. The second song is called Turanga Leela, and this time is based on Sara Beth by Rascal Flatts. So if you're into parodies of a musical nature (especially Shippy ones, might I add...) you may want to check 'em out.

That's all from me for the moment. Keep sending in that content, and may you all have a very merry Xmas
Xmas Time in New New York!
Posted on December 17, 2005 by Leandro
I have a nice little update for you today, with some scans that should have been up months ago but kinda got lost in the intention of putting them up But, since now two of the pictures make sense in the Xmas season, I'll just say they were being saved for proper timing. Yeah, that works. Anyway, the pictures are scans of the background cards from the Futurama Pop Out Peoples that came out when the show was still on the air, and I managed to get my hands in four of them. You can now see the eight backgrounds (and potentially use them for backgrounds of your Fan Art as well) in our Miscellaneous Pictures section. Enjoy!
Lazyitis? Moi? Never!
Posted on December 4, 2005 by Graham
OK, I'm back again, after a bit of a break. Stuff has been happening here in my house, with some work being carried out, so updating hasn't been at the forefront of my mind. Anyway, stuff has been completed, so now I can pay attention to the long neglected stuff that I'm meant to be putting up on the site. BTW, if you've sent in fan fics or crap art, then there might be a long delay in putting up that work, because our upload scripts are still broken (or being upgraded... I mean broken ). OK, I suppose I could manually add the work like the good ol' days, but then I don't know what Leandro is currently doing with the scripts and whether things would get missed, broken, borked, whatever. OK, poor excuse, but there you go. Anyway, if you've sent in such work, expect delays. Now, onto current stuff. I have some work from Big Red for our Fan Art section. The images are based on his work in our Fan Fiction section, a work called Green Hell. The pictures show Futurama characters in army gear. Anyway, enjoy Big Red's stuff.

Next up, I have a new contributor showing off their work for our Fan Art section. The picture comes from four-years-old Betsie Clori... yes, I said she's four years of age. As you can see, the picture is of Leela, and considering that Betsie is four, I'm quite impressed at the quality of it. Naturally, this all means that Betsie is our youngest contributor, so that's some achievement in itself. Anyway, give Betsie's work a look, because if she can do this sort of thing when four, she might be ruling the world when she's twenty-four. You don't want her to set the robotic sharks that she invented when she was thirteen on you because you didn't give a look at her artwork.