December 2004

December 31, 2004

Last update of the year! Well, at least from me. And it's a special one too, as I present the final Futurama Interview of the month (and year in fact...) as I promised.

This time I managed to snag the fantastic writer BumblebeeTheta for you all, in an interview I only just conducted today in fact. She was a hard person to nail down, but it was worth the wait, as she was a treat to interview. There's a lot of great insight into her writing and opinions on the show, and any fans of hers, and fan fiction in general, will no doubt enjoy this. Very informative, so huge kudos to her for not only doing this, but answering beyond the question itself.

And that's all from me for now. See you all next year... it's time to par-tay!

It's a busy, busy, busy, busy world... Well, the Xmas period has certainly thrust things to do and stuff, hence why Futurama Madhouse seems to have gone on a hiatus. Don't worry, though, because we're still here, stuffing our faces with turkey, drinking the beer and still pulling Xmas crackers. Leandro has won himself a spinning top, Kenneth has a terrible knock-knock joke, Teral has got a silly paper hat on, Kristen has eaten all the sprouts, Sebastian has drunk all the port and is attempting to impress us all with bad impressions of Mickey Mouse doing an impression of Bela Lugosi, while I'm sitting here doing this update. Yeah, I have stuff! Ain't that cool! The stuff I have is for our Fan Fiction section and comes from the pen of Fryfan. This is the last part of his season two of SpyOrama, which is called (I think...) SpyOrama X: On His Robot Santa's Secret List. Actually, it's best if I let Fryfan explain further. "'On His Robot Santa's Secret List' is a title parody of the Bond classic, 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'. I hope you enjoy reading this and I hope to see this fanfic on TLZ before New Year's. Since this is my tenth SpyOrama, I like to call it SpyOrama X. X being the roman numeral for ten and the X just makes it sound cool. So, I hope you enjoy SpyOrama X: On His Robot Santa's Secret List." And on and on and on he writes, into the distance, where the merry Elves will bake him a cake and a half. Oh, BTW, he's also resubmitted a previous SpyOrama fiction, correcting some errors that were apparently there. So, after reading his current fic work, maybe you can go and give You Should Have Snoo-Snoo Only Once another read if you've read it before. I only glanced at his resubmission, due to not having that much time, but I'm sure there's no rampant pornography in the fiction. If you spot some, then go and take a cold shower then email me, and I'll perform some surgery... or whatever.

BTW, for those who've sent me stuff and are still waiting for their work to go up on the site, don't worry because I'll get onto it shortly. I should have something for you merry lot tomorrow, so stay tuned.

December 29, 2004

The only channel on tv is FOX. This can only mean one thing: we're in HELL!! Close, but no cigar. We're actually in Xtorien, the land of vampires and horror movie characters found in Spacedal11's story The Lost Fry. In part 6 of her Fan Fiction Drew, Leela and Bender have arrived and are currently trying to check in at the Crystal Lake Hotel. The receptionist is one Jason Voorhees, so it could take a while, particular with Bender's fanboy extraordinaire behaviour. Meanwhile, Fry learn more about the fight he's about to have, and the consequences from Lord Tryon. He also get a little warning, there might be some extra challenges to overcome. But you can read all that by clicking here.

December 28, 2004

He tries to get out, but the personality who's possesing him pulls him back in! Yeah, hope you all had a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a krazy Kwanzaa, a tip-top Tet and a solemn, dignified Ramadan. With eating and drinking, particular the drinking. Nothing beats a good, wellbrewed Christmas Beer. Oh, yeah, and the presents too. Santa had an extra present for me this year: the flu! Yay, go me! And to top it off, Xmas fell on a Friday this year. You have two, paid holidays after Xmas, and they fell on a weekend. What a mockery of justice it is that I am cheated out of my two paid days off. Me, the guy who bring christmas spirit to you all! And after new Years, it's the same thing.

Oh, but it's not all complaining, I actually have some content for you too. It's a new Fan Fiction from Missy. This one is titled Bend or Bender. And it goes a little like this: "When a ragingly sober Bender asks the Professors' What If Machine what his life would be like if he'd married the Countess DeLaRoca, he doesn't receive an answer...which provides an answer in itself..." How will it go when one of his old flames find out he still has feelings for the Countess? Find out here. And do enjoy.

Bender has the right idea about Xmas... Bring on the booze! Oh well, I do hope you suckers had a happy Xmas and got whatever presents you wanted. Better yet, the drink was probably better. Oh, well some of you aren't old enough to drink or whatever, so maybe you enjoyed your lemonade instead. Anyway, the point is, I do hope you all enjoyed yourselves. We all hope you do. However, it seems that Bender couldn't give a toss whether you enjoyed your Xmas or not, because he's just concerned with his next update of liquor. Welcome three new pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Ooy. The picture you can see shows Bender asking where his booze is. Ah, the meanings of Xmas... The other two feature Leela and Fry enjoying themselves. Oh, all pictures have what I think is Ooy himself. If it is Ooy, then he's being damn generous by helping Bender find his booze. Oh, the sacrifice of a Futurama fan.

December 24, 2004

Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday... Please put me down. Just make it painless. However, despite that corny song done by Wizzard in 1973, which seems to be played too often despite it being 31-years-old, some things aren't that bad at all. Take, for instance, this sketched picture that goes to our Fan Art section, which was created by Pam, a new contributor of artwork to Futurama Madhouse, and features Leela in sexy Santa gear, you can't complain about that. Actually, I suspect that she's really going to be Fry's present, just like in Teral's picture, so he better not complain, otherwise he'll be having to retrieve his teeth from his stomach. Anyway, nice Xmas picture from Pam, I have to say. She's got another picture, one that's based on Rye Guy's The Other, which features Fry spraying Leela with a hose. All done playfully, might I add. Well, two nice pictures from Pam this Xmas. Enjoy!

Zoidberg has a ball of a time! Ah well, from Xmas to baser things. Well, as you can see, Dr Zoidberg is having some fun riding on a sperm. One thing I have to ask: where did he get that harness from in Fry's body? Did he leave Fry's body, create/buy a harness, then return to ride a sperm? I mean, where on Earth could he have gotten that damn harness from? Answers on a postcard, please. Anyway, the picture you can see to your left goes to our Fan Art section and comes from Kyle M. As you can see, it features Zoidberg on that sperm, with harness included, which happened in the great episode Parasites Lost, where the crew all become miniturised and invade Fry's body to do some fixing and do battle with worms. Well, it certainly looks as if Zoidberg had a good time. Kyle M has also created six other pictures, featuring Leela, Farnsworth, Bender and Amy. So, there's plenty of stuff to enjoy.

Xmas needs fixing! Lastly, I have the last part of Dwayne Anderson's Xmas work for our Fan Fiction section that's titled The Time of the Great Giving. In this part, Fry, Leela and Bender have a meetinng with the Snow Queen, who would certainly be someone to call if your freezer ever breaks down. However, at this point of time in Dwayne's fiction, the Snow Queen is a bit angry, so the crew better beware. Fat chance that they will beware, though. Enjoy the read.

Well, I hope you all have a merry Christmas. Hope the day goes well for you all. Let's emphasise the merry part of that. MERRY. There, that's done it.

He'll hunt you down and blast your ass from here to Pakistan... Xmas, a time of gifts, Xmas trees and fleeing from a homocidal, rampaging robotic Santa. And ofcourse the last-minute panic-attacks when you realize you forgot to buy a present or two. Leela doesn't have that problem, but however her presents are usaually predicatable and unimaginative. This year she decided to show Fry she can be impulsive, while at the same time announcing she has fallen for him. Looks like she have run into a few problems carrying out her plan, but damnit she is going to be impulsive even if it takes her all night! I guess that's one soft present Fry wouldn't mind opening.

Happy holidays, everybody.

Oh, yeah, that Fan Art was made by Teral (why, yes, that is me ). Enjoy.

Happy holidays, everyone! (is there an echo in here? )

You're not going crazy, FM:TLZ visitors... you're going SANE in a crazy world! Although with an update this HUGE, I'm feeling pretty crazy myself, that's for sure. Yes, this is my massive Pre-Xmas Update for you all, and boy have I got a butt-load of fantastic Futurama content for you all, just before you open your 's, drink your and get murdered by a robotic Santa Claus .

Speaking of a muderous Santa Claus, that's exactly what Farnsworth and Wernstrom plan to do in a new piece of Fan Fiction from one of this site's best writers; Christina Nordlander. The story is titled Red Sleigh Rising, and sees the people of Earth sending the two elerly crackpot inventors off to stop Santa once and for all, while back on Earth, Fry leads the rest of the crew around the city wassailing. Check it out.

But that's far, FAR from being all. There's plenty more content, partially helped by another clean-out of our Oekaki Board just before Xmas. There's a number of contributors to it this time too, with pieces of Fan Art from FemJesse who drew Leela's eye( pictured at the top of this update), Young and Angry with ahazy Leela picture, Marcus Abroad with a homage to Rye Guy's recent Fat-Characters trend, Leela's Twin with a stylized Leela, and Futurama Freak with two pictures of Leela in her own style.

In fact, Futurama Freak even has another four new pieces, such as the one right above on the left, of non-Oekaki Fan Art as well. And she's not the only one. In fact, Mike Wilkins breaks his 50th picture milestone with new art, the latter with a whole mess of new pictures. 11 to be exact, which are as follows: Lrrr, Leela in her wedding dress from A Bi-Cyclops Built For Two, Bender trying to hold in his loot from the same episode, Fry burping in snow gear, Fry from behind, Bender as his werecar form (shown right), Project Satan, Zapp telling Kif he has "made it with a woman" and to inform the men, Alkazar with five-eyes, Cyber-Fry about to tie his hands in a knot, and finally Leela in her dress again standing with Alkazar. *Phew*

But it doesn't stop there, because there's also a very wintry picture of Leela wading through some snow drawn by Ness, and then there's two fantastic submissions from one of our most popular artists, Becky, including this picture of Bender relabelling Xmas gifts as shown on the left. She also has an awesome version of Leela's face in a very different style, so check that out too.

Is that all then? Well... no, it isn't.

I've also got some brand new Futurama Animated Gifs for you all. GermanFryFan has once again provided two more of his high quality animated additions, and though neither are Xmas related, I'm sure there's some horny nerd fanboys out there who will thank our German friend for the never-ending loop of Leela and Amy wrestling in skimpy, skin-tight outfits as shown just to the right here. There's also one of Bender's massive Colossus-styled statue that breathes fire, and remember those of you who right-click and save that image there... the only thing you're supposed to be pulling this Xmas is crackers

Surely, that finishes it off now though, right? Hehehe... nope!

There's also pictures from both The Voices and Daniela Schad, but they were postponed until the end of this update for a very good reason. Not only to they both have new pieces of Fan Art, with the former having this fantastic artistically (and tastefully) nude picture of Leela shown to the immediate left, and the latter with a selection of pics including caricatures of fans like Tongue Luck and GermanFryFan as well as one of Leela (shown to the bottom right), but both are also two of this month's Futurama Interviews candidates. Yes, these two top artists on the scene were kind enough to let me ask them a few questions, so if you're interested in what The Voices and Daniela Schad have to say, just click on their names to find out.

There's also a third, and possible forth, interview on the way. I won't say who they are, but the definite canditate you will see after Xmas is a writer. Speculate how you wish, but that's all I'll say. Hope you enjoy these first two new December interviews anyway.

And that finally wraps up my big Pre-Xmas update at the site. I hope all of you have a Happy Christmas, filled with presents, good food and happiness and joy. So I bid you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Crazy Kwanzaa, a Tip Top Tet, and a Solemn Dignified Ramadan. Don't forget not to dare bribe Santa with milk and cookies, and be nice to ol' Kwanzaabot and buy a copy of his book. Until next time!

December 23, 2004

I don't know if I'll get out of this alive. Don't touch my stuff after I'm dead! It's booby trapped. In case it's a bit hard to see, the thumbnail show Bender in a parody of a "The Blair Witch Project" poster, courtesy of Jennifer MacDonald. I haven't seen that movie, and I heard it was pretty silly, but that is a cool poster. This is a new set of 3D Benders available in our Fan Art section. Two of them is a Blair Witch parody, the last one is show a 3D version of Benderine from Futurama Comics #8. Enjoy. [Teral]

December 22, 2004

Guys, is it just me, or is that Christmas tree following us? Before I start with the mountain of updates I have for today, I better warn you that if you have any stuff to send in for Christmas to me, then please send it in by my this Friday morning (I live in the UK, which is at GMT right now, so if you're from, say, the USA, then send it by Thursday night to get to me by Friday morning). Anything that comes after that will have to go up the day after Christmas. Then again, this is based on the idea that people want to send me stuff to put up, which they might not want to, preferring to relax during the holidays. But enough of this, because I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. The picture is described by Andrea as follows: "Here's a Christmas picture featuring Leela, Bender, and Dr. Drakken watching the Christmas Tree (which is my own that is outside)." Well, they might be watching it, but I'm sure that the Christmas tree is stalking them, ready to pounce upon them and bury them in tinsel. Arrrggghhhhh!

The scary sounds of Xmas! Next up, I have something seasonal that goes to our Sound Clips section: some system sounds from Birdbot. He's been kind enough to send us two lots of sounds to fill your computer with Xmas cheer... or horror. There are some Xmas startup and shutdown sounds, as well as some other various Xmas sounds to choose from. So, why not make your computer an Xmas hell.

Saving Xmas Ryan! I've still got more stuff to show you, so hang on. I have the third part of Dwayne Anderson's Xmas related work for our Fan Fiction section that goes under the name of The Time of the Great Giving. In this part, Fry, Leela, Bender and a native of the planet Yuletide go to meet Madame Winter, an enchantress, in order to seek help in saving Xmas. The final part of this work should be up on Friday, so stay tuned.

Oh, Mr Kif! Lastly, I have another work for our Fan Fiction section, this time coming from Mz Kroker. This is part two of her current fiction, Broken Hearts Can Lead To Better Things. In this part, Kif tries to get back at Amy by pretending that he's had an affair with Ericka the waitress. Now, however, he has to find a place to stay. Read on to find out more.

December 21, 2004

Vanity, thy name is Zapp Brannigan! You can't get that much more vain than Zapp Brannigan, although I suppose Hedonism Bot could put up a challenge. Looking at his "Lovenasium", it's full of statues and pictures of himself. Obviously, he's more into himself than anything else... which I suppose keeps him occupied during those spells of loneliness. Anyway, crudity aside, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from a new artist for our site who goes under the name of Brandi. The picture you can see to your right is her rendition of one of the pictures you'd find at Zapp's Lovenasium... the one that sits above his heart-shaped bed. Brandi has come up with two other pictures, and like the Zapp one they are hand-created. We have a picture of Fry and Bender enjoying themselves, while the other picture of hers features the crack addict in the episode My Three Suns not exactly enjoying himself. What a contrast. There you go, three neat pictures: one vain, one happy and one tragically addictive.

Christmas smells, Christmas smells, Take it all away... Well, that's what would be sung on the planet Yuletide, a planet that recently celebrated Christmas each and every day until something terrible happened. Yuletide is a planet invented by Dwayne Anderson for his latest work for our Fan Fiction section, which is titled The Time of the Great Giving. Fry, Leela and Bender have been sent to this special planet to deliver something seasonal, but little do they know that Christmas has been banned due to a tragic event a year ago. In the second part of this story, Fry, Leela and Bender have landed on Yuletide to present their package. Cue Christmas depression.

December 20, 2004

Christmas, the day of the nightmare! Driving to visit relatives in London can be a pain in the arse, and yesterday wasn't an exception for me, getting trapped in traffic and such. Maybe I should encourage the relatives to move out of the capital in order to make it easier for me. Yeah, but then again, that might well be considered selfish on my part. Anyway, this all segues into one of the updates I have today for our Fan Art section, coming in the shape of three pictures that come from Fry's Lady. Speaking of nightmares, one of her pictures is a parody of the surreal film The Nightmare Before Christmas, with Fry as Jack Skellington and Leela as Sally. Her other two pictures that she kindly sent are: Fry noticing a very thin Leela; Fry and Leela wishing each other a merry Xmas. There you go, three cute pictures for Xmas from Fry's Lady.

This will be Fry's best Xmas yet... maybe Leela's, too! Well, carrying on the Xmas theme - and the Shippy love theme - I have another work for our Fan Art section, this time coming from Mz Kroker. This picture of hers features Leela dressed up in some sexy Santa gear beckoning Fry to get his Xmas treat from her. I wonder what treat that could be? Actually, she's not exactly calling Fry over for an Xmas treat, but you can see the intention's there. Well, there's some intention there. Or is there? Whatever intention it is of Leela's, it sure should, at the very least, put a smile on Fry's face and a flutter in his big 's beat. Some might consider that the best present a delivery guy could get.

Too much Xmas can damage your health... Yet more stuff relating to an Xmas theme is here before you, but this time going to our Fan Fiction section. Welcome another fiction work from Dwayne Anderson, this one titled The Time of the Great Giving. It's Xmas Eve and the Planet Express crew are preparing for the big day. However, Professor Farnsworth has other ideas for Fry, Leela and Bender, because he's going to send them off on a mission to the planet Yuletide, a planet which celebrates Xmas Day every day. Well, actually, they did a year ago, until something devastating happened to their world... Oh dear, maybe it was having to watch Christmas with the Kranks that spoilt it for Yuletide. Well, enjoy Dwayne's first part of this story.

December 19, 2004

The next train at platform three will stop at Clapham Junction, East Croydon, Gatwick Airport, Three Bridges, Haywards Heath, Hassocks, Preston Park, Brighton and then sink in the English Channel... Hooray! We're still alive! Woo-hoo! In your face, Fox! Anyway, we're alive because two people sent in some stuff to show off on your site. First, let's start off in our Fan Art section, where Dogdoo8 has been kind enough to send us two of his latest pictures. The picture you can see shows Leela at a train station, either awaiting a train or just having got off one. Mind you, in this picture she seems to be ready to peel off her top... which can only mean it's a nudist train station. Fancy that, a station for nudists. Hmmm... I hope that's not Mom waiting for a train over there? Help, I need some spice weasel for my eyes! Anyway, he's done another picture of Leela waving to you all. That picture is done in an interesting, cute style, sort of Anime like. Well, hope you enjoy Dogdoo8's latest two pictures. Mind the gap!

Don't you just hate school! Seems that Fry won't be hating school according to a new story for our Fan Fiction section that comes from a new submitter called Futurama Nerd. Her story is called The Early Years, which deals with Fry's first day at high school. However, there's no need for him to worry about boredom in his new settings, because he'll meet some interestng characters that'll keep him occupied.

December 18, 2004

One small step for robot, one giant "up yours, chump" for mankind. A few days ago I made a comment regarding the update situation here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, and yo and behold, not long after an email containing Fan Art from a new submitter landed in my inbox. Hmmm, looks like people actually read what I write in these updates, rather than quickly pressing links to the new content. Maybe I should start putting some thought into what I write, rather than just whatever pops into my head first.... Nah, that's not really our style, we're more comfortable with randomness, weird tangential monologues and general madness. Anyway, back to presenting the update. The person who kindly heeded our call goes by the name Altair and send us 2 new pictures for the Fan Art section. The one in the thumbnail show Bender standing casually on the surface of the moon, smoking a cigar. How he got there is anyones guess, but he sure looks pretty satisfied with the situation, and why wouldn't he? He's smoking a cigar in vacuum, Leonardo DiCrapio move over, Bender is the true king of the world. The second picture show Bender floating in space, without a cigar, looking slightly less confident.

In space (and fan art) noone can hear you Scream. Spacedal11 is back with a new picture for the Fan Art part of our website. This one is a parody of a poster for the hit movie "Scream". The tagline (which is missing the top part, due to a freak accident involving a scanner) reads: "Someone has taken their love for horror movies too far..." (maybe a comment on the artist herself, considering her portfolio of horror Fan Fictions ). Which reminds me, I ought to see that movie some day. From what I gather it's a decent horror flick, plus it has Courtney Cox in it. It's win-win. Enjoy the pictures.

December 16, 2004

The X makes it sound cool! What sounds cool, you ask? Xtorien, I answer. Xtorien from Spacedal11's Fan Fiction called The Lost Fry. In the last chapter Fry (being a wampire), Leela (having lost her voice in a supernatural ceremony), Drew (being a zombie) and Bender (generally annoyed with all this meatsack crap) were on their way to the planet Xtorien, galactic headquarter for all wampires, to reverse Fry's condition. In this new part 5 Ryvix and Vismic (the wampires responsible for Fry's transformation take up pursuit. Well, I won't tell you anymore, that would just be spoiling everything. Read it for yourself here.

December 14, 2004

Yeah, we're still here... apparently. In the meantime, here's some dirty spy action... dirty, dirty style! Oh well, it does seem that the coming Xmas holidays have caused a real slowdown of stuff coming into Futurama Madhouse. At this rate, we'll all be forced to come up with our own content, and that's not something that's pretty. Still, it's at least not dirty, though. What's this about dirt? Well, we have Morgan Proctor, the queen of filth, in a new work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Fryfan. Actually, this is the ninth of his SpyOrama series, which goes under the name The Bot with the Golden Chip. This latest SpyOrama story of his is a parody of the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun", with new characters and all. Earth's President, Richard Nixon's Head, has created quite a bit of dissatisfaction amongst other planets in the DOOP, making a few enemies bent on bringing him down. Fortunately for them, there's an election coming up for Earth's president. So bring forth Nixon's Head's challenger: Calculon! Oh, it also has Morgan Proctor in it, so get ready for some dirty action. CUT! Well, that's it for today. Maybe I'll have some more stuff in a day or two, if someone would be kind enough to send something. If no stuff comes along, then Nibbler gets it.

December 13, 2004

We ain't dead yet! Hmmm, looks like the steady stream of updates here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone have taken a break these last few days. If this keeps up, I have to get out of retirement an produce something myself. Let's hope it wont come to that. Afterall, maybe our talented and faithful submitters have been pre-occupied with holiday preparations or been busy at school/work. Or they've been visited by bugs, much like Leela have in this new Fan Art from Leelaholic. After buying a new matress Leela discovers it's infected with bed bugs, who find her pajamas a delightfull dinner snack. Luckily for Leela the bugs know when to stop. Probably also lucky for the bugs, otherwise they might've been introduced to the exhaust flame of the Planet Express ship a long time ago. Enjoy.

December 10, 2004

And here's a specimen of some Leela artwork of the early twenty-first century... 1,000 years earlier than expected! Ah well, what's wrong with being a bit early, it beats being quite late. Well, for today, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from a new submitter to Futurama Madhouse, who goes under the name of Blaesa. This new artist has sent in a coloured hand-crafted picture of Leela, whose expression looks fairly quizzical. Well, at least I think it does... maybe you don't and maybe it isn't, but I think Leela's mind is wondering about something or other. What it is she's wondering about, I don't know, but she's wondering. Maybe Bender gave money to some orphans without charging interest, or something like that. Who knows, but the picture is worth a look, which is what really matters.

BTW, I might as well inform you of some security problem when browsing the Net that I was reading about just before doing this update. Looks like you should be careful when visiting some "untrusted" sites, due to the ability of these sites being able to inject their code into pop-ups, making these pop-ups look like they comes from some trusted site. Anyway, you can read more here. Oh well, time to wait for the fixes to propogate around.

December 9, 2004

Behind the eye is the optic nerve! And behind that is the brain, then the writer, and so on and so forth. Anyway, I have a few bits of work for you today for Futurama Madhouse. First up is some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Fry's Lady. The picture you can see is some type of line sketch of a close-up of Leela's eye, with some alien wording to decipher. Fry's Lady has also created a bit of crap art for us to muse over, too. Actually, what usually happens is that crap art is laughed and pitied at, so musing is probably an exaggeration. Anyway, On her new page in that section, she's come up with a bad picture of Leela dressed in Santa gear informing Fry and Bender of a broken image link that needs fixing, pronto. Well, at least we have some Christmas crap to enjoy... laugh at. Oh, BTW, Fry's Lady now has her own site, which is called Philip J Fry 'n' Turanga Leela. According to Fry's Lady's title on the site: "A site I would dedicate to the cute couple: Fry 'n' Leela!" Well, there you go, new pictures and a new site to visit.

Jingle bombs, Jingle bombs, Jingle all the way... *BOOM!* Still not finished here, I've got some more Xmas cheer to bring you all. Well, here's a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. The story is titled Deck the Halls with Boughs of Horror, which deals with Fry's thoughts about when he first met Robot Santa in the episode Xmas Story. He certainly should have a lot to think about for that day, considering that so much happened and all.

December 8, 2004

Have no fear, Dr Zoidberg is here! Or is it "Surrender to fear, Zoidberg is here ... to perform surgery on you"? Leo and Inez Wong certainly dreaded having the lobster physician around. Not because of any chances of him performing medical malpractice on them, but because of his clingy and mooching nature. Then again they tolerated it longer than most mortals would be able to. Funny enough the name of this picture is "Doc Wong", a more fitting name would've been "Doc Wrong". Eh? Eh? Come on, that was way better than the other ideas I had. And I had some pretty crummy decent ones. Jerkberg is the artist behind the latest adition ot our Fan Art section. This addition inlcudes Doc Wong, a picture of Yancy Jr (that's Fry's brother, not his father), Leo Wong looking like he objects to something (probably Zoidberg fertelizing his caviar again ) and finally a picture of Princess Leela (the famous Y2K calendar centar fold). Enjoy them, while I prepare the next entry of this update.

Hi, everybody, Bender B Rodriguez here. Large and in charge! I gots ants in my butt and I needs to strut. A couple of days ago Jennifer MacDonald gave us some cool still pictures of a 3d rendering of Bender. Now she has a small clip ready showing Bender in a neat 360 degree rotation. The file is in MPG-format so I stuck it in the Video Clips section. It's a short movie, only 600 kb. So you have no excuse not to watch it, not even if you have a 56k connection.

The Shadow of Death! All good things come to an end... well, for some people. However, with that end, comes new opportunities, like making artwork and such stuff. That's what Andrea Huckstep has done with her latest picture for our Fan Art section, with a picture that shows the funeral of Shadow, with Leela, Fry and Wario mourning over him in his casket. No idea how Shadow died, but that Wario looks a bit too suspicious with his apparent grief. Yeah, Dectective Graham suspects that Wario murdered Shadow so he could steal his buttered scones. You didn't know that Shadow was a fantastic buttered scone maker? Well, guess what, nor did I. Bet they tasted like utterly murderly.

December 6, 2004

Umm... this is meant to be about Futurama, right? I have to admit to be in two minds before putting this up. However, insanity took hold of me and I relented. It's a pencil sketched picture by Nick Maniakc for our Fan Art section that shows a character of Futurama that he made up. Well, the reason why it's going up is because Bender tricked Calculon in befriending him in the episode That's Lobstertainment!, pretending that he was a boiler robot rather than a bending one. Now, Nick had this idea of drawing what the boiler robot that might have turned up to Calculon's might have looked like. Lots of mights there. Well, I suppose this is one idea what the robot would have looked like, maybe there are other ideas out there, too. Enjoy Nick's latest work for this site.

December 5, 2004

Something evil is going to happen... Oh well, yesterday we had Leela as a Goth of the night, but today we have Leela looking quite intent on something quite despicable, judging from her evil look. Welcome another picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Lisa Locker, a picture that seems to show the bad side of Leela. Just look at that diabolically wide grin that Leela sports, it's just begging to say, "Bwahahaha! Once I press this button, the world will be mine... ALL MINE! BWAHAHAHAHA! *cough* BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Either that or Leela is the Cheshire Cat in mutant form. Hope you can sleep well tonight in your beds, because that grin is bound to cause some nightmares... it's just sooooo evil looking.

Painting by numbers, letters, symbols... Next up, I have a work for our Ascii Art section. Now, there's only two submitters for this section, and there still is I'm afraid, so you have a 50% chance of getting right who the latest works comes from. Give up? OK, the latest work comes from Y_L_B, who has now two more extra ascii arts to her name. Her latest works are as follows: Amy Oh My Gosh and also Zoidberg So Desperately Poor. So, you now have Amy being surprised about something and Dr Zoidberg wondering when his next belt will come from. Maybe the fact that Zoidberg is so poor is surprising to Amy. Nah, that can't be it. Anyway, enjoy these two works of characters using characters.

Oh, glory of glories. Oh heavenly testament to the eternal majesty of God's creation. It's 3D art! Okay, enough Simpsons quotes, it's Futurama time. I have a couple of 3D stills of Bender for you today, all coming from Jenifer MacDonald. They're all available in the Fan Art section, and are really good renderings, in my opinion anyway. There's the thumbnail, one showing Bender from the front, one from the side and finally one from the top of Bender inside his cozy new apartment.

Leela stars in Gothika! OK, it's long after Hallowe'en, but that doesn't mean that Leela can't act the part of a vampire-like creature and dress like a Goth. Welcome a Gothic picture of Leela for our Fan Art section that comes from Fry's Lady. The picture features Leela dressed and acting like a Goth: dark clothing, moody look, etc. OK, that's at least Fry's Lady's interpretation of what Leela as a Goth would look like. Hmmm... it's dark outside right now, I live near a forest, and I can occasionally hear an owl, so maybe this picture will have some spooky relevance from where I'm sitting. Enjoy Fry's Lady's latest picture for Futurama Madhouse. Now, let's find the Monster Mash song. You do realise it was a graveyard smash, right?

December 3, 2004

Our Leader! He's Back! After crossing the Forge desert in a journey of enlightening, Kohlinar master The Voices has returned to humble us mere mortals with more of his amazing Fan Art! There's five new pics, and all of them must be seen in their full size to appreciate all the work that went into them: Testing the Spacesuits feaures Leela and Fry at the top of the Planet Express ship while Bender flies in the background among black holes and other celestial bodies ; The Mad Professor is the original version of a Wallpaper that Gort uploaded not long ago, with Farnsworth doing a perfect Frankestein impersonation ; Rockin' shows Fry listening to (apparently) his old Rush tapes ; Like a Polaroid has Leela taking a picture of herself by placing the camera at arm's length; and Run shows a very stylish Bender running away from... something. Great pictures, all of them; go check out his gallery! [Leandro]

They are all nuts! Fry... Leela... Bender... Zoidberg... Chibi Professor... All of them! At least according to our newest submitter to the Fan Art section, who goes by the name of Satomi Chan. I was linked to this wonderful anime-ized picture of Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg, Nibbler and a Chibi Professor by a friend of mine, and upon seeing it I just had to request Satomi to give it a home here at FM:TLZ as well. She was kind enough to agree, so this wonderful picture no longer just sits in her DeviantART gallery, it shares a place here too. Trust me, it's mightily impressive, moreso than the thumbnail tells.

That's not all, artist Ness has also provided some art of her own. Her two new submissions are Leela in a bright red formal dress and Mom as a younger woman. Be sure to check those pieces out as well. In fact, that dress is too red... I wonder if Leela decided to be impulsive and then used the unfortunate victim's blood to dye the dress like that? Or she probably just went and bought a red dress from the store, it's just better advertisting if there's violence and/or sex behind every picture we host here.

But there's still even more great pictures after that, and from another newcomer too. Please welcomne Asa B to our humble site, who has four brand new pieces of art she's drawn that would give her more than enough reason to not be humble if she so chose. All Leela themed, these fantastic pieces show our favourite violet-haired cycloptian captain in various styles. There's a fairly realistic Leela like the one shown here, as well as three others. The style of her second one reminds me of Batman: The Animated Series somewhat actually. Mighty impressive overall, and a great way to finish on an update that shows Futurama characters don't need to be in standard Groening style to look awesome.

December 2, 2004

I guess Kenneth won't be too pleased about this! Well, you'll be wondering why Kenneth wouldn't be too pleased about the picture for our Fan Art section that I'm about to update about. The reason is that it mixes Futurama with Family Guy, which in Kenneth's big book is a big, fat no-no. Actually, I have mixed feelings about Family Guy myself. I wouldn't say it's a bad show as such, but it's not as great as many make out. However, if you think that's a bad opinion, a heresy so to speak, just take Kenneth to the local pub and ask him to talk about his attitude to Family Guy, and then you better make sure that it's plastic glasses that are being used for the drinks. Oh, don't ask about South Park, because... well, it's best not to ask him about that show when standing anywhere nearer than 100 metres from him. Oh, best be in a sports car with the engine running, too. Anyway, whether you like Family Guy or not, welcome in a picture that features Fry and Brian from Family Guy, that comes from Nick Maniakc. However, I suspect that most of our visitors like Family Guy a lot, so this picture will go down well with most. Steady on there, Kenneth. Down, boy! Heel!

Oh, Mr Bender, you shouldn't of... Next up, I have a work for our Poems & Song Parodies section that comes from Woodbot 2.0. His latest song is titled You're a Bad One, Mr Bender, and is about Bender going on an Xmas stealing spree with the help of poor Dr Zoidberg, who only wants to feel appreciated. However, Bender soon abuses Zoidberg's friendship, like always, while stealing Xmas gifts. Oh well, he's certainly a cruel one, that Bender.

Stop stalling for time and get this... whaddaya-callit.. kajigger updated, you young... whatama-callit... idiot.. Yes, the women with the ugly cat and an apartment stinking of polygrip and catpee, nudged me and told me to get back to work, or she'd beat me with her kajigger. Well, I don't want to find out exactly what kajigger she was refering to, so here I am. So let's get the show statred. Jerkberg is the first to get his work mentioned. He sent us 5 new pictures for the Fan Art section. The first one is the thumbnail of the women with the lazy eye (yes, I know her name is Hattie, but vaguely discripting terms are more fun .... plus they help me exapnd this update beyond the bottom of said thumbnail ... come to think of it so did that explanation ... and this one .... ), the other 4 is a Robot Elder from Chapek 4, Fry and the Bearded Lady from comic 12, Fry as outie Boy (same comic) and finally Fry disgustingly sick with the common cold (comic 11). Enjoy. Well maybe not the last picture, but at least admire the flourescent green and yellow phlegm and snot.

All good come to an end, but what end? Yes, the 10th and final chapter of Missy's History Repeating. Lisa is running away her persuers on Melodious, while Leela and Fry is trying to rescue her, while avoiding being caught themselves. Will they make it? Will they find Bender? Will Lisa finally get back to her own time? Find out more by reading the last chapter, either by going through the Fan Fiction section or by clicking here.

Teral out.

December 1, 2004

How Beamer Saved Xmas! Well, this only comes once a year, and seeing it's December, it's about the right time it did. Welcome a new contribution from Beamer for our Fans' Comics section. Yeah, he's come up with an Xmas story this time, with a comic that's titled Away in a Danger. I'll let Beamer give his apt description: "It's Xmas time again, and Richard Nixon has offered a huge reward to whoever can stop the Santa robot. Professor Farnsworth takes it upon himself to invent a robot-destroying chip, and it's up to Fry, Leela and Bender to attach it to Santa, just a few hours before his rampage begins. However, things go from bad to worse when Santa kidnaps Bender, forcing him to choose between his life or the lives of Fry and Leela." So, as you can see, there'll be plenty of Xmas joy/fear for everyone... even Doctor Zoidberg. Many thanks goes to Beamer for creating, yet again, another great comic.

Here's someone having too much of that Xmas cheer! Well, after that comic, I have something different to show you. Yep, it's time again for more of Rye Guy's unique artwork that he calls fat art, which you'll find in our Fan Art section. It shows Leela having a whale of a time pigging on food, oblivious to what it's done to her figure. Plenty of opportunity for Amy to compliment her, too. Rye Guy has also come up with a picture that's better than crap art but not that good as fan art, but he's still happy about its cute style. It shows "Super Fry" holding Leela in his arms. Awww... they look like they're in love, too. Mind you, wouldn't Super Fry be showing off his powers picking up a fat Leela rather than the regular one? Well, maybe for another day. Anyway, enjoy Rye Guy's latest works... and keep those calories down, you hear.

Arrr, matey! It's the Pyrate Xpress Crew! Today we've got nine great new pictures for the Fan Art section by a newcomer to our section, Cap'n Skusting! Eight of the pictures show the Planet Express crew turned into pirates, and not the software kind: the Professor's become the forgetful captain of the USS Pirate Express ship, with Leela, Zoidberg and Hermes along for the ride, while the Robot Devil lies at the bottom of the sea, and the Nimbus' crew stage a mutiny against Admiral Zapp Brannigan! Good stuff in there, to go take a look!

And, a little late, I just posted a new Futurama Community Interview with the webmaster of the second oldest Futurama Fansite, Javier from The Futurama Point. It's available in both English and the Original Spanish Version, so if you understand spanish, I recommend reading the latter one; some things are always lost in translation no matter how hard one tries. Enjoy! [Leandro]

Fry fries fries for Fry! The above wouldn't work with chips, which is the British word for what north Americans call fries. Then again, chips to north Americans means crisps. Ah, the confusion with dialects. Anyway, all this didn't stop Dead Girl's Poem from drawing a picture for our Fan Art section. The picture that she's created has Fry wondering why someone called his name, and he can only find a bag of fries/chips beside him. Come on, Fry, work it out for yourself... don't run to Leela to explain it. Hmmm... talking of chips, it's dinner soon. Time for something a bit more healthy than chips/fries/Fry. Then again, this isn't the end of the update. Oh well, enjoy Dead Girl's Poem's picture.

Leela goes ape! Well, for the next part of today's update, I have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Pam. Now, this is the third and final part of her Shippy serial fiction called Not Enough Time, so the story will be concluding. However, with Leela looking to revenge Fry's death at the expense of poor Kif, you'd have thought that was enough for the story to concentrate on without introducing a new character. All will be revealed when you read this last part... so, go and do that and enjoy.

OK, last up is the last contribution to Bash Bush Week. Put away your daggers and spears, because this is where it'll be finishing, seeing a week's worth has passed. That should keep the Republican visitors happy. Anyway, here's One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State.

Speaking of red and blue states, I must thank two people for clearing up the matter of why red is for Republican while blue is for Democrat, which all seems the wrong way round for many folks not from the US. Thanks goes to Gene Cowan and Smiley.

Gene Cowan emailed me to say: "Actually, we used to use Red to denote Democratic and Blue for Republican, long ago. In 2000, it seems that a set designer for one of the television networks used the opposite colors on their big results map, and that's the way it's been ever since." Gene also sent in this link to the Washington Post that explains more.

Smiley also wrote in, but gave a slightly different explanation: "Now the USA TV networks chose on the basis of who was expected by Polls to win the most, to stay the most undecided, and to garner the least of electoral votes. Hence in the scheme of Old Glory, the flag, or the 'old red-white-and blue', Bush got Red, undecideds got White and Kerry got Blue. Now on the cable TV networks it was different, for example, Comedy Central did a short coverage piece in which the states that were going for Bush had green Dollar signs while the Kerry states had copper Penny signs. The undecideds has a hand rolling some dice! To each his own."

Still reading? My, you're fit to become a follower of Cubertism. Go on, you can now go and look at the art and written work that's been created for today. Shoo! Nothing more to read here.