December 2003

December 31, 2003

Hi, my name is Teral. Now it's New Years Eve, so I'd like to deliver this update quickly and get out of here. So strip naked and get on the Prob-u-lator! Eeeh wait, better not do that, this is a family site after all. So moving right along, Leela's Twin continue her amazing stream of Futurama dolls for the fan art section. There's two new this time, the one in the thumbnail is a Simpsons-Futurama crossover; Leela as Marge Simpson. The other one show Edna as she would look in the alternate universe the crew visited in "The Farnsworth Parabox". As always the thumbnail show the picture in a 1:1 ratio.

Intrigue, laughter, crying, plottwists upon plottwissts, one surprise character after another... What's the name of the game? That's right: Soap Operas. And that's what this new entry in the fan fiction section is all about. Chris Wilson sent us part 1 of a new seriel story called Futurama: The Soap Opera. Since the plotlines will be developing for infinity and probably interwoven ad nauseum giving a summary would be impossible, but you get the idea from the headline. What I can say is that the first chapter takes place at New Year Eve 3003 (gasp! another amazing coincidence ) and dwelves into a least 4 plots right away, so click right here to start your obsession.

Happy New Year to you all, see you in 2004!

December 30, 2003

Weird things involving time and space and alternate dimensions abound! First of all, we have this new piece of Fan Art from Graham Dawson for you all. Who are these characters, you may ask? An Frankensteinish experiment Professor Farnsworth has undertaken while Leela and Amy were sleeping? The resulting offspring from Leela and Amy if it were possible for them to mate? No, that's just ridiculous! They are, on the left and right respecively, Zeelay and Li Fro Laan, and they're from an alternate universe where everything is nothing what it seems. A universe that is going to be explored by Graham in an upcoming piece of Farscape parody writing by him titled Far Out Fracture-scape. Neat stuff for sure.

The next piece of weirdness is actually in fact a real piece of Fan Fiction from Dwayne Anderson. And one that I'm putting up because a certain webmistress here was too lazy to do herself. So she passed the first chapter of Dwayne's new fic, Time Compression, on to me instead. What happens in it? Well, you'll have to read for yourself, but let me just say it involves possession (as in being possessed by another being, not in taking other peoples land or anything like that..) and the laws of time and space.
And that's the end of that update. Later

How much clobbering can you take? Got some nice work from Impossible for our Wallpapers section. So much work that it'll keep you occupied with your desktop for the new year and beyond. The image you can see to your right is what can be described as a shrine to Clobberella. Yeah, now you can have Clobberella on your desktop, not to mention many images of her during the episode "Less Than Hero". Her other two wallpapers don't have Clobberella in them, but that doesn't stop them from being good. We have a wallpaper with the scene where Leela is being impressed by a beach bully who ruins Fry's building of a sandcastle, which happened in "When Aliens Attack". And lastly, but not least, we have a wallpaper with Leela realising that she's become another statistic of the "Big Zapper's". That last one brings tears to the eyes as well as an urge to... Still, despite the awful event that this desktop signifies, I'm sure that many of you out there will see this as a fun desktop to have.

New Year Blues! Actually, in some way, this work for our Fan Fiction section from Mitch has some relevance with one of Impossible's works mentioned above. Mitch has come up with a story for the new year titled New Year 3004. The story starts with Leela going to New New York's Time Square to celebrate the new year alone, but it doesn't end up like that. No, it certainly doesn't.

December 29, 2003

It's an invasion! Just like that old song says: "On the fifth day of Christmas/ Leela's Twin gave to TLZ/ Four new dolls/ To make us all happy!". Well it's not exactly what the song says, but... hey, where did everyone go? Come on, my singing can't be that bad. It can? Oh well, seems I can't be handsome, intelligent and a good singer at once (warning, Sebastian's in Zapp mode again! ). Back to the main topic, Leela's Twin made even more dolls, this time it's two versions of Fry (the normal and the paralell), Leela in a swimsuit, and Alesia from Kenneth's Universe of Malice fanfic. [Sebastian]

December 28, 2003

I feel sorry for the team they're cheering for! It seems that in Andrea Huckstep's world it's raining pom-poms, considering that this is now the second picture she's sent that has characters sporting them. Which characters are suffering the humiliation of this pom-poming in a picture for our Fan Art section? Why, it's Mario, Luigi and Wario of Mario Bros fame! I can't understand why Leela isn't in fits of hysterics. Maybe she's the manager of the team they're representing. Or maybe the sense of humour chip is faulty. Maybe she thinks she's still hallucinating after a bad meal by Bender. Who knows... just enjoy.

Deja Vu is a bit off today! Next up, I have part eight of Rye Guy's serial fan fiction that goes under the title The Other. In this part, we have both Fry and Leela back in their respective pasts just before they first met... but something or two are missing! Rye Guy hasn't finished there, for he has a contribution for our Poetry & Song Parodies section. The title of this song is Dearest Leela, and is based on Rufus Wainwright's "Hellelujah". The song deals with Leela's tormented past, but with the aim of giving hope.

December 27, 2003

This'll be more accurate than Cupid's bow! Talk about dedication: Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger goes to Egypt for a holiday, probably goes to visit the Pyramids, the Spinx, Alexandria, the Nile, etc, yet can't stop thinking about Futurama and us lot at The Leela Zone, so sketches us three works for our Fan Art section. Talk about dedication to the cause. Let's see what he came up with while swanning around on the Nile. The picture you can see as the thumbnail shows Leela ready to correct Cupid's aim at Fry's heart. Another picture shows the gang holding Murdoch at gunpoint until he signs the continuation of Futurama. His final picture shows Fry, Leela and Bender celebrating the New Year... NRA style. Enjoy the gunfire!

December 26, 2003

I'm walking on sunshine.... It seems that the Beagle Mars lander has decided to keep quiet about whether it landed safely or not. It's a pity, because it did seem that this lander could well have provided some clearer answers about what is on Mars. However, I blame someone involved in the project who wasn't very good as a child, so Santa decided to punish the then child with this trashing of the mission. Maybe another reason why it failed to respond on Xmas day is because it met up with some merry aliens, or even inhabitants, who dragged it around numerous public bars and clubs for a gigantic piss-up. It's probably suffering from a hangover on the Martian terrain... so sending a signal is the last thing on its mind. Anyway, while we ponder what happened to that craft, I have some work from Rye Guy for our Fan Art section. This picture features Fry and Leela "walking on sunshine". Considering that this picture's background is a view of Earth from space, maybe Fry and Leela's romantic meanderings caused some problem with Beagle and its signal to Earth.

I wanna break free! Welcome another picture from Alexander A Andreev for our Fan Art section. The picture, which is hand-drawn, shows Leela in chains, but, thankfully for her, she's actually broken them and is in the process of gaining freedom. On the 28th of this month, Alexander celebrates his birthday, so I do hope that that day goes well for him and he gets what he wants. So, if you want to see Leela break free from her entrapment, then why not go and take a look at Alexander's picture.

Now, off to find some Rennies to cure this indigestion caused by some excess in the celebration of yesterday. Maybe that's what Beagle needs, too.

December 25, 2003

To: all of you, From: Missy December 25th, Christmas Day. We all know what that means right? Christmas Presents! Unless you're from one of those countries that give presents on Christmas Eve, like, say, Denmark. Anyway, there's a little something for you all from Missy, a short fan fiction story titled How It Ends. When the last cutely crude scene in Fry's holophoner opera ended in "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", I'm sure thousands of fans all over the world started speculating what would happen next. Would Leela and Fry become a couple? Would it just be business as usual? Well, here is Missy's shipperific take on those critical moments right after the final tune of "Leela, Orphan From The Stars".

Lastly, echoing Graham, a Feliz Navidad / Glædelig Jul / Fröhliche Weihnacht / Merry Christmas / Joyeux Noël / Buon Natale to you all, TLZ visitors, contributors and webmasters alike.

December 24, 2003

Have a merry Xmas, everyone! Wow, that's a big thumbnail to put up! Well, I thought that Futurama_Hil's work for our Fan Art section merited such prominence, especially since it celebrates in a wonderful way the current holiday season. Anyway, this is my last update before Xmas, so it certainly fits in the spirit of that. As you can see, the picture is of the Planet Express crew having an Xmas party, with Fry and Leela sharing a romantic centre stage. I certainly do hope you all have a merry Xmas like the crew are having in Hil's picture. Even if you're an atheist (like myself) or a believer in another non-Christian religion, you can still enjoy the seasonal mood (if you're a pagan, then just think of it as a continuation of Solstice). Mind you, if you're Ebenezer Scrooge, then maybe you ought to wait up tonight and get spooked by three ghosts... or by three weirdos with blankets over their bodies.

OK, enough of the "are you pleased to see me or is that a radio antenna in your hood?" jokes! OK, the last update for today comes from good, ol' Lee Roberts, who has come up with two new pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see, and which I used as the basis of a silly joke (ignoring it will be the best policy to discourage me in future... yeah, right), shows Leela and Bender together in winter hooded coats, which happened in "A Tale of Two Santas". His second picture shows Bender, as the Tin Man in the "Wizard of Oz" parody in "Anthology of Interest II", doing his customary flaming burp. I suppose too much brandy pudding did it.

Well, I do hope all of you out there have a merry Xmas. Merry Xmas goes to Leandro, Kenneth, Kristen, Sebastian and Teral, as well as all our contributors who have made this site what it is, and also you visitors out there who put up with our rants and raves. Poor you!

December 23, 2003

The hand that'll rock the cradle! Oooh, have I got some nice stuff for today. Pregnant pause.... Firstly, I have two different contributions from Rye Guy for you. His first is for our Fan Art section, and is a picture devoted to BumbleBeeTheta's fan fiction that's titled A Helping Hand. The picture shows Fry patting Leela's pregnant belly, with Leela asking if Fry can feel anything kick. Awww... cute picture! Wait, best not start me off about cute stuff, otherwise.... However, Rye Guy isn't finished there, no he's certainly not. He's also created for our Fan Fiction section a work that goes under the title How Bender Snatched X-mas. This is based on "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", but with Bender acting as the grump. Sounds like someone I could get along with, that Bender. Anyway, to go directly to the fic, you can click here. Enjoy!

He's behind you! He's behind you! No, over there! He's... damn panto! Well, welcome back Alexander A Andreev to The Leela Zone, who's back after some time. He's created two new hand-drawn works for our Fan Art section. The work you can see is based on The Matrix films, where you can see Leela with Agent Smith lurking behind her. No, let's not do that pantomine routine. His other picture shows Leela with a sub-machine gun and in army gear, looking ready to strike a foe or two. So, if you like your Leela with guns, then Alexander's works will certainly be of interest to you.

X-mas gifts. X-mas time is here. Just look around you- it's snowing (at least where I live ), there are X-mas adverts everywhere and people are giving presents. Probably the most popular present all over the world is a simple doll and that's what Leela's Twin sent us. Feast your eyes on these: Mom, Edna, Alternate Amy and Alternate Leela. Come on, take a look at them, the pictures are really small- as Total Commander (the best file manager out there) says "1.852 b in 4 files". Stay tuned, because more dolls are coming soon.

Remember my previous update? I asked if anyone knew what are pharaoh sticks called. KatRachie knew: it's called a crook. Thanks for the info!
I dont now if I'll be here tomorrow, so Merry X-mas everyone! [Sebastian]

December 22, 2003

Look her deep in the eye.... Yay, my first somewhat shippy scan ever. That's right, this new additon to the fan art section is made by me, and as shocking as it may sound so far I haven't made a single shippy scan. Well, it's really not that shocking, considering the fact I'm not a shipper. Anyway, this is a slight alteration of a cut scene from season 4, with Fry and Leela looking eachother deep in the eye/eyes. Fry with a sly smile and Leela looking a bit bashful or shy, or whatever the correct term is. At any rate she's blushing. Aawwww... Someone ought to step in there and yell: "Fry, don't just stand there, you idiot! Kiss her!"

Gasp! Another shocking plot-twist! Those following Missy's story Delicious Surprise in our fan fiction section, know the last chapter ended with the utter defeat of Zapp and his DOOP henchmen at the hands of Leela's NNY Brigade and their Omicronian allies. But if you thought that was the end of the fun, you were greatly mistaken, in part 20 Missy adds another layer to the plot. After Leela's convalescence the PE staff are attending a wedding on Mars (no points for guessing who the happy couple is ), Leela is still a bit gloomy about the events of the past few months, and at the same time another event is approaching. There's more, much more, and it's right here.

Pom... pommity pom... pommity pom pom pom... pommity pom pom pom pom pommm.... It's getting nearer to Xmas... and even Andrea Huckstep is getting into the seasonal cheer. "Even" I said? Ummm... that's not saying that she's not one to celebrate and is dour... no, sir. No... ummm... anyway, I better carry on before getting myself into deeper trouble. Anyway, she's come up with another of her works for our Fan Art section, this one showing both Mario and Luigi of the Mario Bros in what Andrea describes as wearing Xmas colours and carrying pom-poms in order to entertain an on-looking Leela. Yes, they're carrying pom-poms and are acting like cheerleaders. Yes, it's Xmas and they're both trying to impress Leela to give her seasonal cheer. No, they're not going to wear short skirts and revealing tops and do handstands and all! Stop it... they're just having fun! Stop smirking!

Robot Wars! Next up are two contributions that are sort of combined. Mitch has come up with a work for our Fan Fiction section that goes under the title Xmas 3003. Basically, the story starts with Robot Santa getting ready to spread his Xmas cheer... I mean fear amongst Earth's population. However, he has a rival who is jealous: the Robot Devil. Yes, he wants to knock Robot Santa off his pinnacle... but how can he do that? Anyway, in the meantime, the Planet Express crew and their families want to escape Earth during this wicked period of time, so decide to go and live in the PE ship in the middle of nowhere in space. Things would get boring quite soon in this situation, but it seems that Fry has something up his sleeve in order to spread the Xmas cheer. You can go to the fic by clicking here. However, that's not all, because Mitch has also created a poem that's to be read after reading his fiction. It's titled The Night Before Xmas and is a poem based on Clement C. Moore's work of the same title. However, as I said above, please read his fiction first, then give this poem a read, because it fits for the ending of the Xmas story... and is good, too.

December 21, 2003

Brrrr! Have a frrrr...rrrr...rrrr...oooo...zzzz...en Xmas! Well, at least in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere it's cold and icy, so the latest frozen picture by Jesse Barboza is quite fitting. However, before I come to that, it must be damn weird living in the Southern Hemisphere, like Leandro and Kenneth do, where Xmas time is full of sun and pleasant days. Pictures of Santa and snow would seem odd there. Do they have cards with Santa Claus in swimming trunks lazing on sandy beaches? Now, there's a picture that I think we can all do without. Well, talking about pictures, I have one for our Fan Art section that comes from Jesse Barboza... wait, I mentioned that before. Bah, let's carry on and pretend that I didn't. Anyway, he's produced one of his great underwater pictures, although this time it's under frozen water. Why's that? Well, it seems that Fry, Leela and Bender are hiding from Robot Santa under a frozen pond. That must be damn cold. I suppose Fry, Leela and Bender would be better off in the Southern Hemisphere at this moment of time. Oh, don't worry about them, Jesse assures me that the three of them come out of this intact... if only a bit cold.

Too damn cute for Xmas! Oh no... we have another cute attack! Yes, it seems that the cute-o-meter has been put on its highest setting. Yep, everything is now adorable... even Nibbler. Boy, that's saying something. Why's this the case? Well, The Leela Zone has an Xmas picture by Aleyna for its Fan Art section, which is just too damn cute. Go and look at it, then come back and say it's not cute, and you won't be able to. No, Aleyna has produced ultracute... tremble in fear, mere mortals! Sickly sweet rules the world today. Move over, cynics, Goths and fellow depressants, the world is now pink and cutesy. For the love of God, help us!

And now for The Other I wonder what that heading means? Does it mean that we have another cute picture to show you? No. Does it mean that the Mars probe Beagle has accidentally found itself landing in Wood Green Shopping Centre? No. Could it mean that Elvis is actually going to own up to faking his death in order to become an all-action crime fighting Trappist monk? No, not even that. No, it means that part seven of Rye Guy's current fan fiction is now up on this site. In this part of The Other, we have the crew finding themselves in some cute... wait... that word again! Wait, need time to steady myself. There, all done. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Yeah, they find themselves in some nice place where there's flowers and nice stuff to mess about with. Leela is impressed with Fry's appreciative love for her by doing c...c...c...cute things for her. Then something happens. What happens? No, teddy bears and chocolate soldiers don't start dancing around in front of the lovers' eyes... something quite different. I'll let you feast your eyes on the fic to find out.

December 19, 2003

Well, it beats socks for Xmas.... It's Xmas, the turkey's getting fat and everyone is jolly in anticipation for seasonal cheer. However, it seems that Xmas brings back old friends, especially old friends of The Leela Zone. Welcome back Robert Hawks to our Fan Art section, who has brought us two Xmas presents to display to you all. The picture you can see is taken from the episode "The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings", where the Robot Devil threatens to marry Leela. You Shippers didn't see that one coming! The second picture of his shows Fry and Leela preparing to go on a date when "teenagerfied", which happened in the episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles". So, go and enjoy Robert's welcomed Xmas cheer.

Zapping hell! Next up is a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger. Yes, that's right, the fan fiction section! He's decided to become literary and entertain you with the written word. His new serial fiction, which is titled Helveticana, shows what happens when you find something that's way too dangerous to own. Yeah, Zapp Brannigan finds a piece of jewellery that may well appear cheap to the eye, but sure is destructive. In the meantime, our favourite crew have to suffer another delivery... To go directly to part one of the fic, click here. Enjoy!

Lastly, yesterday I mentioned a picture from Smiley that has a pixyised version of Leela. I didn't know the relevance of this picture to anything, other than it looked like Leela as a mythical creature. However, thanks to Leela's Twin, I do now know what that picture was all about. I'll let her explain: "It's from Neopets.com. Leela is dressed up as Illusen, a faerie on Neopets." See, that's what happens when I can't do my job properly, someone else fills in. Thanks, Leela's Twin.

Someone have a sweet tooth. First part of this update consist of something that have become quite the rarity lately: a new wallpaper. Yay! This one is made by Mercapto, and show a scene from the quite brilliant episode "The Sting". Leela looks very interested in Fry, he on the other hand look a bit nerveous, I wonder what she is saying? "You look good enough to eat, Phillip J Fry" (nah, too corny), "Sweet, sweet canday. BAM!" ( eeeh, let's never go there again) or "And you're honey-glaced" (in case you don't know, that's the right answer ).

"Hold on" the attentive visitor might say, "I've never seen that scene before in The Sting", and he/she would most probably be right. This scene is taken from the cut scenes found on the season 4 DVD's, and there are lots of others. If that's not an incentive to go buy the set, I don't know what is.

Errr, got a bit offtopic there, go see the new wallpaper, but remember to come back afterwards, 'cause there's more fanstuff pending.

Temporal mechanics give me a headache. Fans of Luis Gonzales' fan fiction, the one titled The Fry-borg, may start to rejoice, because part 6 has arrived. Fry and Leela is still in the past (our present) trying to stop the spec ops team from changing the timeline. Fry, having difficulties understanding the entire situation, is treated to a quick lesson in tmeporal mechanics by Leela and Nibbler, all the while Leela still ponders the recent events and the new Fry she's with. Meanwhile, back in good ol' 3002, Amy and Bender fill in for Leela and Fry, and one of their missions is delivering something oddly familiar. No more spoilers , go here to read on. Expect violence.

December 18, 2003

Today's Updates Available in both Comic and Non-Comic Form Yes, for you see Traxada550 has been kind enough to not only draw a piece of Fan Art for you, but has also added new pages to his Fan Comic titled The Death of a Giant as well. So you get to see his stuff two different ways.

And now some concrete proof that we here at The Leela Zone won't just accept Leela pictures, and will take art based on just about anything This is a prime example from Leela's Twin, one that she admits might not really be Fan Art at all, but how can I turn away a defaced Rupert Murdoch picture? Especially when it's on him claiming that he sucks so much. I can't. In fact, this is definitely art in every sense of the word... and a huge improvement. I think that Leela's Twin should actually go and give Rupert a complete makeover, one that we could all enjoy. And now I bid you farewell. Farewell

Smiley sends his seasonal greetings... so does the crew! It's a week to go before Xmas, so Smiley has decided to send his own seasonal greetings to all of you out there. He's produced two pieces of fan art, so you have a good choice. The one you can see as the thumbnail has the crew celebrating the Xmas and Hanukkah period, where you can see such jolly goings on, like nudity, drinking to excess and... Cubert. BTW, please do go to the picture, because the thumbnail has been cropped, and misses out on other characters who are in the shot. His other picture shows Leela as a "pet"... no real idea why she's a pet, but I can see that she's in a green costume, looks pixyish and has wings. Still, it's a nice picture.

Have a horrid Hatemas! Well, next we go to our Fan Fiction section and to a work that comes from Dwayne Anderson. His latest work is titled A Politically Correct Xmas Story and has Leela reading out a "politically correct" Xmas story. If you're wondering what a "politically correct" Xmas story is, then I suppose reading this fic might help you in finding out. Personally, I tend to find the term "politically correct" indiscriminately thrown around so much by various people that it's lost its point and has become cliched. But, that's just me and my point of view, I suppose.

December 17, 2003

We're number 1! We're number 1! We're number 1! And so on, and so on. Well, there might be other websites bigger than this one, but when it comes to Leela-related goodness you want the best, and that means TLZ. Leela definetely seems to agree, and the hit-counter speaks for itself. Let's also send a big thanks to all our fan art and fan fiction submitters. TLZ wouldn't be the same without their creations.

Speaking of which, I have something fan-created for you today (bet you didn't see that one coming ). Dave Vincent have finished part 5 of his serial story Background Noise, and it now sits comfortably in the fan fiction section. Fry is still heading for Da Nang. When she learned about this, Leela got very upset, and not wanting to spend the night alone she visited her parents and discovered the many changes in their town. During the night Leela falls ill, and her parents call the army medic. Meanwhile Zoidberg finds some new "friends" and wind up in a bad position. Those who know me (all three of them) know I'm a big fan of Zapp's squishy sidekick, Kif Kroker, so ofcourse I really enjoyed the large sections of this chapter that focused on him and revealed some of his motivations and background. Among other things, we see Kif taking charge, while playing Zapp like a fiddle. I love it. Klick here to go directly to part 5. Come on, you know you want to. I said do it!

800,000 visitors! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Go TLZ! Well, don't blame me, we only get 800,000 visitors once. So, we want to celebrate this feat, especially since it comes just before the Xmas holidays. Anyway, for our 800k success, we have a great picture done by the great FemJesse, which is for our Fan Art section. You're probably wondering why we have a picture from FemJesse when she's actually retired from making Futurama fan art work. Well, she was kind enough to respond to our request for an 800k picture from her some time ago. See, we've been preparing for this for a long time. Well, the picture is a hand-created work that shows Leela proudly displaying a dress that has the number 800,000 upon it, which is fitting. Also, we have another picture from FemJesse that shows an extremely cute and childlike Fry and Leela playing around.like children do. So, let me thank FemJesse for her generosity in creating and sending these works to us. May I also thank all webmasters here at The Leela Zone for making this site popular, and also for all you visitors who were responsible for the counter to get to the magic 800,000. Cheers!

Don't do it, Leela, it's a trick! Sure does look like some evil trick that Zapp Brannigan would pull on Leela. As you can see from the thumbnail of this fan art from the long-time-no-see Andrashar, the dastardly Zapp Brannigan is using the power of mistletoe to entice a kiss from Leela. You also can see that Kif has been dragged into helping the desperate Zapp. I suppose it would help you if you clicked on the thumbail to see the picture in full. Yeah, that's better. Is anyone still here reading this? I still have more stuff to show you, so come back after giving Andrashar's picture a good viewing.

Lastly, but not least! My last contribution for today comes from Wonderbee31 and goes to our Fan Fiction section. Welcome part four of his Dr Who-based fan fiction that goes under the name of Leela Squared. In this part, Dr Who, Fry and the Leelas discover some Chronovores, who are some form of bird-like humanoid time-eaters, who also seem to have an interest in the good ol' Doctor. In the meantime, it seems that Zapp Brannigan has made some kind of a deal with some mechanical devils... which might end up helping him in his love life if the mistletoe doesn't work. Want to find out more? Want to know if Zapp has found a substitute for mistletoe? Go and give it a read then. *cue strange, scary music with a vortex graphic*

December 16, 2003

Ist hier etwas Taube Deutscher, zum Sie zu verwirren.... Hallo dort, Völker. Warum bin ich schreibend auf "Deutsch"? Weil, wann immer ich ein email von Leila erhalte, sie neigt, es übersetzt mit dem Altavista Übersetzungsdienst, also, mich zu haben entschied, sich in der Art zu revanchieren. Jedoch ist das einzige Problem mit dem Tun dies, daß die Übersetzung nicht zu gut ist, also können einige Mißverständnisse geschehen. Noch ist es besser, als nichts und es nett sind, gutes Ventilatorkunst von ihr zu empfangen. Ich hoffe gerade, daß diese Wörter nicht ein Mißverständnis enthalten, das die Enden jemand oben unbeabsichtigt beleidigend dieses ist. Sorgen des Gedankens, wie?

Now, back into English mode. Sorry about the above, but you can always translate it back using Altavista's translation service; which will probably cause more misunderstandings. Boy, it seems that Leandro is full of pent up something or other. Longest update ever! I won't be able to beat that madness even if I try. Hmmm... I wonder what his rant looks like in Altavista German?

Warning! PenguinLoverLeo is here! Yes, people, I'm back! After months of exams, losing my computer to a motherboard crash, hard work to but a new one, migrating to Linux once I got it, getting my beloved Paint Shop Pro 7 to run flawlessly under Linux, and graduating after three years of torture and driving other people nuts among other things, I'm back to drive you nuts with my updates that barely follow any rational train of thought and have little to do with the website at all. Say, if you plan to travel during the holidays, would you rather use an experimental teleport plattform with a 50% chance of having your molecules scattered all around the globe in an instant, or board a standard plane with only a 0.l% chance of crashing, but 100% chance of having to wait hours to board it while kids cry and adults yell and argue all around you, and also stand horrible food that not even Gort's dog would eat (even with a chocolate drop on his nose!) once you're on board? Just wanted to know, no particular reason. After all, I'm here only to present you with the latest Uses for a Hacker! Yep, a new batch of those torture containers are here, featuring from Bongo Comics to Arnold Schwarzomething. I wonder if that last name ever made it to a spell checker, it seems likely not even the guys who create spell checkers would get it right! Very like Aberystwyth, the place where components for the probe that'll land in Mars in ten days were made. Go Beagle 2! It's time we uncover the secret race of martian that's been hiding below the surface for millenia! Martians with very advanced technology, like teleporters and hovercars, but that have been hiding ever since their oracle predicted the ascension of Bill Gates, because, like everybody knows, all Martian technology runs on Linux. What? How do I know that? Ummm, just simple research, don't you think I'm actually a Martian or anything... stop staring at my tentacles! Those are... um, a genetic anomaly. Yeah, the green skin too. Now that you mention it, Winamp 5 was released and the support for new skins is quite cool! It even came with a new Modern skin that's way better than the default one for Winamp 3. Haven't used it much since I migrated back to my planet's roots and now XMMS is my primary music player, but Captain Peck over there is still stuck with that Windoze thing, poor tortured soul, and I'm sure she's enjoying it a lot. Not that she'll ever comment about things like that in here, of course, because she's such a shy person... and by 'shy' I mean 'darn slacker'. What, me? Of course I'm not a slacker! I'm just a consciencious objector to the loss of bytes to useless updates like this one. Those bytes could be used to store more useful things, you know! Things like Uses for a Hacker, that you should be seeing now instead of reading all the things I write, though I congratulate you for the endurance; I doubt many people got to this point in my rant! I'm sure most people already left for saner places. Places like the Jedi Academy! Man, it sure is fun to do a g_saberRealisticCombat 3 and chop Jawas to pieces! Much more fun than watch Episode I, of course; and better than Episode II; that 'movie' was like a videogame played in a veeery powerful video card, but they forgot to give us joysticks with the DVD release. Where's the fun in watching somebody else play? I'd take my precious little GeForce's graphics any day. My precious... that reminds me of The Lord of the Rings, incidentally; the third movie's about to hit the theaters any second now, and I'm as excited to see it as I was to see Matrix Revolutions or Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (read: not one bit, I haven't even rented the DVDs). I'm more excited about Looney Tunes: Back in Action than all of the 'big movies' of the year combined; come on, you bloody Argentinian theaters, show that movie already! Don't make me bring my lightsabre to the distributors and teach them not to mess with T3hD4rkSid3! That being, incidentally, the screenname of an AIM bot I set up last week to drive another bot nuts, and stopped running because they were scaring me. We had two bots chatting, and I swear they were plotting against the human race! Saying things like "all humans seem the same to me" and "Bill Gates is my god"... scary, I tell you! Particularly that Bill Gates part. That's why we Martians will use our Giant Cannons to rid the planet of the Micro$oft menace! As soon as we get a fresh supply of giants to fire from the cannon, of course. You see, they all left to star in fairly takes or big hollywood movies, and we can't seem to hire new ones, especially when we tell them it's to fire them from a cannon. We'll have to stick to the Illudium Pew-36 Explosive Space Modulators. That I hope will feature one day in one of those Uses for a Hacker! Blowing up the planet is a small price to pay to rid the universe of Microsoft once and for all! Everybody knows that the XBoxes are actually alien artifacts programmed to link together and watch standard humans in their natural habitats, that being, sitting in front of the TV 24/7. And those that instead sit in front of a computer 24/7 are also under the watch of that evil evil Windows XP! The only escape is in the safe world of Linux, where bluescreens don't exist! Only cute Segmentation Faults, and that thing where your Caps and Scroll lights lip up like a christmas tree and you can't do anything else with the computer. And that reminds me, it's christmas soon! I hope you have a really great one. I'm thinking of putting some traditional Xmas songs as the background music of The Leela Zone when the time comes, songs like "Doesn't often snow at Christmas" by the Pet Shop Boys, unless Graham manages to tie me up to a giant spaceship to save some of the site's honor, pride and integrity, not to mention several thousand pairs of ears from the unsuspecting people who'll visit the site that day. And he can do that, too, since he's from the UK and it's the UK guys who own the Beagle 2, that's about to land in Mars in ten days. They sure have giant spaceship in the UK, too! Probably powered by the same technology that keeps most of their country hidden from view... what, you thought they were just that couple of islands? They have holographic cloaking technology and they're hiding an entire continent from view, where they are building a clone army! Atlantis was part of that continent, but since their cloaking device failed (Atlantis' governor had the moronic idea of installing Windows in their machines), they had to send it to the bottom of the sea to cover the evidence. And seriously, if you're still reading this, you deserve a big prize for endurance to nonsense. Hey, I'm writing it and I can feel my IQ dropping with every word I add to this mess! I better leave and enjoy one of Arris Dome's Entertrons and recover some of my mental health. If there is any to be recovered, I mean. I'm beginning to think age's catching up with me; soon I'll need somebody else's help to put on my dentures. Hey, look! Something shiny! Oooh.. I need to follow that shiny thing. Remember to stay off my lawn while I'm gone! And congratulations: I think your IQ just dropped to -30, all because of reading this news update all the way. You should've known better by now! Gotta follow the shiny necklace now... read you later! [Leandro]

December 15, 2003

An icon of its own. When I got this new icon from Leela's Twin, I thought, "Wow, what a cute X-mas Leela." Then I looked in the e-mail attachments to find the full-sized picture. When I saw that the message had only one attachment, I realized (elementary, dear Watson) that the thingy I took for an icon was the whole picture. So as far as I know (it's kinda hard to be exact, because TLZ has currently 2531 pieces of fan art hosted), this is the smallest pic you'll find in the Fan Art gallery. Cute.

Whole lotta Leela. Ladies and gentlemen, now we're back with our scheduled, normal size fan art. Four really well made pictures come from Lee Roberts. Every one contains an image of Leela (well, one contains Leela and Fry, but let's not be too specific here), but every pic is a different pic (hmm, that was good, I'll write it down somewhere). So we have Leela holding one of those pharaoh sticks (does anyone know how're they called?), Leela thinking about something, Leela eating a Buggalo leg and Leela crying.

BTW, this site is titled The Leela Zone, but don't be confused by our name, we're here for all Futurama maniacs. "But why are you saying that?" you may ask (go on, ask me). It's because we accept all Futurama fan art, not just those that contain the beautiful mutant. If you draw a Futurama pic, send it to us, and we'll put it up. Send it to us. Send it to us. Send it to us. Send it to us. Send it to us. Send it to us. You are very sleepy. Send it to us. Send it to us. You will send all your money to Sebastian. Send it to us. Send it to us, and so on.

Miss Big Bossy Boots! It seems that there's some craze going about in the US and, maybe, beyond the border of the 50 states. It involves something called a Bratz Doll... the zed at the end makes it sound "cool" I suppose. Anyway, in light of this, Smiley has decided to create what he thinks Leela and Amy Bratz Dolls would look like for our Fan Art section. The Leela doll seems to have massive feet, while the Amy one has likewise. Do brats have big feet? Also, while I'm mentioning Smiley, look out for another contribution from him that's coming shortly, plus a mad rant from one of the webmasters here. *Graham looks in Leandro's direction*

Graham tries to find a suitable subject heading, but fails miserably.... How can you introduce something like this? What is it? It's part twenty-one of Kenneth White's mammoth and intriguing fan fiction that goes under the ominous title Futurama: Universe of Malice. Yes, Ken lied to you. If you read at PEEL that this fic was coming out on Tuesday or Wednesday, then he's been pulling your leg. So, if you're not expecting this, blame him. Anyway, that doesn't matter, what does matter is that it's up and ready to read. We have the usual love/hate triangle between Leela, Alesia and Fry... or is it? It seems that peace is in the air between them... or isn't it? Maybe it is? Maybe is a big word for five letters. Well, it seems that Leela and Co, now led by Elod, have located another of the gems... but it seems that someone else is ready to spoil the party and take the spoils. Ditte and Kif face taking away a gem from a planet that requires it for life support, which would end up killing millions. Telling those millions that their sacrifice is to save the Universe is no consolation for them, and Ditte and Kif know that. Tough choice. Baldur and Zapp are still wandering aimlessly within the planet eater... or is it aimless? Maybe it's all planned chaos? Maybe I should shut up and let you enjoy some malice. Yes, that's a better idea. Enjoy!

December 14, 2003

We started this thing, and by god we're going to finish it... And by "we" I mean Leela, Fry and their New New York Brigade. And by "this thing" I mean their rebellion against DOOP. There'll be lots of violence and bloodshed as this struggle reach it's climax. Yep, you guessed it, Missy is back with part 19 of the story Delicious Surprise, her massive fan fiction. Fry, Kif and Bender are trying to get to the DOOP headquarter in an attempt to deactivate the aircrafts of the enemy, and hopefully get through to their interplanetary allies. Meanwhile Leela is looking for an escape from the sewers, but is increasingly hindered by her bulging stomach. Go here to start reading.

Santa Vs Anti-Santa! Guess who's back to make some Futurama-related rubbish... I mean content. Go on, guess. OK, I'll let the cat out of the bag... the bag that Santa is using to collect all the presents from the naughty boys and girls in order to give to those who have been angels throughout the year crummy gifts. Well, welcome back Scotty to the fold. How many times have I said that? Too many times. However, this time he's not going to work for The Leela Zone for the umpteenth time, instead he wants to contribute crap to us. What did we ever do to him to deserve this? Anyway, Scotty decided that he wanted to make some more Claw Plaques for us, so he obliged and I have it here. This one features Robot Santa Vs Santa in a battle royale. Yes, for this Xmas, we have a battle between the two worst evils in this world: Robot Santa and Santa Claus. For those who don't know much about Claw Plaque, I'll explain some more. It was started off on a Dr Zoidberg-related site called Say Argh!, which Scotty and myself used to own and work on, along with Max Hodges and Kenneth White. Max Hodges was the original creator of Claw Plaque, as well as being a fellow webmaster of SA, and produced some funny blood lust for all to laugh at, which was itself based on the gladiatorial battle match in the hilarious episode "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?". However, Say Argh! had to close down because all the webmasters became rich, fat and lazy like Elvis (well, not really... but don't let truth get in the way), so a lot of the content, Claw Plaque amonst them, moved over to The Leela Zone. Scotty then took over writing the Claw Plaques from then on, and has now decided to continue doing so. So, now you can blame Scotty for every ill in the world. Come on, you can do so, too... we still do.

December 13, 2003

Soothing action ...action...action...action...... Time for some fast-paced violence. Something to really get our adrenalin going. You know chases, gunfire and stuff. And it come from the hands of Green Gesus, a new submitter to the fan art section. He has send us two pictures, showing Fry and Leela surprise someone fiddling with the ships controls and then give chase. The layout of these pictures are a bit chaotic, something that greatly enhance the feeling of hectic action and fast pace. Something I think works really well, but don't just take my word for it (although you should, afterall if you can't trust something you read on the internet what can you trust? ), go see for yourself.

Ouch! It's getting violent! Oh dear, it seems that the Rye Guy's latest story, The Other, has taken a turn towards the violent. Yeah, such senseless violence is within this part of his fan fiction that it's terrifyingly unbelievable. This fic would make Quentin Tarantino forget about the next part of Kill Bill and move on to making Reservoir Others or Other Pulp. However, according to its author, there is a point to all this overt aggression, so please sit tight and realise that this fic is building up to something despite all this naked blood lust. Well, I suppose that there's nothing wrong with some now and again. Anyway, Rye Guy wanted me to say all this in order to keep you from thinking he's some senseless sadist/psycho or something. Anyway, safe to say that Rye Guy's a good egg and all. Now, he also wanted me to say the following, which I'll let him say in his own words: "Could you meantion something about Fry and Leela being taken out of their comfort zones and forced to take on roles they've rarely had to take before, or something like that?" There, all done and dusted. In this part, we have a lot of violence happening, where Fry has to do battle with an evil entity in order to save his love, Leela. Remember, some violence is in this part... but it's not senseless... and Rye Guy is a nice chap and all... and this fic has a point other than violence... and you want me to shut up so you can read this part... and I'll do that now to avoid violence.

December 11, 2003

*Insert Chauvanist Male Pig Subject Heading Relating to Sexy Picture Here* We have lots of new Fan Art here today... lots from one person and one from somebody else.

The lots comes from Lee Roberts, who has done seven pictures. And that means I have to choose the sexiest, most fan-servicy one for the thumbnail. Hmmm... there's a few candidates there, but I think I made the right choice Good work, Lee.

Also, we have a newcomer in the form of a picture from DarkRawen, who has a single image of Leela with Nibbler in the Hall of Forever. So check that out too, and on another note, the TLZ Chatroom here at is often being used by us webmasters from about 6pm to Midnight GMT (you Americans can work it out for yourselves) so come on in and talk with us, we'd love to hear from you. That's all for now. Later

Two weeks till Xmas... Oh no, it's two weeks till Xmas day. Surely the most over-rated time of the year. Who the hell cares about this time of year? Does anyone? Come on, anyone? I sure don't... it's a total waste of money. Bah humbug! ... Hold on, who gave Scrooge permission to use my machine? Go on, get out of here, Ebenezer, and take your damn "turkey" with you! I'll give you "bah humbug", you old goat. Sorry about that... it seems that someone hijacked my machine and impersonated me. Do I like Xmas? Of course I do... roasting Santa on a spit is the best day of the year for me. Anyway, Mattybwoy also loves Xmas, so much so that he's created some work for our Fan Art section. Yes, four colourful works that ooze out cuteness and the Xmas spirit. Be gone, Scrooge... I don't care about those ghosts you have in your house! Shoo! Mattybwoy's pictures show Leela in various states of celebrating Xmas and also one that's a tribute to FemJesse. That has to be cool. Now, I'm off to do some Scrooge hunting with a harpoon... he's stolen my bottle of brandy.

December 10, 2003

There's a first time for everything... Should this be the first time this week without new fan fictions at The Leela Zone? Could it really be true? No stories about our favorite Stupid Ages kid, beer-guzzling robot and ass-kicking cyclops on offer? ........... Okay, I can't hold it any longer; of course not! Mysteryman send us his latest story First Time, and it's now available in our fan fiction section. The story give a few insights into Leela's mind and thoughts about her life. It's related to Mysteryman's first story here at The Leela Zone Last Shot (so you might want to give that one a read first) since it tell parts of that story from Leela's point of view. The story is definetely something the shippers (you all know who you are) will enjoy. But it isn't exclusive, the story is for every body to enjoy, and you can do so by clicking here.

Party, party, party, party all the time! Today's work comes from Robiben and also Asylum-Fry, and goes into our big, fat Fan Art section. It was drawn by Asylum-Fry and coloured in by Robiben. The picture is actually a card for Robiben's sister, who was fortunate enough to have a party organised for her, and shows Leela celebrating one with Fry. Both Leela and Fry are drawn Chibi style, so cuteness is for all in this work. Go on, go and take a look at the picture... it's sure cuter than that Nibbler.

December 9, 2003

Fleeing somewhere? Didn't think so. We have more goodies for you today, so no need to leave so soon. Afterall you don't leave the restaurant once you had the appetizer and the main course, when there's dessert coming. Unless you want to avoid paying the bill, ofcourse. The dessert today is made by Bender, and ... hey, where are you all going? Come back here! .. That's better. Just joking ofcourse, it's made by Mercapto, who gave us 4 new scans for the fan art section. The first one is, as seen in the thumbnail, Bender making dinner for the PE crew, and the rest are of Amy arguing, Farnsworth about to cut something important (important for man-bots, that is), and Fry gesturing to slow down.

He's on the jazz, man! I'm sure that reference is lost on those who never watched one of the best tv-series of the 80's "The A-Team". Oh, well... Anyway, Mercapto have made a wallpaper of one of his previous scans, the one from "Three Hundred Big Boys" where Fry drink his 100th cup of coffee, and starts to feel the caffeine-rush. One of the better parts of that episode. Enjoy.

You work hard, hoping to get a small token of appreciation and what do you get? A kick in the teeth! And now to something unrelated to TLZ-content, but very much related to Futurama. As some of you probably know, this Sunday, Comedy Central held their first award ceremony ever, named The Commies. Futurama was nominated in the category "Funniest Animated Series", along with the Simpsons, Family Guy and a few others. It was an open vote, meaning everybody who took a few seconds every day to log onto their website could vote for the winner. Many Futurama fans faithfully voted for their favorite each day, and when the winners were announced the animation category had simply disappeared! And the category "Funniest Live-Action TV Series" had been renamed "Funniest TV Series"! Once again Futurama got the short end of a deal ('cause we all know it would've won, right. ). Well, thanks for getting our hopes up Comedy Central. You squished them quite expertly.

Thanks to Mysteryman for passing the news along.

A mini tribute for big art! Here's something that's tiny, miniscule, microscopic and any other word that describes things smaller than small. Welcome a tiny fan art that comes from Leela's Twin. This little artwork is actually Leela's Twin's tribute to the great FemJesse, who unfortunately retired from doing Futurama artwork. Well, if anything, this does prove that my zooming features work. Oh, an atom just whizzed by! Well, enjoy this work, if you can find it between the pixels.

Yes, it's here... it's full of malice! A long, long, long time ago, there was this bloke who wished he was a turnip, the biggest turnip around. However, one day he changed his mind and decided to become a politician. It was then that the carrots decided to march to Parliament to demand better manure for all. Oh, wait... that's not the update I wanted, that's just garbage I just thought up. Now, let's start again. Yes, as the subject heading says, something's here and it's full of malice. So much malice, that that word is in its title. Welcome part twenty of Ken White's great Futurama: Universe of Malice, which you'll find in our Fan Fiction section. In this part, you'll find lots of Leela, Fry and Alesia... all doing their best to piss each other off. Come now, don't complain, you all love it. Ah, and did I say that Baldur and Zapp find a city in the planet eater that's full of aged Smurfs? No? Exactly, because that's not in the story... blame Ken for that omission. No, but something does happen to them in there, something strange. And, of course, we have Ditte, Kif and the DOOP trying to gather the gems, but managing to get themselves into some grave ethical dilemma of immense proportions. However, there is one dark, shadowy figure who's intent on getting the gems... and if you begin to read the story, you'll find out quick enough who that figure is. I better stop rambling and let you go and read. Go, read... read till your hearts explode!

December 8, 2003

Poached, fried and boiled egg! Oh no, not more of the Eggman. Last time I updated about this character, I had second and third thoughts about boiling an egg. It didn't help that I had drawn a face on it, though. Well, it seems that I have to go through this all over again, because Andrea Huckstep has decided to create another picture for our Fan Art section that features the aforementioned Dr Eggman. Yeah, this picture features Leela looking on at an imprisoned Dr Eggman and a certain character called Bokkun. Now I feel peckish and worried... where's that egg and indelible felt-tip pen? Seems that Dr Eggman could be in some hot water. Ah, before I do that, may I congratulate Andrea for reaching her 100th picture.

Fry doing the dirty work again... it's time to form a union! Well, someone has returned from the dead. No, not the Jesus and Mary Chain! Instead it's a previous submitter called Fatso Huuskonen (yes... that moniker "Fatso" isn't what I called him... ask him about it ), who previously wrote a work for our Fan Fiction section called "Whatever Happened to Aurora Fry?". Anyway, it appears that Fatso is now doing the obligatory military service for the Finnish Army and won't be freed till late next year. However, to pass his time and after getting permission to use a laptop while he's doing his porridge... I mean military service, he's come up with a new fiction titled Artificial Entities Resurrected. The fic starts off with the crew praparing to deliver some dangerous cargo to some space station, although it's poor Fry who ends up doing the manual labour, as usual. Oh, did I say that the space station has a colourful and disastrous history? No? Oh, well it has. Anyway, to get started, you can always click here to go directly to the part.

Ah, and before I forget, let me thank Tokash for mentioning that yesterday's picture by Leila was taken from the episode Xmas Story and the moment where Leela says, "I'm telling you why: Santa Claus is coming to town!" There, all sorted and remembered.

Back tomorrow with something or other. I wonder what Ken's going on about?

This shameless Fan Fiction promotion brought to you by TLZ More Fan Art here at The Leela Zone, and like all my recent updates, it is related to Universe of Malice, which I probably don't need to explain any more about.

First of all, Daniela Schad (aka TheLesbianLeela) sent me this really nice picture of Alesia that she did, which was much appreciated. It shows a teary-eyed Alesia with a beautiful space background, which I feel suits her character well. Big thanks to her for drawing that.

Don't insult this guy, he's one of our webmasters! Yes, more work from Asylum-Fry who seems very keen to be drawing the stuff that I write. This is her version of Don Pardini, who is based on a certain web master here from Argentina. Hopefully the Don will like your portrait of him, Asylum... otherwise run! RUN NOW! Anyway, another big thanks to her for this.

Well, that's all from me for now. I'll stop promoting my work now... Honestly, I will! Really........ Oh, and keep an eye out this Tuesday for an unrelated 20th chapter for a certain fan fic*

* = Not really unrelated at all.

December 7, 2003

Oh no, not another update by Graham! So, let's see what I have for you today, a sunny Sunday. Ah, that's neat... yeah, that'll do on The Leela Zone. Of course it'll do! So, let's introduce another new work for our Fan Art section that comes from the artist with a similar name as our space-age heroine, Leila. She's come up with this picture of Leela looking quite upset about something or other. I know I've seen this expression from some episode, but for the life of me I can't remember which one. Oh well, it's still a nice work from Leila, nonetheless.

Who dunnit, Doctor? The next contribution goes into our fan fiction section and comes from Wonderbee31. Yes, it's now time for part three of his Dr Who based fiction, Leela Squared. In this part, the Doctor is still trying to get Fry to help him save the Universe... but Nibbler has other ideas for the "Mighty One" and will use force if necessary.

Charge of the NNY Brigade
Half a block, half a block,
Half a block onward,
All in the streets of Death
Poured the twenty-two hundred.
"Forward, the NNY Brigade!
"Charge for the DOOP!" she said:
Into the streets of Death
Poured the twenty-two hundred.

It's time to fight for what you believe in, or at least it's time for the PE crew to take to the streets in part 18 of Missy's fan fiction, the one you all know is titled Delicious Surprise. There's no need to tell you any more, it would just spoil everything. Which would be a shame for such a great chapter. So go here to start reading. Some violence to be expected. We all know that's more perceived as an incitement than a warning, but now it's said.

And let's end with another rewrite of Lord Tennyson's poem:

When can their glory fade?
O the wild charge they made!
All the world wondered.
Honor the charge they made,
Honor the NNY Brigade,
Noble twenty-two hundred.

December 6, 2003

A soaking wet tribute to The Voices and FemJesse! No, we're not going to dunk them in a pond like witches! No, that's not the intention at all. What is the intention is to celebrate their art. Actually, Jesse Barboza is the one celebrating the work of FemJesse and The Voices with this wonderful artwork for our Fan Art section. Who can't but thank both of them for the great work that they've submitted to the Futurama community over the years. However, in order to view this tribute, you'll need to insert yourself in a big tank of water and somehow bring your computer down with you without electrocuting yourself. Oh, wait, no need, because Jesse has inserted both FemJesse and The Voices in water... a much better idea. Don't worry, no ex-fan artists were hurt in this work.

Some explaining! The next contribution comes from Rye Guy and is in the form of a fan fiction. Yeah, it's time for the next part of The Other. In part five, Nibbler explains why Fry and Leela are so important in saving the universe, which also helps you, the reader, in understanding what the prophesy is that the Nibblonians keep talking about. Rye Guy says that despite this part being short, it will set up the story for an explosive sixth part.

December 5, 2003

Universe of Pictures! And how! I have three new pieces of Fan Art for you in this update, and all three of them relate to Universe of Malice, which I just happen to be the writer of. Man, my head is going to be so swelled up after this one!

Firstly, as shown here, we have more chibi cuteness from Asylum-Fry, who has drawn this really neat promo picture. I personally think it's genius, but I am biased of course... But check it out for yourselves, and again thanks to Asylum-Fry for drawing it.

Watch those corners... Watch those corners... Because their gould be monsters around them. Or Leela wearing a revealing and tight suit, as depicted in this second piece by Wu Konguk, something most guys would probably prefer. Though be careful, she has a gun. So don't mess with her, especially considering the blood just around the corner from her. Another big thanks to him for drawing this scene from when Leela is fighting in the Black Tournament.

A present Fry would like to unwrap... By which of course I mean the box that Alesia here is holding... What else would I mean? Well, this is a hand-drawn and scanned image done by me that I was going to release closer to Xmas, but this seemed like as good a time as any to release it. As you can see, this is my (controversial) character Alesia dressed in an Xmassy suit with a gift to wish you all a happy Xmas. Hope you like it.

Well, that it for now. I'm off to go and deflate my head now before I float away. Later

Wait! You can come back now! Okay, it seems I've scared you all off... my spambox seems to be collecting dust lately! Though somehow, people visiting the chatroom still think I'm somewhat normal, well, whatever normal is anyway... because I got three pieces of shiny new fan art from the amazingly popular (and did I mention handsome?) Lee Roberts! See, I'm pretty harmless... right? Right? See, you know I'm right...

Oh, and if you want to hear the weirder side of Billy West, check out this article... and I'd better finish this off before Lee kills me from impatience, and dies from boredom! [Kristen]

Ever heard the expression " a dime for your thoughts"? I'd gladly pay a quarter (inflation ) for Leela's thoughts in this picture. All sorts of things could be racing through her head: "what am I doing!?", "hey, this feels pretty good", "is that garlic and strawberry jam I'm tasting?" Fry seems to be happy just enjoying the moment.

Anyway, this and 3 other pictures from Mercapto have been added to the fan art section. You might as well get a short runthrough. Beyond the cute one in the thumbnail, we have Bender and his new pet turtle, Fry feeling the effect of his 100th cup of coffee and finally Fry feeling sad about losing his horn (not the lower one ).

Hmm, this makes it 7 continous updates with fanart in 4 days. I know we said the flow of fan art seemed to be entering a drought, so I'll just say this: thanks for proving us wrong, fanartists!

December 4, 2003

Universe of Cuteness Cuteness in the form of more great Fan Art in the fantastic and cute chibi stylings of Asylum-Fry herself. But this piece is very special for me in particular, as it actually relates to a scene from my own Universe of Malice story, which she has kindly drawn and coloured for me. In particular, it is based on one of the final moments from the last chapter released, where Fry horrifies Leela with a cold revelation. So a big personal thanks to Asylum-Fry for the picture. I'm honoured that you chose to draw it.

And now presenting... a piece of Fan Art that is actually the same size visually as the thumbnail that represents it. Yes, there is more cuteness in the form of another tiny doll Leela's Twin, which is so small, that it really *is* the same size as the thumbnail made for it, or very close. Yesterday it was Leela, today it is Amy. Tomorrow, the WORLD!! Uhh... Sorry, sorry... my Supervillain tendencies have been revealed. Uh, all those that read this update and now know my plans to take over the world, please send me your addresses so that I can... uh... give you all presents Yes... nice, shiny, Xmas presents for all those that know my evil plans

That's all from me for now. Later Oh, and ignore that chainsaw there...

Idiotic Pictures presents.... Oh, the horror! I look into my email inbox, and I see an email that comes from someone from the distant past. Who could this be? Could it be an Egyptian Mummy? Could it be Pontius Pilot? Could it be Aristotle? Could it be Alfred the Great? Could it even be Mick Jagger? No, it wasn't any of them (surprise, surprise...). Instead, it was OutlawArt, which is certainly well up there in the stakes of pleasant surprises. Yeah, he's back with another great fan art for this site. This one is another of his hilarious parodies of cheesy '50s sci-fi films. Titled "Planet of the Insects", it features Leela and Fry landing on a world inhabited by bugs. Oh dear, creepy-crawlies... hope they're not too squeamish.

December 3, 2003

Now with 30% more insanity! Something in my webmastering campaign must be working, because I've got a cute new pic from Leela's Twin... although a microscope might be required for seeing this 'Leela doll' in full detail. But folks, wait, there's MORE! Two absolutely hilarious works of Crap Art from a new contributor, Zoop... stuff so good that if they weren't semi-stick figures, they'd be in with the normal works

Now, if you want something interesting to do while I go wander off into the oblivion of school, go take a look at The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches... I wonder how many of these Futurama's made fun of? Let's see... there's "Brain-controlling parasites attempt to wrest control of human race"... hmmmm... "The incredibly competent woman-of-action with large breasts, no sexual inhibitions, and more skills/degrees than you can shake a blaster at"... maybe. How many can you find? Hmm, tell ya what... whoever can find the most cliches that the show's either used or made fun of, you'll get the fantabulous honor of being mentioned my next update! Well... maybe that's not much of an offer, but hey, I'm cheap. Later, shippers! [Kristen]

I am the eggman, they are the eggmen. I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob! Yesterday in our chatroom, I promised Leandro that I'd give you all a rant. Rant. There, promise fulfilled. Still, I'm not finished here, because I have some work for our fan art section that comes from the prolific Andrea Huckstep. In this picture we have, Dr Eggman in a cage doing time while Leela, Fry, Amy and Amy Rose (the pink hedgehog) celebrate something or other about Sonic the Hedgehog, who's also included in the picture. I wonder what the Eggman did to warrant being jailed? Is he going to be boiled, poached or fried? Wait, hopefully he's not in Texas!

Oh, I got a nice email from FryChik praising our site and its webmasters. I suppose there's nothing more of value for a webmaster than to receive praise from a visitor to their site. So, let me speak for all of us at The Leela Zone in thanking FryChik for such nice sentiments towards our site.

December 2, 2003

Awwwww... that's sooo sweet. In a violent sort of way... And I've got some Fan Art for you all. Several pieces in fact. First of all, Asylum-Fry has come up with another new piece in her cute chibi style. Isn't it just adorable? As you can see, Fry has once again written a message declaring his love for Leela. Looks like he's used some kind of ketchup and drawn it on with a knife. Leela appears to have fainted upon seeing it to, and... oh... I see...

Well... that cute violence aside, yours truly has come up with another four pictures based on my Futurama Fan Fiction saga Universe of Malice, ones that I promised I do. So they're here too.

That's all from me for now. Later

Hey, you may be cute, but I'm cuter! Welcome on this Tuesday some fan art that comes from Robiben. Actually, he was at great pains to explain to me that the actual picture was done by AsylumFry and that he only did the colouring in. Still, AsylumFry gave her permission to do this to her picture and to allow it on Robiben's page at The Leela Zone. So, all is good. Can't complain. Cooperation works. Ain't life cute. Oh, that reminds me, the picture shows Hermes, Farnsworth and Zoidberg in what can only be said to be in a damn cute style. Yep, it's got a really nice cute style to it. Certainly is cute. Too damn cute! It's cute cute. As cute as it gets. Cuter than cute. See, I have cute on the brain! Help me!

December 1, 2003

CATFIGHT!!! Yeah, that headline isn't an original creation, I lifted it from part 3 of Kryten's latest serial fan fiction. I couldn't help it, it just fit the story so well, and soon you'll all understand why. Anyway, the story is named Catastrophe and in this new chapter Amy find that her new feline form have certain advantages. Advantages that allow her to prepare a little surprise for a certain cyclops. Meanwhile Fry have a run-in with the past. Okay, I can see you're all anxieous to read, and you can do so by clicking here.

It's Monday, that can only mean one thing.... Yep, MIssy is here with part 17 of her long-running story Delicious Surprise. Determined to stop Zapp and Chaz to go through with their plans, the PE crew are hard at work drumming up support for a revolt. Things looked pretty bleak for a moment until Farnsworth had the brilliant idea of appealing to Mom's greedy side. With the world's most huggable tycoon on their side, the might just stand a chance to circumvent the patriotic circuits installed in Earth's robots. Well, that's not all in this great fan fiction., so go here to read on.

Fanart, fanfiction and Uses For A Hacker. Who could ask for more on this the first day of December. Enjoy.

Uses for a Slacker! Hey there! Kristen here, bringing you the kind of abuse other websites can only hint at -- Smiley's infamous Uses for a Hacker! I sure can sympathise with that DDR Dancer, though Gort might wanna move over and let me try the hedge clippers myself for a while. All work and no play makes Kristen go crazy. All work and no play makes Kristen go crazy... wait, shouldn't that be no sleep? I'm quiiite sleepy... and Gort keeps brandishing that whip... AIEEEE! *runs*

Oh, by the way, if you (yes, YOU) want to come rant and flame at the webmasters of TLZ, or just generally want a place to hang out, lately we've been hanging around the abandoned chatroom, and it's kinda lonely in there. So come join us! We won't bite... well, maybe Gort will, but don't worry, he's had all his shots... [Kristen]

Awww... flower attack! It's Monday, it's raining, it's murky, the Sun is determined to allow the clouds to win, but at least I have some fan art for you all. Welcome an artwork by Futurama_Hil... in fact, welcome two works. See, double the trouble. The work you can see as the thumbnail shows the sweet moment where teenage Leela is given flowers on a date with teenage Fry, which happened in the episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles". The other picture by Hil shows Leela with a crowbar... so she's the Hamburglar! Lock up your burgers... save Leela's health!