December 2002

December 31, 2002

Okay, put that "Laugh Track" tape on the stereo... Oh man, this really is funny. It appears Fox has time travel devices... and they don't even work too well! If you wanna read the whole C&D letter, go to this Felizonia forum where I posted it yesterday. Now, my comments!

• The letter is dated July 30th 1999 (though it was sent yesterday, December 30th 2002), obviously in a lame attempt to have some legal background to say they have warned us a looong time ago, or something like that. But, sending the letter to the addresses in our Leela.com.ar domain, that we didn't have until November of 2000! Not to mention sending it to the email addresses of all four webmasters, including Kristen, that joined the site two months ago.

"Fox is the exclusive owner of all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights in and to the famous "Futurama" television series and motion picture..." Wait, there's a Futurama motion picture? I didn't know that! Well, maybe some of the Fox guys saw the video game running and thought, "hey, look, a Futurama 3D motion picture or something, did we authorize the money for that?"

"Fox has dedicated tremendous time and resources to the creation of quality entertainment programming such as "Futurama" and greatly values the comments and suggestions of fans that enjoy Fox's programs." Oh, yes! That is soooo like Fox! I wonder if they even saw the A Future for Futurama petition and its thousands over thousands of signatures. Plus, tremendous time and resources? Come on! They haven't even ordered new episodes!

"We recently discovered that your web site (http://www.leela.com.ar)" Hmm, "recently" as in now, or as in July 30th of 1999? Either way, those guys are too slow, aren't they? And they got it all wrong. "Leela" is spanish, it means "Read it"! We're a spanish magazine called "Read it" who just so happens that we like Futurama so much that we put articles about it on, uh, every update. Yeah, that sounds right. Hey, maybe I can demand Fox for false accusations! They even managed to get the site down for a while before with their C&Ds, so I have legal background to say they're cybercriminals!

"Fox tries to support its fans whenever possible." LAUGH TRACK

"You are hereby put on notice that [...] providing such items for free on the Internet) constitutes copyright infringement and trademark infringement, and potentially subjects you to both criminal and civil sanctions." Yup, bite my shiny metal ass. They put us on notice by sending an email with over three years of delay to an address that didn't exist back then and addressed to the wrong person, even? I gotta follow the "lawyer" career, sounds like I'll make laugh a lot of people... and I get to use the deLorean for time travel!

"We also request that you remove any and all links to other sites containing infringing "Futurama" material. You are hereby put on notice that liability for contributory copyright infringement can emanate from your providing such links." Oh, right, you can't link to sites that infringe copyrights, how silly of me. I better warn Google and Yahoo! and AltaVista and all those search engines that they better remove all Futurama sites from their databases because they could get C&D'ed otherwise. Wait, Fox would love that, wouldn't they? As Graham said, "I suppose they'll argue that the material on those sites (which ones?) are copyrighted and that linking to them is akin to showing them yourself, but I'd just say that that's up to the visitor to decide whether to go there and the webmaster of the linked site to take care of such material."

"This web site, its operators and any content on this site relating to "Futurama" are not authorized by Fox." Hell, yes! Finally something we agree on! This website isn't authorized, endorsed, supported, or even liked at all by Fox! The feeling is mutual, by the way. We hate Fox! Burn in hell, Fox! Why, why, why did they have to get all rights to Futurama? Let's Axe them out of Rupert Murdoch! Axe Murdoch, Leela! Axe! Axe! Axe! Oh, that felt good.

"understand that if you do not remove these infringing materials without delay, we will be forced to recommend to Fox that it take appropriate legal action against you to have them removed." Yup, like mailing MyDomain and having our domain shut down, prompting a hunt for a new DNS provider and having the site down for three days (that happened in February, for you new visitors).

"Your interest in "Futurama" is most appreciated. Fox will continue to do its best to bring you quality entertainment." Note to Fox: "The Chamber" is NOT quality entertainment. Oh, and it would be nice if you brought the real entertainment (namely, FUTURAMA!) to a timeslot where we can actually watch it (none of that 7pm crap ).

"Very truly yours, Dennis L. Wilson." Thanks, Mr. Wilson! By the way, starting January, whenever you get home from your busy job as lawyer, you may wanna tune in to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and watch some episodes of Futurama in a network that actually promotes it properly. You'll find it more fun than writing those boring C&D letters! You've been sending those out for, what, four years with Futurama alone? You need a break, man.

I tell you: at this rate, we're going to have more C&D's than layouts! It makes me so proud... I better start creating new layouts fast... maybe I can create a layout whose background is the C&D's wording! [Leandro]

Fox won't be stopping us bringing in the New Year! On this New Year's Eve, I bring you another picture from The Drainpipe for our Fan Art section. Fortunately enough, the picture by him is related to the coming New Year, as you can see that Leela, Fry and Bender are preparing some big 2003 sign to celebrate the coming day. If you're wondering, The Drainpipe will now explain about the main heading on his picture in his own words: "The main header is a lyric that's repeated about 25 times in the outro of David Bowie's song, 'Memory Of A Free Festival' (classic hoedown material). The song closed off the 1969 Space Oddity album, but Bowie re-recorded a superior, electricified version as a two-part single in 1970 (to disappointingly minimal sales)." So, there you go, more David Bowie information for you all.

Now to some funny news. Fox has sent us another one of those great Cease and Desist notices asking us to take down certain "copyrighted" content. It's so great to know that Fox is still bringing in the entertainment for all of us. Forget those funny pre-emptions, the gut-splitting idea of tossing out episodes in random order, and that toilet-inducing 7pm time slot that Futurama has been landed with, Fox can now bring you fans out there even more entertaining stuff about them caring about the show that they've butchered. Isn't that really funny? I can see that 2002 will be ending in a hilarious way for us at The Leela Zone. Don't worry, we won't be going in a hurry... it's not like we have gone in a hurry before. Anyway, I'll let Leo rant away about this, as I guess he'd like to add to this comic situation.

Finally, happy New Year to all of you out there. I hope that 2003 brings you good luck and everything else. Let's hope it brings Fox a sense of humour. Bottoms up!

December 30, 2002

Where the f**k are my clothes? Here you go, some fan art from someone who has lately concentrated on wallpapers, The Voices. Here he has created three images of Leela: one based on his last wallpaper; another showing Leela crouching with a gun in her hand; and the last, which you can see to your right, shows Leela sad and naked (tasteful, mind you). I wonder why she's sad? Maybe she lost a bet, was sold the emperor's new clothes, or found out that some crap plumbing has stopped her having a hot shower. Whatever it was, the pictures he's sent are cool.

December 29, 2002

If only I could think of something witty to say, I'd be king of the day rather than the pauper! Dunno what to write today, so instead of doing my usual ramblings, I'll just introduce another great work from The Drainpipe for our Fan Art section, and if anything pops up, I'll then rabbit about it. As I said, The Drainpipe has come up with another David Bowie-inspired picture, which features Leela as Sarah and Fry as Jareth the Goblin King, who were characters in the 1986 film "Labyrinth", which starred - guess who - David Bowie. Now, as I've finished describing The Drainpipe's latest picture, I'll ramble about football... [that's enough of that - Ed]

I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of gum... Gotta love that quote! Nope, it has nothing to do with the image to the right; S-Chan has completed the Cards for the episode My Three Suns, with 25 of 'em. So go and enjoy! The image to the right comes from Jennifer Morton, and is now sitting in our Fan Art section, featuring Leela and Stitch. My random babble generator is broken, so I'll just let you enjoy the content without the nonsense that usually comes associated with it. Yes, really, I won't babble! Don't look at me like that. Sheesh! Some people... [Leandro]

December 28, 2002

Awww... thanks! But, I couldn't eat another! Andrea Huckstep is back with another of her Kirby-related pictures for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela cradling the new-born child of King Dedede and Hazel (I think that's her name) of the Kirby show. Well, it seems that Leela is quite happy to hold the infant of these two characters, and may even be thinking about sprogs of her own. Awww! So it seems that Kirby is expanding in population, eh? Better run for the hills, then.

Ah, that reminds me, according to Don Del Grande (who does an excellent job enlightening us of upcoming episodes at alt.tv.futurama), the next "new" episode of Futurama will be Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch (4ACV01), which will air on 12th January. Hmmm... two weeks to wait for that "new" episode. Thanks Fox!

Oh, I just had to come back to add to this update. Anyone in the UK (maybe outside of the UK, but I'm not sure about that) who hasn't got the season one DVD of Futurama but wants it (why wouldn't you want it?), can go to Argos and get it for £12.99 (damn, that's cheap!). So, there you go, a bargain if I've ever seen one.

December 27, 2002

Come an' 'ave a go if you think yer 'ard enough! Here we have a new wallpaper from that talented The Voices. Now, this wallpaper might be heavy on the byte size for you poor modem users, but when you see it you'll forgive him for his over-indulgence in this area. As you'll see, this is another of his detailed works, where the background has so many things going on in a subtle way. I do like his backgrounds, as they show someone who appreciates that a quality background can really enhance the focus of the picture. Anyway, if I fawn about The Voices any more than this, I'll be having to rename TLZ into The Voices Zone or something, which might make him happy, but it just wouldn't do for the rest of you poor sods. Then again, he is our leader... so maybe I should do it or something, but I digress. Well, as you can see, this is a Leela work with her dressed up in some mechanical armour ready for some action. Seems that someone is going to get a kicking... and if I carry on like this, it'll be me. So, I think I'll shut up and let you enjoy The Voices work. But remember, The Voices is our leader, so bow before his mighty work, mere mortals!

Now, where was I before this update? Ah, listening to Sepultura.

December 26, 2002

Congratulations,! Our 400.000th visitor arrived at 17:57:09 GMT! Someone from Greece, apparently. Let's get drunk to celebrate!

"Careful with this sign, Fry..." CRASH! "Sigh..."

Man, things like this sure make the holidays more fun. Thanks goes to Erdrik for the 400K visitor pic! This month we averaged 900 visitors per day... maybe, just maybe, it's time to post the visitor statistic graphics here again... for a couple of months, while my vacaction lasts [Leandro]

A dog isn't just for Xmas! Oh well, this picture from David Johnson for our Fan Art section came a bit late to be put up for Xmas Day (at least for me to put up), but it's here now for all to see. It shows Fry receiving what would be his greatest Xmas present of all time: Seymour. Actually, if you read what Leela is thinking, you'll find that the story isn't quite that, but why spoil what's a nice moment. Anyway, I hope you all had as good a day as Fry is having in this picture from David Johnson.

Sounds... late but still sounds! Not only have I got a delayed picture of David Johnson's for today, but I have the sound clips for last weekend's episode, A Taste of Freedom, which could have come sooner. Anyway, if you want to hear Leela and other characters defending the right to eat a flag, then you know where to go - McDonald's! Enjoy the McSounds.

Oh, seems that the 400,000th visitor is soon to view our site. Cool!

Leela now does whatever you want her to! Daniel Brand just realized that we had a (badly organized; my fault) Game Addons section, so he sent me something he created a month ago: a Leela skin for The Sims. Go get it! Now, with this skin in your posession, all Leela Lovers can get Leela to do whatever they want, from cleaning the kitchen to taking a shower while they look... ewww. I wonder how many Leela Lovers will go running to buy the game right now because I said that! We already had a Leela model before, but this one includes a feature that the other did not: Leela's ponytail, 'cuz let's face it, Leela with no ponytail is like Bender without a beer, or TLZ without layout changes every two weeks. It's just not meant to be that way! Oh well, I'll leave you to your games, and continue the update... Just remember to eat and sleep once in a while if you have that "Hot Date" expansion pack thing...

Now that's a nice pic for a wallpaper! That's what I said when I opened the latest batch of Fan Art coming from one of our top artists, Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, that now has over a hundred pics in his gallery pages. He didn't send it as a Wallpaper, but nothing that a little resizing can't solve... Enjoy! And don't forget to head to the Fan Art section and check the original pic and two others in Douglas' page. Included there is an Xmas pic that got here too late for Xmas, but oh well, I'll save it and use it as an eCard next Xmas. Oh, and happy KwanZaA to all the guys who care about those things! [Leandro]

December 25, 2002

An Xmas update from me? That's Impossible! Merry Xmas, people! And KaZaA... no, wait, Kwanzaa tomorrow, and Hanukkah two weeks late, and Winter/Summer solstice four days ago, and whatever else you're celebrating these days according to your religion or not! Come on, even atheists use this day as an excuse to get drunk! I know I do! Pass me that glass, willya? But before I'm too drunk to even remember the server password (thanks Microsoft for that "remember password" thingy... sheesh, I'm THANKING Microsoft for smething? I'm drunk, definitely! ), I'm gonna post this little holiday update, which features a couple new pics from Impossible in our Fan Art section, as well as seven new Uses for a Hacker, featuring all sorts of things that appear fun to do when you're in my drunky state. Fun funnyness! I'm off to keep on shakin' my alcohol-full body 'til I collapse on the floor. Viva la joda Navideña! Greetings go, in strictly alphabetical order, to Amanda "PsychoGirl", David "Dave" Curtin, Don Del Grande, Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, Erik Strawser "Erdrik", Graham "Gort" Update-Boy, Heckle (whatever your name is!), JavieR from TFP, Javier Lopez "Sparrow", Jennifer Morton, Kenneth, Kristen "Corrupt" Chaos, Larry "Smiley", Lucas Araujo, Marcelo "WalrusJuice", Michael "Teral" Nissen, Patric Verrone, Robert Hawks, Ruben (wherever you are!), Sebastian "S-Chan" Szostek, Sofie Fenwick, TheVoices (whatever your name is, too!) and Vicente "Bending Rodriguez", as well as all the people I'm forgetting, like the good guys at the Felizonia forum and of course, the thousand guys and gals that every day visit TLZ. Have a nice Xmas, guys! Now let's go get drunk! [Leandro]

December 24, 2002

You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot. Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it's our last! OK, before anyone complains and doesn't come back due to offence, those were some of the lyrics from what I think is probably the best Xmas song of all time: "Fairytale of New York" - The Pogues. Why those lyrics? Well, they were appropriate due to The Drainpipe coming up with this picture for our Fan Art section that you can see to your right, which shows our "bums" of New New York gushing the alcoholic stuff down somewhat and getting pretty merry during a work's Xmas party. Anyway, it was an excuse to say "arse"! Not only has The Drainpipe done that picture, but he's created two others. I'll let him describe the first picture for you: "First one is based on a scene from the Married...with Children episode 'It's a Bundyful Life' (1990) - hence the return of Leela's Peg-do - although Fry's reaction is noticably different from Al Bundy's (Al: 'Aw Peg, how do you expect me to get excited when you just re-wrap the same old junk I didn't play with the year before?')" The second picture from good ol' Drainy is a coloured hand-drawn picture showing both Leela and Fry kind of depressed about something or other. Maybe they found out that their dentist is now Shane MacGowan.

Well, enough crap from me for today, Leandro will surely add his later on today, too. Now to act like a lamer: HAPPY XMAS EVERYBODY!

December 23, 2002

Bums on seats! Ouch! Firstly, let me say that S-Chan's layout is full of good, Xmassy spirit. Also let me say that he's asked me to wish you all a Merry Xmas from him... and I just have! Now, onto today's update. Erdrik has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section. The one you can see on the right shows Leela holding an opened can of chili and worrying about the consequences. I suppose it depends on the strength of that chili, but maybe being delicate the next day is going to be likely. The second picture is a parody of That '70s Show, but instead his is titled "That 3070s Show". Groovy man! Get on down! Disco sucks!

And here's a Kirby Xmas for you, too! For this Xmas period, Andrea Huckstep has come up with two pictures of her own for our Fan Art section. Both feature Kirby characters, which shouldn't come as a surprise as Andrea seems nearly obsessed by that show. Anyway, all to their own. The link image "features Fololo and Falala decorating the 'Xmas tree', while Leela, Fry and Kirby characters look on", while her other picture shows the "Meta Knight's band providing Xmas music for Leela and Fry". Oh, and seasonal greetings to you too, Andrea.

Also, while I'm mentioning Xmas fan art, if anyone has any Xmas-related art that they want up before Christmas Day, then please send them by 18:00 GMT on Christmas Eve (don't worry, Impossible and The Drainpipe, I do have your works and they'll be up tomorrow - well before 18:00 GMT, might I add - unless you have some other stuff that you still haven't sent this way).

Finally, Ben the Legend has asked me to plug the start of Futurama season three on Channel Seven in Australia. Apparently, it's a double-header, starting this Thursday (26th) at 22:30, showing both "Amazon Women in the Mood" and "Bendless Love". There, double helpings!

Un beso para Paola si se le ocurre venir a ver qué hay acá! Hello everybody! Finally someone remembered that this site has another webmaster besides Graham! Sebastian just sent me a new pic for you all to enjoy, and as usual it's a great one, and also in the spirit of Xmas. He's also created a great new skin for our layout for the Xmas time, too, so TLZ is now back to the usual one-layout-a-week standard! Let's see if we can maintain it; any takers for the next layout? This one's staying here until all the Xmas alcohol goes away and I can remember the basic FTP commands to transfer the other layout online. Pass me another martini! Well, I don't remember what I was supposed to say here, but I still have a while to go while I download some Alan Parsons Project's songs, so maybe I should just go ahead babbling the nonsense that has made me infamous.

Stand by to take the blame, Kif! The last episode was cool! Loved the Nimbus getting sliced. Let's see how they fix that! We know it gets fixed because it's there in Where No Fan Has Gone Before, but an episode were we get to see how Zapp directs the poor Doop dopes while fixing the ship would be fun. Or maybe they go Nimbus-shipping! This episode felt quite Star Trek-ish to me, being a "message" episode, and though it was planned for airing last year, it got to air in a moment where it means more than if it was aired last year. Really good episode! I give it an A-, with the minus there just because I didn't get that joke where they run into the library and the camera stays still, and also because they cut the part where Bender goes inside the nude tube! I'll now be forever curious to see what happened there! Well, until the fourth DVD set goes out, anyway. Which reminds me! Amazon now has for preorder the Region 1 NTSC Futurama DVD Box Set, which all the goodies you've felt lots of envy at the europeans for, but in yankeeland-compatible formats. Go get it, boys! By the way, how come Fry only knows about Freedom Day this year? He's been in the year three thousand something for four years already! Where he was the earlier years? Did he get his head trapped in a crater? Wait, that may be possible. Ah, nevermind. I'll just go get some more of that Xmas candy and drinkable stuff. Merry Xmas, everyone! [Leandro]

December 21, 2002

[SPOILER] Getting busy and freaky, in some order or other! Well, it had to happen, and it has! The Leela Zone can proudly present the framegrabs for the episode A Taste of Freedom. Now, before I go on, anyone who hasn't seen the episode, and that'll be a load of you as this is the day before it actually airs, and doesn't want the episode spoilt, then don't look at these grabs before you've got to see the episode. There, that's all over now, the rest of you can read on. I have made some Leela-related and a lot of non-Leela-related grabs for you all. This was a fast-paced and enjoyable episode, which did give us more insights into Zoidberg's history and his people, as well as some great satire. Well, I won't go on any longer... you have some grabs to look at. Have fun!

December 20, 2002

My present's busted! Five days to go before all hell breaks out on Christmas Day. I suppose some of you will be getting some good stuff, but can you at least spend some seconds thinking about me getting my usual round of socks, bad/cheap aftershave, and some other stuff that was someone else's Christmas present last year. Oh well, I suppose it's the thought that counts. Let's get back to the update. In this festive season, some contributors to our Fan Art section come up with Santa Leelas. We had Erdrik with his Leela dressed up as the fat old guy who breaks into your house to steal cookies and leaves his trash behind (I must stop thinking about my coming presents... if any ), but now we have The Drainpipe with his version of a Santa Leela. This version seems to emphasise the bodily bulges a bit higher up than Santa Clause's stomach... which should keep some people amused during this holiday period. Enjoy the pic and don't tear at the wrapping too fast.

December 19, 2002

Big in Japan! After Sebastian Mrozik's entrance into our Fan Art section yesterday, welcome yet another new contributor for today, Caleb Cypher. His work shows Leela with "Hentai" hair drinking in a nightclub, seemingly after a long day of hard work driving the ship, saving her work colleagues and turning down Fry's romantic proposals for the umpteenth time. There, a night of relaxation for a busy space captain all for view. Hope to see some more from Caleb Cypher. Enjoy the pic.

December 18, 2002

A big "hi" to a new artist! Yep, welcome Sebastian Mrozik, a new contributor to our Fan Art section, who has come up with ten pictures for his debut. What you'll find is ten pictures, all done by hand, showing all our favourite characters. For instance, there is Homer Simpson meeting Bender and... oh yeah, better mention a Leela-related one... the end scene in the episode Roswell that Ends Well, where Leela is holding Bender's head after finding him buried for over a thousand years. Anyway, there are eight others out there to see, so why not go and take a gander.

Also, while I'm here, some of you might be interested to know that Voice of the Many has added some solutions of his to Cubert's Rants. He has decided to take on Cubert/Plasma's nitpicks of Space Pilot 3000, adding several solutions to their points about that ep's inconsistencies. So, after taking a look at Sebastian's pictures, maybe you'd like to take on either Plasma or Voice of the Many's points. Contributions are welcome to this section, BTW, so don't hold back. Actually, why not come to our Mailing List to further discuss these rants and their solutions. That would certainly be an interesting discussion.

Over and out.

December 17, 2002

Get your Xmas greetings ready! I just paid some much-needed attention to the eCards section! Now you have five Xmas background songs to add to your greetings. Also, I added the first card that doesn't feature Leela at all: the Amy greeting card you can see to the right, made by Javier from The Futurama Point. More Xmas greetings may be here soon! I also added some new songs for your non-Xmas needs, in case you don't wanna send anyone an Xmas greeting until it's Xmas. Later, y'all! [Leandro]

Angel of Harlem! No, I'm not a fan of U2, but their song "Angel of Harlem" inspired the headline. Anyway, welcome to Impossible's three new works for our Fan Art section. The image you can see to your right is that of Leela as an angel with some lyrical text behind her (I don't know where that text comes from if it's not Impossible's own, but maybe you will). The other two images show Leela as a hippie, as in the episode Bendin' in the Wind, and Leela screaming in shock/terror, which I believe comes from The Honking. There, I'm done. Enjoy the pics.

December 16, 2002

Realising that it's turkey for the next two months, then this! Oooh... busy, busy Monday! Seems that Leo has ended his webmaster constipation, and it's all come out at once! Sorry for that analogy! Yeah, you know it's a low day when Graham starts dishing out constipation as a subject, even if it's an analogy. I don't have any more crap analogies to bring, just updates... and they're not crap, so don't start mixing my words around by thinking I'm saying that, because I'm not. OK, I'll stop waffling and carry on with the update. The first update comes from Erdrik, which is for our Fan Art section. This features a request from some of Erdrik's fans, a neat picture that shows Leela in a Santa uniform, with beard, and Fry looking on sort of disappointed at Leela's new look. Oh well, Fry, maybe she'll shave tomorrow.

They keep on coming and coming... and now they give birth, too! Welcome some more of Andrea Huckstep's Kirby-related work for our Fan Art section. This time, she's come up with Fry and Leela looking on at King Dedede, Hazel and their new baby, which will now be called Mini Dedede, because Andrea told me so. There you go, now they're breeding like rabbits and will soon conquer the world!

BTW, if you've gotten to this part and think this is the end of today's updates, then read on. Below this update, Leandro has gone mad and... oh wait, I spoke about that earlier. Bye.

Another update? Aliens must be taking over the world! To celebrate my first night of real vacation from real life, I rebuilt all the Futurama Fonts. Changes include international characters for the Bold font (you can now type el veloz murciélago hindú comía feliz cardillo y kiwi; la cigüeña tocaba el saxofón detrás del palenque de paja without any missing character!), numbers, double quotes and colon for the Alien Alphabet One font (thanks goes to The Bender Bending Rodriguez's Page for that), lowercase characters for the Alien Alphabet Two font (I was bored), and internal tweakings for all of 'em; mostly using composite glyphs instead of duplicate ones, thus making smaller files. Note: you must uninstall the previous versions of the fonts before putting the new ones! Otherwise you'll end up with the Bold and Title fonts appearing twice. Also, I've only tested those fonts in my computer with Windows XP, so if you try to install the fonts and it gives you an error, please mail me so I'll fix it. [Leandro]

Tremble, mortals! I am BACK! Yes, finally I am back and ready to update! And I've got one juicy update for you. Let's begin with two new Wallpapers: one by Javier from The Futurama Point, featuring Leela on an Xmas robe, and one from Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, featuring the Planet Express ship. Enjoy both! The Xmas Eve wallpaper is also available now as an eCard for you to send your pals . Also, it was about bloody time that TLZ got a layout change, so we've got one! This layout has been up since yesterday, but amazingly, isn't part of my scheme for World Domination; rather, it's part of The Voices's scheme for World Domination. The Voices Is Our Leader! Yes, we take third-party layouts, why not. Think you can come up with a better layout than mine? You're welcome to try! Other sites may put up your Fan Fiction, your Fan Art and your Wallpapers; but TLZ is the only site that puts up your Layouts!

Look left and drool at will... In our Fan Art gallery, we've made every Leela Lover's wish since the fourth Futurama comic hit the stores come true: Leela actually wearing that "Queen Dress" that Zapp was trying to get her to put on in the fourth Futurama comic . This picture comes from Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, and in his page you'll find three new pics, one of them featuring Leela on the clouds with no clothing at all and no black censor bands. A special note to all Leela Lovers: Bathroom's that way.

Leela looks tired. Maybe all those clotheless photo sections have something to do with it? Really, Leela's clotheless pictures are becoming so common now, that one has to wonder... maybe she had to get an "alternative job" now that further production of Futurama episodes is on hiatus? Poor Leela! In any case, here's a new picture of Leela looking tired after a day of hard work; this picture comes from Andrei "Loki" Shavelev, who's promised new pics in the near future. And, finally, to close this update because a storm is heading to town and I fear the electricity will go out any microsecond now (and as you remember, my UPS had a violent death), there are over twenty new Futurama Cards by Sebastian Chan, from the episodes A Fishfull of Dollars and My Three Suns. That's all there's to it! Now I'm gonna disconnect before a bolt of lighting strikes my computer, screws up the flux capacitor circuits, and sends me back to 1885... a time without Internet. Now that is scary! [Leandro]

December 15, 2002

That's foxed it up! Hmmm... that certainly does look like a fun activity. More of that, please. The Drainpipe has two new pictures for our Fan Art section. The one you can see to your right shows Fry and Leela shooting up Fox, while Bender looks on giving support. Take that Fox! And that! And that! The second picture of his is a humorous description of Fry's "secret" plans on how to win over Leela, shaken but not stirred. Very funny picture indeed! Keep them coming, The Drainpipe.

Lady in Red! [sorry for that heading... I'll go and scrub myself clean just after this....] OK, don't all boo at once, I just couldn't think of anything else to say. Anyway, this picture for our Fan Art section comes from David Johnson. It features Leela in a long, red gown, ready to go out to some special do. I wonder where she's off to? Hmmm... maybe Fry did get lucky with that schnapps drink!

December 14, 2002

Jennifer's back! Well, Leandro sent me a picture by Jennifer Morton to put up in The Leela Zone's Fan Art section, asking for me to put it up for him as he's a little busy (don't worry, fans of Leo, he'll be more active on this site in a few days time). Anyway, all I can say is that I'm a fan of her work, so I was quite happy to take on this task. This latest picture is no exception in quality to her past work on this site, either. So, welcome an original picture of Leela in a kimono by Jennifer. Hope to see some more of her great work on this site in future.

Don't worry, Bender, if your offspring start to depress you, you can always drink them! Welcome a new picture by Juliet Adeoye, which is for our Fan Art section. Here we see the moment when Bender "gives birth" to many bottles of ale, while Leela comforts the poor bot for his troubles. I have to say that this is a nice piece of work from Juliet. Hmmm... seems that I have a few of Bender's "children" in my fridge right now, but I'll be sacrificing them to the pink elephant god later on today. [Graham]

December 13, 2002

Girl on girl action! (actual event may differ from expectation) Oh well, it had to happen, but I've been a little busy making clips for our Video Clips section. The subject heading and link image should inform you that I have created a clip of the Leela and Amy wrestling scene in the episode Jurassic Bark, which should keep some people happy. Also, I've created three clips from the latest episode, The Route of All Evil, not featuring any Leela and Amy physical contact, but mundane things like working for Cubert and brewing beer. Mmmm... beer!

December 12, 2002

Keeping the royal court! Two contributions for today. Let's start with Andrea Huckstep's latest picture for our Fan Art section. Here she's continued her Kirby-related work with a picture of King Dedede and his girlfriend, Hazel, being "monitored" by our good ol' Leela. It seems that both the king and his girlfriend can't be trusted not to get too intinimate or somethiing, hence Leela's need to be there. At least that's what I think is the idea.

Now to the other contribution for today. I have, as I said I would, created the sound clips from the latest episode, The Route of All Evil. So, if you want to hear Leela's, as well as others', audio contributions to that episode, then head to its page, download the clips and listen. Oh, and by all means, please enjoy!

December 11, 2002

One Leela, two Amys and a Dmitry! New artist's (well, for The Leela Zone) work is up at our Fan Art section. That new artist is Dmitry Makeyev, who has come up with a sketch of Leela and Amy, as well as a colour image of Amy that can double as a 800x600 wallpaper. Nice work all round. Why the Amy images on The Leela Zone? Well, let's say that they came as a package, which would have been a pity to have split up and wasted, plus some other details that I have missed out on, but are really boring and would drag this update on and on. Anyway, all that really matters is that they're here now for you to look at and enjoy.

I would have updated the Sound Clips section with the sounds from The Route of All Evil, but some gremlins thwarted me from doing that. Hopefully I'll be able to upload them tomorrow.

Put your feet up! Well, after weeks of terror at the hands of the drama teacher, the choir teacher, the band teacher (plus orchestra), the techies, the other actors, etc... I am finally free from the hell of being in a musical! (Though those blasted songs are still permanently lodged in my poor brain. And I still haven't caught up with my sleep, so I've been acting a little dazed lately. ) But now I can finally kick off my shoes and put my feet up, like Leela does in this pic from Teral... go check that out, plus another pic that features Leela trying to break up a fight a-head of its start. (All right, I'll stop with lame puns, promise!)

Let's see, what else has been heaped on this site lately? Well, we've got some odd stuff from Daniel Brand, which I seem to be too brain-dead to really figure out. Go take a looksie at that, then if you still have any room in your head for yet more updates, we have new cards! Twenty new cards, in fact, for 1ACV05... even one of my favorite pics of the crew, the Robanukah photo... that'll get you into the holiday spirit! And there's even a couple of cards for 1ACV06, including the scene where Fry explains that ads weren't everywhere in the 20th Century... just nearly everywhere. Now, off to buy myself a new calendar! Or... better yet, I'll just go take a long-delayed snooze. [Kristen]

December 10, 2002

And now I'm back... from outer space... Okay people, you can scream in joy as I come back for a little while to make an update. I'm not yet ready to start updating regularly, but in just a few days you should have your heroic webmaster back (and hopefully, I'll fix some of those unfinished Perl scripts). Actually, I've been doing small background updates, but didn't post anything in the main page for quite a while, so I guess it's time. First off, say hi to the new Episode Transcripts section. Sure, those transcripts have been up for a while in the Episode Guide, but a message in our Mailing List not long ago made me realize that people don't go looking too deep for stuff they want, so I made an index for the thing. And I just uploaded the latest transcript, for Crimes of the Hot. Those transcripts, of course, are here only because The Neutral Planet is getting them online, so a bunch of thanks to them, and go pay a visit to the site! And once you're done there, you can come back and go look at the new pretty artwork at our Fan Art section, which features new art from Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard, always worth several looks in a row. Enjoy! I'll be back later. [Leandro]

Hmmm... bras, bras, bras and yet more bras! Smiley's back with yet more Uses for a Bra... I mean hacker. Why the talk about bras? Well, when you go and see his latest uses, you'll find out why. They range from "Anna Nicole Smith's Bra Designer" to "Leela's Bra", plus some other stuff that's there but would ruin further talk about bras. So, if you like bras, and even if you don't, you should head down to Smiley's section and see something uplifting. OK, I'll shut the hell up!

December 9, 2002

Double Insanity! Its a little late, I know, but the latest Graphic Guide is now up for viewing.

Insane in the Mainframe is the episode covered this time around. Yep, good ol' 3ACV11 from back in early 2001. Wait a minute though! Didn't 3ACV12 only just air last night?! Yeah, now that really shows how Fox can shift around the airing order for Futurama. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the guide more than most fans "enjoy" Roberto's voice. I've heard many find it annoying. Its funny (and scary) because Roberto reminds me of somebody I knew in high school. Seriously!

On an unrelated note, the lastest chapter in my Futurama Fan Fiction saga, Universe of Malice is complete and up here at TLZ. It wasn't that long ago that I released the last Chapter, and now I already have Chapter 6 ready for you to read. Hope those that have taken the trouble to read it so far have enjoyed it and found it a change of pace from romance fics. I won't spoil much, but I'll say this Chapter covers the exploits of Kif Kroker and Fry. Once again, hope it's entertaining because its far from over yet

Finally, it appears the next new episode of Futurama will be airing on December 22nd and will be 4ACV05, A Taste of Freedom. The episode synopsis is that Zoidberg's species invades Earth when he eats the Earth flag, and he takes refuge in his home planet's embassy. Should be good.

That's all for today. Next guide will be Graham's "favourite" episode, Bendin' in the Wind. Seeya then [Kenneth]

That's the Story of My Life! Oh well, forget that holiday I was talking about yesterday, as I don't like the idea of my head being skewed on a stake! Now to other matters, matters of a more important nature. The Drainpipe has come up trumps again, this time with a great picture for our Fan Art section that shows an angsty, teenage Leela sitting down feeling dejected with her life. This picture also has lyrics of some Velvet Underground songs in the background, which fit perfectly with the mood of the picture. Now, there's a band that I have a lot of time for. Maybe I'll put on "The Velvet Underground and Nico". Hmmm... better make sure that Valerie Solanas isn't anywhere nearby.

Oh, before I do discover if I'm to be finished off by a Warhol-hating, gun-toting maniac, I better say that the so-called "Dune" reference in yesterday's new episode, "The Route of All Evil", was actually a reference to "The Empire Strikes Back". See, I was mistaking the sandworm in the former film with the similar-looking monster in the latter. Yeah, stupid Graham should really watch "Star Wars" more regularly, rather than think it's just a pile of dog's end products. Oh well, now to be hunted by millions of C3P0 fans, too! Will the torture ever end?

December 8, 2002

[SPOILER] Taking out the trash! Yay! Look what I have for you! I have the framegrabs for tonight's episode, The Route of All Evil. Now, if you don't want the episode spoilt, then don't look and bitch about it to me, however if you do want to know what's the fuss, then for God's sake look... look to your heart's content! I've created both Leela and non-Leela grabs, so there is something for everybody. I enjoyed this episode, it was a bit of fun to watch. It wasn't a great episode, it wasn't a heavy episode, just a bit of fun, but I can't see why anyone would be too disappointed by it. Bet there will be one or two who will be. Nice to see a reference to Dune, but I won't spoil further (you can do that by looking at the grabs). Well, I'll give this episode a straight B. Now to await people to email me wanting the writers' email addresses to declare that they're not going to ever watch the show again. Tell you what, Fox is currently making such people's wishes a reality, but that's another story for another day!

Now, back to listening to the Dead Kennedys. Hmmm... I must book a holiday!

December 7, 2002

This Monkey's Gone to Heaven! Thanks goes to Wu Konguk for the idea of the headline, which is the title of a song by the great late-eighties, indie rock group, Pixies. Actually, Wu Konguk should also be thanked for his latest contributions to The Leela Zone, which is for our Fan Art section. He's created three original pictures, which I'll let him explain what they are about (ain't I lazy): "One is a Gladiatrix Leela, one is another homage to Farscape, and, finally, my homage to Alex Ross' 'Earth X Captain America'." So, now you know more than you did before you read all this. Enjoy!

December 5, 2002

They have this thing called a 'Fire Drill', and they use it to drill a flaming hole in your head. An appropriate title, one again referencing The Simpsons, considering we have some more Fan Art pictures from one Andrea Huckstep, and one just happens to be called "Fire Drill." The one in the thumbnail here actually.

Once again, these characters are from Kirby, and the girl in the picture above (plus one of the other pictures) is apparently named Tiff. She appears to be running to Leela as Escargoon has pulled the fire alarm. No drills that bore flaming holes in your head though. Hmmm....

Well, head over to Andrea's little section by clicking on the thumbnail above and you can look at this and the other two pictures of hers. It seems that Escargoon fellow is always up to no good judging from them. If he doesn't straighten up and fly right, he might just get a flaming hole in the head from a fire drill. Ouch! Now THAT'S gotta hurt!

Well, I'm off for lunch. Catch you all later when the next guide page is ready.

Never a dull moment in New New Bonerland. Forget the headline, I was just thinking about The Simpsons' episode "Treehouse of Horror II", and especially the segment "Bart the Monster", where everyone in Springfield has to think happy thoughts, which in one scene resulted in the US being renamed Bonerland. OK, no jokes about that being a more apt description, as they are currently heavily armed and cranky. Anyway, back to something on-topic and still related to the headline. I have two more pictures from The Drainpipe that's for our Fan Art section. The link image shows Fry and Leela in some bother or other, but that's life in the future, if Matt Groening is to be believed. The second image is another great image of The Drainpipe's featuring a Bowie inspired picture of Leela holding a skull. I'll let him explain in his own words: "It's a parody of the way Bowie performed the song Cracked Actor on his 1974 and 1983 tours (he did it very theatrically, wearing a cape and sunglasses, and holding up a skull a la Hamlet...he also tongue-kissed it, but for some reason I did not feel the inclination to draw Leela frenching a skull)." Ummm... yeah, having to kiss Zapp (and more besides) is enough punishment for her.

December 4, 2002

Please Step Away from Self-destructing basket! The latest Graphic Guide is now up for your amusement. The Cyber House Rules is the subject of this latest one, and this is the episode where Leela gets a second eye and Bender gets a bunch of kids. Many people apparently don't like this one much, but its one of my personal favourites. A good Leela episode with one of the best Bender sub-plots

Oh well, that's all for now. I should have Insane in the Mainframe in a couple of days time. Seeya then

December 3, 2002

Here comes the bride.... Here's another picture from Andrea Huckstep for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. This one features Kirby's King Dedede and his girlfriend, Hazel, getting married. Lionel Preacherbot presides over the wedding, while Fry, Leela, Bender and Amy look on. Quite a colourful picture this is. I wonder who'll catch the bouquet?

December 2, 2002

This should help for those lonely Xmas nights! Remember Unca Dave? No. You sure you don't remember the one who specialises in making fan art that's a bit showy with the pink flesh? Yeah, that one. Well, he's back with another picture to keep some Leela lusters happy this Xmas. This work features Leela in some skimpy gear, while behind her is some Xmas tree. I wonder if that's Unca Dave's own Xmas tree? Anyway, enjoy the seasonal picture.

Just to clear up a mistake I made about The Drainpipe's last picture. I said that the "Funhouse" image was based on the horror film, Funhouse. However, it was actually based on The Stooges 1970 album, "Funhouse". Silly me! I knew that was a Stooges album, but figured that The Drainpipe was referring to a horror film of the same name. Oh well, now you know!

Finally, just to give out info to those who don't already know. Cartoon Network have advertised their Adult Swim line-up, which starts on 12th January. This is all well and good, but what makes it great is that Futurama will be on at 11pm on weekday and Sunday nights. So, summing up, that can't be a bad thing!

December 1, 2002

Let's dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues! There, couldn't think of anything for a heading, so I used the starting lyrics from "Let's Dance", a famous David Bowie track (The Drainpipe should be happy about that). Anyway, I present to you a cute fan art that comes from Impossible, which features a scene from my favourite episode, Parasites Lost, where Leela and Fry are dancing away on the planets in that holophonor sequence. All I can say is that sequence is another reason why Futurama should continue on and on. Did you hear that, Fox? Nah, doubt it! They're more interested in "reality" shows like "World's Funniest Heart Attacks" or "When Umbrellas Get Blown Away".