December 2001

December 31, 2001

Run! Run to safety! I scanned a picture of Leela's reaction after seeing this layout, it's in my page at the Fan Art gallery. Also, Pablo Rodrigo submitted a pic called "Futurama2", featuring a Fry lookalike with purple hair and one eye, and a Leela lookalike with orange hair and two eyes... hmm, I think someone's been visiting Love in Cyberspace a bit too much ...

I'm catching the next pimpmobile outta here! But before I go, I have one thing to say: Happy New Year! Especially to Graham, Sofie, Kristen, Ruben, Lucas, Javier, Marcelo, Robert, Dusty, Larry, Mark, Dave, and the list goes on... to all our visitors, thanks for stopping by and have a nice night; to all the Futurama webmasters, thanks for the sites and please keep on doing a great job after tonight's booze gets off your head ; and last but not least, Happy New Year to the biiig staff that makes Futurama, just in case any of you happen to take a look here today; this site wouldn't exist without you... and you can take that in a very literal sense [Leandro]

Happy Xmas! Whoops, we mean New Year! This'll be my last update for the year 2001. What a year! Man went to Jupiter, a computer decided to kill all the astronauts in its charge, and some strange, black slabs have been discovered on the Moon! Oh, wait, that was the film 2001, by Stanley Kubrick... must be this rum drink I'm busily drinking. Hic! So, what else do I have to say about this year? Ah, yeah, it was earlier in this year that I joined The Leela Zone (some time in January 2001, I believe), which was my first proper webmastering of a site. Many thanks to Leandro for recruiting me, which was done without any knowledge about my previous experience (or lack of ). So, I wish you all a happy new year, hoping it brings something worthwhile to your lives.

Today's update from me belongs at our Video Clips section, and comes from the latest episode, A Tale of Two Santas. It's actually a clip of the Xmas song, which I thought might be of interest to you. It's fairly big for a clip, but it does go on for 106 seconds. Anyway, enjoy the new year celebrations!

December 30, 2001

Knocking sense into the senseless.... Hmmm... where am I? I'm lost, ain't I? Wait, I get it! Leandro has, yet again, been busy with his layouts! Well, I'm relieved, as I don't want to be denying The Leela Zone stuff by updating CGEF in error! Anyway, what have I got for today: Framegrabs. Yeah, I have made some grabs from the episode Roswell that Ends Well, which is currently, out of two, my favourite episode of this season... but not by much, it has to be said, as I liked A Tale of Two Santas quite a bit, too.

Oh, my various gods! It's horrible! I couldn't resist changing the layout once more before this year was over ... the previous layout was there for 83 days, way too long (for this site), and I had this idea of Leela holding the flag in my head for a couple of days now. Still, this layout is not like me at all! It looks way too... something! That plain light cyan background and then the buttoned border with the cutout space... what came over me when I clicked those controls? Some parts are even aliased! Have I been replaced with an evil clone? Hmmm... maybe, it's quite possible actually. Drop me a line to let me know how did you (not) like this layout, or just wait for myself to come up with a new one [Leandro]

December 29, 2001

Eeeek!!! Hmmm... I'm late with the update, but I'm here now! Well, I've got my DVD player, so all I need now is the Futurama DVD that's coming up. For once, I'm glad to live in the UK, where we'll get the show's DVD before those from the US, etc. Anyway, that's for the future, but what I have for now is four nice fan art works from The Voices. He's just opened an interesting looking Futurama site, titled Destruction Imminent, which I think is a great and unique title for a site! The site is still under construction, but there's still stuff there to keep you occupied for a while.

December 27, 2001

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.... Today's contribution, which is for our Fan Art section, comes from OutlawArt, who has produced his next instalment of his Bride of Lagoona series. In this one, you'll find Leela readying herself to confront the Frog Woman, whilst in the Tentacle Tombs. She's behind you! Oh no she isn't! Oh yes she is! Oh no she isn't! Oh yes she is! Oh no she isn't! Oh yes she is! Sod this, I'm off to make a drink!

Just watched the latest episode again - also noticing a mistake in my transcription of the song - and found the episode to still be funny. It lacked some plot, but I did like the dark humour that lay behind it. I don't think it was better than Roswell that Ends Well, but then again, that episode had a different flavour to A Tale of Two Santas. Still, it was a good episode, in my books, with some really good moments. Just loved the Zoidberg Jesus... a classic moment!

Now, back to listening to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony... then to some heavy rock!

December 26, 2001

Xmas hell is over! Rejoice! Yes, Xmas hell is over, the reign of Santa has been quelled for another year (nine months, in reality!)... and where's my coffee gone! I hope your Xmas was good, and that you got things that you wanted, etc. Anyway, enough of this, it's time for this: I have made some sound clips from the latest episode, A Tale of Two Santas. I have also made two clips of the Xmas song - one is done in low quality, but it's small in size (625kb), while the other is in higher quality, but it's a lot larger in size (1.66mb). So, it's up to you which you want.

December 25, 2001

Holly Venus! An Xmas Update! Merry Xmas Everyone! This update's a bit late but it's still Xmas on the server's timezone (that, or Smoove has the clock set wrong), so what the heck. There's four new pics by Jens in the Fan Art section, enjoy! I also uploaded a couple of new background songs to the eCards section. I'm currently 86% done downloading A Tale of Two Santas, thanks Ruben! [Leandro]

December 24, 2001

We aim to please. Merry Xmas! Instead of leaving you waiting till Boxing Day (26th December) for the framegrabs of A Tale of Two Santas, I've just created them, and I'm uploading them as I type this. Special thanks goes to Ruben, as he was kind enough to encode and let me download this episode. I have to say that I quite enjoyed this offering from Futurama, as I just loved the mean-spirited attitude that this episode took towards Xmas... I'm a fan of black comedy, and this worked for me. I've heard some complaints about it from some quarters, but I suppose Ebenezer Scrooge still lives on!

We three... errr, two kings and a queen! Well, before I go and rest for Xmas, I'll show you a fan art pic done by Shadowstar, which bids all of us merry Xmas. It features Leela, Fry and Bender, in Shadowstar's great, as well as cute, style of drawing. Mind you, wouldn't Leela be freezing her butt off without her normal pants on? I suppose, if some Russians can bathe in icy water for Xmas (they're mad, I tells yer!), then exposing her legs in the freezing weather isn't that hard to do... wait, it still would be! Brrr! Actually, before I leave, Shadowstar has informed me that A Tale of Two Santas will be a double-spread on his page, The Futurama Guide, when it comes out. Also, if you go there now, you'll find a filler up for the songs in Futurama. So, after your visit here, go there!

Well, enough of this... MERRY XMAS!

December 23, 2001

T'is the season to be jolly... tra-la-la.... Two days till Xmas, and a few hours till the postponed second Xmas ep, A Tale of Two Santas, airs in the US (9.30pm Eastern - 2.30am GMT). So, there are two things to look forward to, or if you hate Xmas, then only one (no refunds!). Firstly the Xmas cheer, in case I don't update tomorrow: happy Xmas visitors and also to you Leandro, our very own great webmaster (yeah, don't get too embarrassed, otherwise you'll look like Zoidberg! ), hope this day brings some happiness to all of you. To help this feeling, David Johnson has entered this fan art, with an Xmas cheer to it. Many thanks David, and Merry Xmas to you, too.

And now for something completely different! Shadowstar has come up with another addition to the Fans' Comics section, with his fifth page of his comic, Polterjerk (if you have read the preceding pages, and just want to go to the latest page, then click here). Also, he tells me that his site, The Futurama Guide, now contains the guide for the episode A Clone of My Own... so go there!

Once again, in case I don't update tomorrow, merry Xmas all!

December 22, 2001

Cool your jets! Here's a new pic from Robert Hawks, also coming from the latest episode... Only 24 hours left until we finally get to see the second Xmas episode, A Tale of Two Santas! Get the cham-paggin ready! "You better not pout / You better not cry / You better leave out some liquor; here's why / Santa Claus is Bender this year"...

Also, it looks like there's very bad news (again) regarding the schedule in January: Anthology of Interest II (set to air on January 6th) will most likely be the only new episode in January, with only a very weak possibility of a new episode airing in January 27th (VERY weak); most likely the season will continue in mid-February ... Just like last year ... Anyway, here's a new Wallpaper and eCard courtesy of Javier from The Futurama Point! There is a similar wallpaper, featuring Amy, available at The Futurama Point. [Leandro]

December 21, 2001

Clint Clobber? Beats me! Today's update is for our Fan Art section, coming from David Johnson. It features Leela and Nibbler, with an obscure '50s cartoon character called Clint Clobber. Sorry, I've no clue who or what Clint was, but David sure does! Anyway, it seems that Clint's objecting to the presence of Nibbler... so he's off to a good start in my books!

December 20, 2001

Lurking behind the bushes.... Firstly, I hope that the terrible situation in Argentina resolves itself in the people's interests, and not that of the politicians', which is usually the case, unfortunately. I hope all Argentines who visit and work at The Leela Zone are safe. Take care.

Now, back to more trivial business. I have a picture for our Fan Art section from Sofie; bringing her total to 48 pictures! This one is from the episode Mother's Day, where Leela, Hermes, Amy, Zoidberg, and Mom's three sons are hiding behind the bushes waiting for Farnsworth to get to "second base" with Mom. Oh, didn't he do well... eventually!

Al gran pueblo Argentino salud... Okay, it's official. My country's government is a collection of blasted incompetent morons. The police's flogging and shooting rubber bullets against people in the Plaza de Mayo who were just standing there in completely nonviolent protest (this people certainly isn't the looters who were rioting at supermarkets yesterday), while the imbecile who happens to be our president is still doing nothing at all, just like in the past 12 hours... or should I say the past 12 months? Anyway, I've been quite unable to sleep ever since this absolutely big quilombo began, and while I know this is probably of little to no interest of you visitors of The Leela Zone, I'm full of anger and I just plain NEED to, at least, type it.

In other news... I realized that I had not posted any Xmas design in the eCards section, so I better correct that now: three Xmas designs are up for you to send some Merry Xmas greetings. Go send 'em to your friends, enemies, family (they usually fall in one of the other two categories), alien neighboors and killer robots, why not. [Leandro]

Mi Buenos Aires querido... Well, while my country is going straight to hell (state of siegue, five dead, lots of wounded, major government screw-up, and I was just told that the ministry of economics is being set on fire and that the entire cabinet just resigned), here's a little update for you. Jens Eßer has sent two new pics for the Fan Art section, both hand-drawn, both very good. There is also a new pic by Pablo Rodrigo, featuring the crew drawn in South Park style. Enjoy... [Leandro]

December 19, 2001

I think I'll have the mushroom salad! Hmmm... I can't beat Leandro's update, there's a hell of a lot of good stuff there! However, I'll still proceed with my own meagre contribution. Well, I've created two clips for our Video Clips section, both coming from the latest episode. I have Leela and Farnsworth visiting an appliance store in 1947, looking for a microwave; just love that scene. The other is when Leela and Farnsworth are at the restaurant, ordering food, trying to get used to being stuck in the late forties, and stressing the need not to tamper with time itself. That last idea about not interfering with time soon went awry!

Futurama DVDs reviewed... I forgot to announce 'em the first time, so I'll do it now: Andy McDermott from Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong has written a review of the Futurama DVDs, complete with screenshots of the menus and transcripts of the deleted scenes! Go and read it right NOW, or your waistline will grow huge, your hair will fall, your skin will become dry and clanky, your ears will grow to Dumboistic dimensions, and your cable provider will suddenly crash when A Tale of Two Santas airs... you've been warned! [Leandro]

Love in Space... There are three old Wallpapers in the section; all three of them coming from The Futurama Outlet's Lost Files (I miss the Outlet ). One was made by Da Man himself, Darrell, and is the one shown to the right: Leela and Fry's heads floating in space. I assume the process to put heads on jars somehow allows them to live in space without breathing, or something... the other two come from Grosse (the trio running away from Kang) and Andy McQuire (a very well known image of the trio, but shaded and looking great). If you didn't get them before when they were at the Outlet... Enjoy 'em now!

Torture on Earth... Lots of new Uses for a Hacker are in the section, some quite... excessive. But their target is usually Osama Bin Laden or the Taliban leader, so it's OK I guess. I wonder why I still call the section 'Uses for a Hacker' but I'm too lazy to update all those filenames to something different... By the way, if you're one of those who think the section is a waste of space and never visit it, just take a look at this picture: it's a real piece of art!

The return of an old Fan Art hero... Robert Hawks has popped up from nowhere, sent us his first picture from the fourth season, and popped out to god-knows-where again. I guess he doesn't want me to put him up to another 'Fan Art Race' like last year ... great work Robert, feel free to beam in whenever the hell you feel like, watch for the closing doors (beep-boop)... [Leandro]

December 18, 2001

The spark.... Here's an unusual wallpaper done by The Voices for The Leela Zone: just a flash of electricity! "What has this to do with Futurama or Leela?" I hear some of you saying... well, not literally, otherwise you'd be searching for the hidden microphones that would have to be near your computer for such things to be heard. Anyway, to get to the point, if you look closely, you'll notice that behind that flash are Leela and Fry, who are passionately kissing, which seems to be causing that spark. Either the passionate kiss has ignited something, or they have been connected to the mains... OUCH! I choose the former, the latter seems to be me over-taxing my small imagination. Anyway, if you go and take a closer look, you'll see for certain that this is well worth adorning your desktop, especially for all those Shippers out there.

December 17, 2001

Fun at the sea.... Today's picture for our Fan Art section comes from OutlawArt. This great picture is a continuation of his Bride of Lagoona series, which is a parody of the sort of awful sci-fi films you used to get in the fifties and sixties... yeah, you know the kind! This poster-styled picture advertises the crew's continuing journey to the Tentacle Tombs; what awaits them is for OutlawArt to decide.

December 16, 2001

Ol' Blue Eyes is back... singing "Something Stupid"! Today I have two updates to display for you lucky visitors. Yes, you are lucky, as I was thinking of updating this site with the latest Pokemon stuff, but then I thought about you lot, and how you would end up suffering a fate worse than death, so I relented. Now, if you don't want to see The Leela Zone become The Pikachu Emporium (or however you spell that yellow rat's name), send five dollars to Happy Dude, 743 Evergreen Terrace... pronto!

Now, the first update for you Lucky lot is from Daniel Schad, for our Fan Art section. He's sent six pictures, all gems, it has to be said. The link image shows Leela singing Something Stupid (the famous song, not that she is singing stupidly) with Frank Sinatra's head. The other pictures are: Leela and company have swapped physical characteristics, it seems; an etching of Leela (original, I have to say); Leela as the Green Leela, which is a take on the Green Lantern; another picture of the Green Leela, with Flash Fry, fighting the Zappinator (very interesting); Leela and Amy, as a couple, but older, they also have a child called Philippa Wong-Leela. All these pictures are very good, so give them a look... otherwise I'll turn The Leela Zone into a Pikachu fan site!

The next update is for our new Fans' Comic section, and this one comes from Shadowstar. He's come up with pages three and four of his comic, Polterjerk (this link goes to page three, if you want to go to the start, click here). So, go and give that a good visit, too, otherwise Pikachu will come around and sort you out! Oh, Shadowstar has completed some other sections on his site, The Futurama Guide. He's completed Brannigan Begins Again, The Problem with Popplers, War is the H-Word, and The Honking; the last two finishing off season three. So, go there after here... otherwise... yeah, you know!

December 15, 2001

Letting your hair down... steady on! Now, now, hold your horses (yeah, a British phrase, meaning to not get too excited), but DB has come up with this interesting picture for our Fan Art section. Well, I suppose some of you will find this alluring - mainly those of the Leela "loving" persuasion. Actually, this is a very good picture, as it's drawn well, and it's quite cute, too.

Oh, just a reminder, in case you missed it, but if you like spoilers, or just want to know the subject matter for the coming season four episodes, you can either click the top heading saying "Season 4 Information & Spoilers" or you can click here. I wonder which is easier to do?

Zoidberg becomes appreciated! Today's contribution is based on the funniest seven minutes of Futurama: Leela's segment of Anthology of Interest I; all in my opinion, naturally. In this episode's portion, Leela goes on a killing spree, eventually dealing with "inspector" Zoidberg, by eating him... urgh! This scene has been reproduced by Sofie for our Fan Art section. Enjoy the spectacle of Zoidberg being given his just desserts... yeah, I know, that was awful!

December 14, 2001

Season 4 Information & Spoilers! Without The Futurama Chronicles around, there's a big big void of information in the Futurama Community, but fortunately we've got information on the entire 4ACV run! All the 4ACV episode titles, one-line synopsis, writers & directors are now online! Go check 'em out right here! [Leandro]

December 13, 2001

Just waiting for Friday.... Today's update is five pictures from Zapp's Woman, which are for our Fan Art section. The link image conveys, more or less, the mood that I'm currently in... waiting for something good to happen! Well, waiting is part of life, I suppose! Mind you, as Futurama fans, this is quite a normal routine. Roll on December 23rd, then we'll see last year's Xmas episode. Ooh, pizza... it's done!

New episode, more new ideas.... So, the story goes that Shadowstar sent me the start of a Futurama comic that he'd produced, which was a bit rough (but great, nonetheless); he told me that he'd produce more, too. Then, discussing with Leandro about what to do with this work, we came up with the idea (well, it was Leo's suggestion) to make a new section entitled Fan's Comics. Now, this section must be filled, as it looks quite bare with one contribution, so The Leela Zone is asking any budding comic strip writers to come up with some of their own work, and send them to us; they don't even have to be about Leela in particular, just based on Futurama, although some Leela wouldn't hurt.

Shadowstar has also informed me that his Futurama site The Futurama Guide has the pages for the latest episode, Roswell that Ends Well... nice too! If you want to go directly to the new episode's guide, then click here, and you'll be whisked there.

Oh, some bad news! Fox were going to show Xmas Story and the delayed episode, A Tale of Two Santas, in North America, on the 23rd December, however that has now been brutally cut in half! Fortunately, the cut episode isn't going to be A Tale of Two Santas... wait, I just said "fortunately", what's fortunate about it! Anyway, before killing myself for saying such a stupid thing, I'll just let you know that they are quite happy to give other shows double-slots on that day. Life is so unfair! New season, same old crap!

December 11, 2001

New sounds, new ideas... same old routine! After rewatching Roswell that Ends Well a few more times, I have to say that I still like it a lot, despite some strange plot holes and such stuff; but enough of this fault finding, for now, it was a good ep, and that's fine with me. My grade for the episode: A minus (it was either that or a B plus, but I erred on the positive side ). I have to say that I found the animation to be great, it had good detail and just looked... great! Now, today's update is for our Sound Clips section, where I have brand new clips from this new episode, Roswell that Ends Well. I have also arranged the clips differently, not that you'll care too much, but I just feel this looks better. I'll adjust the rest of that section later on, when I have some time.

December 10, 2001

Alright Ruben, she IS Marge! Yeah, I concede the point Ruben, she IS Marge! Oh, and thanks for that encoded ep... really nice quality! Let me continue by saying that I really enjoyed Roswell that Ends Well, it was witty, had a good storyline, and I have to say that I enjoyed the quality of the animation, too. If the rest of the episodes in this season are near this quality, I'll be a really happy bunny indeed.

Well, let's get to business: I have made some standard framegrabs from the episode Roswell that Ends Well. As you can see from the link image, Leela and Farnsworth are dressed up quite differently... an understatement, for sure! I've also made the thumbnails from this section larger (120x90, from the previous 72x49), so they are easier to look at and choose from.

Captain Leela wins first prize: Bender's head! This is the first fan art that's been taken from the new episode, at The Leela Zone, and it comes from Captain Leela. It features Leela holding Bender's head, which was detached from his body during the episode. Now that's it, you're all dismissed to view all of today's contributions. [Graham]

Season Premiere Review: Until I'm finish downloading the new episode so I can write my own review (10% done, thanks Ruben!), here's a review from Dave Hallow: I was thrilled by the season opener. It had everything: time travel, a supernova, Zoidberg being dissected, and President Truman getting hit right in the mush with Zoidberg's gas bladder! I just wonder how long it'll be until Fox reverts to its old ways and starts treating this wonderful show like crap again. I fear that not too much, Dave... next week is a repeat. Next new episode will be the 23rd: A Tale of Two Santas, and after that, who knows. Remember that Fox has 10 episodes held over from the third season; most likely we won't be seeing much of the 4ACV production block, and with this very late start, who knows if there will be a 5ACV production block for 2003... they can pretty much do two seasons with the episodes they currently have, if they keep on pre-empting it every other week. [Leandro]

After 210 long days... Futurama's Roswell That Ends Well did indeed air tonight, after a looong wait! Both Graham and I are now waiting for Ruben to get us the episode encoded in 60MB so our modems can handle it. Too bad that The Futurama Outlet won't be doing any updating for the 4th season: one of the first and the best Futurama site has closed for real. A damn shame, since lots of other sites have dropped dead during this long hiatus, too. Let's hope it's the last good site that closes.

Members Wanted The Counter-Strike clan Futurama Crew, led by CaptainLeela (aka TheForce) is looking for members. If you wanna join, go there for info.

New Fan Artist... There are two new, hand-drawn Leela pics coming from Germany by Jens Eßer in the Fan Art section. One features Leela on a yellow dress; the other features her with a big gun, ready to blast Bill Gates into tiny pieces. Unfortunately, Bill Gates was out-of-frame, but use your imagination... your vivid, bloody imagination...

HELP! If anyone knows what the Error Code 1F6 means, and/or how to solve it, please drop a note here. That error happens when installing the drivers for a network card, in his case an AcerLAN ALN-325; the card works just fine under Linux, but Windows won't install it, instead giving that error. [Leandro]

December 9, 2001

Yes... AT LONG LAST! As the subject heading says: AT LONG LAST... AT LONG *&%$*!£ LAST!!!! Alright, I'll stop before I wear out your patience, but, as you probably know, it's the day today. So, celebrating this fact (mind you, as I write this, the episode hasn't yet started), David Johnson has come up with this picture for our Fan Art section of Leela going to sleep, while comforting herself that the episode should start. I'm glad she can sleep... I can't!

Xtra Painful week... After a couple of days using the latest torture device by Microsoft, I found the winner of the 'Best Dialog Box Ever" award:

Now that I'm happily back with my highly unstable and ugly Windows 98SE, I'm gonna do a little bit of updating. There are some new Uses for a Hacker coming from Smiley - this batch features plenty of Osama Bin Laden, although at this point I would have loved to see something featuring Bill Gates instead. The section went way off-topic now, I think it will be renamed "Leela's Chamber of Horrors and Torture, Inc." anytime soon.

In other news... Tomorrow's the Big Day! Finally, after a long hiatus, we'll get a new episode of our beloved series. Rumors are saying that, this season, in episode 4ACV02, Leela will find her home soil... on a galaxy very, very near. I'll restrain myself from shouting the spoiler here, but I'll set up a spoiler page later ... [Leandro]

December 7, 2001

The morning after the night before.... Guess who's created this... come on, you're not trying hard enough! OK, a clue: it's for our Fan Art section, and it features Leela not falling for Fry... alright, that's not a good clue (she's been there, she's done that, and she'll probably be doing it tomorrow). I give up! This is a pic sent to us by Daniel Schad, who's come up with another of his Leela/Amy romance orientated artworks, where Leela hands Amy a flower for breakfast.

Stay, I'm not yet finished! Daniel has come up with another picture, too, and it's not a Leela/Amy one. It's based on The Fifth Element, a futuristic film that stars Bruce Willis. Leela is now Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), while Fry is Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), with an assortment of other Futurama characters playing as characters in the film. Enjoy the pic... it has to last for five thousand years!

December 6, 2001

Stocking filler.... Juliet has sent this pic for our Fan Art section, which shows some Xmas cheer: Leela wearing a revealing Santa Clause outfit! Hmmm... I wonder how many of those Leela "lovers" out there wouldn't mind sitting upon Santa's knee and saying what they wished for? Alright, I'll stop right there, just in case I cause Colorado to implode in desperation!

December 5, 2001

Food looks horrible, but smells nice.... Today's update comes from Zapp's Woman, which is for our Fan Art section... naturally! She's come up with five more of her pics, each with their own style and as colourful as the next! Go and take a look.

Oh... half a week to go before the new episode! Just can't wait!

December 4, 2001

The Wild One.... Thankfully, Leela isn't Marlon Brando... otherwise her weight would end up driving those wheels into the tarmac! Mind you, give a few more years, then who knows... kidding! This contribution for our Fan Art section comes from OutlawArt, in which he's come up with this parody of Ripley's Believe it or Not! This work is to celebrate the coming new episode, Roswell that Ends Well, in which the crew go back to 1947... hence the black-and-white, sepia-styled, picture, and the period motorcycle.

December 3, 2001

Oh, your god! Controversial pic here from Sofie, for our Fan Art section. However, before all you Bender and Fry fans send her death threats, it was a request from Juliet Adeoye, the number one Bender fan... don't ask, we were both surprised she asked for it! It's basically based on Sofie's fic, Leela's Affair, and I don't think I need to explain it further, as it's quite obvious that Fry and Bender have gotten jealous of Leela and Amy (as in Daniel Schad's work), so they decided to experiment, too!

December 2, 2001

Leela's blue period.... Today there's a new wallpaper to show off at The Leela Zone. This contribution comes from The Voices, who has produced another of his stylish montage works; very blue, indeed!

It's another week to go before the big day. So, barring any foul-ups by Fox, with their cynical treatment of the show, next Sunday should be some party. The season premier is Roswell that Ends Well, where the crew accidentally find themselves back in the late 1940s, in Roswell, New Mexico... and I could continue, but I might end up spoiling it for someone. Anyway, it'll be on soon enough... [Graham crosses fingers].