December 2000

December 31, 2000

At long last! I just went to TV Guide Online, and they say 3ACV01 will be aired on January 7, finally. The summary looks weird, however: "Zapp Brannigan gets Leela to join Amy and Kif Kroker on a double date"... Uh? Leela going on a date with Zapp, having Amy and Kif as company? Either it's a really inaccurate summary, or the one eyed lady has lost the few grams of common-sense and self-respect she still had. We'll have to wait and see... Oh, and happy new millenium, everyone. Welcome to the 21st century. [Leandro]

December 30, 2000

Upload failed on Grrr... this ISP is giving me some headaches lately. I can't connect to some sites unless I use Anonymizer, and the FTPs go sloooooooooow... slow enough like to cause timeouts. Darn. I'll keep trying, tough... [Leandro]

December 28, 2000

Another brick in the wallpaper! That subject doesn't make any sense, but who cares. There's a new Wallpaper in the section, with a way cool background. I also uploaded two new Puzzles, just in case someone ever plays them. [Leandro]

December 27, 2000

Alright, after a heavy Windows-reinstall day, and a couple of other days were the room temperature was enough like to melt platinum, I'm a little back. Only one Wallpaper for you, as I'm getting no submissions at all; everybody's enjoying the holidays, it seems. Fine with me, anyway; I'm doing pretty much the same. Read you later. [Leandro]

December 23, 2000

Left to my own devices... Well, Dave's dissapeared, and with Paul gone and Smiley with ISP problems, I guess I'll have to do all the Fan Art over here... time to scan all those pencil sketches and begin bezièring them, I guess. Here is an Xmas picture I drew to send as an e-card the other day.

December 21, 2000

I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing... The database was finished yesterday, fortunately; I never want to do anything like that again. Now I'm back, altough still quite busy; January can't come soon enough. Well, there are two new Fan Art pics by Paul, who's gone on a Christmas trip; read you next millenium, Paul! [Leandro]

Uses for a loser... There are six new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley (who's having some ISP problems, by the way; don't ever try Juno, it's even worse than AOL). Only 23 more and the section will be complete, so hurry those requests... [Leandro]

December 19, 2000

Fox stinks. Another week, no new episode. Why on Earth are they going to air a REPEAT during christmas?! Hello, Fox, there IS a new christmas episode ready for air, did you know?!?! Geez, season 3 is turning Futurama into the most preempted show ever. Crud. In other news, I'm currently copying data from printed paper to a database, and a pretty big one at that. So, no updates. [Leandro]

December 18, 2000

New pictures... Paul Metcalfe has sent four new pictures, and now he has twice the amount of pictures the nearest artist at TLZ has. Does that last sentence make any sense? I doubt it, so here's it in simpler terms: Paul Metcalfe's section in the Fan Art gallery has now 51 pictures! So go and enjoy the gallery inside the gallery. In other news, I just finished downloading the 90MB DivX of I, Roommate, so the sounds will get here tonight or tomorrow. [Leandro]

December 17, 2000

This site ain't dead! Whoa. It's been a while since I let the site stay un-updated for so long. There are two new Fan Art images by Paul Metcalfe, and that's pretty much all I have to upload. I need to finish downloading I, Roommate, only 5 megs to go, but I am unable to even begin downloading that. I hate myspace only a little less than I hate idrive (and idrive a little less than I hate Windows). [Leandro]

December 12, 2000

I'm catching the next pimpmobile outta here... But before I go, there's one thing I'd like to tell you: the Sound Clips for Love's Labors Lost in Space are here, after a looong delay. Sixteen sound clips in total, as I said in the previous update. I'm now going to do sounds for The Cryonic Woman, and then I'm going to download more 1ACV episodes in order to complete the section. But I doubt I'll download more than one or two episodes each week; not only 90MB takes a long time to download through a modem, but myspace.com (were the episodes are) seems to enjoy being down. [Leandro]

Yesterday, when I was mad... I went to see Battlefield: Earth yesterday and it was a real dissapointment. Why can't movies based on wonderfully great books be equally wonderful and great? I know you can't cram two thousand pages on ninety minutes, but at least you can make the most of those ninety minutes... anyway, there are three new Fan Art images by Paul Metcalfe, and sixteen sound clips from Love's Labors Lost in Space are uploading now... [Leandro]

December 10, 2000

New pic... There's a new pic from Paul of the Futurama Scan Art Central. I'm almost finished downloading Love's Labors Lost in Space in DivX, so the sounds will get, for real, tomorrow (the RealVideo version I downloaded last week sounds too bad). Sounds for The Cryonic Woman should get here anytime soon, too -- as will some requests. [Leandro]

December 9, 2000

When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around... Well, for today's update there's several new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley, the section is now three fourths done; and there's two new Fan Art pictures by Paul Metcalfe, including the first Flash scan of the Y2Kalendar I've seen. [Leandro]

December 8, 2000

Updates have been slow lately, uh? Well, happens that I'm livin' my free connection out for as long as it lasts, and so I'm downloading everything I can get my hands on, and not giving a rat's ass about the Leela Zone. Now I'm attempting to download "Titan (After Earth)" from an idrive... anyway, there's two new Fan Art images by Paul Metcalfe. Expect another update someday. Maybe tomorrow. [Leandro]

December 7, 2000

Well, time for this robot to get back to work. The Framegrabs from The Cryonic Woman are here. Since Andie won't be coming online for another two weeks, I did those with Paint Shop Pro and they're at the Leela Zone -- so, if Can't Get Enough Futurama crashes, at least those Framegrabs will still be here... I'll put more stuff up in around eight hours, I'm going to take a power nap. [Leandro]

December 5, 2000

Look who decided to show his wrinkled face... Well, it's two in the morning and I just woke up. I've uploaded two new Fan Art images by Paul Metcalfe, and an improved version of his first picture. The sounds? Later. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a nap before the ceremonies... [Leandro]

December 4, 2000

Universe's #1048576 Webmaster for the Universe's #1 Space Pilot... Yeah, yeah, I said I would upload the sounds today, but there's a small problem: I'm 15 km away from home and I've not slept in the entire night. I'll get the things up tomorrow, okay? I have a Fan Art to upload, plus the sounds for Love's Labors Lost in Space and also I'll be doing sounds from The Cryonic Woman tomorrow or the day after. Right now I only want to get my Futurama Comic #1, which is supposed to get to the comic shop in one hour or so... [Leandro]

December 3, 2000

The reports of my decompilation have been greatly exaggerated... He he... "Body and Soul" sure was funny... even more for the fact that I spent 10 hours downloading it. And now I'm downloading "Drive", I wanna see the "mushy stuff" between Tom and B'Elanna ... Sorry you non-Voyager fans. Of course this is an off-topic. Well, I'm also downloading Love's Labors Lost in Space, should end in eighteen minutes, so tonight (meaning, as soon as I wake up tonight or early tomorrow) I'll put up another sounds update in MP3. And maybe some Fan Art, Puzzles or whatever else I can come up with... I'm not paying much attention to the Leela Zone lately, in case you haven't noticed. [Leandro]

From the king of non-standard Fan Fiction... I just uploaded a Fan Fiction I found at Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace, it's called Painful Memories. I really like Brad's writing style, it deals with the consequences of some events and they have completely out-of-the-standard plots and endings. And they're very romantic, too. Awww... [Leandro]

December 2, 2000

And now for a little off-topic... You feel like if Futurama is going to get stuck in 7 PM hell? Want it to get the hell outta the timeslot? Then here's a couple of links for you: The Save Futurama Site, and A new time slot for Futurama. Visit both, and sign the petitions if you agree. If you still feel like nothing is wrong after The Honking was cut to a five-minute ending, and War is the H Word was missing the ending, you've got to be really optimistic (I disregarded The Save Futurama Site as an alarmist thing before the episodes were cut, too). Then, you can also read this article at scifi.ign.com and this one at gist.com too. Then, go and at least read the petitions. Two little websites won't do much to change the situation, but five million emails of fans wanting Futurama the heck outta that time slot should do something. [Leandro]

Finally, some 1ACV sounds! I finished downloading Space Pilot 3000 in DivX format, after a looong while, and so I did the Sound Clips for that episode. You can get 'em all here. Paul pointed me to an FTP that has all the 1ACV episodes in 220kbps RealVideo, so I'm going to download them ASAP... feel free to request sounds of the 1ACV episodes now. And, also, these sounds are in MP3 format... I'm going to trash the WAVs. The MP3s sound four times better and use five times less space. [Leandro]

December 1, 2000

Hi, chumps and chumpettes! Well, updates have been pretty minimal these days, uh? Anyway, the first picture of Lee Leemon comes from A Big Book of Futurama, and there's a new image of Leela in Paul Metcalfe's section of the Fan Art gallery. And Smiley has once again sent more new Uses for a Hacker, the section being now two thirds complete. That's all for now, check back later. [Leandro]