November 2013
Let's talk Turkey
Posted on November 27, 2013 by Tim
In just a few short minutes it will be that national holiday here in the USofA known as Thanksgiving where most of us will eat to excess (more so than usual) and for reasons unknown, Turkey seems to be the central ingredient in most households. Amusing aside - it's a widely believed fact that US founding father Benjamin Franklin wanted the Turkey as the national symbol rather than the bald eagle. Anyway, this occasion, which really won't get under way for real until the morning, usually involves large family gatherings, parades and other festivities, and large meals. And as anyone who has ever hosted a large holiday get together can attest to, nothing ever seems to go right. So let's fast forward to the future when Turkeys are apparently still the main menu item, but the sides have been replaced by more traditional mutant fare like rat giblet stuffing, rat tarts, and sewer sludge frosted doughnuts, and ask the question why should the Planet Express “family's” holiday be any different? That's exactly the premise of dinkdrinker's latest Fan Fiction called THANKSFERNOTHING. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

dink also has another Fan Fiction that comes from a completely different direction. It's called All Gave Some ... and it was directly inspired by Ramon's epic war story Run Silent Run Deep. There's been lots of F&L in the military stories written so you don't need to read Ramon's story to get what's going on here, but it would help. Plus you'll be missing a really great story if you don't.
Fan art by Javier Sánchez/The Futurama Point
Posted on November 26, 2013 by Tim
Here's something you don't see everyday - a pirate ship in a running gun battle with the Robot Mafia in downtown New New York, or a doctor with those ... uh ... impressive credentials, or Leela kicking the head off of a robot ... er .. wait, ok, that last one is normal. But the rest of it isn't, until now. But it's all a sample of what's in the new pages of Inquisitor Hein's Fan Comic 30. The new stuff starts on page 36.

OK, that was the Thirty so here's the something. It's a new Fan Fiction that starts off with some Farnsworthian good news - “Now that you've made a record number of deliveries, where are you going now? To Slurmworld!” The crew of Planet Express get a golden opportunity to go to the Slurm theme park, but Leela isn't feeling the joy of everyone else. Will Leela find that missing happiness of her youth? Will Mom's diabolical business deal go through? What is Omicronian Slurm made of? These questions and more will be answered in Gulliver63's new illustrated story Slurmworld. Any resemblance to any theme park, either existing or torn down, is purely coincidental. By the way, it's really, really hot there in the summer months.
Fade to (Foghat) Grey?
Posted on November 11, 2013 by Tim
Well, it's been kind of a long dry spell here at the Madhouse, and then all of a sudden a few things roll in. We'll just call it monsoon season for now. First up is some new Fan Comic pages. These are the continuing saga of Pieter Antonissen's Four Better or For Worse. The latest ass-kissing update starts on page 145.

And also a couple of Fan Fictions. The first is from Dwayne Anderson and it's part three of his Space Ace Doofus. This, you'll recall, is a tale of a video game gone horribly wrong where Fry ends up swapped into an alternate reality where he must convince those around him that he's not evil (and we all know that being from alternate universes are inherently evil, right? ) and find a way home. Meanwhile, back in his universe, someone else has the exact same problem.

And lastly, it's another tale from that past master of the self-deprecating short story, Rush, with a little missive called Rama End in which Bender rants about the cancellation of their show and shatters every fourth wall in sight.