November 2012
Apocalypse Futurama
Posted on November 28, 2012 by Tim
Apocalypses figure into Futurama the way edible shorts figures into another of Matt Groening's creations and this Fan Art by Gulliver63 carries on that tradition. It's an Apocalypse Now parody where a camouflaged Leela has to hunt down an insane Zapp Brannigan (sounds like a great idea for a fan fic, doesn't it?).

And since business has been a little slow lately, here's the other pic that Gulliver63 sent in - it's a swimsuit photo of Phyllis Fry, Turanga Lee and Amos Wong. Makes me wish it was swimsuit weather again.
Delivery Boy with Injured Ear
Posted on November 26, 2012 by Tim
“This portrait of a delivery boy showing a bandaged ear demonstrates the result of living after a psychotic episode. Historians believe he had moved to the South of Mars circa 3014 to establish a retreat, but his ill-conceived plan collapsed. It is thought that he cut off part of his earlobe as the result of an argument with his part time girlfriend who had notified him of his failure.
His head is turned to give us a better view of the injury, with his head raised in defiance. The colors are cold: yellows, blues and greens on the skin tones match the feeling of the heavy jacket and cap. His hair is tossled, with the two hair spikes almost mimicking devils horns representing the interior turmoil.
It is worth noting the two pictures behind him. On his left is an idolized scene which he hoped to emulate, and on his right is a blank canvas. It is believed these two symbolize his hopes compared to the reality of his situation.”
Text is a portion of an article written by M.C. Xohen, Ph.D. circa 3050 as quoted by kaspired.
Turkeys and disasters
Posted on November 21, 2012 by Tim
Well, in a few short hours as time continues it's inexorable march around and around the globe it will be Thanksgiving here in the US of A (our good neighbors to the north, Canada, got theirs out of the way last month to avoid the rush) and that means a day of relatives and excessive food consumption. Yes, Planet Earth will have a slight but measurable wobble because of all the weight we will put on tomorrow. And the arrival of Thanksgiving also heralds the arrival of that ubiquitous Thanksgiving tradition, the Thanksgiving Fan Fiction. Not to be confused with the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, this turkey by dinkdrinker is an attempt to atone for his previous sin by conning our favorite 31st century folks to act out a fan fic as Puritans in a fic called Puritan's Prude.

And if your preference runs towards disasters, here's another Fan Fiction. This one is called The Disaster on Earth and it's by Lauren Smiles. It's the story of a delivery (nothing out of the ordinary there, eh?) in which things don't run smoothly (nothing out of the ordinary there, either), and they end up on an island with a crashed ship. Do they find a way off? Does Leela find her true love? Why have Amy and Hermes tagged along? Find out by reading.
Popular and Poplars
Posted on November 16, 2012 by Tim
It seem that the rumors of my demise that I started were somewhat exaggerated 'cause, although I've been busy with Real Life stuff lately, I'm still here. Also still here are the folks at Ripple Junction who make t-shirts for just about every TV show and movie going back to Farnsworth (Philo T) and Demille (Ciecil B), or thereabouts, so it seems. Well they're cooking up some new Futurama T-shirt designs and are looking for some input on which are the best, so check 'em out and take their Survey. If you're lucky, you might just get a free one and then you'd be the most popular person you know.

Another reason things have been a little quiet around here lately is 'cause no one has been sending stuff in. It hasn't been this slow since I joined FM/TLZ way back when. But there is this new Rush fic called Anonymous Omicronian in which an Omicronian buys some Popplers during the events of The Problem With Popplers, and if I told you any more about it, this paragraph would be longer than the fic, so just go read it already and save us both the trouble.
Oh look, more stuff!
Posted on November 4, 2012 by Tim
So the gods of fandom have smiles on us once more and delivered unto us some more fanstuff. The first item out of the bottle (literally) is Fan Fiction from Rush. Now, those of you who know Rush know that he's Irish, and so the other night he was on a drinking binge when he had the idea for this fic which, coincidentally, is called Drinking and Flying. It's about Leela, who is flying the PE ship while sucking down a bottle of whiskey, causing her to get a sudden urge to play Parcheesi.

And also Lauren Smiles dropped off updates to two of her fics. There's part 8 of FutureSmiles and part 2 of Future Apocalypse.
This is my last update
Posted on November 2, 2012 by Tim
... until more stuff comes in, or there's breaking news about the show that I'm not the last one to know about. So yeah, this is it, the last thing in the queue at the moment. The mail box is bare. But, to celebrate that fact that it's now November (which in my part of the world means cold) and that there are only 52 shopping days 'till Xmas let's take our minds back to a happier time, like that fun filled summer a thousand years from now, when we were on the warm, sunny beach frolicking with our favorite bikini babes. And that's just where this new Fan Art from Awalex take us.

I'm also told that I blew it big time when I was describing kaspired's Wrong Catch pic in the last update. It's turns out Kif is the one with the fish pole - I completely missed the obvious visual clues like the waders, flannel shirt, and goofy hat. Plus, I shoulda knowed, the only thing Leela ever catches are boots.