November 2011
Long Time No See
Posted on November 30, 2011 by Tim
Uh oh, he's trotting out the framegrabs of Cubert again, that can only mean one thing. Yep, that's right, it's more answers to some of Cubert's Rants. The long lost Trevin Bernhard wrote to say that he was bored sitting around the barracks (I guess this means he's in the Military), visited the site, and found some unanswered rants he figured he had the answers to. The episode in his sights this time is Love's Labors Lost in Space.

And now for a two-fer. Rush has got both a new Fan Fiction and some Fan Art to go with it, because you see this is an Illustrated fan fic. The fic is called The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth. It's an astonishing tale of incredibleness set in some truly weird parallel universe where three foghat gray Bending Unit nations; Pirates, Vikings and Knights, search for “The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth” as any true Bender would. And it has a map and pictures, too.
I seem to have misplaced today's subject
Posted on November 27, 2011 by Tim
Hello again. The long Thanksgiving weekend here in the US is just about over, giving us pause to consider our derailed diets, all of the fun and amusing ways to consume leftovers for the next week or two, and where I left my shoe box of witty subject ideas. But that also means that's it's time to get back to work here at the Madhouse. Noses to the grindstone (owww) and all of that. So that being the case, MC is just back from the frozen tundra of Minnesota where he was hollering back and forth over the border with Canadian authoress and artist Go-a-Green-a (head in jar from her Fan art page shown) which turned into the latest Webmaster Interview.

And in the “all glory to the Hypnotoad” department, here's something we haven't had in a while - a new Sound Clip. Ivan made this techno tribute to the Hypnotoad, which you can download.
Eat, drink, and bet on the wrong team
Posted on November 24, 2011 by Tim
Ah, the dreaded Holiday season is upon us. Here in the U.S. of A it's Thanksgiving, the lead off event in the aforementioned “Holiday Season”, a day when we get together with relatives we don't like, watch (American) football on TV, and toss our diets out the window and kick our Amy-like demonic food lust in to high gear, not necessarily in that order. To commemorate this day, dinkdrinker says that he “decided (was 'convinced') to post a Thanksgiving story in honor of it.”. The story is called Under the River and Through the Sewers and follows the exploits of Fry, Leela, and the rest of the PE gang as Fry convinces them to celebrate a good, old fashioned American Thanksgiving at Morris and Munda's house. Dink goes on to add “ I REALLY wish I could say that NONE of this was written from personal experience and memory.”
Tales of black FRYday, omniscience, and pop culture
Posted on November 22, 2011 by Tim
Everyone got their black lights handy? Groovy dudes, 'cause Alanquest sent in this Fan Art that's a black light background in the same style as some posters that came in Futurama comics 50-56. I was tempted to save it for black FRYday, but being in the US of A I'm required by Federal law to be camping in front of a retail establishment at 3AM sleeping off my food coma then. Oh, and I should probably mention that this is titled “Black Night Watch”.

And as night follows day, then logically Fan Fiction must follow Fan Art, and so it is. It's Stygia, part 4 by MC, in which Amy, near death, and Bender, owl-pellet crazy, return to their own universe, only to find that easily offered help isn't always a good thing. And what happens when two Leelas meet? Fry is about to find out the hard way. And on that last I have to say that MC nailed it - this chapter was posted on FMMB on April 30, 2010, almost two months BEFORE Rebirth premiered on June 24, 2010. And MC totally nailed the reaction of two Leelas to each other. Read it and see if you don't agree.

And we close tonight with a little All Glory to the Hypnotoad. Flounder found this on Cheezeburger and observes that he's ”seeing more and more of these sorts of things! This makes Flounder happy!”. This make Tim happy too. Could it be? Dare I say it? Might Futurama finally be gaining some traction with the unwashed masses?
"It was a dark and stormy night"
Posted on November 21, 2011 by Tim
That has to be one of the most cliched lines in writing, and so it must be obvious that the first thing we have on deck today is a Fan Fiction. And the reason I intorduce it with the most cliched line in writing is 'cause it's actually in the opening line of the story. But not to worry, it's only in jest and it get's much better from there. The story is by Kaspired (with a few nidges from Gulliver) and it's called Pirates - Possibly From Space. Kaspy sez “The idea behind this is pretty simple: usually Leela comes in and saves the day, but I wanted a situation where she messes up. And quite badly messes up. The story comes with the required drawing (well, actually a sketch) of the PES going up against a space pirate ship.”.

And now for the “It was a bright and sunny day” part of our update, last time you recall we had this Fan Art from Lord Nibbler and I challenged you to figure out where it's various components were from. Well, we had two guesses. Umbreon correctly spotted the beach scene as being from the Futurama episode When Aliens Attack, and !iMmOrTaL! not only got that but also recognized Leela's body as coming from Family Guy episode Blind Ambition. So official FM/TLZ kudos to those two. And just so no one looses any sleep over it, Leela's head comes from Spanish Fry.
What episode is that from?
Posted on November 18, 2011 by Tim
Yep, we'll call it Fan Art but it's closer to a frame grab. Lord Nibbler sends this picture of Leela on the beach, which when I first saw it I was pretty sure it was never in a Futurama episode. Well, it turns out, it isn't. Sorta. Can anyone figure out where this is from? Your name in bits here and a genuine FM/TLZ Kudos to the first person that can.

Many of you who frequent this site will no doubt recognize the self-caricature of the prolific authoress and artist Frosty. Well put on your slippers, grab a glass of serial port, and sit down by the fire to read all about her in the latest Webmaster Interview. MC had a chance to talk with her and get her take on the fun and exciting world of being creative, Futurama fandom, and how it all can have an effect on Real Life .
Fan art by Frosty
Now I'm hungry again ...
Posted on November 16, 2011 by Tim
Flounder spotted this vision of Zoidberg. Looks like seefood to me, now if only there was some bacon, and toast, and coffee ...

And now we've got some Fan Fiction. This one is called Enter The Ninja 2 and it's by Onuki. In this fic, Fry gets kidnapped while he and the rest of the PE crew are at the beach. Who's going to come to his rescue? Oh, and by the way, if the title sounds familiar, it's because this is a sequel to a similarly named fic by Trenton Sands.
Did ya ever have one of those weeks ... ?
Posted on November 13, 2011 by Tim
Well, !iMmOrTaL! did 'cause he writes “Well, it's been a pretty crappy week.”. Fortunately, he goes on to say “So I thought I'd cheer myself up with a bit of Fan Art. And what better way than to create something that everyone loves from Futurama: Fry and Leela kissing. I'm sure it will please a lot of people who seemed upset that Fry was put in the doghouse at the end of my comic. Speaking of which, I am working on an Q&A Audio Commentary for my fan comic and I will be needing questions to answer from all those who read my comic. I have posted this within my Tales of Meatbag Island forum thread and I have only received a few questions in recent weeks.”. So there you have it, a nice shippy pic to cheer up your day, and an opportunity to hear !iMmOrTaL! answer your questions, so shoot him an e-mail so we can hear what he sounds like.

Now here's something you don't see everyday - iGideon was in a store called Cool Cat, which is in the Netherlands, which is where he lives, when he spotted this display of what looked like Nibbler poo, or “dark matter” for short.

And lastly today, here's the second half of the steaming pile of Fan Fiction that Rush sent a few days ago. They are:
  • Scruffy's Very Own Fanfiction - the title kind of says it all.
  • Short Trip: wherein the crew go on what is probably the shortest delivery of their whole careers - across the street.
  • Sparky Shiny: Bender finds something new on the Internet that he thinks he'd like to try. Naturally, this causes problems for the whole crew.
  • U-J-Bender High Up A Mountain in which Universe Jumping Bender finds himself appearing at the top of a mountain, and it isn't Mount Everest for once.
We'll be right back after these messages ...
Posted on November 9, 2011 by Tim
Here in the U.S. of A. those words signify that it's time to click the mute button and run to the can or to the kitchen for some more Slurm and Glagnar's Human Rinds, but in this case, we'd like you to stick around for just a moment. We here at the Madhouse aren't above the occasional plug for a for-profit enterprise if it's for a good cause, and by good cause we mean Futurama, which is, after all, why we're here. So when I received this e-mail from Josh Johnson (a name which sounds like a presidential candidate in the Futuramaverse ) who was representing an outfit called Geeks Who Drink, that got my attention right away. It turns out that said Geeks Who Drink are hosting an all Futurama quiz next week in various drinking establishments in nine US states. You can check out the details on their web page and/or their Facebook event page. Anyone who frequents this site ought to be able to ace one of those tentacles down.

And then there is Max Larson (a name that does not sound like a presidential candidate in the Futuramaverse) who is a “Marketing Coordinator” (aka Bureaucrat) with an outfit called Ripple Junction, the official licensee of Futurama apparel. He says that before they release new designs they generally try and get fan opinion on the new styles and that they will be randomly giving shirts out to those who help out. And it turns out that “helping out” is as easy as taking a survey, which you can do here. Here's your chance to have a say in picking out the newest Futurama designs, not to mention having a chance to win one! And if you do win one, send us a picture of yourself wearing it.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program. I an very pleased to announce that, after a bit of a hiatus caused by that dreaded Real Life nonsense, Pieter Antonissen is back with five new very funny pages to his fan comic Four Better or For Worse. Recall that when we last saw Leela, Fry, Amy, and Kiff, they had blasted off from Earth in some kind of escape pod like thing after Fry mistook it for a sauna and pushed the Big Red Button. (lesson learned - never push Big Red Buttons - bad stuff usually happens. ), and they splash down near a tropical beach. Check out the goings ons and offs as they start to explore their strange new world.
Somehow Futurama Related
Posted on November 6, 2011 by Tim
Yup, that's what we try to do here, come up with stuff that is Somehow Futurama Related. So when I received an e-mail from Rush with that as the subject, I thought ”Hey, maybe I could use that”. So the first thing he sent me was this link to a YouTube video he did. Also Rush sent a bunch of Fan Fiction, about half of which I got put up. So here's the list:
  • Aroo-O-Rama, in which Farnsworth is angry with his employee, followed by other weird stuff.
  • Bender's Genie where Bender opens a beer and out pops a Genie who has to grant him some wishes (me thinks this will end badly for somebody)
  • Grey Booths: Bender get angry with a Suicide Booth.
  • and Lotr Gets The Rama Again wherein some multiverse traveling visitor messes things up in The Lord Of The Rings Universe. Who could that multiverse traveling visitor possibly be?

Leela fanbois - eat your heart out
Posted on November 2, 2011 by Tim
Orrrr maybe some kind of mythical cave monster's heart. Or something. So, harking back to our Leela Zone roots, here's a very Leela-centric set of Fan Arts. This one is from Futurama_Freak1, who says “I only drew the top half 'cause I'm not into horse women. But heart eating? That's a-ok.”

And if horse women and heart eating aren't quite your style, here's three more “traditional” poses of Leela, all of which contain the phrase “sexy pose” in their file names; and other than to mention that they're by !iMmOrTaL!, I don't know that there's much else I could or should say.