November 2010
Posted on November 27, 2010 by Tim
Well, as it turns out it's a Fan Fiction, and before you get the idea I don't like it you should know that's how Fruitosaurus started her e-mail; and me being lazy I just adopted it as a headline. So anyway, Fruity's new story is called First Meetings All Around and it takes place in an alternate universe which she calls Universe Delta where things are just a bit different - for starters, Bender is a cop!
Fan art by RS 2thou

Now for some Fan Art from RoboDrug, two of them to be exact. This one she calls “Turanga Leela - as realistic as I can be bothered to draw her” Her other pic is a PE crew photo ca 3007. And I really like Leela's outfit in this one.
Vote Futurama!
Posted on November 26, 2010 by Tim
We know what the best program on television is right? You betcha we do, and now we can tell the world what we know, 'cause it just so happens that tv.com is holding a Best of 2010 vote and at last look, Futurama was about 300 votes ahead in the Animated category, but we need every fan to get out and vote. Thanks to Rush for the tip and to soylentOrange for finding it in the first place.

And speaking of Rush, he's got three new Fan Arts, all of which just might (although I'm guessing here - he didn't say anything about this) - just might pertain to a certain map he sent a few days ago and a certain Fan Fiction he may or may not be writing.

And speaking of Rush and Fan Fiction, we just happen to have a new Fan Fiction from Rush. It's called Rain of the Bending Units and it's kind of a spin-off of Bender's “What if I was 500 feet tall?” question to the What-If Machine from Anthology of Interest I. (and yes, I know that's the statue from A Pharaoh to Remember - we don't seem to have any 500 ft tall Bender pics from AOI1 and it looks like it might be 500 feet tall )
Animated GIF by GermanFryFan
Two heads are better than one
Posted on November 24, 2010 by Tim
It all makes sense now. When Jenny Ngo sent in a couple of Fan Arts of a two headed Fry a few days ago it was like “Whaaaaa?”, and now here's the answer - they are related to a Fan Fiction she wrote called Fry's BFF, BFF of course stands of Best Friends Forever. It seems that Fry shows up to work one day only to find that his co-workers have moved and left him behind! And when he starts to surf the internet on Amy's laptop, things get Gaia-crazy for him!! Read to find out!
Time Travelers take note - only 332 shoping days until last Xmas
Posted on November 22, 2010 by Tim
In case anyone missed it, the 13th new episode, the special holiday one, came out yesterday. It was an AOI style three segment thing and yes, being a holiday special it featured Robot Santa, Kwanzabot, and Al Gore (Framegrab from BBS pictured). You can catch the reviews and add your own opinion in the discussion on our Message Board.

On the Fan Art front, Rush has half a dozen new ones including this mysterious map about which he refuses to say anything but which looks suspiciously like something pertaining to some fan fiction he may someday write.

Proving once again that you don't need a fancy graphics program and that a dull ax and MS Paint will do the job, here's a new Fan Art from someone we haven't heard from in a long time, Baby Bender. It's called “Frermoidbertelendeela” which kind of makes sense once you get looking at the picture.

Lastly, one little news items from the “That place used to be a big dump” department, we unfortunately don't have the appropriate Framegrab to illustrate this but I think you'll get the picture. So our good chum and fan artist Futurama_Freak1 has been lacking in artistic inspiration lately and is therefoure (<- note: Australian spelling) going in for the Parasites Lost treatment tomorrow (you know the one I mean). Let's all make an appropriate snackrifice in his name and wish him the best of luck.
"I've never actually heard of her ..."
Posted on November 19, 2010 by Tim
Yes, that's how the description of this Fan Art started out. In full, it said “Leela as Lady Death. I've never actually heard of her, but everyone seems to like drawing her so I've tried my own version.”. The artist is RoboDrug and this is one of six new pics she sent in. And, RD, you aren't alone. I'd never head of Lady Death before about a month ago - Halloween it was, what a remarkable coincidence - but the beauty of this modern age is that between Google and Wikipedia you can become and expert on almost anything in 30 seconds or less. Anyway, this particular drawing is one of the two she did in pen.
Shooting yourself in the foot, Futurama Madhouse style
Posted on November 17, 2010 by Tim
The byword of the Windows world is “what you see is what you get”. The rule in the unix world is “you asked for it, you got it”. I mention this because, while windows will make you click OK a couple of times (a dozen or more if you are unfortunate enough to have vi$ta or 7) to do even the simplest thing, unix will happily let you delete the entire Internet without so much as a plain text “are you sure?”. And that is all significant because I use unix (FreeBSD specifically) a lot to do the magic you see here. I've written all kinds of scripts to do a lot of the tedious grunt work and maintain my lazy lifestyle. And being lazy I'm not always quite as diligent as I should be about making backups and stuff. So when I was working on putting up the next thirteen (1101b) pages of Pieter Antonissen's comic When Disastrions Strike Back, I had one little misplaced > symbol and wiped out my comic script. And of course, the back up was three or four version old and didn't work anymore. So it was back to the text editor and so here it is, 13 new pages starting on Page 41.

In other news, Pieter was trawling around the Internet (apparently before I deleted it) and ran across this page of 40 Futurama Inspired Artworks, many of which you'll recognize from our own Fan Art section (and some I wish we had). Check it out.
Fan art by Futurama_Freak1
one of the pics featured
No rest for the weary
Posted on November 14, 2010 by Tim
“Playing hookie” - a term used in some parts of the world to mean intentionally skipping school. Or work as the case may be. And that's the just subject this new Fan Art from Y2W, 'cause it looks like Fry and Bender have plans to skip and enjoy a relaxing day at home watching All My Circuits; except that Hermes seems to know those two better than they realize.

Rush wrote to say that despite his brief foray into the world of color he still hasn't abandoned his classic style of Fan Art, and to prove it he's sent five new ones like this one, entitled “Madness”.

Ok, so there's only about 39 shopping days until XMAS, has everyone got their wish lists all ready? If not, you'd better get busy, especially if one of things you want is your very own made to order Fan Fiction because now, for a limited time only, you can request the fan fic of your dreams over on TSFFC. The site's first lady Wilde Gray Yonder has come up with the really terrific “I wish I'd thought of that” kind of idea of asking fans for their fan fic wish ideas and of recruiting authors to write one (or more!) of them in time for Xmas. You can check out the details by reading their Fiction wish list thread. So calling all writers to step up to the plate and volunteer, and everyone else, if there's a story on your wish list, make your request(s) so we've got something to write about.
Fry is da bomb!
Posted on November 13, 2010 by Tim
And what could be better than one Fry? How about one two headed Fry! You thought I was going to say “Two Frys” or something lame like that, didn't you. Haha, fooled you. Nope, one two headed Fry is all you get today, but you do get two of them. Everyone, say hello to Jenny Ngo (Hello, Jenny) and her new Fan Art. She says “My favorite character is Philip J Fry! I have made two Futurama fan-pics, one is Fry's BFF and the other is Tori's Birth. Tori is my "fan-character" and is Fry's identical clone. He likes teddy bears, toys and candies.”. Sounds like there could be a plot for a fan-fic there.

And if Fry is da bomb then Amy is da boob in this new slightly tacky by highly amusing Fan Fiction by Rush. It's called Impending Announcement in which the crew are sitting around waiting for the professor to make an announcement, which turns out to be his new invention, which he tests on Amy and ... well, you'll just have to read it.
Blasts from the pasts
Posted on November 12, 2010 by Tim
Ok, so we've got a couple of people we haven't heard from in a while putting in a couple of unique appearances today. First up is a new Fan Fiction from Ramon_51. Three years ago he started cranking out this fic on FMMB and in a sudden blitzkrieg of creativity finally wound it up recently. It's called Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover II - Bastogne, which is a sequel to Married With Children which is itself a follow on to his original Futurama/Band of Brothers Crossover. In this one, while doing some research on their previous time travel misadventure, the Professor sends Leela and Fry back to December 1944 and the Battle of the Bulge just as the sauerkraut is hitting the fan.
Fan art by Impossible

And going back even further into the past, here's something we haven't seen in a long time from someone we haven't heard from in a longer time - It's a brand spankin' new Graphic Guide to Rebirth (6ACV01), done up by Shadowstar who haunted these pages back when we were known as The Leela Zone. Now one minor gotcha here at the Madhouse is sometime we rearrange the furniture and if something hasn't been used in a while it can get stuck in the attic. Such was, apparently, the fate of the Graphic Guides section, as it's menu item has disappeared at sometime in the past. So I'm off to the attic to find it and meanwhile we'll hope Shadowstar gets inspired to do a few more.
12 Days 'till Xmas
Posted on November 10, 2010 by Tim
XMAS comes early for Futurama fans this year be cause, you see, The Futurama Holiday Spectacular premieres Sunday, November 21 at 10pm / 9c! Woo Hoo! Thanks to Rush who spotted this announcment. You can join us in speculation about what it all means on FMMB.

Speaking of Rush he's boldly going forth into new territory (for him) - color! Check out this Bender meets MS Paint creation. And, just so you know he hasn't gotten totally away from his classic techniques, there's also one more new Fan Art in his traditional style.

Some things just have an enduring appeal. Like Fry's Opera for example - for five long years we wondered and speculate about what might have happened afterwards. And then the movies came out and we spent another two years wondering and speculating. And even now, when we think we know, there is still the occasional “after the opera” Fan Fiction, and this is one of them. It's also by Rush, it's called Shippy Ship, and it takes place on board the Planet Express as it nears Earth on it's way back from a delivery a few weeks after the opera (by the way, can we just call that ATO? It's a lot easier to type and my carpal tunnle would really appreciate it). Ok, so it's a few weeks ATO (there, see how much easier that was) and Fry apologizes to Leela for his failed advances through out the years they've known each other.
Fan art by Robert Hawks

Wait, what's that guy doing here?
Posted on November 8, 2010 by Tim
I'd say he wandered into the wrong genre, but given what's going on, can you blame him? So you might be wondering what Quagmire from Family Guy is doing gracing these pages. Well, Good News Everybody, !iMmOrTaL! is back with three new pages from his long and long running Fan Comic The Wong Size of the Law. The new stuff starts on page 132 and I'm told the final pages will be along shortly, but in the mean time you can read these and see just what kind of a quagmire the PE crew is involved in.

Did you ever start something simple and have it just run away, taking on a life of it's own and dragging you along with it until it was overpowering your whole life like a pet atomic mutant superman? Well, that's kinda what is happening here. Gulliver63 started out with a simple little one page Fan Comic called The Scary Door which was based on It's a Good Life by Jerome Bixby which we ran a few days ago. Then he started doodling. The result of that is this cover. He says “I'm getting too many ideas hitting me at once ... I just want to stretch the story out a bit. I'd like to do at least three more pages.” So hopefully we'll see some more sometime in the near futurama.

So if you're a Futurama fangirl and someone asks which Futureman you'd like, and if said someone happens to be your sister, who is crazy, and who happened to choose Fry first, what's a fangirl to do? Well, pick Bender of course! That's what RoboDrug did when she and her “crazy sister Lauren” had just that discussion. That's what two of the three new Fan Arts are all about that RoboDrug sliped in through the mail slot last night.
Blasts from the pasts
Posted on November 7, 2010 by Tim
Hey hey hey, it's long time no hear from El-Man who dropped by with some new Fan Art. It's the two Leelas from 6ACV01 - the real Leela (R) and her robot duplicate (L) both get aerial as they fight over which one of them gets Fry. El-Man says “thanks to Assistant Crone at Simpworks for some tips on dynamicism”. So I guess that makes these two Leelas a dynamic duo?

And now for some not so good news everybody. We've mentioned in these screens before the name of Rebx 1X, also known as Kelly. Kelly and her husband Thomas (aka Ralph Snart) are long time members of the Futurama community. Kelley has had advanced Multiple Sclerosis for some years now (see the May 30th, 2008 update for more info). I learned recently that Kelly's condition has deteriorated and she is now in a nursing home. Thomas has her fixed up with all the comforts of home - a computer, telephone, Wi-Fi internet, DVD player, Flat screen TV and a Bose Radio/CD/mp3 Player; but I'm sure a call or two from other fans would brighten her day more than all of that. If you'd like to give Kelly a call, contact Thomas at ralphsnart (at) comcast (dot) net and he'll get you her number.
Kelly and Leela, fan art by Sarah

And lastly today, this one is a bit unusual as it's going the other way: Sick Pickles (Fan Art pictured) if you are still out there somewhere please contact your favorite webmaster from hell (that would be me) and it would be best if you did not use the e-mail you used on this site to do so. Also, if anyone out there is in touch with SP, please let her know I need to reach her.
Two from the road
Posted on November 6, 2010 by Tim
Ok, so I'm up here in the great white north freezing my lugnuts off and while it's no longer the land the internet forgot, I'm still not going to try to do anything complicated so we'll just go with two Fan Fictions today.

So first up is Hailey Sands with her second fic, Black Magic Woman. In this one the Planet Express crew goes to a planet where witches, ghosts, and magic rules and evil witches kidnap the men. It's up to Leela and Amy come up with some magic of their own to save the day.

Zombies and Futurama go together like .. uh .. Leela and Zap. And maybe that's why Leela is looking so ghastly. But that's just to illustrate this new fic by Rush. It's called A Loud Night. It a sequel to his Rubbish Ball and is set a year later where it seems that New New York is infested with Zombies. Rush sez “Warning may contain violence, horror, and other Zombie related stuff so if you don't like that kind of stuff don't read this fan fiction”.

fan art by Alexander Gustafsson
August 14, 2001
Vote for Julian
Posted on November 3, 2010 by Tim
Yes, it's time to recap the Futurama Halloween costumes. Now, those of you from the USA are probably groaning at that headline because you thought you were safe from any more "vote for me 'cause my opponent is a baby eating zombie" nonsense for another couple of years. Well, sorry, there's one more, but this one is easy since baby eating zombies do not figure into Futurama at all (except that they creep into the occasional Fan Fiction, but that's for another night). No, this pic is of Julian who lives in Lindenhurst, Old New York. However, Julian probably doesn't have any idea his pic is up here. Because you see, this pic of Julian was sent in by Kate who saw it in Parenting Magazine, whose web site you can go to and vote for Julian as having the best homemade costume. Kate says “Gotta love this costume! I would love to see "Bender" win a Parenting Magazine contest.”. So Vote for Julian, 'cause I heard that his opponents are baby eating zombies.

And Arthur sends in a couple of photos of his friend, no name given, in her Leela costume. And I gotta admit, that's a pretty dang good job with the eye. I had to study it to convince myself it wasn't a photoshop job.

So did anyone else do up a Futurama Halloween costume? There's several more from Halloweens past in our Fan's Photos section if you care to go digging. It'd be great to add even more.
Bending ones self into a corner
Posted on November 2, 2010 by Tim
Usually it's “writing ones self into a cornder” which is of course based on the amusing visual of “painting ones self into a corner”. I went with Bending because it's funnier and Bender is sort of involved. So first the good news (everybody) - Pieter Antonissen is back with eight more pages of his Fan Comic When Disastrions Strike Back, and we finally get to meet said Disastrions. Now the not so good news (everybody) - Pieter says that he keeps getting stuck on the storyline and rewriting it and that it might be some time before he figures out a way to get himself out of this situation he created for himself (eg Bent into a corner ). I'm sure he'll sort it all out. Anyway, the new stuff starts on page 32.
If we're not really fashion conscious, then we're in big trouble
Posted on November 1, 2010 by Tim
And as most nerdlingers idea of “fashion conscious” is remembering to put on clothes when they're conscious we're all in mighty big trouble. You see, there's this new Fan Comic from Gulliver63. It's a Scary Door episode in which Amy Wong gets these mighty god-like powers, which is a really scary thing. Oh well, I guess it's the season for scary things, right? Gulliver says “I was so impressed by the people who submitted comic pages that I had to send in one of my own (no, Amy's hiney isn't seen in this one)”.

It's RoboDrug in a dress! Which I'm assuming is not a normal thing. And before anyone gets the wrong idea, I assume she wears clothes as a general rule, just not dresses, especially dresses with those fin things. I mean really, that is so 31st century. What were we just saying about fashion conscious? Anyway, this is one of three new bit's o' Fan Art that RD sent in. The other two are of Leela and since we had four Leela's yesterday I went with something different.