November 2009
Oh no! Fangirls!
Posted on November 30, 2009 by Tim
And they're having a tug of war with Fry in the middle. Poor Fry, what a predicament. That's Jodes on the left and PhantomGirl on the right, and me thinks Leela is doing the smart thing by staying out of it. Only trouble is, for once Fry didn't do anything stupid to get himself into this mess, other than just be Fry that is.

Ok, so, suppose that you had the telephone number of a fangirl and you wanted to make them think Fry was calling (not that I'm suggesting that anyone actually do such a thing - oh my no). What you need is a handy collection of sound clips ready to play at the push of a button. Now the Madhouse has a nice Sound Clips section, but those aren't really set up for immediate play. No, what you need is a Futurama Soundboard. Well, this is your lucky day 'cause Frosty found one with clips of Bender, Fry, Leela, Zapp and the Professor. Oh, and not that we're suggesting you do this, but if, hypothetically speaking, you were to call a fangirl, for added fun use Zapp Brannigan instead of Fry and play as many of them as you can as fast as you can. Don't stop for any reason.
And Other Things
Posted on November 27, 2009 by Tim
Anyone want to give a poor kid from the stupid ages a lift? Actually, although it looks like Fry's is thumbing for a ride, he's really just pointing at something random. I think that because along with the submission of this pic, Leela+Fry said “Look ma, more stuff! Yeah. Apparently my hand decided that the world needed more Fry without my brain knowing because I drew this: Fry. Pointing at something random.”. What a great technique, I use it myself. After all, my hands frequently type stuff and my brain has absolutely no idea what's going on.

And if you're up for a little light reading with just a mild amount of schmoop, then you'll want to check out this latest Fan Fiction by Missy. It's called The Ash Storm, The Blernsball Game, And Other Things and it's the story of Fry and Leela's first date.
I'm just gonna keep talking, even if you can't hear me. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Posted on November 25, 2009 by Tim
So tonight we have a couple of things that are a bit different, and they both involve lots of talking. Blah blah blah, blah blah, blah blah blah. They're both made by DSS. The first is a Video Clip called Fry's Alien. What makes it unusual is that instead of being set to music, it's set to a comedy routine - a stand up bit called “Alien” by renowned comedian Dane Cook.

And the second thing - and this is just really different - most of us have heard the episode commentaries on the DVDs; well over in the Sounds Clips section you'll find a new mp3 of DSS doing a similar kind of commentary on his first Fan Fiction, Jurassic Planet.
Tribbles and Scribbles
Posted on November 24, 2009 by Tim
Leela+Fry broke out the 'ol drawing pencils a while back (Thursday, shleethinks) and this is the result. L+F says “Maybe a sequel to my pic with Fry and the Tribbles? I really don't know.” That seems more plausible than my first thought - that it was Leela and her favorite pet loofa, and it was getting near bath time. Did ya ever think that loofa was one of those really cool words that just had to have a better use than the name of a tropical gourd.

It time for more answers to Cubert's Rants. Jodes conjured up some snappy answers to the doubting little clone in 1ACV03 and 1ACV10.

Just a reminder to all of the aspiring authors out there, here is your chance at the big time, the cream de la cream for the fan fiction authors as it were. Our good friends over at The Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks Central are running their annual writing competition. The rules are really simple and it's a lot of fun. And you could win fame, fortune, or a reasonable quality certificate. And since there's only two people entered so far, your odds are really good right now. The stories are due by the 14th of December, so sharpen your pencils and start scribbling.
Scew It
Posted on November 23, 2009 by Tim
This is a picture of a shirt. It's one that Jodes had made. Here's the story that goes with it: “I went to see New Moon today and while everyone was obsessing with a shop that sold personalized team Edward and Jacob shirts, I decided to get a Fry shirt, cause I'm special. They messed up though and spelt 'screw' wrong, but oh well.... BEST SHIRT EVER.” You go, girl.

Now here's something we haven't had in a while - a nice spot of Fan Fiction. So in part 3 of MC's fan fic Ten Year Gone we follow the continuing adventures of Kyrie Fry who, with both of her parents (guess who) dead, struggles to keep going. But, with the Mighty One gone, Nibbler calls on her to save the Universe. Her mission: kill her only relative, her cousin Cubert.

And finally, based on no actual data, we have a countdown of the number of days until June 10, 2010, which as we all know is the rumored date that the first new episode of the new series will premier and we'll find out just how hard they pushed the rest button (or not). 199 days may seem like a long time to wait, but remember, it only approximately 54.483231 percent of a year. Or, put another way, we only have to wait about 17,193,600 seconds.
Even though it's the middle of November it's still Halloween somewhere
Posted on November 21, 2009 by Tim
Ok, so it's a bit late. I'm guessing that since it involved an ice cream scoop, a sharpie permanent marker, and a switchblade, that it was one heck of a Halloween party. Actually, those are the items that James Prospect used to carve this pumpkin. Apparently he didn't have one thousand archers of truest aim so he had to make due, and make due he did. You'll find three pics of it in the Fan's Photos section.

And speaking of one thousand archers of truest aim, which as we all know is a line out of the latest Simpson's episode. Nah it isn't, I'm just yankin' your chain. Anyone here knows it's from Bender's Game, which is a perfectly wordy segue into the announcement that we now have the fourth and final set of Framegrabs from BG.

I have been privileged to see a couple of sneak peeks at the Fan Comic that Futurama_Freak1 is working on, and although he doesn't (yet) know it, I'm sharing this sneak peek at one frame of it. Yes, that's what a comic looks like in it's formative stages. It's hard to believe, but it will go from that to a totally finished comic, indistinguishable from the reals ones. He's got about 5 pages completely done with color and everything and it's looking good. The race is on - will he finish before the new season starts - that is the question.
There was supposed to be an Earth shattering kaboom!
Posted on November 19, 2009 by Tim
Hey everybody, Imilianikus is back! Everyone say “Hi” to Imilianikus. Now, just to be polite, go look at his Fan Art. He's got this one, of Bender out at night with a gun and booze. He's in heaven. Which is actually the title of the pic. There's also another one of the Gender Bender, looking to rumble.

You know what time it is. That's right, more Cubert's Rants. DSS has an answer for one of the more troubling questions in 1ACV10 while Bosda answers the question that DSS posed just a couple of days ago in 1ACV12 (which is where tonight's headline comes from - the circle is now complete). By the way, does anyone else find the dichotomy between production seasons and broadcast seasons as annoying as I do? It sure gets confusing, and I bet it's gonna get a lot more confusing (right after I use the bathroom). So I took the liberty of rearranging Cubert's Rants into the former.
Where's the zombie spray?
Posted on November 17, 2009 by Tim
I have commented before that Zombies appear in fan stuff all out of proportion to their appearance in canon. Futurama_Freak1 finally cleared that up for me. He observed that Futurama IS a zombie - it keeps rising from the dead and you can't kill it. And I think Graham's appearance yesterday proves that. So, run away everyone! Before they get you next!

But, before you go, stop for a moment and check out these two new Fan Arts from Vytas_Wolf. Don't worry about that noise behind you, just check out this one of Fry and Leela back in the Himalays again, only this time, things aren't going going so well. I hope there's a little of that “When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all” divine intervention left.

Time for another Cubert's Rant. Singular. As in just one. And it's a question this time - DSS put his Cubert sock puppet on and in 1ACV12 he posits why when the alien ship blew up the White House, it wasn't the huge debris cloud and fireball like in Independence Day. Anyone got any ideas? He also sent two other new questions, but for episodes that Cubert hasn't ranted on yet. I went to see Cabert's agent to see if he had any comments, but he just drooled and said something about delicious brains.
An update from some dead guy...
Posted on November 16, 2009 by Graham
Dead guy here. You remember, that one who used to do a lot of updates here, but for some reason or other, has seemingly died. Maybe the site needs to be renamed The Lonely Zombie or something. Nobody sends me stuff. Then again, I can't complain, seeing that I've been in lazy mode for a hell of a long time. Anyway, while doing zombie things, like wandering the streets of some medium-sized town in the south of England searching for brains [mmm... delicious brains!...], someone sent me an email with some brains in it. Lots of brains, might I add. OK, I have to crack open a few heads to get to these brains, but at least I only have heads to deal with and not irritating bodies, with their arms and legs getting in the way and hurting poor zombie me. However, after a while of trying to get at these brain nuts, destroying my monitor in the process, I realised that these aren't actual heads with delicious brains in them, they're sketches of heads from the show Futurama. So, not only do these heads only exist as drawings, they're fictitious, too. I'm now hungry and mocked. So, if you find a hungry zombie in your neighbourhood chasing people for their delicious brains [mmm... warm sloppy brains!], you can blame Phillfry for sending me a picture of heads and not actual heads. Sure, they might fill our Fan Art section with their arty goodness (pity it's not hearty goodness... mmm... bloody hearts), but they sure won't fill the stomach of this poor overlooked zombie. BTW, if you do see me looking for delicious brains, please don't run. The procedure is fairly quick and the pain will only last about five minutes... ten at the most.
The pen is mightier than the sword, unless you're being chased by an unhappy cyclops with a big sword.
Posted on November 16, 2009 by Tim
Look out. Leela's got a big ass sword and she doesn't look happy. This Fan Art is one of three from Stingray and it's a concept for what he wanted Leela to look like as a member of the Labyrinth Resistance in his Fan Fiction Virtual Apocalypse. The link takes you to his thread in FMMB as that's where the fic is still unfolding. The other two pics he sent are his very first 'rama fan arts ever, it just took him a while to find them.

Also have the rest of MissusPatches' art that she sent in (she never sends just one pic at a time) and this one is going to require a little explanation. Fryday. There, that's just about as little in the way of explanation as you can get. Seriously though, what you see here is but part of a collection of images that are a collaborative effort of MsP and her friends Soffy and DarkChocolateCandy on iscribble. Y'see, every FrYday, the Fryday crew (as they call themselves) gets together on iscribble.net and draws a Futurama collab. She says “It's really fun and something we hope to get more fans like us to participate in.” For more information on the origins of the group and such, you can read this journal if you're interested.
A couple of universe jumping tales ...
Posted on November 15, 2009 by Tim
So who's that guy in the cool hat yanking Fry's collar? Good question, and thereby hangs a tale. MissusPatches says that this pic came about as “an art trade with a cool dude named flamehead. Y'see, he has this character named Matthias, who is sort of like the caretaker of fiction in that it is his job to jump from story to story and ensure that the tale reaches its proper end. As you can see here, he's saving Fry from tripping and making a spectacle out of himself when he and Leela are on a date in a restaurant. I guess the date is supposed to go well then.”. Good deal. There are times when Fry needs a guardian angel. MissusP sent in several more bits of Fan Art which you can check out on her page.

Good News Everyone. The next batch of Framegrabs for Bender's Game are up. And Even Better News Everyone - the thumbnails no longer suck.
Jurassic poop
Posted on November 14, 2009 by Tim
So there's like this giant media company (not the one that makes Futurama) known mostly for it's aggressive legal actions against anyone who looks the least bit sideways at their intellectual property. They also use a large rodent as a mascot. So once upon a time (Y2K) said giant media company made a movie about the dominant terrestrial vertebrate animals that roamed the Earth for over 160 million years from the late Triassic period about 230 million years ago until the end of the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago. And this inspired DSS to do two things - err, well maybe more than two things, but I only know of two - write a Fan Fiction (which resembles but is legally distinct from the aforementioned movie) and draw a Fan Art promotional picture. The fic is called Futuramasaur, and it's the Jurassic dominant terrestrial vertebrate animals movie, done Futurama style.

One of the great things about getting the Bender's Game frame grabs up is that Cubert got a lot of screen time, which means I have all kinds of new pics of the little creep to introduce the latest batch of Cubert's Rants. Bosda is back with some snappy answers to the little scraping in 1ACV02, 1ACV05, 1ACV09, 2ACV06, and 2ACV07. Also, if you look closely in one of those, you'll find a new question also.
Business is slow
Posted on November 12, 2009 by Tim
... at Planet Express. Well, OK, it's been a little slow here at FM/TLZ to, but after my plea of a couple of days ago, the old inbox is, while nowhere near overflowing, at least not empty. And one of those non-empty things is a couple of Fan Arts from SLN'T, who says he did these pics about 6 months ago and just hasn't had time to send them in. So I'm thinking that at least 6 months ago, things were so slow at PE that Leela had to take up a night job.

Since it's late and I'm not going to have time to get to any of that other great stuff that's just come in, I'll just read from this previously prepared statement: “Bender's Game. Framegrabs. part 2. The thumbnails still suck.”. See, like Bender's emergency stash of beer, it pays to have a little something in reserve.

A couple of last little things - {1} You might remember hearing about a guy named Leandro. He's one of the owners of this site. Allegedly anyway. I've never seen him. Of course, my “office” is down here in the basement next to the plasma fusion boiler and the big shots are up on the top floor with windows and executive washrooms and stuff. Anyway, he sent me this link, and it's actually kinda funny. Check it out.

And {2} DSS wrote to say that he was watching Roland Emmerich's film 10,000 BC and that he “noticed one of the names on the cast was an actor named Joel Fry. Joel Fry! The same last name as our oranged-haired goofbag on Futurama, Fry! What a coincidence!”. I thought so too, but then I did a little checking and it turns out that Fry is actually a pretty common name, at least in this part of the world. A check on one of those telephone directory websites turned up over 300 Fry's right here in my own state, including one Philip J. Fry.

fanart by Lee Roberts from the FM/TLZ Fan Art archives.

"I was hungry"
Posted on November 10, 2009 by Tim
If, hypothetically speaking, I were to design a fan fiction writing competition, I'd scrounge up a few pieces of Fan Art that the stories had to be based around, and this would be one of them. I just know that some of the very talented writers that drop by this place could some up with some really hilarious explanations for what's going on here. Futurama_Freak1, who drew this pic, says only that Fry swallowed Leela's scrunchy and she wants it back. How that happened would be a mighty good story in and of it's own.

Speaking of writing competitions, our good friends over at TSFFC have announced that they will be hosting their annual writing competition again this year. Watch for the rules to be announced real soon now. Prizes are some very nice certificates.

OK, the cupboard is bare. That's it. Finito. Nothing more in the doggie bag. So if you've got some really neat fan creation that you've been hoarding for just the right time to show it off to the world, now is that time. Things are so quiet around here that I broke down and put up the framegrabs for the first part of Bender's Game. Later this week I'm gonna look at re-doing those thumbnails - I don't like how they turned out.
Sax, lies, and ultraporn
Posted on November 9, 2009 by Tim
Remember in Jurassic Bark where Fry said that Seymour was once intimate with the leg of a wandering saxophonist? Well said wandering saxophonist was none other than “Bleeding Gums” Murphy from that other Matt Groening show. And Trevin Bernhard used this little factoid as the basis for this Fan Art - it's Lisa Simpson on sax and Philip J. Fry on holophoner playing a tribute to Murphy, who died in that other shows' season six.

Leela+Fry also sends a drawing of Leela and a box, which she drew because she knew that Leela was wondering what was in the box. In my experience, boxes are usually empty. Or maybe with a little cheese stuck to the top. And one time pepperoni! What a day that was! Sometimes though, it's only a parallel universe. Or the body of a dead saxophonist. One never knows.

And here's a fun little exercise. The contributor of this wishes to remain anonymous, although I can't imagine why as the search for knowledge is always to be respected. Anyway, someone was obviously watching Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles recently, got inquisitive, and did a little research. To reproduce their results, go to Wikipedia, very carefully type ultraporn into it's search box, and see what you get. Note: The management of FM/TLZ is not responsible for your typos or for some smartalec changing the link.
There is a difference between a fangirl and a psychopath
Posted on November 8, 2009 by Tim
I read that somewhere. Although, I can safely say, hidden as I am here in the basement of Castle Red_Line and sheltered by the imaginary anonymity of the Internet, that it can sometimes be a mighty fine line. And I'd better not say that too loud, lest the morrow bring a horde of angry fangirls armed with fan fic writing pens and fan art drawing colored pencils at my virtual gate. So moving right along, self-professed non-obsessed fangirl Jodes drew this Fan Art of .... ah ... uhoh.

For the third update in a row, Stingray is back with yet another promo pic Fan Art. This one is for his new Fan Fiction called Virtual Apocalypse. From the pic, you might think at first that it would be a Futurama/Matrix crossover, but its not. Its simply based on The Matrix (similar storyline, but different characters and... etc.). Also, Stingy says that the code he used in the pic is not random typing of symbols, but that every line actually says something. Any nerdlingers out there up to reading it? We don't yet have the fic 'cause it's still spooling out on the Message Board. You can catch it here.

I'd received notes from a couple of people about stuff they're working on. DSS says he's midway through a new fic to be called Futuramasaur, which is Disney's Dinosaur, Futurama style. And Futurama_Freak1 reports that he's making good progress on his new comic. He says he's completed the layouts for 22 pages and has fully drawn two of them. He showed me one of them where Zapp Brannigan makes an appearance and I had a jolly good chuckle.
Posted on November 7, 2009 by Tim
Webmasters, as we all know, are infallible god-like creatures who rule the Internet with their benevolent despotism. So we have no idea how the following two boo-boos (pronounced bow-bows) occurred. No idea at all. So anywho, however they happened, we wave our scepter and decree that they shall be corrected. So last week or thereabouts, Stingray sent in a Fan Fiction called Alien vs. Planet Express and a picture that we somehow got into our heads was the promo pic for the fic. Not so - this one is.

In a similar manner, Tervin Barnhard sent in a fan comic recently, except he sent the wrong picture, which confused the snot out of both of us for a bit. But finally we got it figured out and in fact he really did make a one page comic. Remember that picture of him with the huge gun? Well now he's got Zapp squarely in the cross-hairs and he calls it Taking The Shot.

Ok, now that we've got those clean up, we can get back to business. So jumping back to Stingray for a moment, here's some Fan Art he did - five classic Leela poses we all know and love.

And now it's time for that part of our show where we akx the musical question “Why is Cubert such an annoying little ass?”. Here with some answers, let's give a big Futurama Madhouse welcome to Bosda who tells it like it is in 2ACV03 and 2ACV18.

scan art by Javier Sánchez/The Futurama Point from the FM/TLZ Fan Art archives.

Fan Art up the shiny metal wazoo
Posted on November 5, 2009 by Tim
Suddenly, we're awash in Fan Art. A couple of weeks ago, it was Cubert's Rants, and there have been times it's been Fan Fiction. And other times we get a nice mix. Ah well, I'm sure there's lots of long hair science that studies these kinds of things - queuing theory or game theory or heavy drinking theory or whatnot. Anyway, all that aside, now that the new epps are only about 8 months away, here's a promo pic for season six. It's not official, although it could be. No, believe it or not, it's Fan Art from Stingray. And I wish I wasn't so lazy 'cause it really deserves a bigger thumbnail, so go look at the full size pic.

So you've got Bender as a Space Orc, Farnsworth as a tech-priest of the Cult Mechanicus, and Amy as an Eldar seer - hmmm, we must have a Futurama/Warhammer 40K crossover. It was done by Vytas_Wolf and, according to NodricWhale, my resident 40k expert, it's “really well done”.

Ok, I know what you're thinking - it's probably something like "Hey! Wait a sec, that's not a Futurama character! What gives?". Ha! You'll just have to click on it and see. Nyah nyah. After a month long hiatus, DSS is back with two new pics. This one, if you make it bigger, is Brian from Family Guy and Leela in a parody of the promo pic for the Family Guy episode We Love You, Conrad. And completing our genra-bashing experience today is his other pic, which is the Futurama form of The Simpsons: The Frysons.
Now we're bringing out the big guns
Posted on November 3, 2009 by Tim
No, really we are. Like a Barret .50 caliber sniper rifle. And take my word for it, that's pretty big. You see, that's Trevin Bernhard about to snipe Zapp Brannigan using his (Trevin's, not Zapp's) uncle's gun. And as a 50 cal can be armor piercing at 100 yards (33m), it ought to make at least a small dent in Zapp's fat hide. Meanwhile, Leela is elsewhere trying to establish an alibi maybe why not. Trevin sent another drawing of Fry meeting a US Marine Corps Drill Instructor (which is basically my 7th grade gym teach with better breath). Knowing Fry, this will probably end in disaster. They're both on Trevin's Fan Art page.

Meanwhile, over in Fan Fiction land, wes gots part 4, comprising chapter 16, of Vytas_Wolf's story Ghost From The Past. You may recall when last we left this story, Leela and her long, lost (but recently found) sister Leena had their minds switched after a net suit malfunction, and now the professor is going to try to switch them back while Fry tries to cope with the situation.
Zombies and funnies, or maybe Zombies are funny?
Posted on November 2, 2009 by Tim
OK, so, I've commented before on how Zombies seem to appear in Futurama fan creations a lot, even though there weren't that many in canon. I guess Futurama and Zombies go together like Bender and booze, which is why this gig is giving me a drinking problem. Also it leads me to the subject of this new Fan Art from Trevin Bernhard. It's a tribute to Futurama and the new movie Zombieland. It features Bender as Woody Harrison, Fry as Jesse Eisenberg, Leela as Emma Stone, and Amy as Abigail Breslin.

The other day, BackToTheFuturama was over at funnyjunk.com and found this Futurama pic. He thought it was really funny and wanted to share the link. What a difference a few years makes, eh?

Yep, more Cubert's Rants. Jodes hits it from both sides today - the first whack at the smart ass little growth is in 2ACV03 and in fact, he answers the question that Frosty asked just a couple of days ago. Then he goes on and poses a new question on 2ACV18. Also, while I was in there I couldn't resist tweaking Cubert's nose too. Read 'em and weep.
We live in exciting times.
Posted on November 1, 2009 by Tim
It's still Halloween somewhere, and today I received these really neat Nibbler pumpkin pictures. They're from Joshua and Kimberly who wrote to say that they “just wanted to share some Halloween spirit and love for Futurama”.

Ok, everyone, pop the sham-pag-in corks 'cause SmokyGouda writes “A lot's happened in the world of Futurama since I last submitted anything! We live in exciting times. I've finally gotten around to reacting with celebratory Fan Art!”. Whoo Hooo, party! So there's three new pics. This is one of one of those rare moments when Leela smiles. He says that at least thirty minutes of solid episode-watching went by without sighting one. There's also a scene from Raging Bender and another that's the PE crew, in what is meant to be an impromptu photo-op. For whatever reason, either they're standing behind the ship's boosters--getting great lift and a huge dose of radiation--or they're making a delivery on a planet with a heck of a headwind. Or maybe it's just a normal, windy Earth day. Whatever. SG goes on to say “I realize now that it also looks kind of nostalgic. Although, since Futurama's coming back, maybe it's nostalgia for the future? Well, any Futurama nerdlinger knows future-nostalgia all too well.”. Indeed we do.

And a tip of the Futurama Madhouse tin foil hat goes out to generalvegita for today's Tales Of The Obscure, because shklee found a typo. Unfortunately shklee didn't tell me where the typo was, but with grit, determination, dogged persistence, and a Google search I tracked it down anyway. Turns out it was in Sounds Clips in the description for one of the clips in Future Stock where Leela says "This toads the wet sprocket!". We had "webbed sprocket". It's all fixed now.