November 2008
It ain't even December, yet we're talking about Xmas! Bah humbug!
Posted on November 30, 2008 by Graham
Yeah, it's coming up to December, and you know what happens in December: thirty-one days of misery. That's it, thirty-one days of good tidings, joy and partridges in pear trees. Thirty-one days of tedium, crap, banality, and so much of a struggle, that every day you count reminds you that you have plenty of days to go. Boy, doesn't December suck! I'll give you good tidings, though. Yeah, I'll give you that, alright. *snaps out of it* Oh, that must have been the Ghost of Christmasses to Come. He made me say that. Don't hit me! Oh, nobody is reading this? Whew! Anyway, back to business. The reason I'm boring you to death about the month that's going to arrive on Monday is because I have the last part of one of MC's fan fiction works, The Ghost of Xmas Past. As per usual, MC has already created a summary, so I'll quote that for you: "In the conclusion, Fry leads a commando raid to rescue Leela and Vyr and Amy finally confronts her past." There, short and to the point. However, before I give you the link to the final part, let me warn you to read the warning in bold on the top of the fifth part's page before you continue to read the fic. If you're the sort likely to be disturbed, you might want to avert your eyes to this part or email MC for a shortened version. OK, eye protectors on, here's the link.
Now that's humorous!
Posted on November 29, 2008 by Leandro
Today we have an unusual kind of Fan Art update. Svip from The Infosphere, a Futurama Wiki has been making Christmas cards like this one, the one that Zoidberg received in the episode 2ACV04 Xmas Story. I guess that's a way to make do when Fox won't release any official merchandise this Christmas!
An immortal update
Posted on November 27, 2008 by Tim
Ohh, yummy stuff in the mail box today, yes sir. Here it is, at longish last, eleven new pages to !iMmOrTaL!'s stupendously long Fan Comic The Wong Side of the Law. When last we left it, Amy, in her miracle cream enabled persona of the Pink Phatale, had just kicked the Robot Mafia's titanium testicles and now, another side effect of the miracle cream seems to be surfacing. The new stuff starts on page 101. And does everyone recognize who that guy is on page 107? No? Here's a hint.

And as a bonus, !iMmOrTaL! also drew this picture because he somehow knows that I haven't received any really good hate mail recently. He titles the picture You're Welcome Fans so that must he his way of saying “You're Welcome” to everyone who's written him and said thanks for cranking out such great comics and Fan Art. Which, by the way, is a really nice thing to do when you like someone's work. It gives them nice warm fuzzies. And, if you didn't know this, it's a scientifically proven fact that warm fuzzies are artist fuel.
Well, I'll just make a little update here and th-- HOLY CRAP! Somebody actually sent me something?!!
Posted on November 24, 2008 by Kenneth

That's right. Here I was, expecting to simply update and post the next Ask Dr. Zoidberg installment all by itself withoout anything else to comment on or use as a thumbnail image just after the weekend.

But then a wonderful, fantastic and talented young artist decided to be kind enough to send me (yes, that's right... me. Not Tim. Not Graham. Not Leandro. Not Tim.) two pieces of her Fan Art. That talented artist is known as Jay Bedard 2008, and she drew the fabulous image of Leegolas from Bender's Game you see here in this update. Not only that, but she's also got another image with various Leela-related sketches upon it, so check them both out by simply clicking the image.

Oh, and there's also the sixth edition of Ask Dr. Zoidberg as well. Just FYI.

Until next time
The future is soon
Posted on November 24, 2008 by Tim
But first, this word about (ewwww) brain slugs. There are days that I feel like that's what I have but fortunately this isn't one of them so I still have enough free will left to put up these three new bits of brainy sluggy Fan Art from Leela+Fry.

Ok, the future, with a minor digression into the trials and tribulations of being a webmaster. One of the challenges that presents itself in our being formerly known as The Leela Zone is that the Fan Art and Framegrabs are quite Leela-centric, and so I've just spent the last half an hour digging though the archives trying to find a picture of Bender drinking. While I've no doubt there's one in there somewhere, I didn't find it and that would have been perfect to illustrate this news item. Futurama, it seem, can be eerily accurate sometimes. That no doubt stems from having a higher than average number of hard science and math types on it's creative staff. So I wasn't nearly as surprised as I otherwise might have been when I ran across this article on building alcohol powered robots. To quote from the article "In the future, the humanoid robot sitting next to you at the bar may be drinking alcohol in order to work the next day.". Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
Tales of the future, tales of the past (not necessarily in that order)
Posted on November 22, 2008 by Tim
A long time ago, in a reality far, far away (May 7, 2008) we featured some artwork depicting the Futurama crew as both Hellboy and Star Wars characters. And that inspired Mike G to write and say ”long time reader first time sender, I was inspired by the drawings of Star Wars and Hellboy Futurama and decided to try and create a Watchmen Futurama. It was hand drawn and coloured, then scanned in.“

And in the Coming Soon on Futurama Madhouse department is a Fan Fiction to be called Darkness Surrounding by Smarty. Unfortunately, said fic is not done yet, but we do have this nice Promo Picture for it. What it's going to be about I have no idea, but I can guess that maybe May 12, 2019, World War III, and someone who may or may not be related to Fry are somehow involved. And not having a separate section for promo pics, I stuck it in Fan Art.
What's wrong with this picture?
Posted on November 20, 2008 by Tim
One thing Matt G. and crew loved to do is give us lots of "easter eggs" to find in their creations. That was certainly true of Futurama, and also of their other brainchild, The Simpsons. Here's one such - it's the intro to season 12, episode 9 of The Simpsons in which Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and Fry (who is yellow) are deposited on the couch by Futurama style transport tubes. A moment later, Fry gets sucked back up the tube and replaced by Bart. Thanks and a toast of Slurm to BackToTheFuturama for this one.

And of course it wouldn't seem like a real update without a spot of Fan Fiction now would it? Of course not, so prepare yourself as giant egos converge on the planet Bahamas 4 where the recently married Fry and Leela are trying to have a nice quiet honeymoon in part two of Hammer87's Honeymoon Interrupted. Yes, it's Mom, Morgan, and spooks galore, plus some first class technobabble as a bonus.
How many fan fic authors does it take to shovel a driveway?
Posted on November 18, 2008 by Tim
Which is actually an important questions since it's snowing in my part of the world at the moment. It doesn't usually do that for another couple of weeks at least but this year it gotten cold and started snowing early. I blame global warming. Anyway, it's a perfect night to build a fire in the fireplace, grab a snifter of infinity worthless thousand minute old brandy, and settle down with some Fan Fiction (is this scene reminiscent of the League of Robots or what ).

So first off is Rush's latest called I Can Hear You. It's an alternate reality story set during The Sting. Any Futurama fan worth their Slurm will recall when Leela winged the jar of space honey at the bee. Well this fic asks "what if she had missed"?

Now here's a fic that would get by any "truth in advertising" regulations. It's called Just Another Fry and Leela Shippy. It's by fry+leela4eva and in it, Fry quits PE and moves to Tibet to become a monk and Leela marries Scruffy. Oh! Wait, that's my entry for the fan fic contest over at TSFFC, this one's really about Fry overhearing Leela crying and going to investigate.

Wait, did I just say that there was a writing contest over at TSFFC? Why yes I did, and I'm gonna mention it again why not? I can do that 'cause I'm a whale biologist webmaster. Check it out, there's still plenty of time to enter.

Last little tidbit - I can't get over the feeling that I've over looked a contribution recently. If you've sent me something more than a couple of days ago and it hasn't appeared yet, please drop me another note and let me know. I'm sure it's kicking around here in the Madhouse's boiler room somewhere.
Two firsts
Posted on November 17, 2008 by Tim
Yeah, like Zapp Brannigan I keep coming back for more abuse. I may have to get myself one of those shock collars like Leela wears in Bender's Game. Then again, maybe that isn't such a good idea. Speaking of shock collars, here's just about the next best thing - and I'm sure we all recognize what this is. And now, for the amazing low price of nothing, you can have this on your computer desktop, 'cause it's a new Wallpaper and it was created by BackToTheFuturama, which is a first for him because up to this point, he's done only Fan Videos.

Those that are followers of Frosty's works of Fan Fiction will know that she's quite the hand at stringing fics together in sequential stories. Well tonight she sends her latest in a parade of works stretching back to her fourth fic, The Reunion. It's called At First Sight and it picks up whereHold On left off. In it, Leela is due in to the hospital for her C-section and it seems that while Fry has a couple of nights to himself, he's been up to something. What, you'll have to read and find out.
Teeny, tiny, little update
Posted on November 14, 2008 by Kenneth
Not much for y'all from me, as usual. Just a heads up that I've updated the Futurama Voice Actors page again so that it's up to date with additions from both The Best with a Billion Backs and Bender's Game now too. So if you want to know who voiced everybody in those two movies, as well as the series and Bender's Big Score, check it out.

Dr. Zoidberg may have some questions to answer in the near future too, but I get the feeling he's waiting for a few more to be asked. Apparently his inbox has been almost as empty as his stomach over the past couple of months. He's had plenty of spam apparently, but like certain Monty Python characters, he's not a fan of it. He just wanted me to pass that along.
In your face, Will Smith and Charlton Heston
Posted on November 14, 2008 by Tim
So sayeth Bender. Just a short and quick update tonight 'cause I'm getting ready to pull another one of my disappearing acts, so we'll just do a nice bit of Fan Fiction, which as you might guess from the pic is a bit shippy. It's part 2 of MC's The Ties That Bind. So last time, Fry had been gone from NNY and PE for seven years when he got news that the Professor had died, and Leela intercepts him on his way back because she has a something she needs to talk to him about. In this chapter, after getting her secret off her chest, Leela becomes bolder with Fry. And after finding a treasure in his parents basement, Fry finally gets into her bedroom, but not the way he ever expected. It's a really good read, I highly recommend it.

So that's it for today. Things might be a little quiet for a day or two unless one of the other webmasters comes down with a bout of non-lazy but not to worry, I'll be back with more real soon now.
Futurama Madhouse - The Next Generation
Posted on November 13, 2008 by Tim
We're celebrating second generation Futurama day here at the Madhouse 'cause we have the creations of two Fan Artists, and the significant thing about them is that they are both daughters of other FM/TLZ contributors.

First is The Demonta Girl who's dad is ZZoMBiE13. And I think it'll be the most fun just to let her tell it: “Hi! I am a new contributer to Futurama Madhouse, and... Well, ya. I drew Leela. :3 In an Anime Style, my Dad (ZZoMBiE13) at one point narked at me to draw a Leels and Fry and/or Bender in my crappy anime style. AND I DID!! Bender's Big Score somehow inspired it - seeing as I was watching it as I fell asleep (Lol, I donno why I fall asleep watching THE greatest show ON EARTH is being played - I am just weird like that I guess.) And she was in that... That just perfecto pose to draw. :3 So's. I dids. Apparently, My-Friend-Who-Shan't-Be-Named-Because-She-Is-Paranoid, my Dad and some other peoples said it was really good.. Especially... Since I am 12. >.> You are free to tell the peoples on the internet that. I don mind... It might impress an individual. |3 And ya... If you could post it.. Whenever.. Would be FANTABULOUS since... I would think it is a HUGE HONOR to be shown on your site. IT. IS. AWESOMESAUCEINACAN. And yes. There is a silver heart next to Futurama Madhouse, because this site deserves A LOT OF HEARTS, OK?! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3”. Ok!

Now S-punk wasn't nearly so eloquent - she just walked up and said "Dad, scan these for me". Yes, that's right, S-punk is my daughter, and she's the one who first turned me on to Futurama a little over three years ago, so if you happen to see her, slap her upside the head for me please. Anyway, she's got four new pics, and I've got several more to get scanned.

Last little unrelated thing - we have a new Sound Clip. It's Terry doing his theatrical "Welcome to the world of tomorrow" from 1ACV01. Hammer87 needed it for a presentation he was going to be doing and it surprised the heck out of me that we didn't have it but back when those were done we were still The Leela Zone so that probably explains why there were only Leela quotes there. No prob, though - I grabbed the DVD and did a little folding, spindling, and mutilating and there we go.
Combinations and Permutations
Posted on November 12, 2008 by Tim
Hang out in a any Futurama forum like FMMB for any length of time and a discussion of what the offspring of a Fry and Leela union would look like inevitably comes up. What you don't seem to see is what would Kiff and Amy produce? That's probably 'cause no one has yet come up with a good explanation of how that would actually work given what we know about Amphibosian physiology. But not letting little details like that stand in the way of making Fan Art, fry+leela4eva drew this pic that explores that very question.

Hammer87 just keeps cranking 'em out with this squeal to his last fic, Phil. It's the first part of Honeymoon Interrupted and as you might guess, Fry and Leela are married and are setting out on the their honeymoon when a little in-flight snu-snu gets interrupted by an attack, leaving them stranded in space in a disabled ship with Leela unconscious. Oh, and there's also some discussion of what their kids would look like. See, I told ya. (illustration by FemJesse)
A tale of two spammers (and two non-spammers)
Posted on November 11, 2008 by Tim
One of the many advantages to having that futurama-madhouse.com.ar e-mail address is that I now get my spam in both Spanish and English. Now as much as this sounds like a bad thing, it actually has some advantages. You see, if I'm ever in a Spanish speaking place and I need to say “disfunción eréctil” I'm all set. And then, even some of the so called “English”, or perhaps I should say Engrish, is pretty amusing. Like this one: “I find your e-mail address from internet; I know you are one big company in your country which is related to computer accessories.” So the first sentence translates to "Hi, I am a spammer". The second actually makes some sense - Futurama Madhouse isn't really a company, but we are The Oldest Living Futurama Fansite and that's kind of a big thing to us, and you need lots of computer accessories to even see us, so yeah, I guess we are “one big company which is related to computer accessories”. Only problem is we aren't sure what country we're in - Several dozen of 'em at least last I knew. And speaking of spammers, every once in a while some particularly inbred specimen of the species will attempt to get on FMMB - I take great pleasure in banning them before their account is even activated. Here's a little hint - an e-mail address like adult.sheep.finder.join is a fast track to ban-land.

Ok, that was fun. These two definitely are not spammers - they've got the good stuff. The first one is this new Fan Art from fry+leela4eva. She saw the trailer for Wild Green Yonder and “as soon as i saw Fry dead i bursted into tears.... IT'S SO SAD!!! here's a picture I drew about it...” We sure hope Fry isn't really going to end up dead.

But we'll have to wait a few months to find out for sure. Meanwhile, here's some Fan Fiction that doesn't end up dead. It's chapter 14 of La Belle Leela's Stranger In A Strange Land and it's Xmas time in NNY City. A galactic war nearly occurs when a normal furniture delivery run leaves the Planet Express crew a little worse for wear after they run afoul of the Omicronians. Zapp Brannigan may be gone (for now) but his lackeys still remain loyal. Everyone comes together for a night that will surely be remembered featuring a DOOP Xmas party, a mysterious stalker, and a woman who can really hold her liquor! (hint: It's not who you think it is).
Manchester: after the loss against Arsenal today, what better than to have the Futurama crew invade their very sad and miserable lives...
Posted on November 9, 2008 by Graham
OK, Manchester isn't that miserable... well, other than the fact it rains constantly there. However, if you ever had the misfortune to watch Coronation Street, a British soap opera based in that city, you'd have thought the whole population were slitting their wrists while having shouting matches. Then again, seeing that Manchester United lost 2-1 to a very weakened Arsenal side today, maybe they have already done both and it's now quiet up there. So, what a great opportunity for the Futurama gang to go to that north-west English city to spread happiness, fun and joy, with the aid of the What-If Machine. That's what happens in a fan fiction I have for you to read. Lucky you! The fic in question is called Futurama Coronation Street, which has been penned by AmZ Future, and as you will see, the What-If machine brings the Futurama crew into the lives of that very northern soap opera that's Coronation Street. Maybe the razor blades and loud voices will cease their work while Bender does some looting and Leela does some kicking.

Not finished yet, though, so you can keep on looking up on Wiki about what the heck is Coronation Street. Actually, best not get too distracted, because I have another fan fiction to show off. This is part four of the serial fiction that's the creation of MC, which goes under the title Ghost of Xmas Past. As per usual, he's been kind enough to come up with a summary, which helps cut down the chances of me getting repetitive strain injury: "Shocked by Leela's revalations, Fry tries to go on with life and build a new one with an old flame, but new responsabilities and a new threat emerge." There you go, plenty of summary there. This is the penultimate chapter of this serial fic, so expect the last part soon.
Tickle my shiny metal ass
Posted on November 8, 2008 by Tim
Our first real (and by real I mean post release) Bender's Game Wallpaper is this nifty and bargain priced Tickle Me Bender. It's by Cx.

And in the kick my shiny metal ass department, we've got Universe 1 Leela vs Universe A Leela (and bv 'vs' I don't mean in the Erik Heltner/Bender's Game sense ) in DSS' newest Fan Fiction, Terminator Mutant 2: End-Point Day. In this sequel to The Terminator Mutant, Leela is back as the ass-kicking, bad-to-the-bone TM-101, but now as the savior of Fry and Mrs.Fry! As well as being a protector, Leela now has an enemy (played by Universe 1 Leela)!
Nailed it!
Posted on November 6, 2008 by Tim
I probably shouldn't do this - sometimes it's better to let sleeping dogs lie - but I just can't resist 'cause it's deja vu all over again. So return with us now to those thrilling days of last January when comic artist extraordinaire !iMmOrTaL! whipped up a tribute to a Fan Comic done by that other master of the graphical novel, Erik Heltner, that just happened to sorta look kinda like DVD cover art. And then a minor controversy erupted when a certain webmaster whom shall remain nameless, in one of his wittier news updates, may have said things that might have suggested that a certain fan comic might be a trial balloon for a future Futurama movie. So, if you haven't seen Bender's Game yet, please skip this next bit 'cause it contains a small spoiler.

Nailed It!   Wooo Hoooo!   We're great, oh yeah!   Told Ya!

So fast forward to now. !iMmOrTaL! writes to say that he's got five more pages of his comic The Wong Side Of The Law finished, and as soon as he gets five more done, he'll be sending them in. Meanwhile, he whipped up this bit of Fan Art “as a gift for another fellow comic designer, Erik Heltner” and his spanking good comic series Housewife at Play.

So, while you're all trying to remember where you left your torches and pitchforks, let's move on to some nice shippy Fan Fiction. Suppose for a moment, that in some parallel universe somewhere, fan fictions had titles so long that they wouldn't have looked amiss on Victorian era publications and that reading them took longer that the life span of your average truck stop men's room parasitic worm. Well, if such a thing existed, it'd sound an awful lot like Rush's new fic A New Parallel Universe End to Parasites Lost. The title says it all.
What are you doing here? You should be watching Bender's Game.
Posted on November 4, 2008 by Tim
But, since you're here anyway, I guess we ought to do something for your trouble. OK, so maybe you've already seen BG (lucky *grumble*). If so, you might want to take part in the fervent discussion going on now in the Bender's Game thread on FMMB. If you haven't seen it, beware of spoilers.

And this is big: Graham over at The Simpsons and Futurama Fanworks Central has announced their 2008 Writing Competition. Write a Simpsons, Futurama, or Venture Brothers fan fic and win, win, win. So grab your quill pens and inkwells and get writin'.

Here's a new Fan Fiction that ties The Devils Hands and Bender's Big Score together. It's Rush's new one The True Happening After The Opera. Shippers beware.
I'll just clicky here and here and OH MY VARIOUS GODS, IT'S HIDEOUS!
Posted on November 4, 2008 by Leandro
The evil masterminds behind I Love Bender have recently released this little widget that allows you to merge two different characters to make something new and terrifying. After being scarred for life at the result of my own creation, I have decided that everybody should suffer the same! So go my minions, click on the darn thing and create some monstrous creatures that will forever terririze you in your nightmares! You can find the widget by clicking here.

And when you're done playing with the thing, GO AND BUY THE DVD, YOU! Yes, I'm talking to YOU, the guy in the corner who didn't buy it already! Buying Bender's Game is absolutely the most important thing you have to do today! Go and get your copy, the Internet will still be here when you get back!
Fry dies and Leela on ice
Posted on November 3, 2008 by Tim
One more day to go until Bender's Game is released and we have ... the trailer for Into The Wild Green Yonder! Thanks to FMMBer Cx for the find.

What do you make of it? Tell the world about it on our message board.

I'm not sure if this is a Halloween costume or not since I don't know if they do Halloween in Iceland, but it is a picture of Tornadoboy's Icelandic friend Hildur dressed as Leela for a costume party. And Tornadoboy wanted me to be sure to mention "no that's not me in the background looking like a {characterization_omitted} mongoloid". Check it out in the Fan Photos section.
"Bender's Game is EPIC!"
Posted on November 2, 2008 by Tim
In just two more days, Bender's Game will be officially released but a few lucky individuals have, by one means or another, contrived to get sneak preview of it. The consensus? I'm hearing things like “Bender's Game is EPIC!” and ”The best one yet“. Here's a frame grab thanks to tb, which he says is "one of my favorite shots from the whole movie. I love how Leela looks here. Like a five year old being yelled at. Which is more or less what's going on." Arrrrgh! Two more days!

One of the funner (is that a word? If not, pretend it is) things to do in Fan Fiction is to do violence to Zapp Brannagain for what he did to Leela. Not only is it fun to write, it can also be quite cathartic (thanks Ramon ). Various authors have all had their shot at it, but the two most common themes seem to be beat him up and shoot him. Let's see what hilariously cruel method Hammer87 uses in the fourth and final chapter of Phil.

“When I was frozen, giant carrots ruled the Earth, but now they don't. It takes some getting used to.”. Remember that great line? Well it stands to reason that if you have giant carrots, you'll probably have a whole lot of rabbits, and someone's gonna have to clean up after them. It's gotta be a government job. In any case, it's what inspired Reba 1X to draw this Fan Art called “Every Bunny Wants the Rulers of the World”.
Posted on November 1, 2008 by Tim
It's Halloween! Let's look in the old goodies bag and see what we got. Oh, crud - no one gave me a copy of Bender's Game. Oh well, I did get this neato Halloween Fan Art though. It's from fry+leela4eva and I'm sure glad I didn't run into this while I was out. I mean, I'm a guy, so I'm all for letting Leela nibble on my neck and all, but not with those teeth.

Uhoh, Cubert again. Bet ya can't guess where this is leading? Yup, you got it, right back to some new Cubert's Rants. Well, ok, maybe just one, but still, any time we can take the little creep down a peg or two is Ok. This one's from Frosty and it's in 2ACV19.

I really wanted a picture of Fry on a motorcycle for this one, and I know that there's probably one buried in the Fan Art section somewhere. But at last count there's something like 5,115 pictures in there and it can take a while to browse through them all. And I don't have that kind of time - I've got Halloween candy to go chow on so when I ran across this one I decided that would have to do. So what's up with the sudden fetish of F&L and 'cycles you ask? And one with actual wheels at that? Well, for that, we have to turn to the latest addition to the Fan Fiction collection, which is the first part of MC's new fic The Ties that Bind. It's set after the time slips and Fry has departed PE and NNY to start a new life, one away from "her". But when he gets news of a death in the family, he discovers that distance alone isn't something that can free him from his past.