November 2007
Sneak Preview?
Posted on November 30, 2007 by Tim
I'm back baby. So I was on my way back from Omicron Persei 8 when this guy sits down next to me on the bus. Turns out it's Gurman from over at FFF and he turns me on to this little number - a really rough preview of the next Futurama movie, The Beast with a Billion Backs.

We interrupt this countdown for a special announcement...
Posted on November 27, 2007 by Leandro
Hello, Earthlings. The human known as Tim suffered of a slight abduction by beings from Omicron Persei 8, and won't be here to complete this countdown. Once the probulator is done, he shall return to present the update he planned for tonight.

So instead, I'll show you a link to an interview with David X Cohen which includes the following bits:

Does the Fox network have the option of picking up these episodes later?
It's not impossible actually, because what Comedy Central owns are the cable rights. The broadcast rights are a separate issue.

When is the next DVD coming out?
There's no official release date. If I had a rough guess, I'd say six months, but that's only a guess.

Also, Wired has published this article, which includes this one-line summary of one of the next Futurama DVDs: "The Beast With a Billion Backs," can be viewed as a full-length movie about a creature that carries on a simultaneous affair with everyone in the galaxy. And if you'd like a behind-the-scenes look at the animation of Bender's Big Score, you can find a slideshow gallery here.
Posted on November 26, 2007 by Tim
ONE MORE DAY! Four years of waiting are almost over! Bender's Big score was being advertised in my local newspaper today and most places were offering special deals on the first fours seasons too.

This just in from SonicPanther, reporting from on location with the first piece of BBS Fan Art. She says "More details at 11:00" but she didn't say what time zone so while we're waiting, she also sent four other pics we can look at.

If you're a Green Day fan you'll be excited to know that part 2 of Michael-John Derges' fic Green Fry is in and posted in the Fan Fiction section, and the music and mayhem continue as Fry stands in for Billie Joe Armstrong while a series of increasingly inept assassins keep missing their target.

And from the e-mailbag today, Jerry and a couple of other people (Jerry gets his name mentioned 'cause he was first. Also he sent me a bag of gummi fungus ) have rediscovered the promo piece that Speedbump Studios did a few months back. But it's good and worth a revisit on this most auspicious occasion.
Posted on November 25, 2007 by Tim
Two days to go and I'm getting lots of interesting e-mail, but more on that in a moment. First up is this statue of Fry. Futurama_Freak1 created it in Grand Theft Auto to honor one of the greatest cartoons ever. Unfortunately, it's not in FF1's New New York mod for GTA, it's for some other unrelated project he's keeping secret for now, so if you're buzzing around the city in your stolen hover Ferrari, you aren't going to see it. But you can see it here.

But say you're not the gangster thug type and running around a big city stealing cars and shooting up the place isn't quite your speed. Never let it be said that the Madhouse doesn't have something for everyone, in this case a couple of interesting media articles related to Bender's Big Score. One is an interview with Director Dwayne Carey-Hill and Producer Claudia Katz on Rotten Tomatoes, and the other is an interview with Davix X. Cohen at UGO.

Now to allegedly paraphrase Nibbler, I can do more than post links, I can pontificate, and this brings us back to the e-mails I mentioned - we've received several in the last few days containing pointers to places on the web where we could get/see the movie. As much as any Futurama fan worthy of the name would want to see it as soon as possible, if not sooner, we aren't going to publish that info. There's only one way we'll get more Futurama and that's if those DVDs sell really, really well; and aiding and abetting pirates isn't going to help anyone.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now. One last thing - see that count down in red that's been lurking just above this for the last few months. It's also a link to Amazon dot com with Futurama-Madhouse as the referrer. You can go there to buy your copy of Bender's Big Score and whatever else you might need and the Madhouse gets a piece of the action to help pay the bills.
Posted on November 24, 2007 by Tim
Three days to go! One of the things that we know is that there will be an episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad on the DVD. Perhaps in anticipation of that, or maybe just 'cause he had way too much free time on his hands, breakk has put together his own episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad. Check it out. And be sure to watch it through to the end. You will buy the DVD.

Sometimes, making the right decision requires A Different View, which is the title of a Graham Dawson Fan Fiction that was recently introduced into our Fan Fiction hall of fame. To go with it, Graham sends us this promo pic Fan Art.

Posted on November 23, 2007 by Tim
Four days to go. The suspense is killing me. So, with a little prodding help from Leandro, we found a review of the movie. It says lots of things, but I thought this was the most striking: "the movie's story is a love note to the fans of the series, which does its best to give the Futurama community everything that they could possibly want to see from series.". I'm so excited I wish I was a robot so I could wish I could wet myself!

Now, to while away another day in the countdown we have a new piece of Fan Fiction, but you'll have to read slowly 'cause it's only the first part. In Michael-John Derges' new fic Green Fry, Fry goes to a Green Day concert and wins the opportunity to play on stage with the band. Except it may not be Fry's lucky day, someone has it out for him and ends up plugging the band's lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, by mistake. (PS: Fan Art courtesy of Becky)
Posted on November 22, 2007 by Tim
Five days to go. Wanna see a picture of Leela in a wedding dress, holding a bouquet of flowers, and being escorted down the aisle by the professor? I'd love to show you one but there is some exceedingly evil fine print involved that succeeded in intimidating me into not doing a screen capture and showing it here. Someday, hopefully, media companies may figure out that most fan sites are promoting their wares and making them money, not stealing it from them. Yeah, and pigs might fly too.

So anyway, there really is such a picture - you'll just have to go look for yourselves. Check out ilovebender.com (which seems to be an official Fox site). Click on Galleries and scroll through the pics, you'll find it. Then, tell us what you think on our forum.
Posted on November 21, 2007 by Tim
Six days to go and the word on the wires is that a few lucky persons have, by various and sundry means, contrived to see the movie and already various "spoilers" are starting to pop up here and there. Whether these are really "spoilers" or just someone yanking our chain, only time, 6 days to be exact, will tell. I mean, if I were in Matt G's shoes I'd be sorely tempted to put out bogus preview copies of the movie just 'cause I'd think it was funny. But I'm sure the bean counting bureaucrats would never allow that. No sir. No way. Not happenin'

So other than that random rambling, I don't have any fan subs to share today. I have a nice piece of Fan Fiction, but I can't tell which is the title and which is the author's name; and a piece of Fan Art, and a web site I could point you at, but I'm waiting for replies from the various artists to clarify details (so I don't look totaly stupid). So if you you've sent me something recently and it isn't up yet, check your e-mail! And if you haven't sent me something lately, get busy! You've got six days with nothing else to do.
Posted on November 20, 2007 by Tim
We're coming back, baby! Only one more week to go. I've got my long underwear and mittens and sleeping bag all ready to go for that night of camping out at the video store, not to mention the portable DVD player so I can watch it in the parking lot and not waste the 3 minutes it'll take to drive home. But that's a week away and we have to deal with the here and now, and by here and now I mean some new Fan Art celebrating the big event from Graham Dawson. By the way, did ya' ever wonder - Bender doesn't have any ears, what keeps the sun glasses on his head? Can't be magnets ...
Posted on November 19, 2007 by Tim
Eight more days to go! How will we ever stand the wait? Well, one way to pass the time is to go read some Fan Fiction, and by Fan Fiction I mean one called SpaceCast Caper, which is a new one by Trenton Sands. Now it turns out that a SpaceCast is a future video game console and a Caper is some kind of fish ... err, wait, maybe that's a kipper? Well, anyway, our intrepid crew is on assignment in Arizona when they hook up with a couple of teens whose SpaceCast has been stolen. Mirth and mayhem result as the crew tries to help track down that missing system.
Posted on November 18, 2007 by Tim
Halloween + A Bunch Of Old Cardboard and Paint + A Futurama Fan = Some Pretty Interesting Results ... like this Robot Devil costume that Badbird made. He says he was a little disappointed though 'cause all night only ONE person knew who he was dressed as. Only ONE? Professor Farnsworth better not take his cluelessometer to that part of the world cause it would probably burn out. Hopefully that will change once the movie comes out, which is only nine days from now. Wooo hooo!

So anyway, it's in our Fan Photos section. Check it out and start thinking about some Futurama themed costumes for your next fancy dress event, like proms, weddings, Bot Mitzvahs, national holidays, and etc.
Posted on November 17, 2007 by Tim
10 more days until Futurama returns with the release of Bender's Big Score! And since the count down to the new millennium is such an important and fundamental part of Futurama, appearing not once but several times throughout the series run, and since the rebirth is going to be a whole lot more interesting than the mere flipping of a calendar page, I thought it'd be fitting to celebrate with a countdown of our own. Problem is, I've only got enough content in my stash for maybe two days. Oh well, maybe some of the other webmasters will find something to help out with. Or maybe someone will send me something. Or maybe we'll just have some plain and boring updates.

Timing, they say, is everything (or not as in the case of Zoidberg's comedic attempts) and so, had this not been a good day to start a countdown, today's head line would have been Back To The Futurama. Now if you went and dug around in our Fan Fiction archives, you'd likely find one or two stories by that title, but this rambling isn't about Fan Fiction, it's about fans (like us, you and me, and that guy) and how we saved Futurama. No, in this case, Back to the Futurama is the title of an article, written by Marc Allan that appeared today on altweeklies.com and it talks about what went on in the four year interregnum since 4ACV18 and how we made the comeback possible. What makes it especially news worthy is that The Futurama Madhouse is mentioned. What it didn't mention was a certain quote by a certain named party about a possible resuscitation of the series, but your ever vigilant Madhouse team will keep trying to track that down.
Leela was training ME to be captain. She even let me sit on her lap and steer -- in this comic I drew...
Posted on November 14, 2007 by Kenneth
Ever wonder what that comic Fry drew actually looked like? Well, if you did, you're not the only one. And here to show us what said comic would look like is Erik Heltner with a new piece of Fan Art. Looks as if Fry has his mind --as well as his lap, and lips, amongst other things-- on something else rather than steering, and despite Amy's warnings doesn't seem to realise his best friend is now floating away in space. Oh well... it happens.

Our favourite Decapodian doctor has also got some more answers to your questions in the Ask Dr. Zoidberg section of the site. So check out Ask Dr. Zoidberg #3 if you're interested, particuarly if you're one of the people who asked him over the past month.

Until next update
Put on your eye protection and fasten your seatbelts
Posted on November 12, 2007 by Tim
Boy, that official press release is really something isn't it? Who'd a thought that four years after Futurama got sucked down the black hole of TV history that we'd be standing (ok, most of us are sitting, but you know what I mean) here on the brink of a glorious rebirth, now just over two weeks away, of the greatest and most intelligent show ever to grace the small screen. But, great as that is, we can't let it keep us from the other business at hand, which in this case means some new Fan Art from Joey. And no, you aren't going cross eyed, Joey, who probably thought I'd forgotten about her contributions, has done three mirror images of the Universe 1 and A Frys and Leelas. And also one of Fry at the opera too, so check them out.

Now that that's taken care of here another bit of news: A few nights ago I was contacted (one of the side effects of having your name splattered all over the main page of an internationally renowned web site such as this) by an author who is writing an article on the return of Futurama. He's s'posed to let me know when and where the article will be published, but what is more important is that he's talked to some people whose names you would recognize if you are any kind of Futurama fan and that there is significant interest in certain high places in bringing back the series - and this is beyond the current batch of episodes cropped from the movies. I hope to have names and actual quotes real soon now but for now that's all I can reveal.

So after that, this is going to seem pretty insignificant, but I do have one more little tidbit. If you've happened by our forum at all today, you probably stumbled away from your computer with your eyeballs torched out of your head. It seems that Leandro had a little too much, or perhaps not enough, coffee this morning and has been experimenting with the layout. It kept me entertained this morning as it changed with every screen refresh. If you haven't seen it yet, put on your shades and go take a look. Then tell us what you think.
Bender's Big Score Press Release with Complete Final Details!
Posted on November 9, 2007 by Leandro
The full press release for Bender's Big Score is out! Click here to read it!

Uncancel your plans for the future: Futurama is back! In this all-new, feature-length epic, evil nudist aliens send Bender on a rampage through time, forcing him - slightly against his will - to steal all of Earth's priceless historic treasures. Will the heroic Planet Express crew save the planet? Will Leela find true love? Will the ancient and terrible secret of Fry's buttocks be exposed? All will be revealed in Futurama: Bender's Big Score, the greatest adventure of our time, and also the greatest adventure of several other times! In the words of a certain beer-fueled robot... "We're back, baby!"

Only 429 hours to go!
Ruminations on Relationships
Posted on November 5, 2007 by Tim
So you want relationship advice, and you want it from one of the experts in the subject matter, so the question is who would be best to give it to you? Certainly not Bender, he'd charge you an arm an a leg and set you up with someone from the bus station. Leela maybe? No way, she hasn't been able to find a man in four years and keeps rejecting a perfectly good one who's right under her nose (although not without some marginally valid reasons). How about Amy? Maybe, if you have an infinite budget and your interest runs towards one night stands. No, if you want expert, down to earth advice on relationships, Fry is the one you want. He's the expert, and to prove it we have this hilarious and oh so true comic from Graham Dawson (whom some of you will recognize as the grand poobah over at The Groening Fanworks Central) called Ruminations on Relationships in which Fry shares some thoughts in a What-If like scenario.

Now, on the other side of the coin, imagine what would happen if Fry suddenly woke up one day and found out he'd somehow been transmogrified into a woman. Yes, just imagine that. ... I can't imagine that. Fortunately for us, Graham Dawson could and did and sent us his latest Fan Fiction called A Different View. And a different view it is as Philip aka Philipa Fry tries to cope with gender switching, alien invasions, and giant egos clashing against each other. And stuff.
Stuff and contests
Posted on November 1, 2007 by Tim
My good chum Joey has been keeping busy, and keeping me busy, by pumping out more Fan Art, two more to be exact, and this one really piqued my interest (and I had to look up piqued to be sure that it meant what I thought it meant 'cause there's nothing dumber than using the wrong word, unless you mean too in which case you're either being very funny, writing dialog for Fry, or Madhouse news updates) 'cause it looks like a 20th century Fry seeing a 31st century constellation.

And then, and then, it's been two years in the making, and it's a real time twister, and what could be more fun than having two or three Leela's running around? Well check out the new Fan Fiction by SoylentOrange. It has the incredibly hard to type title of The Leelazarus Effect and SoylentO has been disappointed that no one has got the reference so far. Oh, and you're probably wondering what it's about - that's simple - Leela fails the exam for her pilot's license and the Earth is destroyed.

Speaking of Fan Fiction, our good friends over at The Groening Fanworks Central are running a writing contest with real prizes and stuff. You can read all about it here. And after the contest is over, be sure to send your entry to us so we can preserve it for posterior.