November 2006
It's another TFM first! You've heard of starving artists, but starving art?
Posted on November 25, 2006 by Tim
Yes, it's tough being an artist. You draw lots of pictures, wear funny clothes, cut your ears off, and still no one gives you any respect until after you're dead. Let's face it, how many of us wouldn't trade a wagon load of posthumous respect for a hand full of cold, hard cash right now? If that isn't bad enough, then your artwork tries to eat your pencils while you're drawing it. coldangel_1 says "I should have drawn the mouth last.". Click on the pic to check out most of his latest.

coldangel_1 has sent us so much stuff recently that his latest work has spilled over onto a second page. One piece that you won't want to miss is back on his first page. Looks like Fry's in trouble with an Amazon again, and if he's not careful, he's going to have other trouble as well. Seems like it might be a tough call for Fry.

And as everyone knows, Futurama and Wrestling go together like ... ummm ... like ... well, I don't know what they go together like. But there must be something 'cause JT Smyth sends us some more drawings of Marge Simpson and Leela going at it.

Last but not least, Purplefish sent in two Fan Fictions. The first is a shorty called A Very Bad Idea. It's a quiet day at the PE offices and Fry has been left to mind the store. Out of boredom, he asks the What-If machine a question that has obsessed him for a while. But he might not like what it reveals.

Then we have a behemoth novel of epic proportions called Grudge, Passion, and Test Tubes. Set after the opera, it seems that Fry and Leela are finally about to date each other. Unfortunately, the professor forces everybody to go to the Great Scientific Fair, the most important scientific event of the year. But what they don't know is that this Fair may be the set-up for some revelations that may change the lives of our heroes forever...

Ok, that cleans out my backlog. Send me more stuff or else (or else I'll be forced to devote a whole news item to my own stuff, and you don't want that).
Fry and Bender go... GUN CRAZY!
Posted on November 16, 2006 by Graham
After a heavy day at the office, twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do, why not get yourself some weaponry and roam the streets blowing up and shooting anything on sight. Well, now you can, because Futurama_Freak1-MOD (yes, there's been no name change, so I'll stick with this "shortened" version that he suggested we should use) has come up with a clip for our Video Clips section showing Fry and Bender doing just that. Yes, you can see Fry and Bender become murderous thugs after a lazy day at the office! Well, OK, the truth of the story is that Futurama_Freak1-MOD has come up with this clip as a trailer for his mod of the game GTA Vice City, which will have Futurama characters and themes added to the game. Yes, you heard that right. So, why not sit back and look at Fry and Bender do a Michael Douglas's Falling Down: blow the heck out of things on the mean streets of New New York.

Next up, we have a new contributor for a section that's quite new itself, Fan Photos. So let's welcome Danielle, who has produced this picture of her dressed up as Leela, which she did for Halloween. It looks like a lot of effort has gone into dressing up as Leela, so I do hope that her friends and those at any Halloween event she turned up to were suitably impressed. I'm not sure how impressed Leela would be about being used to scare people during Halloween, but then I suppose it won't matter too much, seeing she's a character in a fictional programme. Oh, wait, I'm spoiling things by saying that. Who knows what will happen in the year 3000. Anyway, do give Danielle's picture a good view, because her dressing up as Leela is quite impressive.
"I'm a ravenous bloodsucking parasite ..."
Posted on November 14, 2006 by Tim
Webmasters get some really interesting e-mail in the course of their daily toil for the greater good. Maybe I'll put together a "best of" for the next slow news day. Meanwhile, this literary gem was from an author and the whole quote was "I'm a ravenous bloodsucking parasite for praise." As Amy would say "Guhh"!  Aren't we all. So if you read or see something you like, drop the author or artist a note and tell them. It'll make their day and maybe they'll send us more stuff.

Ok, 'nuff said about that. I've been busy off in "the real world" and a bunch of stuff has been accumulating, so it's time for a clearance sale on Fan Fiction.

Leading off is another illustrated fiction by coldangel_1 called The Hero of Bot-any. The PE crew are sent to an embargoed robot planet, where they have few friends and many enemies. And it looks like it's not Bender's first time there, apparently.

And Lottz sends use her latest, part 1 of a new fic called More Pizzazz. It seems Professor Farnsworth has "won" a free trip while the PE building gets a face lift. No problems with that, right?

Illustrated fan fics must be the new thing 'cause here's another one, the first part of Zoidberg's Time to Shine by Will. Everyone's (except Hermes) favorite crustacean's cousin comes for a visit.

And did I mention Fan Art? Over here in asile 3 we're having a sale on fan art. Here's Leela sporting a new hairstyle by David Riley.  And while you're there, take a look at the latest aditions to coldangel_1's art - some done in anime style and some in the classic Futurama style.

I've still got more stuff to get put up, and I know Graham does too. Plus, I've put up parts 1 of at least 3 different fics in the last couple of weeks, so there ought to be some part twos coming in Real Soon Now (hint hint). 'till then ...
That's gotta hurt ...
Posted on November 4, 2006 by Tim
4 seasons. 72 episodes. Hundreds of scenes. Millions of frames. And what, out of all of that, captures the imagination and inspiration, the drama, the glory, the promise of a brighter and better tomorrow that makes Futurama unique in the annals of television?

Well, Duh! Leela and Amy wrestling in "Jurassic Bark", of course. Guhhh! Check out JT Smythe's 4 new pieces of artwork, three of which depict our favorite pair of future females practicing some more advanced moves. The fourth one, well, you'll figure it out. My back is hurting just looking at those.

On a somewhat different plane, we have a spot of new Fan Art from ELF which is an anime version of Fry in heaven, but Leela isn't there with him. Awww... (Maybe Fry's sittin' on that cloud 'cause he got in the way of Leela and Amy).

ELF also sent a Fan Fiction called Back to the Futurama. This is a parody of (and I swear I didn't see this coming) Back to the Future, in which our favorite future trio travel back to 1991 in a (you guessed it) a DeLorean (you did guess it, didn't you?). This is only part 1, so there'll be more coming (we hope). According to highly placed sources, this fic played to great aclaim on fanfiction.net.

Oh, and I almost forgot; Will, who has recently added to our galery of Crap Art sends us a Song Parody. It's called One Eye and it's sung to the tune of Shannon Noll's Let's Drive. I'd sing it for you but the last time I tried something like that it cracked my monitor screen, wilted my plants, and the cat wouldn't come out from under the couch for a week, so you'll just have to go read it yourself.

I've still got lots more stuff to get posted - two more fics, one of which is another illustrated fic by coldangel_1 and a bunch more fan art.
Keep it comin' ...