November 2005
There's something about Leela...
Posted on November 29, 2005 by Teral
and her twin. Yep, Leela has a twin, didn't you know that? And what's more Leela's Twin is a Fan Artist, so she occasionally send us some neat pictures. Mostly showing Leela .. or is it hereself? That's the problem with identical twins, you can't tell them apart. Then again she never told us if they're identical. Hmmm, the plot thickens... Maybe you can help, take a look at the new picture shown on the right and tell us is this Leela or Leela's Twin?

More stuff, this time 2 new Song Parodies from Zak Gotsch. The first one is called Q & A and is based on Bob Dylan's rather famous "Blowin' in the Wind". Ofcourse it contains questions and answers, pertaining to the fate of our favorite show. The other song is called Great Nations of Earth and is based on a song called "Great Nations of Europe" by Randy Newman. A mix of conquest, warships, cryogenics and stupid 20th century delivery boys. Enjoy.
And they call it puppy love...
Posted on November 23, 2005 by Graham
Stop looking at me like that. No, I'm not a Donny Osmond fan at all, it's just that such words seem to fit the picture you can see to your right. Ain't it cute? Awww! OK, some might say too cute, but they better go and speak to Donny Osmond about that and see if they survive one hell of a beating. What, you didn't know? Yeah, Donny is now a Turkish weight lifter. Then again, maybe I'm confusing things. Oh well... it's still a funny image, though. Anyway, I have some new work from a new artist called Miriam Binda, who has been kind enough to send in sixteen pictures - yes, sixteen in one go! - for our Fan Art section. The pictures are really done in a neat, cute style that would melt the heart on any old cynic... even me. Really, they're hard to describe, so it's best if you go to her page and take a look for yourselves. Just look at cute Zoidberg. Wait a moment! Zoidberg is cute? What the...

BTW, the reason why things are going slow at the Madhouse is because we've got a few script problems. Boy, that's the story of our recent lives. However, the mighty Leandro is busy fixing these scripts, some of which might make their way into the next Star Wars film by George Lucas... the one where Daft Vader is off to buy/steal an iPod in order to find the secret of the Jobs. Once that secret is discovered, an army of script kiddies will be let loose to rule the universe and eat nachos. It'll be up to Lukus Skyscraper and Hands Solo Card to thwart Daft Vader's plan. Look out for camp robots, big foot, and lots of "NOOOOOoooOOOOOoooo"! Anyway, to cut this short, we should be back to full power shortly... or just after that.
You might already be a winner! Like Zoidberg! Send name, address and credit card info to this address and find out...
Posted on November 16, 2005 by Teral
Because anonymous people on the Internet want us all to become rich, have good times and stuff that will send this website straight into the dreaded NC-17 rating cathegory if I discussed them more closely. What's more incredible is people actually fall for this. Ordinary, intelligent and generally cautious people actually respond to Nigeria letters, Dutch internet lottery winnings and "l0w prize meds FREE of subzcribton". Must be tha age old "I read it on the Internet, so it must be true" syndrom again.

But not Zoidberg. Zoidberg is a real winner, and he doesn't fall for these scams. No siree, Zoidberg is a crafty consumer and always bet on the winning horse. Which might axplain why he's a Tottenham Hotspurs fan in this Fan Art from new submitter ShinyHubCaps. Sorry, cheap shot. There are more pictures from ShinyHubCaps, one of Harold Zoid and one of Bender. Enjoy and remember we're all winners in the great game of life for knowing and appreciating Futurama.
This one's for the ladies in the house...
Posted on November 15, 2005 by Graham
OK, it seems that the testosterone levels will be dropping wildly on Futurama Madhouse, because we finally have some artwork that's going to make it drop to the ground. However, with all dark clouds come silver linings, because at least our female visitors will have something to ogle at. OK, maybe not in this case, because it's not the hunk of a man mountain called Zapp Brannigan that's on show in the buff, but that damn slob that's called Philip J Fry. Hey, don't all run away! He's got pizza! Anyway, the picture to your right that's for our Fan Art section comes from the talented MrEdwo. He said that he read my previous update about there being too many pictures to satisfy the male visitors to this site, so decided to cook up something to make our female ones not feel neglected. However, instead of coming up with a picture of that guy that all women want, Zapp Brannigan, he comes up with a slobby, unhealthy deliver boy. Talk about chasing everyone away. Still, despite that, the picture is still damn cool and has pizza. Yes, pizza.

Zapp: Cash payment only... no cheques!
Now go and wash your hands...
Posted on November 9, 2005 by Graham
Oh dear, we better get some female webmasters on this site quite quickly, because the testosterone levels are way too high at the present moment. It doesn't help that we're all male here (well, I can vouch for Leandro and he can for me, but the others... who knows ), but now we have such pictures that you can see to your right being sent to us to put up, which also doesn't help. Maybe we need some feminist artwork... or maybe a picture of a naked Bender. Yeah, that should bring the levels down somewhat... although it might raise other questions. Anyway, enough of this crap, onto other crap... I mean good crap. I have a picture, as you can see while drooling onto your keyboards, that's been sent in by SPb_Petr and is actually a wallpaper that you can stick onto your desktops. If you don't want to do any work and need distracting from the important things in life, you could put this on your machine, and, hey presto, you have instant hypnotism. Don't want to run any programs on your computer, then why not just turn on your computer and stare at Leela doing the striptease. Actually, are you reading this? Hmm... I can say anything now. Futurama Madhouse is going to join up with Microsoft to produce new applications. Yes, we have made a deal with Bill Gates to come up with Windows crash screens that feature your favourite characters. Don't like the BSoD being boring blue? Well, you don't have to suffer that any more, because now you can have either Fry, Leela, Amy or Bender staring back at you telling you that you've done an illegal operation. No need to curse at your screen in English or whatever, because Amy will do it for you in Cantonese. Oh, MickeySoft is now paying attention and sending in the lawyers. It seems that some people are actually reading this drivel. Time for the disclaimers. Now, where's Steve Jobs' phone number?
This update is not affiliated with the Egg Council. I don't know why it ever would be, but you sometimes just have to assure your visitors of these things.
Posted on November 7, 2005 by Kenneth
Howdy there, fellow Futurama followers. I'm back with some more good stuff for y'all today.

To kick things off with, I've got a brand new Futurama Comics Review for you all to read, hence the large picture of the issue's cover with this update. And that issue, for those who don't know their Futurama Comics, can't read numbers, or are just getting old and blind like Graham (don't worry... he won't be able to read this update and fire me anyway...), is Futurama Comics #15. In this issue, Fry auditions for the role of Space Boy in the upcoming movie adaptation of the comic, which seem as common then as they are now. What with the likes of Batman Begins, the Spiderman movies, the X-Men movies, The Fantastic Four, and upcoming Superman and Transformers movies... Anyway, to see what I thought of this, just click either the cover or the link where the comic's name is. I'd recommend semi-blind people like Graham clicking the cover, since it's easier to pick out.

Following on from there, we have something from writer Dwayne Anderson, though this time it isn't a fan-related on-line story publication as usual. Instead, he's given us Hello Leela, which sits in our Poetry and Songs Parodies section. A very short, but sweet, song, based on a short and old-time song from the 1946 by Jack Lawrence. I think 1946 is the same year Graham picked up his first pension cheque too actually. There's an interesting FM:TLZ fact of the day for you all.

And before signing off, I have a small request of anybody who can help me. I've asked at a certain message board I'll just call *Blank* Express Employee Lounge, but nobody seems to have been kind enough to help there, so I'll ask here instead: one of the guide pages I'm planning on making is a bonus one covering the Futurama PS2/XBox game, and I know there used to be a file online with all the dialogue from it, which I can no longer find. If somebody has this file or knows of its location, you they pleeeease send me either the file or a link to it? Also, anybody who as played the game (I personally haven't outside of 2 minutes in a store display.) all the way through and can give me a good synopsis for the overall plot and storyline would get mucho praise and kudos from me too. Thanks
Benders, Benders, everywhere Benders. So let's have a drink...
Posted on November 2, 2005 by Teral
Yeah, I'm still here, it'll take more than a few deadly, deadly bees a minor server problem to chase me away. Minor? Who am I kidding? We were crippled, but a fantastic show of support from our visitors helped us pull through. Since this is my first update since our triumphant return, let me take this oppurtunity to add my gratitude to those of Leandro, Graham, Kenneth and Allen. Thanks for the emails voicing support for the site, the encouragements received on various forums and last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to all who chipped in. I didn't know people cared so much for our website, but now I do.

But before this public display of emotions makes everybody puke, here's Bender, the perfect antidote to mush. It comes in the form ofFan Art from the excellent Otis P Jivefunk., and show a virtual caleidoscope of Benders; little Benders, giant Benders, small Benders, microscopic Benders, etc. Count them all, send in the number and if you guess correct you win. Not an actual prize, but you win nonetheless. Enjoy.

A brief note to those who have send me content: I haven't forgotten you. A bit of patience and I'll get to your submissions soon.
Simpurama... Futursons... Scrabble...
Posted on November 2, 2005 by Graham
OK, OK, so you can see Bart Simpson to your right. Big deal. Don't have a cow, man! I know this is a Futurama site, so don't bother complaining about Simpsons being here. That includes Leandro, who is known to despise the yellow family from Springfield. Then again, for the last few years (like six of them or so), the show has stunk worse than a year-old scotch egg that's been found behind the refrigerator. Anyway, bad egg smells or not, I have a neat picture that's for our Fan Art section and comes from Robert Hawks, who you know is a long-time submitter to this site. The picture features Fry, Leela, Farnsworth, Nibbler and Bender, along with The Simpsons' Homer, Marge, Bart, Professor Frink and Maggie running from the aliens Kang, Kodos and Serak. The more knowledgeable amongst you will know that this picture is based on the Futurama/Simpsons crossover comic. What do you mean that Maggie can't run? Oh, I see, the words I've used could convey that. Hmmm... I can't find my eraser, so I can't be bothered to change it. Sue me!

Now for a contribution that'll remind you of the History Channel (or any history channel, come to that). One subject does tend to dominate the History Channel, and that subject is Hitler/Nazis/WWII/Fox. OK, not the Fox part, but why spoil the fun. It seems that Big Red wants to follow in the footsteps of the History Channel by submersing Futurama into World War II history. Did you know that Leela and Fry were doing battle with Hitler's Nazis? Well, if you look at Big Red's latest picture for our Fan Art section, then you will see just that. What next: Futurama does battle with Ivan the Terrible? Futurama goes back to Nero's time to deliver a fire engine? Fry has to deliver a toy horse to Ancient Greece? Zoidberg supplies ink to cave dwellers in France? The possibilities, as you can see, are endless.