November 2004

November 30, 2004

An update that will hopefully suit you. And you'll find out why, as well as why that subject was so lame, in just a few moments, depending on how fast you can read. To kick things off with, there's five new pieces of Fan Art for you all from Futurama Freak, which opens up her second page here. As well as this picture of her fan-made character April with a bun in the oven (and not the sticky, sugarly kind with pink icing on the top...) there's also more of her other fan-made characters, Maria and Mario and an oldie in one of her original April drawings. There's also the regular cast in there too, with a beer party pic featuring Fry, Leela and Bender. These are all hand-drawn pics that have been scanned, so check them out.

But wait, there's more! While seeing this update today, you automatically get the chance to read Alex 'MKTai' Fuller's newest Fan Fiction, the second episode of his new Season A series. In Episode 2: The Suit (or as I call it, Episode 2: Attack of the Clothes... *cough* Okay, fine! ) a delivery to Omicron Persei 8 is needed, and the package is really big and heavy. But do not fear... the Professor has a new invention that may be able to help. Will it be a success? Or will the crew be banging their heads against a brick wall by the end of the mission? And am I just using that term as an excuse to use that neat emoticon I just discovered? To find out, click away and read your hearts out.

Starry, Starry Night! It's night here in southern England, so the thumbnail you can see to your right is quite apt. I say this because Mz Kroker has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section, one with a day theme and the other with a night one - I chose the night one for the thumbnail, as you can see. Well, both pictures feature Leela meeting a fan of hers: Mz Kroker. Yeah, that girl to the left of Leela is meant to be Mz Kroker, and Leela seems quite pleased to meet her, too. Mind you, part of me thinks that this is a picture of Leela and Mz Kroker waiting for a bus to arrive. One reason I decided to get a car was due to having to wait for non-existant buses, night or day. When I used to live in London, public transport was good enough to mean that a car wasn't really necessary, but moving outside of the capital forced me to get a car. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Anyway, enjoy both of Mz Kroker's pictures... night or day.

BTW, people who decide to cheat when voting for fan art, fan fiction and crap art (yes, cheating has been happening in that section, too! ) are now being watched. If we find any cheating, we'll turn up to your house and remove your enter key from your keyboard. If it's repeated, we'll install Windows Me on your machine. If there's a further transgression, then we'll send Cubert over to explain to you the Theory of Relativity. Boy, you'll enjoy that one.

Lastly, I have some more for Bash Bush Week: How to Tell if You are Living in a Red State. Find out if you're unfortunate enough to live with neighbours who voted for Jesus. This page was created by the parody site called Mrs Betty Bowers - America's Best Christian, a great site spoofing self-righteous Christian zealots. BTW, for those who are confused about red and blue states, the red ones voted Republican. Now, normally in the rest of the world, red signifies leftwing, and blue rightwing, but the US, for whatever reason, has decided to twist this around (not that the Democrats are leftwing... not in the normal sense). There's probably some weird historical reason for this. If anyone has the reason why this is the case, maybe they could email me the answer, and I'll share the answer to you... unless you run away in boredom.

November 29, 2004

Xmas season have arrived. Xmas season, everybody, Xmas! Yep, today is the first Sunday of Advent, and what would be more appropriate than starting with a Xmas themed Fan Art. This picture is the first in a rare double-whammy update from the same submitter, in this case Spacedal11. The two lovely ladies wearing a Mrs. Claus costume in the picture is Leela (you all know her, right? ) and Drew (a character from Spacedal11's Fan Fictions.. There are a further 3 pictures from Spacedal11, one showing a zombiefied Drew, the remianing two show Drew and Leela drawn as characters from the hit-movie "Scream". More specifically, Drew as Gale and Leela as Sidney. Now as if that wasn't enough, I believe I mentioned something about a double-whammy update. The second thing from Spacedal11 today is part 4 of her Fan Fiction titled The Lost Fry. In the previous chapter Fry started hearing the voices of his victims at Drew's funeral and, believing he was suffering a mental breakdown, his friends had him commited. Drew show up again to ask him if he want to break the vampire curse. Meanwhile Leela start to catch wind of what have happened to Fry. But you can read all about that by clicking here.

November 28, 2004

Dragonfry! Always wondered what Fry and Leela would look like if they were dragons? Well, you can now, because Lisa Locker has come up with two hand-drawn pictures for our Fan Art section that shows them as dragons, with wings, fangs and all other things that those fire-breathing reptilians have. Then again, the dragons that Fry and Leela have become in Lisa Locker's pictures look a bit cute and non-threatening, quite unlike what you'd expect from dragons, who have had a bad reputation over the years in mythological stories. Not that you'd want two aggressive dragons in New New York, considering all the destruction that they could do. Although, considering the amount of stuff that goes on in New New York, the amount of damage done might well be the norm. Anyway, enjoy Lisa's latest pictures.

If you're in trouble he will save the day, He's brave and he's fearless, come what may; Without him the mission would go astray... He's Doctor, Doctor, Doctor Zoidberg, Without him life would be much... something or other and so on. Well, I have some more work for our Fan Art section, this lot coming from Captain Default. Now, the good ol' Captain has come up with some Red Dwarf related stuff; another example of a great show, might I add. He's converted the Planet Express crew into the Red Dwarf characters... even Rimmer. You'll find Bender as Kryten (no, not that Kryten), Fry as Lister, Hermes as the Cat, Leela as Kochanski, and Dr Zoidberg as Rimmer. Poor Zoidberg, always getting the bum deals. Captain Default has threatened to bore us all with the similarities between Red Dwarf and Futurama; but that will be another day, so there's plenty of time to hide. Well, enjoy this work... and Rimmer/Zoidberg is a smeghead.

Take a tour of The White House.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my technicians. And you will know I am the Professor when I lay my vengeance upon you! And so on and so forth. Well, today I have a damn good treat for you all, because I have some wallpaper art for your desktops that comes from Our Leader, The Voices. All hail the Mighty One. All bow down before... actually, no bowing, for you won't be able to see his artwork from below your keyboard. No, just sit there in silence while the picture unfolds before you. Actually, enough of this obsequious talk, otherwise The Voices will be dismayed and wreak vengeance on my sorry soul. Anyway, the wallpaper thumb to your right shows Professor Farnsworth in what can only be said to be an angry state. Why he's angry is anyone's guess, but I wonder if Professor Wernstrom has anything to do with it? Weeerrrrrrnnnnstrom! Then again, maybe he's just lost a bet on the 3:30 at Goodwood. Well, this is certainly an intense wallpaper to have on your desktop, which shows off The Voices skill at creating a 3D image. He isn't finished there, for he's come up with another picture for our viewing pleasure. The picture is a romantic one of Fry and Leela holding hands in space, wearing spacesuits. In the background is space and some poor bending robot floating around. Still, what do the couple care, when they have each other to concentrate on. Like the previous wallpaper, it's also created in a spectacular 3D effect, and would certainly be a hit for the Shippers out there. So, we have wallpapers for both angry and romantic people... that should cover all tastes.

An intelligent mistake! Next up, we have a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Dwayne Anderson. His latest work is called Too Smart For His Own Good, which deals with what happens when Fry becomes a genius. You read that right. Fry gets curious when he finds a pink liquid in the fridge, so decides, like all geniuses would do, to drink it. However, ironically, this does turn him into a genius. You'd have thought things would improve for Planet Express, but they sure don't, because there are to be some changes... dramatic ones. Well, enjoy Dwayne's latest work, which is actually a pleasant read.

Ah, lastly, I have to add to the Bash Bush Week. Well, today's entry is about forgetting a European country called Poland. During the US election campaign, Kerry forgot to mention that the Polish government supported the invasion of Iraq (well, they sent troops after the invasion, which was a neglected point), resulting in Bush trying to take advantage of this ommision. OK, he forgot Poland... and he lost the election. There, now Kerry's truly sorry. Hmmm... actually, Sebastian is behind me with an axe. Careful with that axe, Sebastian... ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

November 27, 2004

Oh my God! It's so small... The update that is... why, what else would Amy be referring to? *cough* Anyway, just a teensy little update for the Fan Art section of the site from Pawell Galuzin, who funnily seemed to occupy some of the last update too. Anyway, he's got this picture of Amy from My Three Suns now up in his section, so click on it if you want to see it and his other art. And... uh... yeah. That's about it. Oh, except that Slikdude12592 wants me to inform you that the next part (the fifth) of his story The Fry Files is coming, bit will be a little late because of a heavy workload. That about covers it all now. Until next update

November 26, 2004

Wow! I can see my house from here! No, silly. The only man-made obstacle visible from space is the Great Wall of China. Or so the popular urban legend goes. Unlike stories of mutant living in the sewers of New New York, the urban legend of the Big Wall of China is completely and utterly false. Yes, the Wall is almost 8000 km long, but it's only 10m wide and the human eye can distinguish this from a few thousand miles away. There you learned something today, even without going to Snopes.com. Pawell Galuzin made this piece of Fan Art of a scene from "A taste Of Freedom", where Fry and Leela discover Haley's Comet is out of ice. Not a bad episode, not an amazing one either, maybe if they'd left in some of the deleted scenes from the freedom tub. I mean, Farnsworth in a Beatle wig, it doesn't get funnier than that.

Didn't she read the small print of the contract? And ofcourse we need something to read too, how about some Fan Fiction? Good thing I have part 9 of Missy's story History Repeating ready. In this chapter Homer have an exchange of opinions with Moe, regarding his downbeat attitude. Meanwhile Lisa discovers being the chosen one is not as easy as being Little Miss Springfield. Enjoy it all here.

Oh, and it's come to my knowledge today is the day Americans stuff themself with turkey, watch NFL all day and other lazy stuff. Something to do with celebrating robbing the land from the natives. Just kidding, happy Thanksgiving to all Americans (yes, that even includes the douche in the White House)!

Anything but Nibbler! A long, long, long, long time ago, there was this website called Nothing But Nibbler. Its focus was on that irritating character that's "sooo cute", but was really just The Simpsons' Maggie in alien form. OK, you'll say that Maggie isn't meant to be some creature that plays dumb but is really a hyper-intelligent being, but that's beside the point and ruining it, too. Rotters! OK, Nibbler is more than Maggie and his cuteness was a way to hide the Nibbler character's true significance (although many of us guessed at the time that Nibbler had some purpose other than being cute, considering that shadow of him in the first episode when Fry gets first trapped in the cryogenic tube), but he still sucks. Yeah, you know it, I have some weird pathological hatred towards Nibbler. I mean, I hate him so much, that I put his image on this update. Which reminds me that I have to get to the point. Well, I have six new pictures from FurY for our Fan Art section, which is all very good. We have a disgusting picture of Nibbler (which I just had to put on the update page, seeing I hate him soooooooo much); Dr Zoidberg (who maybe I should have put up on the update page); Fry standing; the Futurama logo with Leela, Fry and Bender; Bender getting his arse kicked by Leela; and Matt Groening's head in a jar, where it should be considering he's responsible for Nibbler's existence. BTW, did I mention that Scotty, a former webmaster on this site, one who might pop up every-now-and-then with something to update about (Claw Plaque being one of them), was one of the webmasters of Nothing but Nibbler? Well, he was... and he sucks, too. Grrrr! Boooo! Hisssss! Medication, nurse!

Before the medication kicks in and turns me into some dribbling zombie, I better continue with Bash Bush Week. Now, I suppose there's one or two of you wondering why I'm doing this, even if the rest of you couldn't care and have decided to go to view FurY's pictures instead. Well, the reason is because I have nothing better to do with my time and... No, wait, that's something unrelated. No, the reason is because we get mail occasionally that begs us to do this. *cough* Liar! It seems that many of you can't get enough of politics, so I'm doing you a service by contributing towards it. *cough cough* Liar! Anyway, for today, I have a Steve Bell cartoon of Bush. Sort of sums up something or other...

Well, back here on Saturday with some more fan stuff and possibly some poor Bush bashing satire... unless I get bored of bashing Bush and bash Nibbler instead. Wait, I've done that already...

November 25, 2004

Bonus Stage Fry... yeah... right... whatever... Ah, the joys of the dentist. You go there, wondering if your cleaning of your teeth has been up to scratch, only to be told that you need some work done on your pinchers. This smiley looks like my dentist. Hmmm... well, while the local anaesthetic wears off, I might as well update the site. Welcome some pictures for both our Fan Art and our Crap Art sections that comes from Ooy. He's come up with three pieces of fan art, all based on some online Flash comic called Bonus Stage, so go give that a visit if you're lost about Ooy's latest artwork. Well, he's created Fry, Leela and Bender versions... the one you can see to your right is Fry, BTW. So, give them a view. Also, he's done some stuff for his crap art page, with a terrible picture of Fry and Leela doing some crap love. I'd advise you to gulp down your drink before you splatter your keyboard and monitor, because this picture he's sent is painfully crap.

Now, I was speaking to Kenneth yesterday, and we came up with a great idea: Bash Bush Week. Yeah, for a whole week, I will be saying something against the US president, GW Bush. Right, I'll start by promoting the The Worst Wing, a parody of that so-called great programme The West Wing, done by a satire site called Idleworm. Enjoy! Back tomorrow with some updates and more political rubbish. We know you love it and want more and more of it.

November 24, 2004

Amy! Stop sending your medical bills to my address! You want a piece of me? - Splu'h! Why not, afterall your little rodent pet allready toke a peice of me! That's also why you get to pay my bills. Well, I guess it was just a matter of time before Nibbler decided Kibbles 'n Snouts weren't enough to quell his hunger, when so many big, inviting meals walk by him every day at Planet Express. And you have to hand it to the little rat, he has good taste. If i were going to sink me teeth into something at Planet Express, I too would go for Amy's ... [Move it along, you pervert!] Ehrm, what I meant to say is, this new piece of Fan Art comes from Becky, along with 5 others. All of them handdrawn, all of them original drawings and all of them top-notch quality. The other 5 are: Leela feeling blue (or being pictured in blue, your call), Leela in bed crying (available in both black/white and colorized) and finally a scene inspired by a fanfiction by Layla called "Fry's Choice" (also available in black/white and color). Note, the fanfiction is not available here at Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone at the moment, but you can read about it in this PEEL thread. Hopefully, one day, we'll have it too. Enjoy Becky's art.

Speaking of fanfiction. Yes, we actually do have a Fan Fiction update for today. It come from Spacedal11, and it's part 3 of her serial story The Lost Fry. Fry is very close to be a fully-fledged vampire, only one test remain: he must kill the female most important to him. Fry is horrified, he can't kill Leela. Ryvix, another vampire, make him an offer: kill Drew instead. Does Fry take this offer? Find out here. Have fun with this tale of the supernatural.

November 23, 2004

Hands up if you know what's coming next! Ah well, with his hands up, it looks like someone is using deodorant... or, at least for humanity, I hope so. Well, I have four new pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Rye Guy. All the pictures are based on Rye Guy's fan fiction work The Other, so at least that's something to tie them on. Anyway, we have a picture of Fry with his hands up being tortured (I think), one of Leela (not being tortured, unless Fry hasn't put on deodorant), a picture of many Nibblonians searching for deodorants at the local Superdrug store, and a picture of Skyler, who seems to have a bad cold and isn't too bothered by the possibility of a stench coming from Fry's armpit bodily fluids (OK, I watched Dr Strangelove yesterday...). Well, enjoy these pictures that possibly contain a stench more overpowering than stilton cheese. Put your hands down, Fry... for the sake of humanity!

Leela meets Wario... or at least one of the Nintendo lot! Well, next up I have someone who's been away for a while but has come back. Welcome back Andrea Huckstep, who has come up with another of her pictures for our Fan Art section. This picture features Leela and Wario, and the lyrics of a song called "Talk to Me", which is sung by some Brazilian singer called Xuxa. Apparently it was on some short-lived show in the US. I wonder if fans of that show are sending tins of sardines to the TV company that axed it? Anyway, enjoy Andrea's latest picture. Who will be the Mario Bros character for next time? Only she will know.

Lastly, I have a request from some other site. *big pause* Yeah, there are other sites out there, ones that aren't even based on Futurama. *shocked silence* Well, to allow you to make your first steps beyond Futurama Madhouse, I'll read out an email I received yesterday. "My friends and I have a tiny little entertainment website (www.imaginecasting.com) where folks sort of "dream cast" movies (or proposed movies). One of our members has submitted Futurama to be cast as a major live action film effort. Again, this is just for fun. The whole concept of our site is to go vote for the actors you think would best fit the characters in a given story. Since the subject matter seemed appropriate, I took the liberty of informing you of the effort, and if you like it, hopefully you will share this info with others." Well, I have shared this with others, so hopefully that'll make everyone happy. Ah, the direct link to their Futurama page is here. Let the fun begin... again.

A brand new section, with the biggest names in fanworks to kick it off! Yes! FM:TLZ has just gotten a fantastic new section I'm sure all fans of Fan Art and Fan Fiction will enjoy, as well as anybody involved with Futurama in an online sense. We have the first two of three Futurama Interviews premiering here today, where upon each month we'll try to interview important people from the Futurama web community, be they fan-artists, writers, webmasters, or whatever. And for the month of November we have kicked things off with the best of the best, with interviews with that talented writer Kryten and artist extraordinaire FemJesse. Both were kind enough to give me the honour of posing them a series of questions, so if you want to check out what these icons of the Futurama fanworks world have to say, just click on the thumbnail above to be taken to the main page and read away. Both brought up some excellent points overall. That's all for now, though Leandro will soon have the third November interview for you all hopefully, so keep an eye out for that too. And feel free to contact us with suggestions for future interview candidates too

November 22, 2004

Sweet dreams! It's yet another Monday, but Leela's still in her pyjamas. Can it be that she's doing a Fry and skiving off work? Could it be that she's jacked in the job at Planet Express and has now taken up modelling nightwear? Could it be that this is all a dream? Could it just be that Leela in Chains has come up with a new picture of her for our Fan Art section? I think the answer's the last one, because he has sent in this cute pencil sketch of Leela in her pyjamas, ready to nod off to sleep. Actually, this picture seems to have this calming presence... sort of making me wonder why, on this very Monday, I'm here typing away when I could be asleep. Some people have all the luck!

November 21, 2004

Leela does some arse kicking, 360°! Well, despite the second and third instalment, the film The Matrix still proves to be popular. I loved the first film, but felt that the second and third were just created, despite what those brothers said, to capitalise on the fame and fortune. The supposed "deep" story of the latter two episodes was a smokescreen; it was merely tacked on, seams showing. Still, The Matrix itself was an innovative film, which many subsequent films imitated. Anyway, it seems that The Matrix is one of Alexander A Andreev's favourite films, and he's not let that stop him creating work that's based on it for our Fan Art section. So, welcome a picture of Leela flying through the air with guns blazing, just like you'd expect from Trinity in that favourite film of Alexander's. Actually, kudos to Alexander, because he's made Leela look far more menacing than Carrie-Anne Moss's character. Hmmm... move over, Fry, Neo will be setting his sights on Leela.

November 20, 2004

She flies like a bird in the sky! Well, I have nine new pictures for our Fan Art section that come from a new submitter who comes under the name Lisa Locker. The neat looking picture that you can see to your right shows Leela riding on the ancient Greek mythical flying horse called Pegasus. Why she's riding it, I don't know, but it certainly looks like a nice picture. She'll win the Derby on that beast. Mind you, I have to say that I'm glad that horses can't fly, because it would mean less mess to clear up on my car in the mornings. The other eight pictures are portraits of Bender, Fry, Leela and Amy, some as sketches and some painted. Well, let's hope for some more work like this from Lisa in the future.

I'll show you my book if you show me yours! Next up on Futurama Madhouse: The Leela Zone, I have some work from Ooy for both our Fan Art and our Fan Fiction sections. Let's start with the artwork. Ooy has produced three pictures, two of which are based on his fiction Pregnancy. One of them shows Fry and Leela being distracted from reading in bed, while the other shows the kids in his fiction work. Ooy's third picture is actually a pencil sketch copy of Rye Guy's picture of a fat Leela posing. It seems that "fat art" is getting a bit popular. As I said above, Ooy has also come up with some fiction work. Welcome part two and part three of his current work for this section called Pregnancy. This carries on the ear wax knawing action of the first part, where Fry and Leela have gone on to procreate. However, did I mention that Zapp Brannigan is still interested in Leela? I didn't? Oh, well, he is. Anyway, enjoy Ooy's latest works.

Oh god! It looks like another update from Teral, run for the hills!! Huh? Okay, I knew from my really, really, really long string of defeats concerning the opposite sex that I'm not their idea of a dream-mate, but so far noone have run away screaming (unless you count that one time at a carnival when I showed up dressed as myself ). No matter, Leela might've run away, but you, our trusted visitors, are still here, right? Guys? Hello!? Aw, nuts! Okay, then I'll just finish this, and then go sulk in the corner. The fanart in the thumbnail come from Lee Roberts and have compnay of another 5 pictures. Those are Fry falling or fleeing from something, Leela eating a sandwich on a picnic, Fry spitting, a really close-up look on Farnsworth ( ) and finally Leela in a valkyrie-like thingy of a costume from the paperdoll-book (how do I know that, you ask? Because i own that book ). Enjoy.

Oh, and last night we had the first snowfall here in Denmark. Looks like a good 8 or 9 centimeters. Great news for children and child-like adults. Snowball fights and sledding. Finally winter have arrived for everybody , except for those of you who live on the Southern Hemisphere, ofcourse. And now I better go clear my sidewalk.

November 19, 2004

A touching farewell to an old friend. Every Futurama fan know "Jurassic Bark", probably the most debated episode in the entire run of the show. Everybody agreed the ending was among the most emotional moments, for some even the most emotional moment of in any episode. Ever wondered what happened to Seymore? Well, Otis P Jivefunk is here to give us his take on the final resting place of ol' Seymore. This piece of Fan Art show Fry and Leela at Orbiting Kennels, a resting place for pets (or a pet cementary for you :shudder: Stephen King fans). Fry is kneeling beside a doghouse shaped coffin and, well, you can draw the rest yourself. Fry looks a bit lost for words, so let's help him a bit and borrow from one of the most memorable speeches in written drama: "Bear with me; my heart is in the coffin there with Seymore And I must pause till it come back to me."

Riiiiiip! Well, onto more uplifting and pleasant images. Looks like Leela have gotten into the Xmas spirit, and have started preparing for the upcoming holidays. She's put on a cute little Xmas hat and are curently busy wrapping up the first present, herself. Yep, looks like some lucky guy will be very exited about his present this year, even if it is a soft present. Wonder who it is? Ofcourse the smart money are on Fry. Anyway, the first part went smoothly, but apparently she under-estimated how much paper she'd need for certain other parts of her body. I guess that's one of the downsides of being a "meaty-looking woman". And that's .... ah, who am I kidding? By now you've all pressed the thumbnail and completly ignored everything I've said for the last 3 minutes, right? Okay, I'm not gonna continue this charade then, let me just say the picture comes from Leelaholic and can be found in the Fan Art section. Enjoy, I know I did.

Working off the calories before Xmas! Oh dear, it's coming up to that time of year when you have to go out and get presents for relatives and friends. OK, I don't believe in God, but I still have to join in with this Christian festival that celebrates consumerism at its worst. You could say that I shouldn't bother, but that's hard to do when relatives start forcing presents into your hands and you have nothing in return to give them. Then again, seeing I get a ton of socks for Xmas, maybe nothing is what should be given back. Oh, I appreciate that it's the thought that counts, but I could always say to the expectant relative that in exchange for their pair of socks, I have given them a thought. It might be empty, but the thought still meant to count, right? I suppose there could be an agreement that both sides won't give any presents at all, but you'll still get a present even if you make such an agreement. It seems that the consumerist pressure is relentless and stretches beyond any agreement that can be made. Anyway, getting back on to the update, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Marcus Abroad. Now, it features Leela doing her morning run... I think. Maybe she's doing her morning jog in order to prepare for that other thing that happens at Xmas: weight gain. Yes, in return for the exchange of presents, you can end up eating a mountain of turkey, sweets, stuffing, turkey, sprouts, roast potatoes, turkey, cake, beer, turkey, sausage rolls, Christmas pudding, turkey. Did I mention turkey? So, it seems that Leela is running in preparation for this day, so that she can stuff her face like she did in the episode The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings.

Bender tries some sun bathing... a few million miles too close! Well, the next picture that I have goes again to our Fan Art section and comes from Nick Maniakc. The picture is of our favourite rascal, Bender, who has been melted. Now, Nick says that maybe he's been used for too long as a boiler by Calculon, which looks like an interesting theory. However, another theory could be he was going for a sun tan, but got a few million miles too near to the sun, and began to feel like Mercury... in more ways than one. OK, why would he need a sun tan, some might ask? Well, the reason is that... errr... he felt like doing it. Yeah, that's the catch-all answer to give. Another could be that he went through some Star Trek type transporter, and the effects of teleporting have just continued like some aftershock after an earthquake. Oh well, let's hope he can get to some blacksmith/ironworks to hammer out the dents, etc.

November 17, 2004

Bigger than a supermarket's buy one get one free campaign! Oi, stop staring at that thumbnail picture of Leela will you and read this. I said stop staring at it! God dammit! Will you avert your eyes and pay attention. OK, I know she's lost her figure (some would say gained it, but I suppose it's a case of the glass being half-empty or half-full), but that doesn't mean you have to gawp at her while I type; you'll have plenty to gawp at once I've finished this update. Anyway, I have three pictures that come from Rye Guy that are for our Fat Art section1. Anyway, as you will notice, he's come up with a mountain load of pictures for you, all not based on his coming fiction work, "The Heavy About Love". I stress they're not based on his coming fiction, but they're certainly inspired by it. Actually, it seems that Rye Guy is going to make this a theme, for he might end up producing a fat Amy and other female Futurama characters. Actually, I think he should also inflict this on the show's men, so that there's no chance that an accusation of sexism will be forwarded to his email box. Anyway, I'm sure that a fat Zoidberg would turn on some of the ladies in the house. Hmmm... ageism is another form of discrimination, so maybe a fat Mom. Hmmm... and there should be a fat head in a fat jar. A fat Nibbler would also spoil his cute image for some. Well, enjoy these bigger than life pictures of Leela. Don't let your monitor explode... keep the resolution high.

1 - Typo joke owned by Rye Guy.

A multiple of bending! Well, that's enough of the fat stuff, now it's time for some robot wars. Well, I have a picture that comes from Fry's Lady that's for our Fan Art section. It features Bender and Flexo fighting for the attentions of Rae. Who's Rae? Bet someone will inform me. Anyawy, it seems that both robots are madly in love with the girl (poor thing), and are willing to fight to the death, a la Claw Plaque. Oh dear, doesn't Rae realise the damage she's done? She's now set off in motion the fight that'll last for eternity. Other than the beard, Flexo and Bender are identical, so their fighting moves will cancel each other out. Oh well, at least that'll give time for Rae to hitch up with a partner, have kids (or not... I mean, maybe she hates them), have dinner parties with friends and neighbours, go on a universal cruise, die and have a funeral while she waits for the result of Bender Vs Flexo.

Struck down in the prime of his youth .... well at least in his youth. You have to feel sorry for Fry in this picture. Fallen victim to an exotic, anachronistic desease scholars call the Common Cold. An illness that haven't plagued humanity for centuries, typical he should be the one to bring it back. On the plus side the desease does have some interesting side-effects, on the females in particular. On the downside the running noses and phlegm is particular gross in Groening's style. One of the times I wish the illustrators of the comics didn't decide to stay true to the show. But rather to rant down that tangent let me get back on track. Jerkberg made this picture for the Fan Art section alng with 4 others. Those four are Fry wearing a w arm hat during one of the biggest heatwaves in recorded history, Leela in her swimsuit on the Titanic, Abner Doubledeal (more commonly known as the URFL Comissioner and the NNY Mets owner) and finally Amy from .... eh, some episode, I guess.

Okay, but only one beer, I'm the designated driver. Recognise that? Well, in part 8 of Missy's Fan Fiction story History Repeating Bender pulls a similar stunt. After he and Fry succesfully manage to deliver the package he persuade Fry to get a beer to celebrate, and, well, I guess you can guess the outcome. Meanhwile Leela si trying to help Lisa leanr how to play the musical instrument that will prove she's the chosen one. Confused? You wont be after reading part 8. Have fun.

November 16, 2004

Ahoy, ye maties! Ah, th' life o' a shipmate. Well, I'm doin' this update in Swashbucklerse, a language that's a few hundred voyages old. Now, ye might be wonderin' why I'm doin' this update in th' language o' Blackbeard, Bluebeard an' Fluorescentbeard, an' th' reason fer this be because Wu Konguk has come up wi' a picture o' Bender as a shipmate fer our Fan Art section. Nay only that, but he's also come up wi' two other pictures, featurin' th' fairer sex o' th' Futurama crew. Behold two pictures o' Leela an' Amy, wi' Leela ready t' get her kit off an' another wi' Amy in a bath towel. Steady on, boys... or buoys. ARRR, that was a crap joke, but if any o' ye be nay laughing, ye'll be walkin' th' plank. Oh, ARRR, I do know that Talk Like a Buccanneer Day has been long gone, but maybe this will spur swabbies on fer th' next one on September 19th. If ye, too, want t' speak like a sea dog, then ye can do so by visitin' here.


Captain's Log: Nibbler's just wet himself. Logging out. Sorry if you were eating, but maybe Nibbler can mop up for you later on. Actually, all this Nibbler talk is due to a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from the hand of Coilette. From the hand is also apt, because this is a hand-drawn picture that shows the ending scene in the episode Love's Labours Lost in Space, where Leela is writing in her captain's log about the day's events, and she has her newly acquired pet, Nibbler, on her lap, who's busily sleeping away without a care in the world. Actually, Leela and the crew are brave/stupid, seeing that they don't know Nibbler's reasons for being amongst them, but they do know that he can eat animals that are thousands of times his size. I mean, what's to stop them from thinking that Nibbler would happily eat one of them for lunch if he felt peckish? Hmmm... would any of you want Nibbler as a pet? Bet you wouldn't.

Does being identical necessarily mean being the same? Well, next up is a work for our Fan Fiction section that comes from Pam. This is part two of her current work, which is titled Not Enough Time. As you know in the first part, Fry caught a terminal disease from Kif, resulting in his untimely death. Now, nine months after that tragic event, Leela finds herself giving birth to their child; life has to go on. However, despite the fact that life has to go on, Leela is drawn back to the past when she is visited by the "spirit" of Fry. Is this visitation something real or just in her pained imagination? If that wasn't enough for Leela to ponder, Bender comes up with an idea to replicate Fry. Can you truly replicate a being? Well, find out Pam's interpretation by continuing on with her story.

November 15, 2004

Dear diary.... "Usually my entries in you pertain to my feelings of being the only one-eyed alien living on Earth and thoughts about why I always attract losers and creeps on my dates, but this time I'll write about my body and what I'm wearing. You see, I'm just sitting here in my panties and bra, longing for a man to come and take me in his manly arms, kiss me and start gently carressing my round, firm.... FRY! STOP READING MY DIARY PAGES, YOU SICK BASTARD!!" "BENDER! I'LL GET YOU TOO FOR GIVING HIM THE KEY TO MY CABIN!" Yeah, I have a feeling Fry would jump at the oppurtunity to read Leela's diary, and I bet Leela is cunning enough to screw with his mind like this before taking her real revenge. Welcome back Lee Roberts, the second-most prolific Fan Artist on Futurama Madhouse:The Leela Zone, and the guy who made the picture in the thumbnail. He have two more pictures for us. One of Nibbler taken from one of the wall calendars and Amy outside the opera.

Hey! I don't have to drink coffee, I can quit anytime I want to. Give me that cup!! I've never understood the lure of coffee. It's a bitter, vile, scolding hot beverage, designed to give you ulchers. Nah, give me a nicely chilled bottle of cola, that's how caffeine should be taken. Ofcourse, it's not like I'm addicted to cola, I can quit anytime I want to. Observe. ...... ...... ..... ...... ...... ...... ...... .... GIVE ME THAT BOTTLE!!! .... Ah, much better. Well, see how easy that was, now all you coffee-addicts will follow my example., and soon we'll put every coffe-producer out of business. You hear that Nestlé? The revolution have started! Where's my damn cola!! Eh, before I leve to lead the revolution, let me introduce the guy who inspired it: Mike Wilkins and he has 7 new pictures in the Fan Art section. The other six are: Roberto stabbing Fry, everybody's favorite sexist martial art instructor Phnog, Bender smoking an oversize cigar, Leela and Fry holding hands, a Fry head and a Cy Fry head. Enjoy. COLA! More COLA!

Buffy would be proud. Finally there's a new chapter ready in Raziel's Fan Fiction story: Fry's Destiny. In this part 6 the vampire queen Tigare plans to get her revenge on Fry for foiling her last plan. The resulting fight should make Buffy proud to call captain Fry his friend. Anyway, read for yourself here.

November 14, 2004

The Cure from Slipknot! Anyone remember RavenStar? Come on, some of you are bound to know of him. You still don't? Hmmm... what if I said SlaytanicMaggot or SlipKnot2PCS or even CampNamanuForever, would you know who I'm referring to now? Still don't? Hmmm... then I suppose you haven't walked in the footsteps that I have... thankfully, you may say, too. Well, let's say he's more known in the Futurama IRC world. Anyway, he's come up with a work for our Fan Art section, one that is hand painted. Welcome a picture of Leela as a Goth. The picture does look diabolical, but not in the bad bad sense, more like in the demonic sense. Well, I do hope that RavenStar creates some more of his dark work; we need something to remind us that it's getting dark and wintery (well, at least in the northern hemisphere).

And talking about the darkness of Winter, here comes Summer! Well, that was quick. One moment I'm noticing that the trees are losing their leaves and that it's getting colder outside (requiring the central heating to be turned up), that Gothic images of Leela are appearing, then we get a burst of sunshine. Crazy weather. Well, actually, I have a picture from Mz Kroker for our expanding Fan Art section. The picture you can see isn't one of a Futurama character as such, but rather a character that comes from a new fan fiction work from her that's called Broken Hearts Can Lead To Better Things. Welcome Mz Kroker's new character Summer, who works as a hotel receptionist in Mz Kroker's new fiction. Now, best give you a summary of the fiction, which I'll take from the summary I put on the fan fiction index page: "After two months without seeing Amy, Kif finally gets a chance to see her when Zapp Brannigan makes a stop at a New New York hotel. Leaving Kif to his own business, he invites Amy to the hotel, where they decide to go out and eat. After the meal, though, Kif has to do a chore for Zapp, leaving Amy at the hotel. Will Amy wait for him? Will Kif return? What's Zapp doing in New New York? Read on to find out." How does Summer fit into all of this? Well, other than Zapp Brannigan trying to make some moves on her, unsuccessfully I have to say, there's little of her in this first part. But I suspect that Mz Kroker will bring her into the story more in later parts. Anyway, enjoy both the art and the ficiton works.

November 13, 2004

You sure do suck, Zoidberg! He sure does suck, but we still love him. Awwww! A world without Dr Zoidberg would be an empty world indeed. Who the Hell am I kidding! The world would carry on, and more people would be successfully treated in hospital. Plus, dumpsters would be full of more food, which would feed the owls. See, the world would be better without that damn lobster. Anyway, I better get on with the update. Welcome a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Ooy. The image you see only shows Farnsworth and Zoidberg, but I can assure you that if you look at the full-sized image, you'll find plenty of other characters... so that's a further incentive to click on that image to your right. Actually, Ooy has been busy, because he's also produced something for our Crap Art section. On his page in that section, you'll find a terrible image created by him. The picture has Fry, the Fox studios and someone else. But, why describe it when you can feast your eyes on this horrible attempt at at for yourselves. Actually, you'd have thought that Ooy was finished there, but he's not. He's also come up with a work for our Fan Fiction section, too. Welcome the first part of his latest fiction work, Pregnancy. The story starts with Fry finding out that he has to find a home elsewhere, but it seems that nobody can put him up in their homes... except Leela. However, after eating some of Fry's ear wax (please, I'm going to eat in a minute, so don't get me to explain why she does that, but you'll find out for yourself if you read the fiction), Leela gets the hots for Fry, and one thing leads to another. Well, I suppose you can guess what will happen, but that's not the end of the story. Well, give Ooy's works a good look, and maybe you can give his site, Real Smooth Moves Comix a look at, too. Well, that's enough writing for me, time for me to eat my lunch... if I can do so without thinking of ear wax.

Howling mad for your love. Greetings Futurama fanacts. I come in peace, bringing with me many Fan Arts in the spirit of Halloween. Take me to your leaders. Oh, I'm already here you say, well then let the slaughter begin. Yes, you did read correctly, I have a few Halloween-inspired pictures for you, or how else are you going to interpret the thumbnail or a zombified ... someone with Fry on his knees ? These are from Spacedal11, and there are 7 of them in all, bringing her total here at FM:TLZ to 40 pictures. Apart from the thumbnail and the zombie-one I mnetioned in passing, there are Leela in her Jynx-costume (from Spacedal11's fanfic by the same name), Leela in what can only be described as formal wear, a woman named Lexi (which, judging by the hair, I assume is an offspring of Leela and Fry), Leela as Lara Croft and finally a battered and bruished Leela. Enjoy.

A down-on-his-luck-and-out Zoidberg? Zoidberg? poor? And miserable? and hungry? So what else is new? I mean, that's how he always look, so playing a lovable tramp comes naturl to him. Though I wonder how Charlie Chaplin feels about Zoidberg playing his trademark character. Hmmm, better not speak to loudly about that, otherwise He'll get sud by Chaplin's estate. Then again what are they gonna do? Withhold his paycheck? Confiscate his possesings? Take his labcoat? Yeah, they're screwed either way. And Pawell Galuzin, our top-rated submitter according to our visitors opinion, is the creator of this Fan Art. Enjoy.

A late content update, brought to you by Nev-R-Break Computer Parts. It's true, because I would have got this content up a few days earlier, if not for a busted power supply in my computer. Thankfully I managed to pick one up yesterday afternoon fairly cheap, so I'm back in business, and with this Fan Art from Futurama Freak. In fact, eight pieces of art, all in her own unique style. I don't know if she knew this, but it also means she's chalked up 50, count'em, 50 pieces here at FM:TLZ. Woo! Let's go get hammered! But before you do, check out the pictures. The one pictured here is her own character, Maria, and is the 50th entry itself. But there's also, amongst others, Leela with guns, Leela as an angel, Leela crying, even an early-late Halloweeen pic

Oh, and don't hit the booze quite yet either, until you've read the second part of Alex 'MKTai' Fuller's premiere episode he's called Episode 1: The Bleak Week, which is part of his Season A Futurama continuance series, and sits neatly in the site's Fan Fiction section snugly. Now you can find out whether Fry will get anywhere after the first part and find out what happens next. Enjoy, and yes, now you can hit the booze. Though the sun's gone down here now... so you can finally switch to hard liquor

November 12, 2004

The Lure of a Spy Queen! Well, I have a treat for you today, two actually. However, let's start off with the picture you can see to your right that's for our Fan Art section and comes from Silvertide (you can also see this picture in Fryfan's SpyOrama page, too). The picture is of Amy, but in her SpyOrama persona, Jinx. As Fryfan will explain below (yes, you'll be able to have a rest from me), Amy is promoted as the Martian Mata Hari. He'll also explain who Mata Hari was, whose history some of you are likely to be lost about, seeing her time of infamy was early last century. So, I'll let Fryfan inform you about this latest picture from Silvertide below.

'The idea for the look came from a Halle Berry poster that Silvertide looked at. It was one that featured Halle Berry as Jynx from "Die Another Day". While that poster was blue, Silvertide made this picture red to reflect that of Mars. "Martian Mata Hari" was my idea.

'History Lesson: Mata Hari was a German spy during WWI. She was originally a Dutch dancer and pretended she was a Japanese dancer, but when she couldn't make money dancing, she spied on the French for the Germans. She was caught by French soldiers and shot.

'I always pictured Amy as somewhat of a Mata Hari-type spy. But then she wouldn't be good in a fight, so I blended a little Jynx and Charlie's Angel in her spy counterpart as well.'

There, that was interesting, wasn't it? You got some history about SpyOrama and about the Great War. How can we improve on that. History lessons for all!

Futurama Fruits! Well, I have next an unusual submission for our Fan Art section. Welcome a picture by Emily Ema that's quite original, in that it's art on a fruit. See, for Hallowe'en, she had this great idea, rather than have the traditional pumpkin that a lot of others have, she decided to use a squash. Now, the beauty of this is, is that Morbo's face would look quite good on a squash, because the particular one she used was similarly shaped as his head. Not only that, Morbo does look like a scary guy, and more likely to be scarier than any pumpkin face. Anyway, she took a photo of this artwork with her digital camera, and sent it in. Hope you all like it... and don't get too scared. OK, it's past Hallowe'en, but what's scary on 31st October is scary now.

November 11, 2004

A sight to behold! Ewwww! Yeah, certainly not a sight to behold! How could that be a sight to behold? Poor visitors needing to clean out their eyes. Sorry about that. Anyway, this monstrosity is one of the images that you'll be finding in FurY's contribution to our Video Clips section. Even worse, the image moves. That's because it's a video called Futurama Video, that features moments of Fry and Leela... including moments of Fry in his underpants. Poor Leela, you can see why she rejects his moves on her. I mean, having to wake up to that sight is enough to make one poke out your eyes... eye. Anyway, the video clip has more than that to it, for it does feature other moments of Fry and Leela's life, emphasising their need for each other. The backing music is "I Want You", which is performed by Savage Garden. The clip is archived in a two volume self-extractable RAR file, so all you need to do is download BOTH files and then run the .exe file (if you want, and don't trust .exe files, then you can use Winrar to open it). FurY isn't finished for today, though, for he has a work for our Fan Art section. The picture is of Leela, but she's damn huge. It's not quite life size, but it's getting close. Normally, I would shrink such pictures, but it seems the idea of this one was to get a full-sized image of Leela, so I didn't have the heart to shrink it. Still, don't flood us with similar sized pictures... pretty please. Anyway, enjoy a giant Leela not in her underpants... I mean, she's clothed, but she's not just wearing underpants... Actually, you can't see if she is wearing any... Not that she's not... Oh, shut the Hell up and finish this update, Graham!

Oh, before I go and tape my mouth shut, I better say that Firefox sucks... I mean, it rules. Yeah, it rules, because if it didn't rule, I'd not use it. So, if you want to rule, and want to have a damn good Internet experience while doing so, why not try Firefox and have a better ruling experience. You know it makes sense.

And now a word from the MicroSoft spokesman... Well, who else would MicroSoft choose for such an important job than the Sunset Squad robots? Maybe the Grim Reaper, but matching God's salaries and dental plan is out of MicroSoft's reach ... yet! And I guess the perks are pretty neat too, what with eternal life and all? This Fan Art of the Sunset Squad robot come from Jerkberg and he has much more prepared for you. A picture of Bender's head in a small car, a young Farnsworth from "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurddles", Ratman from "A Bicyclops Built For Two", Guenther and finally younbg Fry, also from TMLH. As always, handdrawn and coloured.

Another Chosen One? Missy is back with a new chapter of her story History Repeating, available in the Fan Fiction section. In the last chapter we eneded just as Lisa and Leela were abducted by individuals who refered to Lisa as their Chosen One. In part 7 Lisa and Leela find out what exactly this means. Meanwhile Fry's ride on his Bender-toboggan end rather abruptly, but you'll all know about that if you click here.

Arrroooo! You copied my song? Expletive deleted! How about that? A new song parody, two days in a row. I think that's a first for Futurama Madhouse:The Leela Zone. This one come from Spacedal11, and is called White Phillip and is based on "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. You might recognise that as the song Nixon sings in "A Head In The polls" in an effort to reach out to the stupid hippies. Enjoy.

Oh, and let me just echo Leandro's words: Firefox is well worth getting. It's easy to use, fast, have built-in pop-up blocker and none of the vulnerabilities or security holes so prevalent in Internet Explorer. So don't let the MS spokesman scare you, try it.

November 10, 2004

Fry ruling Hell... I hope he doesn't force an eternity of Internet Explorer on us! The Fan Art section has got its 208th artist, a known Deviant who goes by the nickname Bobbi. There's over a dozen pics by her to kick her gallery open, including the one to the right where Fry becomes the Devil (normal kind, no robotics) and forces everybody to use Microsoft Windows, Office, Photo Editor, Internet Explorer and Visual Basic. *shudder* On the other side of the ring is Linux Boy Graham, ready to save us, by... spilling a neverending stream of insanity in the main page. Hey, that's why we love the guy! If you want to make sure that Evil Fry's plans of Microsoft World Domination don't come true, then you should know that Mozilla Firefox, the best damn browser ever, has finally reached v1.0 -- no earth-shattering changes since the Release Candidates but it's great to see the browser become a mature human being... er, piece of code. Whatever, what are you waiting for? Get this baby and learn why everybody loves it! [Leandro]

November 9, 2004

Some Other Anniversary! Oh well, stuff like this happens only once a year, so let's get this rolling. I have some joint work from both Rye Guy and ExTwist that's for our Fan Art section. ExTwist drew the picture while Rye Guy coloured it in. Now, this picture is special, because it's in celebration of the first anniversary of Rye Guy's serial fiction, The Other. The picture represents what's to come in his story. Now, you might notice some nudity, and I'm assured by Rye Guy that this nakedness is only symbolic, representing them as vulnerable. There, just making sure you don't think that Rye Guy's fiction will be, ever so slowly, turning into a hardcore porn fiction. No, it's not going to become what Fox will be in a few years from now, if you believe what was said in the Simpsons episode "Lisa's Wedding" (they don't make them like that anymore ). Now, what comes up in the next few paragraphs is some long text that's been written by Rye Guy to celebrate this day. Don't blame me, he paid £1,000,000 in order that this would happen, and so I was forced to allow him to rant and ramble on this site. I mean, what can you do if someone is holding a wad of notes to your head, ready to let it go if you do what he says? I am human, you know. Oh, before I unleash Rye Guy's ravings upon you, I might as well say that he has come up with three more pictures for our Crap Art section. So, go and take a look at these crap pictures, then while you're reading Rye Guy's attempt at hypnotising you with words, you can be laughing your head off at his feeble attempt at art. This way, you'll ensure that he doesn't get his £1,000,000 back from you due to his attempt at hypnosis. Anyway, here are some words from our sponsor.

'Wow! Has it really been a year already? I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I began writing "The Other". Now, one year and 17 chapters later and it's still going. You know, it's funny. When I first began writing "The Other", it was meant to be a short one page fic. But as I kept on writing, I began getting more and more ideas and the story became longer and longer. Before I knew it the story was 98 pages long and I realized that I was going to have to separate it into chapters and make it a serial fic. The rest is history. It's weird how things worked out for me though when I think about it. The first time I ever visited TLZ was in November of 2002, then chapter 1 was posted in November 2003, now the anniversary in November 2004. Awesome!

'Anyways, I want to thank everyone here at TLZ. First, I want to thank Graham for not only posting all my submissions, but also for putting up with all my ramblings and nonsense. Graham, you're a great guy. Thanks. Secondly, I will thank the great artist and my friend ExTwist. Mainly for his friendship over these past several months and also for his fantastic artwork based on my stories. ExTwist, your kind words helped me through some tough times. I hope our friendship continues for years to come. Thank you Missy for your constant feedback on all of my stories. And to you Raziel, thanks for your feedback and for allowing me to help you with your stories as well. My gratitude goes to everyone of you who have stuck with my story from the beginning. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that so many people would enjoy my writing so much. It is my dream to become a writer. And when I finally do make my dream a reality, I will always remember everyone of you here at TLZ for helping me realize my full potential and giving me the confidence I needed to continue, even when things seemed their darkest.

'Thank you one and all. It's been a great year. Now, a toast to another year together.'

OK, that's now finished. Hmmm... that was quite long as well; too long, even. Maybe I'll make sure that future things like this will be shorter... unless someone can come up with £1,500,000 to bend my arm. Hey, stop sleeping out there, he paid me good money.

Blame Graham! Yeah, blame me for long updates, even those that are long not due to my own typing. Go on, blame me for stealing Edvard Munch's The Scream. While you're doing that, blame me for letting Bush win the election in the US. Yeah, I forgot to turn off the lights that night. Blame me that Robert Kilroy-Silk will be interviewed on Radio Five in a few minutes. You can also blame me for these words. Anyway, I have a work from Woodbot 2.0 that goes to our Poetry & Song Parodies section. Welcome a new song by him that parodies South Park's "Blame Canada" song, which is called Blame TV. The song has the Planet Express crew deciding to take out their vengeance on that box thing that you stare at when you're not staring at your computer monitor, the television. Thankfully, it seems, I'm spared of the blame this time.

November 8, 2004

Let there be light! Well, I have a treat for you lucky lot today. No, not spam, nor corned beef, nor kidneys (hate those), nor any other kind of terrible food stuff. Instead of the crap I've just mentioned (and those three foodstuffs are crap... makes me sick thinking about them ), I have some work from Seba, who has come up with work for both out Wallpapers and our Desktop Themes sections. Lo and behold the lovely wallpaper you can see to your right, which shows both Fry and Leela hugging away, while behind them there's a nice, special effect background that's the universe in all its glory. Awww... don't they look lovely and cute! Awww... Seba might just be spreading forth sentiments of love throughout the universe. However, Seba also has more love to overwhelm your computer. He has come up with a Windows XP logon screen that features both Leela and Fry hugging each other. Again, the background has the universe and stars in the background. See, he's spreading love throughout the universe, I tell you. BTW, if you haven't already, go and take a look at Seba's site, Seba's Futurama Wallpaper, where you might well find more Futurama loving stuff created by him.

Working out to work out what people work out for! Next up is a new picture from the girl who's got Leela's name, but spelt slightly differently. Yeah, it's Leila who's back with a picture for our Fan Art section. The picture concerned features Leela in her gym gear, which you'll find she wore in the episode "Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?". Now, as you can see, Leela loves to work out to keep herself fit. However, fitness and computer usage don't always go hand-in-hand, so maybe this is Leila's way of saying to you that you're all overweight and need to exercise. Actually, that's unfair, because I doubt that Leila would say that, and seeing that I have no evidence that she's the hectoring type, it would be wrong to suggest she would try to bully all you blobs that sit in front of the monitor gawping at the screen. Still, I bet Leela would demand that you all could lose a few kilograms. So, who's to join Leela in her new campaign against the expanding blobdom?

YOU WILL READ THIS UPDATE... YOU WILL LOOK AT THE NEW STUFF I HAVE FOR YOU TODAY... YOU HAVE NO CHOICE... YOU ARE IN THE POWER OF... THE FUTURAMA MADHOUSE HYPNOTOAD... And the first thing he commands is that you check out this brand new section of our website: Futurama Animated Gifs. By either clicking on that link or on his picture, the Hypnotoad will lead you to lots of pretty moving pictures donated to us from fan artist GermanFryFan. Well... not really donated... more like we stole the Hypnotoad picture here and then used it to command that he give us the rest. All glory to the FM:TLZ Hypnotoad!

We also used it to make both him and FuturamaFreak give us another piece for the Poetry and Song Lyrics section. After much Hypnotic persuasion, they gave us The Twelve Days of X-mas, which is a continuation of the song Bender and his theiving robo pals sang when stealing things in the episode Xmas Story. It is a good song that you will all enjoy... the Hypnotoad has spoken with his grumbling eyes! End communication

Whimmy-wham-wham-whozzle!! Ready for another Sunday update. Today I have lots of fanwork for you all. First we have Jerkberg with 9 new pictures for the Fan Art section. Well, it's been a hectic weekend, and I'm almost dropping with fatigue, so let's drop the usual bad jokes and puns and get right to business, okay? ... Hey, that's nodding a bit too enthusiasticly! Anyway, there's the thumbnail of Slurms MacKenize, Elzar, the Hyperchicken, Morbo, Morbo's good friend Richard Nixon, Scruffy, That Guy and finally Zoidberg ready for a hike.

Soooo sleeeeppyyy.But Halloween's over! And now I have 2 Fan Fictions that would be perfect for that day. They both come from Spacedal11, and are new chapters in allready ongoing stories. The first story is part 2 of The Lost Fry: Fry is having his first night as a vampire, but finds out he's only a vampire in training, he wont be a fully-fledged being of the night until he does something he hoped he would never have to do. The second story is the 5th and final part of The Fry Identity: after Drew have activated the self-destruct mechanism of Bender's hide-out, the race is on to escape before everything blows up. Unfortunately both Leela and Fry are injured and Drew herself run into Bender. Read the conclusion here and part 2 of "The lost Fry here. Enjoy.

Now where is my bed?

November 7, 2004

Back to the seventies... Well, today I have an interesting and cute picture of Leela to show that comes from Dogdoo8. For his second picture for our Fan Art section, he has this picture of Leela in what I can only suggest is seventies-style clothing (at least it does look like that in my eyes). The style of this picture is quite unusual, too, where Leela is drawn in a uniquely cute way, with a big eye. I have to say, though, that I really hate flared trousers/jeans, an abomination from the early seventies that seems to have made a comeback. Still, despite my dislike for such flared items of clothing, this picture still kicks some arse. Keep them coming, Dogdoo8, flared trousers or not. Wait, I can hear music from Slade. It's not Xmas already!

Bender does some bending! Next up for today, I have a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Pawell Galuzin. The picture that he's come up with is a scan of Coilette, which was the name that Bender called himself when he went through a drag queen stage during the episode Bend Her. Steady on there, toasters, TVs and freezers, it's a manbot! Well, this is a good scan that took Pawell some hours to create, and to good effect. By the way, it's also worth going to Pawell's website, Something About Leela, which is updated regularly. OK, it's in the Russian language - he conveniently has translated some of the Russian text into English - but there are plenty of pictures and other things to keep you fans happy, no matter where in the world you are from. So, enjoy his picture of Coilette, making sure your electrical appliances are all switched off bar the computer, and then once that's done, go and take a look at Pawell's good site.

November 6, 2004

A Night at the Opera! The last update had Juliet and Bender in a picture, so why not continue on the Juliet theme with some work from her own hands (or mouse hand). Juliet has come up with two pictures for our Fan Art section. The one you can see to your right shows what Juliet thinks would have happened after the Opera in the episode The Devil's Hands are Idol Playthings. As you can see, Fry and Leela are kissing, with both Bender and Amy looking on. The second picture from Juliet shows Leela in some skimpy "workout" gear. How she'll workout in that is anyone's guess, but I suspect it'll keep someone happy. Well, enjoy both of Juliet's pictures for Futurama Madhouse.

Down in the Dumps at Xmas! Poor Zoidberg, always getting the short straw at Planet Express. Wouldn't it be some sort of justice if all that bad luck were to change and bring Zoidberg some real power and wealth, then he'll have the Planet Express crew begging at his claw feet. Then again, he'd probably only get conned by Bender, exchanging all he had for a lettuce and slug sandwich. Anyway, this is all leading on to a work done for our Poetry & Song Parodies section by Woodbot 2.0 that focuses on Zoidberg's bad luck. The song is titled It's Hard to Be Lock Out on Xmas, and is based on South Park's "It's Hard to Be a Jew on Christmas". It features poor Dr Zoidberg singing while being locked out of the Xmas celebrations at Planet Express. You wait, Dr Zoidberg's luck is bound to change, and you'll be sorry... for him when he gets cheated out of it. Poor Zoidby!

November 5, 2004

A new series of Futurama begins... ... in the form of the first of a series of new Fan Fictions from newcomer writer Alex 'MKTai' Fuller that plan to follow on from the TV series. He dubs it simply as Season A, where it all starts in Episode 1: The Bleak Week, where the crew visit an acidic planet and Fry tries his luck on Leela once more. Will she give him a chance? You'll just have to read to find out...

I also have two more bits of stuff for you all, both from recent FM:TLZ contributor GermanFryFan. Not only does he have the lovely piece of Fan Art shown above that features Bender bending a girder heart around non other than the second biggest Bender admirer ever (the first being Bender himself): fellow artist Juliet, but he also wrote some lyrics for our Poetry and Song Lyrics section. The song is called Leela - A Cyclops Has to Tell, based on that classic Rock'n'Roll Elvis Presley hit, Heartbreak Hotel. The King may not be alive, but his songs are in the form of Futurama fan riffing. Check it out

Redmember... OK... Ummm... Move On Now! Well, if you've ever watched the Austin Powers movie Goldmember on DVD, then you'll recognise the thumbnail to your right to show a parody of that very cover. Welcome another picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Roddney, the man with the two Ds. As I've mentioned, he's parodied the DVD cover of Goldmember, calling the file name for the picture, Goldenfry, which I suspect is what he'd want to call it, rather than my lame attempt at lewdness, by calling it Redmember. Sorry, I'll go and sit over there. But, wait, I can't do that, because I have to sit here and type the usual crap. So, you've got me till I finish this update. Anyway, the picture looks interesting and even features the great and cool Cubert as a Mini-me. Yay! Farnsworth seems to be a kind of Dr Evil, while Leela parodies Foxxy Cleopatra. Roddney informs me that the Nigel Powers type character is played by Matt Groening (thankfully he emailed me when I thought it was Scott Evil, saying it was the "Dad" character and that it was an attempt at drawing Groening; totally my fault, considering I've not watched the film). So, yeah, interesting indeed.

The Sound of Justice! Next up, I have some stuff for our Sound Clips section that comes from Birdbot. He's come up with some more system sounds, which you'll find here, just under the System Sounds heading in our sounds page. There are startup and shutdown sounds that are taken from the New Justice Team song. Now, if you don't know the New Justice Team, then you didn't watch the episode Less than Hero, where Fry, Leela and Bender become superheroes. So, maybe you'll want to do that at the same time as installing these sounds. There, that'll get you rebooting constantly in order to listen to Fry, Leela and Bender dishing out justice. He's also come up with three system beeps that are based on Fry's robotic state in the episode Insane in the Mainframe, where Fry beeps like you'd expect a robot to. Now you can replace your ding with a beep uttered by Fry. Many thanks to Birdbot for trying his hardest to turn our computers into a beeping Futurama heaven. Enjoy! Beep! Beep! Beep!

November 4, 2004

Here's the guy you've all been waiting for. He'll protect us from fate, little children and ships called Enterprise. No, I'm not talking about John "3 purple hearts, baby!" Kerry or George "spend but don't tax" Bush, but Zoidberg posing as Zombie Jesus. Come on admit it, Zoidberg would do a hell of a better job leading the free world, than either of the presidential candidates. Zoidberg in '08! Wanna help the Zoidberg-campaign? Sign up at Zoidberg-for-prezz.com. Together we can make it happen. Zoidberg in '08!! Anyway, I obviously have an opinion of the recent election, but whaddya say we skip that and have us some Fan Art instead? And luckily enough, that's exactly what i have here. Everybody, give a warm welcome to a new submitter here at Futurama madhouse: The Leela Zone, Jerkberg. Apart from the thumbnail, there are an additional 8 pictures in his gallery. One of Cubert, Fry, Leela as Clobberella, Mom, Harold Zoid, Kif, Nibbler and Zapp. All handdrawn and big, very big. Whaddaya waiting for?

Soooo sleeeeppyyy. Neeed caffeiiine. And preferably in the form of a nice chilled cola, none of that vile, bitter beverage called coffee. But ironically that's exactly what todays' Fan Fiction from Mitch is all about. The story is titled Finale 3004 and who can better summarize it than the other himself? So here are his exact words: "Coffee, a popular excuse for sex, has vanished from the Earth. Leela, Fry, Kif, and Amy go to solve this mystery as well as settle some things between each other." Neat, huh? Start reading here. Enjoy!

November 3, 2004

Quick, get Robot Santa before he delivers those 60,000 Florida ballot papers! Oh well, another four years of laughing at the US and its oafish leader to be had. You sure do like to poke fun at yourselves. Sorry for those of you who didn't vote for Shrub, you now have four more years to suffer. Talk about a long suicide note. BTW, can anyone explain why a First World democratic country has long queues to vote, some going on for five hours or so? I've never had to queue more than two minutes to vote, so this concept of waiting to vote baffles me. Sort of reminds me of the bread queues in the USSR. How ironic. Now, before I upset some of our US visitors with this political diatribe of mine, I better get on with the update for today. Welcome to our Fan Art section a work from FurY, who has come up with a picture of the Planet Express crew ready to do battle against Robot Santa, who has some special presents for very naughty boys and girls: Florida ballot papers. OK, he doesn't have that, but I wouldn't put it past him to help Nixon's Head on electoral matters.

Bender finds love... but not of the metallic kind! Well, robosexuality isn't a done thing, but people do stranger things, I suppose. What the heck am I talking about? Well, I have a new picture from Fry's Lady for our Fan Art section, that shows Bender having the hots for a certain Nicole Raven, who seems to have something to do with The Cosby Show. Now, why Bender would like to taste the flesh, so to speak, is beyond me, but he seems pleased to see Nicole. Best not think too much about this and let them get on with their business. Well, enjoy Fry's Lady's new picture, but don't play about with electricity, it can be bad for you.

November 2, 2004

Leela and Fry sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Well, I've got some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Ryan Weatherby. He's come up with five new picture for us to go take a look at. The one you can see shows Fry and Leela in each others' arms kissing. The four others show: a portrait of Leela; Leela standing over Bender giving him oil or something (?); Leela with her gun; and a picture of the "I love you, Leela" star formation that Fry set up in the episode Time Keeps on Slippin'. Well, this is the time for you to go and give Ryan's five pictures a good solid look at. Last one to go and see them is a big, fat cissy.

On the horizon, I can see Kif being chased by a raging mob of Shippers! Look at Kif run! I can see him running over that hill, then back again, then diving in that river. Boy, is he running for his life, away from a rampaging mob of angry Shippers. Why are they angry? Well, Kif did the unspeakable: he killed Fry. Well, he didn't do it directly, but it came from him. Actually, I better explain more. See, Pam, a new contributor to Futurama Madhouse, has come up with this Fan Fiction that's called Not Enough Time. Now, its storyline has Fry and Leela finally married, which would be a great thing for Shippers, but something terrible comes that will tear Fry and Leela apart. Cue shocked Shippers looking in anxiety about what this could be. I mean, Fry and Leela are together, they're enjoying each others' company, even their sex life seems good... what could come between this? Well, let's say that Kif does. No, he doesn't have an affair with Leela... that's not what happens. No, Kif has a disease that he passes to Fry, who now has only a month to live. Ah, I can see the sharpening of knives. Anyway, Fry wonders whether the best thing would be to inform Leela about this tragic event to come, thereby causing a month of grief, or whether to not tell Leela so that they can spend the final month in some form of happiness. Well, you'll only find out if you read it. So, stop chasing poor Kif, who, let's face it, didnt' mean to do it, and read part one. Maybe you'll all be full of too much grief to chase timid amphibians after you've finished it.

Leela stretches for victory! Don't ask about the heading, because it just popped out of my head when I started the word "Leela". Not that that is important, though, because what is important is that Wu Konguk has another work for us for our Fan Art section. This one features Leela limbering up for some exercise, possibly of the martial arts variety. Well, that's why Wu Konguk thinks, and who am I to differ when it's his drawing. I mean, if I differed too much with Wu Konguk's interpretation of his picture, he might end up drawing a picture of Leela beating the crap out of me, pliers and all. No, I sure wouldn't want that to happen. So, I'll just say that this picture shows Leela stretching ready for some workout. Mind you, saying that, it's a nice picture, and I'm not just saying that to get on Wu Konguk's good book.

There's always a ghoul that's too late! OK, so Hallowe'en ended on midnight 1st November, but it seems that some vampires and ghouls missed the last bus home. Anyway, despite this, we have a Hallowe'en themed picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Leela in Chains. Well, the picture came long after I uploaded the Hallowe'en work, so that's why you're getting it now, not that that will detract from the nature of the picture. It features Leela, possibly as a vampire or just a cannibal ("just a cannibal"?), with the remains of what's left of Fry: his head. Mind you, this would be a problem for today, but not necessarily for the year 3000, where they have heads in a jar, where Fry's head could still function... not that it does function when attached to its body. Just hope that ghoulish Leela doesn't end up frying Fry's head and battering it for Nibbler's treat or something. Leela in Chains wants it known that the file title, Killing Field, is a Slayer song. He sure seems to like his metal. Maybe Nibbler will enjoy his doggy bag, too.