November 2003

November 30, 2003

All is fair in love and war. So let's take a look at the weather around here: it's dark after 4 pm, it's windy, rain pours down and the temperature hovers around 5 C. It could be colder, and by all accounts we should have snow coming soon. Not that I'm complaining, I actually like this type of weather, especially because it's the perfect weather for staying inside with a good book (in fact it's mandatory), or a good piece of Futurama fan fiction. And as luck would have it, that's exactly what I have for you in this update. This is part 4 of Dave Vincent's story Background Noise. The DOOP military is still preparing for the war with the Omicronians, a war that looks more and more unavoidable. Meanwhile the PE crew finally return to Earth after 3 days of travel at low speed. Upon arrival Leela learn that Fry have been sent to Da Nang and is devastated, but still refuse to aknowledge it's because she's madly in love with him. She storms off to confront Morgan Proctor, and demand she bail Fry out. In this chapter we also get some more insight into the relationship between major Smith and Rand. Highly recomendable, so go here to give it a read.

Futurama: Universe of Jealousy Today I have something great for you. Yeah, as some of you might have guessed, I have part nineteen of Kenneth White's Futurama: Universe of Malice, which you'll find in our heavily bloated Fan Fiction section. In today's part: you have DOOP officers having to make a cruel decision on the fate of a people; a DOOP sponsored group ready to lead an assault on the planet eater; Zapp and Baldur still irritating each other (the latter is mostly the victim of this irritation, though); and the Leela Vs Alesia Super Funny Happy Happy Joy Joy Sumo Wrestling Jamboree Festival. What, that last one can't be right? Oh... if you want accuracy, then may I suggest you go ahead and read it from the keyboard of Ken instead. Great story, BTW... neat moments and lots of stuff to keep you occupied... and Baldur. That moment where Leela and Alesia grapple with each other in the basho while The Dumptruck referees is sure weird and worrying. Ah... you're doubting me again? OK... go on, go and read part nineteen already.

Oh, before you rush off to see if I'm telling porkies (for you non-Brits, it's slang for lying), you might want to also visit the homepage of Brian Earl Brown. Why, I hear you ask? Well, his daughter, Sarah, had a school art project to complete, so with the help of Brian, they decided to build their own Bender. Yep, you read that right. So, go to Brian's own personal site and find out how you, too, can build your own alcoholic, whore-mongering, thieving robot.

November 29, 2003

Want to play a game? Today I've got a riddle for you all. You task will be chalenging, it'll require great mental skills, hours of thinking and a gigantic dose of good luck. Some of you may not be able to succeed in this exercise, but that's life- it's brutal. But if you find yourself within the winners, the glory upon you will shine like the brightest star! "But what are you talking about, Sebastian?", you say? Your assignment is in fact quite simple: just take a look at Leela's Twin new pictures for our Crap Art! section and think of a more simple way of drawing Fry and Bender. And that's all for today, now think, think, think! [Sebastian]

Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! Go Bender! [this could go on forever...] There I was requesting fan art yesterday, and only a short time later, Tokash sends me an animated GIF. This animated GIF has some real action, for it features Bender dancing around in his cocky manner. Yep, it's the moment in Raging Bender where Bender does his Go Bender dance. Watch Bender dance about... keep on watching... watch some more... continue watching after dinner (that's if you can take yourself away from the action)... watch him while you try to sleep... wonder why you can't sleep and blame Tokash and The Leela Zone for your lack of it... continue watching in your hospital bed... continue watching at your funeral... just continue to watch and all will be forever great. Yep, as I said, go and watch this animated GIF of Bender doing what he does.

Cat fight... cat fight... rolly-polly cat fight! Ummm... don't worry about the heading, you'll get it eventually. Anyway, welcome the second part of Wonderbee31's current fan fiction that's titled Leela Squared. Yep, this fiction is in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Dr Who, which passed last Sunday. As you'll know if you read it, Dr Who and his assistant, Leela (not our one), meet up with Fry, who in turn introduces them to his wife, Leela (yes, our one). Anyway, Dr Who is on a mission to save the Earth, in which he needs Fry's help. In this part, Fry and Leela are introduced to Dr Who's TARDIS, and the adventure begins. However, Nibbler is worried that the Mighty One might be put into too much danger and has other ideas. Oh, did I mention that Zapp is involved in this story? No? Oh... he is. To the Lovenasium and beyond!

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do Yes, and when there's no Fan Art coming in, yours truly might as well draw some of his own. And it comes in the form of four more character pictures Futurama Fan Fiction saga Universe of Malice, which those of you following the story may enjoy. I'll be drawing some more next week some time too.

Secondly, I've also created a list of Voices on Futurama as well, which basically lists all the people who have provided voices on the show and the characters they've played. Quite a large list for the main voice talent, but by no means complete, and it should be updated as more info is found.

Well, that's all from me. Keep an eye out for a picture from Graham Dawson soon, as well as the next piece of "Son of the Ashes" by Christina Nordlander. They should be coming from me over the next few days.

November 28, 2003

The effect of Zapp Brannigan? Well, I do have some good stuff for today. There seems to be a deluge of fan fiction work coming to The Leela Zone, and today's stuff is no exception to that. Welcome part four of Rye Guy's current fiction that's titled none other than The Other. In this part, Leela is feeling sick on the day that Fry, herself and the crew have to visit an event organised by Zapp Brannigan. Seems that the Big Zapper has that effect on you. However, even though Fry and Leela are clearly an item, it seems that Zapp Brannigan is still intent on getting his hands on Leela.

BTW, it seems that there has been a drop in fan art contributions for this site, and even though Teral has been magnificent in finding and putting up artwork, it would be nice to see some more stuff come our way. So, anyone who has some Futurama artwork that they want to show off (it doesn't have to contain Leela), please send it to us. Go on... you know you want to... it's for a good cause... you'll win some kudos... we'll be your bestest friend...

November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving! For those who didnt know, today is Thanksgiving, the day Americans celebrate how a bunch of people fled across the Atlantic and made landfall in an area with some friendly natives. And they do that by gathering for a wholesome string of activities involving eating birds, watching giant parades and follow 2 teams of overgrown men in tight uniforms throw a piece of pigskin at eachother, called football (how ironic is that? ). Anyway, to mark this day, Mitch have send us a fan fiction titled, you guessed it, Thanksgivin'. Here's a small appetizer: The crew goes to find a peacock for the holiday of Thanksgivin'. Meanwhile, Kif deals with being the unsung server of Zapp's celebrity Thanksgivin' party. Sounds like Thanksgiving have changed a bit since then. Anyway, go here to read this story. That goes for all, you don't have to be an American to read and enjoy it.

We have chibi Fry! You heard me! AsylumFry send in two pieces of fan art featuring Fry drawn in chibi style. Looks a bit wierd, but also cute in a weird way. Or is it weird in a cute way? Anyway, the key words here are "weird" and "cute". The one in the thumbnail show Fry getting an electroshock treatment, a real hairraising experience. The other is a bit more peaceful, with Fry having a cup of coffee. There's some nice shading as well on these. But enough of my incoherent ramblings, go see for yourself.

More fanfics, this is now officially a flood. Fan fictions keep pouring into our inbox, and we're working hard to get them out there for our visitors to read. This one comes from Chris Wilson, only days after receiving his previous one, quite an effort. The new one is named Mom's Friendly Slaves and involve our trio working for the enemy, Moms Friendly Delivery Company. Wait, before you declare them traitors, read this summary from Chris: Bender goes on a sober bender while making a delivery and when he to drive the ship home, he crashes the ship into Mom's Hair-Shaped Satellite orbiting Earth. So Leela, Fry and Bender get 800 hours community service each for the actions that happened. But when they start doing their community service, it turns out the things they are delivering for Mom are more than packages. Dying to know what it is they deliver? The go here.

November 26, 2003

TLZ ask, Alexei "Pimpinslacker" delivers Well, that was quick. Only a few hours after Graham's update yesterday a mail dropped into my inbox. And what did it contain? More fan art! 2 new pictures from the hand of Alexei Ehrensperger, also known as Pimpinslacker. Both are pnecil drawings of Fry holding and firing guns, and wagering a guess I'd say they're based on the computergame Max Payne. Which would make the guns in the first shot the Ingrams (some people mistakenly call them uzi's) and the one in the other picture is the Colt Commando. Soon Alexei will write to tell me I got it all wrong.

What's an update worth these days without a fanfiction? Nothing you say? Well then, good news! We have a new fan fiction ready, courtesy of Green Gesus. This is part 2 of his serial story From The Past. Last chapter our favorite bending robot, deliveryboy and opinionated mutant had a space accident, and had started to repair the damages. In this new chapter we see where they go from here. Well, I really don't want to give more away, as you can all go read for yourself right here.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have some DVD's that require my full attention.

November 25, 2003

What, no fan fiction? Never! Yeah, as you can see, I don't have any fan fiction for today. Instead, I have a work for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. What's fan art, I hear you say? Well, it's when someone creates an image to artistically express themselves about a show that they appreciate. OK... OK... you know all that. Anyway, Andrea's latest picture shows Leela with the Mario brothers. She's looking on at poor Luigi, who seems to be suffering from an asthma attack. Maybe he can't believe that we finally have some fan art to show at The Leela Zone.

BTW, don't think we don't take fan art, we certainly do. Recently, there seems to have been a drop in fan art that we've received. We do take fan art, you know. Stop winking, Graham, because we do. Bah! Anyway, if you have some fan art that you want to show off, then why not send it this way. We don't just take Leela stuff. We know that the title of this site is misleadingly called The Leela Zone, but when has that stopped us showing off Nibbler, Zapp Brannigan, Bubblegum Tate or Scruffy. So, if you have fan art, even non-Leela fan art, then send it this way. BTW, if you do send anything, give poor Kristen some work, as she needs an excuse to rant away (she's like a pressure cooker right now). So, give to the needy, give us your fan art. This is the end of this public information film. For the sake of the environment, it'll self-destruct in ten seconds....

November 24, 2003

A whopper? You want fries with that? Great weekend. My football (not the one where you use your hands ) won their match, our arch-rivals match ended in a draw and Amazon started shipping the season 4 DVD's. Life is good. Which can't be said about my headline, but read on and you'll understand (I hope).

So how could you possible improve on that? Easy, by reading Missy's Delicious Surprise, and particular the brand-new part 16 she just submitted for the fan fiction section. In the last chapter Missy promised us a whopper of a follow-up, and she's as good as her word. Last time Leela was arrested by the DOOP, and hauled of in the middle of the night. Naturally Zapp Brannigan seizes this oppurtunity to do some personal "interrogation", and Leela is brought to The White House. Besides enduring the patented Zapper charm, Leela also meet a person from her past. One that doesn't have warm feelings for her. But enough spoilers, go here to read for yourself.

November 23, 2003

And just when you thought you couldn't take more fan fiction... Win2K? Linux? All these fancy new OS people use nowadays. Pffth, when I was young.... Okay, you probably aren't in the mood to listen to tales of the good ol' days of MS-DOS, suffice to say this update is brought to you by Win98 and unhealthy quantities of caffeine. Sweet, chilled caffeine, not the kind that scolds your tongue.

I believe I promised you some Futurama fan fiction in the headline, so I better get on with it. A new author, Chris Wilson, has joined the ranks of The Leela Zone fan fiction writers. His first story is titled 5ACV01: Rock And Rolls, and is set right after the last episode "The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings". Chris have provided a small recap of the story as well: "In this season opener, Fry and Leela help out Dr Zoidberg when he signs up for a 250 date rock tour while pretending to be mysterious rocker: The Zoid thanks to his new shell. Also Bender gets a new toy in the form of Amy in a wheelchair due to Amy breaking her nail!" Sounds like fun, so go read it here.

Three new stories in one day? That should take care of any Sunday evening boredom people might experience. Enjoy.

EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! Oh crap... a flight of stairs! Heh... just thought I'd go back in the past and do an update via Win2k. It seems that The Leela Zone has gone Linux crazy. First it was myself, then Kristen and Sebastian took the plunge, now Leandro has done so, too. Well, to be fair, Leandro got to use Linux before Kristen and Sebastian, but it took him a while to get his modem working... but he now has. Why am I updating using Win2k, I hear you not ask? Well, my printer needed to do its stuff, and it's not supported by Linux yet. Wait, let me change that to the fact that my printer maker hasn't come up with a printer driver for Linux for this particular printer, so it's their fault. However, it does seem that a development driver is out there, so maybe I'll be able to wipe Win2k off my computer altogether in the near future. Well, time to convert Kenneth and Teral to the Rebellion. Time to assimilate them. They will be assimilated to The Cause. Assimilated... assimilated... assimilated... assimilated... *insert Borg smiley*

Wait... I'm meant to be updating! Come back... don't fall asleep just yet! Get assimilated tomorrow. Whew! You're still reading. Well, the heading may give a clue about what I'm really meant to be talking about. Some of you, however, may not have an idea or care. Today it's the 40th anniversary of Dr Who. Dr What, I hear you say? No, Doctor When will be about another day, but for now you have to settle for Dr Who. Bah, Shut up, Graham, and get on with it! Anyway, Wonderbee31 has come up with a fan fiction to celebrate this anniversary of Dr Who. Called Leela Squared, it starts off in the year 3015, a year in which Fry has been married to Leela for some years and has two children born by her; life is peachy. However, when walking Nibbler one evening, he stumbles upon The Doctor and his assistant, Leela. Oh well, time for some name confusion, adventures, shaky sets and cheesy "special effects". Anyway, to read this story, you can click here.

Plot twists...! Neat Developments...! Flashbacks...! Strange half chapters for every normal chapter...!

It can only be Christina Nordlander's Son of the Ashes saga! And it is, with Chapter 4 (and its 1/2 equivalent...) sitting nicely in our Fan Fiction section. As usual, there's some awkward moments for our heroes, as well as the odd surprise in store. Here, the crew begin mission 'Forbidden Passion' and come into contact with the enemy... but will their plan to rescue Zapp succeed? To find out, simply click either here or up above where the chapter name is mentioned. Either that or you can click this link... up to you. That's all from me for now though. Later

November 22, 2003

Other than this Other, I have no other! Well, just finished watching England win the Rugby World Cup in overtime, with a last minute drop goal to break Aussie hearts. To be honest, England deserved the game, where their handling errors nearly lost them the game to a determined Australian team. Still, I suppose this result makes a change to the usual losing that England does in the sports it contends in. Oh well, I suppose we can bask in this glory till we get humiliated in next year's football European Championship.

"Shut the hell up talking about useless sports, you English tea-drinking freak wannabe!"

OK, I better stop talking about sports, otherwise I'll be hammered to death by the five other webmasters at The Leela Zone. Oh, BTW, I drink coffee... tea is... vile. Grrrr! OK... OK... I'll carry on with the update. Sheesh! Welcome the third part of Rye Guy's current fan fiction that goes under the name The Other. In this part, Fry and Leela get too close... and Bender's still interested in photo-journalism. However, do you see the Nibblonians complaining? Nope. OK, stop me ranting about rugby by going and giving this latest part of Rye Guy's fic a good read.

Now, let's see if I can drop goal that rubber plant over there out of the window. Three points! BANG! *Thud*

November 21, 2003

Welcome to E! "Earth Destruction And Futurama Fanfiction Tonite" I figured if we're going to destroy Earth anyway, we might as well make a tv show about it. Just imagine the ratings we could pull in with an exclusive coverage of the Appocalypse, I mean it's not like FOX would show something like that when they have precious post-game shows to air. "We're sorry for the delay, we now join the destruction of Earth allready in progress." And let's talk entertainment value for a moment. Explosions, violence and probably a bruised Bruce Willis running around shouting yippi-ka-yay. Sure beats those dreadful reality shows.

Anyway, that's only half of our show, stay tuned for more. Thanks to AsylumFry we have a new story in the fan fiction section. She send us part 1 of her serial story titled Dead Man's Tale. This is a story that start out rather sad, AsylumFry explain it herself in the resume of the story: It had been weeks after the crash that had killed Fry. After a lapse into depression, Leela takes a walk and ends up discovering more than she ever knew about the man she once loved... You wanna know more about Fry too? The click here to read on.

That's it for "Earth Destruction And Futurama Fanfiction Tonite". Don't forget the season 4 DVD's are released Monday in region 2. Have you pre-ordered your set yet? I know I have.

November 20, 2003

It's days like these that I think my head is going to explode! My god! Look who's been busy! Yeah, Leandro has done two updates in a row! Come on, print screen now and keep this all for posterity. Well, he has been threatening to fully come back in December, so maybe this is a precursor to that. What a good idea to destroy the Earth... it's getting damn old and boring. I suggest we all create massive ships and try to find another system to live on. Maybe I'll build one called Galactica, and I'll arm it with some pea-shooters and spud guns, which should keep us safe. I'm sure that name for a ship rings a bell, but I don't know why.

Anyway, enough of this chatter about destroying Earth, a feat that's already being planned by accident in some quarters, and let's get onto today's update. I have a picture from Andrea Huckstep that goes to our Fan Art section. This picture features Christopher Thorndyke seemingly terrified about two characters coming up behind him called Wario and Waluigi, who do seem menacing. Well, while Slippy Toad looks on, Leela rushes to comfort him. Mind you, looking at the shirt that Leela is wearing, maybe Christopher's eyes have been dazzled and it's Wario and Waluigi who are coming to the rescue. I'll let you decide on that.

Oh well, I'm off to decide what Ancient Greek god name I want after we all leave Earth in our ships. Hmmm... I'm sure that idea came from somewhere.

Whoa.... dj vu! It seems only yesterday that I was here posting a news update. Hey, wait, it was only yesterday! A serious rip in the fabric of the space-time continuum is causing events to loop! We're doomed! Doooooomed, I tell you! There's only solution to this: we must blow up the planet, which will have the neat side effect of killing all politicians and Fox executives. So, while I go build myself a starship to take the TLZ staff to Mars from where we'll trigger the Illudium PEW 36 Explosive Space Modulator for an Earth-shattering KABOOM, give a warm welcome to Persephohi, the new artist that has sold her soul to TLZ! The picture to the right shows Leela giving some self-defense lessons to Fry, and getting the reaction you would expect from Fry; then there's a couple of really cute pictures of Fry and Leela (both Universe-A and Universe-1) in Chibi form, a hand-drawn sketch of Leela and Fry, and a really impressive drawing of Leela that is the product of buying a Mucha calendar and a Leela action figure in the same day. Very great pictures! Make sure to visit Persephohi's DeviantART page for more of her stuff. [Leandro]

November 19, 2003

Ignorance is bliss! I was sooo happy and had sooo much free time before I knew all the things that teachers have been cramming into my head the past two months! Therefore, see subject line. The good news (or bad news, depends on how much you like my random rants, insane updates and random layout changes), is that I'm NEARLY done! And that in early December I'll be back to active service here, to drive you nuts as thoroughly as only I can! Meanwhile, you can get some ideas about what to do to me when I'm back to driving you nuts regularly by visiting the Uses for a Hacker section, that has just got six new uses thanks to Smiley, who's been sending those uses for three and a half years now, on a section that begun as "101 Uses for a Hacker" and now is past the 500th use. Or, if you're not feeling like going in a murderous spree, enjoy the latest pic by FemJesse, featuring a stylish Fry, now in our Fan Art section. This will be one of the last images by FemJesse here, too, since she's going to retire from doing Futurama Fan Art... for the same reasons as Our Leader TheVoices did. Is a sad decision, but it's hers to make, and we'll always have over a hundred awesome drawings from her to remember one of the greatest Fan Artists that this site has seen. As they say... all good things must come to an end... though there's still one more piece of art that this site will see from FemJesse, when the time is right [Leandro]

November 18, 2003

Large? Hmm.... well, that certainly can't be referring to my brain! Yes, it's me, the person who manages to get around all the failsafes in Leo's CGI scripts and cause him and Graham some headaches. But isn't it worth it? I've got an update for you all! Of course, it's one that could also have been uploaded by anyone else, because it's the latest addition to the Futurama: Universe of Malice saga! But it seems that Kenneth has come around to introducing my character, who has some rather... large... appendages. All I'll say besides that is that Kenneth is still alive, but some Shippers might change that after they read some of the more... interesting bits of this fic between Fry and other characters. To say more would spoil it, so go read it already! And send me things to update so I don't break the site every time! [Kristen]

Mosh to the extreme! Welcome a new picture for our Fan Art section coming from Tokash. Normally, Tokash comes up with animated GIF files... and today he's done what's normal for him. So, welcome a new animated GIF from him showing the violent scene in Futurama of Leela moshing to the Beastie Boys. Yep, this display of utter senseless violence can be seen in the episode "Hell is Other Robots" (I'm sure I'm right this time ), where Leela is invited to mosh with Fry to the music of the Beastie Boys, but decides to go a little too far. Oh well, I suppose hard-hitting music is just that.

November 17, 2003

Ohhh... I feel sad now... Yes, the retirement of long-time Futurama art legend The Voices is a great loss.

FFP agrees with me, though he certianly hasn't stopped his Fan Art, making this picture, which is a new vidcap from "the lost episode" as he puts it. Very nicely done, it really does look like it was taken from an episode too. Although I never quite remember Leela's tank top ever being quite that small

Well, that's all from me in this rather, as Morbo would say, "puny update!" though I recently fishished off writing some... things. So maybe over the next couple of days you may see the result of this. Later

Pssst! Hey you, over here. You're interested in Futurama fan fictions? Because I got the genuine thing right here, and for a very reasonable price too. In fact you seem like a nice person, so I'll give it to you for practically nothing. All it'll cost you is 15 minutes of your life. Sounds fair? Okay, here it is.

Missy have sent us part 15 of her story Delicious Surprise for the fan fiction section. Missy have this note for the chapter This chapter is purposefully shorter than the others, leading to a whopper in the follow-up. so I can't tell you much about this chapter without giving it all away. Suffice to say we're treated to another story from the past. That is from Futurama's past, which is actually our future, from the year 3006. But wait, that's still Futurama's (and by extension our) future. The past is in the future, and the future is in the past. Hmm, maybe time is circular after all. Anyway, you can find the latest chapter right here.

In the beginning, there was The Word. At the end, there was The Voice.... Sad, sad, terrible, gruesome news about a great fan artist who has created a lot of wonderful work for our Fan Art section. Well, it had to come eventually, but it's still sad. The Voices has decided to stop doing any more Futurama pictures. He says that he's lost the interest in doing Futrama artwork, and no matter what you think about that, you have to respect an artist who makes such a decision, because art comes from the heart not from demand. Anyway, he decided to go out with a bang. Look at the picture to your right and you'll see another one of his masterpieces. It shows a tastefully naked Leela with water cascading down her. I mean, what a way to go! Anyway, let me say on behalf of The Leela Zone, that we thank The Voices for the great artwork he added to this site. Also, let me say that his loss will be our loss and the Futurama community's loss, too.

Some thoughts about garbage! Hmmm... don't take that subject heading the wrong way. Anyway, you'll see why that heading was used. See, Dwayne Anderson has come up with a new story for our Fan Fiction section that deals with Leela's thoughts after the episode "A Big Piece of Garbage", hence my heading. It's titled Hellfire Apocalypse, and is a short read, so it won't take you too long to complete. To go and read it, click here.

November 16, 2003

Just when something's going to spoil your day, there's toast! OK, welcome back two things for today. The first thing to welcome is Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger, who has come back to create two pictures for our Fan Art section. The picture you can see shows cute looking Fry, Bender and Leela enjoying a nice day on the grass, when a certain beastly Murdoch springs at them from behind. Will they be devoured? Will they be slaughtered? Will they be tickled to death by a gnome wielding a feather while Murdoch looks on filing his fingernails? You can see by going and giving his picture a look. Also, while you're at it, witness another picture of his that shows Leela as some strange insectoid creature.

The second thing to welcome back is the return of our Sound Clips section. We have some Leela-related sound clips from most of the episodes. Maybe when I get less lazy, I'll try to complete the episodes that have been missed out. However, until then, there's quite a lot of sounds to listen to.

November 15, 2003

There IS green cheese on the moon! Yeah, seems that someone wasn't joking about there being green cheese on the moon. Well, OK, I'll come clean and inform you that this is part of the story in Rye Guy's fan fiction that goes under the title of The Other. Yep, the crew have the great opportunity to make a delivery to a moon of cheese. Yeah, imagine the smell. I sure don't envy them! Well, to take a sniff at what they're up to, you can click here.

Ah... you're confused about something, right? Well, you ought to be. Yeah, I've forgotten to mention the artwork you can see to your right. Well, Rye Guy has been kind enough to also submit a picture for our Fan Art section, which you can see as a thumbnail. If you click that thumbnail, you'll be greeted with a picture of an angry and injured Fry holding what looks like an unconscious or dead Leela in a red dress. This picture was jointly done by Rye Guy and a friend of his called Leslie. The picture conveys an intense emotion... Fry looks damn scary!

November 13, 2003

You know, it's one of these days when I can't think of a subject heading... you know, a boring Thursday where nothing happens to inspire you. Sigh. If only I could think of a subject heading, I'd not be writing all this junk and pissing you all off. So, I think I'll stop this now.... Ummm... yeah, lack of imagination creeped in. However, Alexander A Andreev has no such problems, seeing he's sent us a work for our Fan Art section. This picture, a pencil sketch, shows Leela side-on. Nice pencil work from Alexander, well worth a look. Now, how can I finish this update? Should I go on and on and talk about nothing? Then again, maybe I should shut up and end it now. Decisions, decisions....

November 12, 2003

Everybody hurts! Well, I'm glad to be back. Last night, while speaking to Leandro on IM, my telephone line went dead, bringing down my internet connection with it. Anyway, got up this morning and found it working again, so you all will be getting an update from me today. So for today, I have two pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Rye Guy. The first picture you see is of Leela in a long red dress feeling some emotional hurt. Awww... poor thing. His other picture is of a nebula. What has that to do with anything, I hear you say? Well, it's mentioned in his fan fiction work that's titled The Other, and it will play a further part in his story. So, you can say this picture will help you visualise it. BTW, watch out for part two of this fiction, which should be on The Leela Zone sometime this weekend.

November 11, 2003

Smiley marches on and on! He sure does, especially when he gives me seven new Uses for a Hacker to put up on The Leela Zone. In this batch, I have uses for a: Ferrari Crash Test Dummy; Test Subject for Prof Farnsworth's New Mutagent Fluid; Catbert's New Plaything; Leela's Earrings; as well as a few others that you'll find of interest. So, want blood and gore with your cornflakes, then head off to that section and wonder at the evil that can be perpetrated on a computer miscreant.

November 10, 2003

Who does she beat up? YOU!! I've always liked the The New Justice Team theme song. The episode itself was average, but the song really did a great job of mocking those old superhero themes. Lee Roberts is the artist behind 2 new submissions to the fan art section. The first one is of Leela as Clobberella. It's a bit difficult to tell what she's doing. Praying? Nervous? Maybe if you see the full picture, you'll get an answer. Then again you might not. Just be careful you don't get beat up. The other picture show Amy and Leela in a tight spot from "Obsoletely Fabulous". Amy is rather uncomfortable about being stuck, Leela look more like she's annoyed with whom she's stuck with. Maybe she'd rather it was Fry next to her.

How many punny headlines can you do using the words "delicious" and "surprise"? I really don't know, but the speed with which Missy churn out new chapters of her fan fiction story Delicious Surprise means I can't keep up. I'll try harder next time, promise. Anyway, in part 14 Bender try to entertain Lilah, Dania and Angelyne while the four of them wait for Dwight to come rescue them. In chapter 12 we learned that Bender was instrumental in Zapp's victory in the presidential election, and now Bender tell us what the first few months under Zapp's rule was like. Zapp Brannigan as president? I'm sure those months weren't pleasant, especially if you're a young, hot cyclops babe. Anyway, you can all relive the horror by clicking here.

Waking the dead! Back again with some more stuff for The Leela Zone. Firstly, though, it's bad news to hear that Teral possibly got a trojan/worm/virus on his machine, resulting in him needing to reformat his machine. It only serves to show how much of a jungle it is out there. Well, it seems that Andrea Huckstep's latest picture for our Fan Art section has possibly caught a bug of some sorts. It features Fry and Leela getting to the scene of an apparently dying Sonic the Hedgehog. However, don't worry too much, it seems there's a mistake... Sonic's in deep sleep. He must have been out binge drinking or something the night before. Anyway, enjoy this picture from Andrea.

It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog! Yep, that's Allen for you. He worked into the wee hours to create this song for our Poems & Song Parodies section. Titled Bender and Fry, and based on James Taylor's "Fire and Rain", it's about a Futurama fan expressing lament about Fox shutting down our favourite show. Yep, bastards! Let's now hope that Allen gets some well-deserved sleep. If I were a Fox executive, I wouldn't wander into his dreams right now.

November 9, 2003

Finally, after much trouble We have more fan fiction contributions. What do I mean by trouble? Well, this update was supposed to go up yesterday but a series of program errors and system failures on my PC lead me to suspect I might have caught a virus or trojan. Since my anti-virus/trojan programs didn't catch anything and the errors became increasingly frequent, I decided to do a complete format and re-install everything. Finally ready to update I made a small mistake that meant another 30 minutes of correcting HTML. But enough about my inept computer skills, onto something more Futurama related.

Green Gesus have sent us a story titled Three Little Worlds.. While fighting a fire in the engine room of the Planet Express ship, Fry, Leela and Bender each has a close encounter which involve making a crucial decision. At the same time Bender meets an old acquaintance. A bit unusual story, but I definetely like it. You can read it by clicking here.

Why is this god forsaken place worth dying for? A valid question Fry might soon be asking in Dave Vincent's story Background Noise. In part 3 DOOP is frantically preparing for war, having rejected the Omicronian ultimatum. Fry, who's set to graduate as a medic in a few days, has little chance of steering clear of the inevitable showdown. Leela, who have promised Fry to be there when he graduates, and the rest of the Planet Express crew go on a delivery to New Eden. Here a string of events unfold, that might mean she wont be able to keep her promise to Fry. Meanwhile on planet Eternium the Nibblonians debate whether to intervene in the coming DOOP-Omicronian war. Sounds interesting? Then click here to go directly to this chapter. Enjoy.

Other than that, there's this! I have two nice contributions for both our Fan Fiction and our Fan Art sections that comes from Rye Guy. He's come up with the first part of a serial fiction titled The Other, which takes its story from the discussion that Nibbler had with Future Fry about Leela being "The Other". It starts off with Leela having longing thoughts about Fry, Fry feeling that Leela won't ever fall for him, and Nibblonians looking on. Rye Guy has also created a promo picture for this fiction that's based on a work by DeadAngel, which you'll find on his page in our Fan Art section, so you might want to go and give it a look, too.

Birth of a star! Next up, I have two pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Robiben. The picture you can see shows a purple nebula forming the shape of Leela's head. It looks much better when not a thumbnail, so give it a proper look. His second picture in this update is based on a fan fiction by Wonderbee31 that's titled Funeral for a Friend, in which Fry mourns the tragic death of Leela. The picture fully conveys the emotion of this sad fic. [Graham]

November 8, 2003

Sun is shining... the weather is fine! Hey all, just upload a new picture by me. It's from the episode "300 Big Ones" and shows Leela and Fry sitting at a table (G'uh, that's obvious. ). They were probably talking about something, but now they're not saying a word. Judging from the look on Fry's face someone probably just said something important. Wonder what that could have been?
Anyway "(...) They're all sitting at my table/ Talking tall and drinking wine (...)". Hmm, does Bob Marley and Iron Maiden go along fine? Enough of ranting, just look at the picture and enjoy. [Sebastian]

Careful with that sword, Leela... ARRRGGGHHHHHH! Today I have two pictures for our Fan Art section that comes from Futurama_Hil. The picture you can see to your right shows Fry being pulled into the bowels of Hell. However, what got him there, other than his questionable lifestyle, is that he was accidentally stabbed with a sword by Leela. Yeah, right... an accident she says! Hil's other picture shows Leela with a space-suited Nibbler giving Leela instructions to help Fry save the Earth against the Brain Spawn, which was in the episode "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid". Considering Hil's first picture in this update, maybe Nibbler should have spent some time blunting all sharp objects.

November 6, 2003

750,000 and still going.... Many thanks goes to Ben Simpson for coming up with this picture for our Fan Art section that celebrates our 750,000th visitor to this site. Yeah, that's right, three-quarters-of-a-million times, The Leela Zone has been visited. I must thank Leandro, Kenneth, Kristen, Sebastian and Teral, as well as our past webmasters, for helping make this site worth visiting 750,000 times. Thanks guys! Well, as you can see, Ben has created an advertisement-styled picture of Fry and Bender getting plastered... which is certainly a thing to consider seeing what's to celebrate. However, I'll wait till later tonight: drinking in the morning isn't too good an idea. Cheers!

November 5, 2003

It's Raining Bens, Hallelujah! I'll explain the heading a bit later... you'll see. Anyway, first up we have a wallpaper that comes from Ben Simpson. Good ol' Ben has decided to put what he learnt in graphics class to use and come up with a wallpaper done in a Neville Brody style. The 'paper features a portrait of Fry looking like what you'd find on a colour negative film. Now, Ben has got something else coming up shortly... so expect to hear more from me about another work of his shortly. I wonder what that could be? You'll find out... later, possibly tonight.

Now, the next update below will make the heading above become obvious.

Ben there already! Well, we have a new contributor for The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Welcome Robiben (yes, another Ben... they're growing and will take over the world one day... argghhh!) to this section, who has come up with a nice work of art based on a fan fiction that was jointly done by a former and well-missed webmaster of this site named Dave Curtin and a good fan fiction writer of the past called Brad Rousse. The fiction in question is titled Final Journey, which is based on the Titanic story (a subject that Brad excelled in). Anyway, you might want to read this fiction after taking a good gander at Robiben's neat work. So, enjoy both!

November 4, 2003

Four word expression! Today I have a new contribution for our Poetry & Song Parodies section. Welcome a song by Rye Guy that's titled Four Words: Leela, I Love You, which is based on Simple Plan's "I Can't Be Perfect". This is a song sung by Fry detailing his hurt for being constantly rejected by Leela, the girl he loves. Awww! Wish him luck.

November 3, 2003

Missy have more surprises in store for us. I'm back after a pleasant weekend in rainy England, and one of the first things on my to-do-list is naturally to check my The Leela Zone inbox. This time it contained part 13 of Missy's steadily growing serial fan fiction titled Delicious Surprise. I'm sure you're all familiar with the story's style of writing by now, so let us move straight onto a little recap of this chapter. Fry and Leela plans to spend a day at the FASTCar track when they get a message from Amy. She's dropping by Earth on her big touring of the Universe and ask Leela and Fry if they want to have a picnic with her on the Moon. They agree, but when the three of them meet, Fry and Leela find out Amy has a little surprise for them, especially Leela, and not a pleasant one at that. Intrigued? The click here to go straight to this chapter.

Cover your ears and run, it's Karaoke! Today I have two works from different contributors for The Leela Zone. First one is a picture for our Fan Art section that comes from Andrea Huckstep. She's created a picture of Knuckles (The red echidna) giving a good ol' karaoke sing-song. However, his audience of Leela, Sonic and - who's this guy again? [I'm off to search for this kid's name... got it] - Christopher Thorndyke don't seem too amused by all this; rather worried looking. Well, maybe somone could find the power cable and accidently sever it.

Which witch is late for Halloween? Well, this fan fiction from Dwayne Anderson came late for Halloween, but that doesn't mean that it's not welcomed here. Actually, this is a short fiction that's actually quite amusing. Titled Which Witch is Which?, it's set on Halloween, where the crew are all dressed up as spooky characters. However, all this is the perfect opportunity for Professor Farnsworth to introduce a strange new crew member. Leela, though, isn't too impressed with this crew member named Helga, seeing something strange about her. No one else in the crew cares, though. Is there something to worry about or is Leela jealous or something? Give it a read by clicking here.

November 2, 2003

Flash Dance! Today I have something a little different for our Fan Art section, a work that could be seen as a little flashy, so to speak. Tokash has come up with a picture of Leela dancing around a pole. However, unlike his usual style of producing animated GIFs showing movement, he's come up with one that animates effects. This picture flashes, coming up with the effect that Leela is around a stroboscope. BTW, anyone who has photosensitive epilepsy should be careful when viewing this image, as it's possible it might trigger an attack. Well, for the ones who'll be viewing this image, enjoy!

November 1, 2003

Hair-blowin' in the Wind I've got two pieces of good stuff for youse all today, so pay attention.

First, a new piece Fan Fiction in the form of Christina Nordlander's latest Son of the Ashes chapter. This happens to be Chapter 3, which makes sense as the last one put up was Chapter 2. Things get interesting here, with Kif reaching his beloved Amy on Earth after escaping from the Evil Empire, while Zapp is left in the custody of one of the evil Lord Cyan. An excellent read I highly recommend, so read it now!

Secondly, there's this nifty piece of Fan Art from Leila here too. As you can see, it shows Leela giving her long, purple hair a blast from her spice weasel... uh... I mean, hairdrier. Bamm! Check that out too. Later

Valley of the Dolls! Hope everyone had a great Halloween yesterday. Hope there weren't too many brats coming around demanding treats and pelting your house with eggs in return. Anyway, to recover from that day, I have some work for our Fan Art section that comes from Wu Konguk. His first picture shows Leela as Nausicaa of the Vally of wind (a work by Hayao Miyazaki). I like the blurred effect, which adds something strange. His other picture shows Amy as a samurai warrior, which he did for the PEEL message board. He's not finished with artwork, he's also contributed to our Fan Fiction section, too. Welcome the final part of his serial fic Falling Away from the World, in which Zapp Brannigan is about to wreak havoc on the universe, with our favourite crew as rebels determined to stop him. Will they succeed or will Zapp get his cowardly way? Find out by clicking here. Well, that's a lot of stuff to enjoy... so do that.