November 2002

November 30, 2002

Welcome to the Funhouse. Now the fun goes over-the-top! Yay! The Drainpipe is back with some more fan art for The Leela Zone. This time, he's become a bit grisly with these two pictures, but still good. One features Fry and Leela as some hoodlums from what I believe is a parody of the 1981 film Funhouse (I could be wrong about that, mind you), while the second shows Leela after stabbing Fry... and it looks as if she meant it! Both are great, but I really like the Funhouse one, it certainly does look dark and demonic!

Best Episode Ever Guide! That's right, the Graphic Guide for what I consider to be the best Futurama episode ever is now ready for viewing. It's a little late though, as I had planned it for a Wednesday release. However, I was detained with some friends at that time, so I couldn't create and upload it.

Oh, in case you haven't guessed, the brilliant'y emotional The Luck of the Fryish is the subject of this guide. Never before this had a Futurama episode really touched me this much, and it proved that you don't have to have 22 minutes crammed with jokes to make a really quality story. Later, Leela's Homeworld and the more recent Jurassic Bark continued this trend of putting emotion ahead of laughter.
Still, this episode (and the others I mentioned) does have a lot of funny moments, and you can relive this way. So click on the piccie, and enjoy the guide [Kenneth]

November 29, 2002

Tremble, mortals! I am back! Argh. Whoever decided that is was a good idea to cram a bunch of exams together at the end of the year while preparations for the graduation party were made should be hanged from the world's tallest tree. Stacking that tree over the second tallest one beforehand. Zeke's gonna kill me, but oh well. Anyway, I'm back for a little while, though don't expect any major updating from me until mid-december, assuming I'm alive by then. But I can see that most of the males in the audience have already clicked on the image to the right, so I'm just talking to you girls, right? Sigh. Oh well, this update features Fan Art from two artists: the picture to the right and other four ones from Crimes of the Hot and Jurassic Bark come from the drawing board of good ol' Robert Hawks, who's been missing in action for a while but is back in his shiny artist armor, ready to use the pen that is stronger than the sword or whatever. Nice pics, anyway! Even if my ramblings make absolutely no sense. Oh well, I'm tired, spent the entire day running from one place to the next. Can't blame me for making no sense. Especially when you know I never make any sense anyway. And speaking of anyway...

Anyway, time for the second update: and this one comes from Douglas Hilliard, who once again has sent some great pics! The one from the link to the left is a parody of Blade Runner, with a two-eyed Leela as Rachel, Fry as Decker, and the human Bender as that Nexus 6 replicant who was going to kill Harrison Ford and I forgot his name. Hmmm, I need to watch that movie again to refresh my memory. There are also other three pictures, one of them featuring Leela with less clothing than in the wrestling scenes (that should get the hormone bags clicking the link...), as well as another one of Leela piloting a plane, and another one of Leela with some nice clothes. That's about it, I guess. I'll leave you alone with the demented monkeys with electronic typewriters, and I'm gonna go straight to bed and dream of electric sheep as a good android. Beep. [Leandro]

November 28, 2002

Leela and others like a good party. Not too messy, mind you! Welcome, on Thanksgiving (a US celebration about some religious people finding the shores of North American and settling in the early seventeenth century), Andrea Huckstep's fan art celebrating this day. This picture shows Leela watching some Kirby characters misbehaving at the table. Hope she doesn't have to clear up the mess that's been made! Enjoy the pic.

November 27, 2002

Wrestling without the mud! OK, enough of the gawping! Come on, please don't bring down the male sex's image by salivating over this new fan art from Crippled_Ass (strange name ). Come on, get further away from your monitors. Anyway, as you can see, Crippled_Ass has come up with this nice new artwork of the moment in Jurassic Bark when Leela and Amy are wrestling together. Why does Amy even bother with this, seeing she's going to get her ass crippled each and every time? OK, I'll shut up now! Enjoy this nice work... not too much, mind you!

November 26, 2002

Will he or won't he? BEEP! Impossible's been quite busy, because today I have two contributions from her. First one is for our Wallpapers section, which features the moment after Leela has kissed Fry, in the episode Insane in the Mainframe, and is awaiting Fry's response, in the hope of breaking him away from his belief that he's a robot. Unfortunately, he goes "BEEP", which wasn't the response that Leela wanted. Makes you wonder why Fry didn't then go and hump a radiator like in Lesser of Two Evils. But, let's not dwell on that silly moment (boy, don't I hate that "joke", what were the writers thinking of?). Instead, let's dwell on Impossible's second contribution, that's for our Fan Art section, in which she's come up with two pictures. The first one, a sketch, shows Leela in a fighting pose. The second shows Leela and Fry kissing away. Awww! To go to her fan art page where these pictures sit, you can click here. Enjoy. BEEP!

November 25, 2002

Let's Dance! Dancing the Night Away! Monster Mash! OK, today brings another picture from Andrea Huckstep for our Fan Art section. This one features King Dedede and what I think is his girlfriend, Hazel, dancing the night away in front of Leela's eye. According to Andrea, she's spent some time touching this picture using photoshop, so that can't be bad. Well, I'll leave you to enjoy Andrea's new work.

November 24, 2002

Frame grabbed! Oooh, this is unique! S-Chan has come up with a new wallpaper which I like a lot. It features a sad image of Leela caught on a monochrome celluloid frame. Why she's sad? I don't know for sure, but I bet it's due to some lack of a relationship with a certain delivery boy. I'm probably wrong, and S-Chan will write back telling me it's due to past memories of a lonely childhood. Oh well, can't be right 1% of the time. Anyway, as I said, I like S-Chan's work, his previous wallpaper was also well done with subtle, dreamy colours, which featured a sleeping Leela. Today's wallpaper has its own flair and looks great on a desktop. OK... enough with the praise. Enjoy!

November 23, 2002

Shameless Self-Promotion x 2 Like I promised, the latest Graphic Guide is now up a TLZ.

This one is for the episode where Bender thinks he's a penguin, and Leela tries her best to save the little critters after a dark matter spill. Yes, that's right, The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz is the subject of this guide. Just click the link or thumbnail and you can view the guide.

Secondly, the newest chapter in my Futurama Fan Fiction saga, Universe of Malice is now ready to view, for those of you who are following the storyline. This latest addition is Chapter 5, and I must warn those of you that like Nibbler that there is a scene you may not like in here. You have been warned.

Oh well, that's it for now. Tune in later this week for the guide page for the popular episode The Luck of the Fryish. Until then

Uses for a lazy Gort! Yeah, lazy Gort is now back. Don't all boo at once! After a long sleep and watching the great sci-fi classic, Forbidden Planet, I can present to you five more Uses for a Hacker, which come from good ol' Smiley. The Uses range from Marilyn Manson's microphone, Mom's new love, and some other wicked tortures for those who defile The Leela Zone. Enjoy these graphic nightmares while you are still alive and able to do so! Bwahahahahahaha!

November 22, 2002

Millions of Wallpapers, Wallpapers for You. Well, just one anyway. Hey all. This update isn't technically mine, but I'm being forced to do it because Gort and Leandro are too lazy

I'm just kidding, but there is a new Wallpaper up here at TLZ for you all to view, by our very own Leandro no less. This wallpaper is of Leela in the year 3003, with a Leonid shower in the background, just like the one Leandro saw. The constellations are actually correct and show exactly what it would look like when another shower occurs in the year 3003. Excellent stuff! Just click on the thumbnail so go to the appropriate section and get it. Until tomorrow [Kenneth]

November 21, 2002

Do the Hustle! Do do do do do do do do do! Well, better late than never. I have the sound clips for the latest episode, Jurassic Bark. Here, you will hear Leela and other characters speak in this episode and do the Hustle. Boogey on down! Do do do do do do do do do! SHUT UP!

Next time you see me, don't be surprised if I've eaten Hi all. The latest Futurama Graphic Guide is ready for viewing.

Yes, I know some of you would like it to be for Jurassic Bark, but I'm just sticking to the trend of doing them in order, so today we have a guide for the episde That's Lobstertainment!, when Zoidberg goes to his uncle Harold Zoid for advice, and ends up helping him make a movie. To, just click on the thumbnail and you can relive this episode in guide form.

Now I'm off to get some dinner, so now the subject title above makes perfect sense

November 20, 2002

Oh well, it must be bad if one of the webmasters of TLZ can't tell the difference between Leela and Fry! OK, Erdrik has sent in two pictures, for our Fan Art section, that show Fry playing his holophonor, whilst an image of him shattering shows that the player is really hurting inside. Both images are the same, but one is coloured in. However, listen to this and see how clued up this webmaster of The Leela Zone really is. There was a problem with one of the pictures, and for some strange reason, I described to Erdrik that the image that was affected was the one with a shattering Leela. Now, as you can see, both pictures have a shattering Fry. Anyway, a hard, long day can't be blamed for the fact that this webmaster can't tell the difference between Leela and Fry. Help! They're going to take me away. They're going to take me away. Haha! Hehe! Haha! Hehe! They're going to take me away!

November 19, 2002

"It's a bird!" "No, it's a plane!" "Well, it CAN'T be a meteor..." Well! Here we have another fanart, this time from David Johnson... in which Mighty Mouse mistakenly runs into the PE crew! (Literally.) So, go over and enjoy it, especially if you don't want to hear my meteor rant.

Yes, North America was most likely the best seat in the house for the Leonids, but my city sure isn't! I got up at 2 AM, and sat out to watch the stars fall, with my faithful dog Baloo as my only companion. Sleepily, I watched a few brightish ones streak through the sky, but the city lights drowned most of em out... especially the pretty colors. After a while, I just got sick of the wind (though to see the stars as clear as they were, after 3 days of high winds, was worth the look) and went back to sleep after seeing only a few that I was sure of. Let's hope that Leo seeing Leonids really *did* have the same chances as Fox ordering more production...

Now, I'm off to go take a quick nap... I mean, go to practice! Yeah, that's it... I wouldn't ditch, now would I? Even though I'm... *yawn*... so sleepy... [Kristen]

More Kirby stuff! Say "hi" to some more work from Andrea Huckstep that's for our Fan Art section. This picture shows Fry, Bender, Leela and some character from Kirby making some musical racket of some sort. So, if you're into the Kirby Show (which I still haven't seen), then this picture would be for you. If not, well... ummm... still go and take a look. Maybe one day, this show will come onto British TV, and then I can see what the fuss is all about.

Yeah, like Leo, I got up for an hour at 3am and went outside and saw a few of those wonderful Leonids. It was a bit misty outside, but thankfully it was clear, albeit the Moon was out which didn't help. Despite this, I got to see the colourful things streaking through the night's sky. Next, to see the Aurora Borealis, something I've never seen before.

My god! It's full of stars! I was outside the whole night. I knew that expecting to see a lot of Leonids from Argentina was like expecting Fox to order that 5ACV production block... and until 3:45am, I was right. But then a very beautiful green Leonid crossed the sky... and fifteen minutes later, two pretty red ones too. The fourth, though, was by far the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in the sky: a green one that slowly burned its way to the east, leaving a really bright tail. It left me breathlesss. Afterwards, I saw some small ones and then some bigger ones, and by 5:00am, when the sun started coming up, the fog was covering everything and I was freezing to death, I had seen sixteen Leonids, seven of them brighter than Venus, green or red, and really beautiful. Even if I catch a pneumonia now, it would be a very small price for seeing those Leonids. I can only imagine how incredible the night was in placer with "proper" viewing conditions...

And yes, this is an off-topic. How many of you knew I have a deep love for astronomy, in addition to lame music? Besides Kristen, of course, which I presume got an amazing display up there in California. Dunno about Graham, how did you see 'em in good ol' England? And Kenneth, did you manage to see anything at all from down there in New Zealand?

Meanwhile, for those of you who don't care about meteor showers, here's a new pic and scan by Daniel Brand, featuring Leela. I could place some commentary on the pic here, but I'm still in full Leonid-awe mode. I can't wait until the next time Earth passes head-on through one of those dust clouds... some 30 years from now. [Leandro]

November 18, 2002

Alkazar's bad luck and other raunchy stuff! Well, I think Juliet is the first person to come up with some fan art of both the second season DVD and last night's episode, Jurassic Bark. The picture in the link image is Juliet's take of the deleted scene from the episode A Bicyclops Built for Two, where Amy is helping Leela get into her wedding dress, just before Alkazar busts in wondering what the delay is. However, the other picture is of Leela about to peel off her skimpy wrestling suit, which should keep some people occupied. Why didn't I show that pic as the link image? Well I would have done, but Juliet told me that the picture I did show was her hardest to date, so that's why.

Deutscher Futurama Zweiter Jahreszeitdvd Advert Hmmm... I hope that Lycos' translation service hasn't buggered up this translation to make it into something crude. Anyway, thanks to S-Chan for encoding the German second season Futurama DVD advert, which you'll find in our Miscellaneous Clips part of our Video Clips section. So, now you can enjoy whatever the German-speaking public enjoy on their TVs during the adbreak. Hehe... I can't resist doing this - Hmmm... Ich hoffe, daß Übersetzungsdienst Lycos' nicht herauf diese Übersetzung gebummelt hat, um sie in etwas grob zu bilden. Sowieso zerteilen dank S-Chan für die Verschlüsselung des deutschen zweiten Jahreszeit Futurama DVD Advert, den Sie in unseren Verschiedenen Clips finden, von unserem videoclipkapitel So jetzt können Sie genießen, was auch immer die deutschsprechende Öffentlichkeit auf ihren Fernsehapparaten während des adbreak genießen.

Who the hell is this guy, and what's he doing on that show? Well, Leo may not like The Simpsons, but I used to love that show. Lately, however, it's dropped in quality, to its shame. Mind you, yesterday's episode was an exception to that "rule", as I found it to be quite good; a welcomed surprise. Well, why am I mentioning all this, it's because Bender was on The Simpsons episode Bart Vs Lisa Vs the Third Grade, featuring in Bart's daydream while at class. Anyway, I've made a new part in the Framegrabs section called Futurama Characters in Other Shows, in order to cater for this kind of thing.

Now, back to something else. <rant>Today I got an email from some idiot asking for the email address of the writers so that she could tell them that she won't be watching the show ever again. Why, you may ask? Well, because the show dared to make a "cruel" (her words) ending in the episode Jurassic Bark, where Fry decides not to revive his dog, because he mistakenly believed that his dog soon forgot him and carried on with life, despite his dog actually pining for him till he died, so felt that to revive his dog, Seymour, would have been disrespectful to the animal's later life... a mistake, but a noble one. Awww... seems someone doesn't understand that good programmes show a variety of emotions and endings, not all happy-happy-joy-joy. Anyway, I'm all for people expressing whatever opinions they like, but if they don't want to watch the show for such flimsy reasons, then I don't want to know. If you want to stop watching, then just do that and stop whingeing to the writers or myself. Turn off the TV, go out, do something else... I don't care! Next! </rant>.

And finally. Just in case we get a rush of "What's that song at the end of 'Jurassic Bark'?" questions, here's the answer: "I Will Wait For You" - lyrics by Norman Gimbel, music by Michel LeGrand, from the Film "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (1964). Thanks Leo for sending me that.

Update finished. Time for some beer!

Super Update Bonanza! And... we have updates! Brand-new updates, though not for the brand-new episode (which I haven't read, since I don't feel like reading spoilers for an episode that I HAD TO MISS... grrrrrr... stupid teachers) we've got some beautiful new art from S-Chan. Namely, this very lovely wallpaper and a new piece of fan art, both containing a very drowsy Leela, most likely dreaming of "someone", hmmm?

And don't you dare turn that channel yet! Besides all this wonderful work here today, there are also 18 new cards today! They all seem to be from that favorite-of-all-favorites (or Worst Episode Ever, depending on whether you like Zapp or not), "Love's Labours Lost in Space". The best lines, the best pictures... alright, I've pitched it, where's my $20, huh? I swear, I do not get paid enough for this job... [Kristen]

November 17, 2002

[SPOILERS] I dedicate this update to Harry and all the strays out there! Awww! Before I start, this contribution comes about five hours before the new episode starts, so if you don't want the episode spoilt, then don't read on until after you've watched it. OK, here are the framegrabs for the episode Jurassic Bark, the episode where Fry finds his fossilised dog. In this episode, it's shown that Fry befriended a stray dog in 1997, a dog that became devoted to the delivery boy... to the end. Why have I devoted this update to Harry? Well, Harry is a stray dog that I acquired when he was 10-months-old, some years back, and so I sort of felt a bit for this episode due to that similarity. Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode, despite the tragic ending, seeing it had some real emotion, quite a few funny moments, and some secrets aired. Look out for Nibbler and some other shadow, Leela and Amy getting physical, and some magic from Bender. But, most of all, look out for a sprinkling of tragedy with your humour. Anyway, I'll rate this episode a B+... could get higher if I watch it again with the dog at my feet. Oh well, enough about my dog, go and take a look at these great grabs.

Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop! As promised, the Graphic Guide for The Day the Earth Stood Stupid has arrived. I'm not a big fan of this episode. It suffers from too much Nibbleritis for my liking. Still, it does have it's moments here and there. Zoidberg wanting to go out just one of them. Well, just click the picture here and enjoy

Oh, and another thing. The Futurama Mailing List Geek Code has been updated to version 1.1 now. Additions? Well, Nixon has been added to the characters, and there's a new section on romance that allows you t express how you feel about the possible relationships on the show. From Leela and Fry, to Kif and Amy (as well as a choice for Amy and Leela ), you can express how you feel about love in your favourite show. Awwwww

Well that's about it, unti....... what's that, Graham? You want me to plug the mailing list? Okay then. *sigh*


There we go [Kenneth]

November 16, 2002

The Newest Guide for the Newest Episode Hi all! The Graphic Guide pages are back in production here at TLZ. Now that my exams are over, and I have a whopping 10 weeks vacation, I can get working on them once more. Expect to see the page for The Day the Earth Stood Stupid guide either tomorrow or the next day.

What guide do I have for you now then, you may ask? Well, I thought as a special treat to celebrate both the beginning of Season 5 and the return of the guide pages, I'd make a guide for the newest episode to air. That's right, this guide is for the season premiere that aired last Sunday, Crimes of the Hot. This is a once only occurence, so don't expect Jurassic Bark's guide page very soon.

Oh well, until tomorrow when the next guide will be ready [Kenneth]

November 15, 2002

Hail the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' mentors! Well, after this week's great stuff, it would be hard to compete against it, but I do have something special. Welcome The Drainpipe's parody of the Xmen, which is for our Fan Art section. As I've said before, I really enjoy this guy's imaginative work, and this latest one is no exception to that. It features the crew as the Xmen. Now, I know that was done before for the calendar, but this one is different and funnier. So, sit back, take out a beer, then sit down and take a peek at The Drainpipe's work. After that, think about the coming episode of Futurama, Jurassic Bark (4ACV07), and what joy it will be to watch it.

November 14, 2002

Leela looks a bit off today... better use the salt! OK, got some more Deleted Scenes from the second season DVD box set, which sits in our Video Clips section. There are some gems in there, well worth in convincing you to go out and buy the DVD box set and get the proper ones. So, go on, view these great clips, then head off to the shops, the Internet, wherever, and buy the DVDs. You won't be disappointed!

Oh well, it's late here... I'm heading off. Adios!

November 13, 2002

What is the song at the end of Leela's Homeworld? Okay, you can scream in terror now. The dreaded question is now a TLZ News Subject! But, it's all for a good cause! Do you remember Dave? Yeah, our Dave, the one who's been Lost in Cyberspace since June of 2001. Well, he finally emerged from that wormhole of his! Or at least it would appear so. He's now a full time bartender (or a Java programmer who likes getting drunk), as he and some drunk classmates made a Java database with 6000 cocktail recipes. Well, I'll drink to that! And he's back like a knight in shiny armor to put an end to the subject question! Yep, you'll see, Dave's got the song at the end of Leela's Homeworld, and he liked except for the "absolutely annoying mood-breaking pseudo-dj-crap", so he decided to get rid of the "bloody annoying dj-ish interlude-bs", creating Baby Love Child, Dave's Nice Mix: a version of the song that only has the "Nice" parts like the ones heard at the end of that episode. Enjoy! And if you want to kill Dave for bringing That Question here... well, what better way to inspire your murderous feelings than looking at the new Uses for a Hacker by Smiley? Maybe he'll make a great Covert Ops vs. Amazonians... If he begs and pleads you to let him live, you can always say, "I'm sorry, Dave... I'm afraid I can't do that" [Leandro]

Confusing the masses, one person at a time... We've got some new fanart here, from the legendary Andrea Huckstep, featuring some cute little snail-thing called Escargoon, who is dreaming of... er, something that I shudder to look at called Mitzi Mozzarella. Check it out, if you like that sort of thing... whatever it is.

And one small point that I must bring up: Fox, why must you torture your US viewers so? Europe's already got Season Two on DVD, and we have nothing! Nothing but new episodes that should've been shown a year (or two) ago! How on earth do you expect to keep fans alive if you don't feed them anything fresh, huh? GRRR! [Kristen]

Dreaming the pied piper's dream! Today, I have some work from Erdrik for our Fan Art section. He's sent in two pictures featuring both Fry and Leela (yeah, despite the link image not having Leela in it, I can assure you that both of the pictures certainly involve the cyclops of Fry's life). First one shows Leela's dream of Fry playing his holophonor, in which I left out Leela's image to give a surprise to some of you lot. The second one is based on the game of Lemmings, but featuring Leela and, from what I can see, a lemming-styled Fry. Well, enjoy both these images. Back tomorrow with some stuff or other.

November 12, 2002

These "lousy zealots" aren't to be bound and gagged! Or how Amy should watch out for friends! Hmmm... the subject line could explain a million things, some surprising and beyond belief, but I have better things to mention, like the deleted scenes from the second season DVD, which are in our Video Clips section. Yeah, somehow I've gotten hold of these deleted scenes, five in all, which show moments that could have made it to the show, but were cut due to time constraints or other things. These will certainly be enjoyed by those who haven't got a hope in Hell of getting the DVD, as well as those who are curious as to what's inside, before they go out and buy it. Again, like last time, these scenes are included to encourage our visitors to buy the Futurama DVD. So, after you view these clips, you are encouraged to go to the shops, online or those on the high street, and buy the DVD box set. Anyway, the quality isn't as good as you'd find on the DVD, which is another reason why you should buy it.

November 11, 2002

New season, new love! Well, not only is it great to be into a new season of Futurama, it's also great when the second season DVD set arrives at your door, as it did for me today. OK, I'm impressed with what I got, four DVDs packed with good stuff, such as the whole 2ACV* episodes (would be disappointing if it didn't have those ), deleted scenes and commentaries. However, I better stop talking about those goodies and discuss about yesterday's episode, otherwise I'll look like I'm gloating or something. I did enjoy yesterday's episode, it wasn't a fantastic episode as such, but it didn't disappoint either. I know that Leo mentioned this, but I did love the crushing of C3P0... now if they can get that other trash can R2D2, it'll be a full house. I enjoyed Farnsworth, who I thought was on top form, his past memory about working for Mom was hilarious (notice the old version of a Bender-styled unit, which actually was based on a past idea of what Bender should look like, before they found the current design). Good to see Ogden Wermstrom back again, too. Oh well, there were so many things in that episoode, and I suck at reviews, that I might as well stop and give it a grade of B-, which means it was rated good, IMO.

Back to the update. Impossible is back with a new contribution for our Wallpapers section. In this one, she's created an image of Fry and Leela igniting their love. Awww! There, that's another wallpaper for those eager Shippers out there.

Getting back to the new episode, I have the Leela-related sound clips from yesterday's episode, Crimes of the Hot. So, if you want to hear what Leela said in that episode, as well as some other characters, then you can go there. Enjoy!

November 10, 2002

Come to momma! Ewww! You're all wrinkles! [SPOILERS] OK, if you don't want to be spoilt before the new episode airs, then don't look at the framegrabs from the long-awaited new episode, Crimes of the Hot. However, if you do want to be spoilt silly, then by all means do come and visit these grabs. I've included (in fact, they are the majority), some non-Leela grabs, which should keep everyone happy. I'm not going to say much, the grabs will do that for themselves, but see how many past robots you can spot in this episode.

And why not head over to our Mailing List to discuss this episode when you've seen it. In fact, why not join whether you've seen the episode or not. Come and join us! Come and join us! Come and join us! [Graham]

Oh, the Jedis are going to feel this one! My, my, my, this episode was fun! Sure it had its problems (dumping the robots in other planet would have been a better solution, methinks; we even saw robots from the moon in the party, and that makes no sense!), but seeing a certain protocol droid being crushed like a tin can really made up for all the problems... I was applauding at the screen the first time I saw that! I'll grade this episode with a B (or Very Good), down from my original B+ because I got into nitpicky mode. What do you think? Go to the new "Season 5" page in our Episode Guide and rate the episode!

Now in TechniColor! Yes ladies and gentlemen (and I don't mean only Kristen, Graham and Kenneth here), Weissbrot has taken that Commodore 64 wallpaper by The Voices and brought it to the Pentium 4 era! Go and stare at the pretty colors.... oooh, cooolors... I also updated The Links Zone, just in case you're feeling like visiting another site. Now go join the Mailing List and discuss the new episode! [Leandro]

November 8, 2002

Here Comes the Sun! One of the few songs from the Beatles' George Harrison came into my mind when I was reading Leandro's latest post here. For some reason, I've gotten smitten with a "normal" sleep pattern, and stangely I'm tending to want to stay that way. However, the new Futurama episodes will probably ruin such wishings for "normality" and bring me back to my usual late nights and stuff. Talking about reading posts here, may I congratulate Kristen for her appointment here as our fourth staff member. Go give 'em 'ell, girl!

Onto today's update. Andrea Huckstep is back with another picture of Leela with a Kirby character called Escargoon, which goes into our Fan Art section. It seems that Escargoon has set off something that he shouldn't have touched. Bad snail!

Weird sleep patterns have taken over... Sheesh. Lately, Graham's never online past my 9pm, and I myself am unable to stay awake after my own midnight... well, I can stay awake, but my then I am unable to say anything rational... not that I'm ever able to say anything rational even when I'm totally awake, mind you! Ah, forget it. Let's just hope we're both awake this sunday when Crimes of the Hot finally makes it to the air (and the 'net). Meanwhile, enjoy four new Playing Cards by Sebastian, completing the series with everyone's favorite lobster! I was watching 30% Iron Chef yesterday, and Zoidberg was incredible there... I had forgotten how funny that episode is! Though it got me into full nitpicking mode: Bender has said he's 40% zinc, 40% titanium... and 30% iron. How does that work? I know, I know, I should've nitpicked that a long time ago, but hey, better late than never! And Douglas "Zed 85" Hilliard is making a perfect example for that, making me a birthay cake two weeks after my birthday. But it ain't no standard cake, no sire! It's a Fan Art cake with Leela popping out of it! See? Never too late when the stuff is good, a.k.a. Nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena. Hmmm, I know I need sleep when I start typing in spanish here. Oh well, I'll just listen to the new Roxette single one more time, and then... off I go! [Leandro]

November 7, 2002

Bow before me, I am your new dictator! After my infiltration of The Leela Zone last month, it seems that the folks here have decided to just hand me the keys and hope I don't break anything... we'll see. Yes, I am Kristen, the All-Powerful and Very Corrupt One... or just Corrupt if you're lazy. And there's nothing wrong with being lazy. I am.

However, it seeems that The Voices are not, as they have this spectacular new wallpaper to offer, and a brand-new color scheme to go with it... black and white! Go classic; it's perfect for the monochrome lover in all of us... remember the IBM PC? Or the Commodore 64? Although none of them could show the picture in such detail, or at all, but still... gotta love the look!

Why am I rambling on like this, anyway? It must be a requirement for the job... [Kristen]

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. To me, being a gangster was better than being President of the United States. Hmmm... that line comes from the great film, Goodfellas. Some people in the world would see some irony in that statement... but enough of the politics! Anyway, to the update, before I end up upsetting someone. Well, Kenneth's done the great thing and passed to me seven more Futurama promotional pictures that we didn't have in our Miscellaneous Pictures section, so congratulate our webmaster from tomorrow (that's quite literally true ). He found promotionals from the episodes Bender Gets Made, Xmas Story, War is the H-Word, and four others. Also, I've done some minor changes to that section, which should make it easier to navigate. Enjoy these fun promotionals, then write letters of complaints to the White House to get us shut... I mean shot down.

Alternatively, you could complain on our Mailing List, with the advantage that you can use words with more than five letters! OK... enough of that, I'm off before it rains bombs!

November 6, 2002

More Unreal Tournament stuff! Yes, you read right, here's more stuff for the game Unreal Tournament. Hey, with it's sequal Unreal Tournament 2003 only just being released, I think it's the perfect celebration.

Just head over to the Game Add-Ons section and you'll find the Amy Wong voice pack for the game. Wow! We already have Bender, Leela, Farnsworth, Zoidberg and Amy! Only Fry and Hermes to go and we'll have the whole crew. Cool

Thanks to [ZDB]Stoerenfried for making the voice pack, along with the Leela and Farnsworth ones. Good job.

Well, until next time. Oh, and expect the next guide page to arrive in about a week or so. Once my exams are over, they'll be coming in droves

Ziggy Stardust and the Delivery from Mars! Yesterday, the UK was invaded by France, resulting in loud gunfire and explosions around my abode... then I woke up! It was then that I realised it was actually Guy Fawkes Night, the peculiar British obsession of lighting bonfires and fireworks on November 5th, as well as burning an effigy of some poor bloke from the early seventeenth century who was planning to blow up Parliament, in order to further the then Catholic cause. Obviously, he didn't succeed in this act, and now his image is burnt on a bonfire with little understanding about what exactly people are celebrating. I suppose the event being nearly four-hundred years ago helps in this. Anyway, at least the fireworks were colourful and entertaining. Thanks Guy!

Now, to the update. The Drainpipe has come up with another great parody work for our Fan Art section. This features David Bowie, with a costumed Fry and Leela, in that famous gig that ended up being declared by Bowie as the "retirement" of Ziggy Stardust, back in good ol' 1973. Great work, I have to say! There, two history lessons for today.

Oh, and again I'll bug you all in joining our new mailing list, which is currently discussing the merits of Luck of the Fryish, the Waterfall family, and the Simpsons... until Leo gets bored about it and kills everyone! Anyway, room for many more!

November 4, 2002

The countdown begins! Well, it's six days to go before the airing of the "new" episode Crimes of the Hot, and I can't wait! Anyway, Leandro got onto the Internet yesterday and informed me that there was some promotional picture of this episode, and that it would be a good idea if it could sit in our Miscellaneous Pictures section, so that's what I've done, I added the picture to that section, and all was good. However, Leo also asked me to credit El Sin Nombre, a Spanish language site dedicated to Futurama and Simpsons spoilers (if you don't like spoilers and can read Spanish, then don't come complaining to me about having new episodes spoilt), so I said yes, and did so - as you've just read - and all was good! Then I looked up and read what I've just written, and saw that I was writing too much, so I stopped! Anyway, enjoy the promotional picture.

Oh, one other thing (promise!), on our mailing list, one of the things we're discussing are the merits of the Kif and Amy relationship, so if you're like me and hate it, then wade in and give us your views... if, however, you like it, then come along too and do battle for their honour. Oh, if you're not interested in that topic, then there are others that are there or could be introduced. See you there.

November 3, 2002

GOTCHA! It's now three days past Halloween, but that doesn't stop the vampires from biting! Welcome a late picture from Erdrik, which goes in our Fan Art section. This picture, meant for Halloween, shows Leela hungry enough to give Fry a love bite... I mean bite his neck and suck his blood, vampire style. Oh well, maybe that'll be one way for Fry to die smiling.

Oh, and if you haven't already, come and join our mailing list and try to answer questions like "what was that song at the end of 30% Iron Chef?" No... it's not that other question!

November 2, 2002

Double Kill, Multi Kill, Ultra Kill, Monster Kill!!! Hi all

Just some more Unreal Tournament related downloads in the Game Add-Ons section at TLZ. There's a Professor Farnsworth Voice Park there, as well as a magnificent Bender player model, complete with a voice-pack. So if you own Unreal Tournament, but don't have these add-ons for it, go there now and grab them.

Places Where Not to Stick Your Head - Part One! Hmmm... I have a strange update for today for our Fan Art section. This weird one comes from Andrea Huckstep, which again features Leela and King Dedede. This time, however, King Dedede is dreaming some strange stuff about sticking heads up parts of the anatomy, animals wearing lingerie, some girl group (now... that IS weird!), and some Nintendo character called Wario. Oh well, I suppose some people do have weird dreams!

Come and join the Futurama Mailing List... free Geek Code for all members!

Well, it's great that we've got this new mailing list for Futurama. See, Kenneth and myself are (well, Kenneth was, until recently, but that's a long story) members of Simpsons-l, a Simpsons mailing list, so both of us were quite happy when Leandro mentioned that he was setting up a similar type of list... and who wouldn't be.

Anyway, I'm writing because Kenneth's just finished writing the Geek Code for the list, which is modelled on the one that exists on Simpsons-l. So, if you're into expressing how you like the show on the mailing list, then you can't go wrong by reading the Geek Code.

Lastly. Leandro: blue and white?

November 1, 2002

A few things for the first. Hey all. No guides this time, but I do have a few things for you all.

First of all, I've heard that the second episode of Season 5 will be airing on the 17th of November, and that it will be Jurassic Bark (production code 4ACV07) with still no sign of 3ACV12 arriving on the scene. Oh well.

Secondly, a new download for you all in the Game Add-Ons section at TLZ, which happens to consist of a neat Dr. Zoidberg voice-pack for the popular 3D shooter, Unreal Tournament. So if you're into this fantastic game, and want a Zoidy voice pack (And let's face it, who doesn't?! ) head on over there.

Also, Leandro has just uploaded some transcripts for the Season 4 episodes Love and Rocket and Where No Fan Has Gone Before. Just click the links and enjoy

Finally, Leandro has also updated The Links Zone of the site. Until next time, and see you on the mailing list [Kenneth]

And now, the moment you all knew nothing about... Now that spooky halloween is gone, and we didn't get to use the vampire smily , it's time to let you know of something we've been planning for a while: say hi to our brand-new Futurama Mailing List! Yeah, right in time for the fifth "season", we're opening a mailing list so you can discuss all the Futurama Stuff n' Junk you like. And, just like Gort's been nagging you with Treehouse of the Future, I will do that with our Futurama Mailing List. Go subscribe! Go post! Of course the delirious TLZ "staff" is already in there (and since the list is being opened today, we're about the only ones there ). Anyway, here's the subscription thingy and I hope to see you at the list soon!


Discuss episodes and characters, complain at the crappy timeslot, post your master plan to destroy Fox... Being crazy is a plus, but not required. Hop on board and have fun!

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By the way, our friends at La Peor Página de Futurama will have a spanish Futurama mailing list soon, so if you're spanish, you may want to take a look there, too. [Leandro]