November 2001

November 30, 2001

Apocalypse Now! Today's late update is from Lorenz Kraenzlin, who has come up with this visually haunting pic for our Fan Art section. It looks like Leela is in terrible grief, when she finds the bones of people who are presumably from her own species. A really good, even if it's a really sad, pic.

Well, it's Friday night/Saturday morning here, and I'm still in a talkative mood... I think! So, what's happening show-wise: David X Cohen has posted at alt.tv.futurama, explaining what's coming up in season four. If you're interested in his babbling (should be more interesting than my own), you can find it here.

What else? Ah, I know. The Voices emailed me today to say that a link in High-Quality Grabs was broken, which I fixed. Many thanks, The Voices; The Leela Zone thanks you. But, I also found high-quality grabs from an episode that weren't linked to - I Dated a Robot; that's now fixed!

Well, nothing else to say other than: AOL will create their own religion; it will be discovered that Stilton cheese covers the Moon's surface, while NASA will have a lot of explaining to do; and the world is going to end tonight, due to the effects of the previous two things. Oh... Fox will show Futurama on December 9th, but not on Earth!

November 29, 2001

Ridding yourself of a small irritant.... I've been busy making some more High-Quality Grabs for The Leela Zone, which come from my still favourite episode, Parasites Lost. Actually, five minutes after I finished these, my second favourite episode came on TV, Time Keeps on Slippin', so I had a whale of a time! After I watched that and put up the work I did, I then made a few small changes to that section... minor ones, really.

Oh, for those who are interested, and you should be, the final version of Opera 6.0 is out; after finishing this, I'll be installing it. If you want a more secure browser than Micro$oft Internet Exploder or Netscrape, you can go here and try it. Enjoy the pics and, if you're interested, the browser!

November 28, 2001

Ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence? "There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence."

That quote comes from the start of a film called A Clockwork Orange, which is set in the near future (near future of the '70s, so it's safe to say that that future has now passed), and follows a gang of four violent individuals, who wreak havoc on society. The film basically questions how society should deal with those that are prone to "evil", and whether society should deny free-will to such individuals, in order to correct them. Do we lose our humanity if we're not given the choice between "good" and "evil"?

Well, what's this got to do with Futurama, I hear you impatient lot say. I'll tell you what: Sofie has produced a picture based on that film, for our Fan Art section. It features Fry as Alex, the head of the cod-piece wearing "Droogs", with Farnsworth as Georgie, Zoidberg as the mule Dim, while Leela isn't playing Pete, the final member of the group, but is looking on in angry disbelief! Oh, and the Korova Milkbar has now become the Hip Joint! I really like this pic, it's quite surreal!

November 27, 2001

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.... I had some spare time today and got bored, so I decided to make two more additions to our Video Clips section. The first is from the ending of Lesser of Two Evils, where Leela is mistakenly crowned Miss Universe. The other is from A Bicyclops Built for Two, where Leela discovers what looks like one of her kind, while she's battling against Fry in a virtual gunfight.

Also, while I'm here, there is a worm (type of computer virus) spreading like wildfire on the net, it's called W32.Badtrans.B@mm, and seems to be catching many people out; like those who are using Outlook Express, without getting the latest security patches from Microsoft. It comes as an attachment with a blank email, and on an unpatched Outlook Express will simply run when you select the email (ie - it doesn't require you to double-click the attachment, it just runs when you select the email). More information can be found here. One thing it does, after infecting a machine, is to log everything, and send it to the author, including passwords, credit card numbers, private stuff, etc.

The reason I'm saying this is because I've received quite a few of these damn things via email, from some infected visitors to The Leela Zone (once a machine is infected, it searches for email addresses stored on the machine - these can be from address books or webpages visited - then sends itself to the addresses it finds); I'm fine, taken the necessary precautions. So, I'd urge our visitors to check out for this thing, especially if you use Outlook Express. Get your latest anti-virus definitions, then scan all files on your system (not just .exe, .com, .bat, etc). Take care.

November 26, 2001

Thanksgiving - brought to you AGAIN by the internet.... Bring out the turkey again, because it's Thanksgiving II! Yes, due to the miracles of the internet, we can now have one public holiday on two different days; which is convenient if you're still eating that moldy old turkey. So, from The Leela Zone, happy Thanksgiving II - if the turkey repeats on you, then why not the day, too!

Actually, all that was a preamble to this announcement that Shadowstar has another pic for our Fan Art section, this one a Thanksgiving special. But why now, I hear you ask (yes you did!). Because the internet failed to deliver this pic to me, probably because it's got a weird sense of humour or something; maybe the internet is un-American, in which case Senator Joseph McCarthy should be informed... oh, that could be difficult, due to him being un-alive! Anyway, all this doesn't matter now, what does is that you can see Shadowstar's funny and original piece of work. Happy Love Day... I mean Thanksgiving II!

November 25, 2001

Head-to-head.... Today's contribution for our Fan Art section comes from the prolific Zapp's Woman, who has produced nine more hand-made works. The link image comes from the episode Love's Labors Lost in Space, where Leela confronts the mimic... and gets netted by Fry in the process! There are eight more new pics on her page to see, all based on different themes, etc.

Like Leo, I use Opera, and have got the latest version (6.0 beta 1). I've been using Opera for three months as my primary browser... and it rocks! Actually, it was Ruben who encouraged me to use it, and he was right (as well as Leo before him), it kicks IE's arse! I'm actually tempted to put on The Leela Zone, "This site is best viewed using Opera; click here to upgrade your browser."

November 24, 2001

In-your-face interface activated... There are two new pictures by Lorenz in the Fan Art section, that I couldn't upload earlier due to certain 'problems' I had. That, and my usual lazyness of course. Only two weeks until the season premiere! In other news, Opera 6 Beta 1 is now available for download! I just finished the download (I downloaded it using Opera 5.12) and I'm gonna go offline to reinstall it just after clicking 'Submit' on this Opera window... Wait a second... now that I think about it, I first mentioned Opera just eight days after The Leela Zone reopened, during the first site redesign... and at that point, Ruben was saying that I was the only one in the world that used Opera! Gotcha, Ruben! Now you are using Opera too!!! Take that!!! I woooooooon!!!! [Leandro]

November 23, 2001

Calm blue ocean! Calm blue ocean! It's Friday, the start of the weekend... wheeeeeeee! Also, there are now two weekends, after this one, to go before the first episode of season four. Those months since the last episode of season three seemed to go quickly, a bit too quickly for my liking... stop life's rollercoaster, I want to get off now! Well, I'll let them go, considering the good times ahead!

Now, onto business: OutlawArt has come up with another of his great parody film posters for our Fan Art section. This one has the crew fleeing from Norberg's Behemoth, fearing for their lives. This guy's work is original, interesting and the artwork is great; well worth being on The Leela Zone.

November 22, 2001

The many sides of Leela.... I have another wallpaper for today, this one coming from The Voices. Like last time, his wallpaper is a montage, but with only Leela's character. I do like the style of it, especially the background effect. Certainly is a fitting wallpaper to have adorned on your screen.

Well, it's 16 full days to go before the premier of season four of Futurama, where we'll initially get to see episodes that were made in season three! I suppose I shouldn't moan, seeing that they are new episodes, but I still feel bitter about the way Fox has treated this great show. Anyway, if they do show it on 9th December, then I suppose that'll take some of the bad memories away... until they mess about with it again!

November 21, 2001

Tranquillity on the horizon.... New day, new fan artist... so let's welcome Wu_Konguk to The Leela Zone's Fan Art section. Normally, Wu_Konguk's work has been fan fiction, good fan fiction at that, but he's decided to show us what he can do with Bryce 5 and some talent. The results are pleasing to the Nth degree, I must say. Love the effect of the setting Sun with Leela in the lotus position, meditating away.

One can only dream....Well, if the above wasn't enough for you, then this shall top it off for today. Daniel Schad has produced four more hand-drawn works for all to see. The link image is of Fry dreaming of tightly holding Leela, who's wearing a '50s-styled petticoat, after captaining the local football team; behind the sleeping Fry is Leela holding that same dress, while looking on in disapproval. The three others are: a picture of what Leela's mother might look like; Leela and Fry in the episode I, Roommate; and Leela taking Fry away from danger, by swinging on a rope, a la Indiana Jones. Hope you enjoy all these works!

November 20, 2001

Errr... guess who? Here's something that's new from Juliet: doing a wallpaper for The Leela Zone. Normally, she does pictures, both hand-drawn and computer created, and fan fictions, but this is a welcome addition to those other contributions. It's really quite cute, and certainly well worth adorning your computer desktop. Tell you what, I'll put it on my machine... right now! It's about time that I did have a new wallpaper, as this Simpsons' Tree House of Horror one, featuring Bart getting nabbed while trying to escape the Springfield cemetery, is getting a little bit tired.

Hacking up those hackers! Well, The Leela Zone's good friend, Smiley, has sent me six more of his Uses for a Hacker. The six are: Comic Book Guy's Prescription Pants; Sephiroth Victim; Goku's Workout Bag; C.P.R. Dummy; Idiotic Terrorist; and Slurm Delivery People. This section is certainly worth a good look... although don't complain if you have nightmares about the spilling of blood, etc.

November 19, 2001

Pour Moi? Today I have two updates from the ever industrious Zapp's Woman. The first is for our ever-growing Fan Art section: she's come up with ten more pics, one of which you can see on the right. Go on, click it... go on! It'll be good for you!

On second thoughts, don't click it yet, there's still more to this update! Her second contribution for The Leela Zone is for our Fan Fiction section. She's produced the third instalment of her fic Magnificent Infatuation, in which Leela and Fry go to counselling, to help them both cope with the loss of their unborn child. Very emotional fic, it has to be said. To go directly to the fic, click here.

Hmmm... this isn't the one called "Smelly Hippy"! This section, Leela Fashion Zone, hasn't been updated for a long time, so I decided to try to complete the job. However, what inspired me in this quest was Jon Dixon, who sent me his already completed pics, and didn't want them to lay around wasted. Well, I didn't want them to lay wasted either, so I put them up, and added some frame grabs with descriptions, too. Give the place a visit, it's certainly worth a look if you're interested in what Leela has worn throughout the show.

I'm not the greatest fan of Star Trek, but I do tend to watch it, when nothing better is on, or if I'm not doing something else which requires some attention; my favourite series of the show is the The Next Generation. I have to say that Leandro's feelings about Wesley Crusher are shared by myself, too. Why, oh why, did they decide to put that precocious brat on The Enterprise is beyond me! Well, that's my shared rant over... I'll end by saying that maybe he'll walk into a bar full Klingons, while on his back a note will be stuck upon him saying: "The Klingon Empire was a wuss's paradise! I'll take you all on, although I doubt you walnut-heads are intelligent enough to even read this!"

November 18, 2001

Meet the New Robert Hawks! Here's a special pic for you... it's the first pic coming from Robert in a looong time, and, if you know his work, you'll notice something different with this one -- Antialiasing! I dunno if he's using different software than before or if he resampled the image from a bigger resolution, but he got the idea! The picture itself comes from the new Futurama comic, with Leela trying to shoot Amy while she's going to a date with what looks like El Chupanibre's hand (that girl would go out with anybody...)

Following Daniel Schad's steps... A new submitter, Lorenz Kraenzlin, has sent two great-quality hand-drawn pictures, one of them featuring Leela and Amy (guess what the subject is...) and another one of just Leela in some fancy clothes that I can guess come from an animé or something, but since I don't watch animé I really don't know, so I should shut up instead of saying that it comes from an animé, but you know me: I can't keep my mouth shout once I start rambling an digressing and then I begin talking on a topic that has nothing to do with anything, like, I managed to get he 'Forgiven, Not Forgotten' Album by The Corrs! It was the only one I was missing! Boy am I happy with it; now I'm only missing the DVDs, but those are going to be haaaaaaard to get... Anyway, time for a DOS session!

C:\>ren TheForce.* CaptainLeela.* New stuff & New nickname. Two 'impulsive-made' pics from The Force, from now on known as CaptainLeela. Come to think of it, am I the only one that has never changed nicks? Even Graham was once called Gort! Ruben is LoungeFly! Marcelo is WalrusJuice! Leandro is Slurm4us! Oh wait... hmmm... okay, forget I said anything about being the only one about anything... erm, is that a <oops> tag I see in the code? Be right back...

And to finish this update with some good news / bad news... The good news is, we're only twenty days away from the season premiere! Hang on for less than a month, there! The bad news... actually, DISASTROUS news for any trekkie in the universe is... Wesley Crusher is coming back! (You can run away screaming now...) He signed for a small role in 'Nemesis'... here's hoping that he's the ensign that gets blown to bits. Okay, maybe that's too much... Perhaps he should just fall from a mountain, get shot, blown away by explosions, combined with a slug in a transporter accident, confined in a Jem'Hadar prison, and after being beaten to a pulp, chopped into pieces and then thrown into a pit of lava, converted into an energy lifeform that would then be processed a little at a time to feed the Enterprise's garbage disposal units. Hmmm, while we're at it... where's Katherine Pulasky...?

November 17, 2001

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman! Another hand-drawn picture comes from Sofie, for our Fan Art section. This artwork is taken from the episode When Aliens Attack, and is the scene where the crew, while posing for a beach photo, witness the attack of Earth by the Omicrons. All that damage for an Ally McBeal clone!

November 16, 2001

Preparing a new target! It's Friday night/Saturday morning, I'm sitting here doing this, while listening to some Nirvana, and struggling to write something... let's see if I can get to the point, quickly. Today's contribution comes from David Johnson, where he's produced this funny picture for our Fan Art section. It features Leela defacing a billboard, which has Fry's mug on it advertising Slurm, with what can only be said to be the words of truth. One thing, I can just imagine that billboard becoming a target for our depth perception specialist of a ship's captain, next time she flies the PE ship. There, at least I managed to write that blurb; now to wasting away what is the rest of my life!

November 15, 2001

Time keeps on repeatin'.... Today's update comes from good ol' Shadowstar, with his unique fan art pictures. His contribution seems to be a bit deja vu (yeah, I know, I've not used those accents... but who's going to make me! ), as the crew have discovered Shadowstar doing the same thing that Fry managed: arrive at the 31st century, as frozen as a Bird's Eye fish finger.

BTW, do visit his site, especially the section devoted to Futurama, The Futurama Guide, as it's a really unique way to archive the episode highlights of the show. Well, go there after you've wasted your precious time here!

November 14, 2001

Don't panic! Now for a different section to update: our Wallpapers section. This contribution comes from The Voices, where he's produced a montage as a wallpaper. Most of this montage comes from the 2002 calendar, and has been done with good effect. Certainly worth its place on The Leela Zone.

Well, the days are counting down for the next season to commence, and according to our countdown, there's another 24 full days to go. Let's just hope that it will be shown in 24 days, although I'm not counting my chickens until it's been confirmed to have aired fully on 9th December. Well, that must have filled up the empty space on the page!

November 13, 2001

Just good friends! Two hand-drawn contributions come from Daniel Schad, for our Fan Art section. Both feature Leela and Amy, but not in the way that you've come to expect from Daniel - as lovers! - but in an everyday sort of situation, or just as friends. I really do like this guy's work, and these two are no exception to this appreciation. Now, enough of reading this, go and enjoy the pics!

November 12, 2001

Rub-a-dub-dub.... Here's a cute picture for all you Leela/Fry romantics. This contribution for our Fan Art section comes from David Johnson, and it's very cute... indeed! Both are enjoying a bath together and getting rather in the mood. Better leave them to it!

November 11, 2001

Yoink! Today's updates come from the ever industrious Zapp's Woman. Her first contribution is for our Fan Art section, where I present ten more of her pictures, which are now residing on page seven of her work. She's now produced 310 pictures for The Leela Zone, certainly a great feat!

Her other contribution is for our Fan Fiction section, in which she's produced her second part of Magnificent Infatuation. This part deals with the trial to establish the truth about what exactly caused Zapp's ship to crash into the PE ship, causing the tragic loss of Leela and Fry's child. To go directly to the fic, click here.

November 10, 2001

Juliet's Futurama roll-call.... Today's contribution to our Fan Art section comes from Juliet Adeoye... featuring Juliet Adeoye! Yes, she's produced a fan art with herself and the crew, and if you look carefully, you'll notice that she's holding hands with her favourite character, Bender. Well, all I can say is awww!

November 9, 2001

Kick-ass angel! A new day brings a new fan artist, and in this case it's The Voices, who has produced this kick-ass picture for our Fan Art section. This hand-drawn work is his first, and judging from this, I hope it ain't his last!

November 8, 2001

Those magnificent women in their flying machines.... Here's another original piece of work from OutlawArt, for our Fan Art section. According to the artist himself, it features an invention that Leela made, when she was a 16-year-old.

November 7, 2001

And they called it puppy love.... I've created some High-Quality Grabs today, coming from the episode The Cyber House Rules. I really do like this episode, as it contains good drama and good comedy. Bender was very funny in this episode, while the story around Leela must have been something that many a Leela fan, and those who aren't, would have thought about: why doesn't she have cosmetic surgery to get an extra eye, and how would she react to it?

November 6, 2001

Here's looking at you, kid! Two updates for today, both with a Casablanca theme. The first is from Daniel Schad, which is for our Fan Art section, where he's produced this pic based on the ending airport scene of that great film. Really nice pic... catches the mood of that scene well.

The second update is has a Casablanca theme to it, too. It's Sofie's first ever fanfic, and it's bound to be controversial, especially for those Shippers out there. Called Leela's Affair, its subject matter deals with Fry and Leela after they have married, in which their relationship hasn't gone as many a fan would wish it has. Don't expect it to be lovey-dovey!

November 5, 2001

Satan has the best 'toons.... Seems that the burning of the UK has continued into the normal day for this celebration: Guy Fawkes night is held here on 5th November. However, there is another place that's meant to be burning: Hell! And, this is where you'll find our inspiration for the picture to your right, which is for our Fan Art section, coming from DB. It's Leela as Old Nick - or should that be Old Nichole in this case? - and I have to say that this is really a good original picture. Not only has he made this tempting one, he's produced two others, too. So, after finding out what eternal damnation's like, you can also give the other's a gander. [Graham]

November 4, 2001

Nice catch! In the UK we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night (one of the blokes who tried to blow up Parliament in the early 17th century, due to religious differences with the state at the time... well, nobody celebrates the execution of Guy Fawkes anymore, but it's a good reason to set parts of the UK on fire!), which is held on November 5th, however, due to that day falling on a Monday, it seems the celebrations have moved to today. Basically, in each locality, we have large firework displays, with bonfires too, as well as celebrations held in people's back yards, with said fireworks, bonfires, etc. So, right now I'm listening to loud bangs, fireworks rising in the sky and exploding into nice pretty colours, and the acrid smell of smoke from bonfires... still, it's enjoyable enough. Oh, there's an update... whoops!

Today's update comes from Sofie, and is a contribution to our Fan Art section. This image is taken from the episode The Deep South, and is when Amy comments about Leela's catch of the day with a sly remark. Love the stare that Leela gives Amy, as well as Amy's smirk!

November 3, 2001

September 11th remembered.... Today's contribution comes from Zapp's Woman, who has five more pics for our Fan Art section. The link image is her rememberance for the victims of September 11, with Leela and other characters crying, due to those sad events on that day. The other four pics don't, obviously, have the same impact as the link image, but they are certainly worth looking at, nonetheless. Also, she has reached the 300 mark in pictures contributed to The Leela Zone... it's quite amazing, if you think about it.

November 1, 2001

From darkness comes light.... Seems that the ghouls, ghosts, monsters, vampires, werewolves and other creatures didn't have their day and enslave humanity... unless it was by more subtle means; there's always next year! Well, best worry then, as I have an update to present, and this one comes from Daniel Schad, which is a picture for our Fan Art section. No, this time he's steered clear from the lesbian depictions of Leela.

Can I say this now, for anyone who is possibly upset by his Leela and Amy lesbian pictures (probably some jealous Leela "Lovers" ): as long as they aren't sick or pornographic in nature, which his aren't, then I don't have a problem putting them up... they are simply another viewpoint, just a different one. As far as I'm concerned, I like Daniel's unorthodox work, it's provocative and different; in my book that's good art!