November 2000

November 30, 2000

Framegrabs are here. I just selected 20 Framegrabs of Leela (and Lee Lemon) from Can't Get Enough Futurama's list. Go and enjoy 'em. [Leandro]

November 29, 2000

Better late than never... The Jungle Leela Wallpaper is now available. Not the best wallpaper ever, but looks quite good. [Leandro]

November 28, 2000

Sounds are here. The Sound Clips for War is the H Word are here. Only three files, as Lee Lemon kept talking, stealing Leela's lines . [Leandro]

From two makes one... Brad and Me have been working together on a Fan Fiction titled Final Journey. It's been posted on my website Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace for a few days now and has been extremely well received, and seeing the story will get much better exposure here on the Leela Zone I present to you the story with what Marcus labelled... naa, see for yourself at the LiC Messageboard. . We hope you'll like it as much as he did. [Dave]

The time of prophecy is upon us... Yep, I finally added a "buddy button" bar to the left. I never did that before because I don't want to fill the links bar with buttons, so now I came with a (sort of) solution: all the buttons are inside a Flash applet that scrolls them. So they just use the space of two buttons, but there are really a lot. Also, while I was fooling around with Flash, I created another Puzzle using Paul's "Blernsball Paradox" image. [Leandro]

Another huge update. Well, today there's a new Fan Art from A Big Book of Futurama. And today Can't Get Enough Futurama will upload War is the H Word, so if you don't live in USA (or if you live somewhere in the USA that missed the last minute, damn Fox and his stupid schedule), be sure to stop by later to grab your copy. [Leandro]

November 27, 2000

What do I look like, a guy who's (not) lazy? Today, the Leela Zone gets a huge update: one Fan Art by Paul Metcalfe. Hey, an update is an update. Of course, I have an excuse: I spent the entire night creating a new layout for Paul's site (since you don't receive my layout changes at the Leela Zone with any love at all, lately, and my hate-mail folder is about to explode), and then I didn't do anything here; except adding one of those silly alien alphabet messages that every Futurama site must have. This one in particular, I think, should be posted at every Futurama site out there. G'night. [Leandro]

November 26, 2000

Breaking the 200 Fan Art Barrier! I posted four more of Paul Metcalfe's Fan Art pieces, bringing the total count up to 203! Rejoice, Leela Zone [Dave]

Almost there... Paul sent me another Fan Art, and I found a new one by Poonaniman too, so the gallery currently has 199 images... one more and it'll hit the two hundred pics! Of course, some of them are great, some of them are crap, but they're all Leela ones and that's what matters. Am I right, men? Hmmm... shouldn't I be steering between the comets? Gotta go... [Leandro]

November 25, 2000

The key to victory is the element of surprise. Surprise! During this last Windows reinstall I spent quite some time looking for files (I tend to leave everything into a biiig folder full with all kind of stuff), and surprise! I found some Fan Art I did a long time ago, from over a year I think. They are hand-drawn, so don't expect computer-quality lines (Leela is the only character I can draw by hand, and the easiest one of the main trio. I always get Fry's eyes and Bender's dimensions wrong). They're up now at my page in the Fan Art gallery, images 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. Now, if I just can find the other 4 missing images, my section will be complete... [Leandro]

November 24, 2000

Happy Reinstaller's Day! I just finished spending some painful hours reinstalling Windows, and I don't even have ICQ right now. Plus it looks like I'll need to download 120 bounced emails from the Futurama Fan-o-Rama (I guess it's time to clean the subscribers' list). Anyway, there's a new Fan Art from A Big Book of Futurama, and an improved picture by Paul Metcalfe. That's all. I'm gone for the day. [Leandro]

November 23, 2000

Last update for today. There's a new image in Paul Metcalfe's section of the Fan Art gallery, and also an improved version of the "Blernsball Paradox" picture from the 2001 calendar. And again, Smiley goes above and beyond the call of duty with six new Uses for a Hacker, including some that are quite politically incorrect. Set blasters on full and prepare your thermal detonators. [Leandro]

Where have I been? I was browsing the sites in the referer log, and I entered A Big Book of Futurama. I can't believe a site that looks this good has been around since July and I didn't even know about it. Check it out. I've uploaded all the Leela "touch-ups" there to the Fan Art gallery, so there are 12 new (old) pics for you to enjoy. [Leandro]

November 20, 2000

We've hit 50.000 unique visitors! It's currently 2:00 pm Argentinian time, I'm from a work, and I connected to see the visitors count -- and I found we just passed the 50K visitors threshold! Woo! That means that in the past 233 days, since the reopening, TLZ had an average of 214 visitors each day! Thanks a lot for droppin' in, people! Now that I know what's the site's lucky number, I'll change the layout 214 times each day! So, get ready for the next layout change in exacly 403 seconds! [BOOM!]... AUCH! Get that MIG away from meee!!! [Leandro]

Two new pics and I'm going... There's a new Fan Art by good ol' Mark LeWald, and also a new one by Paul Metcalfe. I'm going to be extremely busy for the next day or two, so don't expect an update from me until wednesday at best. But I'll remove the Interactive Stories and the Message Board tonight, as they're way too silent since too long ago. [Leandro]

November 19, 2000

Half Life players can now have bad depth perception too! The Quake Model section has been expanded to include a Half Life Model by Willy Pete. So, grab a big gun and start shooting! In other news, the voting code for the Fan Fiction should work now. [Leandro]

Well, it wasn't the first, but... Turns out Paul Metcalfe sent me the same scan I was doing just about by the time I was uploading my version. Oh, well -- it wouldn't be the first time I upload two scans of the same in a 24-hour period. And, if you want to see the original images from the 2001 calendar, just check this brand-new page at Can't Get Enough Futurama. Brought to you by Paul and Me . [Leandro]

Wow, I'd forgotten about that section... Paul Metcalfe sent me a Screen Saver for the section that has not seen new content since season 2. It's quite big, but includes most of the Fan Art he's done in the past month. [Leandro]

November 18, 2000

First scan from the 2001 calendar... I just uploaded a new Fan Art from me, the Queen of Africon-9 image from the 2001 calendar (huge thanks to Paul Metcalfe for scanning the calendar for me! I most likely won't have it for another two months). I'll do a Wallpaper out of it as soon as I find a suitable background in my harddisk... [Leandro]

November 17, 2000

Un saludo para Danilo, que descubrió lo que hago cuando estoy al pedo... There are three new Puzzles in the section (now I know how to do them even faster -- two minutes at most once I've got the image). And Paul Metcalfe sent me two new images for his section at the Fan Art gallery, so go and enjoy them... also, I just noticed yesterday that there will be no new episodes until november 26. Fox sucks, don't you think? [Leandro]

November 16, 2000

New Art... Okay, there's a new Fan Art by Germán Minces in the gallery. And I just did a quick server check, and guess what? It's in my same timezone! Woo! GMT-3 rulez! That presents the little problem that I'm used to "begin my web day" at 2 am, but having the server in the same time as me (well, 15 minutes "in the past", but it's the same) is great. I know no one else cares, but I do!!! [Leandro]

So how's the old corpse? I'll never understand the Internet. Now everything works fine: NewsPro, FTP, access, everything. Oh, well... why complain about it? Anyway, there's a new Fan Art by Paul, and at Paul's request there's a new Sound Clip from Put Your Head on my Shoulders -- the subject of this news item. And there's also a new Puzzle, for those of you who liked them (if you're not one of these, just look elsewhere). [Leandro]

Small update today... Paul Metcalfe sent me a new pic for his section at the Fan Art gallery. I'm still trying to get used to the new server's time -- I used to "begin my day" at my 2:00 am because that was the time of the Sweeet Network's server, but now I have no clue what's Killbots' server time. So I'm guessing this update is for November 16, it could still be November 15 or even 17, or February 16, who knows. I hate time zones. [Leandro]

November 15, 2000

Onto the content update... Paul Metcalfe sent me some new pics for his section at the Fan Art gallery, and Smiley sent me more, all-new Uses for a Hacker. And there's a new Puzzle in the section. I created a small "piece-splitting" program that allows me to create a new puzzle in ten minutes once I got the image, so I'm going to do plenty of these. I also changed the SMTP server in all the scripts, so as soon as the scripts work, the mail notification will work, meaning you'll be able to vote Fan Fictions, suggest hacker uses and send form comments again (and also, that we'll know what's happening at the Interactive Stories and Message Board, which were running completely unmoderated). [Leandro]

CGI/FTP problems update... It's not like I was not in a big hurry to announce the last update, it's just that I was unable to -- yesterday I couldn't access any of Killbots directly, I had to use Anonymizer to see it. And since Anonymizer removes all scripts from the pages, I was unable to access NewsPro in order to post a news item. Plus, Anonymizer doesn't work with FTP, so that's why I asked Dave to upload the stuff. And today, most of the CGI scripts don't work -- no NewsPro, no Interactive Stories... but I can access both HTTP and FTP perfectly. Oh, well... I'm putting this update here by modifying the index file. [Leandro]

November 14, 2000

Little voice saying nothing of significance... I just uploaded an update for Leandro, and seeing he's obviously not in a hurry to announce it I'll do the job . Speaking of which, Leandro promoted me from my previous position as a "moderator" of the Interactive Stories (which are disquietingly quiet, for that matter) to a full-scale webmaster. That will probably not change much about the way I do things arround here, as I have always done stuff other than moderating, but now it's official . The update: We have a new section called Puzzles for all your logical gaming needs. I'll leave that for Leandro to explain later. We also have a new piece of Fan Art by a new submitter, the Holodoctor. In other news, my site Love's Labors Lost in Cyberspace is, in case you haven't already noticed, online again and live and kicking. Just thought I'd throw that in for no reason at all. [Dave]

November 13, 2000

I apologize (but not really) I just went to Planet Roadmap and I'd read this: "Apparently Leandro of TLZ can't read... He claims that I did not announce his move/redesign. Read yesterday's update, Leandro". Well, I must say sorry, but I shouldn't. Because I went to Planet Roadmap just before submitting that news item, and the last news update was the one of the 10th... you sure you uploaded it yesterday, Jason? If you did, I blame the moron who designed web browsers with caches . [Leandro]

From the writer of Secrets and Eyes... Kryten has just submitted a new Fan Fiction: Secrets and Eyes II: Reunion. If you liked the first story, you can't miss this one. I should ask you to vote on it, but... the script is down. I forgot to change the SMTP from Can't Get Enough Futurama during the move, and I don't know Killbots' SMTP server. So, until Evan tells me, the voting code doesn't work, and neither does the Contact Us form. By the way, yeah, I uploaded the layout from April again; just wanted to know how the thumbnails and text looked with black background. The other layout (any of 'em I feel like bringing back ) will be up tomorrow. If you want to suggest a specific layout to be uploaded (check the About this Site page for thumbnailed layouts), email me. [Leandro]

More from Paul's art... There's an updated pic at Paul's section in the Fan Art gallery. And there's also a new Wallpaper that uses a scan from Paul and colors/background from me. The usual, you know. Also... where the hell is Dave? Dave, Dave, calling Dave... are you getting my last messages? Where on Earth are you? [Leandro]

Please don't tempt me... Jason from Planet Roadmap (who's still to announce the move and latest layout change of TLZ) is threatening to tell a joke every day in order to increase the number of hits. You sure are lucky that I'm pretty happy with the usual number of visitors... what's worse than hearing lame computing or Star Trek jokes that only I find funny? Q: "How many assimilated Kazon drones are required to install Windows 2000?" A: "None, Kazon are unworthy of assimilation" BWAHAHAHAHAAA...!!! Okay, okay, I get the point, put the MP-5 away please. In worthsomething news, Paul's site has got a new name: Futurama Scan Art Central. If you're wondering why am I writing a news update that would go better in Planet Roadmap or something, the answer is simple: I'm bored. [Leandro]

November 12, 2000

Finally, the Framegrabs! And yet another late update. This time, the Framegrabs from The Honking. Only 20, as Leela had little time for herself on the episode. Go grab 'em here. [Leandro]

Late stuff... After I posted the last update, Paul Metcalfe sent me a new Fan Art, and since I don't want to wait 'til tomorrow, it's up now. I also got a new Song Parody by Marcus, "Wonderful Tonight" (yes, the song by Eric Clapton). [Leandro]

Today at Paul's art... There are two new pics by Paul Metcalfe at the Fan Art section, and there's another improved pic, the number 5 in his section (the one with Leela and Fry in bed). Also, Paul is looking for a new name for his site; "Paul's Futurama Fan Art" sounds too accurate to him. Or maybe he finds it uncreative and/or boring... anyway, email him if you wanna suggest a new name. [Leandro]

A new scan and wallpaper... Yep, there's another Fan Art by me here. This time Leela's blue, not the lady in red. I still think Paint Shop Pro is the best. Agree with me or not in the last paragraph, and understand or not what I meant in the one before it, get the Wallpaper I did using this image, too -- it has a recycled background from another Wallpaper, but I still love it. [Leandro]

November 11, 2000

And even more scans! Four Leela scans by Poonaniman are now at the Fan Art gallery. Wow, in a single day of updates (after a lot of downtime) there are almost 20 new images in the fanart gallery! I wish we always updated like that! I would have to spend the entire day creating thumbnails (or stop being lazy and create a program that process fanarts... wait, that will make me even more lazy!), but it would be sure worth it...

The sounds are here! Finally, after a looong wait, we get a new episode... and Leela says less than 20 lines on it. Now I know how Andy from Ain't No Such Thing As Too Much Amy Wong feels every time Amy has five or six lines in an entire episode. Anyway, five new Sound Clips from The Honking are online. Now let's just wait 'til next episode... Oh, and BTW, I almost forgot to mention Josh's first Fan Art at The Leela Zone! It's right here. I mean, to the right of this news item (oh my, what a bad joke). [Leandro]

Remember my scans? I remember that when season 2 was still on air, I used to do at least one scan each week. Well, now that season 3 has begun, I'm getting my Paint Shop Pro out of hibernation and I made a new one. It's a slight modification of an image from The Honking. If you're wondering when did Leela show up with a red coat... well, she never did. It's just that I think she looks pretty in red, what do you think? If you share my opinion, then download the Wallpaper I created using this image. And if you don't... do it anyway . [Leandro]

Some more images! Germán Minces sent me three scans he did, and one more's coming from him. Go get them at the Fan Art section. Also, I just uploaded another Wallpaper I made out of a scan from Paul Metcalfe. Oh, and if you want to see Paul's not-Leela scans, be sure to check his Futurama fan art site; he's getting better and better and even better at it. [Leandro]

Here comes Smiley! Smiley strikes again with five all-new Uses for a Hacker; the section is now half done, with 49 uses! Only 52 remain to be done, so keep sending those requests. And, I know it's way ahead of schedule, but Smiley created a christmas e-card to send via email once the holidays arrives, so you can grab it right now at the Fan Art section, or you just can wait a month, I'll mention it again around December 20. Maybe I'll create an e-card sending script, what do you think? [Leandro]

This is the return of the space Leela... Remember the space Leela from the cover of the Y2Kalendar? Well, Paul A. Metcalfe did a scan of it, and then I took it and created a Wallpaper out of it. Enjoy it; it's wonderful. There are also other four new Fan Art scans by Paul, and three improved versions of previous pictures (images 7, 9 and 10 in his section). [Leandro]

Welcome back! Hey there, and welcome to www.leela.com.ar! Now we're hosted by Killbots, and with our own domain name. Huge thanks to Matt Riley for moving the site between servers (something that my modem would need around ten hours to do) and Rubén Gutiérrez for lending me www.leela.com.ar just when I was going to use the longer www.leelazone.com.ar domain (which works too, BTW). And, of course, I'm really grateful at Andie Similon and Can't Get Enough Futurama for hosting TLZ the past seven months. I could go on and on, but I better start with the content updates... oh, the layout? Yep, I changed it; I almost forgot to say. If you don't like it, do as always: wait a week, or less, and it'll change .