February 2013
Ask them about renewal!
Posted on February 26, 2013 by Tim
One of FM/TLZ's master spys* sent in this report: “Tomorrow (February 27, 2013) at 12:30 PM Pacific Time, Billy West and Maurice LaMarche will be guests on Rob Paulsen's [Pinkie, Yakko Warner, Raphael (80's TMNT), Donatello (current TMNT)] Talkin' Toons Live! video podcast...thingy. Per Mr. Paulsen, you'll be able to ask questions live (I assume via Twitter or the like). If you've got Futurama related questions (and why would you be here if you didn't), ask away. Billy and Mo may have an answer for you. And if they do, could someone who isn't me or * and doesn't have to work tell us about it on FMMB or send it in to your favorite webmaster.

Here's the link: http://www.ustream.tv/robpaulsenlive

As an aside, Billy and Mo have been previous guests on Paulsen's regular Talkin' Toons podcast in the past (Mo by himself and Billy with John DiMaggio) and been very entertaining. Rob and Mo together (come on, they're Pinkie and the Brain) itself is worth the price of admission. Add the Red M&M, and you're looking at comedy gold.”

* Thanks to Marloc for the tip.
One Thousand! The universe is Doomed! Doooooooooooomed!
Posted on February 24, 2013 by Tim
Crack out the party hats and pop open a bottle of Slurm, this is my One Thousandth update here at FM/TLZ! Not a record by any means, but a personal best nevertheless. For those that like numbers as much as I do that's two thousand two hundred and forty tasty yummy fan submissions in two thousand three hundred seventy three days for an average of one update every two and three-eights days and just a hair under two and a quarter items per update. And so, since the universe shows no imminent sign of ending (any more so that usual anyway) let's get back to business. So speaking of the universe being doomed, nothing could doom it any worse that a new Fan Fiction from Dinkdrinker. It's called The Mighty-Other and it concerns the future spawn of a present day (by which I mean future day) couple. The Nibbloanians have determined that the Might-Other will some day save the Universe - the only problem is that the present day (by which I mean future day) parents are divorced.

And the other juicy tidbit we have today is a new Comic Transcript from Umbreon. This is for Comic 65 which is called The Sun Also Raises!.

Now to start my second millennium, soon as someone sends some more stuff in.