February 2012
Welcome to the World of Sorrow
Posted on February 29, 2012 by Tim
That is definitely a play on Futurama's byline Welcome to the world of Tomorrow, and it's the title of a new Fan Comic that !iMmOrTaL! is working on. He is making progress on it but we don't yet have any of it, but we do have a couple of more sneak previews. Through the magic of guessing random numbers, we can show you this character design of Leela, and there's also one of Kif. Both are on !iMmOrTaL!'s Fan Art page.

And there's also a couple of new Fan Arts by Onuki. These are both based on the Fan Fiction he published here in the last update called Not enter jeans altogether sound.
Crash courses
Posted on February 25, 2012 by Tim
Got a couple of things to read today and leading off is a new Fan Fiction. There haven't really been very many based on the new seasons yet, and so this is one of the first. It's called Collision Course and it was written by Red_Line. It's based on the end of Overclockwise where Fry and Leela are reading their future and Leela gets mad and slaps Fry. RL sez “I got to wondering what kind of event might have caused that and, knowing what was coming, how might they use that knowledge.”.

And if you're in the mood for a more comic touch, here's a new Comic Transcript. Umbreon just finished transcribing #43 Welcome To My Nightmall where we learn that Fry is afraid of spiders, that being a wee bit overdrawn at your bank is not a good thing in the 3000s, and that holding a steady job is not Fry's strong suit.
Up various rivers without various paddles.
Posted on February 22, 2012 by Tim
Ok, I finally got a whole evening with nothing else to do so here's lots of stuff to make up for the relative lack of updates lately. First and foremost are some new pages in Pieter Antonissen's Fan Comic Four Better or Four Worse. The new material starts on Page 44. I think you'll agree these are some of the best yet. Unfortunately, there's some bad news to go along with this latest update - Pieter is going to leave us hanging for a while 'cause he's got some of that dreaded Real Life stuff to take care of. Meanwhile, if you want to talk about this comic, or speculate on what's going on, you can do so here on FMMB.

Next let's turn the Farnsworth patented directed photonic recognition ray on Onuki 'cause sklee sent two new pieces of Fan Art which were inspired by a couple of fan fics - the pic will tell you which ones. And speaking of Fan Fiction, Onuki also send two of those. They are Futility umbrella in star rainfall in which the Professor creates raspberry/lemonade "Spiral Potion" and send the crew to deliver a crate to the flowing "Bouncy Bouncy Ultra" world; and Not enter jeans altogether sound which sees the crew deliver a painting to an all-sepia planet & guard the ocean for a few hours. And if you think those titles sound like a bad translation from some Asian language, I agree. Note of warning to those not familiar with many of Onuki's fics, these feature Fry in a "relationship" with the author.

And lastly is a pair of fics from Rush. The first one is Nature And Awkwardness All Around wherein we, along with the PE crew, wait for the Professor to show up and demonstrate his new invention, which had some very revealing properties. Second is Awkward World Of Nature which is kind of a sequel to the previous one, but follows a similar event in, perhaps, another universe.
Your universe is written by some weird creepy loser guy
Posted on February 19, 2012 by Tim
No, I did not fall into a black hole, although there are days that I feel like that. Anyway, got to keep it short today, 'cause it's actually tonight where I am and morning will come way too soon. So here's three more Fan Fictions by Rush. First up is In Spaceship Movie where we find the crew on a long voyage home. They'd like to watch a movie to while away the time, and Bender has lots of them. The problem is, Leela doesn't seem interested in any of them.
In A Whole Lotta Leelas, a clone of Leela wakes up in the PE building basement, along with a whole bunch of other Leela clones, all of whom are wondering what's going on. This could get ugly fast.
And then there's Fry The Fan Fiction Writer in which Fry tries his hand at writing some All My Circuits Fan Fiction, and naturally, Bender plays critic, and we find out where today's headline comes from.
"Two protons walk into a black hole."
Posted on February 12, 2012 by Tim
I promised something with pictures for a change, and here it is. It is an Illustrated Fan Fiction. Gulliver63 wrote it and it's called The Replacements. This is a story in which the crew barely escape death after a brush with a black hole, only to find out how Rip Van Winkle must have felt when they learn that they have been declared officially dead by the Bureaucracy, and then they encounter the crew that replaced them. For all of you who like your fan fic served canon, this is about as good as it gets. The pic here is the cover art, and there are two illustrations in the fic. They're all links to the full sized pics, or you can check them out in Gulliver's Fan Art page.

Oh, and if you get the joke in the head line, you are a true nerdlinger.
Thrilling tales of robots, eyeballs, and smelly crabs
Posted on February 11, 2012 by Tim
It's Saturday night! How about some Fan Fiction? First up, a new one from Zoey Webber. It's called Robot and The Eyeball, and it has Bender and Leela taking some time off from their jobs to play detective after an accident involving Fry and the PE ship. There's also a look at Leela's dark side and the Professor's tinkering with brain implants. And why does this all seem to spell bad news for a certain delivery boy?

And now we come to the final installments of the ship load of fics that Rush sent in. The penultimate one is The End of All Bends in which Bender's worst fears come to pass, and lastly but not leastly there's Smelling Zoidberg which is NEVER a good idea.

Coming up next, stuff with actual pictures! Stay tuned.
I love being able to pin the blame elsewhere
Posted on February 10, 2012 by Tim
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Xmas! Yeah, Ok, I know we're a couple of months late. Don't blame me, blame dinkdrinker. So the reason for the month and a half late Xmas stuff is 'cause he just sent the Comic Transcript for issue #40 which is entitled Robot Santa's Little Helpers. Why he's a little late with it I don't know, but I suspect alcohol was involved. Or maybe he was just busy, 'cause he also sent #42 Homeward Boned*. In between there, Umbreon slipped in with #41 Soldier Boys. She says “Now, once the flesh grows back over my fingers, I can start working on the next comic. I mean, typing with bone is actually more accurate, but they tend to skid on keys. Oh well, onward!”. Gotta give a big steaming pile of official FM/TLZ kudos to these two for cranking the Bender's share of these transcripts.

And speaking of big steaming piles of stuff, I'm still shoveling my way through the load that Rush sent flowing our way recently, so here's three more.
  • Leela Warrior in which Leela runs into a spot of trouble on her way to work - a girl just isn't safe in the streets of NNY these days.
  • Questions In Space which has Fry and Bender asking Leela some questions while on their way home to Earth (and which reminded me of this frame from on of the episodes). And finally
  • Shiny Metal Trip the illustrates how Bender can make watching Everybody Loves Hypnotoad even more enjoyable, with disastrous consequences (I'm pretty sure alcohol was involved here too).

* That fan comic title reminded me of a conversation I had a few years ago with a Fan Fiction writer (who I haven't heard from in quite a while ) who had a fic outlined by the same title.
It's only two elevators from bottom to top
Posted on February 7, 2012 by Tim
Ever wonder what the inside of the Planet Express building really is like? As in what's where and what are all those floors and subbasements used for, and how do you get from here to there? Well, wonder some more, because we certainly don't have the answer (and obviously the writers and animators of 'rama didn't either). BUT, we do have something that come pretty close. And what that is is a set of plans that Diabedo has been working on. It's still very much a work in progress and he's like your help and comments. We have a thread on the Forum where you can discuss it.

Here's a pop quiz - who's the oldest employee at PE? Well, it's not the Professor, and it's not Fry, so it has to be ... Bender! Yep, because he went back in time so many times and waited it out. In fact, he's so old that he's past PE's mandatory retirement age. Wondering where all this came from? Well, it's called Rust In Peace and it's Futurama Comic #39, as transcribed by Umbreon and filed in our Comic Transcript section.

And I'm still digging out from pile of Fan Fiction that Rush sent in, so here's three more.
  • Fry's Sacrifice: This is a twist on The Why of Fry which Rush describes it as “A theory of Nibbler's thoughts towards the Fry who sacrificed himself to save Leela.”. Depending on your take on time travel paradoxes, you may or may not buy into the sacrificed bit, but that's half the fun.
  • Hundreds Of Years Backward: What's more dangerous that writing anti-shipper fiction? How about a dip into the dangerous and murky cesspool of political and religious current events? Well, that's where Rush goes in this one when a certain controversial group visits Planet Express, which annoys the staff of Planet Express greatly.
  • Insane, in which Morbo interviews a woman with some controversial views on men.
Coming soonish to a fan comic section nearest you
Posted on February 5, 2012 by Tim
We (and by "we" I mean me) reported a few days ago that !iMmOrTaL! was working on a new Fan Comic and that he'd release a little teaser when he got to page 20. Well, must be he got to page 20 'cause here's the sneak preview. I suspect that it's this particular one because when he mentioned this previously he also said “Let's make it interesting, pick a number between 1 and 10.”. So I picked 2*e, but then I realized he probably meant a plain old boring integer, so I picked six. I suspect by doing so I picked which picture we were going to get. Anyway, here it is, and things we might read into this from the pic - the comic might be called Welcome to the World of Sorrow and that it somehow involves some of the crew getting a nice vacation to someplace called Mom's Friendly Forced Labor Camp.

Cubert says “And now, the most pointless, stupid Fan Fiction ever!”. And, really, I'm not dissing Rush 'cause that's a (only slightly embellished) line straight out of one of his new fics. There's three of 'em, which is all I had time to do tonight out of the steaming pile of eleven he dumped on me the other day. So these lead off three are:
  • A Lost Dusty Tale Of Yonder which is a short sequel to a previous fic of his, The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth.
  • Chicken which features Hyper-Chicken along with other members of his species protesting outside of a fried chicken place. Rush says he came up with this fan fiction while eating a chicken sandwich for lunch a few days ago. You already know what Cubert thinks of it.
  • Darn Wormholes in which Fry, Leela, and Bender are dragged into a wormhole on their way back to Earth wherein weird things happen and multiple Benders drop enough bricks for a couple of government buildings.

This is incredibly silly
Posted on February 1, 2012 by Tim
But hey, being incredibly silly is part of what Futurama is all about, right? So when the e-mail from Jenny Ngo showed up with that as the subject line, I knew we were in for something special. And by special I mean some new Fan Art in which the queen of two headed Frys doubles her efforts and delivers a couple of pics of four headed Frys. If she doubles again it's going to get kinda difficult to fit them all in there - Fry might have to get a larger size T-shirt. And there's also a couple of more “conventional” pics of Fry too, just for good measure.