February 2011
The long lost zone
Posted on February 23, 2011 by Tim
Yes, this is the week to hear from long absent friends. Here's a pic from Marcus Abroad, about which he says “My new job is pretty lousy, so to spread the woe around a little bit, I've drawn Leela quietly hating _her_ new office placement at the Federal Sex Bureau... which, as a subdepartment of the Central Bureaucracy, turns out to involve a lot of paperwork... But (to make it slightly more interesting to draw/view) the job _does_ come with its own uniform...! If only I'd thought to draw her from behind...”.

Another friend we haven't heard from in quite a while is Hammer087. And by we, I mean all of you, 'cause I hear from him a lot. He only lives about 45 miles (72km) from me and we occasionally get together for lunch. But anyway, one of the many distractions keeping him away from us is Star Trek Online, which he likes to play, and for which he created this Zapp Brannigan character. Must be they didn't have a "gut size" setting or a "velour uniform" check box. Serious oversight on the part of STO if you akx me.

Ok, this guy we have heard from recently, but not for quite a while before that. !iMmOrTaL! follows up with five new Fan Arts, three are scenes from season 6 plus two which are character swaps. Of the latter, the Fry and Leela shippers will like one and the Fry and Amy shippers will like the other. Me, I'm staying out of that space and going with this nice safe Hermes/Bender/Amy ménage à trois.

Another Long time no see is DSS (first Fan Art pictured) who dropped a line to let us know he's still lurking about. He's been dabbling in other fandoms, the gory details of which I won't bore you with, but does plan on completing his Terminator Mutant trilogy later this year.

If you include "lost a long way from home" then this counts too; in the “Oh look, a reception table with tea and crumpets” department, Fan Fiction author and student of the written arts James Prospect is in Merry Olde England this semester studying abroad (or two) and is looking to get together with FMMBers in that part of the world. So if you're in the area and interested, hook up with him in this thread on FMMB (everyone named Graham, are you getting this?).

And lastly, this had been a bigger than usual update 'cause it's gonna be kind of quiet for a few days as I'm out of town indulging in a little Fry like R & R. So read slowly.
Two things that involve Leela's butt
Posted on February 21, 2011 by Tim
Ok, so apparently it's Fan Comic week here at the Madhouse because here's the second epic comic installment, and it's only Monday. What we've got is ten, that's right, count 'em, ten more pages to Pieter Antonissen's The Boil Identity. Ten fun filled pages of the PE crew each doing what they do best, and the central character in it all is Leela's backside, and a boil named Susan. The new stuff starts on page 11.

Here's something that makes ya think - what if Fry were the only sane person in the whole Universe? Well, that's exactly what seems to be happening in MC's new Fan Fiction. It's called Stygia, and after a delivery gone atypically, the crew gets dragged through a wormhole where they run out of fuel on a seemingly uninhabited planet. After the first night though, everyone starts acting strangely, except Fry, and he's the only one that sees it. This is just part one, so there'll be more chewy goodness to come.
Fan art by Douglas Hilliard

Dear Contributor, has it really been Five, Ten, or Fifteen years ...
Posted on February 20, 2011 by Tim
Well, no, it' hasn't been quite that long, but it had been a while. But as we all know, the road to Robot Hell is paved with good intentions and sometime that Real Life stuff mucks up the works. But hey, Futurama fandom will always find a way and that's just what we've got here - so remember !iMmOrTaL!'s Fan Comic The Wong Side of the Law? Well at long last, it's DONE! And we have the conclusion starting on page 135. As an extra added bonus, !iMmOrTaL! also created some video credits for it which are loaded in the Video Clips section. But don't worry, there's links from the comic. To quote !iMmOrTaL!, ENJOY ONE AND ALL!!!

And in the broken pencil department, otherwise known as Fan Fiction, we have some new stuff. After what has been something of a fan fic drought, it seems like Sal just backed the truck in here had unloaded. So the first stuff I've sorted out of the pile is not one, not two, and not three or four, but five new fanfics from Rush. They are
Absent, Electric Mucous Ship, TV Time, The Lost Adventures of Universe Jumping Bender II, and War Were Declared. I'm not gonna try to describe them all here 'cause it's almost dinner time and that would take much time and cost many bits. You can check 'em out on his author page, but they're mostly all short, so it'd be just as fast to read them.
He shoulda used Planet Express
Posted on February 18, 2011 by Tim
Kaspired writes “I'm in the middle of packing for a move. This afternoon I'm picking up a U-yank and loading it, tomorrow is the drive day.” That was a couple of days ago so I imagine by now he's surrounded by stacks of boxes wondering where his laptop and underwear are. Anyway, he went on to say “But I was still able to finish a drawing with Scruffy, (pause) the janitor. Actually two. The first is based on a Picasso drawing that I've always liked. It was tough to try and copy. If one line was off the entire remaining drawing would be tweaked also. The original figure seemed to not fit in his suit very well so I looked for somebody who wouldn't fit in a suit very well either; Scruffy was the obvious choice. The second drawing is a check to see how my copy compared to the original. The green lines are the original and the red lines are my attempt. I got close, real close. There are a few areas where the lines actually overlap. I was thrilled about that. A subtly tough spot was drawing the Scruffy version with only three fingers. Hope you don't go cross-eyed looking at it.”

So one possible definition of “We're Boned” would be if our favorite bureaucrat got hold of a time machine. Oh my yes, that would be a bad thing. Just how bad, well, you'll have to read this new Fan Fiction that Gulliver63 wrote. It's called Planet of the Bureaucrats and it all starts with Leela lousing up an essay question about Omega Wave Xenostabilization on her starpilot’s rating test. And the promo pic is also by Gulliver63 and it's on his Fan Art page.

Hey, lookie, another “real life Leela” picture. Pieter Antonissen was rummaging around the dusty corners of the web and ran across this one at a web site called How Old Am I. I'm not entirely sure what their shtick is but it's not overtly porno, so what the hey. Anyway, Pieter thought that of all the photoshoped pictures he'd seen, in this one she looks really natural, and I have to agree. Look for it in our Miscellaneous Pictures section.
Candles, hearts, and barf bags - you're gonna need 'em all
Posted on February 15, 2011 by Tim
What day is today? It's Matt's birthday, What a day for a birthday, Let's all have some cake. All hail the Creator, Matt Groening!! May death come quickly to his enemies. Seriously, it's Matt's birthday and from all of us here at Futurama Madhouse we wish him the best and many happy returns.

Ok, now here's another reason to celebrate (I think). Grab a slightly wilted flower and a leftover chocolate and check out this Fan Fiction from dinkdrinker. It's called Valentine and it's just the PE crew's way of thanking all of you for keeping them in your hearts and minds all these years.

And one more V-day leftover, Flounder found this (de)motivational poster that reminds us that there are some things that are worse than being alone.
It's Valentine's Day!
Posted on February 13, 2011 by Tim
And we'd never corral a bunch of stiffs at the bus station and pocket your money. Uh uh, no way, not ever. No, here at the Madhouse we've got the whole Internet to corral our stiffs from. And so, to celebrate one of the more artificial holidays of the year, but one dedicated to the pursuit of snu-snu, we have not one but two shippy offerings. The first is a new Fan Comic. And you'd think that just having completed one 89 page comic he'd need a rest, but no, here's Pieter Antonissen with his latest comic, The Boil Identity. It's about Leela's boil Susan and her identity, how she became attached to Leela, and her new goal in life.

And nothing says shippy like that touching scene at the end of The Sting where Fry and Leela remark on each other's need for a shower reproduced here by Go-a-Green-a in her first try at drawing Fry and Leela.
I'm sure there's an eyePhone app for that ...
Posted on February 12, 2011 by Tim
No, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, thanks very much for asking. It's been too dang cold here to fall off anything, your feet are sort of permanently frozen. But here area couple of things to warm you up. Fist off, we have some new Fan Art from a fist time contributor, Yashka who hails from the Ukraine. That's him there, checking out our buddie site futurama.su on his eyePhone.

And now we have a new part to a Fan Fiction that I think qualifies as the longest running serial Fan Fic on FM/TLZ. I refer to of course RyeGuy's saga The Other, based on Nibbler's “She must be the other” comment in The Why of Fry. Well RyeGuy has returned to this space-time continuum with Chapter 23, and he says that 24 will be on the way soon. Being one who is just curious about such trivia, I tried to figure out how long this fic has been running. Asking RyeGuy would have been way too easy, so instead I've been rooting around the dusty corners of the Madhouse and so far the farthest back I can trace it was part 18 in March 2005 so it's been going on a really long time.
More mind bending than you can shake a Slurm at
Posted on February 7, 2011 by Tim
It's been a while, but that while has been worth waiting for 'cause what we got here is the last sixteen pages containing the conclusion of Pieter Antonissen's When Disastrions Strike Back Fan Comic. The new stuff starts on page page 72 (or there abouts).

But wait! There's more! As a special no extra charge bonus, we also have this special feature - The Making of When Disastrions Strike Back. It tells how WDSB got it's start, went on hiatus (just like another great feature we're familiar with) and then came back from the dead.

And lastly but by no means leastly, we have a new Fan Fiction. I tried to find a pic that would kind of illustrate it like I sometimes do, but I couldn't, and you'll know why once you read the story. It's called Sub-Mission and it's by Hailey Sands. It's a sequal to her fic Jerkey Beef and in it, Bender is left in charge of PE while the Prof is on vacation and soon has the crew off on a treasure hunt. And while they're away, Fry apparently gets a new hobby. So grab you eyePhone, log on to Twitcher, and get your brain bleach ready.
More news of more seasons (and stuff)
Posted on February 4, 2011 by Tim
Well, better late than never, they always say. This news actually broke a couple days ago - why that always happens on days I'm not able to update I don't know. You'd think I was the only one with webmaster privileges around here or something. But the good news everyone is that Katey Saga says that “Futurama just got ordered again for another season” according this article. Said article also says that that “Season seven”, which is the remainder of the episodes already in the can will premiere June 23 on the network. But wait! There's more - it goes on to say 'rama's return to series TV last summer “drew nearly 3 million viewers — giving Comedy Central its highest-rated night of the year up until that point — then held up well for the rest of the season.”. That is good news. Huzzahs! Thanks to Rush for the tip. You can talk about the possible new season on our Message board.

So that's gonna be a tough act to follow but this just might do it. BackToTheFuturama recently started playing The Simpsons Game again to raise his Xbox Live Gamerscore and decided to record playing through the time challenge for the level Five Characters in Search of an Author in which you have to defeat 30 enemies (which are a bunch of Benders and Zoidbergs that Matt Groening is drawing). And so the video of that is now ensconced in our Video clips section. B2TF also says that when you complete that time challenge you get an achievement called Back to the Futurama. Isn't that just way too funny? He goes on to say that the achievement doesn't show up in the video because he had already gotten it before he recorded it.
Today I need second chances
Posted on February 2, 2011 by Tim
... 'cause last night and earlier today my part of the world got about 12 inches (30 cm) of snow dumped on it and it's all of about 5F(-15C) outside right now. And last night, just as I was about to do an update, the power went out. And just a few minutes ago, my computer decided to go all BSOD on me and reboot. So it's been one of those kind of days and you can see why I need a second chance (or a third chance, or a fourth chance, or a fifth ... yeah, a fifth would be really good right now.). So I better shut up and get to the point before this things barfs again (not that I expect it to). Second Chances also happens to be the title of a Fan Fiction that Frosty has been working on as of late and today we have part 2 in which Fry and Leela get involved in a little entanglement, courtesy of Nibbler, who I'm sure has no ulterior motives.