February 2010
It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum
Posted on February 28, 2010 by Tim
Those of you that might recognize Duke Nukem's catch phrase might also enjoy this Fan Art from Trevin Bernhard, which is a tracing of Fry and the Duke's words - they seem to go together somehow. Trev's other pic, which you'll have go see, is based on the cover art for the video game Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. For those of you that don't know what Butcher Bay is, it is a triple max security prison and with Leela's temper it's not surprising that she ended up there. And for the Riddick fans wondering why she doesn't have goggles on, she hasn't gotten the eyeshine yet.

And speaking of Trevin Bernhard, he also send in an answer to one of Cubert's Rants. Just one. IN 2ACV01 (yes, the same one that just got some answers a couple of days ago). Just scroll down to where is says “Bite Me”.

Ok, last thingy here today, Rush is back, this time exercising his manifold talents with a Fan Fiction. It's called Bender and the Beanstalk and as you might guess it's a retelling of the children's tale Jack and the Beanstalk Futurama style, and I guess it would be fair to say that Bender doesn't know Jack.
Let deathball begin
Posted on February 25, 2010 by Tim
Two heads are better than one they say, and in that department these two really have it on the deathball. Yes, there are two artists on this one, 'cause it's another Fan Art from that dynamic duo of fanartdome, El-Man and Futurama_Freak1. FF1 did the sketch and El-Man the ink and colo(u)r. In fact, since they call themselves El-Freako I created a whole new fan art section under that name just for their collaborations.

This is one of those things that reminds me I need to redo the Framegrabs into something a little higher res than “Commodore 64”. But that's not important now. What is important that I received this e-mail from Steven who works for an outfit called NASA (maybe you've heard of it? Spaceships, men on the moon, interplanetary probes, that sort of thing). Steven says “I want a Robotology fish for my car! Can you tell me where to find one?”. Sadly I can't, but it is such a really cool idea that I want one too. If anyone knows if such a thing is available, or maybe has access to a CNC plasma cutting machine, or can get a really good clean frame grab of it, we'd love to hear from you.

And lastly but certainly not leastly here's another Fan Art from Rush. It's Bender and Magnemite - and if that isn't a match made in heaven then you just don't appreciate folk music.
I'm flyin' blind on this one ...
Posted on February 24, 2010 by Tim
... cause I left my dongle with all of my e-mail and stuff at work. so, let's wing it. Here are three “really awesome” drawings, all parodies of movies. Well, actually, here's only one of them, you'll have to go to DSS' Fan Art page to see the other two. This one is a parody of James Cameron's Avatar, and the other two are the That Yellow Bastard segment from Sin City, and a parody of Quarantine.

Damn his googly cloned eyes. Yep, it's more answers to Cubert's Rants from that rantbuster extraordinaire Bosda. In this one, he takes on the “googly eyed clone” in 2ACV01 and some of them are down right hilarious. Read 'em and weep, Dorkbert.
Bite my glorious golden ass
Posted on February 22, 2010 by Tim
OK, I feel kind of silly, and it isn't entirely due to the fact that ... errr, well, it's not that. It's 'cause I know there's a story behind these two new bits o' Fan Art from Robot's_Best_Friend and I don't know what all of it is. I know he drew it for Fruitosaurus and he says it's “kind of a promo for her made up parallel Bender and Leela characters”. What I don't know is where these parallel characters appear, 'cause Fruitosaurus has a fan fic on FMMB right now (slightly writers blocked at the moment ) and I don't recognize them from there. Now the smart thing to do would have been to write and ask, but I would have had to have been non-lazy to do that so this is much easier. In any case, I'm sure upon seeing this someone will tell me what amazingly obvious thing I've overlooked and we can all have a good laugh.
It's Saturday night - at least Fry is getting some action
Posted on February 21, 2010 by Tim
Me, on the other hand, I'm doing the nerd thing by sitting in my basement beating on recalcitrant hardware. I'd hoped to have a Fan Video for you tonight, but so far my poor old P2-350 has been unsuccessful in reducing it from it's current bandwidth busting 50 mb size to something more manageable and at the same time usable. And of course the Fan Art uploader also chose to barf tonight while at the same time our chief wizard and fix-it man Leandro is probably off line as a rare cyclonic storm plastered dot AR land a few days ago and left a whole bunch of people without power and more water than they know what to do with. Still, I did a little magic wand waving of my own and managed to get this Fan Art uploaded. It's from kaspired. He said that his original goal was to have it finished by Valentines day but that his “stupid computer” imploded. And as it spent the last several days in the intensive care ward at the local computer hospital he missed his deadline. Oh well, better late than never. This pic is called simply Kiss, and about which he says “I've finally jumped onto the Fry/Leela kissing bandwagon. This was one bandwagon I'd rather jump in front of. I'm probably the only stick in the mud on the whole planet who thinks they should not get together. Let Fry keep her on that pedestal and Leela is too afraid to let anybody be close to her.”
The nightmare of number 2
Posted on February 18, 2010 by Tim
The nightmare is over for me, but for you it's just beginning. And for Bender it's still going on since he will be trapped in this dense, symbolist towme forever! As you might have guessed by Bender running from the big scary number two, we have a whole bunch of new Fan Art courtesy of Rush including but not limited to more of his Bender as various geometrical shapes studies.

Two of Rush's pics take a lightly different tack. There was a discussion on FMMB a couple of days ago that someone should do a Futurama “Where's Waldo”. And so Rush has responded in rush time with two, this Where's Flexo and another one that's a Where's Bender. Lots a luck.

Futurama_Freak1 reports that he has his finger poised over the publish button on his new comic. I've seen parts of it, including the filled in dialog from this frame here, and I can tell you it's as good as the best of the real Futurama comics. Now as you know (you do know this, right?) most comics have a letters page and FF1's is no exception, and so he needs some letters to fill it up with. He's already got a couple, but he needs more. They can be about anything Futurama related. So send you favorite burning question to Futurama_Freak1 - the sooner he fills that page the sooner we'll have a great new comic.
Look, up in the sky ... it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ... possum?
Posted on February 16, 2010 by Tim
“Hello. I like your website.”. Now there's the kind of introduction we like. The sayer of those nice words is a new Fan Artist with his first contribution hereabouts. He goes by the name of GlaDOS and he's got three pics. If you want to know what Fry is pointing at in this one, you'll have to look closely. It's hard to see from Earth.

I've mentioned before that I occasionally get asked ... um ... howshalliputit ... unusual things. The latest in a long line of amusing and off the wall questions is “Do you have possums in America?”. Now I'm assuming that this factoid is relevant to some under construction fan work of epic proportions, but I'm not sure why someone would expect that a Futurama Madhouse webmaster would be an expert on quadrupedal diprotodont marsupials and, as it turns out, I'm not. That's 'cause I said “Yes we do.” Then I found out we don't. We have this overgrown rat with a similar name, the Opossum. There you go, you've learned it, you can't unlearn it.
We're on shaky ground here ...
Posted on February 15, 2010 by Tim
I had a fast one pulled on me the other day. This is not really a unique occurrence but what makes this one different and worthy of mention is it was sort of my own doing. You see, when I write a Fan Fiction and put it up here, I also send it over to TFP. And since kaspired did a pic for my most recent fic Fryscape, I asked him to send it to TFP also. So there I was, making my morning rounds the other day and, happy day, I see that kaspired and JavieR came through and there's my fic, complete with a color promo pic! It seems the two of them conspired to give me a surprise since I didn't know about the color version until I saw it there. All I can say is “well done, guys”. What a nice surprise. And of course, we had to have kaspy's art here too, so here it is. There's two of them, one at 100dpi and a hi-res version at 300 dpi (and 10 times bigger file).

It's been quite a while since we've had the old classic one-two of Fan Art and Fan Fiction and it's about time we did again. So the second half of the pair is a new one by Yubbles. It's her second fic and it's titled Earthquake! and in it, an earthquake damages PE and Leela's apartment building. Leela needs a place to crash until her's is repaired, so she moves in with Fry who sees this as a golden opportunity ... that is until he discoveres that Leela has a date, and it's not with him. What's a poor, lovestruck guy from the stupid ages supposed to do?
Robot love in a jar!
Posted on February 14, 2010 by Graham
Yeah, I know it's Hallmark Day, the day when greetings card companies make a mint out of lovey-dovey suckers, but it seems that in my update, Valentine is nowhere to be seen. I remember a time when the only cards you got were for your birthday and for Christmas, but in the modern world, it seems that every day has a card attached to it. Yeah, I know, I should be renamed Mr Curmudgeonly or Captain Cold Heart or something worse, but you know that I'm really right and that you're all suckers for sentimental money making scams. However, instead my dismissive rant, I offer you something better than any Valentine's Day gift: Bender's severed head! See, it's not all take, take, take at Futurama Madnouse, we can give as well. Actually, I lie, because it's not us giving to you, but a certain CrystalMask, who has provided this drawing of Bender's head in a jar for our Fan Art section. Ain't it colourful? Doesn't Bender look so happy that he hasn't got a body... nor a toy car to transport his head. I mean, during this day of love, Bender is trapped in a jar... yet he seems happy. At least I'm not the only cold hearted being here. Have a nice kissy, kissy, card, chocolates, jealousy, argument day!
This waiting game sucks. Lets play Hungry Hungry Hippos.
Posted on February 13, 2010 by Tim
Futurama_Freak1 has been hard at work on his long awaited Fan Comic to be titled The Surrogate Mutant (latest probable tentative cover shown). In an update, he writes “ I apologize for the incredible delay in finishing the comic. Summer in Australia is extremely hot {wuss } and sitting at a computer drawing stuff is like sitting in a sauna wearing a snow jacket. The past week I've really been cramming to beat the heat and I now only have two story pages left to complete. But once all the story pages are finished the comic still isn't done, and that's where you (the reader) come in. I am attempting to replicate everything found in a Futurama comic so that means fake ads for Simpsons comics, a faux subscription page, and even a letters section. And I need letters to fill it with so if you want to have your name up in lights ink pixels send me an email with a question or just a message and if I have space and can think of a humorous reply I will put it in the comic which you will be able to read when it's released. Emails should be signed with the name you wish to be credited by and also your country and state to properly replicate a letters page entry.”Freako sent along this teaser pic of one of the frames, sans dialog, just to prove he's really working on a comic. He also has a great bedroom scene I wanted to show you but he decided he didn't want me to use that. I was going to anyway, but you know how these artist types are. Anyway, if you want to read a little more info about the comic, check out it's wiki page on The Infosphere.

So while Freako has been battling the heat Seymour_My_Hero has been taking a few swipes at our favorite annoying twerp. Yes, it's time for some more Cubert's Rants. Check out how SMH rubs Cubert's nose in the obvious in 1ACV09, 2ACV07, 2ACV12, 2ACV17, 2ACV19, Bender's Big Score, and Into the Wild Green Yonder.
I bet it's all a bunch of clever fakes
Posted on February 11, 2010 by Tim
Here's another script cover and other stuff which I'd like to report was surreptitiously photographed by FM/TLZ's well placed sources. I sure would like to report that, but the truth is I saw them on The Futurama Point. So based based on these pics and other sources, we think we know that 6ACV13 will be an AOI episode dealing with Xmas and titled “${SOMETHING} Holidays”; 6ACV14 will carry a title of either “The Silence of the Clamps” or “Bend on a Wire”; and one of the episodes will feature the Globetrotters and could end in some long winded sciencey mubo-jumbo. Just a few more tidbits to whet out appetites. Dang, now I'm hungry. Source (and tip of the tin-foil hat to): The Futurama Point and @kitchelfilms

So to assuage your hunger 'till the new epps get here, here's some new Fan Fiction. This is a first time fic by a fist time writer named Yubbles. The fic is called From Bad, To Worse, To Perfect. The bad is everyone forgets Fry's birthday. The worse is that someone is on to “The Mighty One” and to get to him they kidnap ”The Other“. And the perfect, well, you can read the fic for that; for me it's where Yubbles drew her inspiration to write this fic which is also explained.
Pencils down everyone
Posted on February 10, 2010 by Tim
Holy space cows, I'm up to my pasty, fleshy ass in Fan Art! Anyone know where I can hire a cheap delivery company to haul this stuff out of here? Anyone? Ah well, guess I'll have to do it myself then. The first half of the pile, and I mean like twenty-some new pics come from S-punk.

Bender says “I love my Brick”. Every wonder what Bender would be like if he was a boat or an aircraft or a carrot? Rush did too, so he sat down with pen and paper and explored those very topics and, in an apparent proof of the old Soviet military axiom of quantity having a quality all it's own, cranked out twenty four pics of Bender in various alternate forms. Prepare to be surprised.
Bang! Boom! Bang!
Posted on February 9, 2010 by Graham
So I get this email in my inbox and I open it. It's from Leila, the artist who sends me her nice work to put in our Fan Art section. I'm thrilled, because this means I can write an update and just chat about some stuff or other. The problem is, I'm sort of stuck for words; sort of a writer's block. Now, I know that many of you will just shrug their shoulders and then jump for joy, but you'd be heartless and mean. Sucks to be you. Then again, seeing that I've already mentioned that Leila has sent in some work, given you the links to see such work, then I suppose my work is done. In fact, I have such bad writer's block, that I put Leila's own words in the subject heading. Actually, they do express the picture quite well, so I'm glad that I used her words. Now, can I add anything? Hmm... Umm... Err... It's 9th February, which is the fortieth day of the year. It's Tuesday, which is the day after Monday but before Wednesday. The year is 2010, which converted to base three would be 2202110. Leela is aiming her fingers towards me... so I better shut up before she changes them to guns. Enjoy Leila's latest work.
A sneak peek at the 100th episode
Posted on February 8, 2010 by Tim
What you see here is what purports to be the cover of the script for 6ACV12, the 100th episode of Futurama. SoylentOrange posted it, along with an interior shot, elsewhere and Futurama_Freak1 spotted it and brought it to my attention. The epp title is The Mutants are Revolting. Whether that's revolting as in “to break away from or rise against constituted authority, as by open rebellion” or “to affect with disgust or abhorrence” we don't know, although t'were I a betting man, my quatloos would be on the latter. I can't make out much on the open page, but those with better eyes and/or monitors and/or imaginations than I suggest it says in part:
Nibbler: Congratulations, Dr. Wong!
Kif pops open a bottle of champagne, starts to raise it to his lips, then reconsiders and tosses it away. Bender's arm shoots up and catches it, and he begins chugging it. (Cut)? to Nibbler pawing Leela's lap like a kitten. Looking hypnotized once again, she pets him, zombie-like. Nibbler (?)les once and goes to sleep.

Dr. Wong? As in Amy getting her doctorate? Nibbler is speaking openly now? And what's wrong with Leela? I guess we've only got a year and some to wait to find out. Meanwhile, these are in our Miscellaneous Pictures for your extended study.

A few days back, Sofia sent in the beginning of a Fan Comic called You Can Dream. And, despite her self-professed procrastination skills, she accidentally fell into a time warp and shortly thereafter the rest of the comic materialized in my in-box. The new stuff starts on page 8.
Warts and Rushes
Posted on February 6, 2010 by Tim
Dr. Zoidberg is very angry with Cubert. Seems the good doctor has taken exception to the little runt questioning his parentage in a recent Rant. Well not one but two fan have rushed to defend the good doctor's honor. First one in the door was Jonnaraev followed closely by Seymour_My_Hero who both have similar but different takes on the recent new question that the little wart scraping came up with.

Also got a short little Fan Fiction here. It's by Rush and it's a kind of alternate reality ending to Crimes of the Hot called Misdeeds of the Hot.
Big hearts are for breaking
Posted on February 4, 2010 by Tim
So the song says. I'll get to just what song in a moment 'cause tonight we have something a little different, but first the Shippy Content Warning Act of 3009 requires me to tell you that the following Song Parody might rot your teeth and is known to the State of California to cause wandering bladder. So the song parody is called Futuristic Love and it's based on American Love by Jack's Mannequin and it was put together by Frosty.

Tonight, I'm not the one channeling Cubert. No, this time it's Trevin Bernhard who's doing that. Cubert has finally come up with a new question about A Taste Of Freedom in Cubert's Rants. It's only one question, but it's a start. After all, we can't expect the super genius to exert himself too much all at once now can we?
Uretctum's missing
Posted on February 3, 2010 by Tim
About once every two years or so this happens - another long standing member of the community decides to call it quits and retire. Ah well, what are ya gonna do? Just give 'em the best send off you can and get on with your life. But it's never easy. Anyway, we have this new Fan Fiction from Trenton Sands, and he says it's gonna be his last one. It's called Haunted Moon Yonder, which just happens to be the name of one of Uretctum's (formerly Uranus ) moons and which just happens to have a culture based on spaghetti westerns. So anyway, the Professor sends Hermes, Amy, and Zoidberg there and naturally they go missing. This means that ... you guess it ... Fry, Bender, and Leela have to save them. In the process they get involved with saving the reptiles who live there from an evil sheriff. Did I mention it has a western theme to it? I'm pretty sure I did. YeeHa!
"I'd like purple toilet water"
Posted on February 2, 2010 by Tim
Honest, I'm not making that up. The conversation continues thusly: “Toilet cleaner liquid stuff comes in Blue and Green. I wonder if theres purple. Yellow or Red wouldn't work too well...”. As you can see, the life of a webmaster is many things, but one thing it's not is boring. We get called upon for many things and answers to many questions - if it isn't looking up the e-mail address of a long lost fan artist it's playing owl exterminator or engaging in animated discussions of colored toilet water .. well, you get the idea. And what's this all got to do with Futurama you ask? Absolutely nothing. It's just when I read “I'd like purple toilet water” I just had to find a way to use it as a headline.

So here's one for the Lord of the Rings fans. Rush whipped up this bit o' Fan Art which he calls Bender visits Bbarad-Dûr, and instead of Mt. Doom, it's Mt. Boned. How appropriate.

That last batch of Cubert's Rants actually stirred the little wart scraping into attempting to refute a couple of them. Well right back in your face, Cubert 'cause Bosda has got some answers for your answers, and some more of his own too. Check 'em out in 2ACV08 and 3ACV09.